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Apr 20, 2007

Daily Update 4*20*07

Gunfire Errupts On Set Of Spider Loc Video Shoot

Gunfire errupted during a recent video shoot for G-Unit's Spider Loc in Compton, California, for his single, "Blutiful."

During the LaMarck Film directed video shoot, at least 12 shots were fired very close by the set, prompting individuals on the set to duck and run for cover.

Although, during a video caught of the incident, it seemed as though the set may have been getting shot at, Spider Loc said that they weren't the targets.

"Wasn't nobody shooting at us," said the rapper shortly after the shooting. "We had a wall of 60 n----s standing up elbow-to-elbow... if they shooting at us and ain't hit nobody, it was bullsh--."

According to Spider, the shots came from a location close by, and were the result of an argument between rival individuals. "It was like some little sh-- that happen to happen real close up on the sh-- because of some n----s that knew each other and didn't like each other," explained Spider.

During the video, the gunfire was so loud, people fell to the ground immediately fearing they were the targets. Even car alarms were set off because of how close the shots took place.

"That's how it is where we're from. It's wild out here," said Spider Loc.

According to witnesses present on set, no one was hurt as a result of the gunfire.

See the video here

Cam'Ron Keeps The "Stop Snitchin'" Movement Going Strong With Up-Coming Appearance On 60 Minutes

Cam'ron says there's no situation — including a serial killer living next door — that would cause him to help police in any way, because to do so would hurt his music sales and violate his "code of ethics."

Cam'ron, whose real name is Cameron Giles, talks to Anderson Cooper for a report on how the hip-hop culture's message to shun the police has undermined efforts to solve murders across the country.

Cooper's report will be broadcast on 60 Minutes this Sunday, April 22, at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

"If I knew the serial killer was living next door to me?" Giles responds to a hypothetical question posed by Cooper. "I wouldn't call and tell anybody on him — but I'd probably move. But I'm not going to call and be like, 'The serial killer's in 4E.' " Giles' "code of ethics" also extends to crimes committed against him. After being shot and wounded by gunmen, Giles refused to cooperate with police. Why?

"Because … it would definitely hurt my business, and the way I was raised, I just don't do that," says Giles.

Pressed by Cooper, who says had he been the victim, he would want his attacker to be caught, Giles explains further: "But then again, you're not going to be on the stage tonight in the middle of, say, Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, with people with gold and platinum teeth and dreadlocks jumping up and down singing your songs, either. We're in two different lines of business."

"So for you, it's really about business?" Cooper asks. "It's about business," Giles says, "but it's still also a code of ethics."

See the preview here

Duke University Opts Against T.I. Legal Action

T.I.'s early exit at the Cameron Rocks! concert earlier this month left many students dissatisfied and allegedly broke contractual agreements, but the University has decided not to pursue legal action.

T.I. was scheduled to perform for at least 60 minutes at the April 7 show but walked off the stage after only 40 minutes.

"We'll let [T.I.'s agency] know our serious concerns about what transpired at the concert," OSAF Director Chris Roby said. "I'm not an attorney, but I have the sense that to litigate would cost more than what we would get back."

Though it will not take legal action, Roby said OSAF will use the incident to re-evaluate its relationships with student organizations.

In the days following the concert, Roby met with Union President Katelyn Donnelly, a junior, to discuss the possibility of taking legal action. The ultimate decision not to confront the William Morris Agency, which represents T.I., was a result of this meeting.

"T.I. has the largest agent in the country," Donnelly said. "If we were to continue to push for legal action, we could damage our relationship and ability to bring performers to Duke in the future."


Laurence Fishburne continues to pile on the work. After weeks of rumors, it was officially announced Thursday that the actor will voice the role of Silver Surfer in director Tim Story’s "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer," which opens June 15.

Also principal photography began in Los Angeles Wednesday on “Days of Wrath,” an urban gang thriller co-starring Fishburne as a teacher, mentor and voice of reason to the warring gang members.

The Silver Surfer character, who rides his surfboard through space, is the herald for the planet-destroying Galactus in this sequel to Fox's 2005 adaptation of the long-running Marvel Comics series.

At the other end of the film spectrum, “Days of Wrath” revolves around a wide group of interconnected Los Angelenos who struggle to survive as a war between a Latino and black gang ravages the city. Wilmer Valderrama stars as Daniel, a thug who sets off the gang war after stealing a rapper's car and accidentally killing the mother of his own Latino gang's kingpin (Jesse Garcia).

Rappers David Banner, Stavye "Slim Thug" Thomas, Rick Ross and Kurupt are also among the cast.

Directed by Celia Fox, "Days of Wrath" follows a ruthless TV producer (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) romantically involved with his anchorwoman (Amber Valletta) who sends his correspondent (Ana Claudia Talancon) and her cameraman (Kurupt) into the crossfire. He seeks to exploit the turmoil for ratings even after discovering that the murdered woman is his ex-lover and the kingpin is his son.

Banner, Ross and Thomas play members of the black gang.

D'Angelo Retuns

D'Angelo - Really Love

Akon Holds In The Top 3; Timbaland Stays In Top 5 Thanks To Single

Its been a slow week for new album release, making way for already released albums including Akon, Timbaland and Beyonce.

Senegalese born crooner, Akon, managed to take no. 3 on the Billboard 200 with his sophomore album, Konvicted, moving 59,700 copies in his 22nd week on the charts. He's sold over 2 million copies.

Timbaland's Shock Value dropped two spots from last week's debut, landing at no. 5, moving another 58,300 units. Currently his single, "Give It To Me" featuring Nelly Fertado and Justin Timberlake, sits pretty at no. 1 on the Billboard 100 singles chart.

Despite slipping one spot to no. 7, Beyonce is still celebrating her B'Day, with the album managing to stay in the top 10 after 32 weeks and has been certified 3x platinum by the RIAA.

Amy Winehouse chimes in at the no. 12 position with her Back To Black album, scanning 37,700 CDs, bringing her total to 228,300. While Joss Stone moved up four spots to No. 16 with 30,000 more fans picking up Introducing Joss Stone this week -- bring her grand total to 253,800.

Paul Wall slipped to no. 13 after debuting at no. 8 last week with Get Money, Stay True, managing 36,900 CDs sold, putting him just below 130,000 copies sold.

Coming in at no. 17 is Young Buck in his third week on the charts. His Buck The World album scanned an additional 31,100 units, putting his sales at 227,500 total, confirming that G-Unit's selling power has declined.

Others on the chart this week include Justin Timberlake at no. 17 with 29,700 of FutureSex/Love Sounds in its 31st week; Robin Thicke's The Evolution of Robin Thicke with 27,200 sold, putting his total just shy of the platinum mark; Lloyd's Street Love scanning 22,400, positioning him at no. 29; Mims' Music Is My Savior at no. 32, selling 21,200; Musiq Soulchild at no. 35 with 18,900 copies of Luvanmusiq scanned; Rich Boy at no. 38 with his self-titled debut moving 18,500 discs; and Marques Houston dropping ten spots up to no. 58 with Veteran, which sold 11,500 copies this week.

