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Mar 2, 2007

Daily Update 3*2*07

Her Milkshake Brings All the Cops to the (Jail)Yard

Singer Kelis was arrested early Friday morning in Miami Beach after screaming racial obscenities at two female police officers who were posing as prostitutes.

The officers were working an undercover operation in South Beach, when cops say Kelis started screaming racial slurs at the women. She continued screaming and rushed toward them, and had to be restrained by friends, a police report said. According to the report, Kelis' "actions caused people walking by to stop and form a crowd. The sidewalk was blocked by the disturbance, causing people to walk in the street and causing traffic to stop."

Kelis, the wife of rapper Nas, was charged with two misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and for resisting arrest.

Radio Station Shells Out $19K For Bobby Brown's Release From Jail

After three nights in the county jail Bobby Brown is a free man, thanks to a DC radio station that paid Brown's late child support payments and court fees.

According to Associated Press reports, WashingtonD.C. station Hot 99.5 FM agreed to spring the jailed Brown, provided that he spend a week working at the station as an employee. The station sprang into action after several days of on-air talks about Brown's situation, accompanied by negotiation with one of Brown's attorneys, who also hosts a program for Hot 99.5, "The Kane Show."

"In exchange for the money, he agreed to be an employee of our radio station for one week, where he will discuss what he did wrong and how he could turn his life around," Kane told the AP. "We are going to have a very open and candid conversation."

Brown was released on Wednesday night (February 28) at approximately 7:45 p.m. He was jailed on Sunday (February 25) for failing to make a court appearance and pay child support to Kim Ward, the mother of two of his teenage children. A judge ordered that Brown be held in the Norfolk County jail in Dedham until he paid $19,150 in court fees and child support payments. Brown was arrested while watching his daughter's cheerleading competition at a local high school.
Beginning Monday, Brown will appear on the Washington D.C. morning show with Kane. He is also obligated to make public appearances for the radio station.

"Once Friday rolls around, he's done and released - and he's on his own," Kane said.

Paul Wall, Rich Boy Set To "Throw Some Ds" at Texas Car Show

Radio One Inc. and Dallas' 97.9 "The Beat" are gearing up to present their 3rd annual Custom Car Show and Concert later this month.
The event will be held at Fair Park in Dallas, TX on March 18, and will feature performances by a host of artists, including Yung Joc, Ciara, Rich Boy, New York-bred newcomer Mims, and Texas sons Paul Wall and Chamillionaire. More artists are also being added to the bill but have not been revealed as of yet.
In addition to the performances, the event, which is being targeted to families and persons ranging in age from 18-54, will also include a custom car show and sounds display and a Lowrider car-hopping contest. In recent years, the event has attracted over 11,000 people.

N.O.R.E. Speaks On Jay-Z, Def Jam, New Album & More

Noreaga, as he was formerly known on Tommy Boy Records, has been known to many as N.O.R.E. since his move to Def Jam. After months of silence from the label, N.O.R.E. decided he was fed up with them and asked to be released by Def Jam. Now, he's finally speaking about what went down with Def Jam and Jay-Z, he'll also let us in on what we can expect from him and his old partner, Capone. In an interview with XXL Magazine this month, the Grimey-one speaks.

On what happened with Def Jam:
I don't want to compare them to girls, but at the end of the day when you're in a relationship with a female and you just feel like it's heading in the wrong way, it's up to you to cut it off before you get into some domestic violence or a route that you didn't want to go. There wont be a N.O.R.E. diss Jay-Z song. There will not be a N.O.R..E. diss L.A. Reid song, 'cause that's my style. [When] I leave a label, I shit on 'em. But this time, I'm going to take the grown man approach. I came and asked them for what I want. They could've easily said, "No." I asked to be released and they didn't fight me or I didn't have to hire no lawyers and I'm glad at that fact.

When asked about the album, One Fan A Day, that he's been working on over the last year:
They own that material. I left One Fan A Day, 'cause I didn't want no legal issues with Def Jam. I didn't want to come out with One Fan A Day and them to say, "We own this material." So I left records with Mariah Carey. I left records with Big Pun... I was halfway recording it and then L.A. Reid came over. I kinda altered my album 'cause I wanted him to like my shit..And I don't think that was the right way to do it.

On Jay-Z being Def Jam CEO:
I love him as a person. I love him as artist. I don't think me and him connected on a personal level as far as business go. When it came down to him sitting behind that desk, I don't think me and his vision was eye to eye. I can't turn around and I can't say that Jay-Z was paying attention to his self more than he was paying attention these other artists. I can't say that! I can't! 'Cause it makes me look corny.When asked about new material:It's time to take over the whole globe 'cause that's what I'm going to do— warm up the whole muthafuckin' globe like Al Gore and we gon call it Global Warming 11368. The 11368 is symbolic to where I come from, Lefrak City, Queens. It's strictly hardcore hip-hop. That muthafuckin gum under the table, the piece of shit you step on. It's the broken up N.O.R.E. with the slang. It's the lingo, it's the shit people learned to love me for and the shit people will love me again for.

On his relationship with longtime partner, Capone:
I'll be 100 percent honest because the world needs to know this. When Capone came home [from jail], he was a different individual. When your homeboy gets locked up, he starts thinking different and he becomes a different person. I became a different person. I was making the money and holding it down for C-N-N. I set it up for him to live lavish and I didn't make $30 million a year. Name another person who came home to a Lexus, and he didn't like a Lexus so he skated in a Lexus and got a Mercedes Benz. I did that shit out the kindness of my heart. C-N-N didn't have no budget. C-N-N, we got signed for $5,000 homeboy. That's the God's honest truth. We signed away our publishing. We didn't even know what publishing was. When he came home, not only did I hire him lawyers to get his publishing back the same way I did, but I also gave him 50 percent of my company, Thugged Out Militainment. But now, we got to learn who each other is. Like, we squashing it and we doing the Capone and Noreaga thing. We got twelve deals on the table and I'm not signing one of them until I know who he is and he's starting to know who I am

Nas Hits The Road On Nat'l Tour

Nas will be embarking on a national tour next month to support his latest album Hip Hop Is Dead.

The tour, which will kick off in Cleveland on April 2, will run through cities including Orlando, Atlanta, Toronto, Detroit and Los Angeles, before wrapping up in San Diego on May 2.
As previously reported, Nas recently partnered with 310 Global Brands to create his own signature footwear line called Disciple Footwear. The Queen's rap megastar plans to unveil his collection in June.

