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Feb 10, 2007

Drinking the Kool-Aid

Drinking the Kool-aid definition-
Going along with what a crowd desires. Often used when a person changes positions on a topic.

yes ladies and Gentlemen it appears I have taken a big cup of the green stuff. I know most of you have no idea what I'm talking about so let me just come out with it. I like millions of other people have got caught up on the Myspace craze.

Thats right, I have a Myspace page. its coming along nicely to if i say so myself. You may say "why L did you join Myspace?" Simple really to network with other people, maybe put more people on to this site of mine, and i can post, and say certain things i cant say up here. (damn Censors) So if you have a myspace page come check me out, and add me as a friend. Also I'm not really up on all that html stuff just yet, so my page looks kinda boring, but give me time its gonna look krazy by the time I'm done with it.

here is my myspace address

Cam’ron - Curtis (50 cent dis)

Cam doesn't disappoint, here is his reply to 50 dis.

(props to J_boy for putting me on)

Now all we need is another press conference.

Feb 9, 2007

Daily update 2*9*07

Jadakiss Indicted on Drug and Gun Charges, Pleads Not Guilty
A little more than four months after being arrested with three other men, D-Block member Jadakiss was indicted Thursday (Feb. 8) on gun and drug charges.

The Associated Press reports the rapper (born Jason Phillips) pleaded not guilty to charges of possessing a loaded handgun and marijuana in a Westchester County courtroom.

He was arrested Oct. 7 after police stopped the car he was traveling in after smelling marijuana. A gun allegedly belonging to Jadakiss was found soon after.

The rhymesayer's attorney, Clement Patti, argued that his client was riding in the back seat of the car and didn't know there was a gun in the front console.

"I have yet to see or hear of any evidence connecting my client to possessing this weapon," Patti told the Associated Press.

Although two of the other men arrested face similar charges, no indictment of the fourth man was announced, according to the AP.

If convicted on the gun charge, Jadakiss could face a maximum prison sentence of 16 months to seven years.

Earlier this week, I brought you the radio dispute between 50 Cent and Cam'ron; that took place during the the Angie Martinez show.

Now the G-Unit boss has decided he's had enough of Cam's games. Releasing not only an audio track, but a video as well. Both dissing the Dipset General.

Curtis doesn't say anything too notable, pretty much just general shit talking and threats of violence, but look at the herse. It says "Cam'ron's Career."

The best stuff comes when he is running his mouth at the end of the song. In this case, restructuring the Dipset camp. Dont belive me, look here.

"From now on, Jimmy is the boss of Dipset, and Juelz is the Capo. Cam is now demoted to soldier. We like Jimmy better anyway. Ballinnnn'"
(to many sites to give props to, so all ya'll kiss yourselfs)

Nyckz Still stylin on em Mixtape cover.

ok, when is his 15 mins up?

Gillie Da Kid's Management Says Drug Charges 'Unwarranted'
Management for Gillie Da Kid have come forward to deny charges that the rapper was supplying marijuana to drug dealers around Philadelphia, PA.

The rapper was arrested by police on Tuesday (Feb. 6) after police received a tip that drug activity was taking place in two houses on Passmore Street.
Police allegedly witnessed the rapper accepting a delivery of marijuana and raided the properties, uncovering 89 pounds of marijuana worth over $400,000.

Gillie and several associates were charged with conspiracy and possession of narcotics with intent to deliver.

"The charges are unwarranted and once Gillie has his day in court, we are confident that the evidence against him will prove to be false," Gillie's manager Yanna B. told in a statement. "The Philadelphia Police Department is clearly using Gillie’s status as a hip-hop artist and entertainer to draw media attention to him. This was clearly a case of him being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Gillie is in no way guilty of the charges brought against him and once all facts come to light, he will be fully exonerated. Gillie is in high spirits and wants to thank the whole hip hop community for their support and well wishes during this time."

The arrest comes on the heels of a recent deal Gillie struck with Babygrande Records to release a Best of Gillie DA Kid mixtape, which is due in stores Mar. 13.

In June of 2006, Gillie DA Kid, born Nasir Fard, was shot three times as he entered his vehicle in an area of North Philadelphia. He was rushed to a local hospital where he was treated for his wounds and released

Gillie DA Kid is a member of the Philadelphia based rap group Major Figgas, who hit big with their single, "Yeah That's Us."

The song hit #3 on Billboard's Rap/Hip-Hop charts in 2000.


R. Kelly went under the knife in Miami last Sunday to address a burst appendix, his lawyer said Thursday.

The operation, performed at Jackson Memorial Hospital, caused the 40-year-old R&B singer to miss a court date Wednesday regarding his 14 counts of child pornography charges.

Kelly’s attorney Terence Gillespie said Thursday that the artist is in good condition and was expected to be released from the hospital later in the day. Gillespie also said that Kelly is expected to appear at his next scheduled court date on Feb. 21.

In December, a Cook County judge issued a ruling that allowed Kelly to travel out of state for business purposes without permission. R’s business trip to Miami included a performance at a Super Bowl party.

Voletta Wallace Announces Notorious B.I.G. Clothing Line

Christopher Wallace introduced Brooklyn Mint to the world. After his untimely death, his mother,Voletta Wallace continued the rap legends fashion aspirations. This year commemorates the 10th year Anniversary of his death and Voletta further expands the Brooklyn Mint Brand with the launch of NOTORIOUS B.I.G.

Notorious is a full collection of Mens, Young Mens, and Boys apparel that is influenced and inspired by the culture, lifestyle, and diversity of Brooklyn. The brand will cross social and cultural boundaries, set trends, and also provide an opportunity for consumers and fans to participate in the legacy of B.I.G..

Ms. Wallace will debut the Spring and Fall 2007 collection of Notorious February 13-16, 2007 in Las Vegas at MAGIC Marketplace, a fashion trade event that attracts the most influential designers and buyers in the business. The line is currently available at many of the top specialty retailers across the country such as Downtown Locker Room, City Blues and J-Bee's.

"We are excited to launch the collection at MAGIC. The spring collection has been well received by the stylists, trendsetters, and celebrities that have had the opportunity to see the line. There have been many positive comments about the bold, vivid color schemes and innovative graphics," says Rick Edwards, Director of Marketing.

The Legacy of B.I.G continues to grow in the 10th Year Anniversary of his death through the launch of the Notorious B.I.G Brand, Badboy Entertainments release of the Notorious B.I.G Greatest Hits Album, scheduled for release March 6th, 2007 and "Notorious", a Fox Searchlight feature film, Produced by, Voletta Wallace, Wayne Barrow, Mark Pitts and Bob Teitel, production to begin Summer 2007.