While all the other albums have been on the charts for sometime or briefly, Brother Ali Debuting quietly debuted at no. 69 with The Undisputed Truth, which was produced entirely by Ant of Atmosphere, moving 10,600 copies in its opening week.

ImHipHop Tv: Best of Booty Shaking

The good folks at one of my favorite sites

Have gotten together the best a booty shaking contest.
Please keep in mind this is N.ot S.afe For W.ork
so dont blame me if you get fired.

June XXL Cover

(Props to Eskay)

Throwback Friday 4*20*07

With all the negativity Hip hop has endured this week i thought i would show some positive things.

I'm sure you all remember this

and lets not forget this

and just to show we do love our women

and 1 more for good measure

Now if that ain't some positivity I don't know what is.
Tell Oprah to holla at me!!!

Apr 19, 2007

Daily Update 4*19*07

Queens, NY Home Of Tony Yayo's Mother Riddled With Bullets

The Queens, NY home of Tony Yayo's mother was riddled with bullets last night (Apr. 18), sources told

While details are still being revealed, sources said the house was shot up last night around midnight.

No shots were heard outside, indicting that silencers may have been used in the shooting.

Yayo, born Marvin Bernard, is accused of assaulting the 14-year-old son of Jimmy "Henchmen" Rosemond.

He was charged on Mar. 25 on one count of misdemeanor assault and one count of endangering the welfare of a minor.

Yayo was released on $5,000 bail and is scheduled to return to court on Apr. 25.

Virginia Rappers Talk Virginia Tech Tragedy

On Apr. 16, Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia became the location for what has become the deadliest shooting spree in U.S. History.

Cho Seung-Hui , a 23-year-old English major armed with a 9-millimeter handgun and 22-caliber handgun, shot two students at West Ambler Johnston Hall, a dormitory on Virginia Tech’s Campus.

A little over two hours later, Seung-Hui went on to kill 30 more people, including students and professors in four different classrooms in Norris Hall, an academic building, before taking his own life.

A number of politicians and celebrities have already spoken out and given their condolences on this tragedy.

Now, various members of Virginia's Hip-Hop community are opening up about the Virginia Tech killings.
For Virginia rappers Pusha T, Fam-Lay, and Skillz the tragedy strikes close to home.

“We feel that the shooting at Virginia Tech was a terrible tragedy...definitely a shock and totally unexpected,” The Clipse’s Pusha T told “Random acts of violence can happen anywhere. We must come together as a community to be strong for students and families whose lives were lost.”

Norfolk, Virginia’s Fam-Lay and Richmond, Virginia’s Skillz also expressed their thoughts on the situation.

"Everyone in Virginia is feeling the effects of the shooting right now,” said Fam-Lay. “Seeing a story like this on the news is one thing, but when it happens so close to home, it really has an impact on everybody in the area. We would never wish these things on anyone, and our prayers go out to the all families who lost a child that day."

Apr. 18, Virginia police revealed that Seung-Hui mailed a package containing photographs, writings, and videos to NBC’s headquarters in New York possibly on the day of the tragedy and even more bizarre, the packages may have been mailed by Seung-Hui in between the two shooting’s.

"This may be a very new, critical component of this investigation," said Col. Steve Flaherty, superintendent of Virginia State Police. "We're in the process right now of attempting to analyze and evaluate its worth."

"It just goes to show you that you never know what's going on in someone else’s mind," Skillz told "Its a crazy world we living and its getting crazier every day. Last week some one calling a team 'nappy headed hoes' was the talk of the world and look at how much can change in a week."

The first funeral was held today for Liviu Librescu, Virginia Tech professor and Holocaust survivor.


A black family living in Ontario, Canada had to do a double take at the label accompanying the arrival of their new chocolate-colored furniture.

Doris Moore and her husband, Douglas, had purchased a sofa, loveseat and chair in dark brown leather earlier this month from Vanaik Furniture and Mattress store. Upon its delivery, the couple’s 7-year-old daughter Olivia read the label and asked: “Mommy, what is nig…ger brown?”

“I went over and just couldn't believe my eyes," Moore told the Toronto Star, stating each furniture piece had the description “nigger brown” attached to the woven protective covering wrapped around the furniture. "In this day and age, that's totally unacceptable."

After explaining the ugly history of the N-word to their daughter, the couple called the furniture store on three separate occasions, but never received a return call.

The Toronto Star contacted Romesh Kumar, Vanaik's assistant manager, but he passed the blame to his supplier, Cosmos Furniture in Scarborough. But Kumar did say he would check similar stock and make sure other labels were removed.

"That's terrible, that's a racial ... something?" Kumar said. "This is entirely wrong, but it's not my fault. It's my job to sell good product to people."

Kumar gave Moore the telephone number of his supplier so that Moore could take her complaint directly to him. The owner of Cosmos Furniture, Paul Kumar, no relation to Romesh, said he was upset to learn packing labels on products he sold carried a racial epithet.

"I import my products from overseas. I've never noticed anything like that. This is something new to me,” he told the newspaper before passing the blame onto the furniture maker in Guangzhou, China. Paul Kumar apologized to the family and said he would contact the Chinese company with demands that they remove all similar labels.

Meanwhile, Moore has had second thoughts about leaving the sofa set in her home.

"Every time I sit on it, I'll think of that," she said.

Michael Vick Donates $10,000 To Virginia Tech Victims Families

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick has teamed up with the United Way to donate $10,000 to assist families affected by the massacre at Virginia Tech, his former school.

"When tragic things like this happen, families have enough to deal with, and if I can help in some small way, that's the least I can do," said Vick, who played for the Hokies before being drafted No. 1 overall by the Falcons in 2001.

The Vick Foundation is collecting donations from local communities in both Atlanta and Virginia that will be placed in the United In Caring Fund for Victims of the VA Tech Tragedy and the special fund at the United Way of Montgomery, Radford and Floyd counties, which serves the Virginia Tech area. Vick's foundation said the money will be used to provide help with funeral expenses, transportation for family members and other support services.

Superfreak lives

Rick James will be recalled with the posthumous release Deeper Still, the last studio effort he recorded before he died in August 2004. The funk master's LP — which contains 10 songs he either wrote or co-wrote, and was produced by James — will drop May 15 and is to be preceded by "Memoirs of a Super Freak," an autobiography James wrote while in California's Folsom State Prison in 1993-'95.

BEYONCE sued for covering ‘I’m Kissing You’ without permission

On the recent re-release of her album “B’Day,” Beyonce puts her spin on Des’ree’s 1998 song “I’m Kissing You.”

