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Mar 24, 2007

Tony Yayo Arrested For Assault of Teen

Tony Yayo has been arrested, as the 14-year-old son of a music industry rival is charging the rapper assaulted him.

Yayo, born Marvin Bernard, and other members affiliated with G-Unit Records have been detained by New York authorities for their connection to the assault of Jimmy "Henchmen" Rosemond's 14-year-old son.

Yayo was with an entourage that was returning from a brief trip to Africa when authorities apprehended them.

Sources weren't clear what charges, if any, have been levied on the men.

Representatives for Violator denied that 50 Cent was detained, but refused to comment on Yayo's arrest.

Yayo and others were taken to a precinct in downtown Manhattan to be identified by the teen, who will be accompanied by his mother.

The police also questioned the men as well for statements on the alleged assault.

The alleged assault happened on Tuesday (Mar. 20), as Rosemond's 14-year-old son left school on the way to an internship with his father's Czar Entertainment, an entertainment-based record label/management firm.

Czar Entertainment, located on West 25th street in New York, is in close proximity to Violator Management, the company that handles 50 Cent's career.

According to sources close to Czar, 50 Cent and Tony Yayo were leaving the offices of Violator Management and saw the boy walking down the street, wearing a Czar Entertainment T-shirt.

They were apparently unaware that the teen was Rosemond's son.

According to sources, Yayo backhanded the teen then screamed profane words towards Czar Entertainment.
Violator wasn't available for comment on the charges, but sources within the company denied that 50 Cent was present at the alleged assault. Counsel for Tony Yayo wasn't available at press time.

If found guilty, these charges could have an adverse impact on both 50 Cent and Tony Yayo.

Tony Yayo served two consecutive sentences after he was arrested in December of 2002 on a weapons-possession charges.

He was eventually sentenced for bail-jumping and wouldn't be released until early 2004.

50 Cent has been arrested a number of times in his formative years for selling illicit drugs, but currently has an album on deck tentatively called Before I Self Destruct.

The disputes with the two camps have several layers.

Jimmy "Henchmen" Rosemond and his Czar Entertainment manages The Game, one of the fiercest opponents of the G-Unit movement.

Furthermore, 50 Cent and Rosemond battled in court over The Infamous Times - Volume I: The Original 50 Cent , a DVD about the "original 50 Cent," a deceased criminal from Brooklyn, NY named Kelvin Martin.

(L Note: Guess its time to pull out them old "Free Yayo" shirts again.)

Mar 23, 2007

ImHipHop Videos:D.O.E. - Piano Man (Scott Storch Diss)

(L note: Personally I'm getting tired of this beef. Tim's album gets a release date, and all of a sudden he has beef with Scott Storch?? See what 50 has done??)

ImHipHop Throwback Videos

Today's Throwback is sponsored buy the letter 'L". (let that sink in)

Shouts out to April from Hockessin, Delaware. (yea, i never heard of it either)

if you have any old vids you wanna see shoot me an email at make sure you put throwback in the subject. The best ones I'll post.

Mar 22, 2007

ImHipHop Videos

( L note: I'm running a little behind with this today, but here is Snoops new video Boss's Life Feat. Nate Dogg. Now if you remember my earlier post, Label b.s. prevented Akon from being in the video So Snoop put Nate in his place, I cant say I'm feeling this version more, but hey you be the judge.)

Snoop Dogg Feat Nate Dogg- Boss's Life

(L note: is it just me or are the lox the most underrated trio in rap? i mean damn Kiss is crazy, Styles is crazy, and Sheik is on some other ish. I'm going to need Hovie Ali, to go ahead and sign them to group and individual deals so the can get some credit. Anyway here is Styles and Swizzy from Rap city the other day.)

Styles P & Swizz Beatz Rap City Freestyle (03-21-07)


The sex tape is all over the Internet. Now I cant post it, however, i can tell you where to go.

or just click these

Do i even gotta say these are not work friendly????

Daily Update 3*22*07

Jimmy Henchmen's Son Assaulted, Sources Claim 50 Cent, Tony Yayo Responsible has confirmed that rumors spreading about the recent assault of the son of Hip-Hop music mogul Jimmy "Henchmen" Rosemond are true and the 14-year-old is considering charges against two of rap's biggest stars - 50 Cent and Tony Yayo.

Sources close to Rosemond's Czar Entertainment told the assault occured on Tuesday (Mar. 20), as Rosemond's 14-year-old son was heading to his internship at his father's record label/management firm, located at 11 W. 25th Street.

According to sources, 50 Cent and Tony Yayo were leaving the offices of Violator Management, which is located on 36 W. 25th Street, when they saw the boy walking down the street, wearing a Czar Entertainment T-shirt.

Tony Yayo and several associates allegedly approached the teen and confronted him, not knowing he was Rosemond's son.

"As 50 was getting into his SUV, he hand signaled over to Yayo and his entourage to approach and harass the boy," a source told "After being interrogated for several minutes as to why he was wearing a Czar Entertainment sweatshirt, Yayo pushed the boy up against the wall."

Yayo allegedly backhanded the boy and shouted several explicatives directed toward Czar Entertainment.

According to sources, criminal charges may be filed against 50 Cent, born Curtis Jackson and Tony Yayo, born Marvin Bernard.

Tony Yayo is managed by Violator Artist Management, which also handles the careers of 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes, Young Buck, Lloyd Banks and other G-Unit artists.

According to sources, Rosemond and Yayo had an earlier exchange of words in front of The Apollo during Justo's 10th Annual Mixtape Awards in Dec. 2006.

A source close to Violator Management denied that 50 Cent was involved in the incident and noted that Chris Lighty's brother was also the victim of a recent attack, which the source blamed on individuals associated with Rosemond.

"50 wasn't there," a source close to Violator told "They should do whatever. But we will charge Jimmy Henchmen sent someone, who got in a fight with Chris' [Lighty's] brother. 50 and Chris weren't even in the building when the incident happened."Czar Entertainment manages the career of Too $hort, Ali & Gipp, Trillville and former G-Unit member The Game, who was engaged in a now infamous feud with 50 Cent and his entire G-Unit crew.

(L note: So Yayo is now bullying little kids now, Yayo's what 38, lil man is 14????
I hate to say it but somebody going to get bodied for this)

Beanie Sigel Confirms Move Back To Roc-A-Fella; Reveals New Album

After being away from the limelight for a little bit, Beanie Sigel has been resurfacing as of late, revealing some interesting news.

A week after celebrating his birthday at Jay-Z's 40/40 Club in New York with all the Roc-A-Fella staff present, Beanie has confirmed that he is back with Roc-A-Fella.

On Wednesday (March 21), the rapper called into to New York's Hot 97 radio station to speak with DJ Absolut about his current situation and a little about his return, confirming rumors of his move back to his former label.

"You can expect B. Sigel... you can expect that at Roc-A-Fella," the rapper said on the air. "I'm coming. I took a little vacation off just to chill, watch things..."

The things he's referring to are jabs taken at him via freestyles and mixtape tracks. Even though he's been away, he's been listening. "A lot of people getting beside they self. I hear a lot shots being popped at me. I'm here to do what I do -- hitman for hire," said Sigel.

Although he did not specify anyone in particular, he did say that when the album drops, he's gonna "tap" someone up, so fans will have to pay to find out whom.

