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Jan 12, 2007

Stylin on you 2

.........You wanna battle me?/Homeboy whats that?
you wanna battle me, then you better be strapped.....

and here is ?uestlove's version.

Daily News 1*12*07

Tru Life & J-Love - Tru York Mixtape Cover

Cover of the Source March Issue

Ray J. caught on tape.

THE NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Reports that Is A New Sex Tape Floating Around This Time It's Willie Norwood Aka Ray J (R&B Singer Brandy's Brother For Those Of You Who Don't Know) & His Ex Girlfriend Kim Kardashian. Kim Kardashian is the daughter of former O.J. Simpson defense lawyer Robert Kardashian.

Kim has denied she made a sex tape with her R&B singer ex, Ray J. So why are they trying to sell one?

NY Daily News spoke to a gentleman who says he viewed the tape and that it is being brokered for the very Dr. Evil price of one meeellion dollars.

"It's your typical graphic sex tape," he says.

We'll spare you the exact description (you can probably guess), but he did say "there's a golden shower at the end."

Kim counts Nick Lachey and The Game among her other exes, and friends with Paris Hilton.

Kardashian is on record saying: "There is no tape. It is false."

But the snitch said, "She and her camp want to decide exactly what gets released and what doesn't. She is actively involved in its sale, but wishes to do it through a third party."

"She and her camp want to decide exactly what gets released and what doesn't. She is actively involved in its sale, but wishes to do it through a third party," the informant told the News. The informant also revealed that the graphic tape ends with a golden shower. Ray J was probably the catcher.

Supreme Had Men Killed For Slapping Irv Gotti, Says Witness

A former associate of druglord Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff testified in Brooklyn Federal Court yesterday (January 11) that he was hired by the defendant to kill two men for hitting Murder Inc. founder Irv Gotti.

previously reported, McGriff is currently on trial for ordering a hit on Queens rapper E-Money Bags (born Eric Smith) and "Big Nose" Troy Singleton in 2001.
According to the New York Daily News, Emanuel "Dog" Mosley, who pleaded guilty to killing Smith and Singleton after being arraigned on murder charges last year, testified as a government witness, claiming that McGriff offered him a $50,000 contract to have Singleton and another man, Nathan "Green Eyed Born" May, murdered because they "had smacked up a friend of his in a studio and they had to be dealt with."
He identified Irving "Gotti" Lorenzo as the "friend."
Mosley testified that he assembled a hit team that stalked Singleton and May but then McGriff asked him to slay E-Money Bags, who got they got to first on July 16, 2001.
A videotape showing E-Money Bags being secretly recorded minutes before his murder was shown to jurors on Wednesday (January 10).
Mosley then revealed that three months after killing E-Money Bags, they shot a man matching McGriff's description of Singleton at a sports bar in Jamaica, Queens.
"Did you care [if it was the right man]?" prosecutor Carolyn Pokorny asked.
"No," Mosley replied.
The victim was, in fact, Singleton. May managed to elude the hit team.
McGriff is believed by authorities to have started the notorious "Supreme Team," a powerful drug dealing crew that operated in NYC during the 1980's crack epidemic. He also on trial for allegedly laundering over $1 million dollars through Irv Gotti's Murder Inc. imprint. If convicted, McGriff could possibly face the death penalty.

Jim Jones Sponsors Poetry Contest For NYC Youth

Dipset capo Jim Jones is partnering with the Entertainers 4 Education Alliance to present a poetry contest to benefit at-risk youth in New York City.
The "Achieve Your Dreams Poetry Contest" grand finale event will take place on Wednesday, January 27 at the Magic Johnson Theater in Harlem. The contest is the latest installment in a series of events by Entertainers 4 Education to encourage at-risk youth to stay in school and continue their education. Students who entered were asked to write a poem describing how they will achieve their dreams the same way that Jim Jones is achieving his.
"I am very excited about this event," said Jim Jones. "We received hundreds of poem submissions from students around the city and narrowed it down to the finalists. I just wanted students to know that they can be anything that they want to be if they believe they can. I am happy that I can make a difference."
Six finalists will read their poems in front of Jones, Entertainers 4 Education staff and a panel of invited judges with one winner to be selected. The winner will receive a book stipend to pay for all books for their first year of college and a summer internship working directly with Jim Jones and Diplomat Records. Five runners-up will get the opportunity to meet Jones at the event and will receive an autographed poster.
A host of celebrity guests have also been invited to attend including Russell Simmons, Busta Rhymes, Juelz Santana, Kevin Liles, Dr. Benjamin Chavis, Remy Ma and Fredro Starr among others. The event will also serve as a forum for concerned students, parents, teachers and community leaders to exchange ideas and strategies on how they can effectively combat the escalating drop out rate for NYC teens.
"The drop-out rate in NYC is staggering," said Entertainers 4 Education co-founder J.P. Taylor. "We are always looking for innovative ways to engage students and get them excited about school. This is another way to utilize those celebrities our students admire to inspire our children."

LL Cool J Dismisses Plastic Surgery Claims
Rapper LL Cool J has rubbished reports he has resorted to steroids and cosmetic surgery to tighten up his ageing body.
The hitmaker insists he has endured plenty of pain to achieve a shape he is happy with, and is furious critics assume he has taken the easy path.
He says, "There are so many people speculating over what they think that I am doing. Is he doing steroids? Did he get plastic surgery?
"It speaks more about the people who are making comments than it does about me. It tells me that they cheat and they're cheaters.
"They are not willing to make the sacrifices necessary, and go through the pain necessary, in order to get in the best shape they can possibly be.
"So they don't believe I would be willing to do it either. So it is really more about their weakness, and less about mine.
"The reality is that I really do go into the gym, and I didn't have surgery, and I didn't do steroids.
"I really do work out hard, and I really do diet. I really did do it. ."


The U.S. Postal Service honors the First Lady of Song — Ella Fitzgerald — with her own postage stamp Wednesday.
The 39-cent stamp is being released at ceremonies at Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York, and will be on sale across the country.

Born in Newport News, Va., in 1917, Ella Jane Fitzgerald moved with her mother to Yonkers, N.Y., as a youngster and began to sing and dance from an early age. She began winning talent competitions in the early 1930s and was hired to sing with Chick Webb’s band.

She later became famous as a scat singer, vocalizing nonsense syllables, and performed with most of the great musicians of the time. She recorded the song books of such composers as Cole Porter, Harold Arlen, Irving Berlin, Duke Ellington, George and Ira Gershwin, Jerome Kern, Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart, and Johnny Mercer.

Over the years, Fitzgerald won 13 Grammy Awards and many other honors, including the National Medal of Arts, presented to her in 1987 by President Reagan.

Jin takes on Rosie O'Donnell.

