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Jan 19, 2007

Daily News 1*19*07

Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff Asks 50 Cent, Jay-Z & Gotti Bros To Testify At His Murder Trial

IHH has learned that former drug lord Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff is hoping to have the likes of Irv Gotti, Ja Rule, 50 Cent, Jay-Z, Lyor Cohen and Kevin Liles take the stand on his behalf next week.
McGriff is presently on
trial for allegedly ordering the murder of two rivals, Queens rapper E-Money Bags (born Eric Smith) and Troy Singleton. If convicted, McGriff faces the death penalty. With the prosecution expected to rest this coming Monday (January 22), the defense submitted a star-studded list of witnesses that may be called to take the stand for McGriff. Some of the aforementioned witnesses will take the stand voluntarily while others will be subpoenaed.

There's no word on whether Irv and Chris Gotti, who
were on trial for allegedly laundering McGriff's drug money back in 2005,will take the stand. The two brothers were exonerated of all charges. It also has yet to be determined whether or not Preme will take the stand on his behalf.

Though they have become rivals over the years, a 50 Cent testimony could help out Preme's case. While prosecutors accused Preme of having 50 shot throughout the Murder Inc. trial,
Fif has admitted that Darryl "Hommo" Baum, a Brooklyn stick-up kid, was the triggerman.

This past Friday, a former McGriff associate testified that Supreme hired him to kill two men because they hit Murder Inc. CEO Irv Gotti. As the Daily News reported, Emanuel "Dog" Mosley, who pleaded guilty to killing Smith and Singleton after being arraigned on murder charges last year, testified as a government witness, claiming that McGriff offered him a $50,000 contract to have Singleton and another man, Nathan "Green Eyed Born" May, murdered.


Ok so y'all might have heard the new cut "The Greatest MC Alive" by Skillz. If you haven't, peep it out here:

Anyways, Skillz rocks over the "Show Me What You Got" beat and seems to be taking some shots at Jay...calling out an old MC and making some comments about Beyonce's stank breath. Have a listen for yourself but it sure sounds like Skillz is Mad at Jay.

50 Cent Hot 97 Interview 1-18-07

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8

50 Cent states him and Game won't be friends due to disrespect and hes gets a quarter of every million he makes.

Had this to say about Ja Rule, I didn't go door to door telling people not to like ja rule and that you can't convince the public to like something that they already turned down.

Says hes the only artist that owns a publishing company.

Says this about Jay-Z saying yall respect who got shot I respect the shooters:"Initially when he heard it he was like, what the hell was that, he said it could easily been his issue with Camron. He goes on to say it's too indirect and even if it was, it would be punk move if it was towards him."

Talks About Diddy and Mase situation

50 Cent says he can't understand how Jay-Z and Nas is cool now.

Says Quincy Jones called Chris Lighty to get 50 Cent to back off of Oprah

Says Kanye gets the trophies and he gets the checks.

Says he worked for him on the Game's album

Lil Wayne Weighs In On DJ Drama Raid

"Smarten up," That's what Lil Wayne told MTV news about mixtape DJs. He said of the Aphilliates arrests, "It's a bad thing, but you gotta play the game fair. If you don't play fair, all kind of things can happen. You gotta watch people like DJ Clue, watch people like DJ Khaled.

They do it right."The advice from Lil Wayne seems a bit out of place since the two were planning the third album in the trio of Dedication albums that created most of the supreme buzz that Wayne rode through 2006. They had planned to release the third album early in 2007. Street CD's such as Drama's Gangsta Grillz albums have been integral to Weezy's success, especially his success in the mixtape circle.

"You gotta do it right," Wayne said, "It's gonna be a message. [The authorities] ain't playing. They gonna make an example. They gonna straighten the game out. A lot of companies take a fall with those mixtapes. Niggas be caking up off them mixtapes.

The artists can drop his album — and everybody knows that hip-hop [album sales are in] decline — nobody ain't gonna buy the album, and everybody gets the mixtapes off of the Internet or whatever way they get it. The artists ain't caking, but the nigga you made the mixtape with is caking up. Thank God I ain't got that problem, but I know a lot of people who do."

A DJ who wished to remain anonymous in case the RIAA was listening or reading, "I think they got a snitch among them . Somebody snitched on them. Drama is working for the down South artists. I don't think he's bootlegging.
He's really helping the movement and promoting, especially the new cats. I'm almost sure that 30,000 out of the 50,000 [CDs confiscated in the raid] were new cats that's next to come up. He uses his mixtapes as a promotional marketing tool that was looked at the wrong way. Drama and Cannon were two of the coolest motherfuckas to get ran through like that. They treated them like they was fucking drug kingpins. I was watching it on Fox News, that sh-- was like, 'Get out of there."

Interestingly enough, during the raid police found nothing in terms of drugs or weapons but stated that during confiscations of this variety, they usually find that type of "trouble".
Diplomats head of A&R, DukeDaGod said of the Aphilliates' drama, "This is like D-Day in hip-hop."
"DJ Drama is like our favorite mixtape DJ," he said.

"Everybody loves Drama. It's crazy. It's like it's in your own backyard when it comes to Drama. He helps a lot of artists out. It's kinda messed up. I think they're trying to make hip-hop illegal or something. They're trying to make too many regulations on it. This is one of the worst days ever I can remember in hip-hop. I remember when Biggie got shot, when Pac got shot, it was crazy, but this right here is bad because it could determine the future of our music."

DukeDaGod says the fans will be the ones feeling this most, "Why are [the RIAA and FBI] getting involved?" Leave us alone. Let us make our hip-hop. Nobody is dying, nobody is killing nobody. It's just music being made. Everybody is gonna feel it whether you're on the radio, not on the radio. Even if you're a consumer, you gonna feel it, 'cause it's gonna be hard to find certain tapes. Certain people are not going to carry the mixtapes anymore because they know what could happen. It's so many people that wanna hear our stuff.

We get e-mails from all over the world. They don't care about the RIAA, they wanna hear some Dipset, they wanna hear some Drama. So it's messed up for the whole world."

KRS-One pays tribute to Nas.

Kris may give an annoying interview, but he's indisputably a hip-hop legend. For the blastmaster to honor Nas on record tentatively titled "Nas Tribute" must be mind blowing for the Queens lyricist. Spitting over a hard hitting Marley Marl track, Kris praised God's son with lines like,

"Nastradamus, I seen that/ You was ahead of your time then, man a prophet, I mean that/people ask where Dr. King's dream at/I think it's hip-hop, we've already seen that." Kris also gives Nas kudos for keeping hip-hop alive and sparking debate with his latest album. The song is off Kris's upcoming LP.

Prodigy Goes Solo

After last year's Blood Money, Mobb Deep's Prodigy is prepping his next solo project. Although it is a solo album, he's enlisted the help from a certain Shady producer/DJ.

The album, Return of the Mac, is coming really soon. this will be followed up by the highly anticipated H.N.I.C 2. Here's another treat for Prodigy fans: The album will be produced solely by The Alchemist. It will also be released via Koch.

Stuck on You will be released as the first official single from the album. This will be followed by two "underground" videos, according to a press release.

Return of the Mac is set to be released March 27th.

The track listing is slated to be as follows:

1. Intro 8. Intermission
2. Return of the Mac 9. 7th Heaven
3. Mac 10 Handles 10. Bang On Em
4. Raining Guns and Shanks 11. Nickel and a Nail
5. The Rotten Apple 12. Legends
6. Words From Majesty 13. Stop Fronting
7. Take It From The Top 14. Stuck On You


A new album from the late funk legend Rick James will be released in early May via Stone City Records, his business manager Ron Kramer confirmed.