As far as his forthcoming album, it will be tentatively titled The Solution and will feature collaborations with Jay-Z, as well as production from Just Blaze, but that's the only names he will reveal as of now.

According to Sigel, the title is "self explanatory. The solution to a lot of things that's going on; I'm the solution."As of press time, The Solution is still in the works and has no release date as of yet.

Timbaland Opens Up In New Issue Of Entertainment Weekly; Says He Is Disappointed In Jay-Z

In the March 30th issue of Entertainment Weekly, Timbaland opens up about a variety of topics.


Timothy "Timbaland" Mosley has been excelling at everything. It seems the super producer/rapper has the midas touch, as he has brought success to many big names such as Justin Timberlake, Missy Elliot, Nelly Furtado, and more. While his previous attempts at making his own album weren't successful, Tim is making another attempt with Shock Value (due April 3), and it features everyone from Elton John and Dr. Dre to Fall Out Boy. The album is so chock-ful that a contribution from one of hip-hop's heaviest, Jay-Z, did not make the cut. The album's deadline was hours away and Jay Z's track was still incomplete so Tim had no choice but to eliminate it from the record. "Jay's really disappointed me," he says.


One man who has tried to take away from Timbaland's success has been one-time collaborator hip-hop producer Scott Storch. In 2002, Storch was a keyboard player for Timbaland, even playing piano on "Cry Me A River," which he claimed to have written the hook for. Tim disses Storch on the newly released Shock Value single "Give It To Me" (I'm a real producer and you just the piano man". Storch quickly shot back: On "Built Like Dat," he claims that he and Tim's engineers are the true authors of Tim's hits. Tim broached the subject of his feud with EW. "I know he got a little record out," Tim says. "I just want him to destroy his career. Because that's what he's doing. But I gotta be real smart. The more I talk about him, the more I big him up…I gotta pray on it."


And for the first time ever, Tim speaks publicily about when he was shot at age 17. He was doing work as a DJ, and held a series of menial jobs, including washing dishes at a Red Lobster, where he was constantly bumping heads with a local thug. One night, Tim's tormentor wandered into the kitchen as he was punching the clock to leave. "I got somethin' for ya," the guy said. "Oh yeah?" Tim retorted. "What you got?" His nemesis then pumped off a gunshot from a weapon hidden inside a bag; the bullet passed through Tim's neck and lodged in his right shoulder (fragments remain to this day). One positive thing out of the incident? The shooting helped him form a bond with 50 Cent. "I'll tell you this," Tim says, "if you get shot and you survive, you feel like your;'e an incredible hulk. Them bullets don't hurt when they go in. But then they got that burnin', that acid burn. God damn! It feels like a stove burning in your blood. You feel like any minute you gonna be dyin." And he continues. "I been through some junk," he sighs. "It ain't all been peaches and cream."

For more on the article be sure to check out:,,20015644,00.html

T.I. And Tiny Endure A Terrrible Loss!!!

T.I.’s long time girlfriend and Baby’s mother, as well as former Xscape member — Tameka “Tiny” Cottle has allegedly miscarried their soon to be expecting bundle of joy.

While the details are sketchy at the moment, what I can tell you is that she was roughly five months pregnant, and is currently recovering at an Atlanta hospital.

Our hearts here at IHH go out to Tiny, TI and their families.

KRS-One, Marley Marl Say 'Hip-Hop Lives' With New Album

One of the most legendary feuds in Hip-Hop history will come to an end with the May 22 release of Hip-Hop Lives, created by two pioneers and former rivals, KRS-One and Marley Marl.
The pair's now legendary beef started in 1985 with MC Shan's classic record "The Bridge," which paid homage to Shan's place of birth, Queensbridge, New York.

The single, which was produced by Marley Marl, helped establish Marley Marl and his group of MC's, The Juice Crew, which featured Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Master Ace,
Biz Markie, Craig G, Roxanne Shante MC Shan and others.

KRS-One and his Boogie Down Productions crew accused Shan of implying Hip-Hop was started in Queensbridge. KRS retaliated with the anthem "South Bronx," which proclaimed the Bronx as Hip-Hop's original birthplace.

Despite their legendary feud, the two have gone on to very successful careers.

KRS-One has released 15 albums and three books over the course of his career, while Marley Marl has produced for platinum rappers and artists like LL Cool J, Eric B. & Rakim, TLC and others.

The pair concocted Hip-Hop Lives long before the recent proclamations that "Hip-Hop Is Dead."
"It all happened with one phone call," Marley Marl told during a Mar. 2006 interview. "They called me and he jumped on the phone and told me it would be spectacular for Hip-Hop...My reason for doing this is to show these kids that [Hip-Hop beefs] are not that serious."

The first single from the release is titled "Kill A Rapper," which focuses on the unsolved murders of several of rap's biggest stars and why no one has been brought to justice.

Hip-Hop Lives hits stores on May 22 on Koch Records.
(L note: Im Loving Kris's Shirt.)

The Game Relives Rise to Fame With New DVD

Those wondering about how Compton, CA rapper The Game emerged as one of the best-selling rappers on the West Coast will get the story straight from the rapper himself in a forthcoming DVD.

The Black Wall Street produced feature, titled The Game: Life after the Math, chronicles the lyricist's rise from the streets of Compton to the top of the Billboard charts, as told by The Game himself.

The DVD is the result of The Game's new film production deal with Polychrome Pictures, a full service entertainment, production and distribution company that supplies content to Warner Home Entertainment in the US and Canada.

"I am excited about my new relationship with Polychrome Pictures," the Game said. "When this DVD hits the streets, people will finally get to see my reality."

The popularity of reality/documentary-based content falls in line with Polychrome's goal of providing assist artists with "an outlet to tell their stories from their unique point of view," added Dion Fearon, the company's vice president of VP of acquisitions.

The Game debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart in 2005 with is debut
, The Documentary.

His sophomore album, Doctor's Advocate, followed in the steps of its predecessor by charting at number one, with almost 400,000 copies sold in its first week of release.

The Game: Life After the Math DVD is slated to hit stores and Video-on-Demand this summer.

Vivica A. Fox Arrested for DUI

Vivica A. Fox has been busted for DUI. It happened Wednesday night on the 101 Freeway in the San Fernando Valley at 10:57 PM. We're told Fox passed a marked black and white while going approximately 80 mph. Sources say the officers went after the 2007 Cadillac Escalade she was driving. The officers administered a field sobriety test -- which Fox was unable to perform. The former "Dancing With the Stars" contestant was then placed under arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence.

Fox was taken to Van Nuys jail where she submitted to two breathalyzer tests. where it was said that "It was definitely over the .08 legal limit."

Fox was cited and released on her own recognizance and ordered to appear in court.

Terry McMillan says the now-openly gay man married her to get citizenship

Bay Area author Terry McMillan sued her ex-husband for $40 million Wednesday, saying that the now-openly gay man married her to get his U.S. citizenship and, along with his divorce lawyer, launched a smear campaign against her.

McMillan, author of "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" and other novels, also sued ex-husband Jonathan Plummer's lawyer, Dolores Sargent of San Ramon, saying she was part of a plan by Plummer to secure money to which he was not entitled.

In the suit, filed in Contra Costa County Superior Court, McMillan says that Plummer and Sargent knew the arguments they used to attempt to nullify the couple's prenuptial agreement were false.