It seems like Rosie's been pissing off quite a few dudes as of late. First, the Donald artfully insulted her and now Jin (remember him?) unloaded a full clip after Rosie mocked Chinese people on "The View."
Why Jin? Standing up for your people is certainly a worthy and noble cause, but what exactly is Jin accomplishing by going at Rosie? He may get on ABC News. Regardless, the joint is skillfully done and funny bone hilarious.
Using Nas' "Ether" instrumental, the battle emcee barrows God's Son's patterns, replacing "I...will...not...lose" with "you...are...not...funny." The hook also features an excerpt of Donald Trump talking about Rosie's "fat ugly face" and calling her "disgusting both inside and out."

Meanwhile, Jin is merciless in both of his verses, spitting, "I never seen 'The View,' don't wanna see it if it's true/that's it you most likely has a penis in the crew/you no-joke telling shaped like a middle line backer/special guest on the season finale of "Fear Factor"/but you gotta do more than eat a roach/wanna win 50 thousand/stick her tongue down her throat." He even flips it in Cantonese in the second verse.

Jan 11, 2007

Game on All access dvd 14

Daily Update 1*11*07

Game Disses Dr.Dre????

The controversy is over these lines of his new song, "Breathe Eazy." Listen

Ask Dre who the next nigga
If he don't say the west coast Don
I'ma have to DMX niggas
Bark on him, let the .38 spark on him
Let him take his last breath, then put the chalk on him

I gotta agree with realtalkNy, i dont think he talking to Dre (he aint that reckless, he talking to the cat Dre claims to be the next nigga. hmmmm, Isnt that Bishop Lamont????)

4.4 Million People "Love New York," VH1 Show Scores Big Ratings

"I Love New York," the new reality series starring former "Flavor of Love" contestant New York, made history on Monday (January 8) scoring the highest debut in VH1 history.
4.4 million people between the ages of 18 and 49 reportedly tuned in to the "celebreality" debut earlier this week, which has 20 men competing for the affection of New York (born Tiffany Pollard). This isn't the first time VH1's reality programming's made headlines.
As previously reported, the second season finale of "Flavor of Love" drew a staggering 7.5 million viewers, making it the most watched show on basic cable for all of '06.
"ego trip's The (White) Rapper Show" also made a impressive debut on Monday, receiving 2.3 million viewers. The controversial show starring former 3rd Bass member MC Serch and Grammy Award-wining producer Prince Paul (De La Soul) features a handful of Caucasian emcees contending for $100,000. It premiered directly after "I Love New York."

Videotape Surfaces In Supreme McGriff Murder Trial

A former NYPD detective took the stand yesterday (January 10) to show jurors a videotape of rapper E-Money Bags secretly recorded by an associate of druglord Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff minutes before his death.
As previously reported, McGriff is currently on trial for ordering a hit on E-Money Bags (born Eric Smith) and Troy Singleton in 2001.
According to New York's Daily News, retired detective Anthony Castiglia testified in Brooklyn Federal Court that the 30-minute video was recovered by authorities during a search of a Baltimore drug stash house allegedly under the control of McGriff, a month after E-Money Bags was shot and killed in Laurelton, Queens.
Investigators claim the video was shot by Nicole Brown, the girlfriend of a key lieutenant in McGriff's drug gang, who lived in an apartment overlooking 111th Road where Smith was killed.

The video shows Smith parking his Lincoln Navigator on 111th Road while Brown's young daughter can be heard chattering. Brown is then heard talking on the phone describing the cross street where Smith is parked and adding that he's eating a plate of food brought to him from a nearby cookout.
In court papers, prosecutors contend Brown was speaking to boyfriend Dennis "Divine" Crosby, who was allegedly passing the critical information to the hit team that had been stalking Smith for days.
The tape ends about 20 minutes before four gunmen pulled up and unleashed a barrage of gunfire at Smith. He died with a loaded gun next to his foot and a cell phone in his lap.

Emanuel "Dog" Mosley, an associate of McGriff who recruited men for the hits on E- Money Bags and Singleton, was arraigned on murder charges last year. If convicted of the aforementioned charges, McGriff could possibly face the death penalty.

McGriff is also facing money laundering charges for filtering more than $1 million dollars in drug money through Irv Gotti's Murder Inc imprint. McGriff was originally indicted along with both Irv and his brother Chris "Gotti" Lorenzo on money laundering charges in 2005. Yet the Lorenzo brothers were granted a separate trial from Supreme and were later acquitted of the charges.

McGriff is believed by authorities to have started the notorious "Supreme Team," a powerful drug dealing crew that operated in NYC during the 1980's crack epidemic. Allegedly, the crew took in an estimated $200,000 per day during the height of its operations.

One MC's trash is another MC's treasure.

Game can thank Common for his new single, "Wouldn't Get Far." Com had nothing to do with the production, but after he turned down the Kanye West-produced track, 'Ye slid it to his West Coast partna.

"Game had texted me like, 'Yo, what's up? I'm finishing the album,' " West recalled Tuesday on the Los Angeles set of a video for the single. "And you know how [producers usually] send, like, 12 beats? I sent the one beat and said, 'I got this one for you. This is it, right here.' If he had passed on it, I would've used it myself, but I'm happy that Game went ahead and did it.

"It's also not the first Kanye track Common has passed on: Several tracks from Kanye's Late Registration were offered to Com, and he's since passed on a track they were collaborating on called "The Glory"

It took several months, but their collaboration is now ready to hit the small screen in the form of a music video. Game said it's tough, though, keeping up his patented Compton snarl when hanging around the lovable Louis Vuitton Don.

"He chips away at my gangsta," Game said during a lunch break. "He's got so much style and class. He jumps around in the videos. He's saying how all the chicks dig him; they dig me too, [but] he gets a smile on a gangsta's face. Kanye is one of my homies — we both young, black, rich and famous. And we having fun in California."

Lil Jon and Pitbull also made their way onto the set of the video — which spoofs the video-vixen concept — to show Game love, and Game was in fact expecting some cameos from some of the vixens he addresses in the song, like Melyssa Ford, Hoopz from VH1's "Flavor of Love" and Vida Guerra, but only Gloria Velez showed up.

"It wasn't really a dis, I shouted them out," Game said about some of his unflattering lyrics in the record, which portray the women as having hidden agendas in their interactions with celebrity male performers. "It's all in the fun, good nature of hip-hop. We're just having fun. It was never nothing personal.

"Some people, I had to pick up the phone and had to reach out to," he added about how he contacted the vixens. "My management had some relationships. ... Some people showed up, some people didn't, but at the end of the day it's my video. All we really need is me — I'm pretty too!"

Besides "Wouldn't Get Far," Game might be going in front of the camera for a couple of videos with Nas. There's talk about the two shooting "Hustlers" from Nas' Hip Hop Is Dead and "Why You Hate the Game" rom Game's latest LP, Doctor's Advocate.

"We talk about everything — life, kids. It's bigger than hip-hop with us," Game said of his relationship with God's Son. "He's one of my homies. He's my mentor, he's been like a big brother to me. You can look for me and Nas to be doing a lot of stuff: hangin', chillin', doing movies, albums."

Unlike his friend from New York, who says sometimes he feels he can rap forever, Game said his time in rap could very well be reaching an end. He said he wants to spend more time with his family and is thinking about bringing his album career to an abrupt halt.

