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May 5, 2007

Cam Vs Jim Jones????

Jim Jones dropped a bombshell when he spoke to NYC Radio Hot 97’s on-air personality, Miss Info. According to Miss Info Jimmy spoke to her “on the record” about the situation and said the he and Dipset are putting Cam “on punishment.”

Internal beef rumors have hovered over the Dips for years specifically with Cam & Jim but both artists have always debunked the rumor. Well Capo offers this:

“Me and Cam’ron havent spoken to each other in a year…. I kept quiet out of loyalty, I felt like if we cant be friends then at least we can do business together….But now I can’t be next to you….I’m through wit being in hot water because of you….We still the Diplomats. We worked too hard to achieve our own success and now we’re gonna do something new….”

According to inside sources within the ranks of the Dips, Juelz and other members of the crew are shocked by Jim’s actions and are not in agreement with him. Since Cam basically started Dipset and actually owns the Dips brand I wonder how that’ll happen…

Jones will interview with Funkmaster Flex Monday night on Hot 97 NYC radio (97.1 - WQHT) and explain his stance and share his shocking suscpicions concerning what really went down with Cam & Tru Life’s altercation. Cam’s camp deny any punches landed but Tru & witnesses say Tru caught him in the eye (allegedly)…Stay tuned.

Cam has yet to respond…he’s currently out of NYC. But you know he will…

May 4, 2007

IHH Daily Update 5*4*07

Busta Rhymes Released From Jail On DWI Charge

Busta Rhymes has been released on $7,500 bail, after being arraigned earlier in the day, according to officials.

Representatives for Rhymes told that the rapper was formally charged with misdemeanor DWI and Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI), which is a violation, not a criminal offense.

"According to the complaint, he blew a .067 BAC at the station [and] .08 BAC is legally drunk in New York," Rhymes' attorney Scott Leemon told "His license was not suspended and he was immediately released on an agreed upon bail of $7,500 cash."

The rapper is expected to appear in court again Tuesday May 8 to answer the DWI charges.
Rhymes, 34, will also begin trial stemming from another assault case from 2006.
He was arrested early today (May 3), after police stopped his Yukon Denali on 51st Street and 11th Avenue in Manhattan.

The officers charged that the tint on the SUV windows was too dark. The police also claimed they smelled alcohol on the rapper's breath and apprehended him.

He was booked at the 28th St. precinct in New York.

Rhymes, born Trevor Smith, was also arrested on Feb. 22 for driving in Manhattan for driving with a suspended license.

Eve To Be Charged With Drunk Driving Today

Rapper Eve will be charged on Friday in connection with a drunken driving accident in Hollywood, the Los Angeles City Attorney's office said.

The Grammy-winning artist, whose real name is Eve Jihan Jeffers, was arrested April 26 after she crashed her gold Maserati into a center divider. There were no injuries.She was arrested at the scene, and later freed from jail after posting $30,000 bail.

She will be charged with driving under the influence, with registering a blood alcohol limit in excess of 0.08 percent, and not showing proof of insurance, an official said on Thursday. He declined to say what her blood alcohol reading was. She is scheduled to be arraigned on May 17.Offenders usually face probation of three to five years, a minimum fine of $390 and an alcohol treatment program.

Eve, 28, won a Grammy in 2001 for her collaboration with pop singer Gwen Stefani on the rap tune "Let Me Blow Ya Mind." She starred with Vin Diesel in the action movie "XXX" and had her own sitcom on the now-defunct UPN network.

R. Kelly’s Ex Wife Speaks

In the interview, she talks about how few people seem to realize R. Kelly even has a wife, let alone one with whom he’s had three children — two girls, ages 9 and 7, and a 5-year-old boy.

Andrea was pregnant with their son when the news broke of the alleged R. Kelly sex tape, for which he is currently awaiting trial. Part of the reason she stayed silent then, she says now, is that she was trying to protect their children — being “a lioness” for her cubs.

“They may say, ‘Mom and Dad went through a storm,’ ” she said. “But it’s not the storm I want them to remember, it’s how their mom came out of it.”

She also doesn’t believe that R. Kelly is the man on the tape at the center of the criminal charges. “C’mon,” she said. “Who would believe all that? That’s why they call them allegations.” But at the same time, she also says she hasn’t seen the tape and never looked for it.

Jazz Legend Wynton Marsalis Calls Out 50 Cent and Ludacris

Wynton Marsalis is widely recognized as one of today’s best jazz musicians. Now, the jazz legend is calling out hip-hop and artists such as 50 Cent and Ludacris for their vulgar language. “I call it ghetto minstrelsy,” Marsalis tells The Guardian.

“Old school minstrels used to say they were real darkies from the real plantation. Hip-Hop substitutes the plantation for the streets. Now you have to say you’re from the streets, you shot some brothers, you went to jail.

Rap has become a safari for people who get their thrills from watching African-American people debase themselves — men dressing in gold, calling themselves stupid names like Ludacris and 50 Cent, spending money on expensive fluff, using language like “bitch,” “ho” and “nigger.”

Brandy Sued By Car Crash Victim's Husband

As expected, the husband of the woman killed in a car crash involving singer Brandy has filed a lawsuit against the singer.

According to, Marquane Hdidou filed the suit in Los Angeles County Superior Court claiming Brandy and another motorist named Mallory Ham were "recklessly and carelessly ... traveling too fast for conditions” and "following too closely" on the 405 Freeway, which factored into the collision that killed his wife, Awatef Aboudihaj on Dec. 30.

As a result of his wife's death, Hdidou claims in the lawsuit that he has, "forever been deprived the support and maintenance, services, guidance, companionship, comfort, affection, solace, moral support, society, care, love, consortium and other benefits" from his wife.

Hdidou’s lawsuit seeks an undisclosed sum to cover medical and funeral expenses, as well as legal costs and other damages.

This is the second lawsuit filed against Brandy in relation to the woman’s death. Aboudihaj’s parents are suing the entertainer for $50 million.

Lloyd Banks UK Concert Cancelled

G-Unit’s Lloyd Banks was scheduled to perform in Derbyshire, England at club T Five this Saturday (May 5). But according to the Derby Telegraph, the Derbyshire police have cancelled the concert due to fear of gun violence.

“It’s not particularly the individual, although it is a music genre that glorifies guns and violence,” says Chief Inspector Gary Parkin. Officials also claim they only learned about the event on Monday, giving them little time to prepare.

“Because of the lack of preparation time and us finding out at short notice, there hasn’t been time to put the proper contingencies in place to make sure the event goes off in a safe environment,” Parkin says. “Around 600 tickets have been sold for this event already and we’re working with the promoters and licensee to make sure that people know it has been cancelled and the venue will be shut.”

Doug E. Fresh Headed To Court For Assault Charge

Pioneering MC Doug E. Fresh has been ordered to appear in a Michigan courthouse today.