McMillan filed for divorce from Plummer, her husband for 6-1/2 years, in 2005 after he disclosed that he was gay and had been cheating on her. The divorce sparked a bitter court fight, including restraining orders filed by both parties. Plummer asked for spousal support as part of the divorce, McMillan told The Chronicle in January, but ended up receiving just $28,000, plus $27,000 for his attorney.

Plummer, originally of Jamaica, is 23 years younger than the 55-year-old McMillan. He now works as a hairdresser in Danville, where McMillan also lives.

In addition to claims that Plummer violated the restraining order she secured against him, McMillan's lawsuit argues that he and his lawyer lied in the divorce proceeding -- knowing that alleged lies would receive media attention -- in an attempt to make McMillan "fear for her life, because of the possibility of AIDS."

The alleged lies also caused permanent damage to McMillan and her son, the suit says.
The suit seeks $10 million for infliction of emotional distress; $10 million for placing McMillan in a "false light"; and $10 million for violation of privacy from both defendants. It also seeks $10 million from Plummer for allegedly violating the restraining order.

McMillan's attorney, Martin Garbus, declined to comment on the suit. Neither Sargent nor Plummer could immediately be reached for comment.

Young City Receives Community Service, Probation for Robbery

Young City has officially closed the book on a legal case involving a 2001 robbery attempt.

Baltimore County Circuit Court judge Michael Finifter sentenced the rapper to two years of probation and 100 hours of community service last week.

The decision was welcome news to Young City (also known as "Chopper" from MTV's hit show Making the Band ), who considered himself to be "a blessed young man."

"No jail time," Barnes' attorney Paul Gardner told "We arrived at a mutually satisfactory disposition that allows Chopper to immediately continue the execution of a multi-million dollar record deal."

"I had a lot of situations come to me that I defeated that a normal person like me would not have been able to. All publicity is good publicity," stated the rapper, born Kevin Barnes. "I don't want to be looked at as a criminal, I just want to be looked at as a person that made a mistake. The situation in Baltimore, I was a young kid, a product of my environment. Peer pressure is a motherf***er."

Barnes legal troubles stemmed from a Sept. 29,2001 incident, where, according to prosecutors, the former Bad Boy Entertainment artist brandished what was looked like a handgun as he approached a couple walking along Eastern Boulevard in Baltimore.

Barnes, who was 16 at the time, then grabbed $90 from one victim's pocket as the other took off running.

Soon after, detectives found Barnes nearby on his mountain bike with what turned out to be a pellet rifle. Despite pleading guilty to armed robbery and assault charges and being released, Barnes was a now show for his court date, thereby prompting a judge to issue a warrant for his arrest.

The incident didn't catch up to Barnes until July, when he was pulled over and detained in Atlanta on the outstanding warrant.

According to Barnes, who missed a court date in Baltimore County after being jailed in Georgia on domestic violence charges in August, he no knowledge about the warrant.

With the robbery case behind him, the 22-year-old rapper is looking forward to undertaking more positive pursuits.

"I've been working on my album, that's Ca$h M.O.E (Cash Money Over Everything) ," said Barnes, who also revealed that there is a bidding war between Universal Motown and Universal Republic for the completed project.

"It's about giving people the motivation. Not to sell drugs, but to go get jobs, make their lives better," Young City said.

Barnes, who is aware that community service and probation are better alternatives to the 90-year prison sentence the judge could have handed down.

Chris Brown Trying To "Holler" At Beyonce?

Chris Brown has been busy acting. With film roles in a few major motion pictures, the singer hasn't had much time to actually sing. Still, he's managed to find time to record another album, and even found some time to hit the road.

"It's kind of like a back-to-school present for everybody," he told MTV of his new project. "We coming with more videos, more explosive dance moves and more vocal abilities. So we gonna have fun."

Fans will get a chance to see Brown perform in the Australian leg of Beyonce's tour, as he is scheduled to open up for B. How does he go about opening for such a popular act?
"For the most part, I don't try to outdo anyone or try to make my show to the point where I kill myself trying to shine over someone else...She's incredible at what she does and I'm incredible at what I do. I know she's gonna kill it on her side as a female, and as a young male, I'm gonna try to do my thing." When asked if he'd like to work with Beyonce, he was thrilled.
"I hope so!" he said. "I'm trying to holler."

Chris Brown's next album, Exclusive will hit stores in August.

Aside from this, he's also got This Christmas set to hit theaters this year. Recently he also opened up about his newest film, Phenom, in which he will play a young basketball star.

Lil' Jon Included In New Edition Of Guinness Book of World Records

Lil' Jon will be included in the next edition of the Guinness Book of World Records for having the world's "Biggest Bling".

The chain and pendant in question, created by Jason of Beverly Hills, is Lil' Jon's infamous "Crunk Ain't Dead" piece. It contains 3,756 round-cut white diamonds (estimated at 73 carats) set into 18-karat yellow and white gold, weighs 5.11 pounds, and is valued at a cool $500,000.

The new edition of the Guinness Book of World Records will be released this July.

Rappers Saafir, Lady of Rage Star in Kody 'Monster' Scott Movie, Lil Monster On The Way

The life of best-selling author Kody "Monster" Scott is coming to the big screen. Bay area rapper Saafir will portray Scott in the Billy Wright-directed film, titled Can't Stop, Won't Stop.

Scott chronicled his life as a child and young adult growing up in Los Angeles as an Eight-Tray Crips gang member in the book Monster: The Autobiography of an L.A. Gang Member from prison.

He will narrate the feature via footage of him shot over the years.

In addition to Saafir, who was in the 1993 Hughes Brothers drama Menace II Society, former Death Row Records rapper the Lady of Rage will appear in Can't Stop, Won't Stop, as Scott's mother Birdie Scott.

The role marks a return to film for the female rapper, who also after appeared in the film Next Friday.

For Wright, Can't Stop, Won't Stop, will serve as a fitting tribute to his friend Scott.

"In the realm of Hip-Hop culture, Kody is an iconic figure," Wright said. "He is the 'American Gangster' of our generation. As a personal friend of Kody's, this is a project we envisioned years ago. I owe it to him to not only complete it, but to continue to give him a voice. With a 6th grade education, Kody taught himself in prison, just like Malcolm X, and then went on to write a best selling novel. He is a role model for how to live and how not to live. His real life encapsulates what Hip-Hop imagery is all about."

Despite the acclaim he received from the book, Scott has encountered legal trouble.

The author, also known as Sanyika Shakur, was arrested Mar. 7, after being listed as one of the Los Angeles Police Department's and the FBI's "Top 10 Most Wanted Gang Members."

Still, Wright believes his film will resonate with moviegoers by bringing Scott's novel to life.
"I fee, I will represent the book visually. With Kody as narrator, the story becomes even more compelling."

One person influenced by Scott, who saw his gang experience first hand, is his son Lil Monster (born Sanyika Kashir Shakur Scott).

"Seeing my father once portrayed a negative life, I vowed that I would always bring a positive light to the entertainment business and my family name," said Lil Monster, who is working with rapper Lil Sneak on an album to be released this year.

"Living in the new millennium and being surrounded by gang activity, I feel that I can bring unity between all my peers," Lil Monster said.

Lil Monster's first album with Lil Sneak is titled The Come Up.

