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Apr 6, 2007

Jay-Z Rep On Child: 'There Is No Truth To These Ridiculous Rumors'

For some time now rapper Jay-Z has been the subject of numerous rumors surrounding his personal life.

There are the on and off rumors of Jay Z’s unfaithfulness to his current girlfriend Beyonce with Def Jam artist Rihanna, but the most controversial of all these rumors is the one involving 26-year-old Trinidadian model Shenelle Scott.

The rumor swarming states that Jay-Z paid Scott $1 million to keep his name off the baby's birth certificate and to keep quiet about the child they allegedly have together.

"There is no truth to these ridiculous rumors," a spokesperson for Jay-Z told exclusively. “People should be ashamed of using this kind of story and exploiting a child for publicity and ratings.”

Scott and Jay-Z met on the set of Jay Z’s video “Big Pimpin” in 1998.

According to reports, the boy was born Jan. 30 2002 in Los Angeles.

Pictures of Jay-Z, Scott and their alleged child have been circulated across the internet and printed in tabloids in recent months, sparking debates as to who the father of the child is, despite the fact that another man's name is officially listed on the child's birth certificate.

A few years ago there were rumors claiming that Jay-Z and former 106 & Park host Free were having a child together.

Eventually, this rumor was proven false in a statement issued by BET.

“There is no truth to the negative rumors or conjecture being reported about the private life or on-air status of Free,” the statement read. “She has not resigned. Nothing has changed.”

(L Note: Well at least he addressed the issue)


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ImHipHop Tv

Im Mad I missed this show, but from what i'm seeing it was pretty funny.


Where do i sign up??


This is some funny ish

ImHipHop Tv

GhostFace tickets
(L note: This is Some funny ish)

Paul Wall Rap City Freestyle (4-5-2007)
(L note: at least he did actually freestyle)

50 Cent Pushes Annoying Model Into Pool
(L note: I got all your emails so here is the ANTM video of 50)

Throwback Friday 4*6*07

1st we going to start off with something from me. Then we'll get to ya'll request

For Kenny in Syracuse

For G-Dog in the H town(houston dumb,dumbs)

if you have any old vids you wanna see shoot me an email at make sure you put throwback in the subject. The best ones I'll post.

Daily Update 4*6*07


Danity Kane singer Aubrey O’Day has already said that those widely-circulated photos of her buying baby products was a big April Fools joke gone horribly wrong.

She was only trying to poke fun at false reports that she was sleeping with and may be pregnant by her producer, Sean “Diddy” Combs.” Now, Diddy himself has come forward to say with authority that the pictures were a joke.

"She was playing around with y'all," Diddy told Hot 97’s Miss Jones via phone upon his return from a European co-headlining tour with Snoop Dogg. "That girl ain't even pregnant. I don't get down like that. I love you, thanks for welcoming me back to New York City."

Diddy said this sarcastically, as if this rumor was the last thing he needed to hear upon landing on U.S. soil.

"You telling these people these crazy things in the morning? They can't believe what y'all say," he said. "Check this out, she's not pregnant, I've never dealt with that girl, I never even looked at her for more than ten minutes... I just called to let you know you can move onto somebody else's stuff."

Young Jeezy's Group USDA Deny White Girl Street Team, "We Don't Do Gimmicks Over Here"

After releasing his certified platinum album The Inspiration in 2006, this May Young Jeezy returns with Cold Summer, alongside Slick Pulla and Blood Raw as part of the group USDA (United Streets D-Boys of America) on his own Corporate Thugz Entertainment (CTE) label.

In this exclusive USDA drops knowledge on the CTE takeover, the truth about "White Girls" and the makings of a Cold Summer.

While their album title recalls that infamous Snowman mascot that brought Jeezy so much controversy back when Thug Motivation 101 dropped, the latest act off CTE insists it's not that deep.

"We are a breath of fresh air about to come through, freeze the streets up and lock it down. It's about to be a cold summer. It's about to be the beginning of the whole CTE reign," Atlanta rapper Slick Pulla said.

"We have two singles right now in the streets. The street single called 'Check,' that's really about having the tools to everything you need to get money. If you got the money -'check,' it's in the bag - 'check.'"

Whatever you need, if you have the proper necessities and tools, then you just gotta say 'check' on it. If you ask somebody do they have your check ready, they gotta say 'check,'" Florida native Blood Raw added. "We came back with the "White Girl" single because we wanted to go in the club and have some fun. People always say we look a little too serious, so we went in the club we had some fun and that's what that is."

Earlier this week reports were released announcing the group planned to recruit a street team of "pretty white girls" to help them promote their "White Girl" single, however USDA denied any such marketing plan.

"That would be a gimmick and we don't do gimmicks over here," Blood Raw told SOHH. "Yeah, I even read it on a website earlier, but that was nothing we had to do with."

While relatively new to audiences outside of the South, USDA's most successful member, Young Jeezy, is already a proven success story; it also helps that Slick and Raw have been with their CTE captain every step of his career.

"What a lot of people don't know, we're such a close-knit unit. We been through all that together; Trap or Die, Thug Motivation 101, The Inspiration, it was a hands on experience, from promoting here to now, we were all there," Blood Raw explained.

"What Jeezy has done with USDA -- he's showing the world, 'These are my people. Y'all believe in what I'm saying and I believe in what they do,'" Slick Pulla added.

"I'm one of those all in dudes, I really believe in the movement," Jeezy agreed. "I believe in it, so I definitely want to be one hundred percent in, not one foot in and one foot out I'm riding for them, you know what I mean."

The group is currently taking part in "The Street Dream Tour," which includes Lil' Wayne, Fat Joe, Jim Jones and Rich Boy. Despite early concerns about violence, so far the tour has been a peaceful one.

"It's been a real successful tour, we've been packing out the arenas, every date has been good. Ain't really been no aftermath, there hasn't been any violence or dumb shit, even though everybody had something to say about how they felt it was going to go, saying it was going to be a violent tour. Other than that it's been real positive," Jeezy said.

In addition to promoting Cold Summer with USDA, Jeezy has continued to work his certified platinum album The Inspiration.

"I'm probably going to drop another two singles," Jeezy revealed. "I'm bout to run with 'Dreamin'(featuring Keyshia Cole) right now, we already shot the video for that and I'll go with another club joint a little later on. We still working baby. Last album did two, we trying to do three. We not slowing down baby. We doing 20 a week, we cool."

Cold Summer lands in stores on May 22 via CTE/Def Jam Records.


During press interviews in Los Angeles Wednesday for her upcoming film “Perfect Stranger,” Halle Berry was riddled with questions about her interview in last Sunday’s Parade magazine, which included quotes about her suicide attempt following her 1996 divorce from David Justice.

The Oscar-winning actress and recent recipient of a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame confirmed to reporters that the quotes were taken from an interview she did years ago.

“I talked about it on Larry King in 2002. I was on ‘Oprah’ talking about it when it was relevant,” she told EUR’s Lee Bailey. “And I felt like it was important to help other women and share it. The truth is I’m in such a great time in my life right now that it wouldn’t be my wish to revisit that. But another outlet did that and made it seem as though it was current again. And it’s just really not.”

Such personal matters are often raised by reporters during the hundreds of Q&A sessions that come with promoting a major studio film, Berry said.

“There have been certain times where I’ve been willing to disclose certain aspects of my personal life, especially those that I think might help someone else” she said. “I find those to be meaningful things to disclose, because I’ve gotten a lot from hearing the stories of other people.”

“I think what’s been happening this press tour, which has been a bit frustrating, is that some old, old stories have been regurgitated from like ten years ago. And I think that’s been because I have a movie out. Some of the magazines have sensationalized some old material and it’s being presented as if it’s new again, and as if it’s something that I want to talk about,” she emphasized. “And I really don’t. It’s 10 years old. I’m so past it and I’m so beyond it.”