"I got my third album all in my head," he said sitting in the director's chair on the set, with Kanye and G.O.O.D. Music artists Really Doe and Don C. joking in the back. "I know the title. I know how many songs it's gonna be. I know the concepts. My third album might be my last album — so look out."

Ne-Yo Talks Whitney Houston, "We'll Make Hit Songs"

Ne-Yo checked in to talk up his new movie, Stomp The Yard, the timing of his sophomore set and his plans for Whitney Houston's forthcoming studio album.
"I wouldn't have known anything about the role had it not been for Columbus Short. He plays
DJ the main character. I met him on the set of Save the Last Dance 2 last year. We became good friends and when they approach him about this new movie he mentioned my name to them," Ne-Yo Talked about how he snagged the role of the "free spirited Rich Brown."

Stomp The Yard is a coming of age tale filmed predominantly at the Atlanta University Center and mimics the black college experience's famed Greek life and the traditions of stepping. The movie also stars Meagan Good (Waist Deep), Darren Dewitt Hansen (Soul Food) and R&B singer Chris Brown.
Although there are plans for more extensive roles in future films, Ne-Yo admitted that his current priorities were completing his second studio album and writing songs for Britney Spears, Celine Deon and Whitney Houston in hopes of continuing the success he scored from penning Beyonce's current hit "Irreplaceable."

"My new album is definitely in the making right now. It will be done real soon, around April or May it should be out, but I will have a single as soon as February," said the Def Jam crooner who was reluctant to name his first single.

"As far as Whitney goes, I really want to sit down and have a conversation with her. From her last album 'til now, a lot of stuff has gone on in her life. There may be some things she don't want to talk about. That's just real talk. Knowing that, I wanna see where her head is at, and talk about where she doesn't want to go. But I really think we'll just make hit songs and not worry about trying to make the comeback album. I'mma approach it like... let's just make hit records," professes Ne-Yo.

Being Bobby Brown is officially over.

The folks over at Bravo have been in talks to start and tape Season 3, but they said the show was whack without Whitney. Word has it Bobby tried to talk the execs into having him tea up with Mike Tyson in the show, but clearly they realized that bright idea was even more whack. And on a sidenote, Bobby is still tappin' that video vixen Karrine Steffans. The pregnancy rumors were false but their relationship isn't. They've moved in together for real.

Wu-Tang And Friends: Unreleased" On The Way

Wu-Tang And Friends: Unreleased brings to light previously unavailable music from within the Wu-Tang family. For over a decade, the Wu-Tang Clan has released countless classic hip-hop albums and sold over 40 million albums. Whether together as a group or as individuals on solo albums, their mark upon the hip-hop landscape has been unforgettable. Inevitably, with a catalog this impressive there are always songs that get lost or unreleased, leaving a plethora of material behind and unavailable until now. "Wu-Tang and Friends: Unreleased," compiled and produced by the Wu-Tang Clans DJ Mathematics, contains rare recordings, remixes and unreleased tracks, as well as outtakes from the cutting room floor that didnt make previous Wu-Tang albums. This album features Ghostface, Raekwon, GZA, Method Man, RZA, Masta Killa, U-God, Inspectah Deck, Killah Priest, Hell Raza, Shyhiem and many more! For fans of the Wu-Tang Clan and hip-hop as a whole, this album is a must have.

Official Tracklisting:

01. Intro
02. Ghostface & Raekwon - Maxine (Remix)
03. U-God, Buddah Bless, Masta Killa & Solomon Childs - King Toast Queen
04. Bad Luck, All Day & Allah Real - Where's Brooklyn At?
05. Raekwon - Treez
06. M-Speed, Streetlife & Drama - Eggs, Hash & Grits
07. Pop Shit (Skit)
08. Eyeslow - Queens Day ‘88 (Remix)
09. Killah Priest, Hot Flames & Buddah Bless - U Dont Care
10. Shyhiem, Superb & Hell Razah - Masked Avengers
11. Luv (Skit)
12. Allah Real & Bad Luck - Wanna Believe
13. GZA, Ghostface, Raekwon, Cappadonna & Masta Killa - Wu Banga (Remix)
14. GZA, Method Man, U-God, Raekwon & RZA - Da W (Remix)
15. Violent (Skit)
16. M-Speed - Street Kronicles
17. Shyhiem - Non-Equivalent
18. Outro
19. Ghostface Killah - Wise (Remix)
20. Raekwon & Inspectah Deck - Rap Burglars

N.O.R.E. Testifies, Friend Accused of Triple Homicide

Queens, NY rapper N.O.R.E. recently testified in a U.S. District Court on behalf of a friend that was charged with three murders.
According to the Associated Press, N.O.R.E. (born Victor Santiago) took the stand on Wednesday (January 10) in order to help out buddy Darryl Henderson, who has been on trial for the last month for a gruesome triple murder which occurred on January 21, 2002, a block and a half away from Yankee Stadium. If convicted of the charges, Henderson could possibly face the death penalty.
In his testimony, N.O.R.E. stated that he did not know that the defendant and others who traveled with him on tours had criminal backgrounds. Under a prosecutor's cross examination, he described his touring as being a wild party in which he sometimes smoked marijuana prior to performances and regularly chased women.
In opening statements, Assistant U.S. Attorney David M. Rody claimed that Henderson and two members of Murder Unit, a street gang that sold crack cocaine and marijuana around Yankee Stadium, committed the murders in order to steal 30 kilograms of cocaine, with an estimated value of over $500,000.
He also contended that the victims were stabbed more than 20 times and that all three had their throats slashed. Rody claimed that within three days of the murders, the killers fled to Miami where they spent their time, "drinking, partying, posing for pictures and spending the money they made from the stolen cocaine."
"I don't want to see him go to jail, no," N.O.R.E. said of Henderson. He also testified that he met the defendant in the Bronx in 1998 or 1999 and befriended him, allowing him to go on tour as a roadie, running errands including ordering food and drinks for performers. He also testified to befriending members of Murder Unit, but denied having any knowledge of them having violent histories, selling drugs or carrying weapons.
While the prosecution is looking to paint the Murder Unit as a violent gang, the defense contends that they were merely a rap group made up of neighborhood men looking to make it in the music industry. Defense attorney David E. Patton told jurors that his client did not kill anyone and has never been in a gang, but admitted to his client selling drugs at one point.
"Frankly, given the predicament Darryl is in right now, Murder Unit may well be the worst name in the history of names," he stated.
While the prosecution aimed to attack what they saw as N.O.R.E.'s questionable memory, he firmly testified that Henderson had not been at the center of any of the violence that he recalled while the two were in each other's company. He also defended the group's dubious name and his reasons for allowing them to go on tour with him.
"Hardcore hip-hop tends to sell more records," N.O.R.E. said on the stand. "It's about selling an image.
"The torch was handed to me to do it for somebody else," he added of attempting to help the group. He also said, outside the courtroom that, "He's my man. They're trying to make it something that it's not. I believe he's innocent."