"This album is based on our dad's lifestyles and what we want to tell others about those experiences. The second movement is a film also called, The Come Up. We believe that because both of us were raised by fathers who were gang members and how we learned to survive in a negative atmosphere, that we have a message as young adults that is positive and constructive. We will send that positive message in our lifestyle and careers."

DJ Khaled Brings Star Studded Line Up For New LP

Miami's own DJ Khaled is back this summer with his sophomore set on Terror Squad/Koch on June 12th. To no surprise he is bringing a star studded line up of guests along for the ride. Among those appearing on the album are T.I., Game, Jadakiss, Paul Wall, Trick Daddy, Ja Rule, Ludacris, Rick Ross, Jeezy, Lil’ Wayne, Akon, Baby, Styles P, Cassidy, Juelz Santana, Young Dro, Fat Joe, and more to be announced.

The new album, called We The Best, is being fueled by 1st single, We Takin’ Over, which features T.I., Akon, Fat Joe, Rick Ross, Lil’ Wayne and Baby. It was was the most added song at hip-hop radio last week with 52 adds. The single is already over 1,400 spins and growing by-the-minute. The track will be available for download on iTunes on March 27th.

Khaled released his debut Listennn...The Album on Koch last year and moved over 200,000 copies on the strength of singles like Holla At Me, Grammy Family and Born N' Raised. A
video for We Takin’ Over was recently shot in Miami and directed by Miami native/award-winning Director Gil Green, whose credits include Three 6 Mafia, Akon, Rick Ross, Lil’ Scrappy and many more.

Sunshine Anderson Joins Brian McKnight On Tour

Music World Music R&B superstar Sunshine Anderson has landed the opening slot on the upcoming Brian McKnight tour. Anderson joins McKnight and R&B crooner Joe on 10 dates beginning April 27 in Oakland, CA at the Paramount Theatre.

"We're very excited about the success of Sunshine's project," said Max Gousse, EVP Music World Music. "We've had great support at radio, retail and video and the addition of the Brian McKnight tour is another key element of our comprehensive marketing plan. For Sunshine, being in front of the fans is what it's all about."

Anderson's Music World Music debut, Sunshine At Midnight, was released on 1/23/07, nabbing the #4 position on the Indie Albums Chart its first week out. Sales have remained consistently strong since and the album saw a 106% increase at indie retail in recent weeks.

Lead track "Something I Wanna Give You" claimed the #1 spot on Billboard's "Bubbling Under R&B/Hip-Hop Singles" chart and spent over 3 months in the Top 15 at Urban AC. Second single "Force of Nature" is off to an impressive start: #2 most added its first week out and earning "Greatest Gainer" honors on the BDS/R&R and Urban AC Mediabase charts for the past 3 weeks.

Anderson has been welcomed back from her 5 year hiatus with open arms by both the industry and the fans, and has enjoyed a flurry of promotional activities in recent weeks including stellar performances at the CIAA Tournament Finals in Charlotte, NC and KISS-FM's Kissing After Dark with Lenny Green live broadcast from SOB's in New York City. Sunshine also met with teens in Atlanta last month to talk about the importance of education at "It's Cool To Be Smart."

Up next for Sunshine Anderson: a live 4-song in-store performance in NYC in early April before hitting the road with Brian McKnight. Also, be on the lookout for a warm and witty "day in the life" piece on AT&T's Blueroom.

Catch Sunshine live:
April 27 Oakland, CA Paramount Theatre (with McKnight & Joe)
April 29 Los Angeles, CA Gibson Theater (with McKnight & Joe)
May 4 Detroit, MI Fox Theater (with McKnight & Joe)
May 5 Chicago, IL Star Plaza (with McKnight & Joe)
May 11 Westbury, NY Westbury Music Fair (with McKnight & Joe)
May 12 Washington, DC Constitution Hall (with McKnight & Joe)
May 13 New York, NY Beacon Theater (with McKnight & Joe)
May 18 Miami, FL Knights Center (with McKnight & Joe)May 19 Atlanta, GA Chastain Park (with McKnight & Joe)May 20 Philadelphia, PA Tower Theater (with McKnight & Joe)

Musiq Soulchild Steals The Throne, Lloyd Is Second In Command, Rich Boy "Throws Some 3's"

In this week's Hip-Hop Charts, Musiq Soulchild scores another No. 1 album, Lloyd comes in right behind him at No 2 and Rich Boy rounds out the top 3.

Debuting at No. 1 on the charts this week is Philly bred crooner Musiq Soulchild with his fourth solo album Luvanmusiq. According to Nielsen SoundScan, the album scanned 148,000 discs in its first go-around.

Debuting at No. 2 is Murder Inc vocalist Lloyd. The success of his singles, "You" and "Shawty," helped the singer
's sophomore project, Street Love, shift 140,000 units in its first week out.
Right behind him is Rich Boy who enters the charts at No. 3 with his self titled debut album. The disc , which features appearances from David Banner, John Legend, Pastor Troy and Big Boi of OutKast, reels in 111,000 units this week.

Posted at No. 5 is Senegalese born crooner Akon. Konvicted continues to devour the competition shelving off 70 ,000 discs in its 18th week on the charts. To date, the album has sold 1,860,000 copies.

Entering the charts at No. 7 is UK based singer Amy Winehouse. Her sophomore album, Back To Black, bags up 50,000 units in its first week spin. The album features production from Salaam Remi and Mark Ronson.

Also making a debut on the charts this week is Memphis rap duo 8Ball & MJG at No. 8. Their ninth album, Riding High, shells out 49,000 CDs in its opening week. .The set features appearances from Young Joc, Project Pat, Killer Mike, Pimp C, The Notorious B.I.G., Juvenile and Diddy.

Justin Timberlake refuses to give up his No. 11 spot as FutureSex/LoveSounds ropes in 42,000 units this week. The album, which is a foot away from triple platinum , has sold 2,959,600 copies after twenty seven weeks on the charts.

Slipping two spots to No. 12 is Robin Thicke . The Evolution of Robin Thicke is still a force to be reckoned with, hustling 40,000 CDs this week. The album's tally stands at 812,000.

Standing glamorously at No. 13 is Black Eyed Peas first lady , Fergie. Her debut album Dutchess has moved 1,600,000 discs thus far, with 40,000 representing the week-in total.

Notorious B.I.G.'s Greatest Hits compilation, which debuted at No. 1 last week, slides fourteen spots to No. 15. The set, which celebrates Biggie's most renown club hits and street bangers, moves 38,000 units this week. After two weeks, the disc's tally stands at 221, 100.

Despite falling five seats to No. 20, Corinne Bailey Rae continues to keep cash registers ringing. Her self titled album sells 34,000 discs this week , bringing the album's total sales to 1,297,000.
Gerald Levert's In My Songs falls ten slots to No. 35 this week. The late singer's final album lugs in 18,000 units week. So far, In My Songs has sold a total of 290,000 copies.

Trapping at No. 36 is Young Jeezy. "Mr. Go Getta" still has fiends copping The Inspiration which pushed 18,300 units this week. After 14 weeks, the album's total reads off at 949,5000.
A sharp decrease in sales pushes the Dreamgirls
soundtrack thirteen spots to No. 37. The CD ringed in 17,000 copies this week, bringing the soundtrack's total sales to 904,800.