Producer Ski Talks Working With Jay-Z, "His Next Album, I'm Gonna Hit Him With Some Joints"

After years on hiatus, longtime Jay-Z collaborator Ski Beatz is creeping out of obscurity and ready to work.

Ski's name pales in comparison to his resume. To date, the North Carolina-based producer has produced a series of Jay-Z classics, including, "Feelin It," "Dead Presidents" and "Streets Is Watching." In addition to his work with Hov, Ski has made his mark with Bronx, NY duo Camp-Lo ("Luchini") and Cinematographic group, Sporty Thieves ("Cheapskate"). Still, Ski is relatively unknown to this day. And that's just how he planned it.

"I guess that wasn't really my aim. I wasn't really trying to be a big producer, I was just making music cause I love to make music," Ski said. "I wasn't really trying to be a Pharrell or a Timbaland at the time. That wasn't really my main objective. I just wanted to hear hot raps over my beats."

After contributing to Jigga's first two albums, Reasonable Doubt and In My Lifetime Vol.1, Ski seemingly vanished from the Roc-A-Fella fold. The producer asserts that it was once again his doing.

"I guess I'm a crazy dude," Ski offered. "It wasn't nothing personal, I'm more of a ...I gotta do my own thing kinda guy."

"My own thing" included relocating back to North Carolina after years in New York City. But after a substantial break from the record business, Ski is looking to work again. He has recently placed beats on Jean Grae and Serius Jones' forthcoming projects and is presently working with Disturbing Tha Peace's Shareefa. Ski also bets that a recent call from the Roc means he'll soon be recording with Jay again.

"When I hear certain songs that he did, you know, I'm thinking like, 'damn, I could have gave him something that was a little more Jay," Ski explained. "But it's ill because when I saw Jay right before the Reasonable Doubt concert, I was in the studio with him and I was like, 'I wanna hear that Hov, Reasonable Doubt feel.' And then he made a valid point. He said , 'well Ski, we ain't living like that no more. And it's kinda hard to get back into that zone.'"

"His next album, I'm gonna hit him with some joints," he continued. "He's gonna love them and do his thing with them."

For more information on Ski Beatz, log onto Ski Beatz's Beats, Rhymes & Samples, his mixtape is also available for free online now.

Pharrell Williams Tapped To Design Pepsi Can

Pepsi has turned up the heat on rival Coca-Cola in the latest battle to conquer the multi-billion dollar soft drink market, by signing rapper Pharrell Williams to design a can.

Williams, along with music stars Big & Rich and the All-American Rejects, are taking part in Pepsi's global re-branding efforts.

While the familiar Pepsi logo remains untouched, the background graphics change every few weeks.
"I was intrigued by this opportunity because it allowed me to be creative and innovative, which is something that I try to infuse in all of my endeavors," said Pharrell Williams.

Up until Pepsi's re-branding efforts, the look of the Pepsi can had only changed 10 times in the company's 109 year history.

This year alone, the company plans to change the can's appearance more than 35 times.
For the first time in history, the company is also allowing a consumer to design the look of one its cans in the "Design Our Pepsi Can" contest.

The winning design takes home $10,000 in cash and the artwork will be featured on 500 million Pepsi cans across the country.

Both Pepsi and Coca-Cola are utilizing rappers to help boost their bottom lines, which dropped in 2006 according to industry sales data released last month.

In Mar. Coca-Cola hired rap superstar Jay-Z to redesign a can for its Cherry Coke Brand.
In 2006, the soft drink industry sold over 10 billion cases, down from 10.22 billion in 2005.

To enter the contest visit:

Infamous Films Announces "H.N.I.C." Starring Prodigy

Infamous Films announced today that film producer/rapper/actor - Prodigy, one-half of the multi-platinum hip-hop group Mobb Deep, will star and Executive Produce his next indie-film "H.N.I.C". In addition to Prodigy, the film will star Hassan Johnson (HBO's The Wire), J.D. Williams (HBO's The Wire), Davetta Sherwood (The Young and The Restless), Rick Gonzalez (Coach Carter), among others.

The film is described as a genre-bending story, though the exact story and the details are being kept under wraps. Production is scheduled for Spring 2007.

Current Projects for Prodigy include the mixtape album "Return of The Mac", the feature film "Murda Muzik", which he executive produced and "A Talent For Trouble" (Hassan Johnson, Roman Rivera, Mekhi Phifer, Abel Ferrara) which Prodigy also starred in and produced. "H.N.I.C." the movie re-unites Prodigy with Marvis Johnson, the director of "A Talent For Trouble"

Also slated for 2007 is Prodigy's upcoming solo album "H.N.I.C. Part 2".Prodigy is managed by PurfekStorm Management CEO Norman "Storm" Bell in the company's New York office.

Chamillionaire Ditches Bad Attitude; Hooks Up With Snoop, Busta For LP

Chamillionaire was so hellbent on proving his naysayers wrong with his last album, The Sound of Revenge, that when the Houston rapper found success with the project, he didn't even know how to take pleasure in his accomplishment...

"I went all over the world, to Hawaii and overseas, and I didn't get to enjoy it because I was pushing myself so hard," he said Wednesday, when he was in town for an MTV live performance. "The crazy part is, after I won, I realized, 'Why was I worried about what everyone was saying?'

The real victory was just being able to do what I do every day, live life and enjoy it. 'Why am I pulling my hair out and stressing over what everyone is saying?' "

So with that, Cham decided to call his follow-up Ultimate Victory, due April 24 on Universal Records.
"This time it's [gonna be] more about enjoying life and worrying about what's more important than the nonsense," he explained. "[For] this album, I tried to kick everyone out of the studio and focus on creating concepts I wanted to. I didn't want to think, 'Oh, I need to make a single [for the ladies], I need to make this club song.' I just kind of did what I wanted to do like I do on my mixtapes. And I was at peace doing it and I loved it."

For Victory, Chamillionaire recruited Kelis, Snoop Dogg and Busta Rhymes for his first two singles, "Not a Criminal" parts one and two. The Texas star also has collaborations in the can with Lil Wayne and late producer Disco D.

"I worked with people that complemented each song," Chamillionaire explained. "I told some stories, 'cause in the South we usually make records you just dance to. I been in the studio trying to perfect [my album] and craft it and put it together and make sure it's the way I want the fans to see it and the world to see it."

Common Previews New Album "Finding Forever" For VIBE Magazine

Common previewed tracks from his up-coming album, "Finding Forever", for VIBE Magazine last night (April 5th) at Sony Studios in New York City.

"Finding Forever" (Common's 7th album) due July 10th features a title that refers to to the idea of Jay Dee AKA J Dilla living on forever in the music.

A partial tracklisting/credits for "Finding Forever" follows:

"The People" (featuring Dwele; prod. by Kanye West)

"Black Maybe" (featuring Bilal; prod. by Kanye West)

"I Want You" (prod.

"Southside" (featuring and prod. by Kanye West)

"Misunderstood" (Nina Simone sample; prod. by Devo Springsteen)

"Drivin Me Wild" (featuring Lily Allen; prod. by Kanye West)

"So Far to Go" (featuring D'Angelo; prod by Jay Dilla)

"Break My Heart" (prod. by Kanye West)

"Start the Show" (prod. by Kanye West)

Three 6 Mafia Become's Latest Celebrity Guest Photographers

As they gear up for their reality show on MTV, Three 6 Mafia is making their rounds and their latest stop is at

The Memphis, Tennessee duo hit Playboy's Santa Monica studio recently getting behind the cameras for an after-hours photo session as celebrity guest photographers.

Juicy J was the first to get behind the camera and was full of compliments and outrageous praise for his gorgeous model, Playboy Cyber Girl Jennifer Korbin. He said he wanted to capture the entire experience, painstakingly shooting the grips and makeup artists in the background and even giving everyone on the crew a nickname.