Doug E. Fresh, whose real name is Douglas E. Davis is due to appear in a Romulus, MI court today on charges that he assaulted a Northwest Airlines employee. According to the Detroit News, airport police say that on April 16 Davis pushed an airlines employee before entering a jet way at Concourse A of Detroit's Metropolitan Airport.

The world-famous entertainer, best known for his incredible beat-boxing, was charged with assault and battery as well as violating airport rules. Davis was previously freed on $5,000 bond after appearing before 34th District Judge David Parrot.

Davis rose to fame in the mid-80's thanks to popular hits like "The Show" and "La Di Da Di."

Hip Hop Appreciation Week Kicks Off May 13th in Atlanta

The Temple of Hiphop is gearing up for their 10th Annual Hip Hop Appreciation Week, which kicks off in Atlanta, GA from May 13-20.

"Honor" is the theme for this year's Hip Hop Appreciation Week, which the Temple of Hiphop launched to "celebrate the culture of Hip-Hop and to allow Hip-Hop fans to speak out about the truth of Hip-Hop and raise social awareness," according to a statement from the Temple, which was launched by rap legend KRS-One.

Throughout the week, different cities around the country produce events that create discussions around the concept of hope, engaging the youth, parents, educators, politicians and music fans through hip hop music and culture.

In Atlanta, special events will be held revolving around the theme of “Honor,” such as the InSpirit Truth Center’s 1st Inspirit Hip Hop Awards.

The Inspirit Awards, sponsored by the Inspirit Truth Center, the Temple of Hiphop and HIPHOP Ministries, Inc. will honor three leaders from the Hip-Hop community that have assisted in the "growth, development and preservation of Hip-Hop culture,” according to a statement.

These year's honorees are Wanique Shabazz, Program Coordinator for WRFG 89.3FM radio in Atlanta, Dee Dee Cocheta-Williams, Hip-Hop Activist andJasz, Owner of Earwax Records.
Minister Server of the Temple of Hiphop will host the event, featuring live performances by Ishues, Lando, the Inspirit Youth Ministry and others.

Twista Calls Upon Americans To Appeal to the Government

Atlantic Records recording artist, Twista, has voiced his opinion on President George W. Bush’s veto of a $124 billion Iraq Spending Bill which also set a timeline for American troops to be completely withdrawn from Iraq.

Calling the President’s actions “bogus”, in his blog with Red Eye, an edition of the Chicago Tribune, Twista went on to call upon Americans to appeal to the government: “We need to say something effective to bring our troops back home. We have troops dying every day and I think it's time that they come back home.”

Twista shares that he feels that Americans should write to their Senators, Representatives, and Governors in response to the veto. On the situation in Iraq, Twista commented, “I kind of feel the way Rosie O'Donnell feels: They didn't attack us so why should we have to attack them?”The blog can be found online at .

Readers are encouraged to send the emcee
their questions, comments, and reactions through the site as well.

Porn played on Disney Channel in N.J.

Cable operator Comcast is investigating how hardcore pornography was broadcast during a popular cartoon program on the Disney Channel.

Customer Paul Dunleavy would also like to know. He was stunned Tuesday morning to find his 5-year-old son watching something other than “Handy Manny,” a cartoon about a bilingual Latino handyman and his talking tools.

“It was two people doing their thing, it was full-on and it was disgusting,” the Middletown father of three told The New York Daily News for Wednesday newspapers. “I couldn’t believe it.”
Dunleavy’s phone number was unlisted when The Associated Press tried to contact him Wednesday.

Fred DeAndrea, a spokesman for Philadelphia-based Comcast, confirmed the programming error occurred around 9:30 a.m. Tuesday. He described it as an “isolated issue in a local New Jersey facility.”

Bone Thugs and Twista Recording New Album Together

According to, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Twista are recording an album together. “We’re working on an album,” Layzie Bone told “We’ve got, like, five, six, seven songs. Twista is our dog, man. We’re unifying the Midwest. We had problems in the beginning, but that’s too long ago to bring up. We’re making music, man.”

In the 90’s, Bone and Twista were engaged in a heated rivalry about who originated the quick, double-timed rhyme style.

“It definitely was a rivalry at one time, but it was all senseless, nonsense,” says Krayzie Bone. “We were just young and not even realizing what was going on. Now we’re like, ‘Man, what were we even beefing about?’ We don’t even know — like, who rapped the fastest or whatever. It really didn’t make sense. Now we’re like, instead of beefing, we can make money together.”

While there is no release date for the album, Twista does appear on Bone’s new album, Strength & Loyalty (Full Surface/Interscope Records), on the song, “C-Town.”

IHH Tv: ThrowBack Friday

Just a couple of joints from the Youtube archives

another classic

if you have any old vids you wanna see shoot me an email at make sure you put throwback in the subject. The best ones I'll post.

May 3, 2007

Daily Update 5*3*07

Busta Rhymes Arrested For DWI In Manhattan

Rap star Busta Rhymes was arrested for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) this morning (May 3).
Police stopped a Yukon Denali driven by Rhymes on 51st Street and 11th Avenue in Manhattan, because the tint on the SUV's windows was too dark.

Officers allegedly smelled alcohol on Rhymes' breath and the rapper was arrested for DWI and booked at the 28th St. precinct in New York.

His attorney, Scott Leemon declined to comment when contacted by

Rhymes 34, was also arrested on Feb. 22 for driving in Manhattan for driving with a suspended license.

That incident caused a judge to withdraw a plea offer that would have allowed Rhymes to avoid jail time for two assault charges levied against him.

Rhymes, born Trevor Smith, is due to stand trial on May 8, for allegedly assaulting his former driver during a dispute over back pay.

In another incident, the superstar rapper is accused of assaulting a fan who allegedly spit on his Maybach in Manhattan, after an Aug. 2006 performance on Randall's Island.

Rhymes is facing more than a year in jail for each assault charge.

Police still seek to question Busta Rhymes about the unsolved murder of his bodyguard and longtime friend, Israel Ramirez.

Ramirez was gunned down in Feb. 2006, during the video shoot for Rhymes' hit single "Touch It (Remix)."

Police allege that Rhymes was one of several witnesses to the shooting and claim that the rapper refuses to cooperate with the investigation.

Rhymes and his alleged lack of cooperation with the murder investigation was recently featured on 60 Minutes, during an infamous segment about "snitching" featuring rapper Cam'ron.

Cam'ron's Reps Deny Tru Life Fight, Say It Was A Publicity Stunt

As the story continues to develop, SOHH has learned that representatives from Cam'ron camp are denying allegations that he was punched by rival rapper Tru Life.

As previously reported, Ed Lover announced this morning on his "Ed Lover Show with Egypt and Ashy" that the two rappers had been involved in a physical altercation outside of Club Stereo in NYC which resulted in Cam being punched by Tru Life.

Tru Life appeared on Power 105's morning show this morning, where he spoke candidly about how he was sick of Dipset promoting the Bloods and that he felt Dipset are bad for hip-hop.