The "Dreamgirls" Sleep Their Way To The Top, Jeezy Traps Second, Nas Follows Behind

In this week's Hip Hop charts, Beyonce and the Dreamgirls take the No. 1 spot, while Young Jeezy and Nas trade places.
Snatching up the No. 1 spot on the charts this week, according to Nielsen's SoundScan is the Dreamgirls soundtrack. Thanks to the buzz of Beyonce's single, "Listen," the soundtrack which stood at No. 3 last week moves 66,400 copies to take the throne. So far the CD has moved 452,000 units.
After an amazing jump from No. 18 to No. 5 last week, Young Jeezy's Inspiration slips two spots to No. 7 after moving only 45,300 units. After 4 weeks, the album has sold a total of 675,500 copies.
Despite a sharp decrease in sales, Nas continues to stay afloat in Top 10 territory. Hip Hop Is Dead drops four spots to No. 8, moving 45,100 CDs in week 3 and 502,00 units in total.
Eminem and his Shady gang quietly drop five spots to No. 12 in their fifth week on the charts. The Re-Up moved 41,700 units this week, bringing the compilations total sales to 739,000.
Jay-Z's erratic ride on the charts continues as Kingdom Come drops four spots to No. 25 after making a slight jump last week. The album only scored 31,900 copies this week, compared to last week's 61,000. Kingdom Come has sold 1,238,703 copies to date.
Snoop Dogg manages to stay put at No. 26 as Tha Blue Carpet Treatment moved 31,400 units in its seventh week. The album has sold a total of 668,000 copies.
Bow Wow continues to the struggle to find a solid spot on the charts. Price Of Fame falls eleven spots to No. 34, only bagging 23,100 copies in its third week, bringing his total to 342,000.
The Game's shots at the platinum target continue to ricochet as he drops a couple of notches to No. 44. Doctors Advocate moves 20,100 units in its eighth week. The album has sold a total of 771,800 copies.
On the slower side of things, Akon hangs on to his No. 2 spot, Justin Timberlake continues to ascend and Omarion looses his grip. Akon secures his No. 2 spot which he held last week thanks to Konvicted moving 64,000 copies this week. After 6 weeks, the album has pushed 1,222,000 units. Justin Timberlake continues to kill the competition. FutureSex/Love Sounds moves up four spots to No. 4 with 51,600 copies sold. To date, JT's numbers read at 2,428,800. Omarion, who debuted at No. 1 last week, tumbles to No. 10 as 21 only moves 42,000 copies this week, bringing the R&B crooner to 162,500. Beyonce moves up one spot to No. 11 with B'Day moving 42,000 units this week, which brings her total to 2,052,339. Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas also moves up one spot. The Dutchess holds fort at No. 14, moving 1,247,200 in total and 40,500 this week. Ciara drops seven spots to No. 16. with Evolution pushing 39,400 copies this week. The tally for her sophomore LP stands tall at 841,820, after five weeks on the go. Robin Thicke managed to sneak back into the Top 50 this week as The Evolution Of Robin rounds things up at No. 35, making a jump from last week's standing at No. 62, Thicke sold 22,900 copies this week and 265,600 copies in total.
Next week look for Nas and Young Jeezy to continue to battle on the charts

Jan 10, 2007


its a slow day so here is some more stuff i've found while surffing the web.

my young boy Peedi Crack talking about the dipshits, oh my fault dipset.

audio of 50 on Mrs jones this morning

Big Fase 100( Game's Big Brother) talking Greasy about young California

Some Funny Random youtubery (Props to Eskay for that word)

Daily update2 1*10*07

New Nas Album On The Way???

Nas caused a slew of commotion by claiming Hip-Hop is Dead. Now, with the success of HHIS, Nas plans on bringing something new to the music world in 2007.

"New album is in the making right now," Nas told MTV. "'07, new Nas album, I can't wait. I'm not finished. I feel like something is starting right now. This is a momentum and a movement that's happening out here. I gotta make sure I stay the captain of this ship and push it forward. I'm here at Def Jam, I'm renaming it the Black Oasis. You bring Nas into any situation like the situation that's at Def Jam and you gonna get nothing but the top of the line," he added.

Understanding the impact his latest album has had, he explained what he hopes will come out of it.

"With an album like this and a title like Hip Hop Is Dead, this is going to be a long burial," he said. "You plant it, then maybe we could get some rain to fall, then you see stuff start sprouting and maybe get something reborn out here. But right now I'm at the funeral service, man. We got more material that's going to be showed to the world. I don't wanna stop this record. I usually fade out and not be a part of the scene ... but this one right here don't matter. I'm not even thinking about too much attention. I'm not thinking that. I'm thinking this one gotta play all the way out."
Nas is ready to release a video for "Can't Forget About You," which uses a sample from Nat King Cole. Fittingly, Nas felt it was necessary to place Natalie Cole in the video.

"It's a given, though, if we use the track. Nobody could forget what she did with the record, her and her father," he explained.

Crime Mob Blamed For Fatal Stabbing, Teen Gets 30 Years

A Virginia teenager who claimed a song by Atlanta-based group Crime Mob fueled him to kill another teen was sentenced to 30 years in prison for second-degree murder yesterday (January 9).

According to The Richmond Times Dispatch, Marvin M. Parker fatally stabbed Baron P. Braswell II during a melee at a party last year on January 20. Authorities claimed the playing of the group's song "Knuck If You Buck" during an ongoing scuffle, revved up the crowd and lead to a bigger skirmish.

During the commotion, Braswell, who had been knocked down and stomped after brawling with another teen, crossed paths with Parker, who stabbed him in his chest and shoulder.

"The playing of 'Knuck If You Buck' combined with testosterone, teenage impulsiveness, a fight in progress and Parker's past criminal actions created a 'witches brew' that night," Charles C. Cosby Jr. , Parker's attorney, told Judge Ann Hunter Simpson of Spotsylvania County Circuit Court before his client's sentencing.

"The finger of guilt points to our society as well," Cosby added.
Prosecutor William F. Neely and Baron P. Braswell, Braswell's father, acknowledged that the song glorifies violence, but they said people are responsible for their own actions.
"We probably are too accepting of violence, but at the same time, who's in charge of the individual child?" Braswell told the Times Dispatch outside the court. " It's the family. The family's standard should be higher than society's."

Parker, who pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in October , was initially sentenced to 40 years but Simpson suspended 10 years.

Five other teens were charged in Braswell's death; four were convicted of misdemeanor assault in juvenile court after the prosecutor determined they did not know Parker. A fifth was acquitted.
A representative for Crime Mob declined to comment when contacted.


No longer will Ebony or Jet print the controversial “N” word in their publications. The word has been the center of debate in recent years and has even resulted in a national bestseller entitled with the word. But now enough is enough.

In an exclusive EBONY editorial, Bryan Monroe, vice president and editorial director of Johnson Publishing Co., explains why the publishing company will not be using the six-letter word that symbolizes “centuries of pain, evil and contempt.”