Following are the scheduled dates for Nas' tour:

April 2- House of Blues- Cleveland, OH

April 3- Rams Head Tavern- Baltimore, MD

April 5- The Norva- Norfolk, VA

April 6- House of Blues- Myrtle Beach, SC

April 7- House of Blues- Orlando, FL

April 8- Revolution - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

April 10- Tabernacle- Atlanta, GA

April 11- Neighborhood Theater - Charlotte, NC

April 13- Love Nite Club- Washington, DC

April 15- Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel- Providence, RI

April 16- Metropolis- Montreal, QC

April 17- Kool Haus- Toronto, ON

April 19-State Theater -Detroit, MI

April 20- Congree Theater -Chicago, IL

April 21- Eagles Ballroom - Milwaukee, WI

April 22- Myth- Minneapolis, MN

April 23- The Pageant-St Louis, MO

April 25 - Filmore- Denver, CO

April 26- Harry O's -Salt Lake City, UT

April 29 - House of Blues - Las Vegas, NV

April 30- House of Blues- Los Angeles, CA

May 1 - House of Blues - Anaheim, CA

May 2- 4th & B Concert Theater - San Diego, CA

Timbaland Hosting Fundraiser For Hillary Clinton

Timbaland is planning to host a fundraiser for Former First Lady and Presidential hopeful, Hillary Rodham Clinton this month in Miami, FL.

According to The Miami Herald, Timbaland will host the fundraiser on Mar. 31, the last day of the first-quarter fund-raising period for Presidential candidates.

Former United States President Bill Clinton is also scheduled to appear at the fundraiser, which costs $1,000 per-person to attend.

Scott Storch - Built Like Dat (Feat. Nox) (Timbaland Diss)

Kanye West - Classic (Feat. Rakim, Nas & KRS-One) (Produced By DJ Premier)

Young Buck - Hold On (Feat. 50 Cent) (Produced By Dr. Dre) (Cam'ron Diss)


Mar 1, 2007

Video- Bowliiiinn

Remember that Cat 'Wich boy?
well he's at it again with Boowllliiiiiinnnn.

(who is he the new weird Al or something????
naw but props to WorldstarHiphop, yall dudes is on point)

News Update

Foxy Brown Pleads Guilty To Probation Violation

Foxy Brown pleaded guilty to a probation violation in Manhattan Criminal Court today (March 1) for leaving New York without permission two weeks ago

Foxy's trip outside New York become public knowledge when she was arrested in Florida on (February 15) at the Queen Beauty Supply shop for allegedly throwing hair glue at a store employee who asked her to leave because the business was closing. The Brooklyn bred rapper was also accused of spitting on the store employee and struggling with an officer who wanted to question her about the incident.

According to the Associated Press, Brown, who was charged with battery and obstruction of justice, was given one more chance by Judge Melissa Jackson on Thursday.
Brown's sentence will continue the six months probation she is already serving. But Jackson warned that if there are any other probation infractions, "I'm reserving the right to resentence you to jail for one year."

As previously reported, Brown (born Ingra Marchand) held an impromptu press conference on Monday (February 26) to clear her name. She claimed she had been "vilified in the media" and she was a "victim of an overzealous police department."

Vida Questions The Game's Gangsta

The Cuban vixen goes on to tell KING that the L.A. rapper never touched her and kept on texting her like crazy after they met.

“To me, it’s funny. ‘Cause how do you go from being a male stripper with a butterfly tattoo on your cheek, cover it up and call yourself a gangster?,” Vida tells the men’s mag. “Then you try to get with a girl, she turns you down and you gotta be all hurt about it and start dissing her?”

(SuperDuper props to goya)

Mike Bruno Shares Max B's Views on Jim Jones, Life Behind Bars

Life behind bars has turned in to a moment of reflection for rapper Max B.
The Byrdgang member faces 30 years to life in prison if found guilty of charges related to a September 2006 robbery and murder that he is accused of masterminding.

Max B. is speaking out on being locked up, as well as his partner in rhyme Jim Jones through his manager and longtime friend, Mike Bruno.

Despite an initial desire to post Max B's $2 million bail, Jones stated in an interview with Hot 97 DJ Funkmaster Flex that he would rather give Max B (born Charles Wingate) half a million dollars upon his release, while waiting for bail to be lowered.

Jones' change of plans, according to Bruno, was "real tough for Max to hear, because who wants to be sitting up in jail when somebody out here saying they got a couple dollars?"

"At the end of the day, we appreciate what Jim did for us by getting us into this rap game and introducing Max B to the public, but as far as the business side goes, it's a lot of things that could be worked on and it ain't nothing that can't be corrected if people want to correct it," he said. "I feel Max is a priority. But when Max gets out, we going to attend to our business."

The $2 million bail was set in January during Max B's first court appearance in Fort Lee, NJ on charges of felony murder, robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery.

The situation has resulted in feelings of regret and frustration for Max B, Bruno said.

"Max B would like the people to know that he is upset about the charges because he knows people feel he let them down," Bruno said. "Max is feeling like he got something to prove to the people out here. First and foremost, Max had nothing to do with his crime or the accusations against him. He is just guilty by association and that's a thing that we go through as young, black people growing up in the hood. Basically, he just wants to get out to tell his story and make history. He is going to shake the world up with his rap game."

Max B quickly established himself in the eyes of fans through his appearances on Byrdgang mixtapes and Jones' Hustler's P.O.M.E. album and recent projects.

Although Max B was disappointed with Jones' actions, Bruno is hopeful the rapper and Dipset capo can unite and "make beautiful music because they make beautiful music together. But the business got to be right."

As for Max B's musical offerings, Bruno verified that fans will not be starving for songs from the rapper.

"There's tons of music. You hearing music on Jim's album that is old - it's new to the people but all of that is old Max B. Y'all ain't even hear the best of the boy."

Snoop Dogg Set To Appear On "The Apprentice"

Winners of the upcoming episode of NBC's series "The Apprentice: Los Angeles" will get to spend an evening recording a song with Snoop Dogg.

The episode, which will air on Sunday (March 4) at 10 p.m. ET, will challenge the show's contestants to create a special VIP experience for preferred Lexus guests to introduce the company's new sedan.

While one team attempts to redefine luxury, the other team must compensate for a distracted project manager and the budding romance between two of their teammates.

The winners of the task will create a song with Snoop Dogg, while the losers get blindsided by an unexpected double firing in the boardroom by the show's host, revered businessman Donald Trump.