Young Buck is excited about the March 20th release of his sophomore album “Buck the World,” which was supposed to come out on Nov. 28 but was pushed back because…well, it just wasn’t feeling right.

Back in mid-November, asked Buck about the album’s arrival status. The rapper responded: “"When everything is feeling right, then I'll release it."

On Wednesday, the Tennessee native said in a statement promoting the new release date: "I think I created a masterpiece here. I put my heart in it and I think my fans are gonna love it."

The G-Unit/Interscope project is co-executive produced by 50 Cent and Sha Money XL, while producers on the disc include Eminem, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, Hi-Tek and Jazze Pha.

T.I., Young Jeezy, Pimp C, Snoop Dogg, Trick Daddy, Lyfe Jennings, Trey Songz, Linkin Park's Chester Bennington and Buck's G-Unit crew are among the guest artists.

The first single off the album is "I Know You Want Me," featuring and produced by Jazze Pha. The follow-up track is intended to be "Get Buck," which ships to U.S. radio outlets Feb. 26.


Al Green is currently in the studio recording his upcoming album for Blue Note Records over tracks produced by Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson of the rap collective The Roots.

According to, the unlikely pairing came about after Thompson "ran my big mouth" and told [Blue Note senior director of A&R] Eli [Wolf], "'Yo, man. You want a real Al Green record? Come see me.' So now I've got to live up to that."

?uestlove had some initial reservations in tackling the production for Green’s follow-up to 2005’s “Everything’s O.K.”

"If it were up to me and it was absolutely totalitarianism, I would live all my derivative fantasies out on this record," he says. "It would be 1974 all over again, sonically. I think they're still getting used to that."

One of the frustrations, according to Thompson, is that veteran artists find it hard to resist teaming with younger, hotter talent in an attempt to reap commercial acceptance.

"If you're going to compete with T.I., Chamillionaire and Jay-Z, then by all means, let's try and reach the kids of today," he tells "But if you put the dart in your hand and you're not going to hit a bullseye, you're better off just doing what you know best."

"I'm not saying Al Green wants to do his version of [Chamillionaire's] 'Ridin',' but for veterans, their examples are the Santana of 1999 and the Tony Bennett and Rod Stewart of today," he continues. "They're thinking, 'Okay, that is going to get me to the Grammy podium. Someone phone up John [Legend], Alicia [Keys] and Corinne [Bailey Rae] and let's get on Adult Contemporary radio.' I'm trying to get them out of that mode. It'll be a struggle but I think at the end of the day it will be a quality record."
Music Producer Teddy Riley Facing Jail Time
Music producer Teddy Riley Music producer is facing jail time in Chesapeake, Virginia. Riley is facing charges of Failure to comply with a Court Order, Failure to Appear and Embezzlement. Riley is accused of allegedly withholding over $12,000.00 from a former employee for child support but not sending the money into the state. Riley's attorney requested a continuation and he is scheduled to face a judge in the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court in Chesapeake, VA. on March 13, 2007 at 10:00am ET.

Riley pioneered a new musical trend in the 80's and 90's known as the New Jack Swing. He produced classic hits with Aaron and Damion Hall as GUY, created one of the best selling rap records of all time with Wreckx -N-Effect and later continued churning out hits with Blackstreet, as well as producing hits for Michael Jackson.
As of late Riley has been entangled with a number of financial disputes.

Feb 8, 2007

R.I.P Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith the pneumatic blonde whose life played out as an extraordinary tabloid tale — jeans model, Playboy centerfold, widow of an octogenarian oil tycoon, reality-show subject, tragic mother — died Thursday after collapsing at a hotel. She was 39.

She was stricken while staying at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and was rushed to a hospital. Edwina Johnson, chief investigator for the Broward County Medical Examiner's Office, said the cause of death was under investigation and an autopsy would be done on Friday.
Just five months ago, Smith's 20-year-old son died suddenly in the Bahamas in what was believed to be a drug-related death.

Seminole Police Chief Charlie Tiger said a private nurse called 911 after finding Smith unresponsive in her sixth-floor hotel room. He said Smith's bodyguard administered CPR for about an hour before she was declared dead.

Through the '90s and into the new century, Smith was famous for being famous, a pop-culture punchline because of her up-and-down weight, her Marilyn Monroe looks, her exaggerated curves, her little-girl voice, her ditzy-blonde persona, and her over-the-top revealing outfits.
Recently, she lost a reported 69 pounds and became a spokeswoman for TrimSpa, a weight-loss supplement. On her reality show and other recent TV appearances, her speech was often slurred and she seemed out of it. Some critics said she seemed drugged-out.

Her former lawyer Lenard Leeds told the celebrity gossip Web site TMZ that Smith "always had problems with her weight going up and down, and there's no question she used alcohol." Leeds said it was no secret that "she had a very troubled life" and had "so many, many problems."
"She wanted to be like Marilyn her whole life and ironically died in a similar manner," Leeds said. Monroe died of a drug overdose at age 36 in 1962.

Her attorney Ron Rale told The Associated Press that he had talked to Smith on Tuesday or Wednesday, and she had flu symptoms and a fever and was still grieving over her son.
"Poor Anna Nicole," he said. "She's been the underdog. She's been besieged ... and she's been trying her best and nobody should have to endure what she's endured."

The Texas-born Smith was a topless dancer at strip club before she entered her photos in a search contest and made the cover of Playboy magazine in 1992. She became Playboy's playmate of the year in 1993. She was also signed to a contract with Guess jeans, appearing in TV commercials, billboards and magazine ads.

In 1994, she married 89-year-old oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall II, owner of Great Northern Oil Co. In 1992, Forbes magazine estimated his wealth at $550 million.

In a 2005 interview with ABC Smith recalled meeting Marshall at what she called a "gentleman's club' in Houston. "He had no will to live and I went over to see him," she said. "He got a little twinkle in his eyes, and he asked me to dance for him. And I did."

Marshall died in 1995 at age 90, setting off a feud with Smith's former stepson, E. Pierce Marshall, over whether she had a right to his estate.

A federal court in California awarded Smith $474 million. That was later overturned. But in May, the

U.S. Supreme Court revived her case, ruling that she deserved another day in court.
The stepson died June 20 at age 67. But the family said the court fight would continue.
She starred in her own reality TV series, "The Anna Nicole Show," in 2002-04. Cameras followed her around as she sparred with her lawyer, hung out with her personal assistant and interior decorator, and cooed at her poodle, Sugar Pie. She also appeared in movies, performing a bit part in "The Hudsucker Proxy" in 1994.

