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Mar 10, 2007

Cam'Ron-C.U.R.T.I.S Pt.II

I gotta Give it to Cam, he going hard at your boy.

Hey, aint Nicky Barnes from Harlem???

Mar 9, 2007


is it just me or is he talking to MJB?!?!

Im Hip Hop Throwback Friday.

aight ya'll its throwback Friday.
so here are my 1st throwback videos (props to my boy highlight, Raiders homie Raiders)

Since its about to get hot, I thought i would hit ya'll with a little bit of this.

and some of this

if you have any old vids you wanna see shoot me an email at

make sure you put throwback in the subject. The best ones i'll post.

We Reminisce over you

i guess i wouldn't be a hiphop site if i didn't have something about biggie. So here you go.

Biggie Speaks On Himself

Now, who better to speak on Biggie's career than the Notorious one himself? Recently, some of his words were taken out of the vault and put in print. Let's take a minute to read what the man had to say about his own career, hustling, struggles and triumphs.

"I make music about what I know," he told MTV. "If I'd worked at McDonald's, I would've made rhymes about Big Macs and fries and stuff like that. In Brooklyn, I see hustling, I see killing, I see girls, I see cars — that's what I rap about, what's in my environment. Everything I did on the album was all about me. Me and Brooklyn. My Brooklyn representees know that. All that everyday struggle, waking up, check-cashing place, it's 9 o'clock in the morning, that's all Brooklyn, baby. That's all real. As far as somebody else not liking it, it's on them, man. I got love from the peeps, it's all good. I look at myself as the eyes of the world. At the same time, I know what people want to hear and that's not all I rhyme about. If it's one thing I heard about Ready to Die, it's that it's a full, rounded album. I got songs for the girls, I got songs for the thugs, I got songs for the radio. I try to put a little bit of everything into everything. I'm not a one-sided person."

"I'm still shy, I'm a quiet dude. I say the things I want to say in my music. When I first started off, I just wanted everybody to close their eyes and just listen to what I'm saying and picture everything. I think I came across with that. When I came out with the "Juicy" joint, it was like an introduction to let everybody know how it went down with me as far as the hustling and [how I] got in the rap game, and it was all good. "Big Poppa" is a joint for the honies and the willies and the players out there. You know, that seems to be thing right now, everybody got their Kangol — they want to be players — all the honies in the house, it's a party joint. Puff said, "Let's get the money," so that's what we went for, get the money. The video [for "Big Poppa"] is just the way we do it. If you was with me and Puff on the regular at parties, you would see: We go to clubs, we buy out the bar, we just have a good time. Nothing but dancing and chillin' out."

On "Suicidal Thoughts" [I was] stressed, living in that back room. It gets like that, yo, it gets like that. I really can't speak for nobody else, but I can speak for [Junior M.A.F.I.A.'s Lil'] Cease. Because I know when you dead broke and your baby moms is yapping and your daughter's crying and your moms is yapping and you stressed out, man, anything can come to a head. It's critical! Sometimes a n---a just be like, "I wish I was dead so I don't have to go through the problems." That's how I was feeling, so I just dropped a line on it. What makes my flow so ill sometimes is that I just don't care: I will say anything, you know what I'm saying? I knew that that would be a bugged line to say, so I said it. I ain't killing myself though — gettin' crazy lucci [money].I heard [some people] that said my career reminded them of Big Daddy Kane's, how I came out hard and strong at the time, which is all good, but I'm just trying to stay above water, stay busy, stay working. Puff told me the key to this joint, the key to staying on top of things, is to treat everything like it's your first project, like it's your first day, you know what I'm saying? Like he was [as] an intern — you just stay hungry.

Rest in Peace.
Busta Rhymes Speaks On B.I.G.

Some say the greatest died on March 9. being that today is March 9, why not look back on his career? Recently, Busta Rhymes and other celebrities spoke up about the legendary MC.

Me, Big and Jay-Z went to school together. Big wasn't even rhyming then, he was just hustling. So it was weird to see him become so incredible lyrically when he was the last one to become an MC. He was the first one to have the biggest success," Busta Rhymes told MTV of his old friend.

"My last moment with Big was out of town, Jay-Z was staying in that same hotel. Jay-Z wasn't there but Big was laying on the bed. The whole crew was there. He said, "Yo. My favorite MC, the most dangerous MC, is Jay-Z." I said, "What?" Jay-Z had Reasonable Doubt. Big was at 2 million with Ready to Die, but he still felt that Jay-Z was the dude to keep your eye on," he added.

Busta also noted BIG's status in the game in such a short time.

"It takes most people a lifetime career to establish what he established with one album."
Chris Rock also spoke on the legendary Brooklyn MC.

"Ready to Die, parts of it are really classic! I used to see Biggie outside of McDonald's on Fulton Street [in Brooklyn] all the time. He never drove — it was always somebody driving him. This was around the time "Juicy" came out."
(source hhdx)

You Make the Call

I just got word from a very reliable source that Jay-z and Nas are in talks to do a Complete album together. The title I'm hearing is "The Best of Both Worlds 3: A tale of two Kings". Now, There is no doubt this would be a landmark occasion if this actually happens, But this could also be just another wild rumor. So With that being said i Give you today's poll:

Daily Update 3*9*07

DMX In Hot Seat Again, Misses Court Date For Driving Violation

DMX's legal issues continue to mount as the Yonkers bred rapper failed to make an appearance in court yesterday (March 7) to answer for a February traffic arrest in his hometown of Yonkers.

According to reports, X (born Earl Simmons) was found driving with a suspended license on February 2 after blowing a red light. During Wednesday's proceedings the prosecutor asked the judge to issue a warrant for the rapper's arrest, but the request was denied.

X also reportedly missed a pretrial hearing on Tuesday (March 6) related to another traffic arrest.

As previously reported, the gritty voiced lyricist was arrested in June of last year for driving at unreasonable speeds, making unsafe lane changes and driving without a license.
X missed two court dates related to that arrest and was jailed overnight before posting a $2,500 bond.

Foxy Brown Charged With Battery and Resisting Arrest

Prosecutors in Broward County, FL officially filed charges of battery and resisting arrest without violence against Foxy Brown on Wednesday (March 7) according to a report by website

The charges stem from a February 15 incident during which Queen Beauty Supply owner Hayssam Ghoneim claims the rapper squirted hair glue at him, attempted to push him and knocked over display shelves in the store. A police officer who responded to a call placed by Ghoneim later stated that he had to employ a "takedown maneuver" on the diminutive rapper when he took her into custody.