Through a source close to the situation, Cam'ron and his camp are claiming that no physical altercation took place and that the situation is being blown out of proportion.

"From my understanding Cam'ron was outside of Club Stereo with his manager when Tru Life pulled up to the Club Stereo and made a big scene in the middle of the street with tons of police officers already outside the venue..." said a rep for Cam'ron. "So there was never a moment for Tru Life to actually get close to Cam'ron to hit him. Cam'ron never responded to Tru Life and just looked at him as the cops made Tru Life leave the area. Cam'ron viewed it as a publicity stunt considering the police were on-site and never responded to Tru Life's antics."

Tru Life Issues Statement To XXL About Cam’ron Incident

On Monday (April 30), Tru Life and Cam’ron were allegedly involved in a physical confrontation at a New York City nightclub. Tru Life’s management team has issued this response to XXL.

“The rumors are true. He did punch Cam’ron in the face. But he honestly doesn’t want to promote violence. He really feels strong about ending gang violence. He feels like they got kids brainwashed with that bullshit movement so he got to show them what it is. He feels like he got to keep it a little street just to get the kids’ ears because they listen to the rah-rah shit. So once he gets their ear with the bullshit, he’ll get their hearts with the real shit.”

In addition, Tru Life says he wants to apologize to hip-hop for the negative press but “you got to break an egg to make an omelet.” “I don’t care how positive dead prez and Mos Def is,” Tru Life told XXL. “Niggas just ain’t checkin’ for that.”


Ice T was one of the millions who peeped Cam’ron on the “Stop Snitching” segment of “60 Minutes last week, and he’s not happy.

According to, Ice took issue with the Dipset leader’s comments about refusing to assist police in criminal investigations, even if he knew his next door neighbor was a serial killer.
"Cam'ron made a bad move. I mean, Cam'ron applied the rules to the streets, to the rules of hip-hop. Everybody in hip-hop ain't affiliated with the streets on that level," Ice told exclusively.

"So when they asked him that big question, if a serial killer lived next to him would he tell and he said, no. Cam'ron went out. And I love you Cam'ron, but that was a bad call. If you know somebody's in the neighborhood and he's raping little girls, you supposed to tell the police about that sucker. That's not snitching."

The West coast MC also said he will never stop using the "n-word," which is one of the terms (along with “bitch” and “ho”) that Russell Simmons is hoping stations will bleep out and rappers will voluntarily discontinue in the wake of the Don Imus scandal.

"I'ma say 'n**ga' til the wheels fall off. My daddy used to say it. I believe that, if it doesn't apply to you, don't say it. If you ain't from the hood, don't say n**ga,” he said. “That's where it lies. It's an inside word. Jewish people can say it to each other. Black people say certain things to each other. It's ok.”

“I think a lot of black people are too overly concerned with what white people think about them. I understand that word carries a lot of pain, but not the way it's been translated. The way we throw the word n**ga around now ... I grew up listening to Red Foxx, Ronaldo Ray and Richard Pryor, all these kinds of people. If the intention is not there, then the word has no power."

Rising Rapper Sporty-O Shot Twice

Atlanta, GA rapper Sporty-O is in stable condition, after being shot twice early today (May 2) near his East Point, GA home, in what sources have called a botched robbery attempt.

Sporty-O, born George Williams, is best known for his role in Jamie Kennedy's hit series Blowin' Up.

Witnesses said the rapper argued with another man near the Buckingham Court apartment complex. A short foot chase ensued.

Sporty-O was shot twice around 4:00 am, suffering a gunshot wound to the face and leg.

He collapsed just as he attempted to enter his apartment and was taken to a local hospital by an innocent bystander.

Two other men were also shot and injured in the altercation.

The rapper was eventually transferred to Grady Hospital, where he underwent surgery and was listed in stable, but critical condition.

Sporty-O recently released the single "U Not Beyonce," which has received airplay on various radio stations across the country.

A representative for Sporty-O told that the rapper plans to be "back on his feet and performing within the next 4 weeks."

Sporty-O recently released SuperSport: The Mixtape Vol.II, through the 113 Music Group.
The mixtape features appearances by Sean P of the YoungBloodZ, Bone Crusher and others.

Clipse Working on Re-Up Gang Debut Album

Despite the fact that there was nearly a four-year gap between the Clipse's first two albums, member Pusha T says the time gave he and Malice "a chance to sit back and carve out where we wanted to be in this music game and to evaluate hip-hop as a whole."

According to, the Clipse are back in the lab, working on a third intallment of We Got It For Cheap, in which the Virginia duo introduced the Re-Up Gang. The group consists of Pusha, Malice and Ab-Liva and Sandman of Philly. In addition, the Re-Up Gang debut album are on the way.

"Everything happens for a reason," says Pusha. "There's so much disposable music right now and it is all being classified as hip-hop. This music thing is really a place where you can make your mark in history and build something epic."

"The Re-Up Gang is just four MCs that follow the basic rules of hip-hop and lyricism," Pusha says. "Being creative, painting those pictures, the metaphors that smack you in your face."The recent bids of black leaders to censor hip-hop because of the Imus controversy also made Pusha speak up: "I am floored that our leaders have let the racist comments of this white man be turned around on hip-hop...Hip-hop didn't make that man say that. I'm just appalled."

As for the Virginia Tech shooting, Pusha says the Clipse will not be commenting on it: "This is bigger than a track...It didn't even come across my mind."

Talib Kweli To Release "Ear Drum" July 24th

Hip-hop’s premier MC Talib Kweli will release his eagerly awaited new album — “Ear Drum” — on July 24th. A career-defining work that showcases the Brooklyn rapper’s advanced lyricism and faultless musical taste, “Ear Drum” is Kweli’s first album released on his own label, Blacksmith Music and Warner Bros. Records.

Kweli says the album’s title comes from “the image of the ear and of the drum, which are powerful enough by themselves, but put them together and it’s an instrument in your body that helps you hear. They’re also two very simple, yet powerful words. I wanted to focus on finding a sound that makes you move, and that’s where the word ‘eardrum’ popped in my head.” With lyrics that touch on life’s journeys and struggles, “Ear Drum” also showcases Talib’s sonic versatility with tracks ranging from the silky-soulful “Soon The New Day,” which features vocals by best-selling chanteuse Norah Jones, to the sexy first single “Hot Thing” and the hard-edged “Say Something,” which features rapping by Blacksmith artist Jean Grae.

“Ear Drum” boasts innovative production work by such vanguard artists as Kanye West, who worked on Kweli’s 2002’s gold-certified “Quality” and 2004’s “The Beautiful Struggle” Black-Eyed Peas founder; rapper-producer Madlib; and Black Star producer Hi-Tek, who also collaborated with Kweli on the gold-certified 2000 album “Reflection Eternal.” Of his desire to collaborate with a variety of producers and artists, Kweli says: “We need to challenge our audience, but we also need to challenge ourselves to know that whatever our new experiences are, we can write about them, be creative, and bring that to an audience without them feeling alienated.”