The material, led by first single “Deeper Still,” was recorded during the two to three years before his death in 2004 of a heart attack. The as-yet-untitled set was originally due in Aug. 2005 via Sanctuary.

"This is one he really wanted out," Kramer told "He really didn't want anybody else on these songs. He wanted to prove himself again. He wanted people to enjoy him; his music."
A 30-second snippet of “Deeper Still,” due at urban radio later this month, can be heard on James’ Web site (

In other Rick James news, his autobiography “Memoirs of a Superfreak” – written while James was in Folsom Prison for assault from 1993-1995 – will be released in April via Amber Communications.
Also a James biopic has just been given the green light with a script penned by Sheldon Turner ("The Longest Yard").

Kanye West Working With Chris Martin On New Album

Kanye West is hard at work on his next album, Graduation, tentatively due in late 2007 via Def Jam.

The artist tells Billboard the likely first single from the album will be "Homecoming" featuring Coldplay's Chris Martin, who recently guested on a track from Jay-Z's comeback album, Kingdom Come.One collaborator from West's 2005 album Late Registration who will be returning for Graduation is multi-instrumentalist Jon Brion.

"We'll be working together again on the new project," West promises. "Jon wasn't just a producer -- he was such a good friend and a great person to bounce ideas off of in the studio. It was the whole experience.

"West has also been busy behind the boards, having recently produced tracks for Nas' Hip-Hop Is Dead and The Game's Doctor's Advocate. And, as previously reported, the artist will soon be featured in an HBO series "loosely based" on his life. Curb Your Enthusiasm mastermind Larry Charles will executive produce.

Mixtape Vets Trade "Raid" War Stories, Look To Organize DJ Union

The RIAA-fueled charges against Aphilliates members DJ Drama and DJ Don Cannon have left the mixtape community reeling, but their arrests are just the latest and most publicized. In this exclusive Marc Ferman and DJ Chuck T talk about their legal battles over mixtapes.

Miami native and current owner of
hip-hop clothing site, Marc Ferman started selling mixtapes as early as 1993 and moved his business online to in 1998. Business was booming, until one day in November 2000.

"My office door opens, cops comes in, the RIAA comes in, the federal post office inspector comes in, they put me in handcuffs. They froze my bank accounts, they took my money, they confiscated everything. I was watching the news about Drama and it looked very familiar," Ferman told IHH.
Like DJ's Drama and Cannon, Ferman was only jailed for one night before posting bail, but his legal nightmare would last for six months.

"My lawyer cost a fortune, all my money was taken. I was dealing [with] the labels at the time, they were sending us
music to put on the mixtapes, no one backed me on that -- the mixtape DJ's -- I didn't rat them out, but I was still brushed off afterwards. No one really supports each anyone in this business. Once you get pinched you're on your own," Ferman said. "I was the first person in Florida to be charged with what I was charged for. I pleaded no contest, I have no criminal record; it's been expunged. I got one year probation, they kept all the money they seized and I can no longer sell mixtapes."

Two years ago DJ Chuck T was fined by South Carolina police after raids on bootleg operations turned up a number of his mixtapes.

"The RIAA never got involved in my situation. The Goose Creek city police came through, ran up in the spot, seized the CDs and charged us with fraud. In 2005 I was charged with 1 count of fraud for every illegal or pirated CD they found in my possession. Failure to disclose origin of the manufacturer, that's the actual law that they used to levy the fraud charges, that's one of the ways they define pirated CDs," Chuck T revealed.

"It's been a problem since the inception of mixtapes, but a lot of DJ's didn't take it seriously because mainly stores got hit. This is the first time a big DJ who is endorsed by all the record labels has been arrested. DJ's feel like if the stores get hit they'll rather just find another store than take a stand. It's a double-edged sword - we get the music from the labels and the permission from the labels and the record reps to put their labels music on our CDs, but until we get written permission it's not legal. It's a double standard," Chuck T said.

"All it takes is one person to make a complaint. I had a very successful company and within five minutes it was gone. It was hard to see myself shut down as all these other sites popped up, just sitting there watching it, wondering why I was busted and nobody else was," Ferman added
"This thing with DJ Drama was only a matter of time. A store that he sold to could've gotten busted- they could've had his information, phone numbers... Now he just got raided, they took his
computers, with all the addresses and phone numbers he might have, the RIAA would have everything they would need to go after whoever they needed to," Ferman said.

DJ Chuck T is hoping to prevent future problems for DJs by organizing a union.
"A lot of the DJ's looked to me to start it, because I was one of the few to be hurt by the law, but we were having trouble finding big name DJs to stand behind it because a lot of them feel like they were above the law. This proves that nobody is safe - one of the key points in the union was getting mixtapes legalized, we know they'd have to be regulated, but we're cool with that. We also want to go about getting mixers and
radio DJs fair wages and health benefits. We are still trying to get members for the DJ coalition and anyone that wants to sign up can email"

"Gangsta Rap: The Glockumentary" Licks Shots Into L.A.Theaters

GANGSTA RAP: THE GLOCKUMENTARY will have its theatrical release Friday, March 2 on nearly two dozen screens in the L.A. area. The feature-length comedy is independently released by Ill Ville Films/Big Business.Written and directed by Damon "Coke" Daniels, who co-wrote My Baby's Daddy with Eddie Griffin for Miramax, GANGSTA RAP: THE GLOCKUMENTARY owes its street cred to Daniels' extensive turn in the world of hip hop, during which his group Madkap (Loud Records) toured with the likes of Notorious B.I.G, The Pharcyde, Twista, Common, The Alkaholics and the Wu Tang Clan.Daniels also served as producer, alongside Craig Chapman, Chris Dreyer and Paul Stewart, who also handled the film's music supervision.

Stewart, who founded PMP, a promotions company associated with Island/Def Jam and Loud Records, has also served as music supervisor for the Oscar-winning Hustle & Flow and Four Brothers, starring Mark Wahlberg and Terrence Howard, as well as the Barbershop franchise. Myles Nestel, who was founding partner of Cobalt Media Group, which financed the Oscar-nominated House of Sand and Fog, Swimfan and Steven Spielberg's Band of Brothers, and Mike Medlock, are executive producers.

Shot in mockumentary style, with Daniels in the role as filmmaker, GANGSTA RAP follows the flickering fortunes of Gangsta Rap, "the hardest group you've never heard of," a trio of old school, West Coast rappers: Murder Mike, Du Rag and DJ Ballistics. Despite run-ins with the law, shady dealings, numerous child custody cases, and a serious slide into irrelevance with the public, these self-proclaimed godfathers of gangsta rap are hell-bent on staging a comeback.With fresh tracks such as "My Mamma's A Bitch" and "In My House Shoes," Gangsta Rap is angling to re-establish their supremacy.

The group originally burst on the scene in the mid-eighties, virtually ruling the West Coast underground into the next decade. Following a slew of setbacks and some vicious in-fighting, the O.G.s put the past behind them to take one more stab at success.The film features an ensemble cast of both real-life rappers and stand-up comedians, including Howie Bell (P. Diddy Presents...The Bad Boys of Comedy; Jamie Foxx's Laffapalooza), Gerald Johnson (aka, Slink Capone The Cutaluff, produced by Too Short), Schuylar Harvey, Leslie (aka Leslie Jones; HBO's Def Comedy Jam; Girlfriends; National Security) Tomy'a Bowden (The Steve Harvey Show; Dahmer), Clifton Powell (Ray; Woman, Thou Art Loosed) and Sam Maccarone, director of the recently released National Lampoon's TV.