During a press conference on February 26, she denied the allegations and suggested that the Broward County Police were guilty of racial profiling and police brutality. On March 1, Foxy pleaded guilty to violating her probation by traveling to Florida without prior permission, and was ordered by the judge to continue serving her six month probation sentence from a prior assault charge.

Bow Wow Gets Down To Business, Investing In NBA Team

Music may be Bow Wow’s present occupation, but the rapper is laying the groundwork for life beyond the mic with various business ventures.

Among those is Prestigious, a shoe store he co-owns with Atlanta radio personality Greg Street.
The store is the first taste of business success away from the music industry for
Bow Wow, who plans on opening another sneaker store, franchising his first McDonald’s and sharing ownership of an NBA basketball team.

"I can’t say what team yet, but it’s definitely gonna go down with a certain NBA team," Bow Wow told and hinted that news about the investment will be made public at the end of next month.

Those wondering if Bow Wow’s pursuit of acting has taken a backseat need not worry. The multi-tasking emcee is taking steps to make major moves on the big screen.

"I have a lot of stuff on the table," Bow Wow said. "I want to do two movies this year and I definitely have the opportunity to do so. Be expecting two movies out of Bow Wow. Two big movies out of me. I guarantee one of these could possibly be, if I do this movie, could definitely be like an Oscar role or an Oscar movie for sure."

With Blacks making strides at the recent Academy Awards, the opportunity seems right for the rapper to make an impression.

"Black Hollywood is definitely wide open and I’m just trying to really go ahead and take it over now," Bow Wow shared. "I got the opportunity to do so. Why not?"

Despite the surge in extracurricular activities, Bow Wow is aware that his good fortune stems from what got him to the table.

The rapper, who is currently gearing up for a summer tour, will soon be heard alongside Mariah Carey on Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's forthcoming album Strength and Loyalty.

"Music has always been something that I love to do, but at the same time it’s opened up a lot of doors for myself to tap in to different markets," said Bow Wow, who is anxious to get back into the studio to start work on the follow up to his most recent album, The Price Of Fame "Luckily, these markets have been things that I’ve been dying to do and that I really want to do as far as movies and other business ventures, so life is great right now, I can’t complain at all," Bow Wow said.

Buck and Game make peace.

Only days before the anniversary of Big's death, Buck and Game have squashed their feud. Interestingly, 50 Cent and Game also "ended" their beef nearly two years ago on March 9th. Let's just hope this one remains peaceful. Word is DJ Reflex and DJ Skee of Los Angeles' Power 106 put Game and Buck on the phone earlier this week.

The two were actually slated to meet at the station later that day, but Buck's legal team wouldn't let him go up due to cases he has pending.

[Listen Here]

"It basically went from Buck and Game coming to the studio tonight with me and you to let LA know that they're all good, everything is cool, they're moving on, to a phone call 30 minutes ago saying that Buck's legal wouldn't let him come up because there are cases that he has in D.C. and this and that," Skee revealed. "

Great news that Buck and Game did get on the phone in LA today and they both came to a conclusion that it's time to move on, it's all good, that Vegas stuff, let's put it behind us. Let's keep it moving."

50 Cent Plans 2 More Solo Albums, Links With Justin Timberlake

50 Cent recently revealed that he is planning to release two solo albums by February of next year.

The G-Unit boss divulged to Blender magazine that after he drops his third album, Before I Self Destruct, this year, he will release a follow up in February 2008.

According to 50 (born Curtis Jackson), the album due in '08 will be his last CD of original material for Interscope Records; since his five-album deal with the label includes a greatest hits disc.

"We'll see if they give me $100 million dollars [to re-sign]," 50 told Blender.

Before I Self Destruct, which is currently slated for a June release, reportedly features collaborations with Timbaland, Justin Timberlake and Rich Harrison, among others.

Juvenile Sued

New Orleans rapper Juvenile is being sued for damage he and his crew allegedly caused to a tour bus they were renting from a Tennessee based bus company.

According to the Nashville Post, Ziggy's Custom Coaches filed suit against Juvie and and his UTP Records last week in Davidson County Court. The lawsuit states that "the bus was trashed, evidencing splashes from a liquid that stained curtains that were torn off of their rods, trash everywhere, burn holes were in the upholstery, and the rear cooler counter-top was broken."

In addition to the $2357 that it cost to repair the damages, the plaintiff is seeking "all of the remaining periodic payments under the lease." The lease specified a charge of $750 per day.

Rap-A-Lot Records CEO J. Prince and Aubrey Francis, both of whom are listed as partners in the UTP label, are also named in the suit.

Lawsuit Be Damned -- Kim K. Sex Tape to Be Released!

Despite Kim's pending lawsuit, Vivid Entertainment is going forward with a March 21 release of "Kim Kardashian Superstar" -- the sex video Kim made with then-boyfriend, Ray-J. Steven Hirsch, Co-Chairman of Vivid, told "I met with Kim yesterday and unfortunately, we didn't even come close to reaching an agreement. We will now immediately move forward with the release."

After Kardashian filed suit last month, Vivid announced that they would temporarily halt production. The company feels confident that they have a legal right to distribute the DVD of the video. They paid an unidentified third party $1 million for rights to the tape, which was made three years ago.

Vivid promises a new preview clip will be available next week on

Despite the lawsuit, Hirsch tells TMZ he is still a huge fan of Kim's. "Kim has all of the qualities that we look for in a Vivid Girl. She's both beautiful and well-spoken which is a rare combination. In fact, if she was a Vivid Girl I might have cast her as 'Debbie' in our 'Debbie Does Dallas...Again' TV series which debuts [Friday] night at 11pm on Showtime."

A rep for Kardashian confirms Kim and her manager met briefly with Vivid, but says nothing was resolved. She says Kim will "continue to vigorously defend and protect her legal rights" and adds that her lawsuit against Vivid is still very much active.

Jackson 5 Reunion In The Works

Michael Jackson is hoping to make $500 million from a reformation of the Jackson 5, it has been claimed.

The embattled pop superstar, who is currently working on new solo material with Will.I.Am of Black Eyed Peas fame, is hoping to make a dramatic comeback in Las Vegas.

According to reports, Jacko and his brothers will play 250 concerts in Vegas, alongside a full U.S. and world tour.