Since making his debut with Mos Def as Black Star in 1988, Kweli has become known as an exceptional and socially aware artist who has rejected mainstream rap’s embrace of violence and bling in favor of addressing issues of black consciousness and self-love. “Ear Drum” solidifies his status as one of rap’s most talented and important voices.

Joe Makes Impressive Debut, Akon Holds It Down, Amy Winehouse Moves On Up

In this week's Hip-Hop & R&B charts, Joe steals the throne , Akon stays put and Amy Winehouse ascends.

Debuting at No. 1 on the charts this week is R&B crooner Joe with his sixth solo album Ain't Nothing Like Me. According to Nielsen's SoundScan, the album scanned 98,400 discs in its opening week.

Akon holds on tight to his No. 6 spot. Thanks to his hit single "Don't Matter," the Senegalese bred crooner is still winning fans over. Konvicted shifts 45,300 units this week, pushing the album's total sales to 2,230,800.

Shooting up three spots No. 11 is Amy Winehouse. Back To Black shelves off 34,300 discs this week. Her album's tally stands at 297,100.

Right behind the British vocalist is Fergie at No. 12. Dutchess has moved 1,810,800 discs thus far with 33,800 units representing the week-in total.

Serenading at No. 13 is Robin Thicke. The Evolution of Robin Thicke is still cashing out handsomely with 33,300 discs being shelled out this week. The album's tally stands at 1,015,300.

Timbaland slips four spots to No. 14. Shock Value ropes in 31,100 units in its fourth week on the chart. So far , the star-studded album has sold 267,800 copies.

Posted at No. 15 is Beyonce. B'Day continues to enjoy the fruits of its re-release as it nets 29,260 copies this week. The album's tally after 34 weeks on the charts, reads off at 2,610,970.
Joss Stone floats nine spots up to No. 16. Introducing Joss Stone sells 28,900 discs this week, pushing her album's total sales to 305,200.

Leaning at No. 17 is Justin Timberlake. The former *NYSNC front man is still laughing all the way to the bank as Future Sex/Love Sounds pushes 26,000 CDs this week. To date, the album has sold 3,170,900 copies.

Sliding a level down to No. 26 is Corrine Bailey Rae. Her self titled album lugs in 22,100 units week, bringing the album's total sales to 1,450,500.

Young Buck trips seven slots to No. 30 this week. Buck The World rings out 19,200 discs this week. After five weeks on the charts, the album has sold 270,260 copies.

Taking six steps down the ladder to No. 32 this week is Murder Inc's Lloyd. Street Love dials in 18,700 units this week, bringing the album's tally to 333,400.

A sharp decrease in sales pushes Paul Wall thirteen spots down to No. 33. In its fourth week , Get Money Stay True hauls in 18,100 units this week. So far, the album has sold a total of 175,000 copies.

Musiq Soulchild dips six slots to No 35. Luvandmusiq moves 17,100 discs this week, pushing the album's total sales to 323,600.

Meanwhile, MIMS springs two spots up to No. 38. 15,000 folks picked up Music Is My Savior this week. The album has brought in a total of 176,700 after five weeks on the charts.

Rich Boy's shaky ride on the charts continues as he skids three spots down to No. 50. His self titled disc sells 12,400 copies this week, bringing the album's total sales to read off at 269,600.

Further down the totem pole, Young Jeezy stumbles fourteen spots to No. 69. The Inspiration sold 9,700 copies this week, pushing its tally to 1,034,100. Debuting at No. 71 is Snoop Dogg and a couple of his West Coast homies with their compilation The Big Squeeze. The set sells 9,600 copies in its first week spin. Ciara slips eleven slots to No. 78. Evolution, which has sold 1,130,200 copies so far, sells 8,800 units this week. Baby Boy Da Prince slides four spots to No. 92 as it shells out 7,500 copies this week. The album has sold a total of 77,100 copies. "Pushin' It" at No. 95 is Pretty Ricky. Late Night Special shelves 7,300 discs this week, bringing the albums total sales to 430,170. Rounding out the top 100 is Diddy at No, 96. Press Play scans 7,300 CDs this week. To date , the album's total read off at 624,900.

Next week for Ne-Yo to make an impact on the Hip-Hop and R&B Charts.

IHH TV:Lil Wayne & Young Money

part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

IHH TV:Young Jeezy

Young Jeezy Feat. Keyshia Cole

May 2, 2007

IHH TV:Tru-Life/Cam’ron Fight Caught on Tape

A Dramatic Reenactment of Cam vs Tru-life

Daily Update 5*2*07

The Results Are In: Jay-Z You Are The Father

With rumors continuing to run rampant regarding the alleged love child of Jay-z and video vixen Shenelle Scott, glossy hip-hop tabloid Hip-Hop Weekly (HHW) revealed that they will unveil in an upcoming issue that the Def Jam President is indeed the father of Scott's son, Isa Jael.

Earlier last month, the weekly publication ran an exclusive interview with Shenelle Scott in which she admitted to knowing Jay-z and being featured in the "Big Pimpin'" video filmed in her native country Trinidad. During the interview, Scott also admitted to an intimate affair with Jay-z that ran its course some time in 2001. According to model, the relationship was not very deep and only lasted about a year.

As rumors began to circulate about the authenticity of the young boy's DNA, Jay-z issued a statement through his spokesperson, stating "there is no truth to these ridiculous rumors," and went on to say, "people should be ashamed of using this kind of story and exploiting a child for publicity and ratings."

Contrary to the Jay's claims, a source at Hip-Hop Weekly says they are ready to expose his lies and deceit to his fans.

HHW are planning to not only publish their version of the truth, in regards to young Isa's paternity, but that Jay-z's beloved girlfriend, multi-platinum pop singer Beyonce, is aware of the young lad, and that the rapper is current on the agreed upon monthly child support of $4,000.

Cam'ron, Tru Life Get Into Physical Altercation; Ed Lover Tries To Intervene

A fist fight reportedly broke out between Cam'ron and Tru Life in front of New York's Club Stereo Monday night (April 30). Forunately, no one was hurt or arrested.

Radio personality, Ed Lover, broke the news on New York's Power 105 morning show, saying that although the incident started as a verbal altercation, it ended in blows thrown by Tru Life.

"What happened last night was Cam was standing in front of Club Stereo and Tru Life confronted him about what's been going on back and forth on the mixtapes and they got into a physical confrontation. Pretty much Tru Life hit Cam, cops broke it up and everyone dispersed," Ed Lover said this morning.

Aside from reporting the news, Ed Lover said that he is trying to diffuse the situation, talking to both camps and serving as a mediator until they make peace.