After news came of Smith's death, G. Eric Brunstad Jr., the lawyer who represented Marshall, said in a statement: "We're very shocked by the news and extend the deepest condolences to her family."
In a statement, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner said: "I am very saddened to learn about Anna Nicole's passing. She was a dear friend who meant a great deal to the Playboy family and to me personally."
Smith's son, Daniel Smith, died Sept. 10 in his mother's hospital room in the Bahamas, just days after she gave birth to a daughter.

An American medical examiner hired by the family, Cyril Wecht, said he had methadone and two antidepressants in his system when he died. Low levels of the three drugs interacted to cause an accidental death, Wecht said. Last month, a Bahamas magistrate scheduled a formal inquiry into the death for March 27.

Meanwhile, the paternity of her now 5-month-old daughter remained a matter of dispute. The birth certificate lists Dannielynn's father as attorney Howard K. Stern, Smith's most recent companion. Smith's ex-boyfriend Larry Birkhead was waging a legal challenge, saying he was the father.
Debra Opri, the attorney who filed his paternity suit, said Birkhead "is devastated. He is inconsolable, and we are taking steps now to protect the DNA testing of the child. The child is our No. 1 priority."
She was born Vickie Lynn Hogan on Nov. 28, 1967, in Houston, one of six children of Donald Eugene and Virgie Hart Hogan. She married Bill Smith in 1985, giving birth to Daniel before divorcing two years later.

"From my professional exposure to Anna Nicole, I can say she was always personable, down to earth and driven. All in all, a joy to have as a client," said Wayne Munroe, her Bahamian lawyer who has overseen the aftermath of her son's mysterious death in Nassau.

Source: Yahoo

April XXL Cover

gotta give it to this lil dude, he got heart.

(props to Eskay)

Daily Update 2*8*07

Gillie Da Kid Arrested For Operating Drug Houses

Philadelphia born rapper Gillie Da Kid was arrested on Tuesday (Feb. 6), after authorities learned he was allegedly running two drug houses.
Gillie and five associates were arrested, after authorities received a tip and searched the houses on Passmore Street in Philadelphia.

Police confiscated 89 pounds of marijuana worth $404,000.

All five were charged with conspiracy and possessing narcotics with intent to deliver.

"They were supplying numerous drug dealers all over the city, not just in the Northeast," Sgt. Robert Friel of Narcotics Field Unit 2 told the Philadelphia Daily News.

Police are also investigating another house in the area, where officers confiscated $6 million in cocaine in November.

Police watched the rapper for several hours and witnessed him receiving a delivery of marijuana.

Gillie and his associates were arrested when they attempted to leave in their luxury vehicles, which included a Lexus and Jaguar.

Gillie has recently been embroiled in a feud with Cash Money Records artist Lil' Wayne. He is member of the Philadelphia based group Major Figgas.

"Lil' Wayne Has Been Misrepresenting New Orleans," Says B.G.

Since leaving Cash Money Records, New Orleans rapper B.G. has enjoyed success on his independent label Chopper City Records. Now he hopes to introduce his crew, the Chopper City Boyz, to the same level of notoriety.

Chopper City Boyz' VL Mike, Gar, Sniper and Hakim (B.G.'s younger brother, who has appeared on recordings with Lil' Wayne, Turk and Mac 10 previously) are set to release their debut album We Got This on February 27. While B.G. is featured heavily on the album, the Chopper City CEO expressed confidence in the group's ability to maintain their own presence.

"I'm featured throughout the album, but pretty much it's the Chopper City Boyz holding their own weight. We introducing the world to their sound, and what they doin' and how we coming for '07 out of the N.O. We feel like our city been misrepresented -- on the mainstream side of things. Niggas been overexposed, so we're just here to represent New Orleans the way it's supposed to be represented," B.G. said.

While B.G. was initially reluctant to call out specific New Orleans rappers, he eventually revealed that he's still not feeling Weezy.

"It is what it is. I gotta call an ace an ace and a spade a spade. Lil' Wayne has been misrepresenting New Orleans. The real New Orleans is the Chopper City Boyz and the ChopperCity movement we got going. With We Got This we about to take the South, the North, the West, the whole hip-hop nation on the ride."

Touching on his experience with Cash Money Records and the Hot Boys, B.G. also revealed that he is making certain the Chopper City Boyz avoid the industry mishaps he experienced.
"I been a Hot Boy pretty much all my life. I pretty much started the Hot Boys group. Baby flipped the last page of my contract on me. I would never do them that," B.G. said. "I didn't know nothing about publishing, I didn't know nothing about show money, I didn't know nothing about nothing. All I knew was go in the studio get in the booth and rap, I was pretty much blindfolded for what comes after that. I was just following my heart and doing what I do. So I'm taking what I learned from them over to them [Chopper City Boyz] as far as education, the snakes in the industry and the bullshit that comes with what you love."

The Chopper City Boyz have already released a video for their David Banner produced single "Make 'Em Mad," which is currently in rotation on BET and MTV Jamz. The group is also scheduled to go on a promotional tour along with B.G., who is gearing up for the release of his solo album on Atlantic Records.

"My new album is already ready. It's set to release in May, it's off the chain. I got Tip on the album, Jeezy on the album, Chopper City Boyz on the album, R. Kelly gonna be on the album, I'm putting Snoop on the album. This record for me is like a brand new B.G. It's like I'm being born again, like I'm coming back to the future," B.G. revealed.

We Got This is due out February 27 via Koch/Chopper City Records.

"I'll Destroy Dipset" Says 50 Cent

50 Cent did an interview with Hot 93.7 in Hartford, CT. Here are some of the exerpts

"I'll destroy Dipset. They can't take that kind of downward pressure."

"Jimmy's runnin' Dipset right now. Cam don't hold no weight."

"I couldn't understand where Cam was coming from, because I was real cool with him. I think he was high. That's why I said, he needed to think about what he was saying."

"Jimmy did something that was amazing. He came out the graveyard. That was incredible. That was good, man. Now, he's gonna get some paper when he actually goes to the major, because he's not gonna stay on Koch."

"They push records back. They move things when I'm coming. You seen the marketing dollars on Jay-Z'ss album? You don't want to come out the same week that that's happening. $20 million on Jay, $1 million on Nas."

"I'm not looking for anybody to go at. You see who was calm, collected. I said, 'You don't want to do that. If they don't do nothing crazy, I won't ruin their career."

"Styles, we ain't never had no real issues."

"I'm not going to do anything. I'm going to see what they [Dipset] do. Right after I got off the radio, I got a call from both Juelz and Jimmy Jones"

Coke is still my sponsor....