Apparently the series of concerts in the American desert will be accompanied by the construction of a casino, stadium, and hotel erected in Vegas to mark his pop legacy.

D12 Return In June With "Natural Born Killers"; Eminem In November

After nearly three years since their last group effort, D12 is finally ready to release their third and possibly final studio album, "Natural Born Killers". After being delayed for nearly a year due to the tragic loss of their friend Proof, and other factors, the album is slated for a release date of June 19, 2007.

Mr. Porter, of D12, will be executive producing the album this time around, and fans can expect guest appearances from Obie Trice, Nate Dogg, 50 Cent, Dina Rae, Three 6 Mafia, Fat Killahz, and Big Herk. There will also be production from Eminem, Dr. Dre, Timbaland, Kanye West, Hi-Tek, Swizz Beatz, and J.R. Rotem. The first single, which pokes fun at fans who have been unhappy with Eminem and D12's more recent work, is set to hit the streets in April.

Fans can also expect Eminem's yet-to-be-titled fifth solo effort in November of this year.

Ciara on Love, Children and 50 Cent

For those interested in the singer's love life, she spoke up regarding her status.

'I'm 21 and I'm single and I have to enjoy myself. But I am one person who enjoys love. I love love. I'm looking forward to that day when Prince Charming is in my life. I know it sounds cheesy. But one of my goals is to have a solid family and have kids....I want to have my first child by 25," she continued. "That's not too young, is it? I want five kids, and there's no way I can have five kids and start too late," she recently told MTV.

Romantic rumors were swirling after her collaborative track with 50 Can't Leave Em Alone, surfaced. Nevertheless, the singer also opened up about the rumors to say it was only a song.

"I felt like I needed a rapper to complete it and bring life to the record even more," she added. "I felt 50 was perfect because of his persona and the way he moves on a record. His melody is amazing. We didn't [record in the studio] together, but he is a sweet person."

Her next single, Like a Boy is also on the way. It's video will feature NFL star Reggie Bush, who will show off some of his acting skills.

"It's a record for my women...It's something we all go through. I had a lot of girl talks during the album-making process, and we all shared so many stories that were similar. It's amazing how we all go through similar things. So I said, 'What would it be like if the roles were reversed?' It's a female-empowerment record."

So, where does she go from here?

Ciara expressed an interest in acting in one film this year. However, she did note she was more focused on music. Expect a few more singles from The Evolution. Also, add Ciara to the Summer Concert list, as she will headline a world tour near the end of the Summer season.


We dont know if shes from the French Quarter, the Garden District or Calliope Projects in the Third Ward, but the first black princess to star in an animated musical from the Walt Disney Company is now confirmed to hail from the city of New Orleans, it was announced Thursday.

Still rebounding from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the Big Easy has been chosen as the animated setting for Disneys upcoming musical fairy tale, The Frog Princess.

"The film's New Orleans setting and strong princess character give the film lots of excitement and texture," Walt Disney Studios Chairman Dick Cook told AP Thursday at its annual shareholders' meeting, which also took place in New Orleans.

Singer-musician Alicia Keys has reportedly been lobbying hard for the role, however, no announcement has been made regarding the actress who will voice the lead character.

John Lasseter, chief creative officer for Disney and the Disney-owned unit Pixar Animation Studios, said the movie would return to the classic hand-drawn animation process, instead of using computer animation that has become the industry standard. He called the film "an American fairy tale."

John Musker and Ron Clements, who co-directed "The Little Mermaid," "Aladdin," and "Hercules" will co-direct the movie. The pair also wrote the story for the film, due for release in 2009.

Mar 8, 2007

Memph Bleek is......

The folks at XXL, did an interview with Bleek, and he got some real talk for ya'll so i thought i would post it. Enjoy.

After weeks of holding his tongue, Memphis Bleek breaks his silence on his feud with Jim Jones and The Diplomats.

The last several months have been tumultuous for Memphis Bleek and Roc-A-Fella Records. While Jay-Z’s battles with The Diplomats are well documented, Memphis Bleek has stayed relatively quiet, deciding not to get involved. That changed when Jim Jones added fuel to the fire by scolding Bleek about his lack of platinum plaques and money during a Hot 97 interview with Funkmaster Flex two weeks ago. The comments crossed the line and drew Bleek into this ongoing war between the two factions. Bleek is no stranger to beef, though. Through his eleven years in the game, he’s battled the likes of The Game and Jaz-O. Now, the self-proclaimed “heir to the throne” sets the record straight on Jim Jones with XXLMAG while also discussing his association with Jay-Z and what he’s got going on in the lab.

How do you feel about Jim Jones’ comments on Hot 97 two weeks ago?
Jim Jones must have been in a cage for the past 10 years if I don’t have any gold or platinum albums. I’ve been in the clubs for the past 10 years. He has one joint. Let’s see if he survives. But [this situation] motivates me to get back out there and keep bangin’ ‘em. Jim Jones can’t keep up with my lyrics or money.

He’s also made statements that you’re not financially sound.
Everyone wants to make assumptions that Jay takes care of me just because he said it in a rhyme [Jay’s verse on Kanye West’s “Diamonds from Sierra Leone”]. That’s only if Bleek falls off. I’m good, though. I made my millions by myself. My checks come from Malik Cox [Bleeks’ real name], not Shawn Carter.

When Jim was on the radio, did you want to call the station and respond?
I was in the studio [at the time], why would I call the station? That’s wack to me. If there’s a problem, I’m gonna see you in the club or the street and then bust ya head, straight up. You know my career. I don’t start problems; these dudes just come at me because they think something is sweet. Now, I’m going to gun their whole team down.

Jim Jones also said he confronted you, but you were busy tying your shoes.
That doesn’t even make sense. I buy a bunch of sneakers everyday, I don’t have time to lace them. This whole situation started when we were up at Def Jam and they [Dipset] tried to front on my man [Bleek refused to name his friend]. This happened in the parking lot right outside of Def Jam. I ain’t gona lie, I’ll give Jim his little props because he didn’t bitch up or run. He was like, “Yo, I ain’t got no problems with you Bleek, or none of y’all. My problem is with homey. I’ll shoot the fair one if it’s all good.” So I’m telling my man, ‘Fight the nigga, because as soon as you throw you’re hands up, I’m gonna lay him.’ He [Bleek’s friend] didn’t want to fight him, though. I guess it wasn’t the right time. We still chumped them niggas, though. We were on some Brooklyn shit, like, “What the fuck you lookin’ at? I’ll knock your head off.” Them niggas ain’t want no problems.