"As an OG in this business, I have a lot of love for both camps and I'm trying to mediate this because it's starting to get to a point where it's getting out of hand now," the radio disc jockey explained. "The worst thing we need is somebody really getting seriously injured. Having a little fight is one thing, but you know when it comes to that, the gunplay comes into it. We don't need that. Hip-hop got enough problems right now; we don't need another black eye because of some dumb beef. It can be squashed."

So far Ed Lover has spoken to Dipset's Jim Jones and Tru Life, and seems optimistic about getting the rival rappers to have a sit down and work out their problems.

"I think I'll be able to do that and with the help of some of the other OGs in the business, we'll be able to do that," Ed Lover said.

"I know both of these camps and I'm trying to do as much as I can do to mediate and at least get some kind of dialogue," he continued.

The beef between to the rival camps have stayed on mixtapes and YouTube until last night.

listen here

Ne-Yo & Beyonce Beef Explained Away

Matthew Knowles, father and manager of superstar diva Beyoncé Knowles, has put a stop to rumors that he was angry with Ne-Yo.

According to New York's Daily News, Matthew Knowles was rumored to be angry with Ne-Yo for
collaborating with Beyoncé's purported rival and Dreamgirls' Oscar-winning co-star Jennifer Hudson on his new album Because of You.

The rumor mill also circulated the story that Ne-Yo had raised Knowles' ire by telling
MTV International "apparently Beyonce was at a show somewhere and right before the song came on, she said: 'I wrote this for my girls...' The song is a co-write. I wrote all the lyrics. Beyonce helped me with the melodies and the harmonies and the vocal arrangement, and that makes it a co-write."

While some accounts said Ne-Yo's comments incited Knowles' to credit "Irreplaceable" production team Stargate with writing the song, Matthew Knowles put an end to all talk of a feud by telling the Daily News on Tuesday (May 1), "today is the first day I learned I'm unhappy with Ne-Yo. I never knew he said that. He does deserve to share in the credit."

In related news,
Beyoncé recently did her own part to put an end to rumors of a feud with Jennifer Hudson. In a recent interview with VIBE magazine Beyoncé put a stop to the story that there was turmoil between her and the sassy former "American Idol" contestant, telling the magazine, "there is a typical rumor every single time I'm involved with an African American female. Before I even meet them, I already know the rumor because that's just - it is what it is. It's society and it has nothing to do with me. But what do I do? I worked with Britney, I've worked with Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and they don't start that, whenever it's two black women, it's...unfortunate."


R. Kelly will release a special single on May 15 to honor victims of the recent tragedy at Virginia Tech.

“Rise Up,” to be released via digital music services, will dedicate 100 percent of its proceeds to the Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund, which will assist families affected by the massacre last month.

No word on whether the song will appear on his upcoming album, “Double Up,” due May 29. However, a sample of the track is currently streaming on his Web site.

Kelly says he was moved to write “Rise Up” while watching news coverage of the shootings, which took place April 16 at the campus in Blacksburg, Va. The song includes such lines as "Rise up / when you feel you can't go on / rise up, and all of your hope is gone / rise up, when you're weak and you can't be strong."

listen to the song here

What Does Usher Think of Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, Lloyd, Omarion and Sterling?

In an interview with MTV News, Usher spoke out about the younger swagger jackers getting in his way.

"I feel like these kids have gotten a little too disrespectful, and I'm about to get [back in there], so just be ready," he said with a smile.

"Well, for instance," he explained, "you got your artists who find their way through the circuit and are following and are not giving the respect where the respect is due. If you know [you're] following and biting, then, hey, give the respect. But if you're not, and you're creating your own thing, then you're good. You should just continue to find your own way.

"Listen, this is not a game out here, man," he continued. "You can't come around here and think that you're really starting the game. Understand, when I came up in the game and I found a trail, I was cool. Bobby Brown went this way, Michael Jackson went this way, Marvin Gaye, he created his little profile and he held to it. I didn't step on those toes. What I did was find a way and my thing and created my thing. Now you have my thing being built. So I look up, and I'm like, 'OK, I see you all. I see you all in the videos. I see you moving, I get it, but pay the respect, man.' "

New Chicago Bears Draft Pick Criticized For Vulgar Rap Song

On Sunday (April 29), the Chicago Bears drafted tight end, Greg Olsen from the University of Miami, in the 2007 NFL Draft. Now, the rookie is under fire because of a rap song he recorded with his friends that degraded woman and boasted about sexual acts.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Olsen recorded the song — “7th Floor Crew” — under the rap moniker, G-Reg, with his friends on the seventh floor of Miami’s Mahoney Residential College. The track appeared on a MySpace page recently, prompting Olsen to apologize.

“As a freshmen, a few of my friends and I recorded a song that was written for us,” Olsen told the Chicago Tribune. “It was an immature mistake on my part and I certainly recognize it was wrong. I am not proud of what we did and [I] have become a more mature person over the past three years.”

The Chicago Bears have not commented on the song, but Miami University athletic director, Paul Dee, has denounced it, saying the track was “unfortunate, inappropriate and demeaning.”

Lupe Fiasco To Get "Cool" In October

According to, Lupe Fiasco will hit the studio this week to begin recording his sophomore album, "The Cool." The artist told backstage at the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival over the weekend that he is hoping for an Oct. 31 release date for the album via 1st & 15th/Atlantic.

Reiterating his desire to round up members of Pink Floyd to make a guest appearance on the project, Fiasco conceded, "Nothing has developed yet. But once the stew gets swirling and people start talking, you never know. I hope it does work out.""The Cool" will be the follow-up to last year's "Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor," which earned three Grammy nominations. Between studio sessions, Fiasco will break away for performances at Lollapalooza in Chicago in early August and the Bumbershoot festival in Seattle in early September.He has also recently worked with Japanese rapper Big O on the track "City Wings," a remix of Musiq's "Buddy" and on a track from Atlantic labelmate Kevin Michaels' upcoming debut.

There's also a"top secret" project in the works with "another superstar rapper and someone who is a rapper/producer," but Fiasco declined to reveal details, including whether the pairing was for a full album or just a handful of songs.

The NAACP To Hold Funeral For 'N' Word

The NAACP is reportedly holding a funeral this summer in Detroit for the "N" word, in light of the Don Imus controversy.Much like they did 63 years ago with the symbolic funeral for Jim Crow, the civil rights organization will do the same for the slang term, Rev. Wendell Anthony told the Associated Press on Sunday (April 29).

"We are committed to ending hate -- word and talk," Anthony said. "It doesn't do anyone any good, whether it's a journalist on TV or a rapper on the radio."The symbolic funeral, which will be held July 7-12 in Detroit, calls for African Americans to boycott music that uses such language.

So far, legendary hip-hop artists such as MC Lyte and Doug E. Fresh, have signed on to the campaign, The Detroit News reports.The announcement comes after Imus sparked national discussion about racial insensitivity, following derogatory comments he made about black members of the Rutgers University women's basketball team.