“N-word” has been swung like a clumsy nightstick by Whites for years, trying to demean, dehumanize and destroy the dignity of Black Americans,” Bryan writes. “We have a generation who have been desensitized to – or never were taught – the real origins and impact of such a hateful term. But whether it ends in ‘-er or –ah’ or –a,’ the word – and the pain – is still the same.”

The February issue of EBONY that hit newsstands Monday also includes several guest editorials that offer various opinions on the topic and a brief N-word history showing the evolution of the word. The timeline of the word will show its mild and inoffensive beginning that dates back to Antiquity and to its appearance 215 times in Mark Twain’s 1885 novel “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” to today’s attempt by some to embrace the term.

Here is my man Blue Davanci, talking about Jezzy.
aint they both suppose to be BMF???

Happy Bday to Madame Shakur

Today January 10th is the birthday of Afeni Shakur.

Not only is Afeni Shakur the mother of The Greatest and Most influential M.C. of all time Tupac Shakur (2Pac). She is also one of the original members of the Black panther party.

Afeni means "dear one" or "lover of the people” and she lives up to her name, as her love for the hip hop community shows us.

She is truly a lover of the people and to all of us she is a ‘very’ dear one.

I would personally like to wish Madame Shakur a happy 60th bday.(props to thuglifearmy, and Rizoh)

Tha Dogg Pound - "Dogg Chit"

Now, ya'll Know i was going to post this.

Daily Update 1*10*07

March XXL Cover
(props to eskay, being on the payroll has its benifits huh?)

Queens Drug Kingpin With Rap Links in Murder-for-Hire Trial

A legendary druglord with ties to the hip-hop industry was back on trial on Tuesday, charged in a federal death penalty case with paying $50,000 to have two rivals gunned down in 2001.
The case against Kenneth "Supreme'' McGriff "is about a man with the power and the will to get people murdered,'' prosecutor Jason Jones told jurors in opening statements in Brooklyn.In the 1980s, McGriff founded the Supreme Team, a notoriously profitable and ruthless drug crew that became legend on the same Queens streets that later produced rap stars like Ja Rule, Jay-Z and 50 Cent.
He could face the death penalty if convicted of murder conspiracy, drug dealing and other charges.Defense attorney David Ruhnke claimed that after his client served several years for an earlier drug conviction, he went straight in the late 1990s and pursued his dream of producing movies and music by teaming with Irv "Gotti'' Lorenzo, a neighborhood friend who headed the successful Murder Inc. record label.
"This was an effort to make money legitimately, to change the direction of his life,'' Ruhnke said in his opening argument, with McGriff at the defense table in a suit and tie.But authorities allege that behind the scenes, McGriff resumed his drug dealing operations in New York and Baltimore, and used Murder Inc. to launder more than $1 million in proceeds.
The bloodshed also returned: When a little-known rapper named E-Money Bags shot and killed one of McGriff's friends in a dispute in 1999, the defendant allegedly hired a Harlem hit team two years later to kill the rapper and an associate he feared might retaliate.
"He wanted those men erased to settle an old score'' and to show "Supreme was not to be crossed,'' the prosecutor said.Ruhnke said both victims were known thugs who were armed at the times of their deaths. He also argued that the government had built its case the false testimony of admitted criminals hoping to see their prison time reduced.
McGriff, 46, was originally indicted along with Lorenzo and Lorenzo's brother Chris, a Murder Inc. executive. After being granted a separate trial, the brothers were acquitted in 2005 of money-laundering charges.Before that trial, a judge rejected prosecutors' attempt to introduce evidence that McGriff, upset over some of 50 Cent's lyrics, ordered his shooting in 2000.
The best-selling rapper was hit nine times.At the Supreme Team's peak, McGriff and his nephew, Gerald "Prince'' Miller, employed scores of crack dealers in and around a Queens housing project and took in $200,000 a day, authorities said.The team used rooftop sentinels with two-way radios to thwart police.
It inflicted violence against rivals and traitors, resulting in at least eight murders in 1987 alone."Yo, when you here talk of the south side, you hear talk of the team,'' rapper 50 Cent said in one ode to the crew. "See (people) feared Prince and respected 'Preme.''

Jay-Z's Cleats Land In Football Hall of Fame

Jay-Z’s Reebok S. Carter cleats for men have reached monumental status, as a pair will be displayed in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
After winning 35-30 against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Dec. 31, Kansas City Chiefs Running Back Larry Johnson set a new NFL record for the most carries in a single season and rushed for 1,750 yards in consecutive seasons while wearing S.Carter cleats.


DJ Whoo Kid, one of's All-Star DJ's, came on G-Unit radio recently to let the people know the real deal about Young Buck's chain. I already shot the rumor down, but I want to reintegrate the facts."That's not Young Bucks chain! That chain is a piece of s**t," Whoo Kid said. "These guys need to buy a new chain before they put a video out like that. The n****s' in that video are frontin.'" POW! Straight from Whoo Kid.

Kool G. Rap Preparing To Release "Half A Klip"

Chinga Chang Records is preparing for the release of the highly anticipated project from Kool G Rap titled "Half A Klip". The project has production by producer extraordinaire, DJ Premier and is the first solo release since "The Giancana Story" in 2003. Kool G Rap hails from Queens, New York and began his career as a member of Marley Marl famous Juice Crew with other crew members Big Daddy Kane, Master Ace and Craig G. Being one of the first M.C. to bring gangster rap to the east coast, G Rap had a run of successful albums such as "Road to the Riches", "Wanted Dead or Alive" (featuring the classic "Streets of New York") and "Live and Let Die". In the early 90's G Rap continued to record solo albums "4,5,6", which featured fellow Queens native Nas followed by "Rated XXX" . Collaborations with the likes of Fat Joe, Big Pun, Talib Kweli, M.O.P., Mobb Deep, RZA, Big L helped G Rap gain momentum in his solo career and continue to make him relevant.Chinga Chang Records inked a production deal with Kool G Rap in December 2005. As of late, Kool G Rap has just completed a feature on LL Cool J's forthcoming album which is being executive produced by 50 Cent and is reuniting with Marley Marl on UGK's upcoming album. Created by Dan "Dmak" Herman in 2003, Chinga Chang Records was founded out of a need to create and distribute "real" Hip Hop to the masses and the belief that music is a representation of the hustle and ambition of the streets.