Jay-z's Cherry coke can

RAY-J & Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Leaked!
Now before ya'll reach for the lotion, this is just a trailer. but from what i see i may have to download this.

Dr. Dre To Produce Films For New Line

New Line has signed music mogul Dr. Dre to a multiyear feature producing deal through his newly minted Crucial Films banner.

Dre, who will co-produce with longtime collaborator Phillip Atwell, plans to focus first on developing dark comedies for the mini-major before moving into other areas, such as horror. He'll be heavily involved in the music side of such projects.

"This is a natural switch for me, since I've directed a lot of musicvideos," Dre told Daily Variety. "And I eventually want to get into directing."

Dre worked with New Line in the past, scoring films including "Set It Off." He credited New Line production prexy Toby Emmerich, who had been head of New Line's music business before moving into his current slot, with persuading him to make the move into features in a manner similar to that of other music-industry heavyweights.

"He said 'I want to be your Jimmy Iovine,' " Dre recalled. "There was nothing more he needed to say."

Emmerich first approached Dre a year ago in order to convince him that his producing and storytelling capabilities would be welcome at New Line.

"Everything Dre has worked on becomes a hit, and one of the reasons for that is that he never put his name on anything that he doesn't really believe in," Emmerich said. "His records have always been very narrative in nature, and you can tell from his songs that he understands how to tell a story. We're excited to work with him as he branches out into the film world."

Dre's produced albums have sold more than 80 million worldwide and won four Grammy Awards. He's been involved with artists such as Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige, 50 Cent, Eve and the Game.

N.O.R.E. Splits With Def Jam

N.O.R.E. has confirmed that he has severed his ties with Def Jam and will no longer record for the label.

The tumultuous relationship was marked by a studio album that was never released and in the past, N.O.R.E. voiced his displeasure about the lack of promotional support of his previous projects, including his Reggaeton album, Nore Y La Familia.

The Queens native states that his decision to move on was purely business and there are no hard feelings.

"I love Def Jam and every bit of history that we have together, but it's time to move on," N.O.R.E told "I'm fully on my own and I want to be my own boss. There will not be a Jay-Z diss or an LA Reid diss record, because this is what I asked for."

N.O.R.E. said executives granted him an early release from his contract.

With his new found freedom, the rapper is free to explore his entrepreneurial side.

"I've been in this game quite some time and it's time I own my material, as well as, ringtones and masters," N.O.R.E. continued. "I'm just grateful to have a chance to show my executive side. So it's about time and I'm very thankful to all of the Def Jam personnel and staff. I still have great relationships in the building."

While N.O.R.E was coy about whether he's planning to re-sign with a major or go the independent route, he confirmed that he has several offers on the table.

"I won't speak about my eggs before they hatch, but I will tell you the meetings have been going pretty good and I'm still weighing the independent distribution, route. So hanghang too all and too all a hanghang."

In addition to keeping himself busy with a new untitled solo project, N.O.R.E is recording a new studio album with CNN (Capone-N-Noreaga) member Capone.

Young Jeezy ft. R.Kelly- Go Getta

MTV Reality Show In BK

MTV is betting the next reality TV star lives in Brooklyn.

The network is planning to film a TV pilot called "Brooklyn"

focusing on the lives of average high school students in the borough.
MTV officials were hush-hush about the show yesterday, saying they don't comment on projects in development.

But casting calls are scheduled at Brooklyn Technical High School in Fort Greene, according to the school's Web site.

The online blurb describes Brooklyn as a "cross between Harlem in its heyday and Paris" and touts the borough's

diversity, from Caribbean-Americans in Flatbush to hipsters in Williamsburg to "peacenik families" in Park Slope.
The borough is "the ultimate city within a city," the announcement declares.

City Education Department officials said the project is the brainchild of a partner of hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons.

City officials said there would be no filming at Brooklyn Tech.

"If a student agrees to be filmed it would be separate from the school,"
said Marge Feinberg, an Education Department spokeswoman.

Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz was thrilled by MTV's interest,noting that the borough is already home to "Brokeback Mountain" stars Heath Ledger and actress Michelle Williams.

U2 also gave a concert under the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Nets are moving to a new arena downtown.

"From Heath and Michelle to U2 to the Nets ... everybody knows that Brooklyn is the bomb," Markowitz said.

Jill Scott Makes Her Presence Felt, Young Jeezy Declines, Eminem "Re-Ups"

In this week's Hip-Hop Charts, Jill Scott's Collaborations compilation makes an impressive debut, Young Jeezy still rules and Eminem keeps grinding.

Making a debut on the charts this week at No. 12 is Jill Scott. The singer's latest project, Jill Scott Collaborations, which features appearances from Mos Def, Common and Lupe Fiasco, bags up 44,100 units in its first week.

Still holding on to rap's highest position on the charts is Young Jeezy at No. 26 this week. According to Nielsen's SoundScan, The Inspiration hauled in 29,100 units this week, bringing the album's total sales to 802,300.

Eminem and his Shady crew are posted up at No. 41 this week. The Re-Up continues its slow climb by shifting 20,800 copies this week. The total for the compilation reads off at 835,600.
Snoop Dogg slides thirteen spots to No. 49 with The Blue Carpet Treatment only moving 18,100 units in its eleventh week. So far, the album has sold a total of 750,800 copies.

A sharp decline in sales pushes Nas further down the ladder. Hanging at No. 50, Hip Hop Is Dead scans 17,800 copies this week, bringing the album's tally to 598,400.

After a slight improvement last week, Birdman and Lil' Wayne slump nine seats to No. 53. Like Father, Like Son bags up 17,100 units this week. To date, the album has sold 587,000 copies.
Stumbling fourteen slots to No. 54 is Jay-Z. Kingdom Come has moved 1,318,000 units thus far, with 16, 800 representing the week-in total.

Making a silent debut on the charts this week at No. 196 is Sean Price. His sophomore effort, Jesus Price Supastar, reels in 4,600 copies in its first go-around.