Beyonce's latest single, "Upgrade You," doesn't seem to be boosting her album's sales. Tripping seven spots to No. 40, B'Day only moves 16,000 copies this week. After 28 weeks , the singer's sophomore set has sold a total of 2,346,700 copies.

Taking ten steps down the ladder to No. 42 this week is Pretty Ricky. The group's sophomore album, Late Night Special, dials in 15,700 units this week, bringing the album's tally to 371,500.

Ciara moves one step up No. 46 this week. Her sophomore album, Evolution, has sold 1,057,300 discs thus far, with 15,200 representing the week-in total.

Further down the totem pole, Birdman and Lil' Wayne fall five spots to No. 71. Like Father, Like Son hauls in 10,400 units this week. The album has brought in a total of 668, 860 after twenty weeks on the charts.

Not far behind is Eminem and his Shady crew at No. 75. The Re-Up shelved off 10,000 discs this week. To date, the compilation has sold 925,200 copies.

Five slots below at No. 80 is Diddy, Press Play sold 9,500 copies this week , bringing the
albums totally sales to 574,300.

Things turn from bad to worse for Nas this week as he plummets twenty six spots to No. 97. Hip Hop Is Dead only shifts 8,600 discs this week. So far , the album has sold 681,500 copies. Creeping two spots to No. 99 is The Game. The Doctors Advocate stirs in 7,800 copies this week. After 17 weeks, the album's total reads off at 886,100. Jay-Z, who has been struggling in the past weeks, slides thirteen spots to No. 105 this week. Kingdom Come only moves 7,500 copies. The album has sold a total of 1,395,900. Also hurting in the sales department is Snoop Dogg at No. 116. Tha Blue Carpet Treatment only shifts 7,100 discs this week, bringing the albums totally sales to 823,100. B.G. & The Chopper City Boyz wrap things up at No. 143. We Got This drags in 5,400 units n its third week, pushing its total to 43,300.

Next week look for Baby Boy Da Prince, Marques Houston, Devin The Dude, and Crime Mob to make an appearance on the charts.

Mar 21, 2007

Top 10 highest selling rap albums of all time

(L note: Def Sounds have posted the top 10 selling rap albums of all time. There are a couple of surprises. So i thought i would post it for ya'll. Enjoy yourself's)

10. Lauryn Hill – The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill (Ruffhouse, 1998)

Selling over 8 million copies and sweeping the Grammies for 11 nominations and 5 wins, The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill also claims the title for one of the highest selling debut albums of all time.

9. Will Smith – Big Willie Style (Columbia, 1997)

Released on November 25th, 1997, during the big screen take off of the Fresh Prince’s acting career, Big Willie Style has sold over 9 million.

8. 2Pac – Greatest Hits (Death Row, 1998)

The Greatest hits compilation is also considered one of the highest selling posthumous rap releases.

7. 2Pac – All Eyez On Me (Death Row, 1996)

Little Known fact, All Eyez on Me reached platinum status in just 4 hours.

6. Beastie Boys – Licensed to Ill (Def Jam, 1986)

Licensed to Ill became Columbia Record’s fastest selling debut record going 9 times platinum.

5. Eminem – The Eminem Show (Aftermath, 2002)

Eminem’s 3rd Major Label release sold over 7.6 million records by the end of 2006 and became Em’s third straight LP to win the Grammy award for Best Rap Album of the year

4. Eminem – The Marshall Mathers LP (Aftermath\Interscope 2000)

The Marshall Mathers LP has sold over 10 million records in the US and is one of only four rap albums to achieve an RIAA Diamond Certification.

3. The Notorious B.I.G. – Life After Death (Bad Boy, 1997)

2. MC Hammer – Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em (Capitol, 1990)

Released on March 13th, 1990, Mc Hammer’s second album stayed on top of the Billboards 200 chart at #1 for an amazing 21 weeks run. Carried by the success of “U Can’t Touch This,” The album was the first Hip Hop album to be certified Diamond by The RIAA selling over 10 million records.

1. OutKast – Speakerboxxx/The Love Below (LaFace, 2003)

Finally, at number 1 we have the September 23rd, 2003 double LP release of Outkast. Big Boi’s and Andre 3000’s “Speakerboxxx/ The Love Below” sold over 5.5 million copies, however, due to the fact that it was a double LP, the total sales came in at over 11 million copies and reached Diamond certification by going 11 times platinum. To date, the album remains as the best selling hip hop album of all time and became the best selling album worldwide in 2003.

J. Valentine Captures The Spirit of the Hyphy

San Francisco native, J.VALENTINE is destined to captivate the r&b world with his unique sound in 2007. Get a early glimpse of "THE KING OF R&BAY" before his J Records summer release, Conversation Piece.

Conversation Piece, is a rowdy, party mix that features collaborations with the Godfathers of the hyphy movement - Keak da Sneak on "Keep It Goin'" and E-40 who shakes it up on, "Church Girl." Tight production by Scott Storch, Cool & Dre, the Underdogs and Valentine's own production company's The City BoyZ hold it all together

(L Note: He from the Bay. What more do i have to say????)

This Is Why Duke Sucks

(L note: alot of cussing in the beginning so you may wanna turn your volume down. oh and if you read some of my other NCAA post, you know i hate duke. UCLA all the way baby!!!!)

Daily Update 3*21*07

Alleged Killer Of Soulja Slim Avoids Third Murder Indictment

After more than three years, the man accused of murdering rapper Soulja Slim has yet to be indicted for the slaying.

The rapper's murder is one of three first-degree murder cases prosecutors have refused to bring against Garelle Smith.

The 25-year-old was arrested but never charged in the Nov. 26, 2003 murder of Soulja Slim.

Prosecutors originally said they dropped the murder charges against Smith because they were strengthening their case against him.

Smith was already behind bars for a Dec. 2003 murder.

Smith avoided being charged a third time on Monday (Mar. 19) for the capital murder of Mandell Duplessis. Duplessis, 24, was slain outside a FEMA trailer in Gentilly.

The evidence against Smith was far too thin to back up a capital murder charge, investigators told The Times-Picayune.

Soulja Slim, born James Tapp, was shot three times in the face outside of his mothers house, in what authorities described as a hit that Smith completed for $10,000.

The weapon used in the killing, a .40-caliber Glock pistol, was later determined to be a New Orleans Police Department-issued weapon, that was stolen from an officer's house.
In addition to Soulja Slim, Smith was accused of killing 28-year-old Spencer Smith Jr. on Dec. 11, 2003.

Smith has yet to stand trial for another murder in Orleans Parish.

August Trial Set For Black Mafia Family

For two decades, the Atlanta-based Black Mafia Family (BMF) allegedly ran a cocaine ring that produced an estimated $250 million, but after years of investigation they were busted in 2005. The case will go to trial in August 2007.

Over 30 members of BMF were arrested and three million dollars in cash, two kilograms of cocaine, and various weapons were seized during the 2005 raids.

“The BMF was a sophisticated drug smuggling and money laundering organization, led by brothers that operated in 11 U.S. states and had direct links to Mexico-based drug trafficking organizations,” DEA Administrator Karen P. Tandy told in a 2005 story.

BMF was allegedly led by Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory, while Flenory’s brother Terry “Southwest T” Flenory allegedly led the BMF crew in Los Angeles.