Jim said he ran up on you and The Roc in Baseline Studios with 60 Bloods?
When? Where? That nigga used to gamble and lose his money to us everyday. Where was the tough guy act then? You have to remember, we tape everything. Cameras are always rolling. I have tapes of them gambling with us in Baseline. He didn’t have 60 niggas with him. You’re a clown if you have to roll with 60 niggas. Come on, I don’t need that many. 60? You’re buggin’. I’m cool by myself.

How do you feel about other members of Dipset taking shots at The Roc?
JR Writer just sold 12,000 copies [of his Writers Block 4 mixtape]. He’s at No. 84 [on the Billboard charts]. He’s not even on my radar. The thing is, I don’t even know these dudes. When Cam and Jimmy were around, they weren’t there. I don’t know them and they don’t know me. They are just making shit up. I don’t pay them any attention. I’m a real, face-to-face type of dude. If there is a problem, then let’s scrap.

After Jim’s comments, do you now feel forced to be apart of this rivalry?
I will never turn my back on my niggas. I chilled in the beginning, because he told me face-to-face, “It’s not a problem.” I didn’t really pay attention to the raps and the interviews [at first]. I just looked at it like; they are really trying to sell some records.

How many plaques do you have?
I got three gold albums [Coming of Age, The Understanding, M.A.D.E.]. My last album [534], sold 400,000 [copies]. The Understanding sold 950,000 [copies], it almost went platinum. That’s why this is the new and improved Bleek. I got a different type of hunger now. I worked with the big homie, but now it’s time for me to bring my niggas.

Do you think people overlooked your skills because you’re associated with Jay-Z?
Definitely. It’s the gift and the curse. That’s why people take shots at me, because they wish they were me. They wish they were connected to Jay. I think I really cheat myself because I don’t take advantage of the situation. I can get Jay on my hooks, spit a 16 and all of that. But Jay isn’t in the studio with me. Jay hears my music when everybody else does. I haven’t even see Jay since we came back off the world tour. We were both in Vegas [for NBA All-Star weekend] and I didn’t even see him. People just think we are together everyday.

Why do you think there is such an emphasis on Jay’s age?
These niggas are the same age as me. How young do you think they are? Cam been in the game for 12 years. Do you really think he’s 22-years-old? That nigga is 30 something. He’s fronting, straight up. Jim Jones looks like a fucking carpenter. He’s about 32. These niggas act like they are 22. Juelz is the youngest in the whole crew. Everybody else is in their 30s with two or more kids.

What new material are you working on?
I just dropped a new mixtape with DJ Whoo Kid called Heir To The Throne. I’m also working on this tape with DJ Green Lantern. I just put two records in the streets. This joint with Bone Thugs~N~Harmony and Akon called “Never Forget Me” and one with Biggie called “Duckdown.” I also cooked up with my man Just Blaze for this joint I just released called “Step Up.” Its going to be a problem.

Daily Update 3*8*07

Melle Mel On Being Inducted Into R&R Hall OF Fame "It Takes Us Out of the Realm of Just Hip-Hop"

Hip-Hop pioneer Melle Mel recently chopped it up about being a part of the first rap act inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, his new CD and why rap needs to mature.

Being the lead MC of the seminal group Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Grandmaster Melle Mel (born Melvin Glover) has embodied hip-hop for close to three decades. Now, having achieved the feat of being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, the pioneer feels that this is a milestone not just for the group, but for the culture as a whole.

"I think it's super huge from the perspective of being the first to be inducted into such a prestigious institution alongside greats like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix and others. It's just another feather in the cap for hip-hop," Mel told SOHH.. "That means that there are other people who feel that we're worthy of being remembered on that level. It takes us out of the realm of just hip hop music and into the realm of music period."

Even though the group has achieved this status in their careers, Mel still feels that the contributions that he and the group made are still largely overlooked.

"We don't get that recognition from the industry," he laments. "Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, you can't even compare us...what the Beatles did for rock and roll, we did that times ten for hip-hop. A lot of [younger hip hop fans] don't know who we are. They think that hip hop started with Run-DMC. A lot of people still don't understand who we are and what we meant to this culture."

Forgotten props aside, the icon is pushing ahead and continuing to record new music, recently releasing the album Muscles this past February. With Scarface being the lone guest appearance on the single "New Truck," Mel is shying away from the feature-overloaded album and is pleased with the reception that his music is getting.

"It's being received well," he says of the record. "My plan is to force the industry to allow hip-hop to grow up. They try to force it to be a youth-based genre and that ostracizes a lot of people who even know what real hip-hop is. Through good planning, marketing and promotion, people will understand. Rap has to have a more mature voice and face."

With a clothing line through parent company Sedgwick and Cedar and more music on the way, Melle Mel is bent on forcing hip-hop to remember his name and importance to the game.
"People forget, I invented the modern term of calling the guy who raps the MC. Everything that it took to bring this together, we did that."

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 5 will be formally inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at a ceremony at New York's Waldorf-Astoria Hotel on March 12.


Bobby Brown’s attorney Phaedra C. Parks has come forward to clear up reports about her client’s supposed deal with Washington D.C. radio station Hot 99.5 in relation to his release from a Massachusetts jail.

The station said Brown agreed to appear on The Kane Show for one week in exchange for its payment of the $19,000 in back child support Brown owed to the mother of two of his children.

Whitney Houston’s soon-to-be ex-husband was tossed in jail last Sunday when he couldn’t come up with the money. On Wednesday night, he was released after his brother Tommy arrived at the jailhouse with a check covering his debt.

Hot 99.5 said it was responsible for bailing the star out of lockup, but Parks says that is completely false. She tells Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Buzz Central: “99.5 did not pay a penny towards Bobby’s bail. Bobby was released from jail on Wednesday night as I was en route to Boston. Furthermore, the monies promised by 99.5 were not received by my office until late Friday afternoon via a wire transfer. The money was promptly returned upon receipt.”
Hot 99.5 FM rep Jessica Ritch confirmed that the money was returned, adding: “We were told that we were bailing him out of jail. The money had been up-fronted, and our money would be used to pay back the person who originally fronted the money. On Friday we learned that he was already out of jail.”