Daily Update 3*1*07

Arrest Warrant Issued For Chopper (Making The Band)
Judge Patrick Stringer on Wednesday issued a bench warrant for Kevin Barnes' (Chopper) arrest after he didn't appear in court on 2001 charges that he committed a robbery with a BB gun when he was 16. The judge set a $50,000 bail in the case.

Barnes' attorney, Paul Gardner, told the judge Barnes couldn't appear because he is being held at the Gwinnett County Detention Center in Georgia after a domestic dispute with his girlfriend.

"He hasn't been hiding," Gardner argued to the judge. "He's been on TV in front of 30 million people. ... He's been on MTV. He's been with Sean ‘Puffy' Combs. He's been enjoying his career."

Gardner told the judge that holding Barnes in jail could jeopardize his future as a musician.

"I'm astounded by the judge's decision," said Gardner, who asked for the case to be postponed. "This judge is putting in danger a million-dollar deal over a BB gun when he was 16. If he's in jail, he can't record. Then there's no record deal."

Barnes was arrested in Atlanta in August when a police officer, during a traffic stop, informed him of the old Baltimore County warrant.

Barnes was staying at his mother's Maryland home on Sept. 29, 2001, when he allegedly pedaled up to a couple on a mountain bike near Eastpoint Mall, flashed a gun and yanked $90 in cash from the man's pocket, according to court records.


Lil' Wayne has fired off some new venom at one Gillie Da Kid:"

"the nigga said, 'I was there, Carter I, Carter II, all the Stunna albums.' So was you, so was weed, cocaine, uh...Patron, um...bitches...uh...You know how much stuff was there?!

Wayne added this:"why u ain't spit wayne shit on yours then? what kind of nigga can write for another nigga and sound better than theyself? [who the] fuck is you, Ne-Yo?"

Saigon Pleads Not Guilty To Harassing Ex-Girlfriend

Rapper/actor Saigon appeared in Clarkstown Justice Center in New City, New York yesterday (Feb. 28) and pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor charges of second-degree harassment and disorderly conduct, stemming from an incident in Dec. 2006.

In a complaint filed with Clarkstown police, Saigon, 26, is accused of pouring a beer over the head and face of his estranged girlfriend, grabbing and pulling her and using a car door to hit the woman's left leg.

Saigon, born Brian Carenard, was hit with the disorderly conduct charge after refusing the police's request to be quite in the parking lot of his building.
The judge hearing the case issued in an order of protection, ordering that Saigon stay away from the woman.

Saigon is currently an artist signed to Just Blaze's Fort Knocks Entertainment and working on his album, The Greatest Story Never Told.


Sean “Diddy” Combs may have been accused of hitting someone in a Hollywood hotel on Sunday, but the rap mogul was on the receiving end of a blow several days later by a British court.

A judge ruled Wednesday that Diddy had breached an agreement with London-based record producer Richard "Diddy" Dearlove not to use the alias "Diddy" in Britain. In a written ruling from London's High Court, Judge David Kitchin said Combs had advertised himself as Diddy in a song on his latest album "Press Play," which violated their deal reached last year.

Combs promised that the offending lyric, "mainline this Diddy heroin," will be removed from the song "The Future" when it is performed in Britain from now on. But Dearlove had argued that people in Britain could still hear the song and see the Diddy moniker on his international sites MySpace and YouTube, where he appears under the "Diddy" alias.

Kitchin found that it was record companies, not Combs himself, who controlled the content of his pages on the Web sites, and those companies were not party to the agreement. The extent of Combs' control over the content of the MySpace and YouTube sites will be addressed in a full High Court trial scheduled for October, unless the two parties can settle the matter out of court.

DJ Quik Changes His Name

West coast veteran DJ Quik has changed his name to simply Quik. Along with the name change, Quik has joined forces again with rapper and longtime friend AMG to launch their first single "Can You Werk Wit Dat" as a group, The Fixxers. The song is featured on the duos debut album, "The Midnight Life", due in stores this summer.

Quik and AMG first began collaborating as kids in the early 90's. Their single "Bitch Better Have My Money" is considered a west coast classic.

You can catch The Fixxers performing this Friday, March 2nd at the House of Blues in Anaheim, and March 3rd & March 4th at the House Of Blues in Hollywood.


NICK CANNON did not marry Victoria's Secret model SELITA EBANKS in Las Vegas last month (FEB07), despite reports claiming the couple had tied the knot after dating for only three weeks.

Press reports said the couple had secretly wed in Sin City while attending the National League Basketball All-Star Game the weekend of 18 February (07).Ebanks has finally come forward to deny the claims, telling entertainment website

"It's so funny, because I've been saying, 'Thank you, thank you' all week. But no, I'm not married!" Regarding the large diamond ring she is wearing, Ebanks tells the website she bought it for herself.

Cannon and Ebanks met at a Super Bowl party in Miami, Florida last month (FEB07) and have been dating ever since.

Juelz Santana & Lil Wayne Black Republicans

Beyonce feat. Jay-z - Upgrade u

Fabolous - Kingdom Come Freestyle

When did cats start shooting video's for freestyles???

Tyrese Takes His Alter Ego On The Road

Still riding high from the debut of his groundbreaking double CD Alter Ego, J Records' Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum selling R&B artist, Tyrese, is set to embark on the "The Alter Ego Tour," presented by VH1 Soul, beginning March 3rd at New York City's BB King's.

A charismatic performer whose mere presence commands the stage, Tyrese will perform a repertoire of chart-topping hits including past favorites "Sweet Lady" and "How You Gonna Act Like That," current hit singles "One," and "Turn Ya Out" from Alter Ego and more.

On March 6th, Tyrese will perform his hit single "One" on BET's 106 & Park, where the video has maintain a Top 10 position on the show's daily countdown for the past 3 weeks.

"One," along with "Turn Ya Out" (featuring Lil' Jon) and "Get It In," catapulted Alter Ego's debut to #4 on the R&B Album charts and #3 on the Rap Album chart, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Alter Ego sold 115,957 copies during its first week of release marking the highest selling debut week of Tyrese's illustrious recording career!

Tyrese's music career ascent began as a Watts, California 16-year-old native with a million dollar smile on the back of a bus in the worldwide Coca-Cola commercial. Tyrese's platinum-selling self-titled debut album in 1998 on RCA Records, garnered him an American Music Award for Favorite New Artist. His 2001 sophomore album, 2000 Watts, went gold and his 2002 third R&B album, I Wanna Go There, reached platinum status.

Russell Simmons New Book Hits Stores In April

Music Mogul Russell Simmons will release a new book on self empowerment DO YOU! 12 Laws to Access the Power in You to Achieve Happiness and Success on April 24 through Gotham Books.