Demetrius Flenory is also accused of using his record label and magazine as fronts for drug money, and Terry Flenory is said to have invested drug money into 404 Motorsports as a silent owner.

Although both Flenory brothers are being charged, attorneys attest that the evidence on Demetrius Flenory is weak.

"Ninety-nine percent is Terry," Demetrius Flenory's attorney, Drew Findling, told Creative Loafing. "We got a few names [of witnesses], but they just make general statements. That's it. There is no specificity."

Along with their major cocaine ring, BMF also had supposed alliances with Hip-Hop star Young Jeezy, Jacob the Jeweler and former son-in-law of Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin, Tremayne Graham.

A reported code of silence had kept BMF members from giving up any information to officials, but this code of silence was broken when two defendants, Charles Parson and Arnold Boyd, were turned into witnesses

As members of BMF, Parson and Boyd were responsible for running drugs and cash for the organization.

According to a document filed in January, a contractor working on the White House, a name given to the Lithonia, Georgia estate of the Flenory’s, observed people sleeping on the floor of the home “with guns money, and jewelry at their sides.”

According to this same document, when the contractor inquired about the BMF medallions, a BMF member told him that “if [he] had not yet heard of the Black Mafia Family, he soon would."

Dallas Austin Issues Statement

Dallas Austin has issued a statement in response to his comments made on video about Christina Aguilera and Joss Stone.The statement reads:

"Every action generates an equal and opposite reaction. My statement about Christina Aguilera and Joss Stone was a reaction to an incident I care not to discuss in any forum, and while I may have felt justified, I do owe an apology to Christina, Joss and their families. The comments I made about Christina Aguilera and Joss Stone were purely an act of retaliation not of malice or cruel intent. As we all have our boiling points, I sincerely apologize as this is not my character nor should I have let anyone's actions push me to this limit. I have let my family, friends, employees and business associates down with my actions. All content and any malicious statements that were in my control have been removed from outlets that may have posted this. Please accept this as my formal statement and apology to all parties involved."

On the popular video that quickly made its rounds online, Austin made various claims about female artists he had worked with including accusing Joss Stone of, in his words, "fucking for tracks".

Pitbull Comes To The Small Screen, Brings Along Jim Jones & Christina Milian For TV Series

Miami bred rapper Pitbull will serve as the host of a reality humor series set to premiere in May for the bilingual Latino network, mun2.

The series, titled "Pitbull's La Esquina," will be eight half hour episodes shot at the legendary Miami corner La Esquina, where the rapper and his friend/personal barber The Fademaster will entertain various celebrities and discuss important issues ranging from immigration to dating, family, stereotypes and music.

Hip-Hop celebrities slated to appear on the show include Akon, Fat Joe, Rick Ross, Christina Milian, Jim Jones, Chingo Bling, Bun-B and Cool and Dre, among others.

Highlight clips of the show will be available on mun2's website, Each episode of "Pitbull's La Esquina" will be available on itunes the following Monday after it airs.

"mun2 was the first to give me an outlet for my music when it wasn't as accepted as it is today," Pitbull said via a statement. "So, it's great to now come full circle and be back home at a place that supported me then. The overall feel of the show is funny, but my message is serious. It's time for us to tackle important matters affecting our community on our terms-in a way that's real, but also fun."


After 30 years spent working comedy clubs while building a successful film and television career, Bernie Mac has announced that he will retire from the circuit after wrapping his next stand-up film this fall.

"I'm going to still do my producing, my films, but I want to enjoy my life a little bit," Mac, 49, said on CBS’ “Late Show with David Letterman” Monday night. "I missed a lot of things, you know. I was a street performer for two years. I went into clubs in 1977."

"It's a great way to make a living but it also, it takes a toll, doesn't it? It's tough," Letterman said.

"Oh, man, you miss out on so much, you know, and you live in all these hotels — I was on the road 47 weeks out of the year," said Mac, who arrives in theaters Friday in the film “Pride.”
Letterman said: "So, one last film record of your work."

Mac replied: "That's right. ... Comedy has been so good to me. And that's all I ever wanted, watching you guys. I had great mentors — Jackie Gleason, Flip (Wilson), Redd Foxx, Richard Pryor, Bill Cosby, Buddy Hackett. I had so many people to watch, that today you don't have that anymore."

His final stand-up film will be called, "The Whole Truth, Nothing but the Truth, So Help Me Mac."

50 Cent To Star In "Live Bet"

Universal Pictures has set Mexican filmmaker Alejandro Lozano to direct Live Bet, a drag-racing vehicle for Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson.

Lozano is rewriting the script with Tony Dalton, who has starred in the Lozano-directed Matando Cabos and Sultanes Del Sur, and who co-wrote the former with Lozano and scripted the latter by himself. Live Bet was originated by writers Charley and Vlas Parlapanides.

The heist film script is set in the world of underground clubs and illegal car racing. The original was set in New York; the rewrite adds several locations including Las Vegas and Philadelphia. The studio hopes to be in production by late summer.

Raven Symone, Martin Lawrence Go To ‘College’

Walt Disney Pictures has announced that they will producing a family comedy starring Martin Lawrence and Raven-Symone called College Road Trip. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the story centers on a young woman (Symone) with ambitious public-defender dreams who goes on a road trip to visit potential universities with her father (Lawrence), an overprotective cop. Production is set to begin this summer.

Symone recently won a couple of NAACP Image Awards, one for “Best Children’s Program” for “That’s So Raven” and for “Outstanding Performance in a Children’s Program” for “That’s So Raven.” Raven is also scheduled to drop a new album sometime this year.

Ludacris To Perform At Wrestlemania 23

Def Jam recording artist Ludacris is slated to perform at Wrestlemania 23 April 1st at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan. Ludacris will perform live at some point during the near 4-hour show although the specifics of his performance are not yet known.

As previously reported, super producer and Interscope recording artist Timbaland is also expected to make an appearance at Wrestlemania although he may appear via satellite and may not actually be present in Detroit.

Wrestlemania is the WWE's (World Wrestling Entertainment) biggest Pay-Per-View event of the year with an estimated 78,000 people attending this year's event in Detroit, Michigan. The 23rd Wrestlemania event is headlined by Shawn Michaels Vs. John Cena and "The Battle of The Billionaires" between Umaga (w/ Vince McMahon) Vs. Bobby Lashley (w/ Donald Trump).

For information on Wrestlemania, check out:

Dupri Signs Jagged Edge To Island Urban

Island Urban Music president Jermaine Dupri has reunited with R&B outfit Jagged Edge and signed the group to a new label deal. Dupri previously worked with the group when it was signed to his So So Def label earlier in the decade.

A new Jagged Edge album is expected this year and will carry the So So Def imprint; it will be the follow-up to last year's self-titled album for Sony Urban/Columbia, which debuted at No. 2 on Billboard's Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart.

Dupri stepped down as president of urban music at Virgin in October 2006. At Virgin he was responsible for signing Dem Franchize Boyz and pacted with OutKast member Big Boi's Purple Ribbon imprint.

Why So Much Music You Hear Sucks

If you’re wondering why music played on the radio is worse now than it was many years ago, Hank Bordowitz, a veteran journalist and sometime musician is at your rescue. His book, Dirty Little Secrets of the Record Business: Why So Much Music You Hear Sucks, is an exposé of the surreptitious, unethical, and covert activities of the music industry.