Although he didn't use the "N" word in those comments, he did use the term "nappy headed hoes." Imus was fired in early April by CBS Radio and NBC after major companies began pulling their advertising spots.With corporate America taking notice, the NAACP feel that it's time to make something happen.

Jim Crow was the -- mostly Southern -- practice of discrimination against and segregation of blacks from the end of post-Civil War reconstruction into the mid-20th century.

Yung Joc Presents To Deserving Youth

Yung Joc is expected amongst others to honor a group of exceptional elementary, middle and high school students from Atlanta according to sources.

The Choose Success Awards will honor and award students from Atlanta Public Schools and Dekalb County Schools who have made a difference through community service and who have made outstanding improvements in school.

The Bad Boy South
recording artist will be a presenter on the night of the awards ceremony.

Choose Success is a program implemented by Communities In Schools and gives students the opportunity to give back to their communities through small service project grants.

Leah Ward will also attend the event. She is the first African-American female to serve as chief justice in the state of Georgia. In other Yung Joc news, the rapper is planning on releasing his second
album, Hustlenomics in July.

50 Cent's Connecticut Home For Sale

Superstar rapper 50 Cent has put his 52-room mansion in Farmington, CT up for sale for an undisclosed amount.

According to, the rapper originally bought the mansion from Mike Tyson's ex-wife in 2003 for $4.1 million. The 48,000-square-foot mansion also has a recording studio, servants' quarters, in-door and outdoor pools, a boathouse and other amenities.

Mike Tyson originally bought the house in 1996 for $2.7 million. He sold it to his ex-wife Monica for $1 in 2002 as part of a divorce settlement.

Flavor Of Love 2's Toastee Starring In New Porn DVD

Vivid Entertainment, the porn company responsible for the release of the Kim Kardashian/Ray J porn DVD, has recently obtained a 40 minute sex tape of Toastee, a contestant on VH1's "Flavor Of Love 2," which they plan to release on DVD very soon.

Toastee (real name: Jennifer Toof) achieved celebrity as a competitor on the "Flavor Of Love," in which she vied for the affections of rapper Flavor Flav.

She was bounced from the program after it was discovered that she had done nude modeling and appeared in a porn movie under the stage name "Natalia the Scissor Vixen" -- known for clamping men's heads between her thighs."The first season of 'Flavor of Love 2' was such a huge guilty pleasure for me," Toof told student newspaper The Northeastern News recently.She explained her previous venture onto the wild side was for extra money, being that she couldn't make any real money because she was unable to work full-time being that she was a student.

"In college I realized that there was no way I could work a real job with the amount of schoolwork I had," she explained. "So I went back to modeling and because it's fun and easy and you make a lot of money for only working a few hours a week."The paper reported that her modeling while at Northeastern "was usually tasteful, (but) in a few instances, she posed nude for photos and acted in adult films.

"Vivid co-chairman, Steven Hirsch, feels Toof is talented and is perfect for adult films. "Toastee is cute, energetic and a talented contortionist," said Hirsch. "I think her enthusiasm for sex is obvious."

According to Vivid, the DVD, titled "Toastee Exposed," was obtained from celebrity image broker David Hans Schmitt. A dollar amount was not specified.

It is slated for release on May 16. A free preview is available at

May 1, 2007

Mixtape of the week

I AM HIP HOP - DJ LRM & Lil Wayne


(L note: with a title like that How can it not be mixtape of the week???)

Daily Update 5*1*07

Young Buck And Entourage Deny Involvement In Weekend Shooting; Witness Reveals Details

Contrary to previous reports, rapper Young Buck and his crew have denied being involved in a shooting that took place in the parking lot of the Hilton Garden Inn in Kennewick, Washington on Saturday (Apr. 28).

At least six shots were fired by two weapons during the shoot-out, which sent one man to the hospital with a single bullet wound to both legs and left patrons of the hotel terrified for their lives.

Police told Kennewick's Tri-City Herald that they were investigating reports that the shooting was a result of a fight that had broken out between Young Buck’s entourage and rival rappers, after Young Buck’s performance at Club Paradise.

Young Buck himself and a witness have come forth, proclaiming the rapper’s innocence in the situation.

“I had no involvement in that situation. None of my entourage was involved," Young Buck told “We stayed at the hotel where the situation happened, I had no argument with nobody, I had none of my entourage involved in no fights. There were no robbers, or no shooting between us or no other rappers or none of that s**t.”

According to the witness who was at both the Young Buck show and the after party, the shooting stemmed from an earlier incident.

“This shoot out had to do with a fight that happened earlier between two people that knew each other from Seattle and then other people showing up to have his back," an eyewitness told “It also had to do with a chain trying to be snatched, and people having that persons back.”

The incident and the reports have cast a negative light on Young Buck who is currently on parole.

“I ain’t have one bit of anything involved in this situation even nobody around me,” Young Buck told “I was there when the shots rang out and I got the f**k out of the hotel like 'oh s**t.' I come up out of the lobby and shit and I see the damn n***a laid up in the elevator and s**t. We got in our bus and left. It wasn’t a situation with anyone in my crew. That f***ed me all the way up. I’m on parole, my parole officer and lawyers [were] calling me."

Nine Seattle area men were arrested and detained, as they attempted to flee the scene of the shooting and dump their weapons in the process.

The Source Files For Bankruptcy, Plans To Reorganize

The Source magazine and Source Entertainment Inc. have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Manhattan on Friday (Apr. 27) Dow Jones wire services reported today (Apr. 30).

According to court documents, The Source is still struggling to recover from dishonest business practices and negative publicity brought on by former management, which caused various advertisers to withdraw support for the well known brand.

The Source also converted and consolidated a previous Chapter 7 filing in Friday's court proceedings and listed assets of about $1.3 million and liabilities of $35 million.

In early 2006, investors in The Source Entertainment ousted founders David Mays and Raymond "Benzino" Scott from the company, when ad revenue and newsstand sales plummeted, after the pair became engaged in bitter feuds with a number of rivals, including 50 Cent and Eminem.

To complicate matters, the magazine defaulted on an $18 million loan from Textron Financial Partners, who successfully fought to have Mays and Scott removed from the company.

According to the bankruptcy filing, The Source also stopped sending magazine's to over 140,000 subscribers and magazine subscriptions have dropped by more than 50 percent since 2002.

An attorney for The Source said the company will emerge from the bankruptcy successfully, as a "reorganized" entity.

T.I. Breaks Down "T.I. Vs. T.I.P." To MTV News; Talks Working With Eminem

On T.I. vs. T.I.P. — a conceptual LP about his life — they get at it on six tracks. Another third of the project is dedicated solely to T.I. and the remainder goes to Tip.

"This is my life, this is the struggle I had to go through to bring myself to release another album," said T.I., who lost both his newborn daughter and personal assistant within the last year. "After all the stuff I went through following the success of King, it took a lot to even muster the effort or even care enough about the world outside my circle to even care about doing another album. ... All I did was take notes and record it along the way."