The Movie and also features cameos by rappers Too $hort and GLC.The soundtrack from the film will be available on Delicious Vinyl.


Billionnaire talk show host Oprah Winfrey sits atop Harris Poll’s list of America’s favorite TV personalities for the fifth consecutive year, and ranks No. 1 on Forbes magazine’s inaugural list of "The 20 Richest Women in Entertainment."

As reported yesterday, Denzel Washington was named America’s favorite movie star in the annual Harris Poll, which grilled 1,162 U.S. adults online between December 12 and 18, 2006. On the TV side, Oprah beats second place personality Jon Stewart, and Bill O’Reilly at No. 3.

Meanwhile, Oprah and her estimated $1.5 billion in amassed earnings throughout her career are perched atop Forbes’ “20 Richest Women in Entertainment" list ahead of second place “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling with $1 billion, and homemaking maven Martha Stewart at No. 3 with $638 million.
Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson placed 6th and 7th with $225 million and $150 million respectively, while Jennifer Lopez came in at No. 9 on earnings of $110 million.

To make the list, these working female megastars needed a minimum net worth of $45 million amassed over the course of their careers.

Forbes and E! Entertainment have teamed up for a one-hour TV special about the list, which premieres on Saturday, Jan. 20 at 6 p.m. ET.

Here is the first-ever list of Forbes' 20 Richest Women in Entertainment:

1) Oprah Winfrey $1.5B
2) J.K. Rowling $ 1B
3) Martha Stewart $638M
4) Madonna $325M
5) Celine Dion $250M
6) Mariah Carey $225M
7) Janet Jackson $150M
8) Julia Roberts $140M
9) Jennifer Lopez $110M
10) Jennifer Aniston $110M
11) Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen $100M
12) Britney Spears $100M
13) Judge Judy (Sheindlin) $ 95M
14) Sandra Bullock $ 85M
15) Cameron Diaz $ 75M
16) Gisele Bundchen $ 70M
17) Ellen DeGeneres $ 65M
18) Nicole Kidman $ 60M
19) Christina Aguilera $ 60M
20) Renee Zellweger $ 45M

Jan 18, 2007

Daily News 1*18*07

DJ Drama & DJ Don Cannon Released From Jail, Post $100,000 Bond

Both DJ Drama and DJ Don Cannon have been released from Fulton County Jail in Atlanta yesterday (January 17).

According to officials at the facility, Drama (born Tyree Simmons) and Cannon (Born Donald Cannon) were released on a $100,000 signature bond after spending the night in custody following being arrested on federal racketeering charges.

The charges stem from a raid on the DJ's "Gangsta Grillz" office in downtown Atlanta on Tuesday (January 16) in which 17 people were apprehended and 81,000 CDs, recording equipment, bank statements, cash and vehicles were seized.

Both men are scheduled to appear in Fulton County Court on January 24.

After the Aphiliates crew members were arrested, the DJ and hip-hop community at large were taken by surprise and many have been reluctant to go on record concerning the incident. But while some are choosing to not make their positions known, there has also been an overwhelming amount of support from fellow DJs, journalists and music industry figures alike who are showing their allegiance to the two. Many, like Ozone magazine editor-in-chief Julia Beverly have posted "Free Drama and Cannon" images on their Myspace profiles to show their support.


Apparently, Ray-J is the new Colin Farrell. More rumors have surfaced that he is indeed dating Whitney Houston, and that a sex tape featuring his exploits with ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian not only exists, but is currently being shopped to porn shops through a third party.

"There is no tape being shopped" Kardashian countered to TMZ, without outright denying the existence of the footage. "Ray J and I remain friends, and there is nothing he would do to spite me. …I would love to see what they've seen."

A source close to the matter also tells us that the sex tape does exist, but was actually stolen and is currently being shopped to the aforementioned porn shops and adult entertainment Web sites, yet Ray J has nothing to do with trying to hock the material.

Kardashian says the sex tape reports stared after Ray J, 26, left a note on her MySpace page saying "Let's show the world our sex tape." According to Kardashian, Ray J called her right after he posted the note and asked her to delete it.

Meanwhile, gossip guru Janet Charlton is reporting that the recent photographs showing Ray J and Whitney Houston, 43, leaving a restaurant together and jumping into a car indeed reflect a romantic relationship that began when they met for the first time a week after Thanksgiving. According to Charlton, the two have been living together ever since.

“She spent the holidays with Brandy Norwood and her family and Brandy's mom formed a special friendship with Whitney,” Charlton wrote on her Web site. “The family is a good influence - Whitney is 100% sober. Since they started seeing each other Ray has spiffed up his look- he stopped wearing baggy hip hop clothes and started dressing in tailored suits, like a businessman. He looks older.
“Whitney spends all her time at Ray's house or Brandy's in Calabasas (the family has kind of adopted her.) Ray and Whitney are very cuddly and affectionate - they don't go out in public much - sometimes they drive up to Santa Barbara and stay at the Bacara spa there.

“Ray is very excited about helping Whitney with her new comeback album. She's paying more attention to Ray than she is Clive Davis and Clive is losing his influence. Whitney is described as a ‘whole new person.’ She's happy and optimistic.”

A source close to the family confirms that the couple’s date this week “was not the first and will not be the last.”

Nate Dogg Claims Suge Knight Owes $10 Million In Back Royalties

Superstar R&B crooner Nathaniel "Nate Dogg" Hale is seeking a legal judgment preventing bankrupt Death Row Records founder Marion "Suge" Knight from discharging an alleged $10 million dollars in back royalties.

In documents released by Court TV's website, Nate Dogg, born Nathaniel Hale, claims that Knight was the owner and president of Death Row Records.

The complaint claims Knight's other companies, including Suge Music and Suge Publishing are not "separate legal entities from Suge, the individual, or Death Row and are not legal entities at all, and Suge and Death Row are the true identity behind these empty shell identities."
Using these companies, Knight is fraudulently using Death Row Records to acquire and "exploit valuable intellectual property rights" of Nate Dogg through making false statements as to the rapper's contractual status with Death Row.

Additionally, the complaint claims that Nate Dogg was not listed or named on the schedule filed by Knight in bankruptcy court and that Nate Dogg had no knowledge of the deadline a judge set in September of 2006, to file a claim against Knight'.

Nate Dogg claims that his recorded association with Knight began around 1993 (his debut was on Dr. Dre's The Chronic) until the present and that Knight has never accounted to, or paid Nate Dogg the amounts he was entitled for various hit records he released during his association with Death Row Records.

When Nate Dogg inquired about his royalties, he alleges that Knight responded with threats of physical violence, claimed that no profits were generated by Death Row and falsely stated that Nate Dogg would eventually be paid.

As a result Nate Dogg, who has contributed to over 60 chart singles, is seeking no less than $10 million dollars from Knight personally.

In the complaint, attorney's for the singer stated that Nate Dogg can't remember if he ever signed a contract with Knight, but if he did, Knight would have been solely responsible to for receiving, collecting and administering royalties. .

The filing also states that Death Row continuously refuses to provide an accounting of the amount of records sold that featured Nate Dogg.

Probation Officials Give Foxy Brown Good Report, New CD Hits Stores In Weeks

Probation officials monitoring Foxy Brown gave a judge a good report on the Brooklyn bred rapper in Manhattan Criminal Court January 17.