DJ Paul took a more deliberate approach to his photo shoot. With his camera mounted on a tripod, he took one shot at a time before re-posing Jennifer and repositioning the cameras and lights for his next shot.

Three 6 Mafia joins a long list of celebs who have become's Guest Celebrity Photographer for a day including Nelly, Outkast, DMX, Ja Rule, Carmen Electra, Jenny McCarthy, rocker Tommy Lee and Korn frontman Jonathan Davis.

The pictorials shot by Three 6 Mafia, plus behind-the-scenes photographs and steamy video from the sessions can be seen only in the Playboy Cyber Club,'s subscription site.

For more info, visit

Rev. Run Recording LP With Kid Rock

In a recent interview with cable network G4TV's website, Rev Run revealed that he and Detroit rap/rocker Kid Rock will be collaborating on a full length album.

"Me and Kid Rock are collaborating on making an album called Running With The Kid, sort of like what Clapton and BB King did with Riding with the King," Run said. "We sort of have them same styles in a way, at least we dress the same. He's a big Run-DMC fan and I grew to understand and like his music.

"Run, one third of legendary group Run-DMC, says he plans to head out to Detroit in the coming weeks to start recording.

Original 'Biggie Smalls' Dies

Ever since Notorious B.I.G. made his way on to the rap scene in the early 90’s he was a man of many names. Among Notorious B.I.G.’s numerous aliases was Biggie Smalls, a name he captured from the 1975 film Let’s Do It Again...

Unfortunately, Calvin Lockhart the actor behind the role of Biggie Smalls passed away on Mar. 29 in Nassau, Bahamas due to complications from a stroke.

Let’s Do It Again, which starred Bill Cosby and Sidney Poitier, included a character by the name of Biggie Smalls who played the gangster in the film.

Lockhart, who was the first black actor to have a leading role with the Royal Shakespeare Company, also starred in Coming To America, Predator 2, and several other films and television shows.

Notorious B.I.G. and Lockhart weren’t the only two people who have used the name Biggie Smalls.

Notorious B.I.G. was forced to abandon the moniker Biggy Smalls, once he found out the name was actually trademarked years before B.I.G. had chosen the name.

'Pimp My Ride' Drives Into Virtual Territory with Debut of MTV Networks - 'Virtual Pimp My Ride'

For all those who have wanted to be a part of "Pimp My Ride" but you dont meet the MTV criteria - this is the answer for you!

"Pimp My Ride" fans can now sport some of the coolest virtual vehicles with the debut of Virtual Pimp My Ride (available for free download at The first virtual world inspired by the Southern California car culture of Van Nuys, California, Virtual Pimp My Ride debuts tomorrow along with the season premiere of MTV's "Pimp My Ride" at 9PM ET/PT. With the help of rap superstar and host Xzibit, and car customization specialist Mad Mike and his crazy car makeover team at Galpin Auto Sports, MTV also announced the kick-off of the "Virtual Pimp My Ride Car Show-Off Contest." The winner will walk away with not only the most tricked out virtual vehicle, but a real, brand new, tricked out car.

The first car "show-off" will be held on April 19th, at 9:30pm EDT at the virtual Galpin Auto Sports show-off lot and will continue every other week until the May 24th finale -- where the winner will be crowned. Every other week members from the "Pimp My Ride" cast will come in-world to meet fans and judge the various "show-offs" to find the hottest pimp'd out virtual ride.

Fans will be able to purchase starter vehicles using MTV dollars, head to the Galpin Auto Sports virtual garages and begin customizing everything from their paint job and hoods, to tricked out tires and rims. Brand new racing tracks and customized car challenges will be unveiled throughout the season. Virtual Pimp Ride will extend car culture further into MTV's current virtual world, Virtual Laguna Beach/Virtual Hills, with additional annex Galpin Auto Sports garages, so fans are never too far away.

Virtual Pimp My Ride debuts on Thursday, April 5th, the same night as the on-air premiere of the new season of "Pimp My Ride" at 9PM ET/PT. An in-world premiere party will take place at 9:30 PM ET complete with special cast appearances.

Virtual Pimp My Ride represents the evolution of MTV Networks' virtual worlds and will extend car culture further into MTVN's current virtual worlds. Virtual Pimp My Ride is the third virtual world experience from MTV Networks to be hosted on Makena Technologies' "" platform.

New Music

Sean Kingston feat. The Game and Rick Ross: "Colors" LISTEN

The Game - Cali Niggaz (ft. Ya Boy, Eastwood, Jay Rock, Topic, K Dot & Young Dubb)

Crooked I - Straight To The Bank (Freestyle)

Yukmouth - Bloody Mary

(L note: Seems I'm on my west Coast ish again, huh)

Apr 5, 2007

For the Stan in you part2

Remember Katrina? Well Back in January She was on Dr. Phil professing her love for Sir Hova of Brooklyn (Shawn Carter) if you need a refresher Click Here.

Well The good Folks at have posted her episode on youtube. So sit back and watch a stalker in action.

Also if any of her tendencies seem familiar you may wanna check yourself.

Part 1


(Props to Eskay)

ImHipHop TV

"Wonder Woman"
Trey Songz

Young Buck Rap City Freestyle (04-03-2007)

Lil Mama

Daily Update 4*5*07


Things are moving forward in the Whitney Houston/Bobby Brown divorce case.

The latest action came Wednesday when an Orange County, California judge ruled that Houston will get full custody of their daughter Bobbi Kristina.

The couple's 14-year-old Marriage will also end this month on the 24th as ruled by Superior Court Judge Franz E. Miller. Brown was a no-show at the hearing.

The singer, reports AP, dabbed her eyes with a tissue to hold back the tears. She testified that she did not need spousal or child support and that 14-year-old Bobbi Kristina, could not depend on her father.

"He's unreliable," Houston told Judge Miller. "If he says he's going to come, sometimes he does. Usually he doesn't."

Ram Cogan, the attorney representing Bobby Brown, said his client will seek to overturn the judge's decision.

Houston filed for divorce in October, citing irreconcilable differences. She and Brown wed in 1992. During their highly publicized marriage, Brown was arrested numerous times and Houston twice entered drug rehabilitation programs.

Houston declined to comment to reporters after the hearing.

Jay-Z Endorses Ace of Spade Champagne

Months after boycotting Louis Roederer Cristal, Jay-Z has found a new bubbly to enjoy.
According to reports, the rap mogul is close to signing a deal to endorse Ace of Spade, an Armand De Brignac champagne featured in the rapper's video for his hit song "Show Me What You got."

Jay-Z also mentions Ace of Spade in the hit single and in the video, the rapper is seen opening a brief case during a card game.

The brief case contains a bottle of Armand de Brignac, known for its solid gold-plated face and Ace of Spades shaped label.

Although the deal isn't official, Armand de Brignac president/CEO Brett Berish welcomed the attention his brand has received from Jay-Z.

"Jay-Z has always demonstrated the highest standards and finest taste, and we're honored to see Armand make an appearance in 'Show Me What You Got,'" Berish said shortly after the video premiered. "Armand's unmatched taste and package are a perfect fit for the video."
The demand for the champagne has spiked since Jay-Z's endorsement. Last week, 100 cases of the pricey champagne were stolen from a Florida distributor.

The potential new deal comes amidst Jay-Z's boycott of Louis Roederer Cristal last year, after the brand's managing director Frederic Rouzaud distanced the bubbly from its
Hip-Hop clientele in an interview with The Economist m

As a result, the rapper rejected the brand, pulling it from his 40/40 sports bars.

Cam’Ron Changes The Title of His Next Album To Courtesy Curtis

The battle between Cam’Ron and 50 Cent continues.