Parks said: “There was never a signed contract or any formally executed agreement regarding Bobby’s appearance on 99.5. This appears to be a publicity stunt by 99.5 at Bobby Brown’s expense.”

Both Parks and Brown are scheduled to discuss the matter on the Tom Joyner Morning Show today at 8:30 a.m.

Nas Set To Perform On MTV Live

On March 15, Nas will perform on the MTV Live series, which will air across MTV, MTV2, mtvU, MTV Tr3s,, and on MTV Mobile on Verizon's V Cast. The MTV Live series features monthly live performances recorded at the Hard Rock Café in New York City's Time Square.
Fans can expect another stellar show, with Nas performing classic tracks, such as "New York State of Mind," as well as songs off his latest album, Hip Hop Is Dead. The list includes his new single, "Can't Forget About You," "Hustlers," "Let There Be Light" and the produced title track, "Hip Hop Is Dead." MTV Live is available online at

Timbaland Wants To Save Britney

It appears that superproducer Timbaland has got a real soft spot for his buddy's ex-girlfriend and resident Klan look-a-like Britney Spears. Timbo told Entertainment Weekly that he wants to save the washed up singer's career, and uh, other things.

"I just want to hold her hand," Timbaland says. "I want her to be in my camp, to be around Justin. I need Justin to talk to her. Help her, please!" All of this, just because he's a nice guy. "I feel her pain, it really bothers me. I'm the type of person who tries to save the world. I just want to take her away, go overseas, and work it out."

Not one to step on toes, Timbaland asked Justin - whom he refers to as his best friend - if he would be on board if he started working with Britney. "I asked Justin, 'How would you feel about me working with Britney?' I had to ask him that. I said, 'Would you do it with me?'"
The answer? "She's just gotta be serious."

Spears recently checked into a drug and alcohol rehab program in Malibu.

Swizz Beatz To Work With Coldplay??

Swizz Beatz has already hit the mixtapes and clubs with his single, "It's Me, Bitches." The radio friendly version, "It's Me, Snitches," has gotten some spins and now, he's speaking about what he calls his first real album One Man Band Man.

"I was just drunk," he told Billboard of his first single. "I didn't want to go out to the club, so I just chilled in the studio. I knew I had a concept for the song, so I went in the booth and it just came out."

Although the album will feature production/collaborations with Kanye West, Just Blaze, Chris Martin (Of Coldplay) and other producers, Swizz noted that he wants to stand alone, as well. "I didn't want my album to be like I was leaning on a whole bunch of other artists like crutches," he added. Swizz has some major plans for the future. He is planning a Crash-like video, with the actual director of the film.

Reports also indicate that there may be an up-coming remix to his first single, which may feature Jadakiss, Kanye West, R. Kelly and more. Aside from working on his album, Swizz has been busy helping others. J. Lo, Whitney Houston, 50 Cent, Usher, Chris Brown and others have also been working with Swizz on other projects. The album, One Man Band Man, is set to hit stores May 15 through Universal Motown.

Jermaine Durpi Honored For Lifetime Achievement

Jermaine "JD" Dupri will receive the Quincy Jones Lifetime Achievement Award at the 21st Annual Soul Train Music Awards.

JD is also being honored by the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) on April 18, as Songwriter of the Year Award during the 24th Annual ASCAP Pop Music Awards - an honor he shares with his protégé singer/songwriter, Johnta Austin.

In 2005, Dupri received the prestigious ASCAP Golden Note Award in recognition of his groundbreaking achievements and was named Songwriter of the Year at the ASCAP Rhythm and Soul Music Awards in 2005 and 2006 for songs by artists Bow Wow, Mariah Carey, and Usher.

Recognition from both Soul Train and ASCAP come on the heels of Dupri being appointed president of Island Records - a new division of the Island Def Jam Music Group - where he will oversee their operation and lend his production services to the entire stable of music labels under parent company Universal Music Group.

The 21st Annual Soul Train Music Awards, hosted by R&B singers LeToya Luckett and Omarion, will be taped on March 10 in Pasadena, CA and is scheduled to air nationally in syndication during the week of March 17. Check your local listings for show times.
Rip The Runway Goes Down In NYC

BET's third annual Rip the Runway was taped Tuesday at New York City’s Manhattan Center Ballroom (formerly known as the Hammerstein Ballroom). Artists, fans. Designers and fashion enthusiasts gathered in the name of style. However, Rip the Runway is not the typical fashion event. BET CEO, Debra Lee explains why there was excitement abuzz.

“Rip the Runway, is a great event. I love the fact that it’s fashion -- Hip-Hop fashion -- and that it gives exposure to designers who don’t normally have it, and I think people can relate."

Hosted by Chris Brown and Ciara, some of the lines modeled included Baby Phat, G-Unit Cllothing, Amaya Swimwear, LRG, Brand Jordan, Apple Bottom, Monif C, Mychael Knight and The Steve Harvey Collection. There were performances by Rakim, Mims and Rich Boy, and unexpected twists like Brooke Hogan modeling Apple Bottoms.

The night was centered predominately centered around Hip-Hop style and fashion, proving that three work well together. Julito McCullum, from The Wire, wearing a “Brooklyn” sweatshirt, and a gold dookie rope chain, had his own theory why the combination is perfect.

“They [Hip-Hop, style and fashion] work so well together because what’s going on with Hip-Hop right now, is trends set by kids like us. We got this Hip-Hop thing on lock and the fashion comes because everybody wants to be fly in Hip-Hop so that all comes together as one.”

With sights set beyond Rip the Runway, McCullum begins taping the next season of The Wire, airing in September 2008 soon, he has some movies coming out, and says that rapping is possibly in the works as well. Rip The Runaway airs on Wednesday, March 14 at 10:PM., three years strong and counting.

Carmelo & La La Gave Birth To A Baby Boy

Congrats to Carmelo Anthony and La La Vazquez!!

Lala gave birth to a son, Kiyan (pronounced kai-ann)
yesterday (March 7,2007) afternoon. He weighed 5 pounds, 9 ounces and was 18½ inches long.

Here is a quote from Carmelo
“I am excited to announce the newest edition to the Anthony family, our baby boy, Kiyan Anthony, was born at 1:35pm, weighing 5 lbs, 9 oz. and is 18 1/2 inches long.