As previously reported, Foxy (born Inga Marchand) was sentenced to probation and anger management classes this past October, after pleading guilty to assaulting two manicurists in Manhattan's Bloomie Nails in 2004.

Brown told reporters outside the courthouse that the sentence has been good for her "because probation forces you into structure."

"It is making me grow up," Brown explained. "I have matured a lot since I started the anger management."

Brown even had a good word for Judge Melissa Jackson, with whom she had several hostile exchanges before the judge sentenced her to the aforementioned probation and anger management classes.
"This is only the first time in two years that I'm pleased with Judge Jackson," Brown told reporters. "She got an excellent report from probation."

Brown also revealed that her fourth solo album, Black Roses, will hit stores in a few weeks
State Sen. John Sampson, Brown's lawyer, divulged Brown will return to court on March 15th.
At Brown's last court appearance, a lawyer for the city Department of Probation accused her of "flouting the court-ordered conditions of her probation." The lawyer, Shawnda Weinberg, said Brown was asking for "special treatment."

Weinberg suggested to Jackson that Brown might benefit from time in jail, but the judge let her go with a warning to follow probation officials' orders.

Baby Pops Off About "The Jaw" Incident

Y'all know the Birdman had to come out and officially deny this shit about Lil Wayne gettin' his jaw shattered by Gillie Da Kid's people. He seems extra salty about it too.
Baby told Complex magazine yesterday

“Nigga be trying to do shit to get their name out. He did it for notoriety, it’s been like that since he picked up a microphone. If you don’t know how to get money, you’re going to be a nigga like him, these niggas don’t want this, they don’t want no blood!”

Yeah, Yeah yeah, but if you read the above statement he never says Wayne Didn't break his jaw. All this could be settled if Wayne just pops up on somebody radio show, or something and shows his mouth ain't like Kanye's was.

Timbaland Accused Of Stealing Beat From Finnish Producer

Multi-platinum producer Timbaland has been accused of stealing a beat for singer Nelly Furtado's album. Janne Sunni, a Finnish music producer has said that Timbaland stole the beat for Nelly's "Do It" song which appears on her new album "Loose".Sunni says that the music was originally composed in 2000 at Demoscene (link for more info on Demoscene and that it was used without permission on Furtado's platinum certified album.A video showing the similarities between the two tracks has popped up on YouTube and can be viewed here:


After the raid and arrest of Atl DJs Drama and Cannon for getting caught up with the Feds and bootlegged mixtapes (redundant, right?), big distributors have shut there own stuff down. and are no longer selling mixtapes as of sometime last night. All mixtapes were yanked off the websites. Aint this some shit? Y'all better get somebody's mixtape while it's about to become the biggest collector's item since baseball cards...

Dame Dash Tells AllHipHop About His Departure From Music

Part 1

part 2

Young Jeezy Slides Down The Ranks, Nas Trails Behind, Eminem Patiently Awaits Platinum Stats

In this week's Hip-Hop Charts Young Jeezy barely makes the top 10, Nas trails behind and Eminem and company slide into third.

The first rapper on the charts this week is Young Jeezy leading the pack at No. 9. Atlanta's favorite trapper pushed 36,000 discs in his fifth week on the charts according To Nielsen's SoundScan. So far, The Inspiration hustled a total of 711,000 copies.

Nas' Def Jam debut slides out of the Top 10 to the No. 14 position. Hip Hop Is Dead bags up 33,100 units in week 4, bringing the albums total sales to 535, 000.

Eminem and his Shady gang's attempts to reach the platinum mark continues to get harder as The Re-Up only moves 28,000 copies this week. Standing at No. 22 in it sixth week on the charts, the compilation rounds off at 760,000.

Jay-Z can't comfortably sit on his "Beach Chair" as Kingdom Come continues to go back and forth on the charts . Hov's comeback CD trips to No. 29 , reeling only 23,400 copies this week. Kingdom Come has sold a total of 1,262,100 copies to date.

Dropping four spots to No. 30 is Snoop Dogg. Tha Blue Carpet Treatment moved 23,200 units in its eighth week, bringing the album's total sales to 690,000.

There are no buoys in sight for Bow Wow, who sinks eighteen spots to No. 52. After 4 weeks, Price Of Fame has scanned 356,000 copies, only pushing 14,400 units this week.

Switching gears, the Dreamgirls soundtrack refuses to budge, Akon stays put, Mr. Timberlake and Beyonce continue to ascend and Omarion free falls. Staying on top of the game this week is the Dreamgirls soundtrack. The set which features cuts from Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson, moved 60,000 units to secure the No. 1 spot and attain gold status this week. The CD, which has been on the charts for 6 weeks, has moved a total of 510,000 copies. For the third week in a row, Akon holds fort at No. 2 ,despite a slight decrease in sales.Konvicted reels 55 ,000 copies in its seventh week.

To date , the album has sold a total of 1,270, 000 copies. Justin Timberlake continues to devour opponents in his way. FutureSex/Love Sounds moves up one spot to No. 3. This week , JT's sophomore project pushes 51, 000 units. The tally for FutureSex/Love Sounds stands at 2,479 ,300 . With "Irreplaceable" still garnering major spins , Beyonce leaps from No. 11 to No. 6 . B'Day bags up 40,700 this week, bringing her total to 2, 090,70 copies. After making an impressive jump from No. 62 to No. 35 last week , Robin Thicke continues his sneak attack on the charts by landing at No. 16 this week.

His single, "Lost Without You," is beginning to catch steam helping Evolution Of Robin push 31,000 units. The album has only pulled in a total of 297,000 copies in fifteen weeks. Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas tumbles ten spots. The Dutchess is sitting pretty at No. 24 , moving 1,270,600 in total and 27,000 this week. Former B2K lead man Omarion continues to the struggle to find a solid spot on the charts. His sophomore album, 21, falls seventeen spots to No. 27, only bagging 23,800 copies in its third week , bringing his total to 186,300 copies.

Next week look for Young Jeezy and NAs to continue to battle for dominance on the Hip-Hop Charts.

Jan 17, 2007

Daily update2 1*17*07

No More G.O.O.D. Music

Sources have confirmed that Kanye's G.O.O.D. music label has been dropped from Sony as of about a month ago. Many of the signees have also been dropped. John Legend, Common, Consequence, GLC, and Fonzworth Bentley will all stick around on the shut out label though.

Diddy Announces Open Call Auditions For "Making The Band 4"

Music Television and Sean "Diddy" Combs today announced open call auditions for MTV's hit returning series "Making the Band 4" to kick off on January 17th in Los Angeles. And for the first time ever candidates who are unable to make the open calls can post their audition videos on-line via allowing viewers the opportunity to vote for their favorite "Making The Band 4" candidates. The series is scheduled to premiere in Q2 '07 and will chronicle Diddy as he sets out to form an all new boy band.

In the last season of "Making the Band 3," Diddy created the successful all girl band 'Danity Kane' whose album debuted at number one. The show documented the journey of Aubrey, D. Woods, Aundrea, Dawn and Shannon as they recorded their first album together under the guidance and expertise of Diddy. 'Danity Kane' is scheduled to go on tour with Christina Aguilera. Now Diddy is about to do it all again with "Making The Band 4!"

Aspiring superstars can log onto and upload their singing audition for the world to see. Viewers will have until January 27th to vote for their favorites. 25 candidates will be selected to move on to Round Two, where they'll upload a dance audition. Round Two voting concludes on February 6th. Producers will reward 3 finalists with the opportunity to audition in person for Diddy.