One of the more recent sessions he held for the album was with Eminem, someone who has his own dual-identity issues.

"It was an experience," T.I. said about working with Em. "He's probably one of the most lyrical cats in the game right now. Me being known as one of the most lyrical cats in the game, I had to get myself up. He lived up to all my expectations. He's a rappin' fool. He made me step my game up.

"We did three records," he continued. "One we did for him. You know how Marshall Mathers and Slim Shady have their beefs? Well [on that song], T.I. is trying to tell Marshall how to deal with Slim based on how he deals with Tip. Then Tip butts in, like, 'You can't tell nobody nothing.' Then Em comes in and tells me, 'Who are you to tell me anything?' I was like, 'I'm just trying to help, homie.' "

Their other two collaborations could end up on T.I. vs. T.I.P., including a song called "Touchdown."

"It's out of Eminem's norm, if Eminem has a norm," T.I. said of the track. "It's a record you wouldn't expect to hear him on, kinda like how you heard [him] on 'Smack That' for Akon or [Em's] 'Shake That' with Nate Dogg. You'll be like, 'OK, he's switching it up.' ['Touchdown' is] basically [him] talking about when you touch down in everybody's city, what you do. Hit the mall, buy a car or leave the club with all the girls. We have yet to finish that one. "

The one we finished is 'Whatever You Want It to Be,' " he added. "It's saying, 'I'm a man, if I ain't nothing else. Before I'm a rapper, before I'm anything else, I'm a man. If you don't respect that, it can be whatever you want it to be.' "

The producer Tip went the most in-depth with for this project, however, was — of all people — Wyclef Jean. It has yet to be determined if all their records will make the cut, but two front-runners are "Swagger" and "U Know What It Is."

"You can quote me," Tip burst out with a grin. " 'U Know What It Is' will tear the clubs up this summer."

"Show It 2 Me," which features Nelly, sounds like it could easily be a sequel to their previous teaming on Urban Legend's "Get Loose." The two go back and forth at points and Nelly uses an old-school flow like UTFO on "Roxanne Roxanne." Lil Wayne appears on "Yeah" and drops lines such as, "I'm flyer than a vampire."

Andre 3000 could also possibly check in, on a song called "Life of the Party." On that track, Tip talks about maturity, why he's now "too grown to be the life of the party," and how he has no time to argue with bouncers, overzealous fans or pestering playa haters.

Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake and Timbaland are all also scheduled to appear on the set, while Akon, Scott Storch and Danja have already performed and produced for the album.


*Reverend Al Sharpton, representing his National Action Network (NAN), is scheduled to co-lead a March for Decency in Music on James Browns' birthday, Thursday, May 3.

The march will kick off at 55th and Madison at Sony Music and head south to the Warner Music Group Building (75 Rockefeller Plaza), and then on to Universal Music (49th & 8th), and then on to the Time Warner Building (58th and Broadway). The final stop will be Columbus Circle for a rally.

The event’s focus is to protest sexism, racism, and homophobia in music and the image that is perpetuated in the recording industry that glamorizes misogyny. The National Action Network will call for record companies to implement a code of conduct for artists.

"I think it is important that we make a strong appeal as consumers to demand standards that will not offend us or dehumanize us based on race, gender or any other category,” said Rev. Sharpton.

The march will be led by Tamika Mallory, Director of NAN's Decency Initiative and Councilwoman Darlene Mealy of Brooklyn's 41st District.

Mallory states: "I am leading this march as a mother and as a young black woman who is part of the hip-hop generation. We must reshape the positive culture in music, and redefine images of women in media. We will no longer tolerate misogyny and racism as a mainstream form of entertainment for our children."


In the past 72 hours, Kim Kardashian dropped her lawsuit against Vivid Entertainment over the release of her sex tape with former boyfriend Ray J, and Ray J threw a party in Vegas to celebrate the tape’s release.

Vivid's co-chairman tells TMZ: "We are pleased that Kim has dropped her legal action against us, we met with her several times and finally reached a financial arrangement that we both feel is fair."

According to Us Magazine, Kardashian will get close to $5 million from Vivid, who plans to make the tape available to consumers through the end of May before retiring the tape for good, reports TMZ.

Meanwhile, Ray J was at Las Vegas club Jet in the Mirage hotel last weekend toasting the release of his sex tape. While Whitney Houston’s boy toy sipped on Grey Goose and Dom Perignon in VIP, a Kardashian look-alike contest was being held on the main floor, the winner of which gets to star in the singer’s next “film,” reports TMZ.

50 Cent's New Creative Direction

50 Cent claims he will still self destruct.Just wait for that in 2008. For now, he is ready to release Curtis. Recently, when speaking of the new album, which is set to be released in late June, he said it was a lot like a Batman movie.

"You ever seen 'Batman Begins?" he asked MTV. "This album is like that for me as an artist — some of the content on the record is prior to Get Rich or Die Tryin'. For the people I played it for — Eminem, Dr. Dre, journalists — they feel like the record falls somewhere between Get Rich or Die Tryin' and The Massacre because of [its] content. That's why I titled the album Curtis, because it was prior to the world knowing me as 50 Cent."

He's also enlisted help for the new LP.

"I left no stones unturned...I went in the studio with pretty much everybody who I thought would provide a new creative direction for me. I worked with Kanye West, Pharrell, got music from Swizz Beatz, Will.I.Am. I wanted to see everybody, to see if they could give me something different to something I have already created. A lot of the material was good, [and] a lot of it will be shifted onto my record. I recorded the album again."

With all this talk, many felt this album would take the place of Before I Self Destruct, which is an album that he was working on before. Well, it is still coming out.

"What happened was, I recorded 18 tracks with the concept Before I Self Destruct and I moved them to the side and started again...It's kinda what happened to me with The Massacre; I recorded 13 tracks [for] The Massacre and put them aside. I started over; six of those 13 records ended up on Game's album. This time I put these records to the side and started a new album. Expect to see me June 26 with Curtis and in February with Before I Self Destruct."

Minnesota Timberwolves Player Troy Hudson Set To Release Rap Album

Troy Hudson, #16 of the Minnesota Timberwolves, will release his debut Rap album entitled "Undrafted" May 29th on Nutty Boyz/EMI.

The album's first single is sneitlted "Tru Love" and features a guest appearance by Ray J. Additional features on the album include 3-6 Mafia and Trick Daddy.

Houston is a lifelong fan of Rap music and was previously a member of the Mid-West group Nutty Boyz.

"I started writing and making music because of my love for it, but I also wanted to fill the void of music being represented from the Midwest. It seems that music and culture from this part of the country have been somewhat absent in the music industry. I would also like to help other young artists from the Midwest and other parts of the country pursue their dreams", states Troy.

Troy, owner of Nutty Boyz Entertainment, is hearing up for a tour to support the album release and currently has ten acts signed to his label.