On the flipside, Pretty Ricky slips, Akon steps up and Robin Thicke keeps it moving. After snatching the No. 1 spot last week, Pretty Ricky drops four spots to No. 5. Late Night Special pushes 60,000 units this week, bringing the album's total to 194,800. Akon shows no sign of slowing down as he dashes one spot up to No. 6 this week. Konvicted is still a force to be reckoned with, hustling 56,300 copies in its 12th week. The album has sold a total of 1,435,000 copies. Despite a slip in rank to No. 7, the Dreamgirls soundtrack still has cash registers ringing as it snares 55,00 units this week. The total for the soundtrack reads off at 688,900. Robin Thicke is slowly approaching gold status as Evolution Of Robin scans 51, 800 copies this week. The album's tally stands at 423,400. Justin Timberlake falls six spots to No. 16 this week. FutureSex/LoveSounds pushes 39,000 copies this week, bringing the albums total sales to 2,599,600. Also falling six spots is Corrine Bailey Rae. Her self titled album holds fort at No. 17 this week, moving a strong 38,900 units. To date, the album has sold 949,900 copies. Platinum road is a foot away for Ciara. Evolution pulls in 24,000 copies this week, bringing its total to 945,100. Omarion continues to struggle to find a solid spot on the charts as he drops eleven spots to No. 45 this week. 21 only shifts 19,500 units this week. In its 6th week on the charts, the album has sold a total of 249,500 copies.

Next week look for Young Jeezy to steadily slide down the Hip-Hop Charts.

Feb 7, 2007

Word on the net 2*7*07

Its time for the weekly rumor mill...................

Word on the net is 50 Cent and The Game will be recording a song together along with Busta Rhymes for the L.I. rapper's new album "Before Hell Freezes Over." The album is slated to drop this summer on Aftermath.

Word on the net is Nas has one more"Where Are They Now" remix coming it is called the "Grand Finale." you know like the song from the belly soundtrack a couple of years ago.( not to mention N.W.A)

Word on the net is the new trailer for Def Jam Icon game features Jim Jones fighting Fat Joe, (or a guy who looks like Fat joe)two known Hova enemies. I wonder did Jay have any say so on this....

Dont belive me look here

Word on the net is that Bobby Brown may have a tell-all book on the way.

Word on the net is that Dame Dash might be broke, because his credit card was declined at a restaurant.

Word on the net is BG and TI are planning to do a CD together

Word on the net is Kurupt and Gail Gotti have been busy working on there new album titled "Fatal Attraction"album is set to drop Summer 07

Word on the net is the new Wu-Tang album will be a triple disc. Word is 2 discs of new tracks and an extra disc with rare, unreleased and b-side songs.

Word on the net is RZA is in the studio with Jadakiss working on tracks for his new album "Kiss My Ass" which is supposed to drop sometime in '07 on Interscope

if you heard any rumors send them to me. at
they might get posted.

Daily Update 2*7*07

Island Records names Dupri head of urban music

Universal Music Group named Jermaine Dupri the new president of urban music for Island Records today (February 7).

According to, the hip-hop mogul, who has produced hits for artist such as Mariah Carey, Usher, Bow Wow and Da Brat, is set to take over the position at Island, after vacating his post at Virgin Records. As previously reported, Dupri recently stepped down from his position as president of urban music at Virgin, apparently after the lackluster sales of Janet Jackson's latest release 20 Y.O., which Dupri co-executive produced.

During his stint at Virgin, Dupri was responsible for signing Atlanta group Dem Franchize Boys and also was involved with Big Boi's Purple Ribbon label.

Dupri will be reunited with Antonio "L.A" Reid, who is chairman of the Island Def Jam Music Group, as well as friend Jay-Z, president of Def Jam.

R. Kelly Hospitalized In Miami

R. Kelly has been hospitalized in Miami with appendicitis, his lawyers said Tuesday
Chicago Sun-Times reports that Lawyer Terence Gillespie said the singer is being treated at Miami's Jackson Memorial Hospital. Kelly traveled to Miami for the Super Bowl but had to enter the hospital the day of the big game, he said
"He was admitted on the 4th of February, and he was operated on shortly after admission," Gillespie said. "He's recuperating fine."
He will miss a status hearing at the Criminal Courthouse in Chicago in a criminal case against him.
In that case, Kelly is accused in a 14-count indictment of having sex with an underage girl and videotaping it. He is awaiting trial.

Soul Train Awards Nominees Announced

Beyonce tops 21st Anniversary Soul Train Awards with three nominations.

The nominees for the 21st Anniversary Soul Train music awards were announced this morning. The show, hosted by R&B stars LeToya and Omarion, will be taped Saturday, March 10 at Pasadena Civic Auditorium, and air March 17-March 24 through Tribune Entertainment Company distribution.

Beyonce topped the honors roster, earning three nominations, for Best Female R&B/Soul Single, Best Female R&B/Soul Album, and The Michael Jackson Award for Best R&B/Soul or Rap Video (for the inimitable "Irreplaceable"). In the latter category, she's pitted against her man, Jay-Z, for "Show Me What You Got," along with his Dipset rival Jim Jones (for "We Fly High") and Busta Rhymes' "I Love My Chick."

Making close seconds, at two nominations each, were Mary J. Blige, John Legend, Chris Brown, Gnarls Barkley, Ne-Yo, Yung Joc, Jagged Edge and the Isley Brothers featuring Ronald Isley.

The rest of the nominations are as follows:
Best R&B/Soul Single, Female:
Beyonce, "Irreplacable"
Mary J. Blige, "Take Me As I Am"
Keyshia Cole, "Love"
LeToya, "Torn"

Best R&B/Soul Single, Male
Avant, "4 Minutes"
John Legend, "Save Room"
Ne-Yo, "Sexy Love"

Best R&B/Soul Single, Group, Band or Duo
Gnarles Barkley, "Crazy"
The Isley Brothers f. Ronald Isley, "Just Came Here to Chill"
Jagged Edge, "Good Luck Charm"
The Pussycat Dolls f. Avant, "Stickwitu"

Best R&B/Soul Album, Female
Beyonce, B'Day
Mary J. Blige, The Breakthrough
India.Arie, Testimony: Vol. I, Life & Relationship
Monica, The Makings of Me

Best R&B/Soul Album, Male
Chris Brown, Chris Brown
Jamie Foxx, Unpredictable
John Legend, Once Again
Robin Thicke, The Evolution of Robin Thicke Best

R&B/Soul Album, Group, Band or Duo
Danity Kane, Danity Kane
Gnarls Barkley, St. Elsewhere
The Isley Brothers f. Ronald Isley, Baby Makin' Music
Jagged Edge, Jagged Edge
Danity Kane, Danity Kane

Best R&B/Soul or Rap New Artist
Lupe Fiasco, "Gotcha"
Ne-Yo, "Sexy Love"R
ick Ross, "Hustlin"
Yung Joc, "It's Goin' Down"

The Michael Jackson Award for Best R&B/Soul or Rap Music Video
Beyonce, "Irreplaceable"
Busta Rhymes f. & Kelis, "I Love My Chick"
Jay-Z, "Show Me What You Got"
Jim Jones, "We Fly High"

Best R&B/Soul or Rap Dance Cut
Dem Franchize Boyz f. Lil Peanut & Charlay, "Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It"
Sean Paul, "Give It Up to Me"
DJ Webstar & Young B f. The Voice of Harlem, "Chicken Noodle Soup"
Yung Joc, "It's Goin Down"

Best Gospel AlbumT
he Caravans, Paved the Way
Kirk Franklin, Songs from the Storm, Volume
Bishop G.E. Patterson Congregation, Singing the Old Time Way Volume II
Youth for Christ, The Struggle is Over

The Roots Working On "Game Theory" Follow-Up

The Roots' Def Jam debut, "Game Theory," isn't even six months old, but the group is already at work on its follow-up, which drummer Ahmir "?uestlove" Thompson tells will either be out in October 2007 or February 2008.