Jay-Z held an all-out birthday bash for his friend Beanie Sigel, who is tight-lipped about being a member of Roc-A-Fella Records once again.
Roc fam Freeway, Memphis Bleek and the Young Gunz were all in the house to help celebrate the event at Jay's 40/40 Club in Manhattan, New York on Tuesday (March 6). Others in attendance included Tyrese, model Melyssa Ford, Dres of Black Sheep and Beyoncé, according to MTV.

(props to YBF for the pics)

N-word, bias focus of trial

A black employee contends in a federal civil rights lawsuit that he was fired from his job at a Chester County manufacturing plant after complaining about unequal treatment of black workers.

The company says that the employee was fired for using a racial slur in the workplace.
The lawsuit, set for trial this week in U.S. District Court in Columbia, raises a sensitive, widely debated issue: Is it ever appropriate for black people to use the N-word?

The N-word has been regarded as a positive term by some African-Americans, said Adolphus Belk Jr., an assistant professor of political science and African-American studies at Winthrop University.

He noted the late rap artist and social activist Tupac Shakur once changed the spelling of the word, dropping the “E” and “R” and adding an “A,” to create an acronym that stood for “Never ignorant about getting goals accomplished.”

In his lawsuit against Guardian Industries, Eddie Curry, a packer at the Richburg plant, says the reason that he was fired had nothing to do with the N-word.

While a white employee alleged Curry used the word, Curry contends his white supervisors fired him in November 2004 in retaliation for his complaints about how other black employees were treated. In court papers, Curry said he complained at least five times between August and October 2003 about “denied promotions and equal treatment.”

Curry, a Guardian Industries employee for about two years, said he was not allowed to defend himself when he was fired and was not given specifics about the allegation against him.
Curry asserts he is the victim of racial discrimination under the federal 1964 Civil Rights Act. His lawsuit asks for unspecified actual and punitive damages from the company, which makes glass for the building and automotive industries.

Efforts to reach Curry, who lives in Lancaster, or his lawyers with the Gist Law Firm in Columbia for comment were unsuccessful.

Beverly Carroll, a Charlotte attorney representing Guardian Industries, said Curry was fired solely because he violated the company’s anti-harassment policy.

“The company terminated Mr. Curry because it has a policy that prohibits the use of any language or actions that can be considered racially motivated,” she said.

In court papers, company officials said they learned, after Curry’s firing, that he had used the N-word often “to and around employees of both races” and “physically threatened other employees on a consistent basis and otherwise engaged in a pattern of behavior that caused fear to other employees.”

Curry sued the company in July 2005 after filing a discrimination complaint with the S.C. Human Affairs Commission.

In court papers, the company said the state commission and U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission determined there was “not sufficient evidence to support the claim” by Curry. Officials at the state commission would not comment, citing state and federal law.
The trial before U.S. District Chief Judge Joe Anderson is expected to start Wednesday and last several days.

Winthrop’s Belk said the N-word still is used because race discrimination continues.
“We could stop everyone from saying the word, but that wouldn’t stop everything that causes people to say the word,” he said.

R. Kelly - I'm A Flirt (Remix) (Feat. T.I. & T-Pain)

Juelz Santana Rap City Freestyle (03-07-07)

B.G. Steals Young Jeezy's Position, Eminem Continues To Hold It Down

In this week's Hip-Hop Charts, B.G. makes an impressive debut, Young Jeezy keeps rising and Eminem stays put.

Making a debut on the charts this week at No. 21 is B.G. and his group The Chopper City Boyz. According to Nielsen's SoundScan, the New Orleans collective manage to reel in 27,000 units on their first-go around with their project titled We Run This.
Young Jeezy continues to reign supreme as he moves two steps up to No. 22 . The platinum horizon is foot away for The Inspiration as it scans 23,600 discs this week, bringing the albums total to 908,370.

Eminem and his Shady crew refuse to give up their No. 52 spot. The Re-Up bags up 13,700 units this week. To date, the compilation has sold 903,100 copies.

Nas continues to stay afloat despite declining sales. Posted at No. 58, Hip Hop is Dead ropes in 13,100 units this week. The albums tally stand at 660,100.

Birdman and Lil' Wayne move one spot up to No., 60 this week. Like Father, Like Son has moved 646,500 CDs thus far, with 12,800 representing the week-in total.

Also making a debut on the charts this week at No. 63 is Slim Thug's crew the Boss Hogg Outlawz. The group's CD, titled Serve & Collect, lugs in 12,300 copies in its first week.
Ludacris continues to slide down the ladder. Release Therapy slumps eleven spots to No. 64, pushing 12,100 units this week, bringing the
album's total sales to 1,112,000.

Jay-Z's seesaw ride on the charts continues this week, dropping twelve slots to the No. 67 position. Kingdom Come only hustles in 11,901 units this go around, bringing his total numbers to 1,300,000.

Diddy continues to ascend up the totem pole as his single "Last Night" keeps gaining momentum. Press Play moves seven spots up to No. 68 by selling 11,900 copies this week, right behind Jigga. The album has sold a total of 554,000 copies after twenty weeks.

Tha Blue Carpet Treatment, Snoop Dogg's latest disc, gets lifted two levels to No. 68, rolling in 11,800 discs this week. The album's total sales numbers read off at 806,600.

The Game gets sidetracked this go 'round, slipping seven seats to No. 79. Doctor's Advocate hauls in 10,000 units this week and 869,800 in total.

On the flip side, Akon steps up, Robin Thicke follows suit and The Dreamgirls soundtrack returns to the Top 10. Akon continues to kill the competition as Konvicted scans 73,400 discs this week. Hanging at No. 3, the album has sold 1,716,300 copies in 16 weeks. Robin Thicke moves one spot up to No. 5. The Evolution Of Robin shifts 57,000 copies this week, bringing the album's tally to 724,700. Also moving up one spot this week is Justin Timberlake. Kicking at No. 6 , FutureSex/LoveSounds sells 53,500 this week. To date , the album has sold 2,871,300.The Dreamgirls soundtrack leaps eight spots to No. 8. The CD has sold 861,400 copies thus far, with 44,600 representing the week-in total. A decline in sales pushes Corrine Bailey Rae one spot down to No. 9. Her self titled album moved 44,500 units this week, bringing its total sales to 1, 222,000. Fergie moves two spots up to No. 13 this week as Dutchess sells 42,000 discs this week. So far, her album's tally stands at 1,519,800. Slipping seven spots to No. 16 is Gerald Levert's In My Songs , which bags up 32,700 units this week, bringing the albums total to 55,100. Pretty Ricky slides three spots to No. 23. Late Night Special pushes 22,900 copies this week. After six weeks, the album has sold 336,900 copies. Posted at No. 26 this week is Beyonce. B'Day shifts 21,900 discs and brings the album's total sales to 2,311,800. After attaining platinum status last week, Ciara leaps fourteen spots to No. 29. Evolution scans 19,000 CDs this week. To date , the album has sold 1,025,900 copies.