The book, written with Chris Morrow, is a guide to achieving financial and spiritual success using principals that the Def Jam founder has employed throughout his career. "I really do believe that we all possess happiness and success in our hearts, and we know these laws instinctively," said Russell. "Yet often so many layers of negativity build up around us that we have a hard time remembering what we are capable of. These laws are shortcuts designed to help you peel back those layers so that you can return to your higher self. We all know there is tremendous power inside us; this book is simply a tool to help you remember how to access it."

In support of DO YOU!'s release, Russell will be making appearances in several major cities across the U.S. including New York, Chicago, Atlanta and Los Angeles.

Vida Covers the New issue of King Magazine

(props to Goya)

Lil Jon Gets His 'Def Jam: Icon' On In L.A. Against Gamers

Lil Jon appeared at EB Games in Los Angeles' West Side Pavilion mall on Tuesday (February 27) to compete in a gaming tournament for "Def Jam: Icon.

"The rapper played two matches against a gamer, who was playing for a chance to win a trip to New York to compete in the tournament's finale during the official launch party for the game.

Jon played as himself in "Def Jam: Icon" on the Xbox 360 console against the gamer who chose Young Jeezy. During the two round tourney, the rapper/producer seemed to win with ease, sweeping the mini-tourney during both matches, while yelling taunts and proclaiming his gaming skill.

"Who's next to get they ass whipped?" Jon asked to a crowd of spectators, who watched and snapped photos while he played.

"It was great," Lil Jon told, immediately after winning. "I give the kid credit, he was good, but I was just better."

Before leaving, Jon signed autographs and took pictures with countless kids who waited in line to see the rapper.

The GameStop sponsored tourney launched in Atlanta early this February with Fat Joe leading the way, while Young Jeezy appeared during the Chicago event. The Los Angeles stop will be the last before it heads back to New York with Jim Jones for the last of the tournaments.

Before heading to EB Games location in L.A., BallerStatus and Lil Jon lounged in a plush suite at the Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hills to get a first preview of the game, where the rapper revealed how he got down with the EA and Def Jam Interactive.

"I told Kevin Liles on the last game, 'Man, you supposed to have me in the damn game, dog. You didn't put me in the game.' So, he made the point, when they did the new game to put me in the game," Jon explained.

As Jon got his first chance to actually play the game, he was in awe of how it well it was put together -- everything from the music to the way the characters move, as well as the in-game celebrity fighters' trash talk was pristine.

"When you play the game, you don't even have to talk sh--, the characters talk sh-- on their own," the rapper explained. "My character be talking hella sh-- and it really sound like me. It's me. It looks like me, from the shoes to the dreads."

Gaming is a big part of hip-hop. Everyone from Krayzie Bone to Snoop Dogg has been involved heavily in various gaming functions, and Lil Jon is no different.

"We game a lot, we trash talk on 'Madden'," said Jon, but says "Def Jam: Icon" may be the new trash talking game for him and the homies."Def Jam: Icon" follows up Def Jam Interactive and EA's two previous titles, "Def Jam Vendetta" and "Def Jam: Fight for NY," both of which were very successful, but is the first release on the next gen consoles, Xbox 360 and PS3.

"It's no comparison. This new version, the music is crazy incorporated throughout. It's a major part of the damn game," said Lil Jon.

The new version features an all-star cast and a soundtrack of hip-hop hits as players live out the life of a hip-hop mogul, fighting all the way from industry outsider to hip-hop icon.

The roster spans the spectrum of music superstars such as Big Boi and Redman to industry legends including Russell Simmons and Kevin Liles.

Other playable characters include Jim Jones, Sticky Fingaz, E-40, The Game Melyssa Ford, Sean Paul and Ludacris, among many others.It is slated to hit stores throughout the nation on March 6th.

Young Jeezy Moves On Up, Eminem Rebounds, Luda Stays In Rapper Top 3

In this week's Hip-Hop Charts, Young Jeezy ascends, Eminem rebounds and Ludacris slides.
Stepping up his game this week, Young Jeezy moves thirteen steps up to No. 24. The Snowman still has fiends craving as he hustles 26,200 units. According to Nielsen SoundScan, The Inspiration has moved 884,700 copies in eleven weeks.

Eminem and his Shady affiliates also move up the ladder this week. The Re-Up climbs eight spots to No. 52 by moving 16,000 copies, bringing the compilation's total sales to 889,300.
Ludacris begins to lose momentum as the bump from his recent Grammy win fades. Release Therapy slips five seats to No. 53 (number 3 among rappers); scanning 16,000 CD's this week. So far, the album has sold 1,099,900 copies.

Jay-Z rockets twelve spots up to No. 55 this week. Kingdom Come reels in 15,500 units, bringing the album's tally to 1,367,200.

A sharp decrease in sales doesn't stop Nas from hiking two spots up to No. 60. Hip Hop Is Dead sells 14,100 discs this week. To date, the album has sold 647,900.

Birdman & Lil' Wayne continue to hang tough in the rap race. The Cash Money duo dash nine spots up to No. 61. Like Father, Like Son pushes 13,900 units this week, bringing the album's total sales to 633,700 copies.

Snoop Dogg C-walks five slots up to No.68. The Blue Carpet Treatment lugs in 12,500 discs. After 14 weeks, the album has sold 794,700 copies.

The Game has refocused his crosshairs on the platinum target and moves three sets up to No. 72. The Doctor's Advocate has moved 859,727 discs thus far, with 12,200 representing the week-in total.

After jumping 67 spots to No. 44 last week, Gnarls Barkley plummets to No. 73. St Elsewhere bags up 12,200 units this week. To date, the album has sold a total of 1,244,300 copies.
Diddy returns to the top 100 by leaping twenty-five seats to No. 75. The heightened buzz of his single "Last Night" helps Press Play shift 11,100 copies. After 19 weeks, the album's total reads off at 542,200.

After debuting at No. 84 last week, J.R. Writer plunges to No. 145. Writer's Block 4 only manages to move 5,800 units. The album's total sales stand at 18,700.