According to Bordowitz, the music industry sold 938.9 million units. In 2005, it sold 705 million units, a 25% drop in only six years!

The Internet and other so-called disruptive technologies are some often blamed for sales dip, but a bigger reason, Bordowitz claims, is the industry's reaction to new technology.

The industry ignored the Internet, and then tried to “squash it” when it first arrived. “There are a lot of issues the record business ignored,” Bordowitz says. “When things are going well, it's human nature to ignore any possible problems. And things were going very well in the early '90s.”

Some other reasons Bordowitz cites as being detrimental to the music industry includes payola and redundant playlists on commercial radio.

Good music is still being created, most of them don't get anywhere near a commercial radio station or a major label. (Thank God for the Internet!)

"Music fans are going to have to dig a little deeper," Bordowitz says. "It's not going to be laid out on your lap anymore like it used to be. If you want to hear one great song after another, you're going to have to look for it."

Joe Budden Speaks!!

This past Monday, Joe Budden was on Green Lantern's Invasion Show (Hip Hop Nation Sirius Radio Channel 40). And let’s just say he had a lot to say. Topics ran rampart from Gloria Velez, Def Jam, Jay-Z, the internet, who his top 5 lyricists in the game are, Lil Wayne, Papoose and more.

Gloria Velez was brought up, the rumors of Budden messing around with her we’re confirmed and Joey tells it like it is. Demanding that any dude denying eating pussy is a liar, giving the definition of “stall time,” and saying that Gloria Velez is on another level than “freaky.” Other chicks ain’t on her level.

Joey discusses his record label issues, how he was never officially being signed to Desert Storm and having his own production company [On Top Musik].

How is the situation now, with Jay being the president?
“I mean it’s cool,” “…any of the people in position up there is not really my concern. I haven’t put a record out over there, so I haven’t seen how everyone works. I just been doing the same shit I been doing, studio … recording … studio … recording. Jay knows I look up to him, he knows a lot of people look up to him. He’s helped me on a few occasions. It’s great to have somebody of his caliber up there to help me. As far as putting a record out and people doing their jobs, I don’t know I haven’t done that yet.”

A lot of people are saying … now that Jay is president he’s good at promoting his own albums but not really anyone elses.

“I’m not gonna co-sign that.” “Niggas need to keep they focus on them self. Artists is too mutherfuckin’ self centered and egotistical. Mind your fuckin’ business and work on your shit. Like I’ve been doing.”

When’s Mood Muzik 3 coming out?
“Mood Muzik 3 is gonna be more like a mixtape album … coming out sooner than you know it.”

Any release date for the album?
“No. Def Jam has the press on me to finish up. They lookin like, I’m lookin like … let’s get it done and let’s get it out.”

Top 5 lyricists of the game? No legends.
“Is Eminem a legend? Nah, I wouldn’t say he is. Lupe … Beans … Kiss … Andre 3000 … and a tie between Cassidy and Fab.”

Analyze Lil Wayne.
“Lil Wayne is dope. But I’m not gonna go on a limb like everyone else is. Lil Wayne … the swag is there, the flow is there, and one minute you’ll listen to some shit and be like OH SHIT. The very next minute you’ll turn around and say … what the fuck is that?

“He’s had his share of wack shit. Don’t get it fucked up I love Wayne. He’s one of the niggas I want to reach out for my album. But, if you talking about lyricists I just can’t rock with it.”

“I think Pap is dope too. But the same thing applies with him as Lil Wayne. One minute, crazy. And the next minute, ok I don’t understand. But you know what that comes with? When you just writing so much and you just putting shit out consistently, eventually your brain can’t keep up with what you trying to do. That’s not even an excuse for niggas but I’ve been there. When I first came out I was hitting every DJ with a different 16. I couldn’t keep thinking up this shit. But this is your job so you need to keep hittin these niggas cause you tryin to get poppin. Shout out to Kay Slay. Shout out to Pap.”

What’s your take on the internet, how the fans go nuts over you?
“On the internet I can sit in my house and put some shit out. I can do whatever I want. It’s totally different for me having to run a radio station, not having to wait for the label to do this. Or putting out some commercial shit. The shit I do on the internet. 100% creative control; I’m doing Joe Budden; fuck niggas; I don’t care what anyone has to say … this is how I’m doing it.” “…had I accepted [the commercial handcuffs] I’d probably be on my fourth album, but I can’t do it.”

Mid-Week Mami*Latoya*

Zodiac sign- LIBRA

Ladies if you think you have what it takes to be The Mid-Week Mami, Email L with the subject MidWeek Mami at Only The Sexiest Of The Sexy will make it. all pics become property of ImHipHop. Thanks and good luck.

Mar 20, 2007

Mixtape of the week

Are mixtapes dead? Superstar Jay doesn't seem to think so! This tape is hosted by: Busta Rhymes!

1Busta Rhymes - The Mixtape Funeral Intro

2Busta Rhymes Feat. Reek Da Villian And M Dolla - The Basement

3Young Buck Feat. Young Jeezy - Pocket Full Of Paper

4Camron Feat. J.R. Writer And Freeky Zeke - Callette

5Storm P - Wify Boo Bitches Hoe

6Young Buck - Your Time Is Up

7Tony Yayo - Freestyle

8Fabolous Feat. Musiq And Kayne West - Fly Away

9Jim Jones Feat. K Riley - Freestyle

10Lil Wayne - Freestyle

11Ali Vegas - Buckle Up

12Prodigy - Legends

13Busta Rhymes Feat. Reek Da Villian And M Dolla - Uncivilized

14The Game Feat. Rick Ross - Remember The Time
15Juelz Santana Feat. Bugsy - Let It Pop

16Remo Da Rapstar - 2nd Coming

17 Young Buck - You Aint Going

18Camron Feat. Hell Rell - Im The Shit

19Jadakiss - Freestyle

20R Side - Come Around

21Desert Eagle - Unsigned Artist Of The Week

22Reem - Freestyle

23Magg 1 - Freestyle

24 Piff Da City - Exclusive

25 Cash Rulz - Smash Ent.
bonus cuts (not on the mixtape, im just posting them)
(props to Eskay for both)

Daily Update 3*20*07

Label/Studio Founded By Akon's Slain Road Manager Raided For Drug Operation

Police in Jersey City, NJ raided the offices of Block Royal Entertainment, a Hip-Hop studio/record label founded by Akon's slain road manager, claiming the business was a front for a wholesale distribution ring that sold uncut heroin and cocaine.

Robert "Screw" Montanez founded Block Royal and helped promote the early career of chart topping R&B singer Akon, who was with Montanez when he was shot and killed outside of the Ringside Bar in Dec. 2004.

Montanez was killed when he became involved in an argument with a man who attempted rob a necklace from Capone of Capone-N-Noreaga.

Over 24 people associated with Block Royal Entertainment have been arrested by police, who have been conducting various forms of surveillance of the organization over the past three months.

The six month investigation, dubbed "Royal Flush," netted over 700 grams of powered and crack cocaine, worth an estimated $70,000.

Police also recovered $30,000 in cash, four handguns, a bulletproof vest, hollow-point bullets and four vehicles.