This morning (April 5), Cam’Ron called Miss Jones’ Hot 97 morning show in New York City to respond to 50 Cent’s remarks he made yesterday.

In the interview, Cam announces he’s changing the title of his next album to Courtesy Curtis, which will be released the first week of July. “Listen, man, we all got a deal with YouTube. Just admit when you lost,” Cam told DJ Envy in response to 50’s comments. “He’s losing the battle and he can’t go to sleep. When he was on Angie Martinez, he said he’s got bags under his eyes. Well, he must got a month and a half of bags under his eyes. It must be drooping down to his knees, because he really lost and he can’t take it. I just wanted to let people know the name of my album — it’s Courtesy Curtis. Seriously, I’m just letting people know that. I was trying to chill out, because it’s really not fun taking advantage of someone who can’t compete with you. But since he wants to keep on carrying on, I’ll take it to the next level.”

Cam went on to say, “I also got a sitcom coming out called Curtis, which you can check out on my channel that’s along with KOCH. It’s called Diplomat/KOCH TV, which is on YouTube.

We already showed the clip, but it’s a whole sitcom with Curtis, a.k.a. Curtis Jackson. At the end of the day, they are loosing and we smell blood.”

"We're Making Fun Of Any & Everybody," Nick Cannon Wilds Out In New Comedy Series

After enjoying success with his hit MTV show "Wild'n Out", Nick Cannon is set to launch a brand new sketch comedy show tonight (April 5) called, "Nick Cannon Presents: Short Circuitz."

After landing a "first-look" deal with MTV late last year that allows Cannon to develop, produce, consult and appear in various MTV-branded programming, "Short Circuitz" will be the
actor's first project since securing the partnership with the network. Following the break out success of his previous television venture, Cannon believes that the new show, which is set to premiere on on MTV tonight at 9:30 p.m. EST, was the next logical step.

"We were already doing sketches on 'Wild'n Out' and the network was really responding well to it so they were like, 'why don't you do a whole sketch show,'" Cannon said. "It's different. We're turning pop culture on its head, no holds barred. We're making fun of any and everybody."

Cannon said that he will be utilizing a few familiar faces from the "Wild'n Out" cast as well as some of the writers from the show, but he is hoping to establish a separate identity for "Short Circuitz". While Cannon stars in as well as handles hosting duties on the popular "Wild'n Out," the 26-year-old will largely be behind the scenes of the new show. Having already served as executive producer for the MTV reality series "Date My Mom," Cannon is comfortable in the position.

"I've been producing for a long time, ever since the Nickelodeon days," he explained. "It's just me pitching concepts and putting the shows on, making people feel like they are a part of the team. You don't really gotta be in front of the camera all the time. Being behind the scenes, producing and directing is really where I see a future for me right now."

With plans to take over both the small screen as well as the big screen, Cannon has also been honing his acting chops, starring in the film Weapons which was recently nominated for "Best Dramatic Film" at the Sundance Film Festival. He also enjoyed a starring role in Bobby, a film that saw him acting alongside Sharon Stone, Lindsay Lohan, Anthony Hopkins and Demi Moore. Choosing to make a name for himself as a serious actor, Cannon has chosen to carve his niche on the indie circuit.

"I take my craft very seriously. With me doing so much stuff for TV, it gives me a chance to choose my roles and characters a lot more wisely," he says. "It really helps me establish myself as an actor. The [indie] movies just make the most sense to me right now. It's where a lot of the best material is."

'White Rapper' Persia Speaks Out Against Young Jeezy 'White Girl' Promotion

White female rapper Persia has spoken out against Young Jeezy & USDA's plans to create an all-white street team to promote the group's new single "White Girl."

According to Persia, the promotion is nothing more than a gimmick that could have unneeded racial undertones, and didn't fit the song's true subject matter - cocaine.

"Is this what Hip-Hop has come to?" told of the promotion. "I thought his white girl song was a metaphor, so why don't have a band of baseheads handing out the flyers."

Persia's stance comes on the heels of an announcement by Jeezy and USDA, who seek "field marketing teams" to help promote the group's new album, Young Jeezy Presents USDA: Cold Summer.

Slick Pulla said the group are seeking 18-24-year old "blondes, the brunettes, the green eyes, the grey eyes, the red heads" to help promote the album on the remaining stops of the Street Dreams Tour.

"Another thing I cant stand in Hip-Hop," Persia said. "The whole 'sex sells' movement. And I'm embarrassed for Jeezy for even thinking this was the next 'bomb idea.'"

Persia is best remembered for her part on a competitive reality show on VH1, which was hosted by MC Serch.

She was eventually eliminated.

Three 6 Mafia Piss On Hollywood

TMZ has learned that the rap group Three 6 Mafia was booted from their home after a member of their entourage peed on Jennifer Love Hewitt's lawn.

The Oscar-winning rap group recently moved into the same Toluca Lake neighborhood of the busty "Ghost Whisperer," and marked their new territory by having one of their assistants relieve himself on Hewitt's front yard.

The group's new reality show, "Adventures in HollyHood," premieres tomorrow night on MTV. While handing out invitations to the Three 6 Mafia housewarming party, you can actually see the assistant peeing on a lawn they claim belongs to the actress. Must pee TV!

See the video here:

Instead of offering the group gifts, Hewitt and other neighbors forced them to move out of the Toluca Lake 'hood, and they're now living in Bel Air. Sounds like an upgrade, minus the view of Hewitt's spectacular cleavage.

Producer Nitti Signs Label Deal With Warner Bros. Records

Producer Nitti -- responsible for Yung Joc's breakout hit "It's Goin' Down" -- has recently signed a label deal with Warner Bros. Records for his own imprint, Playmaker Music.

Through the deal, Warner Bros. will market, promote and distribute artists Nitti signs to his label."I've been producing beats and making music my whole life," said Nitti, "and I feel that Warner Bros. understands and appreciates what I have to offer as a producer and musician. I look forward to a truly successful venture for everyone."

As an in-demand hip-hop producer, Nitti is known for a distinctive production style that features a high-tempo, snap-like beats. In addition to "It's Goin' Down," Nitti boasts a string of hit singles on his resume including Boyz In the Hood's "Dem Boyz," 8 Ball's "Stop Playin' Games," Gucci Mane's "Go Head," Ali and Gipp's "Hard In The Paint," and T.I.'s most recent single "Where They At."

The Decatur, Georgia-born producer also has garnered album cuts on Young Jeezy's Thug Motivation 101, Young Dro's Best Thang Smokin', and "Lights, Camera, Action," from Atlanta's Young Capone's forthcoming album.There is no word as to what the first release from the label will be.

Diddy's New Rap Name

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Monday night, "P. Diddy claims, in a a recent interview, he and his girlfriend had tantric sex for 30 hours straight. 30 hours? Huh? I don't think P. Diddy didn't even have the same name for 30 hours. ... In fact, now he has a a new rap name - Busta Groin. ... Let me ask you about this 30-hour sex thing. How does that work the next time they have sex? Let's say he only lasts 28 hours. Does he have to apologize? 'Honey, I'm sorry. This never happened to me before.' Is it one of those things?"

Mr. Cheeks Preps New Album On Stephen Marley’s Record Label

Lost Boyz frontman, Mr. Cheeks, announced he is working on a new solo album — Homework — on Stephen Marley’s Tuff Gong record label.

“Right now, I’m working on my new album,” Cheeks told XXLMag “I’m on the Tuff Gong label, signed under Stephen Marley. I’m on tour with them now, promoting his new album, Mind Control. [But my album] is called Homework and I got the Marley Brothers on there. I’m also looking [to get] Musiq on my new single I’m about to come out with.”

Besides his new album, Cheeks is also working on a new film. “I’m finishing up this movie coming out called Cash Rules,” Cheeks said. “It’s with JD Williams [Bodie] from The Wire.”