But according to Des’ree, who also wrote the song, the former Destiny’s Child member recorded her version, altered the title and shot a video – all without permission.

According to, Des’ree (of “You Gotta Be” fame) filed a lawsuit against Bey in Manhattan Federal Court Tuesday alleging that she and her record company ignored copyright laws to record her version, retitled "Still In Love (Kissing You)," after initial attempts to get proper clearance stalled.

Beyonce and her label were reportedly dissatisfied with Des’ree’s proposed terms, which forbade any change of the song title or the filming of a music video for the song. A deal to cover the tune was never reached, however, Beyonce recorded the song and shot a video for it anyway.

Des'ree is suing to stop distribution of the song, video and album, and is seeking at least $150,000 in damages.

Listen to both versions here
Des’Ree - I’m Kissing You (full) -
Beyonce - Still In Love (Kissing You) -

Chris Brown Drops "Exclusive" Album In September

Teen R&B star Chris Brown is eyeing a September release for his sophomore Jive album, "Exclusive." Brown, who has also written several songs this time around, says recording has been like "a family reunion." Among the songwriter/producers working on tracks are several from his self-titled first outing -- Bryan-Michael Cox, the Underdogs, Sean Garrett and Scott Storch -- as well as

Containing elements of rock and go-go ("Being from Virginia, I've got to go back to my go-go roots," says Brown), several tracks recently previewed by Billboard exhibit an edgier, more mature tone that meshes well with Brown's exuberant mix of R&B, hip-hop and pop. At deadline, a first single had yet to be chosen."I'm not trying to go grown," he told Billboard in December. "I'll be 18, but I'm not trying to go overboard and lose my fans. I'm trying to have a bit more mature songs, about sexuality and stuff like that. I'm not trying to go deep into it." One song, "Take You Down," was produced by the Underdogs. "In a sense, that's stepping over the 18, 19 boundary to get an older crowd," Brown says.

As for ongoing career comparisons to Usher, Brown says, "It's nice but I don't focus on that. I think I've strayed away from now. I'm in a lane of my own, just having fun and making it to the best of my ability."


Former heavyweight champion Joe Frazier has stepped into the legal ring with his daughter, boxer and lawyer Jacquelyn Frazier-Lyde, whom he accuses of withholding business papers that could bring in some much-needed dollars.

The 63-year-old fighter is struggling financially and looking to cash in on film royalties, product endorsement fees or other income promised in the contracts, his lawyers said.

But Frazier-Lyde controls those documents because she served as her father's lawyer and business adviser from 1989-2004, according to the lawsuit.

According to the suit, Frazier-Lyde won’t give her father the records, has failed to explain where the records are now and refused to accept a certified March 2 letter demanding their return. Frazier has no idea why his child might be keeping the records.

"I don't talk to her," Frazier told AP. "All I'm asking is for the papers, that's all. …I wouldn't want to harass her, my daughter. I brought her here in this world and gave her the best of everything. I love her."

BET unveils massive lineup

BET has unveiled the most ambitious lineup of originals in the network's 26-year history -- a slate of 16 new series that includes projects from Will Smith, Vin Diesel, D.L. Hughley and Orlando Jones.

Speaking to an audience of media buyers and industry execs at BET's upfront presentation in Gotham on Wednesday night, Reginald Hudlin, prexy of entertainment for the Viacom-owned BET Networks, touted "the diverse array of programming about black culture, ranging from reality shows, scripted comedies, gameshows, sports roundtables, music specials and primetime animation."

One highlight of the schedule is BET's first original sitcom, "Somebodies," adapted from the indie movie of the same name that preemed at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival. Written and directed by Hadjii, the 10 half-hour episodes, which premiere in the fall, will explore a group of U. of Georgia graduates who are trying to figure out what to do with their lives. Exec producers are Pete Aronson and Warren Hutcherson, two of the executive producers on "The Bernie Mac Show."

Orlando Jones' series, "Bufu," is an animated sketch-comedy half-hour created and voiced by Jones and Ali LeRoi ("Everybody Hates Chris"). It, too, premieres in the fall.

Hughley's series, "S.O.B.," kicking off in July, is a reality show that'll "use hidden cameras to test the value systems of people," said Hudlin. One scene shows the reaction of the staff and patrons of a segregated restaurant when a black couple try to get served.

"Hannibal," the previously announced series exec produced by Diesel, is an animated half-hour about the life and times of the ancient African king. It's scheduled for 2008.

From Will Smith's Overlook Entertainment comes "Cipha," an animated sci-fi series "set in a future world where hip-hop is outlawed ... to shut down the voices of youth," according to BET.
The most ambitious reality series on BET's schedule, "Baldwin Hills," focuses on the lives of 11 upper-middle-class black teens in suburban L.A. whose parents are professional athletes, TV personalities, doctors, lawyers and engineers. The first of the 10 weekly hours bows in July.

Other series include the reality show "College Hill Interns," a spinoff of BET's most popular series; "Iron Ring," a mixed-martial-arts competition; "Hell Date," a five-a-week relationship series; "Judge Mooney," a sendup of courtshows featuring comedian Paul Mooney; and "Exalted," a series of biographical documentaries of practicing ministers.

DJ Quik & AMG Set On "Fixing" The Game, "You'll Be Dancing Before You Even Realize You Like It"

After forging formidable solo careers West Coast veterans, Quik (formerly DJ Quik) and partner in rhyme AMG have come together to form The Fixxers. In this exclusive interview, the duo break down what they call "Fixxers music" and why they're a breath of fresh air for the LeftCoast hip-hop scene.

"It was a no-brainer," said Quik of the two solo artists forming to create the new group. "It was a meeting of the minds. We agree on some things and we disagree on others but we see eye to eye on this. We had talked about doing a production company, and once we were head set on being a team, the record was [basically] in the wings. A team yields higher results than individuals."

The record that the Compton-bred Quik is referring to is the tentatively titled The Midnite Life, which as of yet, has no release date. The two have however been hard at work on the record's material, releasing their first single "Can U Werk Wit Dat?" which has been receiving positive feedback as well as being featured on the popular HBO series "Entourage."

The video, which is scheduled to be MTV's "Jam Of The Week" next week displays what the group feels is a grown up approach to making videos.

"We wanna chill in Barbados, so we made a record that was just about that. It's not the typical West Coast video," utters Quik. " We shot it in Hollywood which a lot of people don't do, and we're giving L.A. another look. It's maturity." AMG, the more quiet of the two, also offers his take on the new clip.

"It's some grown man shit. We ain't doing too much and we ain't doing too little."
Aside from stepping their video game up, Quik and AMG are dead set on bringing fans back to a place of good music and hope that the masses will be able to appreciate what they feel is a new sound.