“Law enforcement wanted to see how extensive this network was,” Hudson County Prosecutor Edward J. De Fazio told The Record. "As you can see, it was quite extensive. Based on the amount we confiscated, it is clear this was a large-scale wholesale distribution network. These were fellows dealing in large amounts of drugs, and they were dealing to top distributors.”
Those arrested face various state and federal weapons and drug distribution charges.

Chamillionaire Helps Energizer Find New Talent

After rising from mixtape messiah to Grammy award winner, Chamillionaire is ready to help aspiring artists get some deserved shine.

The rapper announced recently that he has teamed up with Energizer to help find new talent with their Energizer e2 Titanium Technology Freestylin' Music Contest.

After receiving overwhelming entries in 2006 with the help of Slim Thug Energizer enlists the help of celebrity judge, Chamillionaire. The contest's winner will meet Chamillionaire and perform live at DUB Magazine's 2007 Custom Auto Show and Concert in Atlanta, GA, in May.

"Speaking the truth is what I do through my music," Chamillionaire said. "Energizer provides a stage for underground talent to do the same. Let's see who has what it takes to make it happen and get the chance to join me at the DUB Auto Show & Concert in Atlanta.

"Between now and April 21, 2007, individuals can showcase their freestylin' abilities by visiting to enter the online music contest. Contestants download the beat, record their original lyrics and upload their completed song to enter. The beat was created by Mysto and Pizzi (who have worked with numerous artists such as Justin Timberlake, Deepside, R-Kelly and now Chamillionaire).

According to contest rules, the entry should be no longer than two minutes and no larger than five mega bytes.

Starting April 29, five semi-finalists will have their songs featured on the contest site for viewers to vote down to the top two finalists. The grand prize winner will be selected by Chamillionaire on May 7.

Chamillionaire is currently preparing for the release of Ultimate Victory, the follow-up to his platinum plus major label debut, The Sound Of Revenge.


X-rated film company Vivid Entertainment, the folks behind the Ray J/Kim Kardashian sex tape, have reportedly offered Ray J a deal to direct four upcoming adult films. reports that Brandy’s little brother was offered the four-picture deal in the wake of his infamous sex tape, which he also “directed” by apparently choosing the placement and angles of the video camera before engaging in his “on-camera work.”

Vivid CEO Steven Hirsh tells TMZ: "Our first conversations were very uncomfortable, but after continuing to talk, the possibility was definitely in the air."

Students Get Surprise Visit From Kanye West

Chicago native and hip hop superstar Kanye West performed for some lucky Chicago area school students Monday afternoon (March 19th) at Richards High School.

It's been no secret that Richards' gym is getting a new floor, sound system and scoreboard thanks to former student and Miami Heat basketball star Dwayne Wade.

"His good heart is now reaching back to those who helped him," said school principal Ross Cucio.

The school has been buzzing about an announcement rally and special guest for more than a week. Rumors have been flying.

"I didn't even bring a lunch today. I didn't bring a lunch," said senior Mike Lebinski. "Some people are saying Oprah's coming."

"The strangest rumor I heard is we're going to get cell phones and cars from Oprah," said senior Alexandrina Almazan.

Eventually all the trappings of a routine rally melted away as Dwayne Wade, on a high-tech hook-up from Miami, addressed the crowd.

"I'm just excited to do something I always dreamed of doing, give back something to the community, to places where I grew up," Wade told the crowd.

Seconds later Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson was introducing Kanye West, and the crowd was getting down like no other school assembly they'd ever seen.

The donation to the gym was co-funded by Wade's World Foundation and T-Mobile. The gesture also includes the awarding of the first of three $5,000-scholarships to Richards students.

Beyond the glitz of the Kanye West and Jennifer Hudson visit is the spirit of Dwayne Wade, giving of himself to the place he said made him a man.

Canibus Makes 1000 Bar Song?!?!?

Despite that he seems to lose more and more fans with each release as he goes further "out there," Canibus continues to put out more and more material. He gears up to release his tenth (!!) album this spring with For Whom The Bell Tolls.

While he may be making some bad albums over the last few years, the man can still blaze a microphone when it comes down to it.

No stranger to making 100 or 200 bar songs, Canibus will continue his incredible Poet Laureate series this album with the 1000 bar Poet Laureate Inifinity. 1000 bars?!? I know right, but it's not quite what you think. 'Bis explained this track to XXL.

"The album is 17 tracks and “Poet Laureate Infinity” is the grand finale on the album. There are 1,000 bars in that track and due to the way it’s layered, it’s an infinite rhyme. When you mix it and spread it throughout five channels, [you have the ability] to mix the track differently every time. Because when you hear the mix, whichever one you hear, you are only listening to one layer at a time. But there are four other layers there. You are only going to be hearing 200 bars per record. But at any moment and every moment, there are 800 bars that you’re not listening to. So I’ve created something that’s never been done before. Every time it’s mixed, you’ll hear a different song."

T.I. & Tiny Split

T.I. has announced that it's over with him and his longtime girlfriend/short time fiance Tiny. She's delivering their second child together (but Tip's 5th) in July.

In an interview with MTV, rapper, T.I. says that even though he and long time mate Tameka "Tiny" Cottle are expecting another child in July, the two have decided to call it quits. In fact, the two were even engaged. He says the split is amicable and they will remain friends. "We want each other to be happy. It's nothing she did and it's nothing I did," said T.I.

"Give It To Me," New Timbaland Album Leaks

Apparently, the streets couldn't wait until the official release date, as Timbaland's latest LP, Shock Value, recently leaked to the Internet.

As previously reported, the album is scheduled to officially hit shelves on April 3. It was original scheduled for a March release, but the super producer held the record to make some last minute tweaks.

"I wanted to make sure this thing was ready to drop, and pushing it back a week gave me time to do some last minute polishing," Timbaland said previously.

The album, which boasts a long list of guest appearances, including Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado, 50 Cent, Dr. Dre, Elton John, Missy Elliot, and Fall Out Boy, among others, is being fueled by Timbo's lead single "Give It To Me." The song is currently enjoying considerable radio and video play, as well as becoming a fixture on the Billboard Top 40 and Top 100 charts.

J-Bo (Youngbloodz) Signs Joint Venture Deal With Ball Or Fall Records

J-Bo of the Youngbloodz has signed a joint venture deal with Ball Or Fall Records and will release his debut solo album in 2007. As a member of the Youngbloodz, J-Bo has collaborated with Lil Jon, T.I., Jazze Pha, Scott Storch, T Boz, Daz, Lil Scrappy, Mr Collipark among many others and won a Source Award and numerous ASCAP Awards and held down the radio charts for much of 2003 with the smash hit "Damn".

With in-house DJ, DJ Rip (Core DJ's) playing host, fans of J-Bo can get an immediate glimpse of J-Bo outside of his group duties, on his STILL Against the Grain mixtape. STILL Against the Grain features songs with 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes, Too Short, Pimp C, Lil Scrappy, Khujo Goodie, Bohagen, Kinfolk, GMC, Shorty Putt and Superslip, and the street single Always Going Hard.

New music

Joe Budden - Green Lantern Freestyle

Damn Right I kissed my Daddy????

(L note: Remember yesterdays news when i had listed the words to this freestyle? do you know how many people told me that wasnt weezy, or "its to wack to be weezy" So now what?? here is the audio to prove wayne spit it. is it wack now???)

Jim Jones - Emotionless/So Harlem (Feat. Juelz Santana)