MIMS Heats Up The Road With Microsoft ZUNE For Club Tour

He's brought the heat to the nation's airwaves with his smash single "This is Why I'm Hot," and now Capitol Music Group / American King artist MIMS plans to heat up the road with Microsoft's digital media player brand Zune for a headlining club tour in support of his debut album Music Is My Savior.

The #1 Billboard Hot 100 charting artist will kick off his schedule today, April 3rd in his New York City hometown and will hit twenty-seven cities on a tour that will focus primarily on nightclub venues. The tour will bring Music Is My Savior tracks such as "This is Why I'm Hot," "Just like That," and for the first time, his forthcoming single "Like This," among others from his debut CD to life on stage for many MIMS fans in cities across the country.

The partnership between MIMS and Zune represents the new age of marketingThe tour, sponsored by Zune and promoted by the global digital music promotions company Digiwaxx Media, whose dominance in both the music and technology industries successfully garnered the partnership between MIMS and Zune, will hit cities in a hard-to-miss, technologically state-of the art tour bus wrapped in MIMS' likeness. The tour will serve to unveil an on-going, national partnership between MIMS and ZUNE extending beyond the tour.

"The partnership between MIMS and Zune represents the new age of marketing," says Digiwaxx Media CEO, Corey Llewellyn. "The collaboration between an innovative company and an innovative artist showcases the emerging importance of technology within the ever changing music industry."

"I'm excited to join forces with a powerful company like Microsoft," says MIMS. "This isn't just a great move for me but this is great for Hip Hop music across the board. In introducing the Zune digital media player into the Hip Hop community it further shows how powerful Hip Hop music is as a long-standing branding influencer."

"When we first developed a relationship with MIMS last fall we could tell he was someone we wanted to build with," said Christina Calio, director of music marketing for Zune. "Zune is excited to partner with him on this tour and we look forward to identifying and supporting other artists in similar ways."

Breaking Billboard Hot 100 chart history for the third time ever with his smash single "This is Why I'm Hot," MIMS leaped to the #1 chart position (32-1) in March and has acquired the ears of the nation from radio waves to major sporting arenas. MIMS has the fastest selling platinum ringtone in the country. His new single "Like This," will hit airwaves April 16th. His debut album Music Is My Savior was released on March 27th and is in stores now.


Actor-comedian Bernie Mac has signed on to produce a new reality show for NBC.

He’s teaming up with producer Ben Silverman ("The Office," "The Biggest Loser") to work on the un-scripted pilot called "Welcome to the Family."

The series, a spin-off of Mac's 2005 movie "Guess Who," will follow couples from different religions or ethnic groups who are meeting each other's families for the first time.

Mac’s movie, which also starred Ashton Kutcher, was itself a remake of the 1967 film "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner." The actor was asked to join the project by Marc Abrams and Michael Benson, who wrote for "The Bernie Mac Show" and now work for Silverman's production company, Reveille.

Mac will narrate "Welcome to the Family" and executive produce the program with Silverman. Other executive producers include creator Katy Wallin, Greg Johnston, Steven Greener and H.T. Owens.

Mac can currently be seen in the feature film “Pride,” and will next appear in "Ocean's Thirteen" and "Transformers," due in theaters this summer.

Beyonce To Kick Off North American Tour In July

After wrapping overseas shows in mid-June, Beyoncé will kick off her North American tour on July 6 in New Orleans. She is scheduled to play arenas all over the U.S. and Canada into September.


July 2007
6 - New Orleans, LA - Louisiana Superdome
7 - Memphis, TN - FedExForum
8 - Saint Louis, MO - Scottrade Center
13 - Dallas, TX - American Airlines Center
14 - Houston, TX - Toyota Center
15 - San Antonio, TX - AT&T Center
20 - Atlanta, GA - Philips Arena
21 - Tampa, FL - St. Pete Times Forum22 - Sunrise, FL - BankAtlantic Center
24 - Jacksonville, FL - Veterans Memorial Arena
27 - Charlotte, NC - Charlotte Bobcats Arena
28 - Raleigh, NC - RBC Center
29 - Hampton, VA - Hampton Coliseum

August 2007
1 - Uncasville, CT - Mohegan Sun
3 - East Rutherford, NJ - Continental Airlines Arena
4 - New York, NY - Madison Square Garden
8 - Baltimore, MD - 1st Mariner Arena
9 - Washington, DC - Verizon Center
10 - Philadelphia, PA - Wachovia Center
11 - Atlantic City, NJ - venue to be announced
12 - Boston, MA - TD Banknorth Garden
14 - Montreal, Quebec - Bell Centre
15 - Toronto, Ontario - Air Canada Centre
17 - Auburn Hills, MI - Palace of Auburn Hills
18 - Chicago, IL - United Center
19 - Cleveland, OH - Quicken Loans Arena
22 - Denver, CO - Pepsi Center
24 - Phoenix, AZ - US Airways Center
25 - Las Vegas, NV - MGM South
26 - San Diego, CA - venue TBA
31 - Oakland, CA - Oracle Arena & McAfee Coliseum

September 2007
1 - Anaheim, CA - Honda Center2 - Los Angeles, CA - Staples Center
4 - Vancouver, British Columbia - GM Place
6 - Calgary, Alberta - Pengrowth Saddledome

Young Buck Lands On Top, MIMS Proves Why He's Hot, Redman Goes Wild

In this week's Hip-Hop Charts, Young Buck debuts on top, MIMS follows close behind and Redman makes a comeback.

Debuting at No. 3 on the charts this week is Young Buck with his sophomore album Buck The World. The album, which features appearances from 50 Cent and Young Jeezy, reels in 140,300 units in its first go-around, according to Nielsen's SoundScan.

Entering the charts at No. 5 is New York rapper MIMS. Thanks to his blazing single, "This Is Why I'm Hot," his debut Music Is My Savior shifts 77,600 copies in its first week.
Regaining the No. 5 spot after slipping a step last week is Akon. The Senegalese born crooner continues to laugh all the way to the bank as Konvicted sells 66,800 discs this week. To date, the album has sold 1,999,000 copies.

After debuting at No. 2 last week, Joss Stone drops six spots to No. 8. Introducing Joss Stone reins in 58,100 units in its second week. So far, the album's tally stands at 176,300.
Slipping to No. 12 is UK based vocalist Amy Winehouse. With her popularity continuing to ascend, Back to Basics shelves off 46,300 discs. After 3 weeks, the album has sold 144,900.
Also making a debut on the charts this week is Redman at No 13. Funk Doc's fifth album, Red Gone Wild: Thee Album, shells out 44,400 units in it opening week. The set features appearances from Method Man, Nate Dogg, Keith Murray and Biz Markie.

Right behind him is Lil' Flip who enters the charts at No. 16 with I Got Mine. The disc, which features appearances from Lyfe Jennings, Mannie Fresh, Three Six Mafia and UGK, pulls in 43,300 units in its first week spin.

Sliding two spots to No. 12 is Justin Timberlake. FutureSex/Love Sounds continues to keep cash registers ringing as it scans 37,000 units this week. Thus far, the album has sold 3,038,700.
Fergie's 'glamour' fades for a minute as she drops six spots to No. 19. Dutchess lugs in 35,400 discs this week, bringing the album's total to 1,677,700.

Posted at No. 20 is Musiq Soulchild. Luvanmusiq ropes in 35,200 units this week. The album has sold a total 238,700 copies after three weeks on the charts.

A sharp decrease in sales pushes Lloyd fifteen spots to No. 22. His sophomore set, Street Love, rings in 33,200 discs this week. The album's tally stands at 233,400.