Dipset Member Max B. Held On $2 Million Bail For Murder

Dipset member Charly "Max B" Wingate was ordered held on $2 million bail yesterday (Jan. 9), after the rapper was charged with robbing and murdering a man in his hotel room in Fort Lee, New Jersey last September.
Police believe Max B. conspired to rob David Taylor and Allan "Jay" Plowden after his girlfriend, erotic dancer Gina Marie Conway, revealed that the men had flashed wads of cash and drove expensive cars.
Max B., 28, allegedly phoned Kelvin Leerdam of New York to help rob the men, who were staying in separate hotel rooms at the Holiday Inn in Fort Lee.
Police said Max B.'s girlfriend Conway knocked on Plowden's door around 4 am, while Leerdam waited in unseen area with a handgun.
Leerdam burst into Plowden's room and ordered him to call Taylor, who was shot in the head and murdered as he entered the room.
The pair then bound Plowden arms and legs with duct tied, before fleeing with an undisclosed amount of cash.
Police said the robbers missed $30,000 in cash, which they confiscated from Plowden, as he attempted to leave the scene of the crime.
Max B.'s attorney told the New Jersey Star Ledger that evidence against her client was mostly hearsay and that Max B. was not in New Jersey at the time of the shooting.
Police claim that calls from all of the suspects cell phones before and after the crime link Max B. to the murder.
Conway and Leerdam are also being held on murder, robbery and conspiracy charges.
Max B. has recorded on various records with fellow Dipset members Cam'ron, Jim Jones and Juelz Santana.
In October, the group released a mixtape titled The Diplomats & Max B Million Dollar Baby Radio, which was recorded prior to Max B.'s arrest.

The H.B.I.C.

A new female super-group is emerging, as Bronx, New York rapper Remy Martin, Chicago, Illinois rapper Shawnna and Miami, Florida rapper Jacki-O have teamed to create an all-female rap collective, that will release an album this Spring.
Rumors about the group’s existence has surfaced for weeks and sources have confirmed with that the three women are recording an untitled album together.
“They have been recording tracks over the past month, Jacki-O has been in New York, Shawnna and Remy have been in Miami,” a source told “The album is going to define all three of them and the material is going to speak for itself.”
While rumors reported the trio’s name to be Head B**ches In Charge, sources stated that the females have not decided on a name for the new group.
The unnamed rap group will have a pro-female attitude, while their album will feature cameo appearances by women only.

Snoop Preps New TV Show On Gangs, New Horror Movie

Spike TV will air a documentary on rapper Snoop Dogg titled Bigg Snoop Dogg's Youth Authority: California on Jan. 16.
Bigg Snoop Dogg's Youth Authority: California features Snoop explaining the history of the CYA, gang activity and youth violence, based on accounts from his life and and others that are featured in the 60-minute documentary.
During the documentary, Snoop reveals the location he where he was "jumped in" to the Crips gang. The ritual consists of a severe beating by other gang members, before the subject is allowed to join the gang.
Bigg Snoop Dogg's Youth Authority: California airs on SpikeTV on Jan. 16 at 11pm.
In related news, Xenon Pictures announced that Snoop's horror movie Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror will hit theathers nationwide in February.
The comedy/drama is an anthology of three horror tales told by the Hound of Hell (Snoop Dogg) involving the residents of an inner-city neighborhood whose actions determine where they will go in the next life.
The movie also stars Billy Dee Williams, Jason Alexander, Ernie Hudson and others

Kanye West Developing Reality Series With HBO

Grammy Award winning rapper Kanye West has been tapped to star in an untitled reality series that is being developed for HBO.
According to the Hollywood Reporter, the reality series will focus on West's day-to-day life as a chart-topping producer/rapper.
West is developing the series with Larry Charles, who served as the executive producer for movies like Borat and television shows like Seinfeld, Mad About You and HBO's hit series, Curb Your Enthusiasm.

BET Is For The Kids, Partners With Nickelodeon

The Nickelodeon network recently announced its new partnership with BET.
As part of their agreement, BET will broadcast two Nickelodeon series, "Romeo!" and "Just Jordan," which star rapper Lil' Romeo and comedian Lil' JJ (BET's "Coming to the Stage," Beauty Shop) respectively.
"This is a fantastic opportunity to broadcast and provide additional exposure to what we believe will become one of our newest live action shows, 'Just Jordan,' and the already established hit 'Romeo!' with the African-American audience to which BET caters," said Nickelodeon Vice President, Tom Ascheim, via a statement. "We're very excited about building these kinds of synergistic opportunities with sister networks like BET, and look forward to future opportunities like this one."
"Lil' JJ's career began on BET's 'Coming To The Stage' and we're excited to have him back," added BET Entertainment President, Reginald Hudlin. "When we started doing this deal, it made perfect sense to pair with Romeo's show, as both fit naturally as a programming block. As excited as we are about airing these shows on BET, we are just as excited about working with Nickelodeon, a great brand that makes fantastic shows."
"Just Jordan," which premiered on Nickelodeon on Sunday, January 7, will debut on BET on Saturday, January 13 at 10 a.m. ET/PT, followed by "Romeo!" at 11:30 a.m. ET/PT.
BET will air episodes from season one of "Just Jordan" one week after their individual premieres on Nickelodeon and all three seasons of "Romeo!"

New music

Joe Budden's "Unforgiven" here.

Jan 9, 2007

Gunit interview

here is an interview the unit had on Cocane City 7

(props to eskay and onsmash)

and here is an extra video of Cam riding thru Harlem on a beach crusier. Oh yea, thats way more gangsta then wearing sandals and jeans

Mixtape of the week

Resolution Rap DJ L is back on the pavement, returning to his grind with the first installment of a new mixtape that says it all, This Is My Year.Working on creating his own lane in the mixtape game, L and his Open Lock family cook up another bangin' hip-hop joint, taking you from Coast to Coast for all the newest music.This mixtape features new tracks & freestyles by Jadakiss, Cam'ron, The Game, Jim Jones, Hell Rell, Mobb Deep, 50 Cent, Papoose, Young Buck & Tony Yayo, Jim Jones, Remo Da Rapstar, Ja Rule and more.
I cant help but like this Dj's name
Track Listing

1 -Jadakiss- Freestyle
2 -Cam'ron - Freestyle
3 -The Game- Freestyle
4 -Daytona feat. Jim Jones- Homeboy What'Cha Lookin' At
5 -Hell Rell feat. Jim Jones- East Side Byrdgang
6 -Mobb Deep- You Ain't No Gangsta
7 -Mobb Deep- 7th Heaven
8 -50 Cent feat. Mobb Deep- Real Tight
9 -50 Cent- Freestyle
10 -Young Buck feat. Tony Yayo- Freestyle
11 -Remo Da Rapstar- New Government
12 -Papoose feat. Hot Rod- Freestyle
13 -M.O.P. feat. Hot Rod- Freestyle
14 -Young Buck- Haters (produced by Dr. Dre)
15 -Nas- Hope
16 -J.R. Writer feat. Hell Rell, Jim Jones- Goonies
17 -Hell Rell- When You Get Money
18 -Swizz Beatz- Freestyle
19 -Red Cafe- Wild Style
20 -Red Cafe feat. Fabolous, Cocoa Chanelle, Currency- Diddy Bop (remix)
21 - Raekwon- I Recall
22 - S-One- Freestyle
23 - Stacee Adamz feat. The Game- Last Call (produced by Scott Storch)
24 - Tamia feat. Jim Jones- Too Grown
25 - Musiq feat. Ja Rule, Fat Joe- Buddy (remix)
26 - Sterling Stims feat. The Game- Hustlin'
27 - Papoose feat. Rell- Fruits Of Labor
28 - Remo Da Rapstar- Mixtapes Are Dead Freestyle
29 - Boss- Payback

Daily update 1*9*07

Lil' Wayne's Jaw Broken At Tour Stop Says Source
According to Mary Bowlin (J&M Entertainment/Gillie The Kid's Publicist), Lil' Wayne's jaw was broken at a tour stop this past weekend.The story goes Cash Money's own Lil Wayne became involved in a heated argument with a fellow entourage member, it all ended with the argument coming to blows and Lil Wayne receiving a broken jaw in the mêlée.Lil' Wayne and Gillie The Kid have been involved in a war of words for the past several months and Wayne recently caused a stir with comments made about Jay-Z in a recent issue of Complex magazine.There has been no response to the incident from the Cash Money camp.