"We are using a lot of synthesizer, but I don't know if I could call this the electronic album or not," Thompson says. "Pretty much five or six songs are done, and four of them are synth-heavy." The Roots have also recorded an original song, "I Will Not Apologize," based on an old track from Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti. "I know somehow I'm going to find the common thread of all this stuff," Thompson offers. "I don't know what to call it, but it's something."

Thompson admits "Game Theory" may have been a bit of a downer both in music and subject matter, but he says the Roots have invigorated the material now that they're finally on tour in the United States. The group plays San Francisco tonight (Feb. 7) and tomorrow, before headlining a special pre-Grammy show in L.A. on Saturday with Jill Scott, Lupe Fiasco and Akon.

"['Game Theory'] is so melancholy and emotional and moody that our current live show absolutely betrays the feeling of that album," Thompson says. "I don't know what happened -- no one gave us the memo. We decided this is going to be our most exclamation point-filled show ever."

"Also, we've presented our show very differently," he continues. "We're up to a 10-man group and it's not one, long three-hour show. We're like our own opening act, middle act and headline act. We do different configurations of all 10 of us. It's a whole new energy. I can even tell by the reviews on our Web site that people notice a difference."

Thompson says he is unfazed by the marketplace response to "Game Theory," which shifted 61,000 copies in its first week but only 113,000 since. He points to Def Jam president Jay-Z as an example of how even for superstar acts, going gold might be the new platinum.

"Even my president, with a $20 million campaign, has a victory at 1.3 million copies," he says of Jay'Z's "Kingdom Come." "We knew this album was going to have as much to do with the marketplace as Barbra Streisand on the soul charts. But the way I look at it, this is definitely a return to form for us. Critics say we got our mojo back and our fan base agreed. That's really all we were concerned about."

The Ray J and Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Is Set To Release This Month

After rumors of Ray-J shopping the tape around, it appears Vivid video has bought the rights to the tape and will release it on DVD Feb 28th. According to the NY Post

Porn purveyor Vivid Video bought the tape, which had been floating on the porn market for about a month, for $1 million from an unidentified source. The company plans to have a DVD titled “Kim Kardashian Superstar” in stores by Feb. 28, with additional footage on Vivid co-chairman Steven Hirsch said, “We are comfortable that we have the legal right to distribute this video . . . I’ve seen the video and it’s really great. It has over 30 minutes of explicit sex that fans of erotica will find very appealing . . . Apparently, the video was shot by Ray J about three years ago when he and Kim were in a relationship. Viewers will definitely get their money’s worth

(Props to realtalkny)


The mothers of the two men killed by convicted drug lord Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff are urging prosecutors not to push for the death penalty as punishment for the murders.

According to, McGriff’s attorney David Ruhnke has sent an "urgent request for reconsideration" via letter to Washington, D.C. on Feb. 1, the day McGriff was convicted of paying $50,000 to gun down rivals Troy Singleton and Eric "E Money Bags" Smith.

The mothers of the deceased have said they would be adversely affected by an execution of McGriff.
Troy Singleton's mother Bessie stated she didn't want anyone's "death on her hands," while Smith's mother told reporters that there has "already been enough death."

For those who actually peruse the articles in “Playboy,” here are some excerpts from the “twenty questions” article in the new March issue featuring cover girl Mariah Carey.

• On her tiff with Eminem: "Something is clearly askew with him, and I'm not quite sure what it is. I just heard something else he recently said about me. I'm curious as to why he's so obsessed with me. I never got an apology letter, by the way; I don't know what they're talking about. Then again, I wasn't exactly searching my mailbox for it."

• On her near wardrobe malfunction: "Oh please, there have been so many. [laughs] On this tour there was a really bad malfunction when my top popped open. It was this little top with a hook and eye on the front. It was a nightmare. The top was so tight that night because we girls have moments when the top might be tighter, but I caught it, and that's how you know a pro."

• On if she would ever take a guy home from a club: "I end up being very flirtatious, and people take it the wrong way. I'm very much a prude. But I don't want to disappoint people, so maybe we shouldn't discuss that."

Carey graces Playboy’s March "Sex and Music" cover in a flesh-colored swimsuit. The issue will arrive on newsstands Friday, Feb. 9.

Meanwhile, the Internet gossip community is buzzing about an interview clip that shows Carey clamming up when asked to comment on Jennifer Lopez.

A German reporter first asked the singer what she thought of fellow R&B diva BeyoncĂ©. Carey said, “I love Beyonce. Beyonce’s fabulous. …Great singer and very sweet person as well.” When the reporter asked her to comment on J.Lo, Mimi’s only reply was, “I don’t’ know her

Coldplay Eye Timbaland For New Album; Meeting With Producer In April

Coldplay are looking to put in studio time with Timbaland as they record their follow-up to "X & Y".

According to Timbaland's publicist, Monique Idlett, the two acts will meet up in April to discuss Timbaland producing a majority of the album.

Nothing has been confirmed thus far but it wouldn't be out of the question as frontman Chris Martin recently appeared on Jay-Z's "Beach Chair" and is reportedly working with Kanye West on a track called "Homecoming", which is slated to be the first single on Kanye's new album "Graduation". Timbaland has also expressed great interest in working with the band, in separate interviews with both Billboard and MTV.

''It would give me a new energy; it would take me to a whole other place,'' Timbaland told Entertainment Weekly. ''[Coldplay] are so talented, it would help me as a person. Working with them would be great. It's about the music - not clothes or jewelry, just pure passion for music.''

Video For cant forget about you

I'm still not feeling this as a single, but the video is pretty good (props to onsmash)

Eminem and Kim Not Engaged Again Says Slim Shady Rep Dennis Dennehy

Don't believe a report that Eminem is engaged to Kim Mathers a third time.