Rich Boy's latest single, "Boy Looka Here" doesn't seem to have the same impact as his debut track, "Throw Some D's." He sinks sixteen levels to No 25 this week as his self titled debut only dials in 31,800 units. To date, the album has sold 192,700 copies.

Taking fourteen steps down the ladder to No. 26 is Robin Thicke. Evolution Of Robin Thicke moves 31, 000 copies this week. After 26 weeks, the singer's debut album has sold a total of 883,800 copies.

Debuting quietly at No. 32 is Prodigy. His latest solo project, Return of The Mac, which is produced entirely by Cali betamaker Alchemist, sells 26,800 copies in its opening week.
Not far behind is Corrine Bailey Rae at No. 35. Her self titled album shelves off 26,200 discs this week. To date, her set has sold 1,355,700.

Three slots below is Marques Houston at No. 38. His latest album, The Veteran, hauls in 23,800 copies this week. After two weeks on the charts, the album has sold 92,500 discs.
Also making a debut on the charts this week is Macy Gray at No. 39. Her fourth album, BIG, pushes 22,900 copies in its fist go-around. The album features appearances from Justin Timberlake, Natalie Cole and Fergie.

Despite falling ten spots to No. 47, Young Jeezy's The Inspiration continues to be a hot seller. The rapper's sophomore set has sold 983,800 discs thus far, with 15,800 representing the week-in total.

Notorious B.I.G.'s Greatest Hits plummets twenty spots to No. 49 this week. The compilation hustles 15,500 units in its fourth roll on the charts. So far, the album has sold 178,700 copies.
Also dropping drastically is 8Ball & MJG who fall twenty slots to No. 50 In its 3rd week on the charts , Riding High only stirs in 15,200 copies. The album has sold a total of 91,100 discs thus far.

Further down the totem pole, Ciara staggers twelve spots down to No. 57. Evolution sells 14,200 discs this week, bringing its tally to 1,086,600. Baby Boy Da Prince, who opened at No. 26 last week, tumbles thirty four slots to No. 60. His debut, Across The Water, only moves 13,700 units this week, rounding its total to 39,400. Also slumping hard after a noteworthy debut last week is Crime Mob. The Atlanta bred group, who debuted at No. 31, slide thirty three spots to No. 64. Their sophomore set, Hated On Mostly, bags up 13,100 units this week, adding up the album's tally to 35,300. Beyonce continues to keep trucking despite falling fifteen slots to No. 69. B'Day, which has moved 2,373,300 copies thus far, shifts 12,600 this week. Smoking at No. 71 is Devin The Dude. Waiting To Inhale shelves off 12,100 discs in its second week. The albums tally stands at 37,700. Tha Dogg Pound's third album, Dogg Chit, enters the chart at No. 77. The album moves 11,600 units in its opening week. Wrapping things up at No. 108 is Diddy. Press Play scans 8,500 copies this week The total for the album reads off at 592,400.

Next week look for Timbaland, Paul Wall and Beyonce's Re-Release of B'day to make an impact on the charts.

Apr 4, 2007

50 Cent on Hot 97 4/4/07

50 Cent called in to Miss Jones’ morning show on New York City’s Hot 97 radio station today (April 4) to discuss Tony Yayo’s situation, his displeasure with Young Buck and the future of G-Unit Records. Below is a recap of the interview.

50’s thoughts on Tony Yayo: Miss Jones, and her co-host, DJ Envy, asked 50 if he was involved in the alleged assault of Jimmy “Henchmen” Rosemond’s 14-year-old son. “Absolutely not,” 50 said. “I was in Connecticut preparing to go to Angola, Africa.” 50 then went on to say he has security footage from his house proving he was in Connecticut. “I did it for security purposes when I put the cameras around the house, but of course, it will put me in Connecticut,” he said. “I’m walking back and forth through the house, they have cameras in certain areas of the house where you can see me.” 50 then proceeded to reaffirm Yayo’s innocence. “In this case, they are just putting his name in it,” 50 said. “He didn’t hit him.” DJ Envy then asked 50 again, in order to clarify if Yayo assault Rosemond’s son. “No he didn’t,” 50 replied.

On Young Buck: The conversation then turned to Young Buck, as 50 voiced his displeasure with Buck’s recent attempt to squash his beef with The Game. “If you listen to Angie Martinez’s show, when Young Buck was on there, he made references to him being his own man, his own decisions to try and make friends with people that I have issues with,” 50 said. “I hold him in the same space that I held Game in — in that light. If I have issues with somebody and we’re down with each other, then you have issues with them.” 50 went on to say, “It doesn’t change, like me and Buck [don’t] got beef. He’s [just] in the same space. He’s in the same boat for having the same actions.”

On Olivia: 50 then confirmed that Olivia has been dropped from G-Unit Records. “It’s not that creatively she couldn’t deliver,” he said. “There are just so many miscommunications going on with her actual project.” 50 then went on to reject the rumors Olivia was suing him for sexual misconduct. “Na, that’s not true,” 50 vehemently stated.

On G-Unit Records: Miss Jones and DJ Envy proceeded to ask 50 about the future of G-Unit Records. “I made sacrifices continuously, not just for Olivia, but for the entire G-Unit,” he said. “At this point, they have to do their thing now. It’s their second album — everybody.” Surprised by his answer, Miss Jones asked, “What happens if they don’t deliver in the next go round?” 50 replied, “If they don’t deliver, then they don’t actually work.”
50 then went on to say, “You should expect to not hear me on any of their [G-Unit’s] stuff. You should expect them to be creating their own projects and their own careers at this point. I’ve made sacrifices, like when I did the “Outta Control Remix.” I did that to set up Mobb Deep. I could have been doing “Get In My Car” or “Build You Up” with Jamie Foxx. I could have continued to sell The Massacre at that point. But I cut the album off in order to create new energy and buzz to set up the Mobb Deep project. When I put out the Get Rich or Die Tryin’
Soundtrack, I could have been doing “I’ll Whip Ya Head Boy” when I was doing “Best Friend” with Olivia.”

On Sha Money’s new role with G-Unit Records:“Sha Money is no longer the President of G-Unit Records,” 50 said. “Me and Sha sat together and made the decision to help us grow in other areas because I’m not doing as much as I would be doing for each individual artist on G-Unit. We needed him because he’s the most experienced person in our circle. Not just on the actual creative level, but in the corporate end. He’s managing everybody [now]. He’s over Banks, Buck and Yayo.”

On his beef with Cam’ron:The Cam’ron thing, I couldn’t use that,” 50 said. “That’s nothing. But because he made the mistake of jumping out there, I jumped on him. To clarify why I was making YouTube videos as opposed to mixtape records is because I have a deal wit YouTube. Everything that says 50 Cent on it, I’m credited for. So if it says “Cam’ron/50 Cent diss,” I get credited for it. “50 Cent parody,” I get credited for. That’s just me playing Cam’ron and them to get them to draw some energy. It’s like life sized pawns.” DJ Envy then asked 50 if he will release any more diss records towards Cam’ron. “I feel like I have to be smart enough not to continue dealing with someone who isn’t intelligent enough to know when they lost,” 50 replied.

On his next album: Finally, 50 also revealed his next album will be titled Curtis instead of Before I Self Destruct. The album will be released on June 19. “If this album isn’t better than Get Rich or Die Tryin’, it’s definitely better than The Massacre,” he said. 50 also said he’s going to follow up with his fourth album on February 5, 2008, which is a day before the anniversary of Get Rich or Die Tryin’. He went on to say that he signed a five-album deal with Interscope, but the fifth album in his collection will be a greatest hits. 50 did not comment on whether he will re-sign with Interscope after his deal is up.

Listen to the interview here.
Pt. 1
Pt. 2

(props to wshh for audio and Eskay for words)

Mid week Mami *Biyanca*

Ladies if you think you have what it takes to the Midweek Mami, Email your Photos to L at All Submissions must be dressed in a swimsuit or provocatively dressed. all pics become property of ImHipHop. Thanks an
d good luck.