On the B-side, Akon returns to the Top 10, Robin Thicke and Justin Timberlake refuse to budge and Corinne Bailey Rae goes down.After dropping to No. 11 last week, Akon moves six slots up to No. 5. Konvicted scans 73,000 discs this week, bringing the album's tally to 1,642,900. Robin Thicke refuses to give up his No. 6 spot on all charts. The Evolution of Robin Thicke scans 68,000 units this week. To date, the album has sold 667,700 copies. Justin Timberlake also chooses to hold on to his spot at No. 7 FutureSex/LoveSounds shifts 62,000 discs. So far the album has sold 2,817,800 copies. Despite falling four spots to No. 8, Corinne Bailey Rae continues to keep cash registers ringing. Her self titled album bags up 56,100 units, bringing her album's total to 1,177,400. Gerald Levert, who debuted at No. 1 last week, slips to No. 9. In My Song moves 55,000 discs this week. After two weeks, the album's tally stands at 221, 100. Thanks to the success of her latest single, "Glamorous," Fergie moves seven spots to No. 13. Dutchess has moved 477,800 discs thus far, with 43,000 representing the week-in total. Jennifer Hudson's Oscar win and her performance with Beyonce at the event pushes The Dreamgirls soundtrack two spots up to No,. 16. The soundtrack ropes in 37,400 units, bringing the soundtrack's total to 816,700. Also moving two steps is Pretty Ricky at No.22. The Late Night Special moves 30,000 units in its fifth week. To date, the album has sold 313,900. Beyonce slips two spots to No. 27 this week. B'Day only sells only 24,300 discs and brings the album's total to 2,289,900. Wrapping things up is Ciara's Evolution which attains platinum status this week. Standing at No. 43 the CD rings in 18,500 units, bringing its total sales to 1,006,800.

Next week look for B.G. & The Chopper City Boyz to make an appearance on the charts.

Feb 28, 2007

Word on the net

Word on the net is Jay-z's baby momma has been reveled!!! This just in, as yo all have previously heard Jay-Z had a Baby Momma.

Now report have suddenly revealed who she is. Apparently, Jay-Z paid gorgeous Trinidadian model Shenelle Scott million bucks to keep his name off “their son’s” birth certificate.

Shenelle, was discovered by Jigga in Trinidad while he filmed his 1998 ‘Big Pimpin’ video.

Apparently they have a son named Prince. Now this kid does look like Jay, but after all the rumors we have heard about Jay, im not beliving it until Hov tells me. ( and i didnt write that on the pic. it came that way)

Create polls and vote for free.

Word on the net is Christina Aguilera has a new track track called "F.U.S.S." that disses Scott Storch. "F.U.S.S." means "F**k You Scott Storch."

Word on the net is The Game and Buck's situation was more based on misunderstanding and over-hyped security than anything else. Buck has announced over satellite radio that their beef is 100% over now.

Word on the net is Underground heavyweight and mixtape grinder Uncle Murder is about to come above ground. He has signed with Jay-Z over at Roc-A-Fella!!! Good look for Uncle Murder.

Word on the net is After signing independent powerhouse C-Bo to the label, I'm hearing Buck is about to add Tupac's Outlawz to the fold.

Word on the net is Freeway affiliated (or used to be affiliated) group Ice City is goin' at Free on a new mixtape called "Hydro: Freeway Exposed". Look at the cover here:

Word on the net is After droppin' his So So album on So So Def, I'm hearing Daz has bounced from Jermaine's stable and it appears the DPG member will be working the indie game only right now via KOCH and his DPG Recordz

Word on the net is Young Buck wants out of G-Unit. After reportedly making peace with The Game and being seen blazin' up with Jadakiss. he feels all of 50's beef is hurting his reputation throughout the industry and he would like to distance himself from G-Unit and 50 Cent.

Word on the net is JAY-Z AND DAME beef may be comming to an end. In recent Rocawear ads, the models in the ads with Mary J. are rocking Pro-Keds. As you know, that's Dame's shoe line. This could mean nothing but we will keep our eyes open

Maybe the folks at the Oscar committee saw this from mad tv and decided to give it up fast.
MAD TV - Forest Whitaker "Gimme Dat Oscar"

props go to illseed and the madd writer and anybody else who help with the rumors.
i cant do it without ya'll.

Daily Update 2*28*07

Cam'ron Moves Beyond 50 Cent, Attacks "Coochie Whipped" Nas & "Camel Face" Jay-Z

Cam'ron appeared on Funkmaster Flex's Hot 97 radio show yesterday (February 27) in New York to discuss upcoming Diplomats projects and his ongoing feud with 50 Cent and Jay-Z.

During the Q&A, the Dipset boss praised the man he claims to be pimping Jay-Z, gave his opinion on Nas' new video and revealed that he could possibly sign with Def Jam in the near future.

As previously reported, Memphis Bleek and Tru Life took shots at Cam'ron and his Dipset affiliates on a DVD clip which surfaced on YouTube last week. When queried about the attacaks by the Roc-A-Fella artists, Cam refused to acknowledge them and began berating Jay-Z.

"Who is that?" Cam scoffed referring to Tru Life. "I don't know who that is."

"I ain't never had a problem with Bleek. I don't know why Bleek is in this," he continued. "I got a problem with Jay-Z still, you know why? Because why are you calling a dude younger than you OG and you older than him. He's older than Juan."

Juan Perez, who Jay-Z refers to as "OG Juan," formed New York City based Baseline Studios, in which various Roc-A-Fella artists, including Hov, have recorded. He is also a co-owner of the 40/40 club franchise.

"Why is he calling him OG? You don't call somebody younger than you OG," Cam sneered. "You don't know him. Juan, keep that gaffle up, I'm proud of you boy. You smart, he's from Harlem, he real smart and I know what he's doing."

"Juan is smart. He owns 40/40. He pimped Jay-Z's whole budget in Baseline," explained Cam. "He said 'you know what you getting kinda old Jay, let's open a club' and pimped him for 40/40. Then he said 'I need a label Jay, why don't you give me Roc La Familia.' No problem. Then he says 'Jay, my artist [Tru Life] ain't popping, get on this mixtape. That mixtape got more play than Jay-Z's album."

"Juan, you the official OG from Harlem. You know when you got a mule," mocked Cam. "Keep him. Keep the mule. My fault, a camel, I didn't mean a mule".

When queried about his beef with 50 Cent which was sparked after the two argued on Angie Martinez's Hot 97 radio show earlier this month, the Harlem bred rapper claimed that he was defending the Diplomats credibility after hearing the G-Unit boss say "he could shut down Koch Records."

"I had never spoken to 50 before in my life. That was the first time ever talking to him,' Cam explained. "The last year or two, when 50 mentions Koch Records he calls it a 'graveyard' or he says 'if you go to Koch you wack'. We are the only popping artists on Koch. So on that day when he was talking about Koch, I felt if you are saying Koch is a graveyard, say 'Koch is graveyard except for the Diplomats', you know what I'm saying, you are leaving too much for speculation."