Audition Dates
DATE: Wednesday 1/17 -
Open Call TIME: Line forms at 6 am,
Open call begins promptly at 8 am
LOCATION: KNITTING FACTORY 7021 Hollywood Blvd Hollywood, CA 90028

DATE: Saturday 1/20
TIME: Line forms at 7 am,
Open call begins promptly at 10 am
LOCATION: MERIDIAN 1503 Chartres St. Houston, TX 77003

DATE: Tuesday 1/23
TIME: Line forms at 7 am,
Open call begins promptly at 10 am
LOCATION: CLUB PARIS 122 W. Church St. Orlando, FL 32801

DATE: Saturday 1/27
TIME: Line forms at 7 am,
Open call begins promptly at 10 am
LOCATION: VERVE LOUNGE 511 Peachtree St. NE Atlanta, GA 30308

DATE: Tuesday 1/30
TIME: Line forms at 7 am,
Open call begins promptly at 10 am
LOCATION: CLUB 720 720 North Wells St. Chicago, IL 60622

DATE: Saturday 2/3 TIME: Line forms at 7 am,
Open call begins promptly at 10 am

LOCATION: PLAN B 205 W. Congress Detroit, MI 48226

DATE: Tuesday 2/6

TIME: Line forms at 7 am,
Open call begins promptly at 10 am

LOCATION: BLVD 199 Bowery (at Spring St) New York, NY 10002

DJs Shaken By DJ Drama's Arrest, "They Made Them Out To Be Like Mafia Criminals"

The arrests of DJ Drama and DJ Cannon following a raid on their Gangsta Grillz office in Atlanta have left the DJ community in shock.

As previously reported, 28-year-old DJ Drama (born Tyree Simmons) and 27-year-old DJ Don Cannon (real name Donald Cannon) were arrested and charged with bootlegging of illegal CDs last night following an RIAA investigation of their "Gangsta Grillz" operation.

The raid on the Castleberry Hill office and the arrests of the two members of the Aphiliates DJ crew, has come as a big surprise to many in the music industry, particularly since Drama works closely with record labels, even recently partnering with Asylum Records on his label the Aphiliates Music Group
"I know for a fact that major label record companies pay DJ's like Drama to put out mixtapes," one DJ, who asked to be quoted anonymously, told us. "It's always been an unspoken thing. But since this is happening, it will be brought out to the light - so the end result may be positive for mixtape DJ's everywhere."

DJ Drama is perhaps one of the biggest names in the DJ community - with his "Gangsta Grillz" tapes garnering him awards from VIBE Magazine, the Ozone Awards and most recently, Justo's 10th Annual Mixtape Awards - so his arrest has many others in the same line of business feeling nervous.

"We're all just concerned. We have a feeling of unsettlement at the moment. They made them out to be like mafia criminals," commented another mixtape DJ, who was also unwilling to be named.

When asked whether Drama's problems might be tax-related the source responded, "His business is run too well for it to be something as simple as that. I think someone has a vendetta."
we also reached out to representatives at Grand Hustle, where Drama has a solo deal, and operates as a DJ for rapper T.I. but label reps were unwilling to comment at this time.

New Music

Fabolous with Weezy "Diamonds On My Chain".

Mixtape of the week

Jay-Z vs. Lil' Wayne

DJ Trigga
It's not an actual beef, but that makes this mixtape even better: this Jay-Z versus Lil' Wayne theme exists only on this mixtape.

Together they've got a fair amount in common: they're both known as President Carter, they're both their region's hottest rappers and they both are battling for the rap crown.

So on DJ Trigga's latest mixtape, the mixtape battle blossoms into an all-out, violent, chain-snatching, beef-escalating, I-hate-your-mom-and-you type beef. Featuring roughly a dozen tracks from each emcee, the mixtape population can decide for themselves whether they believe Wayne's claim that he's the "Greatest Rapper Alive."


1 - Jay Z Speaks On Lil Wayne Intro
2 - Ether Part 2- Lil Wayne
3 - Grammy Family- Jay Z
4 - We Fly High- Lil Wayne
5 - We Fly High- Jay Z
6 - Show Me What You Got- Lil Wayne
7 - Show Me What You Got- Jay Z
8 - Cry Out- Lil Wayne
9 - Lost Ones- Jay Z
10 - About All That- Lil Wayne
11 - Oh My God- Jayz
12 - Hustla Music- Lil Wayne
13 - Never Change- Jay Z
14 - Dirt Off Your Shoulders- Lil Wayne
15 - Dirt Off Your Shoulders- Jay Z
16 - Shorty Bounce- Lil Wayne
17 - What They Gonna Do Part Ii- Jay Z
18 - Bm J.R.- Lil Wayne
19 - There's Been A Murder- Jay Z
20 - Guess Who's Back- Lil Wayne
21 - Guess Who's Back- Jay Z
23 - Best Rapper Alive- Lil Wayne
24- Trouble- Jay Z

Free Drama????

Damn that was fast. Can they atleast serve a day???? (props to Rizoh)

Daily News 1*17*07

XXL Presents Scratch: March/April Cover

Jay-Z Accused of Using Dog Fur in Rocawear Clothing Line

Jay-Z's Rocawear clothing line has been accused of using dog fur on the collar of one of its coats.
According to an investigation by the Humane Society of the United States, the "Hunter" jacket in the Rocawear line contains real fur from a raccoon dog, although it is advertised as fake fur. The Humane Society claims that the dog, which is indigenous to Asia, is skinned alive to obtain the fur for the coats.
The Brooklyn-born rapper has something in common with fellow hip-hop mogul Sean "P.Diddy" Combs, whose Sean John line was also accused of using fur from the same type of dog on their hooded snorkel jackets in a similar investigation by the Humane Society. Sean John removed the jackets from all Macy's retail stores as a result of the claim.
The "Hunter" jackets, which can be found on the company's site, is still a featured item on the site as of Tuesday (January 16) and sells for $265. According to the Fur Products Labeling Act, retailers who advertise or sell a product that is falsely labeled is subject to having their merchandise seized, may face criminal charges and can be forced to pay fines of up to $5,000 per violation.

DJ Drama, Don Cannon's Offices Raided By RIAA; Website Shut Down

Mixtape DJs Drama and Don Cannon were arrested Tuesday night (January 16) when the RIAA and local authorities raided their downtown Atlanta offices to serve search warrants for the pair for music piracy.
According to Channel 5 Fox News, DJ Drama (real name: Tyrie Simmons) and Don Cannon (Donald Cannon) were two of 17 individuals detained during the raid of their Aphilliates Music Group offices, but were the only two arrested.
The Recording Industry Association Of America's (RIAA) Anti-Piracy Unit have been watching the DJs for sometime, and decided it was time to make their move.
"These guys are actively advertising online," RIAA's Matthew Kilgo told Fox News. "They've got a website that they're advertising from -- that's where you place your order and that's where you're orders are shipped out.
"During the raid, authorities confiscated nearly 50,000 illegal mixtapes, all of which have been taken in as evidence and will later be destroyed. Computers, recording equipment, money, bank statements and their vehicles were also seized in the raid.
According to the Fulton County Sheriff's Department, illegal mixtapes are a big problem in the city, and they are beginning to crack down.
"Statistics say you can make up to 900% profit just on the resell of counterfeit CDs," said Fulton Co. Major E.A. Platt. "There's huge money to be made from it and there's no stigma attached to purchasing it.
"DJ Drama's website,, has been shut down, according to authorities and is currently under investigation. At press time, the site forwarded to the DJ's Myspace page.