The NBA star is also hosting a MySpace contest where a fan could win a canary and platinum diamond chain from his personal collection. The baler will personally fly the winner in and present him or her with the chain.

Jay-Z Made Open Toe Sandals Hot??

Sales of men's sandals jumped nearly 11 percent from February 2005 to January 2006 and another 13.4 percent from February last year through this January, according to data compiled by the NPD Group Inc., a market research company in Port Washington, N.Y. (There's still a lot of room to grow, too. At about $1.5 billion in sales a year, the men's sandal market is a fraction of the $6.2 billion women's market.)

Seeing an opportunity, the latest companies to get into the game are those whose footwear is normally associated with winter: boot makers.

"The perception of a men in sandals is changing," says Genevieve Ascencio, a spokeswoman for Frye, maker of macho Western wear. "It's not your typical 'guy in black socks on the beach' look. It's a lot cooler now, and people who have a lot of street cred are validating the trend."
She cited Grammy-winner Jay-Z, who raised eyebrows among hip-hoppers last year when he was spotted wearing flip-flops while strolling the beach with Beyonce. "If it's good enough for Jay-Z, it's good enough for every man," Miss Ascencio says.

Frye tested the market with men's sandals last season, Miss Ascencio says, and the boot maker will roll out its first line of sandals, with names like Lance Fisherman and Lance Thong, this spring.

Timberland got on board a few years ago and sells the Toraja Thong and the Holston Slide. Ugg Australia is in its second year in the men's sandal business, with a line featuring names like Slingshot, Tasmania and Grover. Most are lined with sheepskin, just like Timberland's boots.
The newcomers to the market aren't rattling longtime men's sandal makers like Birkenstock, Kenneth Cole and Teva, who were making sandals when it wasn't considered cool.

Outkast's Big Boi To Partner With Atlanta Ballet For Series of Collaborative Performances

Outkast's Big Boi will partner with the Atlanta Ballet for a series of collaborative performances.

The performance, entitled "World Premiere Collaboration" will be part of the company's Premier Series which takes places from April 10 - 13 2008. The venue is to be confirmed but will either be at the Fabolous Fox Theatre or Cobb Energy Center, both in Atlanta.

The event is billed as "daring, progressive and soulful". The performances will see Big Boi along with various Purple Ribbon Entertainment artists provide a musical backdrop live on stage for the dancers.

For more information, stay tuned to

Mom Chronicles Kanye's Porn Addiction In New Book

The New York Post reports that in 'Raising Kanye', a new memoir of Kanye West's youth in Chicago, Donda West says she repeatedly punished her son for his interest in raunchy adult magazines and videos, which began in fifth grade.

"I'll never forget the day he took the X-rated magazine to school [and] was passing it around for the other boys to see and the teacher caught him," writes Donda, who chairs the Chicago State University English Dept.

"When she asked him where he'd gotten the magazine, he said, 'From my mother's closet!' . . . Before I knew it, I'd lost my temper and smacked him across the face."

After Kanye entered high school, Donda one day borrowed his VCR to watch a movie - and discovered an ultra-hard-core porn tape inside. "It was triple-X-rated and I was mad as hell." To punish Kanye, she "required him to do a full-blown research paper complete with footnotes and bibliography . . . 'The Impact of Watching X-rated Movies on a Teen-age Boy' . . . Until he finished the paper to my satisfaction, there was to be no television, no going to play basketball, no friends over."

Wyclef Scores Angelina Jolie Documentary

Wyclef Jean helped out his friend, actress Angelina Jolie, by composing the score for her new documentary, A Place In Time.

The film was shot in 2005 and features footage from 40 camera crews that were dispatched across the globe for a period of six days. In the film, celebrity friends of Jolie visit orphanages, refugee camps and other areas of concern in an effort to raise awareness and encourage cultural understanding.

On Friday (April 27) Clef joined Jolie and other documentary participants such as Jude Law and Hillary Swank, when she debuted the film at New York City’s Tribeca Film Festival. Rather than the usual audience of film industry notables and critics, Jolie screened her work for over 600 New York high-school kids.

AND 1 Mixtape Tour Set To Hit The Road

The AND 1 Mix Tape Tour 2007, the original street basketball entertainment tour featuring the world’s best playground players, is returning to its blacktop roots this summer for a nationwide 10-city tour from June 16 through August 25. Tipping off in New York City, the tour will travel across the United States with its best team yet playing against summer league all stars from city to city.

Streetball: The AND 1 Mix Tape Tour, the popular television show documenting the on-court action and behind the scenes drama, is produced by ESPN Original Entertainment (EOE). Broadcasts kick off in July as part of a new two-year agreement. The season will feature 10 half-hour episodes centered around the search for the next AND 1 Mix Tape Tour Player. Throughout the season fans will have the opportunity to vote online for their favorite player from each city, with the contest winner announced in the season finale.

To kick off the tour, a new advertising campaign entitled The United Streets of America (via 72 & Sunny, El Segundo, California) will launch online and via print ads in ESPN The Magazine, SLAM and Complex. The premium design of the campaign highlights the AND 1 Mix Tape Tour as the premier streetball showcase and its players as statesmen of the game. Players on the tour and in the creative campaign include Professor, Hot Sauce, Escalade, Bad Santa, Helicopter, The Assasin, Go Get It, Baby Shaq, Silk, Springs and, 8th Wonder.

“We are excited to bring the AND 1 Mix Tape Tour back outdoors this summer,” said Mark Woolsey, AND 1 General Manager and CMO. “AND 1 is the premier streetball brand, and what better way to celebrate the eighth year of the tour and sixth year of the ESPN series than by taking it back to our roots where it all began for our fans and players.”

AND 1’s best team yet will take on the finest summer league all-stars in 10 cities, with one local baller from each market chosen for a 10-man team that will travel to Los Angeles on August 25 for the finale game, vying for the ultimate prize — an endorsement contract with AND 1 and a spot on the AND 1 Mix Tape Tour roster. Bringing the democratic process to life in conjunction with the United Streets of America campaign, one finalist from each market will be chosen by fans via online voting at, where weekly highlight videos will be posted after each event.

“Before joining AND 1, I was just another regular ball player,” said Grayson “The Professor” Boucher, who shot to prominence after winning the Mix Tape Tour contest in 2003. “But because of the popularity of the AND 1 Mix Tape Tour and the phenomenon it has become, things have really changed for me. I get to do something I love for a living and I hope it inspires others to achieve their hoop dreams.”

City Date
New York 6/16/07
Boston 6/23/07
Atlanta 6/30/07
Washington D.C. 7/14/07
Philadelphia 7/21/07
Detroit 7/28/07
Chicago 8/04/07
Dallas 8/11/07
San Francisco 8/18/07
Los Angeles 8/25/07

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Sean P "My Swag"

Bone Thugs-N Harmony feat The Game and Will.I.Am. "Streets"