Cam also revealed that while reporting to his probation officer after his beef with 50 became official, representatives from the New York Police Intelligence Division who were at his PO's office told him they will be keeping an eye on the rivalry.

"The NYPD has a budget to watch Dipset and G-Unit for the next few months," Cam stated
The Dipset honcho also disclosed that his current record contracts will be ending.

"My deals are up next month. I like this part of the year, it's over at Koch, its one more at Asylum. Juelz is at Def Jam for four more albums, so I'll be getting money with camel face and them for a minute," Cam revealed. "Shout out to L.A. Reid, that's the real CEO."

"And another thing, Jay-Z is not the biggest selling artist on Roc-A-Fella," he continued. "Kanye is the number one selling artists on Roc-A-Fella. He sold 800,000 on the first week and dropped 80%. I heard him on a freestyle saying he sold 700,000 in one week; it's a brick if you drop 80%. Kanye sells more records than you and he supports all the feminists, no disrespect to him, but he's the No. 1 artist on Roc-A-Fella."

"The Diplomats album will drop at the end of the year, that's my last one on Koch," Cam'ron added. "We will be searching for a new label for The Diplomat brand with the exception of Juelz, unless we take it to Def Jam, which could be a possibility. It will make things smoother with L.A. Reid."

"I like Def Jam a lot, I really do," Cam said laughing. "I really like it over there, I really like Def Jam, now that the check is cut over there, they don't BS."

The interview wrapped up with Cam'ron premiering his latest single "Child of The Ghetto" while taking shots at Nas.

"The song is like before Nas was wack," said Cam describing the single. "It's like 'Represent,' you know before he got coochie whipped and all that. Why would you have a jump-off baby mother and then go to another celebrity who looks like she could be jumping off with whoever. I would keep my wifeys on the low after that. People wouldn't know who my wifey is after my baby moms wrote books and all that."

"No disrespect to him, I'm really past the Nas thing," he added. "Congratulations to whatever he is doing but I like Illmatic and all that. I don't like the tuxedo and pianos that I seen in his new video. He got old school ruffle jackets on with a vest and a piano. Go to Queens bridge if you wanna shoot your video, why are using a green screen? Why you got a green screen of Queensbridge? Go the middle of the projects and shoot a video."

[Listen To The Full Interview Here]

Prodigy Doesn't "Give A Fuck About Pac"?

It's no secret that Prodigy and 2Pac weren't the best of friends before 2Pac's tragic death in Las Vegas. After all, Pac talked about Prodigy's Sickle Cell Anemia and told him and Havoc to "back the fuck up, before you get smacked the fuck up."

So, why would Prodigy use Pac's voice in a song now?

"I wouldn’t base any problems that me and Pac had-that wouldn’t stop me from using his voice on a sample. ...It’s all about how the chorus sound-‘Oh that sh*t sound hot together-the Biggie and the Pac sample sound good-’ I don’t give a fu*k about Pac! I’m just saying that sh*t sound hot together; that’s a ill idea for a chorus. It don’t matter what Pac did or whatever…that’s not the case. The case is the sh*t sound like a good record," he told Nobody Smiling of a song that uses Pac's vocals in it's chorus.

As DX reported earlier this month, Prodigy is prepping the release of his next solo effort through Koch Records. Return of the Mac is scheduled to drop March 27. It will feature production from The Alchemist.

However, this won't be the only album Prodigy will be releasing this year. H.N.I.C. 2 is also being worked on for a 2007 release.

The track listing for Return of the Mac is slated to be as follows:
1. Intro

2. Return of the Mac
3. Mac 10 Handles
4. Raining Guns and Shanks
5. The Rotten Apple
6. Words From Majesty
7. Take It From The Top
8. Intermission
9. 7th Heaven
10. Bang On Em
11. Nickel and a Nail
12. Legends
13. Stop Fronting
14. Stuck On You

LAPD Looking For Diddy

According to, Sean "Diddy" Combs is living up to his bad boy alter ego again. The website says the LAPD is currently investigating him because he's being accused of attacking a man Sunday night at an Oscar party in Hollywood.

The story goes that Gerard Rechnitzer was with his fiancée at a post Oscar party held at Teddy's in the Roosevelt Hotel. At around 2 AM Monday morning, Rechnitzer, 27, saw his fiancée surrounded by six men, including Combs.

After observing Combs mack his girlie down for about 5 minutes, he told her it was time to go.

At that point, reports the website, Combs allegedly told the woman he was having a party and invited her to come. Rechnitzer persisted and asked said girlfriend again to leave with him. It was at that point that Combs allegedly said hello to Rechnitzer with his fist.

Rechnitzer then called 911 and the LAPD came and took a report, but Combs was long gone. By the way, Rechnitzer declined treatment after the ambulance arrived.

TMZ is also reporting that as many at five witnesses observed the incident.

50 Cent's New Beef: Baby Mama

50 Cent is reportedly taking steps to protect his fortune from the mother of his son, Marquise.
According to New York's Daily News, 50 recently filed papers in Family Court to help clarify child support arrangements paid to his child's mother. While 50 (born Curtis Jackson) has always provided financial support for his child, he and Marquise's mother, Shaniqua Tomkins, previously lacked an official arrangement. Friends told the Daily News the recent move was prompted by Tompkins' demanding displays of greed.

"It was just getting so out of hand. It was driven by greed. He felt it was necessary to get a court order making clear just what his responsibility is. He took matters into his own hands. It's usually the woman who files. But he wants to do the right thing," an unidentified friend of 50 told the Daily News. "50 has always provided for his kid. His son's mother is now making unreasonable demands, which seem to have no limits."

50 and Tompkins once lived together, but the couple parted ways five years ago. According to one friend, 50 purchased a home for Tompkins in Long Island "so Marquise could be in a good school district."

"He's paying a lot of child support. He takes [Marquise] on vacations. He just took him to L.A., where they saw Eminem together. He met Justin Timberlake and Timbaland in Miami. He took him to the NBA All-Star Game in Vegas. He sees his son very frequently. When he's on the road, he brings him out," 50's friend was quoted in the Daily News.

"Curtis puts his son's needs first. His son is well loved and taken care of. Anything else is a private family and legal matter," said Cindi Berger, spokeswoman for 50.

Sources are currently speculating that Tompkins may seek palimony. She recently hired upscale lawyer, Raoul Lionel Felder, who told the Daily News, "Ms. Tompkins is going to get more than fifty cents, I can tell you that."