"It's not hip-hop, it's not R&B or jazz, it's Fixxers music. I'm having a ball watching [AMG] write to these crazy dope tracks," Quik offers. "People play music to get away from shit. The Fixxers, we're just here to do good music. You'll be dancing to it before you even realize you like it. I've seen it happen. We're doing it for our love of music."

And for those of you who may be entertaining the thought of this just being a vanity project before the two West Coast legends head back to their respective solo careers, think again. The two firmly agree that the newly formed union is here to stay.

"Our aim and sound is a team effort," says AMG. "It's not just about one guy. We want to show people that you can do stuff as a team."

Piggy-backing off of his partner's comments, Quik reaffirms his sentiments.
"This is it. You don't break up the Beatles after they form the band. This is the type of situation that you want to be in. We're a good look for L.A."


British actor Idris Elba still has love for his character Russell “Stringer” Bell from HBO’s “The Wire.”

The character may have been second in command to Avon Barksdale during the first three seasons of the critically-acclaimed series, but Elba says the role itself is the most convincing portrayal of a black top-tier drug lord in cinematic history; even better than Wesley Snipes’ performance as Nino Brown in the 1991 film “New Jack City.”

“Not to brag, but he has been the best depiction of a high-level black gangster I know of,” Elba said of Stringer. "No disrespect to Wesley Snipes but Nino Brown was too over the top. Our writers created a character that was real, multi-layered and convincing."

During a recent interview, Elba addressed the lack of quality roles for black male actors and admitted he’s had to turn down parts that threatened to pigeonhole him into the gangster genre.

He said: "It's hard to turn down parts, which I have had to do a lot. I've said no to a lot of money in the process but I really don't want to go backwards in my career. Russell 'Stringer' Bell was a one-off.”

50 Cent Ordered To Pay $15 K A Month In Child Support

Earlier this week 50 Cent was been ordered to make some pretty hefty child support payments to the mother of his 10-year-old son.

According to New York Post reports, this past Monday (April 16) 50, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, was told he'd be required to immediately pay $10,000 for the support of his son Marquise Diamond Jackson. Suffolk County Support Magistrate Aletha V. Fields-Ferraro also awarded $15,000 in monthly expenses to Shaniqua Tompkins, 50's former girlfriend and mother to Marquise.

Four friends accompanied 50 to court Monday, where he reportedly caused a commotion over not receiving VIP treatment and being required to go through metal detectors.

As previously reported, 50 filed papers with Family Court in February, seeking to arrange an official agreement with Tompkins. Prior to Fields-Ferraro's decision, the two lacked a specific arrangement, and sources speculated that 50 filed with Family Court in order to avoid overzealous demands from Tompkins.

50 and Tompkins next court meeting is scheduled for June 11.

Mario Doesn't Need Ne-Yo on New CD, "He Didn't Really Come With Anything For Me"

As Mario prepares Go, his third studio album, the J Records crooner spoke about switching up his style and re-teaming with singer/songwriter Ne-Yo.

"He didn't really come with anything for me in the direction we were going in. We got that 'How Do I Breathe' song, which is more like the style of writing that you would hear from Ne-Yo," Mario said.

Ne-Yo co-wrote Mario's big hit "Let Me Love You" from his double platinum sophomore CD, Turning Point, which Mario admitted went to the top of the charts in every country that it was released in. Since then, Ne-Yo has not only penned hits for Rihanna, Beyonce, Usher and Mary J. Blige but has also released his own multi-platinum CD.

Although Mario applauds the work that he has done with Ne-Yo, the singer is looking forward to taking his music in a new direction.

"Ne-Yo is very versatile, but we already got what I needed from him. Hopefully we'll be able to do some stuff together in the future," admits Mario.

"[This album] is sexier and more passionate," says Mario who does more of his own songwriting on Go. "I feel like I've grown to a point where I'm comfortable in my own skin, and this album truly reflects that."

Go which features production by The Neptunes, Timbaland, Polow da Don, Stargate, Scott Storch and Akon is due in stores July 31.

"The Hip-Hop Project" Hits Theaters Nationwide May 11th

"The Hip-Hop Project", from Executive Producers Bruce Willis and Queen Latifah, Hits Theaters Nationwide May 11th.

The Hip Hop Project is the compelling story of Kazi, a formerly homeless teenager who inspired a group of New York City teens to transform their life stories into powerful works of art, using hip hop as a vehicle for self-development and personal discovery.

Kazi challenges these young people to write music about real issues affecting their lives as they strive to overcome daunting obstacles to produce a collaborative album. Russell Simmons, hip hop mogul and long-time supporter of the project, partners with Bruce Willis to donate a recording studio to the Hip Hop Project. After four years of collaboration, the group produces a powerful and thought-provoking CD filled with moving personal narratives and sharp social commentary. In contrast to all of the negative attention focused on hip hop and rap music, this is a story of hope, healing and the realization of dreams.

Inspired by Kazi’s work, 100% of the net profits from this film are being donated to organizations working with youth.

X-Clan Gears Up For Tour With Insane Clown Posse

The legendary X-Clan has announced that they will hit the road with the Insane Clown Posse on Thursday (April 26) for "The Tempest" tour, which will feature Twiztid.

The tour brings together three of the underground's most popular acts. It is slated to kick-off April 26 in Grand Rapids, MI and stretch through June 8th in Fargo.

"This tour is a perfect proof that real hip-hop reaches all barriers. ICP and X-Clan would have been the furthest thing from anybody's mind as a tour combination," says X-Clan front man Brotha J. "I am excited to make history with one of the wildest crews in the game. I've seen some of the Juggalos at our previous tours, and now we are stepping into their house as a guest of ICP. We are looking forward to tearing it down."

X-Clan will be touring in support of their recently released Return From Mecca album, which finds the group re-introducing their ancestral wisdom, culture and a signature lyrical style.

The album features a vast array of collaborators include Damian Marley, Jurassic 5's Chali 2NA, KRS-One, Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach, RBX, Abstract Rude, YZ, DJ Quik, DJ Khalil, Jake One and Bean One, among others."

I think the fans will be excited to see a different side of X-Clan. We are planning an exciting show for this specific sub-culture of hip-hop," explains Brotha J. "We understand ICP's crowd enjoys freedom of speech to the fullest, and that is what X-Clan has always been about. A lot of the icon groups in hip-hop have done this tour before -- Ice Cube, Bone Thugs, Tech N9ne, and Kottonmouth Kings -- so we are honored to travel that same path. We appreciate ICP's invitation to be the special guest on their tour, and it's gonna be dope."

The tour announcement comes on the heels of X-Clan's back-to-back sold out tours supporting Public Enemy, Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley and Jurassic 5. The band's highly conscious hip-hop has won them a barrage of critical acclaim from MTV, The Source, Scratch, Murder Dog and prompted Spin magazine to proclaim, "Brother J's voice remains a forceful instrument."