DJ Khaled - We Takin' Over

Daily Update 4*4*07


When it comes to the all important opening weekend at the box office, perennial kings “The Toms” (Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks) must now bow down to Will Smith as the actor who brings in the most money, according to an annual ranking by Newsweek.

"Let's put it this way," says one studio head in the Newsweek article, "there's Will Smith, and then there are the mortals."

With a worldwide career box office of $4.4 billion, Smith now has the unofficial title of Most Powerful Actor in Hollywood, followed by Johnny Depp at No. 2 and Ben Stiller in third place.

Newsweek determines its annual power rankings through interviews with studio heads, agents and producers. Smith, 38, was a unanimous No. 1 choice. The rapper-turned-actor, as Newsweek points out, is “bankable in every genre,” whether sci-fi ("I, Robot"), action-comedy ("Men in Black"), romantic comedy ("Hitch") or drama ("The Pursuit of Happyness").

"He can do anything," says one top studio exec. "The audience has enormous affection for him—we're talking a Tom Hanksian level of likability."

Just as in music, Smith’s feature films have consistently connected with crossover audiences.
"He's the black Jimmy Stewart," says an industry insider. "He invites the white community in, yet he's credible with the black community. That's a pretty hard trick."

Tom Cruise fell to No. 5 on Newsweek’s annual power list, preceded by Brad Pitt at No. 4.

Jay-Z Inspired Hip-Hop Musical, 'CONFESSIONS OF A THUG,'

The new award-winning, highly anticipated hip-hop musical "Confessions Of A Thug," starring Daron Fordham and featured on the cover of the current (March 31st through April 6th) edition of Billboard Magazine, has been released on DVD in the U.S. domestically by Polychrome Pictures, a subsidiary of Warner Home Video...

"Confessions Of A Thug" is a groundbreaking, hip-hop musical chronicling the life of a college-educated street hustler, who explores the path his life has taken. In addition to directing, Daron Fordham (Black Spring Break I & II) starred in and also wrote the picture. In an interview, Fordham said that he was "inspired by the entrepreneurial example of hip-hop mogul Jay-Z to make the picture." The movie is a cutting-edge urban crime drama, with an outstanding soundtrack of original music, presented with a fresh, new approach to the genre. The movie also includes performances by multi-platinum rap artists J. T. Money and The Lady of Rage.

"This film is a morality tale. You reap what you sow. We wanted to portray that in a non-traditional way and raise the bar artistically on what an urban film can be and look like," says Fordham. By merging hard-hitting rap performances with dramatic filmmaking and edgy photography, Fordham gives his audiences the best of both worlds. "'Confessions' is a movie for the young urban crowd and the art crowd," says Fordham. Among other honors, the movie gained the award for Best Director at this year's 2007 San Diego Black Film Festival.

Raymond Forchion, producer of "Confessions," couldn't agree more: "We've created a product that transcends the borders often set for this type of movie. The musical numbers alone elevate this picture and give it a whole new level of excitement. The soundtrack album includes eleven original hot tracks from the movie that have created a buzz on the underground and club circuits."

The March 31st edition of Billboard is on newsstands now. In addition to the cover spot there is also an article about the picture.

Starting with Birmingham, Alabama, Director/Star Daron Fordham, Producer Raymond Forchion and other stars from the picture will be touring several U.S. cities and visiting various retail outlets in the coming weeks to promote the PolychromePictures/Warner Brothers release.

For more information about the film and to view trailers, visit and

HHW Interviews Hova's BM.

This week's issue of Hip Hop Weekly delivers an exclusive interview with Jay-Z's ex, Trinidadian video model Shenelle Scott, and the exclusive pictures of her son, 5-year-old Isa Jael Sayeed, who is rumored to be Jay-Z's son. In the interview Shenelle tells us how she met Jay Z and about their one year relationship.

Hip Hop Weekly reports from the Miss USA Pageant in Los Angeles, Shaquille O’Neal’s 35th Birthday Bash in Hollywood, Fla and BET’s Spring Bling. Also, Russell Simmons talks about his new book “Do You! 12 Laws to Access the Power in You to Achieve Happiness and Success,” and Musiq Soulchild discusses his new CD “LuvanMusiq.” In addition, check out Wish Bone’s 2007 Mercedes Benz S550 in “310 Whips” and hot celebrity couples gossip in “Couples 411.”

Founded by Dave Mays and Raymond “Benzino” Scott, HHW is now published every two weeks in its new glossy format and is available nationally at stores such as Barnes & Noble, 7Eleven, Walgreen’s, Rite Aid, Kmart, Pathmark and Walmart, as well as airport magazine retailers and magazine outlets in the UK and Canada.


the interview was read live on-the air. Check out Part II here.

(props to hiphopcruch)

Daddy Yankee Set To Release New Album

Daddy Yankee's first studio album since 2004's groundbreaking Barrio Fino promises to pour more gasolina on the fire that is reggaeton. The Cartel:The Big Boss (El Cartel/Interscope), to be released June 5, 2007, continues to expand reggaeton's power and reach by featuring such diverse guest artists as Fergie, Jim Jones, Nicole Scherzinger from The Pussycat Dolls, Akon, and from Black Eyed Peas. Both Akon and also produce, as do Mr. ColliPark and Scott Storch (the latter producing the first single, "Impacto") along with Reggaeton producers Eli "El Musicologo", Tiny Tunes, Diesel and Menace.

For Daddy Yankee, The Cartel: The Big Boss marks the next step in a phenomenal career that has taken him from the barrios outside San Juan, Puerto Rico, to being named one of the 100 Most Influential People in the world by Time magazine.

"Reggaeton needs a change and I'm changing too," says Daddy Yankee. "You can't rest on the past. This album is very different. My roots are still there but now there's more, a side of me people haven't seen, including hip-hop. And I know the power music has too. I'm a leader in Latin culture. The album talks about the role we're playing in society. For people that don't know what's happening, we need to let them know what's going on."

In 2006, the live CD/DVD set Barrio Fino en Directo was the biggest selling Latin album of the year according to Billboard, was named Reggaeton Album of the Year at the Billboard Latin Music Awards. Daddy Yankee was also named Artist of the Year at the Latin Billboard Awards and MTV Video Music Awards Latinoamerica, Latin Songwriter of the Year by ASCAP and Urban Artist of the Year at Univision's Premios Lo Nuestro Awards. Along with the Time magazine honor, People en Español ranked him among the upcoming year's 100 Most Influential People.

With his rapid-fire freestyle flow and clever lyrics, Daddy Yankee helped pioneer the sound of reggaeton. In 2004, "Gasolina" from the studio Barrio Fino became the urban music anthem that put reggaeton on the music map and made DY its first platinum-certified star.

Daddy Yankee's influence within the genre is matched by his entrepreneurial vision. Besides being founder and CEO of his own record label and management company, he is one of Pepsi's Hispanic spokespersons and for sportswear powerhouse Reebok has created "Daddy Yankee by Rbk," a footwear, clothing and accessory line available in stores nationwide. Talento de Barrio, his first film, as actor and executive producer, is slated for a U.S. release later this year. The reggaeton star recently celebrated his first anniversary as the host of the Daddy Yankee On Fuego Radio Show a nationally sindicated radio show on ABC Radio Networks which airs on 29 affiliates.

Daddy Yankee has not forgotten where he has come from either. For his native Puerto Rico, he was the first reggaeton artist to offer free concerts for the children of the projects. Most recently, he partnered with the Puerto Rico Department of Education to lead a school cleaning and beautification program. He also continues to be a spokesperson for the American Red Cross in the U.S. Hispanic community and a member of the Red Cross Celebrity Cabinet that reaches out to a new generation of volunteers and encourages people of all races, ages and ethnicities to support the Red Cross in their community. In 2007, Daddy Yankee will launch his own charitable organization, Fundación Corazón Guerrero.