Eddie Murphy’s publicist has come forward to address the criticism surrounding his decision to leave the Oscar ceremony once he lost the supporting actor award to “Little Miss Sunshine” star Alan Arkin.
As viewers may have noticed, the “Dreamgirls” actor and his date, Tracy Edmonds, were nowhere to be seen in audience shots following the announcement of his category. Only co-star Beyonce and director Bill Condon were seen looking on as Jennifer Hudson accepted her award for supporting actress later that evening.

"Eddie had always planned on leaving after his category was announced to spend the rest of the evening with his family," Murphy’s rep Arnold Robinson said, according to People magazine. "He did the same thing following the Golden Globe Awards," where Murphy actually won his supporting actor category.

Robinson was responding to the criticism received by his client from such outlets as and the New York Post’s Page Six, both of whom labeled Murphy ‘a sore loser’ for refusing to stick around.

While the couple may have bolted from the auditorium, witnesses tell People that “the pair was spotted just outside the theater doors in heavy conversation – and in a group-hug – with studio head Harvey Weinstein.”

Ice Cube Robs Church...In New Flick

Ice Cube has signed a deal with Screen Gems to star and co-produce an urban-themed comedy titled "First Sunday."

According to Daily Variety, Cube (born O'Shea Jackson) will play one of two men who bungle an attempt to rob a church. The two culprits take its parishioners hostage but the churchgoers end up convincing the robbers to see the error of their ways.

The film, which will be released to coincide with the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend, will begin production on May 14 in Los Angeles and Baltimore.

In related news, Cube recently completed filming "Are We Done Yet?" the Steve Carr-directed sequel to his hit comedy "Are We There Yet?" The flick will open in theatres this spring.

Young Jeezy Headlines First Tour, Planning USDA Album

Roughly three months after the release of his platinum-certified album, The Inspiration, Atlanta’s trapper turned rapper Young Jeezy will soon hit the road for the Street Dream Tour and release a new album.

The two month long tour will feature appearances by a number of Hip-Hop heavies including Jim Jones, Baby, Lil’ Wayne and Fat Joe on various dates.

The Street Dream Tour also will be Young Jeezy’s first time headlining his own major national tour.

Along with the Street Dream Tour, Young Jeezy also has plans to release the first album by his group USDA, United Streets D-Boys of America, early this spring.

USDA consists of Young Jeezy, Atlanta’s Slick Pulla, and Panama City’s Blood Raw.
The group has yet to name the label that the album will be released on. The first single from the group, “Check,” will hit radio later this week.

Young Jeezy’s newest single “Go Getta” featuring R. Kelly has steadily climbed the charts, entering the Top 40 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Airplay earlier this week.

The “Go Getta” video was recently featured on Black Entertainment Television’s (BET) Access Granted and 106 & Park.

Young Jeezy also made an appearance at BET’s first annual Hip-Hop Awards where he was a part of three different performances.


Actor Blair Underwood will step behind the camera to direct “The Bridge to Nowhere,” an indie drama starring Ving Rhames in the story of four blue-collar men who team with a destitute prostitute to create a high-priced escort service.

Underwood’s feature directing debut is scheduled to begin next month in Pittsburgh with Kristoff St. John of the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless” as one of the film’s producers. The project is under Smithfield Street Productions, headed by Mike Wittlin and Brian Hartman.

Underwood has previously directed five music videos and a short called, "The Second Coming." He's producing and starring in supernatural thriller "My Soul to Keep" for Fox Searchlight and producing the TLC series "Easy Money" with his partner Tommy Morgan Jr. for their company, Intrepid Inc.

Underwood's currently in CBS' "The New Adventures of Old Christine" and is slated to star in the upcoming HBO series "In Treatment."

Project Pat Leaves Sony Records

Memphis, Tennessee rapper Project Pat has recently left Sony Records.

The platinum selling rapper, who is responsible for the hit song "Chickenhead," left the label he's called home since 1998.

"He's still a Hypnotize Minds artist, but is seeking that major push from a label/distributor that can handle 'gangsta rap,'" DJ Paul said in a statement released to "Now Project Pat is really free.

"Pat, who is the stand third member of Oscar winning group Three 6 Mafia and brother of member Juicy J, is most known for his albums, Ghetty Green and Mista Don't Play: Everythangs Workin'.

His latest effort, Crook By Da Book: The Fed Story, is his first album since being released from prison in July of 2005, after serving four years on two counts of firearm possession as a felon.

In addition to music, Pat will be one of the stars of Three 6 Mafia's upcoming MTV reality show "Adventures In Hollyhood," which is slated to air April 5.

He will also play the role of Big Pat in Three 6 Mafia's upcoming film, "Choices 3: The Return of Big Pat," the third installment of Three Six Mafia's film series, "Choices."

Snoop wants Puff

Snoop Dogg and Diddy begin their European tour next month, playing under the "stupidest" name they could come up with.

The pair of hip hop stars have lined-up a series of shows across the continent, including a string of dates in the UK.

The tour, which commences in Oslo, Norway, on March 12, has been given the title "Snoop Pass The Puff".

An 'insider' commented: "They wanted the stupidest name for the gigs. They plan lots of surprises."

The tour is as follows

March 200712 Oslo, Norway, Spektrum
13 Copenhagen, Denmark, The Forum
14 Berlin, Germany, Max Schmelling Halle
15 Stuttgart, Germany, Schleyerhalle
16 Hamburg, Germany, Sporthalle
17 Frankfurt, Germany, Festhalle
18 Munich, Germany, Olympiahalle
19 Zurich, Switzerland, Hallenstadion
21 Paris, France, Bercy
23 Dusseldorf, Germany, Philipshalle
24 Brussels, Belgium, Forest National
25 Amsterdam, Holland, Heineken Music Hall
27 London, UK, Wembley Arena28 Cardiff, UK, Cardiff International Arena
29 Manchester, UK, MEN Arena
30 Glasgow, UK, SECC
31 Dublin, Ireland, The PointApril
01 Dublin, Ireland, The Point
02 Nottingham, UK, Nottingham Arena

Swizz Beatz 'It's Me Snitches'

Shakira & Beyoncé - Beautiful Liar

Feb 27, 2007

News Update

George "BigFase 100" Taylor Responds To Altercation On Set of Spider Loc's Video Shoot

Rumors of an altercation between George "BigFase100" Taylor (Brazil Street Records/The Game's Brother) and a person on the set of a Spider Loc video shoot have run rampant on the Internet today.