Britain's Mirror tabloid reported Tuesday that rapper Akon, who duets with Eminem on "Smack That," said of Slim Shady and his ex: "He can't live with her, and he can't live without her. But they are meant for each other. They are engaged again."

But Dennis Dennehy, a rep for Eminem, tells PEOPLE: "Those reports are absolutely untrue."

Eminem (real name: Marshall Mathers), 34, and the former Kim Scott, 32, first wed in 1999 and divorced two years later. They have a daughter, Hailie Jade, 11.

The couple were estranged for years, but remarried in January 2006, only to split again less than three months later.

On an episode of ABC's 20/20 that aired Friday, Kim Mathers told correspondent JuJu Chang: "Money is great, but it doesn't make your husband stay at home with you. Or sleep in the same bed with you. Him being on the road and on tour – that was like the big one. I mean, constant infidelities, all the time."

Through a spokesperson, Eminem said in a statement to 20/20: "For the sake of our children that we raise together, I have made a decision to not participate in matters such as this."

Katt Williams Pimps Radio City Music Hall

Katt Williams will rock New York City's Radio City Music Hall next month for one night only.
Williams will bring his quick-witted act to the famed auditorium on Saturday, March 10.

The comedian, who has been enjoying the success of his HBO comedy DVD The Pimp Chronicles, Part 1, recently taped the sequel in Chicago.

Redman Speaks Jay-Z, New Album, Method Man And More!

Redman and Method Man became household names with a run in movies and TV in the last five years, meanwhile Redman has been steadily crafting over the past five years since his last album, Malpractice, was released. He has been touring with Rock the Bells, creating a crew and working on his new album. Now he's back, ready to drop Red Gone Wild in March, saying " March, man. It's dropping in March and believe me, when the album drops, I'm gonna keep dropping ish, I got a whole crew I've been working on the last three years and we've been building up material. The game has been in shambles, ya know? " After his last album, he said the rebuilding process was difficult because everyone who was with him at Def Jam before, was now gone.

"I got new staff, new people, new bosses and between that time of people being gone and getting fired from the label, within that three years, there's been a lot of twisting and turning. You know the label wasn't stable, you come out with an album, they give you half a video, then you're back to the drawing board, who wants that? So the real question is, not why did it take so long but why did it take so long for the label to get their stuff together? As you can see, with artists that are on there now, on Def Jam, and what they're going through now for artists that dropped albums this year. You can see what's going on. Ya'll ain't stupid. You see what kind of promotion my man Meth is getting, and Ghostface, you see what's going on, ya'll are not crazy." While Ghostface dropped two albums in 2006, Redman will also drop two in 2007. Red Gone Wild in March and Muddy Water 2 in November, he said adding, "I felt that March was the right time, Jay done dropped, the Def Jam hype would slow down, and they would need somebody to hold the label up and that'd be me... I ain't playing no games."

While he avoids questions about leaving Def Jam for the indie route and ones about Jay-Z running/ruining the label, he does speak on behalf of his man, Meth.

"I'm really pissed about my man Meth and what his album is doing. He's not getting the right promotion, but you know, that's the name of the game. And you know, I can sit here and say 'yeah, Jay ain't doing his job', but I ain't dropped my album yet for me to say that. But once I get out there on that road, and once my album is out, I'm not going to sit around and depend on Jay. He know it, I know it, and the label know it. They know I'm self-sufficient. You will never hear me in an interview saying 'F*** Jay, he ain't do the man right'. Jay is his own man and I'm my own man, I feel I'm just as big as that nigga. So maybe I can get in there, hit the road and tell him what to do." As for the crew he's been building, Gillahouse is a crew that consists of some familiar faces; Saukrates out of Canada, Icarus, Ready Rock, E3, and a singer named Melanie. The final member, Runt Dog, is in prison at the moment. Redman says he doesn't consider there to be any special guests on the album, but Snoop, Method Man and Nate Dogg all show up for the album with production from Eminem, Timbaland, Scott Storch, Erick Sermon, Buckwild and Red himself.

As for Def Squad, he says there is a Keith Murray album finished and on it's way, adding that, "hopefully we can get in here with a Def Squad album, probably in the middle of next year." He also says he will also be working on a new Blackout album with Meth next year. As for other projects he said, "How High 2, definitely. Matter of fact, when we do the How High 2, we're going to promote the Blackout 2 as the soundtrack to the movie, that will be great. As far as acting I'll do it if they ask... We learned from our mistakes, we're not sellouts. We're out here, we're back in the hip-hop game and we're trying to get everyone circling on the Red and Meth thing like it used to be. We want to get our smokers back"

Finally, he gives his opinion on the state of music today, "I love it. It's just making us work harder that's all. I'm not complaining about down South, I love down South. I'm glad that they got their shine and doing what they want to do. And I put it like this, if ya'll are tired of the down South movement, put out some stuff that'll make a change, shut it down. Everything that goes up, must come down. Everybody knows that. Down South ain't going to reign forever, just like east coast couldn't reign forever, just like west coast couldn't reign forever...I only say that because I know the talk in the streets and when you're talking how you feel about hip-hop and where it's going. That question is really about what do you think about the new artists in the game that's evolving hip-hop and the new artists is mostly down south cats and I think its great"

Feb 6, 2007

MixTape Of The Week

I was Told I Dont Show the South enough Love.

So as a result..........................

Vol. 3 :: The Forecast - DJ 31 Degreez mixtape CD
Lil Wayne - Throw Some Weezy
Juvenile - Aww Ready
C Murder - Murder Was The Case
Kiotti - 29th Street Loungin
T.I. - American Gangsta
Young Buck & Hi C - Got Money
Slim Thug & Boss Hogg Outlawz - Boss Hogg That Click
Rich Boy - Rich Dope Boy
Trae, Big Pokey, Pimp C, Slim Thug, Jim Jones, Mike Jones, Hawk, Bun B & PaulWall - Swang 2007
Kayne West - I Still Love It
Clipse - Who Is It (Dissin Lil Wayne)
Clipse - Heaven
Lil Wayne – I’m Reloaded
Gillie Da Kid, Reed Dollaz & Bump - Figgas Rain
DJ Khaled, Fat Joe, Lil Wayne, R. Kelly, Baby, T.I., Rick Ross, Ace Mack & Scott Storch - Make It Rain RMX
Flo Rida & Rick Ross - Birthday
Rick Ross – I’m The Best
Trae - Southside
Grit Boys & Trae – Freeesh RMX
Young Buck - Get Buck
Roam Bad Daddy - Slippin
Styles P - Block Prints
Fabolous & Lil Wayne - Diamonds
Snoop Dogg - Blastin Off

Let it not be said I'm not a man of the people.........