Confirmed dates are as follows, according to a spokesperson for the group:
04/26 - Grand Rapids, MI @ Orbit Room
04/27 - Cleveland, OH @ Agora Theatre
04/28 - Chicago, IL @ Congress Theater
04/29 - Maplewood, MN @ Myth
05/01 - West Des Moines, IA @ Val Air Ballroom
05/02 - Sauget, IL @ Pop's
05/03 - Wichita, KS @ The Cotillion
05/04 - Denver, CO @ Fillmore Auditorium
05/05 - Magna, UT @ The Great Saltair
05/08 - Spokane, WA @ Big Easy
05/09 - Portland, OR @ Roseland Theater
05/11 - Chico, CA @ Senator Theater
05/12 - Sparks, NV @ New Oasis
05/13 - Las Vegas, NV @ Fort Cheyenne Casino
05/14 - Anaheim, CA @ Grove Of Anaheim
05/15 - Anaheim, CA @ Grove Of Anaheim
05/16 - Tempe, AZ @ The Marquee Theatre
05/18 - Tulsa, OK @ Cain's Ballroom
05/19 - Dallas, TX @ Palladium Ballroom
05/21 - Saint Petersburg, FL @ Jannus Landing
05/22 - Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade
05/23 - Charlotte, NC @ Tremont Music Hall / The Casbah
05/25 - Philadelphia, PA @ Electric Factory
05/26 - Worcester, MA @ The Palladium
05/27 - Worcester, MA @ The Palladium
05/29 - Norfolk, VA @ The NorVa
05/30 - Baltimore, MD @ Sonar
05/31 - Buffalo, NY @ Town Ballroom
06/02 - Louisville, KY @ Expo Five
06/04 - Lawrence, KS @ Granada Theatre
06/05 - Sioux Falls, SD @ Sioux Empire Fairgrounds
06/08 - Fargo, ND @ Playmaker's Entertainment Complex

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Apr 18, 2007

ImHipHop Tv: Return Of The Hustle

"Return Of The Hustle"

Fabolous (Feat. Swizz Beatz)(Produced By Just Blaze)

Daily Update 4*18*07


Comedian Dave Chappelle surprised fans at the Laugh Factory Sunday night by showing up unannounced for a set at around 10:30 p.m., and then remaining on stage for the next six hours straight.

According to Laugh Factory owner Jamie Masada, Chappelle’s set was the longest performance by any comedian in the venue’s 28-year history. It began at 10:36 p.m. Sunday and ended at 4:43 a.m. on Monday.

"It was just one of those nights," Masada said of Chappelle's appearance. "He had everyone laughing for six hours."

The marathon session only lost about a dozen of the 150-plus audience members who were present at the beginning of Chappelle’s set, which covered such topics as President Bush's buffoonery, Comedy Central's decision to hype Carlos Mencia after Chappelle abruptly left the network, and Michael Richards’ use of the N-word on the very Laugh Factory stage last year.

Chappelle also made fun of Masada’s post-Richards decision to impose a fine on any comic who uses the "N"-word onstage.

"I was his punching bag for a half hour," Masada said. Needless to say, Chappelle was fined $2200 for his multiple use of the N-word throughout the six-hour run.

Mannie Fresh Opens Up About Baby, Hot Boyz & More

Mannie Fresh and the rest of the former Cash Money Millionaires are at it again. While some claimed they may not work together again, many of the fomrer CM members are back in the studio together. Mannie Fresh recently weighed in on this and many topics.

On Juvenile:
"I'm executive producing Juvenile's album," he told MTV. "Most of the tracks is gonna be mine, the rest is gonna be me putting him with the right producers, making sure the fans get what they wanna hear from Juvenile...It kinda started off slow...Me and dude haven't been working like that. If it was, it was one session, then he went his way, I went my way. We gotta grow back into each other and get that comfort zone. But the chemistry is there. My thing is we gonna keep recording until we get the songs we want. The chemistry is still there."

On B.G.:
"B.G., we're working it out to work on his album as well."

On Hot Boyz:
"I'm hoping me, [B.G.], Juvie could all get in the studio and do something as well. We don't even have to call it the Hot Boys. We just do what people know we can do."

On his upcoming LP:
"I don't want to call it a compilation, but it's a chance for me to work with everybody I wanted to work with and put a project together...I'm actually signed as an act to Def Jam. And on top of that, I get to do whatever I want outside of that. It's not an exclusive deal, I'm just exclusively signed to Def Jam. They understand the hustle of the game, my daily activities."

On guests:
"Akon, Tyrese, T.I., Jay-Z, Nas. It's gonna be something crazy. Cats I never really worked with, so I'm gonna get a chance to give them my music and let them do their thing creatively over what I'm doing. And I'm looking for some new talent as well to showcase. It's not just gonna be all established artists."

On Baby:
"I don't have no hate for him, but I don't think we gonna ever do business again. To me, it was a thing they've done to me that's irreparable. But in my heart, I'm not the guy to say, 'I straight hate you.' I just won't do business with [him]...When I did my [Cash Money solo] album [The Mind of Mannie Fresh,] it kind of got bad because I had situations in my life that was threatening my lifestyle and the way I was living and I was behind on a lot of stuff...I was like, 'Dude, if I got a plaque on the wall that says I sold 30 million records with y'all, no way in the world it should be like that. I'm just one producer.' It's not like [the money] is divided between 10 dudes."

Beanie Sigel Searches For "Solution" In Jay-Z/Dash Split, "There Are Still Questions That Need To Be Answered"
Beanie Sigel recently spoke to The Fader about his return to Roc-A-Fella Records and also revealed details about his forthcoming album, The Solution.

As previously reported, Beans, who was believed to have severed ties with the Roc, confirmed last month that he was still on the label that jump started his rap career.

In the candid Q&A, the Philly bred rapper divulged how the split between Jay-Z and Damon Dash affected him musically and personally.

"I still got a lot of ill feelings towards a lot of things in that situation," Beans stressed about the break up between the Roc founders. "But I just put it to the side. There are still a lot of questions that I feel need to be answered just for myself. As far as how we even let it get to this point"

During the split between Jay-Z and Dash, Beans was serving ten months behind bars for gun possession charges. Hov would maintain with the Roc-A-Fella imprint while Dash parted ways for other business ventures.

"That's why I had to fall back, because my whole album would've been that, because that's what was in me, that's what I was feeling," Sigel explained. "The whole breakup and things that was being said and being done, had me being bitter about a lot of things... Because a lot of people really ain't know what the situation was and people weren't speaking on it and I wanted to just give 'em my point of view. But at the end of the day I couldn't do that."

According to Beans, he was torn between choosing sides but settled with the Roc because he received a profitable deal. He also had contractual obligations to meet.