Next week look for The Notorious B.I.G.'s Greatest Hits CD and Consequence's debut to make an appearance on the charts.

Mar 7, 2007

Snoop Dogg Enlists Nate Dogg On "Boss' Life" Single

Many of you will now already be aware that the next single to come from Snoop Dogg's latest solo outing "The Blue Carpet Treatment" is set to be the Dr. Dre produced, Akon featured, "Boss' Life." All however, is not always as it seems.

Due to label politics and a variety of issues Akon has not been cleared for the tracks release as a single and as such Snoop Dogg has enlisted the one and only Nate Dogg to replace Akon on the record. As you would expect Nate Dogg provides his own twist on the track, reworking the chorus and adlibs throughout - the new version of "Boss' Life" can be heard below.

Snoop Dogg - Boss' Life (Feat. Nate Dogg)

With the single almost ready for its official release the duo filmed the video clip last week at Sony Studios, the final version is currently being edited down for release to all outlets within the coming weeks. At the shoot, recently made V.P. of Doggystyle Records, JT Bigga Figga wrote and recorded a verse for a remix of the track which we have exclusively below.

Snoop Dogg - Boss' Life (Remix) (Feat. Nate Dogg & JT Bigga Figga)

Daily Update 3*7*07

Young Buck Involved in Club Brawl In NYC
G-Unit rapper Young Buck was reportedly involved in a physical altercation at New York City nightspot Eugene last Friday (March 3).

According to New York's Daily News the Tennessee MC and his entourage left the Chelsea club after an unpleasant exchange of words turned into real violence.

"It was one of those fights where everybody was going at each other," a witness told the Daily News. "Young Buck looked like he wanted a piece of the action and started swinging punches, too." No injuries were reported as a result of the incident.

In related news, 50, who is engaged in a lyrical battle with Cam'ron, recently fired back at the DipSet rapper in Young Buck's "Hold On" video, which also surfaced on the internet on Friday. At the end of the clip, 50 pokes fun at Cam's pink truck and claims the Harlem emcee has AIDS and not Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

"You taking about you got IBS, you got A-I-D-S, that's why they call you Killa," scoffs 50. "Fuck around and brush your teeth, your teeth bleeding, niggas drink behind you and have all kinds of shit. They show up 30 pounds lighter, taking about 'All I remember is I had a little bit of Cam Snapple.'"

C-Murder Gag Order Lifted By Judge

A Louisiana judge ruled last week that Corey Miller, better known as C-Murder, can promote his latest CD and novel while under house arrest, but still cannot discuss his second-degree murder charge.

The 35-year-old rapper, brother of Percy "Master P" Miller, was ordered to remain at his grandma's house in Kenner, La., until a new trial is scheduled regarding the 2002 death of a 16-year-old, who was shot during a club brawl.

"As it pertains to his livelihood, (Miller) can speak to whomever he likes on the phone insofar as it doesn't relate to this case," said Judge Martha Sassone.

In June, the judge ordered against Miler "discussing or divulging any aspects of this case without anyone not a party.

" In court papers filed last month, Miller's legal team said the gag order violated his constitutional right to free speech, adding that Miller faces "severe consequences" because he cannot earn money to pay legal fees and to support his family.

Twice last fall, Sassone turned down Miller's request for interviews to promote his CD, but allowed him to be photographed in his grandmother's home.

While imprisoned Miller also wrote the book, "Death Around the Corner." According to his author's notes, Miller wrote the manuscript in jail and mailed the notebooks to family members over a two-year period.


Rap group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony have recruited some high-powered music talent to participate in “Strength & Loyalty,” their next album due April 17 through Interscope.

Akon is featured on the first single "I Tried," while Mariah Carey and Bow Wow take part in the Jermaine Dupri-produced intended second single, "Lil L.O.V.E," reports

Other artists making guest appearances include The Game, Twista and gospel star Yolanda Adams. Production on the disc is provided by Swizz Beatz, Akon and the Black Eyed Peas'
The album is also expected to include vocals from group member Flesh-N-Bone, who has been locked up on weapons charges since 2000.

A 90-minute as-yet-untitled film is expected to be released in conjunction with the new album.

Lil Jon Developing Cartoon With Comedy Central

Lil Jon is currently in the process of creating an animated cartoon with Comedy Central, which will feature both him and his family. The cartoon, titled "A-Town," will be a comedy focusing on the rapper, his family and their life in his hometown of Atlanta.

"It's a hilarious cartoon, I think everybody's gonna love it," Lil Jon said

The rapper/producer says it is ficitonal and is not really about his actual family, but in the cartoon, expect his fictional family to be crazier than he is.

"Everybody thinks I'm gonna be the craziest character, but my family is crazier than I am," Jon explained. "It's just about living in Atlanta; me and my family living in Atlanta and all the crazy stuff we get into."

According to Jon, the script for "A-Town" have been completed and Comedy Central should begin animating the episodes soon. But, as of press time, there is no release date as to when they will begin airing.

Lil Jon also revealed that he is currently working on three films, but did not disclose any further information. And has been in and out of the studio finishing up his next album, Crunk Rock, which is due later this year.

Quik, AMG Talk New Group 'The Fixxers,' Debut New Material
Veteran Compton, CA rappers Quik (formerly known as DJ Quik) and AMG recently debuted material from their new group, The Fixxers.

The Fixxers performed material from their upcoming debut album, The Midnight Life during a performance Sunday (Mar. 4) at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood.

The performance was one in a series of West coast dates that Quik has embarked upon since being released from prison. Quik served a five-month stint in jail for violating the terms of his probation, surrounding the assault of his sister.

In June 2006, Quik surrendered to authorities for violating the terms of his probation for an incident in 2003, in which the rapper/producer, born David Blake, pulled a gun on his sister and another man during a heated argument.

Quik was originally sentenced to 45 days in jail on the weekends after he pleaded guilty to the assault, but he never served the time.