Common Addresses Haters, "[The Gap Commercial] Is Exposure To A Whole Other Crowd"

With a new single, " A Dream," buzzing and his motion picture debut in Smoking Aces around the corner, Common caught up with us to discuss working with Dr. Dre and his recent Gap commercial.
Last year, the Denver Post published a story on Common's father, Lonnie Lynn jr. The story revealed that Lynn, who provided outros to five of Com's six albums, lost his house of 21 years and struggled to pay his rent. Com asserts that his pops is doing better and added that his condition was never that grave.

"He's doing better," Common told us exclusively. "He was doing all right then, but you know...sometimes writers slant it the way they want to make the story good. But he's doing good. He got himself together. And we're all tight."

Com has been putting in work on his 7th LP, Finding Forever. Thus far, Kanye West is slated to produce the bulk of the CD with additional production from the and the late J Dilla. D'Angelo and West will also make guest appearances. Though Com shared that he hoped to work with Dre in early reports, the collaboration doesn't seem too likely to happen.

"I know Dre is working on a lot of stuff. Maybe, it'll probably happen on the next album," the Chicago lyricist predicted. "I would love to work with Dre just because he's just one of the greatest."
Com may have been categorized as "underground" or "alternative" throughout his career, but he recently gained newfound exposure by appearing in a Gap commercial. While emcees often get charged as sellouts for ads and endorsements, Com says the feedback has been great.

"I got a lot of love. That's been like a blessing. My mother's friends call her and say we love the Gap commercial. I get greeted on the streets sometimes, people say, 'yo, that's the dude from The Gap commercial.' Like, they don't even know Common," Com explained. "For me, it's exposure to a whole other crowd. People watching 'Grey's Anatomy,' that don't listen to hip-hop are seeing who Common is. Also, they get another view of hip-hop cause we on there talking peace and love."

"So for me to be able to take my voice to the an underground artist, people say, 'I wanna be on the underground,' nah," he continued. "I wanna make revolutionary music, music that got soul that will be heard by the world. That's what I'm on."

Smoking Aces starring Common and Alicia Keyes hits theaters on January 26 while Finding Forever is scheduled to drop later this year.

The Source Sends Cease & Desist Letter To Hip-Hop Weekly

Hip Hop Weekly co-founders, David Mays and Ray "Benzino" Scott, have been served a cease and desist order from The Source magazine, regarding the magazine's masthead.

The letter, dated January 11 accuses Hip Hop Weekly of trademark infringement and unfair competition for their use of The Source's register trademark.

On the masthead of Hip Hop Weekly's covers, their slogan reads "from the creators of The Source, which has raised a concern within the corporate population of the long running magazine.

In the letter, The Source claims that Hip Hop Weekly is in violation of their trademark rights, prohibiting them from any "false designation of origin or false or misleading representation of fact that is likely to deceive as to the affiliation, connection or association" with The Source.

"The concern for The Source is that the masthead of Hip Hop Weekly is a problem because it creates some confusion as to whether or not the magazine has an affiliation with The Source," said The Source's attorney, Andy I. Corea.

Mays was the original founder of The Source magazine. He started the mag in 1988, while attending Harvard.

In 2006, Mays and Benzino were both forced out of the company after four out of its six board members voted them out . They appointed Jeremy Miller as the new Chief Officer of the magazine shortly afterward.

Since leaving, Mays and Benzino teamed up for their newly launched weekly publication, Hip Hop Weekly. They recently launched nationwide and can be found on newsstands, in WalMarts and in various book stores across the nation.

The Source's cease and desist letter calls for Mays and Zino's immediate halt of using the phrase in their future issues, and asks for a response by January 21.


The N-word is not for white people to use under any circumstance, explained Jamie Foxx during a set at the Borgata in Atlantic City Sunday night, however, black people should not be banned from using it among each other, he told the crowd.
"I'm an Oscar winner, but I'm a ni**a, too.” Foxx said, according to the New York Daily News.
Recalling the Michael Richards N-word tirade at the Laugh Factory in November, Foxx continued: "He was just calling us ni**er like it was the '50s! Ni**er, ni**er, with a 'e-r.' Then they said we can't use the word ni**a anymore. That's my sh*t. I need it ... I need the word to describe certain things, because at a certain level of excitement, I need to tell you how the sh*t was, and there ain't no other word that helps me say that better than that word. …White people, you can't use it. ... I would have booked his ass."
During the gig, Foxx went on to talk about O.J. Simpson, Prince, Oprah, Angelina Jolie, and even his “Dreamgirls” co-star Eddie Murphy.

"Eddie Murphy wears leather pants that are too small and nobody says anything about it," he reportedly said.

• On Janet Jackson: "She whispered her entire album. I said, 'What's wrong with my speakers?' "

• On O.J.: "O.J. be everywhere, like he still in style, like he got a hot record album. He has no remorse and he crazy. ... He arrogant. What is he doing? Every black person is saying, 'You already got away; don't dance in the end zone!' "

• On Angelina Jolie: "You famous when you can just go over to another country and pick up some kids like you're shopping for vegetables. I wish she was adopting when I was coming up. I would have breast-fed till I was 37."

• On Oprah: "They say I [sleep with] everybody. So, I'm layin' in bed with Oprah. I lean over to Gayle and say, 'Don't believe this sh*t. It's just between us three!' "

Ne-Yo Stops Scream-ing, Says He's Addicted To Love On Second LP

He's touring nonstop. He's promoting his #1 film, "Stomp the Yard." And he's writing for other artists, such as Britney Spears and Whitney Houston. So how in the world does Ne-Yo find time to indulge in the sexcapades that he translates so eloquently into lyrical form, let alone actually record new music?

"Not easily," he laughed as he sat at the boards at Sony Studios while working on his forthcoming sophomore LP last week. Not easily indeed.

"2006 was a ridiculous year," Ne-Yo added. The year came to a close with the singer finishing dates on the Scream V tour (see "Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, Lil Wayne, Juelz Give UCP Crowd Plenty To Scream About") and seeing the song he wrote for Beyoncé, "Irreplaceable," reach #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

"I've been living out of suitcases pretty much the whole year," he said. "With that being said, I had to develop what I call a 'portable comfort zone.' Pretty much wherever I'm at — be it a restaurant, bathroom, hotel room, where I sit down — that becomes a comfort zone. I don't have the luxury of saying, 'OK, let me get a flight to L.A., I gotta put this song down.' I gotta find the focus wherever I can find it at."

With his debut, In My Own Words, still being promoted, Ne-Yo has been trying to sneak in time to work on his yet-untitled second LP, as he did at Sony last week. The Las Vegas artist, dressed in a black T-shirt and black stocking cap, described his songwriting process as frill-free and said the end product sounds a lot more exciting than the actual music-making. Surrounding him were a couple of friends, reps from Def Jam and his engineer.

So how does the young but already masterful craftsman approach the writing process? "It just depends on the song and the track and what part of the track catches me first," he said. "Sometimes it's the hook, the verse, sometimes it's the bridge. It's whatever, as long as the song comes out a specific way and there's melodies you hear once or twice and can sing back, lyrics you can do the same with but have depth. And a hook that catches you right off top.

"Some songs hit like that right off," he continued, noting a couple of keepers he will have on his spring album. "For whatever reason, the stars line up in the universe and the song just grabs you from the second it comes on. Those are the no-brainers. Those definitely gotta go [on the album]. The ones that get a little more difficult are the ones you gotta think about a little more. The ones that might not hit you the first time you hear it, but get you the second or third time you hear it. You pray it has the same effect on the rest of the world."