"Music is what I love. So being real to myself it was like, what am I gonna do in this situation? How do I feel about it? Is it a bad thing to go over here [to Roc-A-Fella]? Or was I not gonna deal with this situation because of pride, ego, whatever?" Beans revealed. "So it was just me flushing all that out. Because at one point I ain't like the results so when I came home I wasn't on Roc-A-Fella, I wasn't on Dame Dash Music Group, I wasn't on no label. I went to Def Jam and Jay was still the President over there and I still owe two albums under contract and we came to the agreement that I'm gonna be on the Def Jam / Roc-A-Fella situation but I needed a co-venture."

"I need to do my thing because I think I came too far to just be another artist," he emphasized. "But the situation ain't pan out how I wanted it to. Then I came back, a couple conversations, and I came through with some music. I guess before it was just me talkin like, 'This is what I want,' so I had to bring product. And everything has panned out at this point. I got a good situation right now so I'm gonna put this music out."

Beans , who has already collaborated with Just Blaze and Dre & Vidal for The Solution, claims he will be linking up with Scott Storch before wrapping up the project."

We goin to Miami to see Scott, see what we can pull out of him, then one more week in the studio, dig in hard for a week after Miami, then I'm gonna wrap up," Beans divulged " See where I'm at, see if I'm comfortable closing out the album. If I'm comfortable, then I'mma close it out, if not I'mma keep on going."

Biggie's Family Files New Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against LAPD

The family of The Notorious B.I.G. has filed another wrongful-death lawsuit against the City of Los Angeles.

B.I.G. (born Christopher Wallace) was shot and killed on March 9, 1997 after a party at the PetersenAutomotiveMuseum in Los Angeles. Voletta Wallace, B.I.G.'s mother, and his widow, Faith Evans, sued the city and others five years ago, alleging wrongful death, and accused convicted corrupt cops Rafael Perez and David Mack of conspiring to kill Biggie with Death Row CEO Marion "Suge" Knight.

The case would end in a mistrial in 2005 after it was revealed the tip that the LAPD was withholding evidence. The Wallace family would be awarded with $1.1 million in legal fees and a re-trial was set for this year.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the new suit, which was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Monday (April 16), alleges that Mack, Perez and his ex-partner Nino Durden were involved in Biggie's slaying.

The suit contends that Perez has made specific statements that he, together with David Mack, conspired to murder and participated in the murder of the Brooklyn bred rapper.

The suit also alleges that Perez was a member of a street gang and was working as a "covert agent" for Death Row Records at the same time he was working as a police officer.

The lawsuit estimates that financial losses as a result of Biggie's death could be as much as $500 million. The suit also contends that the city of L.A. covered up Perez and Durden's involvement because it would have made the city liable in a lawsuit.

Damon Dash Files Lawsuit Against His Accountant

Damon Dash has filed a $3.5 million lawsuit against his accountant, bookkeeper-to-the-stars Barry Klarberg, accusing him of bungling years' worth of tax returns.

Klarberg - whose celebrity clients also include singer Justin Timberlake and Rangers great Mark Messier - allegedly botched Dash's New York and New Jersey income tax returns for 2000, 2001 and 2002.

Other alleged offenses by Klarberg include miscalculating how much Dash owed in 2005 and not telling him how much he made from the sale of one of his companies. In recent years, Dash has pawned off his Roc-A-Fella Records label and Rocawear clothing line. Klarberg, who wrote "Winning Tax Strategies and Planning for Athletes and Entertainers," is a financial adviser to more than 600 jocks, actors and wealthy families.

"It is possible for some entertainers and athletes to be living high on the hog one day and down with the hogs the next," Klarberg once said. Klarberg also founded the wealth-management firm Loring Ward, which is named as a defendant in the lawsuit filed in
Manhattan Supreme Court.

Playboy TV's Buckwild Co-Host Sentenced For Role In Drug Smuggling Ring

Kenneth "Buckwild" Francis, the former co-host of the cancelled Playboy TV series Buckwild, has been sentenced to prison for his role in an ectasy drug smuggling ring.

US District Judge Manuel Real sentenced the 38-year-old personality to more than 11 years in federal prison on Monday (April 16).

Francis, who pleaded guilty last year to conspiracy to import and distribute ecstasy, is best known for hosting the Playboy TV series Buckwild with rapper Snoop Dogg.

The sentencing marks the end of a case that involved models who, according to prosecutors, were recruited to travel to Belgium and the Netherlands to pick up packages containing ecstasy tablets.

Although the couriers told authorities they were smuggling diamonds, assistant US attorney Cheryl Murphy stated that the packages actually contained tens of thousands of pills that were brought into Los Angeles and New York in 2000 and 2001.

The alleged ringleader of the crime, Ronald Joseph Samuel, is currently awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty in the case, prosecutors said.

In his defense, Francis said he initially thought the models were traveling to Europe for photo shoots.
He later found out that they were smuggling drugs and told Real that he "got involved in this whole drug-smuggling conspiracy by wanting to start my own business, which was a modeling business."

In addition to Francis, seven other men in the case were sentenced to prison, where they will serve stints ranging from three to nine years.

Buckwild was a Hip-Hop themed show, which premiered in 2004 and featured uncensored music videos with related sexual segments, as well as interviews with popular Hip-Hop artists, as they went to strip clubs, shopped for lingerie for their significant others or participated in their favorite extreme sports.

Artists featured on the show included OutKast, Busta Rhymes, Lil' Jon and the Eastside Boys, the Ying Yang Twins, Loon and Treach from Naughty by Nature.

"The Wire" Gets Ashy, Donnell Rawlins' Character Returns In Season 5

Actor and comedian Donnell Rawlings is slated to appear on the next season of the HBO series "The Wire."

Rawlings, who currently co-hosts the "Ed Lover Show with Egypt & Ashy," morning show on New York radio station Power 105.1, recently said he has been contracted to reprise the role of Damien "Day Day" Price on Season 5 of "The Wire."

"I got the role because I did an episode of 'The Corner' back in 1998," Rawlings said exclusively. "The same guys who produced that show, produce 'The Wire' and they remembered me. They were originally looking at me for the role of Omar, which ultimately went to Michael K. Williams, who is awesome. The role called for me to play gay... which was a challenge since I enjoy the hot pocket so much...but I ended getting a different role anyway. I played Damien (Day Day) Price for 3 episodes in the first season and they are now bringing him back."

Rawlings is known for his popular "Ashy Larry" role on Comedy Central's "Chappelle's Show." After Dave Chappelle left the series during third season production, Rawlings was tapped to host the show alongside Charlie Murphy. Now, with his return to "The Wire" Rawlings can look forward to returning to television as a season regular on the HBO hit show.

"Seriously, I am thrilled. The show is awesome and the cast and crew are welcoming and cool people to work with," Rawlings added.