HHNLivecontacted BigFase100 to clarify what went down:

"Spider Loc welcomed me (BigFase100) to be in his new vid. I welcomed the opportunity. The quick shot was filmed on Brazil St. DUBCNN came and I got the chance to holla at them on a positive note. The shot for the vid was good.

As everything was wrapping up, an old fake ass nigga (from my hood who runs to Glendale to suck Jayceon's (The Game) dick about once a week) got at me about "havin' crabs (Crips)" in the hood. Can't no nigga tell me who I can have on my block!

The nigga started loud moufin. As niggaz started to leave, he got up in my face and to keep it 100% real, the nigga caught me with a blow to the side of the head and dropped me. I started to pop the grease off this nigga. But I'm a thinker and if I went out like that, my life was over.

So to let you know the real, $$$ buys niggaz in these streets. After me and Jayceon (The Game) split up, niggaz that knew me for 20 years went sideways on me just so they could get closer to him and possibly get somethin' out of him.

Bottom line-
Fuck this gang shit!
I been out here for 20 years doin' it nonstop!
I'm tired of it. If you hustlin' keep hustlin'! & fuck with yo proven real ones
People wanna see me go to jail 4 life, it's not happenin
'I got work to do out here! - BigFase100"

And when asked if everything was cool with Spider Loc, BigFase100 said "we good".

Lil' Wayne Apologizes To Jay-Z

In a recent interview with XXL Lil' Wayne was asked about how we went from being the best rapper alive since Jay-Z retired to being flat out better than Jay. Surprisingly enough, Weezy offered an apology to Jay for his comments;

"I’m glad you brought that up, ’cause I wanna apologize to Jay and his family and friends, because I was asked that question and they put it in there like I was just feeling like, “Oh, you know what, nigga? I’m better than Jay!” They came at me like, “So you say you’re the best. Can you say that you’re better than everybody? Would you say you’re better than Jay?” I was like, “Yeah, nigga, I’m better than everybody!” But I’d like to throw that apology out there ’cause of whatever trouble I caused, I ain’t want that to happen."

That is nice of him to man up and apologize, but if you remember, his original statement about being better than Jigga wasn't all that casual and just "thrown out there." This is what Wayne said in the interview with Travis Barker in December when he was asked about Jay.

"I'm better than him, I'm 24 years old. ... I'm 13 years deep with five albums and 10 million records sold. I don't like what he's saying about how he had to come back because hip-hop's dead and we need him...What the f--- do you mean? If anything it's reborn, so he's probably having a problem with that. You left on a good note, and all of the artists were saying, 'Yo, this is Jay's house. He's the best.' Now he comes back and still thinks it's his house. ... It's not your house anymore, and I'm better than you."

Also don't forget that after that made headlines Wayne called into Hot97 to add “I want people to just look at it like that dude who came out of college that was supposed to get drafted by the #1 team, which was Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam … They passed on me and now I’m with a good team and a good coach and of course on every interview I’m gonna cut down the team that didn’t pick me.”

Philadelphia Phillies Shortstop Jimmy Rollins Launches Entertainment Company

The speedy switch-hitter, affectionately known as J-Roll, is not content to simply be known as a do-it-all lead-off hitter for the Phillies, as he has also launched his own entertainment company: Rollins Entertainment.

Rollins is the CEO of Rollins Entertainment, which is a subsidiary of his newly formed umbrella company Bay Slugga's Inc., which teamed up with Bigg Swoop and Bright Riley of Eyecon Music Group to launch the first two acts Rollins signed to his fledgling label. Rollins is personally overseeing the albums of his newly signed artists, both for his R&B act Sergio and his Bay Slugga's Inc. label-mate, The League, a cutting edge rap group whose time has come thanks to Jimmy. The project also includes the aristry of multi-platinum superstar producer Mannie Fresh and the extraordinary talents of multi-platinum, master mixologist, Mr. Leslie Braithwaite.

"Anything short of the World Series this year will actually be a disappointment for the Phillies. In the past I couldn't say that with conviction. I really think we are the team to beat. I feel that way because of the additions we made in the off season to our pitching staff. We now have a power pitching staff to go along with our other weapons. As for the launch of my entertainment company, I love challenges. Sports is what I do. I love sports. That came naturally, but I have larger ambitions that extend beyond the playing field. I've got my music business up and running and I'm polishing my business skills. Through my business ventures I intend to be a part of something great. Not just in sports, but in life," Jimmy said.

Bay Slugga's Inc. will be distributed by Universal Music Group's Indie distribution arm; Fontana/Eyecon, with the first releases coming during the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2007. In addition to his Bay Slugga's record label, Rollins is also a part owner of the HGTV (Home & Garden Television) top rated show "Flip This House." Rollins also will be launching "The Jimmy Rollins Foundation" this year to provide scholarships for disadvantaged inner city youths in Philadelphia.

"I am not a 'what if' kind of person ... I am trying to accomplish and explore everything that I can while I'm still young. That's why I flipped the script from an employee of the Phillies to an employer with Rollins Entertainment. I am a business man. I have advisors and investments and so forth, but I choose to take a proactive role in my business pursuits and with imagination and dedication, create other opportunities for myself as well." Jimmy said.

Rollins is one who understands fully that yesterday is history, tomorrow's a mystery and today is a gift, which is why it is called "the present." Rollins is unwrapping his "present" and discovering all that it has to offer.

Bishop Lamont More Controversial Than Eminem?

"Fuck the Klan."

Bishop Lamont is speaking out.

Lamont is relatively new to the mainstream, but is backed by none other than Dr. Dre. While still prepping his next album, he has recorded tracks for a new mixtape and much like Dr. Dre's other proteges, he is dropping it with a slew of controversy.

"[Dre] was like, 'The only other cat that made me uncomfortable was Em,' " Lamont told
MTV recently. "I got this other [song] called 'Street Theology,' and it's just looking at religion. [Dre] was like, 'I don't know, you talking about spitting from the Good Book and [sex acts]. I don't know.' ... My auntie is a minister. I got a lot of family in the Mosque. It's the same thing as it is in the streets, but the kids gotta relate to it. ... [Dre] said, 'I'm uncomfortable, but it's good.'"
The mixtape is full of controversy, as it shows Lamont wearing KKK gear on the front cover.
"F--- the Klan," he said. "I'mma rock your sh-- and make fun of you. I'm clowning them like 'F--- these n---as. You gonna have to find something else to rock, 'cause we gonna make people laugh at you.' ... That's how people should look at the Klan and racism — as a joke — because they're f---in' lost."

Expect to hear more from Bishop, as he is slated to appear in Detox and Eminem's next LP.

Mixtape of the week