But the humble Ne-Yo can take some of the load off — according to him, writing is a collaborative effort. "I always like to tell people this is not a one-man show. I'm writing the joints, but what has gotten me this far has been my team, Compound Entertainment. I sit down with them, my other family from Def Jam. We all sit down collectively and decide what goes on the album and the singles."
A definite keeper for his new album and strong candidate for first single is a song called "Because of You," which he sang in the vocal booth at Sony last week.

"This one kinda picks up where 'Sexy Love' left off," he explained before heading into the booth. The quasi-sequel marks another collaboration between Ne-Yo and producers Stargate, who helmed a bunch of In My Own Words tracks as well as Ne-Yo's biggest hits as a songwriter, "Irreplaceable" and Rihanna's "Unfaithful."

"I love the way you feel," he crooned after entering the booth. He stood in front of the microphone and twirled the headphone cord so tight around his right index finger that it almost cut off circulation. "I'm so strung out on you/ Girl, you know that I like it/ And girl, it's all because of you."

He might have too much of a good thing in "Because of You," but on another track he played, "Angel," he hasn't quite locked down the girl the way he would like.

"This song is called 'Angel'; it's pretty self-explanatory," he said, sitting at the boards. Seconds later, his recorded voice consumed the room. "She's a angel/ She don't belong to me/ She's a angel."
"We're honestly almost done," Ne-Yo said of the album production. "Just a few more key elements I need, then it will be ready to go. I couldn't half-step on this one. It's a little more stressful than the first [album]. The first time out, you can pretty much give [people] whatever you want and that becomes you. And if your first album does well, then your second album pretty much has to do well or else you get written off as a fluke or 'He got lucky.' So a lot more thought has to go in the second time around."

Going deeper for Ne-Yo this time around also meant trying new approaches in songs. He says fans will definitely get more of what helped his first album go double platinum, but there's some experimentation on there as well.

It was very important to show I've grown as a person, as an artist, as a writer, just period," Ne-Yo said. "All the different things I've experienced, different cultures, going overseas. I experienced more [last] year than half my life.

"I touched on my more sexual side on the first album a tad bit with 'Mirror,' " he continued. "I have some more stuff along that line ... I don't want to give it away though. The first album was kinda mellow as compared to what this album is gonna be. I went with more uptempo songs. Strong lyrics, strong melodies. I get in the studio and do what I do. I'm not trying to change the face of music with this record. I'm just trying to do what I love to do, and that's make music."

Besides trying to come up with an album title, Ne-Yo is also deciding whether to call in some "favors" from collaborators, such as his Scream partners and MCs like Jay-Z and Fabolous, whose albums he appears on. Production-wise, he plans to keep a lot of the same folks who helped on In My Words, such as Shay Taylor.

Jan 16, 2007

Daily News 1*16*07

Snoop Dogg Offers Myspace Distribution; Names JT The Bigga Figga VP Of Dogghouse Records

Snoop Dogg is getting his entrepreneurial spirit on by offering up and coming artists distribution via his Myspace page.Snoop has set up a service that will see the rapper distribute and promote your album via his Myspace page at

There are two different packages:

"Snoop Dogg's Push & Promote" Distribution Package.
- Over 500,000 friends exposure
- Snoop distributes your album on his page
- Artist makes money from music downloads
- Any money earned by artist goes directly into their pocket
- $250 upload fee

"Snoop Dogg's Push & Promote" Marketing Plan

- Snoop promotes album on his page
- 4 bulletins a day with artist product going out to over 500,000 people
- $1,000 activation fee

In other Snoop news, he has named the Bay Area's JT The Bigga Figga VP of his Dogghouse Records label. The next release from the label will be Snoop's "The Big Squeeze" compilation featuring JT The Bigga Figga, Snoop, Kurupt, Warzone and more.

50 Defends Jay-z

50 Cent has lent his support to Jay-Z following negative reviews of Hova's comeback album, 'Kingdom Come'.

Speaking to MTV, Fiddy said, " In Jay-Z’s case, he just ran into Jay-Z. The critics are comparing him to the old Jay-Z saying, ‘His stuff wasn’t as good as the older stuff, he looks too relaxed’. I saw (someone say) on a TV show recently, ‘He looks like he belongs in the office.'

"They say all kinda things about him. This is them weighing what his new work is to his old work," he said. "The Jay-Z record is a great record, the (critics) are gonna dawg it. They are just gonna say, 'He is not good as he is.' You see what I’m sayin?”

and Fifty, who's currently working on his third album, says he's been under the same pressure himself.
"My second album was the toughest. You are in competition with yourself," he explained. "It’s always harder. The title of my new album, ‘Before I Self Destruct',, is a reflection of that pressure.

"You know the first thing they say to you after your record is a success? 'You can make music that is a reflection of the environment you were brought up in. Express the harsh realities.' (But) after you do that (you get), 'What are you gonna do now, you are a role model? Are you gonna change your content?'

"As soon as your records and musical content change, the people who were interested lose interest and your ass falls flat on your face. I talked to my Grandma, my Grandma told me that.

"I said, 'Ma, I’m gonna do something different.' She said 'Hey, do what you do. The reason why they liked (your last albums) is because you gave them the real you.'"
And after speaking to his gran, Fiddy reveals his confidence is sky-high.

"Nobody can be me; better than me. That’s what the general public has bought into, 50 Cent."
Let's hope Jay-Z feels similarly inspired by these wise words...

Mike Jones Preps Sophomore Set, Leaks First Single

Mike Jones is currently gearing up for the release of his sophomore album titled The American Dream.
Set to hit stores this spring, the album's first single, "Mr. Jones," can be heard on the rapper's MySpace page. The track will appear in Jones' feature film debut of the same title, which is scheduled to come out shortly after the album.
As previously reported, the film will recount Jones' true life climb from relative obscurity to worldwide fame in the music business.
The American Dream hits shelves in April via Swishahouse/Asylum/Warner Bros. Records. At press time, no release dates for both aforementioned projects were issued.

Three 6 Mafia Lets Fans Walk In Their Shoes In New Clip

Memphis, Tennessee duo Three 6 Mafia are letting their fans walk in their shoes and see what its like to be them -- from the new found stardom they've received via their Academy Awards victory in 2006 to their antics as partying celebs in Hollywood. How you ask? Via their upcoming new video.

Juicy J and DJ Paul were in East Los Angeles on Wednesday (January 10) shooting a video for the new single, "Doe Boy Fresh," where regular people were transformed into Three 6 members and see what it's like to be the Oscar winners

."The concept is real cool," DJ Paul told IHH. "A fan walks through a corridor and is transformed into one of us, and even Chamillionaire -- who's in the video too. Once they walk through, they become us and see what it's really like to live as we do.

"In the clip, which was shot in various locations in Los Angeles, the rappers' had stand-ins who perform their verses before cutting back to the Three 6 members themselves, giving viewers the feel that the fan is walking in their shoes.
The rappers brought the South to L.A. in the clip, featuring old school Cadillac's on 26 inch rims like they ride down South, as well as Lambos, Escalades and other SUVs, as they filmed on a spectator-filled street.

Much like their stomping grounds in Memphis, Three 6 Mafia felt like they needed to add a street feel to the new clip, which is why they shot in East Los Angeles, instead of the trendy Hollywood area. And they seemed to love the atmosphere.