Rawlings will be on Starz Comedy Hour tonight (April 18) at 11:15 p.m. EST when the Starz networks premieres "Martin Lawrence 1st Amendment." This Friday (April 20) the popular funnyman also appears on HBO's "Bad Boys of Comedy," executive produced by Sean "Diddy" Combs. You c an also catch Ashy on where he has a series of webisodes called "Culture Review with Ashford Lawrence."

Tri-state residents can catch Rawlings live on stage, this Friday, Saturday and Sunday performing at Studio 9 in Woodbridge, NJ.

Hip-Hop Townhall Meeting On Oprah

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

(L note: this is bs, please read my rant in the previous post, if you agree, disagree, leave a comment let the world know how you feel)

Don Imus: The Hip Hop Community Responds

In light of the Don Imus issue, Oprah formed a “town hall” meeting with a panel of experts who discussed the issue, opening up about racism and the denigration and sexual exploitation of women. A conversation that needed to be brought to attention.

Part two of the town hall comes just a day later. This time the hip hop community has it’s chance to speak with music mogul Russell Simmons; record exec. Kevin Liles; Dr. Benjamin Chavis, former CEO of the NAACP and current President/CEO of the Hip Hop Summit Network; and Grammy-winning rapper Common as their voice.

Russell Simmons stated that “it is historically incorrect.. Black people didn’t invent ‘nappy-headed hos.’ Don Imus’ statements were offensive to everyone.” He then went on to [almost] thank Imus for making such a statement, since it sparked the discussion that’s been needed for some time.

“The hip hop community is a mirror, a reflection of the dirt we overlook. The violence, the misogyny, the sexism. The need to be discussed,” Russell said emphasizing that the music does not CREATE the conditions of the world [or celebrate them], but rather discusses them frankly.

Dr. Benjamin Chavis was the first to “defend” hip hop as the questions from Oprah and statements from audience members turned towards it’s inevitable blame.

“Hip hop artists are NOT responsible for what Don Imus did. Don Imus was a racist! Don Imus was a sexist, and there’s no way that Don Imus can blame hip hop for what he did.” Not fully taking the weight off of hip hop’s shoulders, Chavis continued, “That is not to excuse hip hop. Hip hop is not perfect. We’ve got to make it better. But we make hip hop better by making society better, because hip hop reflects the contradictions of society. There’s too much poverty, there’s too much injustice and there’s too much bad treatment of women in our society.”

Chicago rapper, Common begins speaking about his earliest memories of hip hop, “Hip hop was telling stories about consciousness … I learned about the Bible through hip hop. I learned about … uplifting black women. I started changing my way of thinking because of hip hop.”

Despite being one of the artists that does in fact stray from the denigrating of women in his rhymes, Common admits that hip hop has taken a turn. “Hip hop has been this child that we had. Our elders kind of abandoned the child at a young age and said, ‘okay, we don’t really understand this. We don’t relate to this’ … and now as hip hop has evolved and grown up, our parents are expecting hip hop to be perfect and to be right.”

Cutting to the big screen, where a group of seven women who attend Atlanta’s Spelman College were ready to point the finger. Keli, a student, began with, “There is a lack of accountability. As rappers, I feel that accountability should be taken into consideration, as well as with Don Imus, from a racial standpoint. Rappers from a sexist standpoint. It all needs to be addressed and we need to quit talking around the issues.”

Common acknowledged the problem and stated that women have been treated unfair for over 300 years. When asked if it’s ok to continue, Common said no.

“Let me say to the sisters from Spelman we acknowledge there’s a problem and we want the help. When I talk to cats on the street, they don’t want to be in that situation. We don’t want to be in this painful situation … and we are apologizing for the disrespect that does come from the mouths of men to women,” Common said.

Even though he isn’t included in the group of rappers who disrespect the women throughout every song, Common refused to abandon the culture. “I’m going to ride with my hip hop people, because if I divide myself that’s going to continue to keep the problem going … if criticism came with love, we can make some progress.”

Diane Weathers, former editor in chief of Essence magazine, says women must take the lead in the fight against misogynistic images of women in hip hop. “You cannot go to the industry, people in the industry, and expect them to fix this … woman have to say, NO.”

Simmons cuts in with his thoughts that the industry shouldn’t promote the “dirty behavior on any part.” But “they have a right to say what’s on their mind. I’m not saying we have to put them on the radio … the idea [should be] to lift up each voice to say the most positive things.”

Oprah cuts to a clip from part one of this discussion (Monday, 16th) in which Diane Weathers stated that rappers should face consequences for their derogatory language. “They have to know that it’s not acceptable if you keep doing this kind of music. The contract is off.”

In quick reponse, Simmons says taking away record deals could actually make an artist more popular and that most artists could distribute their own albums. “They’re just as big without the record company.”

Londell McMillan, an entertainment lawyer (who has represented the likes of Prince, Mos Def, Lil Kim, Stevie Wonder and Usher), says that record companies have a responsibility about what they choose to release. “The companies are the owners of the product. They also, in these contracts, have rights to what product they would like to distribute. That doesn’t mean they should jump into the creativity of artists, but certainly there is responsibility there.”

Londell understands that the industry is dabbling with a “very profound and complex issue,” but he points out there are many outlets in which change can take place. “At the hip hop table, Oprah, you’ve got corporate America, you’ve got the artists and producers, you’ve got the consumers, and let’s not forget radio. Radio plays this music, and just like they stopped Imus, they have an ability to stop music that offends young people.”

Dr. Benjamin Chavez brings up that if we eliminate poverty we can eliminate negative images in hip hop. “I know that we need to solve this problem so that we can treat each other better in the home, in the community. What we’re saying is you want to sanitize poetry and lyrics and videos and no deal with sanitizing our community and not dealing with the inequities that we have to face every day, the problem is going to come back. Let’s not put a Band-Aid on this. Let’s deal with this substantively.”

This point, sparked New York Daily News columnists, Stanley Crouch, to stand up and announce that there is a double standard. “There’s an extraordinary double standard here because most of the people who were in the Ku Klux Klan were what they call ‘poor white trash,’ who were at the bottom of society. Nobody ever makes an excuse for them blowing up little girls, for the being racist. When you get these clowns in your guys’ arena, then suddenly, oh, these are just marionettes. They can’t make any decisions, so the corporation decides society, slavery. All of these things lead up to these people consistently calling people niggers, bitches and hos as though they’re helpless guys who can’t do anything. And I’m not buying it.”

Oprah forced to take a commercial as it’s blatant that Kevin Liles took major offense to Crouch calling him a clown.

A now [somewhat] calmed down Liles, disagrees.”What I’ve done my whole life, now that I know, now that I’ve experienced different things, is to uplift the community, is to teach them to say different things. Do you think I want them every single day to say bitch, ho, ‘n’ this, ‘n’ that? I don’t want them to say that. I have NOT told an artist ever, ever to say that. And I have gone out of my way to explain to them there’s other ways that you can communicate the same message.”

With the issue becoming more and more heated, is there a solution?