The result was a probation violation, causing Quik's jail time to be increased to 150 consecutive days behind bars.

"The record is sick,” Quik told after the performance. "When I first got out of jail, I felt as though my career was over, I was all broke and hungry and sh**, but my accountant opened up my eyes and said that my career is just now beginning.”

According to Quik, The Fixxers are halfway through recording The Midnight Life and are looking to land some big name talent to support the project, which is being produced entirely by Quik and AMG.

"There are no collabos on the album as of yet," AMG told "We are looking to work with Young Joc and Young Jeezy. We also are putting YoYo back on the map by doing a record with her as well."

The Fixxers' first single "Can You Werk With That" recently hit the net and various radio stations.

According to Quik, who recently dropped the "DJ" from his rap name, the album will feature the quality production he is usually associated with.

In addition to his album with The Fixxers, Quik has produced records for artists like Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Snoop Dogg, 2Pac, Talib Kweli, Ludacris, Jay-Z and others.

“With our new record, we are doing all the work ourselves," Quik said. "Its definitely going to be hot, because we are both perfectionist, and with whatever we do, it has to be nothing but the best. I make everything I do absolute and not relative.”

The Midnight Life is slated to hit stores this summer

50 Cent To Sit Ringside And Support Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Boxing star Floyd Mayweather Jr will have a new tough guy ally in his corner when he steps into the ring for the fight of the year in May - rapper 50 Cent.

50 Cent helped the fighter celebrate his 30th birthday the weekend of Feb. 24th-25th in Las Vegas, where Mayweather will fight Oscar De La Hoya.And 50 has plans to help Mayweather make the most of his fight night - by providing him with a hardcore rap soundtrack to help him get in the mood.

A Mayweather insider says, "50 has suggested a hitlist of tracks that may help Floyd get mentally fight prepared. In return, Mayweather has passed on some training tips to 50. They've become good friends."

50 Cent will be among the stars cheering on Mayweather ringside when he fights De La Hoya at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 5th.

Reps For Kanye Deny Reports Of Transatlantic Meal

A Cardiff, Wales based restaurant that is preparing an expensive meal for rapper Kanye West and then flying it to New York may be steamed, as representatives for the rapper have revealed there was never any plans for West to dine on fine cuisine.

Reps for West dismissed reports that a music promotion company paid over $3,900 plus travel expenses to fly the head chef of the British Raj to Manhattan, where West and several associates were dine over a business meeting tomorrow (Mar. 7).

"The story is patently false," a representative for Kanye West told today (Mar. 6). "There is no business meeting on Wednesday. Kanye is in LA working on his
TV show. He doesn't know about any restaurant in Wales."

The meal, which is reportedly enroute to New York with head chef Kayson Ahmed, consisted of a specially prepared fish dish, vegetables and other delectables.

West is also in Los Angeles recording new material for his upcoming album Graduation.

Tyrese Goes Back To High School, Surprises NYC Students

Actor and recording artist Tyrese has teamed up with the Entertainers 4 Education alliance and is set to pay a surprise visit to a group of NYC high school students today (March 7).

The multi-platinum artist will pay a visit to a group of students at an undisclosed NYC area high school today at 3 p.m. in an effort to support the mission of the Entertainers 4 Education Alliance, which is to "inspire and encourage youths to follow their dreams, make smart choices, stay focus and most importantly stay in school."

The organization helps to encourage youth in the NYC area to stay in school and helps them to pursue opportunities in higher education. Tyrese will be taking a break from his "Alter Ego" tour, which kicked of in NYC at B.B. King's on March 3, in order to make the appearance. The tour is in support of his latest J Records release, Alter Ego, which hit shelves late last year.

Tyrese is just the latest artist to be recruited by the Entertainers 4 Education Alliance. As previously reported, the organization recently partnered with Jim Jones to sponsor the "Achieve Your Dreams Poetry Contest" this past January to benefit at-risk youth in New York. The contest received hundreds of entries from students throughout the city with the winners receiving a book stipend to pay for books for college and an internship opportunity to work directly with Jim Jones.

Eminem Signs Exclusive Agreement With Universal Music Publishing

As fans await a new musical offering from Eminem, the Grammy-winning rapper is celebrating his latest business endeavor with Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG)

The company, part of the Universal Music Group, announce today that it has signed
Eminem to an exclusive worldwide administration agreement.

The deal includes songs from the rapper's greatest hits collection, Curtain Call, as well as tracks from Eminem Presents: The Re-Up and songs co-written on 50 Cent's The Massacre album, as well as the Akon-featured single "Smack That."

"Eminem is an icon for millions of music fans around the globe," said UMPG chairman and CEO David Renzer. "His success as a writer and producer for both his own records as well as other artists continues to grow. We are honored that Eminem and his representatives have chosen Universal Music Publishing Group as their new home."

In addition to the worldwide administration of the rapper's song, Eminem and UMPG will launch Shady Music Publishing, which will give Eminem and his manager Paul Rosenberg the opportunity sign other writers and artists.

Comic book hero Captain America dies

Captain America has undertaken his last mission — at least for now. The venerable superhero is killed in the issue of his namesake comic that hit stands Wednesday, the Daily News reported.

On the new edition's pages, a sniper shoots down the shield-wielding hero as he leaves a courthouse, according to the newspaper.

It ends a long run for the stars-and-stripes-wearing character, created in 1941 to incarnate patriotic feeling during World War II. Over the years, an estimated 210 million copies of "Captain America" comic books, published by New York-based Marvel Entertainment Inc., have been sold in a total of 75 countries.

But resurrections are not unknown in the world of comics, and Marvel Entertainment editor in chief Joe Quesada said a Captain America comeback wasn't impossible.

Still, the character's death came as a blow to co-creator Joe Simon.

"We really need him now," said Simon, 93, who worked with artist Jack Kirby to devise Captain America as a foe for Adolf Hitler.

According to the comic, the superhero was spawned when a scrawny arts student named Steve Rogers, ineligible for the army because of his poor health but eager to serve his country, agreed to a "Super Soldier Serum" injection. The substance made him a paragon of physical perfection, armed only with his shield, his strength, his smarts and a command of martial arts.

In the comic-book universe, death is not always final. But even if Captain America turns out to have met his end in print, he may not disappear entirely: Marvel has said it is developing a Captain America movie.

Juelz Santana & DJ Whoo Kid Talk About Beef (3-6-2007)