"Paparazzi, hey paparazzi... they out here today," goofed a playful Juicy J, as he filmed one of his shots on the street. "

"We love L.A.," exclaimed DJ Paul. "We might kick it in Hollywood where we do work on filming or whatever, but L.A. is where we come when we need to get at our people. We know a lot of real n----s out here and they in L.A., not Hollywood. This is where we f--- with them.

"The video will include Chamillionaire, who is featured on the track, as well as a cameo by rocker Travis Barker, who came through to support the Memphis duo.

"I'm just out here checking out the video and to support Three 6 Mafia," Barker said, who took numerous photos with fans and handed out t-shirts from his Famous Stars & Straps line.

"Doe Boy Fresh" is the first single from Three 6 Mafia's forthcoming album, Last 2 Walk, which the group says is expected to drop in April.

The album will feature guest appearances from Lyfe Jennings, Paul Wall and Lil Keke, as well as Chamillionaire.Additionally, the duo is gearing up for the premiere of their MTV reality series, "Adventures In Hollyhood," scheduled for March 14. "It's just us. It's funny, it entertaining. We just out here f---ing around in HollyHood," explained DJ Paul.

Serius Jones Has Signed With Ludacris's DTP Label

New Jersey based MC Serius Jones has signed a deal with Ludacris's DTP (Disturbin' Tha Peace) record label. Jones will release his DTP debut album, "Life Is Serius", in the summer of 2007. Appearances on the album are expected from Ludacris, Shawnna, Field Mob and more.

Jones has been in negotiations with various labels over the past 3 months and DTP/Def Jam won out in the bidding war.

"I feel that Serius is capable of changing the game as we know it," says Chaka Zulu. He is battle-proven, but not limited to being a battle rapper. His approach to Hip Hop is refreshing and challenging, and it's no holds barred. '07 is going to be serious for Hip Hop... pun intended.

"In the meantime, he will work with the support of DTP to release his original street album King Me through independent distribution.

"It's finally good to be able to announce my situation with DTP," explains Serius. The label understands my vision and the "Life Is Serius" movement, and they are behind my project 100%."

Serius Jones is best known for his battles at NYC's Fight Klub and for his underground mixtapes.

Label Owner Files $900 Million Lawsuit Against Condoleeza Rice For "Rap Profiling"

Jerome Almon, CEO of Detroit-based Murdercap Records, has filed a $900 million lawsuit in federal court against the government of Canada, the State Department, and US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice for "wholesale profiling" of rappers and African-Americans.

For well over a decade, Almon and numerous rappers including 50 Cent, Eminem and DMX, have either been turned away or faced lengthy interrogations at Canadian borders. Almon's suit, which was prepared by the chief of Detroit's American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), alleges that Canada launched its attack on African Americans and rappers "in an effort to both blame them for the increased gang violence and gun murders in the cities of Toronto and Vancouver, as well as in retaliation for the alleged profiling of Canadian Muslims by the Bush administration."

The suit names 50, X, Secretary Rice, Olivia, Jay-Z, P. Diddy, Oprah Winfrey, Colin Powell, Toronto Mayor David Miller, Eminem and Spike Lee, among others, as witnesses.

Almon also alleges that "the State Department has in its possession secret internal Canadian investigative reports admitting that the country is worse at racial profiling than the US, yet, Secretary Rice has sided with the Canadian government against African Americans in what is destined to become 'The State Department's Katrina.'"

According to Almon, "the State Department hypocritically touts rap as the great American ambassador on its official web site, while selling out its top artists to a foreign government."
Last year, Canadian authorities sought to ban 50 Cent and other 'gangster' rappers from performing in the country . Almon claims those same authorities also drew up Bills C-254 and C-95, which would ban all U.S. rappers and their CDs out of Canada by categorizing hip-hop as hate speech.

Almon, who seeks to challenge the aforementioned bills, asserts that "confidential documents from the Canadian Human Rights Commission, the State Department, and members of the Canadian Parliament show a huge cover up and a blatant bribery attempt by the State Department and Canadian government during the 50 Cent Canadian tour debacle." Almon also alleges that Canada profiles U.S. rappers while protecting known terrorist such as the Khadr family, who are responsible for the killing and the planned killing of U.S. soldiers and civilians. He also claims Canada has a Rap Intelligence Unit that regularly trades information with the FBI.

"Hip-hop is a multi-billion dollar industry that has created millions of jobs in America, Canada, and worldwide. Not only does hip-hop drive the music business, but has moved fashion, movies, auto industry, and video games to an unprecedented level in sales," Almon explained to SOHH via a statement. "Canada rolls out the red carpet for artist like 50 Cent, Jay-Z, P.Diddy, DMX, Emimem, and The Blakkattakk when we are putting major cash into their economy,but then stabs us in the back when we come to make some bread doing shows.

"They let terrorist in,but seek to completely ban hip-hop [with Bill C-254] -- you tell me how this makes sense?" continued Almon. " It won't stand. We ain't goin' back to the back of the bus, never. The Canadian government offered me a resident's permit to live in Canada and a bag of money if I would just lay down for them and put on a snitch jacket and say somethin' against the other rappers with records. The day I put on a snitch jacket for them motherfuckers is the day they put me in a hole."

Almon has called out House Judiciary head John Conyers to hold hearings on the issue and has also requested for an official Canadian inquiry. He plans to make several surprise announcements concerning a boycott, his legal representation, and a travel advisory , via a press conference at the National Press Club and through the Web site

Jennifer Hudson Wins Big, "Dreamgirls" Takes Home 3 Golden Globes

Former "American Idol" contestant Jennifer Hudson won big last night (January 15), taking home a Golden Globe Award for her acting debut in the film Dreamgirls.

Hudson won for "best performance by an

actress in a supporting role" at this year's awards, which were held in Beverly Hills, CA. The breakout role showcased her incredible vocal skills in her role as "Effie White." The singer/actress was the favorite to win the award and is also predicted to win for best supporting actress at '07's Academy Awards as well.

"I had always dreamed but I never ever dreamed this big," said the Chicago native on receiving her statue. "This goes far beyond anything I could have ever imagined." Hudson dedicated her win to Florence Ballard, one of the members of the storied group

The Supremes, upon which the film is loosely based.

Hudson wasn't the only winner last night. Her co-star

Eddie Murphy also received a trophy for his portrayal of "James 'Thunder' Early," while Dreamgirls won for "Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy." For a full list of last night's winners check out the Golden Globe Awards' official website.
who is signed to Clive Davis' J Records, is currently working on her as-yet untitled debut CD.

Bay Area MC Clyde Carson Signs With The Game's Black Wall Street

Bay Area MC Clyde Carson has signed with The Game's Black Wall Street imprint (via Capitol Records) and is slated to drop his first album for the label in Spring '07.The LP is expected to feature appearances by E-40, Turf Talk, Mistah F.A.B., The Game, The Team and more. The album's first single, "2 Step", is produced by Dr. Dre and is currently bubbling at radio.As a member of The Team, Clyde released such Hyphy staples as "It's Gettin' Hot" and "Hyphy Juice".

Valentine Air Force Ones 2007

Women's Valentine Air Force Ones 07(made of Satin, release 1-20-07)

"you ever seen satin no not the car, but every where you are...

(props to realtalkNY)

New Music

Chamillionaire Feat.Kelis-Not A Criminal

Young Jeezy feat. Jim Jones - I Luv It(remix)

Teriyaki Boyz ft. Kanye West - I Still Love H.E.R. (mp3)