Star Calls Martin Luther King A Hypocrite And Jesse Jackson

STAR of "Star and Buc Wild" fame is mercifully gone from radio, but his outrageous mouth is louder than ever - with the axed Power 105.1 deejay gleefully ripping civil rights icons Jesse Jackson and Martin Luther King Jr. as big phonies in his jolting new autobiography.
As you'll recall, Star - whose real name is Troi Torain - got fired, then arrested last May when he threatened to sexually abuse and urinate on rival Hot 97 personality DJ Envy's 4-year-old daughter. He called himself "the new Lenny Bruce" and vowed to be back with a vengeance.
That vengeance is "Objective Hate," out next month from Aquinna Satellite LLC. He blasts Jackson, "this 'Cool Daddy Cool,' stick-it-to-the-man rabble-rouser with a Ph.D. in flim flam . . . Watch him as he lives the scam and works the sham to the soundtrack of 'Pusher Man.' Sponsored by Rainbow mystical bull[bleep] and private funky dividends, he'll be sure you have not seen the last of his collection plate" - whatever that means.
Of King, Star writes: "[He's] a total hypocrite whose agenda quashed the rising spirit of anarchy in the heart of black America. As he hid behind the cross, he hated being oppressed but realized it enhanced his [stud] game . . . His mystified hypothetical dream, with no economic structure, now hangs over the Negro's head like a Mississippi noose."
Star slams Madonna as "an out-of-tune singing sensation" and a "poor man's version of Marilyn Monroe" with a "worn body." Bill Maher is "a low-budget racist camouflaged as a comedian . . . If he were a citizen of Haiti, he would have been beaten, dragged, stabbed and shot."
Star also rates the carnal attributes of certain female performers. On Mya: "The sex would probably be dyn-o-mite, but not enough to justify a trip to the nearest jeweler." On Lil' Kim: "Looks great in the morning, probably gives great sex, and is a great friend, but be prepared for mood swings and back talk." On India.Arie: "She probably likes to be choked during climax."


Hip Hop newcomer NYOIL has controversially called for the lynching of 50 CENT, claiming the reckless promotion of gun violence and drug use in his music is having a damaging effect on today's youth.

The Staten Island, New York, native is causing a stir in the rap community with the track 'Y'ALL SHOULD GET LYNCHED',
a song posted on his MySpace webpage which condemns the current climate of hip-hop and calls for all "fake-ass gangstas" to "get lynched."

His beef with other rappers, including JIM JONES of THE DIPLOMATS and FLAVOR FLAV from PUBLIC ENEMY,
is that they are sending out irresponsible messages to youngsters who idolise their every move.

He says, "It makes me mad when I see kids who don't care for education, for whom mediocrity is all.
"We have to take some of the responsibility: every song you hear tells you about this woman's a ho, or he's selling this drug, or I'm going to shoot you if you don't do that.

Grandmaster Flash & FF Get Hall of Fame Nod

Hip-Hop has long been the sad clown of music, so its no wonder that in 2007 we are finally getting our first entrants into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. The legendary Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five, after being passed over for induction the past two years, have been selected as one of five acts to make the Hall in 2007.
DJ Grandmaster Flash, one of the godfathers of hip-hop, and his crew of legendary emcee Melle Mel, Kid Creole, Scorpio, Rahiem and the late Cowboy, made platinum hits such as the oft-imitated The Messege and White Lines (Don't Do It).
The induction ceremony will take place on March 12th at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City. Other inductees this year include R.E.M., Van Halen, Patti Smith and The Ronettes.

The Game Getting Cameos From Video Vixens For 'Wouldn't Get Far' Shoot
The Game will be shooting a video for "Wouldn't Get Far," the second single from his sophomore album, The Doctor's Advocate.
According to MTV, the video, in which he (and criticizes) many video vixens, may just include cameos from several of the vixens he pokes fun at. "I think a couple of them are coming to the video [set], so we'll see what's up," Game revealed.
"They had a choice," Game's manager, Jimmy "Henchman" Rosemond, who helped smooth things over with the displeased women, told MTV.
"They had two choices: You could either be clowned or we can make this fun where people won't take it as serious. If you fight against it, it becomes serious, 'cause we could get the look-alikes and clown in fun. But if you participate, it can be more impactful.
For instance, [model] Melyssa Ford, we'll have her in a Honda Accord [in the video], but then Game will kinda wake up out of that spell and we'll have her in a 500 Benz. We'll clean it up for her. It's all in fun, though."
In addition to the video, Rosemond revealed that they plan to shoot a mini-movie that will be included in the re-release of Doctor's Advocate sometime in April or March.
"I was on my way back from my snowboarding trip in Northern Cali," Game told MTV. "I'm driving five hours and thinking about [the Roc-A-Fella Records film] 'Streets Is Watching' and how Jay-Z did that. ... I was saying, 'I got enough songs that mean something to do that.' I mean, 'Old English,' 'One Night,' the real gutter joints where there's a lot of feelings where I could really get at n----s. It'll be ill, though. We gonna keep it in mind and try to work it all out."
As he continues to push and promote his latest album, he plans to tour through Canada, release some new mixtape and bring some of his Black Wall Street artists to the spotlight, including Juice and a group he's put together called N----s For Life. "I got five of the hottest n---as from the West Coast you never heard of, and we gonna roll," he said.

Nas Video Shoot for, "Can't Forget About You."
Looks like this will be Nas's second single, so much for my poll huh

John Legend Gets Rowdy And Curses Some Fans

John Legend got involved in a row with his own fans at a gig this week, according to a report.The singer had agreed to perform an aftershow at Sound on Leicester Square following his show at Brixton Academy on December 28, but was forced to pull out when organisers decided he wasn't in a fit state to sing.
A source told The Mirror: "John looked glassy-eyed and unsteady on his feet when he arrived around midnight. So the promoters decided that his younger brother should play instead.
"The newspaper claims that John was furious when disappointed fans started to boo his sibling."John was incensed," the source added. "He grabbed the mike from his brother and told the crowd to 'f**k off'. Then he laid into them, saying they should show respect."

50 Says 2007 belongs to him

50 Cent is starting to get angry again. And as history has shown, that should mean good material for the bulletproof rapper's forthcoming album, Before I Self Destruct, tentatively due this spring.