Kelly Rowland To Find Own Destiny

Destiny's Child's Kelly Rowland isn't sitting around waiting for the group's reunion. She is stepping out on her own, with a new album and exciting collaborations. She's already got her first single gaining a bit of a buzz in "Like This," which features the lyrical stylings of former Ruff Ryder Eve. Aside from Eve, she has also hit the lab with a variety of rappers, singers and producers including Lil' Wayne, Robin Thicke and Polow Da Don, who is responsible for many recent chart toppers.

She's also got a track with Snoop Dogg, which she is beaming about. She seems so happy about it, that the track may actually become her next single.

"It might possibly be the second single, I'm not sure. I love Snoop," Rowland told MTV.
Later she explained that the infatuation has been growing since she was a child, eager to listen to the words of The Doggfather.

"I've been wanting to work with Snoop forever. I remember sneaking [out] to buy his Doggystyle album. My mom was a little mad. But he was so dope. He's the king of cool. ... He got on 'Ghetto' once I finished recording the song, and I was like, 'He sounds so dope.' 'Ghetto' is basically saying what you like in a guy. I like a guy with a little bit of edge. [But] not too much, where you scare me away."

This is the follow up to her debut solo album Simply Deep. According to Rowland, there will be a significant difference between the two.

"This album is very different from the last record. It was so alternative and this record is urban...I wanted to go back to my roots [because] that's where I started and that's what feels natural to me," she told Billboard, of the album's musical direction.

The album has gone through some name changes. Original reports indicated that Rowland would release her second album titled My Story in July. Now titled Ms. Kelly, the album is set to hit stores in late June.

Young Jeezy Utilizes All White Female Street Teams To Promote Up-Coming USDA Release

Young Jeezy & USDA are assembling all-white female street teams in various cities across the country, as part of the promotion for the group's latest single "White Girl."

The ladies will join Jeezy's field marketing team on the remaining dates of the Street Dreams Tour and help promote the upcoming Def Jam/CTE release, Young Jeezy Presents USDA: Cold Summer. According to reps for CTE, Young Jeezy, Blood Raw and Slick Pulla will personally review each photo. "For the first time in the rap game history, we finna get us a street team of nothing but pretty white girls to promote this single," Slick Pulla said. "The blondes, the brunettes, the green eyes, the grey eyes, the red heads, the freckles, all that man."

Eligible ladies must be between the ages of 18-24 and must reside in or near one of the remaining stops on the Street Dreams Tour. To enter females should enter their age, address and descriptive paragraph to

Royce & Primo Dropping New Mixtape

Folks have been waiting for an album of Royce Da 5'9 over Premier's beats since they first heard Boom! and Friends, and Hip Hop just didn't help matters at all. While talk of a full length album together is still lingering, a mixtape together will have to do in the meantime.

Royce and Primo along with Statik Selektah will drop The Bar Exam on April 10th. The mixtape will feature another Royce/Prem future classic in Hit'em! Plus you get Royce rhyming over plenty of Primo's legendary beats as well as production from Carlos "Six July" Broady, J. Cardim, DC, Bink! and Statik Selektah.

Royce spent nearly the entire past year up north for a parole violation and is currently out on a 12 hour daily work release. The Detroit native is getting out this summer, hopefully not long before his next LP Street Hop hits the shelves via his own M.I.C. label. Premier will be executive producing the album.

The Bar Exam will be available exclusively on, and select mixtape locations on April 10, 2007. Traffic Entertainment will distribute the official retail release worldwide on May 27, 2007.

Mya Links With Lil' Wayne & Scott Storch For Universal Debut

R&B singer Mya is currently gearing up for the release of her Universal debut titled Liberation.
The album, which is the Maryland crooner's fourth solo set, features production from Scott Storch, Kwame and Jonathan "J.R." Rotem, among others.

The set's first single, "Lock U Down," which features Lil' Wayne, is presently in rotation on various radio stations across the U.S.

In support of the album Mya will be joining the Seagram's Live Tour which launches next month. The 11 city trek, which will also feature Clipse, will kick off in Memphis on April 7 and wrap up in Miami on April 29.
Liberation is slated to hit stores in June.

The following are the scheduled dates for the " Seagram's Live Tour":
April 7- Plush - Memphis, TN
April 8- House of Blues- New Orleans
April 12- Sugarhill- Atlanta, GA
April 13- Platinum Nightclub- Birmingham, AL
April 14- Free Lons Groove- Jackson, MS
April 20- Visions- Detroit, MI
April 21- 9:30 Club - Washington, DC
April 26- BB King's Nightclub - New York, NY
April 27- Sports USA- Fort Bragg, NC
April 28- Club Skye- Tampa, FL
April 29- Club Fifth- Miami, FL

50 Cent To Appear On "America's Next Top Model" Tonight (Apr. 4)

50 Cent will be a guest on tonight's (Apr. 4) episode of Tyra Banks' hit reality show America's Next Top Model.

The episode features the various contestants at a celebrity filled party in the Hollywood Hills. During the show, one of the models gets too close to 50 Cent and winds up getting thrown in the pool.

Other guests include Beverly Johnson, Twiggy, Melrose from ANTM 7 and powerhouse music executive Benny Medina. America's Next Top Model airs on the CW from 8-9 PM EST.

50 Cent recently released the street single "Straight 2 Da Bank" from his up-coming album "Curtis".

Snoop Dogg's Wife, Shante Broadus, Holds First Annual Easter Event

Snoop Dogg's wife, Shante Broadus, is putting some major effort together to make sure some special young people are happy on Easter.

Broadus -- founder of Boss Lady Entertainment -- will be hosting the First Annual Boss Lady Entertainment Easter Celebration at Dorsey High School in Los Angeles on Saturday (April 7), where several young people will be treated with face painting, food, arts and crafts, video games and more.

The free event will take place from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Dorsey, which is located at 3537 Farmdale Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 90016.

The participating youth are from the KARMA Foundation, a non-profit agency who works closely with youth living in foster homes. Broadus, a mother of three, has a soft spot in her heart for disadvantaged children.

"I've been holding a back to school event for kids for several years and I decided I wanted to start doing something in the spring too," said Broadus. "Easter can be a special time in a child's life, but only if someone else plans to make it special. I want to be that someone.

"Some of these kids have been through so much and this is an opportunity for them to have a good time and take home some treats," she adds.

The area surrounding Dorsey High School is the first neighborhood selected for the Easter Celebration, but Broadus plans to shift it to different areas each year. The neighborhoods selected will coincide with the ones where she and her husband, Snoop Dogg, have teams participating in the Snoop Youth Football League -- ten teams currently.

Boss Lady Entertainment is Shante Broadus' latest venture into entertainment management. Her client list currently includes rapper/actress The Lady of Rage and Broadus' female clothing line, Co Co Ri.

Spike Lee Develops Sequel to Katrina Documentary

Filmmaker Spike Lee is developing a follow-up to his HBO documentary, “When The Levees Broke,” which will focus on the people outside of New Orleans who were also affected by Hurricane Katrina, particularly the residents of nearby Mississippi.

“Next month, we’re going back to HBO and discuss how we can continue this,” Lee said on Friday during a luncheon at the American Society of Newspaper Editors convention in Washington, D.C.

“The Gulf Coast will be a much bigger part. We didn’t forget about you. It was my choice to focus on New Orleans. New Orleans is the Mecca.”

Lee’s speech at the luncheon included three Katrina victims who were featured in the film: Fred J. Johnson, Phyliss Montana LeBlanc, and Gralen B. Banks. The three guests also spoke about their first-hand accounts of the disaster.

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