Bruce Gordon, former president of the NAACP and current CBS board members, says there is. “The solution is not to blame. The solution is to collaborate and find the answer together.”

Ending the show, Common says a solution will come once everyone acknowledges the need for change. “We want to change this world and it starts with us. The way we think, the way we speak, the way we act towards ourselves and towards others, because when we've got that love for ourselves, we're going to look at each other no matter what color, no matter what gender, no matter what mistakes the other person made and say, 'I love you." We want change for this world. And it starts with our hearts."
(Pic from concrete loop)

(L note: Personally this is B.s. you blame hip hop for calling women hoes and such, but the reality is there are hoes and such in the world. I can not ever recall any hip hop artist saying all women are hoes, bitches and etc. But here is the subtle double standard we promote, its a big fuss when we call them what ever name we use at the time, however when they call us dogs a,d all these other names no one says a word. Why? Because we as men understand its not a blanket statement, even tho, in my personal life i have know women say ALL men are dogs. Where is my town hall meeting?? where is My Oprah special???

See what i mean, its not about sexism, its all about self worth. If you know your not a dog, hoe or whatever name they chose to use why worry?

Now i have held my tongue on the whole Don imus issue, not for lack of coverage or anything, simply because this is America, or did we forget. While we were so busy organizing rallies and such did we forget freedom of speech? He said what he had to say. I don't agree with his statements, but he has a right to voice his opinon. Now with that right come consequences, he was dealt with move on. Don't try to drag Hip hop into this.

In my car right now i have a best of Curtis Mayfield Cd, and on the song called "if there is Hell below." He starts out the song saying "Niggas, Bitches, sisters...." and this was b4 hip hop. Where is the call for his head? or did that just slip thru the cracks?

Hip Hop is a reflection of society. not the other way around, always has been. So when they try to say hip hop is the cause of this and that, that's them looking for a scapegoat. If Society changes and stopped using such words, Hip Hop will stop using those words. The fact is Ladies and gentle men, the world is a cold place, and its been getting colder for years, and if you look so has our music. Gone are the day of groups like Poor Righteous teachers, they have been replaced by groups like Crime mob. Gone are the songs of going back to Africa, they got replaced by songs like "knuck if you buck"

The day we as a society, stop looking a artist like Jeezy, and 50 and etc, being mad at them and blaming them for societies ill, why dont people listen to what they saying? Listen to there world, See what makes them this way, and change that. Until we do that, hip hop wont change. So to all the Oprah's of the world, if your goal is to change hip hop, change the world 1st. Hip hop will follow.)

Apr 17, 2007

Young to grace cover of Madden '08

Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young will be on the cover of the EA Sports Madden 2008 video game.

A source with knowledge of the situation confirmed Young’s gracing the cover of the game to The City Paper. Efforts to reach EA Sports were unsuccessful on Monday.

An official announcement is expected on Tuesday and Young will appear on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" as part of the kickoff promotion for the newest version the popular NFL video game that is endorsed by NFL Hall of Fame coach and analyst John Madden.

Of course, appearing on the cover of the game has produced a “jinx” of sorts in recent seasons.

Several players, including former Titan Eddie George, have graced the cover, then succumbed to injury or ineffectiveness in the season they were on the game’s front.

George was on the cover during the 2001 season, the year he suffered through a toe injury. In 2000, George had rushed for a career-high 1,509 yards. Because of the injury, George managed just 939 yards in 2001 as the Titans slumped from 13-3 to 7-9.

Other prominent players to fall victim to the Madden Curse include quarterbacks Donovan McNabb and Daunte Culpepper and last year’s cover man Shaun Alexander.Young apparently will also appear in commercial spots for the game that will be aired during coverage of the NFL Draft.

(L note: So whatever you do boys and girls, dont bet on the Titans this year.)

Young Buck On Rumors of G-Unit Break, "Don't Ever Think That 50 Cent & Buck [Are] Falling Out"

With rumors of Young Buck leaving G-Unit quickly spreading, the Cashville rapper caught up with SOHH to stress his allegiance to 50 Cent and his crew.

Talks of G-Unit imploding has been circling around since 50 appeared on Miss Jones' morning show on New York's Hot 97 radio station nearly two weeks ago. During the interview, Fif told listeners that he put Buck in the same place as The Game for attempting to make peace with foes like Chuck Taylor and Jadakiss. After keeping silence, Buck has resurfaced to assure that he's still a G-Unit soldier.

"I ain't going nowhere, man. I'm G-Unit to the bone gristle. What he [50] said throughout his interview was pretty much what he was trying to say when I had my interview with Angie Martinez," Buck said. "I gave my direct answer which was any man putting his hands on a child, I'm not with it. But I didn't say it in a sense to say [Tony] Yayo did it. I think it got related to people the wrong way, so 50 cleared that up."

"50 at this point is my boss and I could never kind of beef with my boss or ever turn my career into that mode," Buck continued. "I think if I played the note of going against 50's word or disrespecting 50 in any kind of way, then he really would be putting me in the situation with Game. But to me, it's just about accepting it and moving on because I already know that we're brothers from another mother, so we got this family feel that only we understand. Don't ever think that Buck is not a part of G-Unit or that 50 and Buck [are] falling out. You'll never get that."

Fif's shocking declaration stemmed from an interview in which Buck told Angie that it was wrong for any man to put his hands on a child. During his stop on Hot 97, Fif also told Jonesy that he wasn't sure how Yayo, who has been accused of back-handing Jimmy Rosemond's 14-year-old son, felt about Buck's comments.

"Sometimes the communication goes dead for a moment and that's what happened. That's why you get 50 saying he's not sure, cause there wasn't no communication," Buck Marley explained. "There will never be a problem to the point where Buck and 50 fall out. Not even with just 50, with me and my crew period."

Fans have also been looking to hear Buck's take on Game's "Body Bags," a G-Unit diss he released barely a week after calling a truce with Buck.

"It was funny cause the conversation that me and Game had, it wasn't a disrespectful conversation. When the whole shit went down, it was beautiful for me to see him react that way because at the end of the get a chance to see the bipolar in Game," Buck offered. "And that's what I don't think he realized was that he's letting his true self be displayed. The moves he's actually making on his own are not smart moves because his character, which I don't think is on point when you say real niggas."

"I just think he's digging his own hole 'cause he won't never get another fucking conversation from me in any kind of sense to have resolvement in anything. Now it's like you deal with the goons the way you deal with them," Buck added. "Anything else, if the nigga keep poppin' shit like that, I'ma end his little career through the mixtape world. I ain't even gon' let 50 get dirty with this nigga, because I'm kinda upset at the fact that I heard the bullshit out of him and I don't know if he's aware that I recorded that conversation that we had over the phone. I ain't gon' play with that dude. When I go at him, I'm a go at him and I'ma Ja Rule this shit."