Daily Update 2*6*07

New Documents Arise In Notorious B.I.G. Murder Case

Newly found police documents reportedly prove that The Notorious B.I.G. wasn't killed by rogue cops as charged by the slain rapper's family.

According to an article in The Los Angeles Times, the police documents reveal how the theory of Russell Poole, an LAPD detective assigned to the case, was put together and grew from the probe of detectives Brian Tyndall and Greg Grant, who were investigating a bank robbery that David A. Mack was involved in. Mack, a former cop, was later convicted.

According to Poole's theory, Mack, was suspected to have been hired by Suge "Marion" Knight, to kill Big in retaliation for Pac's murder. The Brooklyn, NY rapper was gunned down after a Vibe Magazine back in 1997. The records included a series of logged interviews from the "murder book" in Big's case, which were secured by Mack. He recently included the interviews in the motion he filed in federal court to fight his bank robbery conviction.

In addition to show how Poole's theory was birthed, the logs were eventually dismissed and everything Tyndall and Grant said regarding Mack was later proved to be false in police documents and court papers. Still, the Wallace family insists on pursuing the wrongful death lawsuit. The initial case was called a mistrial in July 2005. Meanwhile, a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by LAPD Sgt. Ya-May Christle recently added more ammunition to the argument that Notorious B.I.G.'s murder investigation was mishandled.

Eminem and Kim Engaged...Again According To Akon

Eminem has patched up his differences with childhood sweetheart Kim Mathers and are engaged again - according to Akon.

Akon, who teamed up with the Stan star on hit song Smack That, says the couple may have their differences but can't live without each other.

He said: "Eminem still loves Kim. They have one of those relationships where they are off one minute and back together the next.

"He can't live with her, and he can't live without her. But they are meant for each other. They are engaged again."

Eminem, real name Marshall Mathers, and Kim have already been married and divorced twice to each other during their twenty year relationship. They have a daughter Hailie, aged 11.

Only recently Kim blasted the rapper on his constant cheating during their time together, claiming there is no hope for a reconciliation, fuming: "I'm done."

Kim Mathers recently spoke out to ABC News stating that there was no hope for reconciliation between her and Marshall Mathers AKA Eminem.

You can view Kim's ABC interview here:

Former MTV Producer's Memoir To Out Closeted Hip-Hop Stars

Former MTV producer Terrance Dean has written a memoir titled Hiding in Hip-Hop: Confessions of a Down Low Brother in the Entertainment Industry, which will chronicle "the author's life as a closeted homosexual working in the film and music industry and his relationships with other closeted homosexuals—film stars, rap artists, and music producers," according to

A spokesperson for the publisher told that the book will not name Dean's closeted exes but that they will be easy to identify, adding, "Let's put it this way—you'll know who they are. It's a no-holds-barred look at Hollywood and hip-hop and who's living on the down low."

Dean is the founder of a New York nonprofit group called Men's Empowerment that works to help men of color. The book was reportedly sold to Atria last week and should be released next year.

Mariah Carey Speaks on Eminem's Obsession

Eminem's been known to ruffle feathers. He's managed to irritate a long list of artists that includes Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, The Backstreet Boys, Everlast, Cannibus, Benzino and others. Some, with good reason, and others for no apparent reason. Still, there is one star who seems extremely puzzled as to why he's constantly talking about her.

"Something is clearly askew with him and I'm not quite sure what it is. I just heard something else he recently said about me. I'm curious as to why he's so obsessed with me." Mariah Carey said, according to Contact Music.

She knows Em isn't exactly one to back down.

"I never got an apology letter, by the way. Then, again, I wasn't exactly searching my mailbox for it!"
Eminem's been dropping her name in his rhymes for quite some time. This stems from rumors that MC and Em were dating in 2001. MC claims this never happened, but Em holds up that she once begged for his affection.

Mariah Carey is not too busy worried about this, though. Carey is actually finishing up work on her new film, Tennessee. Mariah Carey Speaks on Eminem's

Mobb Deep Prepare "Infamous Archives"

Traffic Entertainment is preparing to release "Infamous Archives", an album of 30 unreleased Mobb Deep tracks.

Traffic will release the album in conjunction with indie imprint Streetcore. The album will include 30 previously unreleased Mobb Deep tracks, licensed from the artists themselves. The collection will span the entire course of their career, from the early 90's to the G-Unit era, including guest appearances from Alchemist, Cormega, Tragedy, Infamous Mobb, ACD, Snoop Dogg, Onyx, Rah Digga, 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes, and more.

50 Cent To Explain "The 50th Law"

50 Cent is teaming with Pocket Books for a new volume called "The 50th Law." The book will be a collaborative project by 50 and strategy guru Robert Greene, whose "The 48 Laws of Power" is a popular pick in the hip-hop world. "50 Cent and Robert Greene will focus on how 'The 48 Laws of Power' have helped a new generation of successful power brokers achieve today's version of the American Dream," Pocket Books Executive Vice President and Publisher Louise Burke said.

The book will also highlight 50's background and his ability to reconcile his street appeal with corporate savvy. " 'The 50th Law' will capture and create a visible parallel between street life and corporate America standard and structure," 50 said in a statement. The hardcover book, to be published through MTV/ Pocket Books, is due in February 2008.

Remy Ma Working On Reality Show, New Albums

Bronx bred rapper Remy Ma recently revealed that she will star in her own untitled reality show, which will hit screens before the end of 2007.

Remy remained tightlipped about the untitled television show, which will hit the small screen before the end of 2007.

"Right I'm just in the process of getting my build on," Remy Ma told "I can't talk about yet but it's crazy and it's coming."

The untitled reality show and album are two of several projects that Remy is involved in.

She is also working on an album with her new all-female rap group that features Chicago MC Shawnna and one of Miami's well known female rappers, Jacki-O.

Additionally, Remy is recording the follow up to her debut album There's Something About Remy, which spawned the hit singles "Whuteva" and "Conceited."

The album, titled PunishHer, is a tribute to her fellow Terror Squad member and deceased friend, Christopher "Big Pun" Rios.

The album's title reflects a number of meanings according to Remy Ma's management.

"The album and the title will reflect all of the struggles and hardships she's had to endure such as Big Pun dying, Loud folding, leaving Terror Squad, issues with Joe and Universal, and lack of label support on Something About Remy LP," Remy's management told

PunishHer is due in stores in late 2007.

RedMan's new album cover.

Im thinking this aint coming out to the summer, i dont care what the press kit says

New Music

Roll the dice- Black Ty, Snoop and Kurupt

Go get em -Royce 5'9