Responding to detractors who claim G-Unit are over due to a slippage in album sales and rumors about the direction of his project, Fif says he's been feeling the pressure to deliver with Before I Self Destruct As he explained, he is used to pressure — he already places a lot on himself as it is — and knows what everyone's been saying lately about his camp.

"I heard them talking on the radio about G-Unit is over, because they seeing some of the artists having difficulties," 50 said last week inside his offices during a break from promoting his recently launched G-Unit Books. "What you're seeing is the music business. Nothing just works in the music business.

There's no company that has had a higher success rate than G-Unit since I showed up. I've accomplished what took people 10 years to do in business, in three."One project doesn't work and G-Unit is over?" he continued.

"What about 50? Put that pressure on me. Cause I'mma smash their head as soon as I come back."Aside from super-producers J.R. Rotem and Rich Harrison, 50 revealed that Timbaland will be another beatsmith helping him smash on his new project. The two have been collaborating recently and 50 compared the experience to working with Dr. Dre and Eminem.

One difference working with Timbaland, however, is the obligation 50 said he feels to use Timbaland's tracks after traveling down to Miami to get in the studio with the producer."To be honest with you, I feel [another kind of] pressure when I go in a studio with a producer," Fif explained. " 'Cause I don't wanna waste time. I don't live in Florida, so I have to go to Florida to work with Timbaland. I feel like I'm paying airfare for my entourage, I'm paying hotel fare for my entourage, I'm paying studio time. I'm in there with Timbaland like, 'I need to make a f---ing hit.' I feel obligated under those circumstances. My intentions are to go there and make the record. But if they mail the music to my house, I might listen and go, 'I don't know if that's the record.' But after I came there, I want to make something."

Fif also clarified that his next album won't be as soulful as some have suggested He's been listening to older R&B lately, but not for direction — it's because there has been a lack of quality releases lately. He's heard Jay-Z's album (good, he said) and Game's album (not so much, he said), but 50's more interested in getting his G-Unit projects out on shelves in 2007.

First will come Young Buck's sophomore album, then Young Hot Rod's debut and then his own LP. But Fif was hush on the rest of his crew, only saying he won't rush the projects and that they'll see the light of day when the music is totally ready.For now, 50 is fully focused on moving forward with his plans for this year, rather than dwelling on his or his roster's 2006.

"I feel like this year is my year," 50 said. "And there's absolutely no competition. I'm gonna dominate again. It might seem unfair, but I'm gonna do what I came to do."


With Jennifer Hudson’s role in “Dreamgirls” embraced by moviegoers and practically every group of film critics across the country, the film’s director Bill Condon is looking to expand her audience even more through a brand new video for her signature song.
According to Fox411 columnist Roger Friedman, Condon is preparing to shoot a new video of Hudson singing “And I Am Telling You…”
“Condon told me last night at the New York Film Critics’ awards ceremony that the video will be completely unlike ‘Dreamgirls’ but made to attract even more of an audience for the hit film musical,” Freidman wrote in his Monday column.
Hudson was also on hand at the New York Film Critics awards to collect her Best Supporting Actress trophy, the first of many to come.
I cant belive she remaking the stalkers theme song. If you listen to the words of the song that chic is crazy. if a man sung that same song the police would arrest him on site.


According to, the Tyrese incident with his girlfriend last week was just a misunderstanding of sorts.
The lawyer who represents the girlfriend of the actor/singer and now rapper, has issued a statement responding to what allegedly happened last Thursday night:
"Reports that Tyrese punched my client- his girlfriend- in the arm, thigh or anywhere else are false. It is true, Mr. Gibson and his girlfriend had been arguing. She became very emotional and distressed during the argument and called 911 in an attempt to get a mediator. Mr. Gibson, frustrated, left the home. My client, Mr. Gibson's girlfriend, who is 11 weeks pregnant, then became more upset and began throwing up. When the paramedics arrived, concerned about the baby, they took her to the hospital. Fortunately, she was fine. Once at the hospital, she was asked by a nurse whether she had been assaulted. She said no. She was then asked what her pain level was on a scale of zero to ten. She said zero. She then discharged herself.
Mr. Gibson and his girlfriend are very much still in love, together and excited about their expectant child. She is quite saddened that this event was so distorted."
TMZ goes on to say that "police sources" say they are "interested" in speaking to Tyrese about the incident, but the bottom line is that NO charges have been filed.

Will Smith is planning to move to Africa.

The 'Bad Boys' star filmed Muhammed Ali biopic 'Ali' in South Africa and wants to relocate there with his family.He told Britain's Empire magazine: "We want to move to Africa. Actually, I found a house in South Africa, but it was before 9/11 and when that happened, we thought, being Americans, it was a time to be home. But I just loved South Africa."I definitely felt like there was magic there and it was a magic I wanted my family to experience." Despite his plans to leave the US, Smith is still fiercely loyal to his native country.He said: "I've been travelling around for the past year and the perception of America and Americans is not great around the world, but I think the ideas behind this country are some of the most artistic, poetic ideas assembled around the idea of a government."I feel the mid-term elections are going to push us more into line with the original concepts and ideas that the forefathers had for what it means to be American."

New music

Fat joe make it rain remix

HHTV – Hip Hop Television looking for VJs to host shows

HHTV, the world's first internet Hip-Hop television network is conducting a search for VJs to host shows on our network.
We are looking for 10 people to host a variety of shows on our network. What we are looking for is a diverse group of people with very unique and fun personalities. We are looking for specific qualities such as: style, personable attitude, ability to function in social settings, and a genuine love of Hip-Hop. If you feel you possess these qualities, then we are looking for you! This is an opportunity for you to be a part of Hip-Hop history. HHTV is the world’s 1st television network broadcasting Hip-Hop programming 24/7. The content of our programs will reflect all of the 4 elements of Hip-Hop: Mceeing, Djaying, Graffiti, and Breaking.
Since we are based in NYC, we are primarily looking for people from or around NYC. However, we will consider people who are contemplating moving to NYC.

HOW TO ENTER: First, we are doing an unprecedented open call through Youtube. To enter, submit (1) 4-6 min clip to our Youtube channel---MYHHTV. Tell us about yourself, your love of Hip-Hop, and why we should choose you. Please note that any clip exceeding 6 minutes will be automatically disqualified. We will stop evaluating submissions after January 19, 2007. You will need to upload your clip as a file to your own personal profile first before sending it to our Youtube channel (username: MYHHTV). If you have technical questions about how to do this, please contact Youtube's help center.

Second, after evaluating your Youtube submissions, those we are interested in will receive a private invite with details and the location for our live auditions. It is at the live auditions we will choose the VJs.

Let's make Hip-Hop history and give Hip-Hop the proper forum it deserves. We are looking forward to seeing you and good luck. Our revolution will be televised.
For more information or inquiries, please contact

Ganiu "Scrills" Ladejobi Email:
Gregory "G5" KetantEmail: