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Jun 1, 2007

IHH Daily Update 6*1*07

MTV Unplugged Returns With Mary J. Blige

MTV's on-again, off-again "Unplugged" program will return in a big way this summer, with new episodes featuring the Police, Bon Jovi, Kenny Chesney, Mary J. Blige and John Mayer. This time around, however, the show will be rolled out on a variety of related channels and platforms, including VH1, CMT and

Bon Jovi will usher in the 2007 edition of the series beginning June 22 on MTV. The next two evenings, VH1 and CMT will air a version of "Unplugged" specifically tailored to those channels' audiences.

Bon Jovi is credited with inspiring the "Unplugged" format after its stripped-down performance on the 1989 MTV Video Music Awards. The group's appearance coincides with its new country-tinged album, "Lost Highway," due June 19 via Island.

No information has yet been unveiled about the other tapings, although the Police will reportedly hold their "Unplugged" show in mid-July in Miami. Rumor has it the group is also mulling the release of an album featuring acoustic renditions of old material.

Nas & dead prez To Collaborate?

What happens when two underground, political rappers meet with a mainstream self-proclaimed thug poet? We're about to find out.

"We've done quite a few songs with Nas," M-1 recently told MTV. "We have had a relationship for years. Stic had did a song with just him on it. And I did a song with just me and Nas on it. I don't know when it'll surface yet."

While working on solo LP's and looking for a home for their group album, the crew has been thinking about what the music world needs from them and what the youth has been getting from others. M1 even spoke on Al Sharpton and Russell Simmons.

"People don't have political clarity. And young people are not clear on their positions and not able to speak. I don't know if you consider me young or not...I can tell you my position comes from an informed political stand. ... A lot of positions are ambiguous," M-1 stated. "The leadership has not emerged to be present enough to speak out ... I'd be interested to see who does have a position that could give clarity to what is happening now."

"Al [Sharpton] and Russell [Simmons]...I think they are more into ambulance-chasing than actually grinding out [a] position that makes sense," M-1 continues with his critique. "I think it'll take some sincere forces that don't have any interest in anything other than changing our community and making things better."

M1 is also working on Birth of a Nation, which will be yet another project for the rapper.
"It's an organizational tool to get more interactive with people who feel like there is no inroads to get their voices heard...We're gonna [use it to] address all the recent issues."

Def Jam Records Upsets North Carolina High School

On a recent trip to a Charlotte, North Carolina high school — Myers Park High — Def Jam Records and their promotional team handed out free gifts, such as umbrellas, posters, lip-gloss and CDs. But according to, the school, as well as student’s parents, complained that CDs with vulgar lyrics were handed out without their approval.

The trip by Def Jam’s promo team, which was approved by the school, was supposed to be a reward for students with good behavior. But according to Assistant Principal Carlos Grant, “They handed out some things that we were not aware of, definitely vulgar.” Subsequently, the school banned Def Jam from the campus and sent out phone calls to student’s parents letting them know what happened.

“I don’t think they’d be very happy at all,” Grace McEwen, a student told WCNC. “My mom would probably complain.” McEwen’s mother, Grace, feels the school’s intentions were in the right place and blames the Def Jam promo team.

“I think the school did it [in a] well-intentional manner,” Grace McEwen told WCNC. “I’m not upset with the school. I’m upset with the individual who took advantage of the situation.”


Guitar,” the first single from a new Prince album due in July, will be available free exclusively to Verizon Wireless subscribers who participate in an online demo of its new Song ID music identification service.

You’ve seen the commercial where a woman puts her Verizon phone up to a speaker blasting her favorite song, and suddenly the tune’s information is on her display with a prompt to download. The company is hoping that a promotion with Prince will encourage more users to get acquainted with this new service.

The Song ID demo – available on Verizon's Web site, as well as online video outlets like YouTube, Revver and MySpace – features a clip of the music video for the single and a prompt for subscribers to hold their phone to the computer speaker to ID the song. Once identified, users can then download the song in a single click.

At the same time, Prince is hoping that his relationship with Verizon will help to publicize his upcoming album, “Planet Earth,” as he is presently without a label to market or distribute the CD.

"There is no music label involved here," says Verizon senior VP of marketing and digital media John Harrobin. "That enabled us to work very closely together."

Prince’s last CD, “3121,” was released last year through a one-album deal with Universal.

Verizon’s TV ad campaign, launched last night (May 31), features both Prince and the music video.

Jermaine Dupri Signs Jason Fox of "Aunt Jackie" Fame

Jermaine Dupri has signed Harlem sensation Jason Fox — responsible for the street hit "Aunt Jackie," a tune that complements the flamboyant New York City dance of the same name — to Island Urban Music.

The dance has been an online smash, with kids appropriating the moves in homemade video clips.

"I think we're seeing the life of hip-hop coming back with songs like 'Aunt Jackie,' " Dupri said in a statement. "It's the kids acting like kids used to act when I was growing up, and I love it because, to me, hip-hop has been too-cool-for-school lately. It's time for a change."

Expect a debut album from Jason Fox sometime in 2007.

18 Year Old Windsor, Ontario Man In Hot Water Over Phone Call To Eminem

An 18 year old aspiring Windsor, Ontario rapper lost his job, tainted his family's reputation and had both Detroit and Windsor police officers after him for stealing Kim Mathers cell phone and contacting her former husband, the rapper Eminem.

"I'm just really desperate to get my music heard," Kyle Spratt said. "I'm not having a good life...and I feel that my music could really help me if I really made it, ever made it."

Ms. Mathers is said to be a regular player at Paradise Bingo, the family business where Mr.Spratt used to work, before he was fired for snatching Ms. Mathers cell phone while she was smoking outside. The Spratt family gave the cell phone back shortly after it was taken a month ago - but not before Mr.Spratt wrote down the personal numbers for Shady Records stars Eminem and Obie trice.

A couple of week's ago Mr Spratt finally decided to call his rap idol and ask him to listen to a demo track.

"He was a real ass--hole," Mr.Spratt said "He pretended it was wasn't him, and he did a fake voice"

After a brief conversation, Mr. Spratt wondered if he had written down the wrong number. But then he received a call from Detroit police advising him to stop harassing Eminem. Mr.Spratt recorded the conversations he had with both Detroit police officers and Eminem and sampled the tracks in a rap song he wrote in a tribute to his new hatred for the Detroit rapper.

The song called "Slim Shady Is A Sellout" was posted on Mr.Spratt's myspace page and received 1,400 hits in two days.

But yesterday the link to the song was removed from Mr.Spratt's website and the high school drop-out found himself face to face with Windsor police detectives standing at his door.

Windsor police Insp.Greg Renaud said Detriot had contacted the local force about three days ago, which is about the same time Mr.Spratt posted his song online.

"The reason they called originally was because the phone had been stolen and there was allegation, apparently, although we haven't confirmed this, that the kid wanted to talk to Eminem and get some promotion and if he wasn't going to get it he was going to post pictures of Eminem's children on the web," Insp. Renaud said.

Mr.Spratt said police checked his computer but didn't find any photos. He said Ms.Mathers misunderstood one of the text messages he sent her, leading to suspicion of stolen photos. "I was trying to get her going. I did it to get her going. She assumed that I took pictures off her phone, which I did not. They said that Kim thinks I'm going to put out pictures of her kids that were on the phone, which is not true. Kim was doing that to stir the pot" said Mr. Spratt.

According to reports, Kim Mathers will not be pressing charges.

Wyclef Ready To Move On Without Fugees

Wyclef Jean is dropping a new album and he's enlisted many of today's Hip-Hop stars to help on The Carnival 2: Memoirs of an Immigrant.
Why drop an album now?

"My sound is definitely missing out there, it's obvious...And basically, I just want to regroup with my family. I got my little brother with me — whenever you hear me say, 'All hands on deck,' that's my brother Sedeck. And you know, of course, Jerry Wonder forever ... you just have to, as a producer, sometimes step at it from the outside, see what's going on inside, and attack it with a fresh edge," he told MTV recently.

Features will include T.I., Paul Simon, Akon, Mary J, of The Black Eyed Peas, and Ex-Pussycat Doll, Nicole Sherzinger.

Will and Nicole are on the first single and Clef spoke on that, too.

"My cousin came with ... an old [1965] sample from Haiti...It's an old Compa; Compa is the rhythm of my country. So imagine now, we land in the West with this old-time [beat] and we go, 'Check, Will,' and Will is like, 'OK, this is what you working with?' And he jumps on it and throws some drums on top of it. Then I'm like, 'OK, this is what you working with?' Then I go in the booth and start jumping in. He goes in and starts jumping. And then next thing you know, Nicole happens to be there. Like, ain't nothing rehearsed because we went in on a vibe."

With so many stars on the LP, one would expect at least one Fugees track. According to the report, it is not likely. The fact is, no Fugees are expected to be on the LP and no Fugee reunion tracks are on the way, either.

No word on the official release date for The Carnival 2.

Michael Jackson Purchases Some of Eminem's Publishing?

According to Yahoo! News, Michael Jackson now owns the rights to some of Eminem's catalog. This is the direct result of his Sony/ATV Music Publishing company's purchas of Famous Music LLC from Viacom.

So which songs Em's does the King of Pop own? Two of the rapper's biggest hits: Without Me and The Real Slim Shady.

In the purchase, the singer also obtained the rights to music by Shakira, Beck and Bjork, as well as the sountracks to movies such as The Godfather and Mission: Impossible.

Jackson said, via statement: "This is a milestone event for Sony/ATV Music Publishing. The diverse collection of songs in this catalog range from timeless classics to contemporary hits, and I am pleased to add the acquisition of Famous Music to Sony/ATV."

In 2004, Em controversially poked fun at the pop artist with his lead single's video at the time, Just Lose It.

Young Jeezy's USDA Crew Caught Moving Weight, Ne-Yo Back Slides And Amy Winehouse "Bounces Black"

In this week's Hip-Hop and R&B charts, Young Jeezy and U.S.D.A snatch the top spot, Ne-Yo slips and Amy Winehouse ascends.

Debuting at No. 4 on the charts this week is Young Jeezy and his crew U.S.D.A with their debut album Cold Summer. The set, which features appearances from Scar, R. Kelly, Bun B and Jadakiss, scanned 95,300 discs in its opening week, according to Nielsen's SoundScan.

A three spot drop to No. 10 doesn't seem to hurt Ne-Yo as Because Of You moves 40,500 units this week. After 4 weeks, the album has sold 435,900 copies.

Floating a step up to the 11th spot is Amy Winehouse. Back To Black shifts 39,000 discs this week, bringing the album's total sales to 443,600.

Tank, who debuted at No. 2 last week, tumbles ten spots to No. 12. Despite the slip, Sex, Love and Pain still has cash registers ringing as it shells out 37,000 CDs in its second week. The album's tally stands at 140,200.

Bone Thugs-N- Harmony stalls six slots to No. 15 this week. Strength & Loyalty, which is on its third week on the charts, reins 33,900 units. So far, the album has sold 206,200.

Entering the charts at No. 17 is Lil' Boosie and Webbie with their compilation titled Survival Of The Fittest. Thanks to the single "Wipe Me Down," the set moves 30,900 copies in its first week spin.

The Black Eyed Peas' Fergie stays put at No. 18. Dutchess lugs in 29,100 units this week. To date, the album has sold 1,929,000 copies.

Posted up at No. 19 is Akon. Konvicted has sold 2,373,600 copies thus far, with 28,600 representing the week-in total.

Tripping twelve spots down to No. 26 is Bobby Valentino. Special Occasion shelves off 21,400 discs this week, bringing the album's tally to 146,900.

Sliding four spots to No. 28 is Justin Timberlake. FutureSex/Love Sounds bags up 21,100 units this week. To date, the album has sold 3,272,100 copies.

Two slots below is Robin Thicke at No. 30. The tally for Evolution Of Robin Thicke stands at 1,121,200. The album scans 19,000 discs this week.

Taking ten steps down the ladder to No. 37 is Beyonce. This week, 15,000 fans picked up her sophomore album, B-Day. After 38 weeks, the disc has sold a total of 2,703,700 copies.

Timbaland continues to stay afloat on the charts. Holding on to the No. 38 spot, Shock Value hustles 14,900 discs this week, rounding out the beat maker's sales to 343,200.

Seven steps away at No. 45 is Joss Stone. Introducing Joss Stone ropes in 13,300 discs this week, bringing the album's total sales to 381,900. Not far behind at No. 46 is Musiq Soulchild. Luvanmusiq pushes 13,100 this week. So far, the album has sold a total of 392,500.

Leanin' at No 49 is Corrine Bailey Rae. Her self titled opus scans 12,690 discs this week, pushing her album's total sales to 1,522,200. Murder Inc's Lloyd takes two steps down to No. 50. Street Love bags up 12,600 CDs, rounding out the crooner's sales to 397,700.

Joe continues to struggle to find a solid spot on the charts as he plunges fifteen spots to No. 54. Ain't Nothing Like Me reels in 11,800 copies this week. After five weeks, the album has sold a total of 180,700 copies.

Paul Wall staggers three steps to No. 63. Get Money , Stay True sells 10,000 discs this week, bringing its tally to 224,600. Young Buck continues his downward spiral on the charts as he stumbles fourteen steps to No. 71, Buck The Worldonly moves 9,000 copies this week, rounding its total to 321,500.

Further down, Young Jeezy sits at No. 83. The Inspiration rings out 8,200 discs this week, pushing the album's total sales to 1,070,900. Fantasia moves five spots to No. 85. Her self titled album shifts 8,100 units this week, bringing her album's total to 388,500. MIMS plunges fifteen spots to No. 83. Music Is My Savior hauls in 7,900 copies this week. To date, the album has sold 215,200 copies. Ciara trips nine slots to No.101. Evolution shells out 6,800 copies this week, bringing the album's total to 1,166,500. Posted at No. 104 is Rich Boy. His self titled album has moved 303,500 copies thus far, with 6,780 representing the week-in total. Wrapping things is up Eminem's protégé Cashis who debuts at No. 106 with his debut album County Hounds. The album pushes 6,700 copies in its opening week.

Next week look for R. Kelly to make an impact on the Hip-Hop and R&B charts

IHH TV: Throwback Friday 6*1*07

This joint was crazy.

Look at the Future the Background

May 31, 2007

IHH Daily Update 5*31*07

Fat Joe's Fam offers Alibi, "Tell The Police They've Got Their Information Wrong"

Terror Squad honcho Fat Joe, who is currently being sought by Miami authorities as a witness of a double homicide during the Memorial weekend, is allegedly out of the country according to his nephew.

As previously reported, police believe that Fat Joe was in a rented black Cadillac Escalade with Lessli Paz and Joey Navarro outside a local eatery early Monday morning (May 28) when they purportedly got into an altercation with another man identified as Jermaine ''Wufgang'' Chamberline.

According to an arrest report released Tuesday, a fist fight took place and "[Chamberline] reached into his right-front pocket and pulled out a 9mm handgun." Three slugs would hit Navarro, 26, of Homestead, Florida who later died at the hospital. Paz, 25, of New York, died on the sidewalk from a gunshot wound.

When police arrived, they detained four men who claimed they were friends of the dead men but later refused to cooperate. Chamberline would be arrested minutes later and would eventually confess to shooting Paz and Navarro.

According to Joe's teenage nephew, John Garcia, who spoke to The New York Daily News, the Bronx bred rapper is presently in Russia.

"He left the Saturday before Memorial Day. He's on tour. I swear to God. He should be home in like three days," he explained. "Tell the police they've got their information wrong."

It is still unclear if Fat Joe (born Jose Cartagena) was directly involved in the fight and how he slipped away from the scene, if he was indeed there. Police claim they only want to talk to him as a possible witness.

"If he's a witness, we'd love to speak with him," said Police Sgt. Bobby Hernandez.

The Game To Leave The Game?

Is The Game about to step away from the rap game?

The firey Compton rapper claims that his third album will be the last installment of his career as a rapper, in a recent taping for QD3's Beef IV.

The rapper didn't expound on his exodus, but stated that he's achieved what he sought to do in Hip-Hop.

"I think three classic albums are good for me, you know?" The Game said, eventually using the past tense. "I got my point across. I was a prominent figure on the West Coast and a bigger figure in Hip-Hop as a whole. I think I made my impact enough for my name to be said and remembered."

He also credited producer Dr. Dre for helping him achieve his success.

"Dr. Dre, working with him and him molding me and and helping place me among Hip-Hop's elite MC's is good enough for me," he said. "Last album. One more to go."

The Game, born Jayceon Terrell Taylor, has been in a number of high-profile rap beefs and appears to feel the need to relax.

"Right now I'm taking a break from Hip-Hop and enjoying time with my family and my friends," he said.
The Game released The Doctor's Advocate in 2006 and the multi-platinum debut, The Documentary in 2005.


Usher is reportedly calling around to prominent radio jocks and requesting that they stop making fun of his fiancée, Tameka Foster, and her rumored feud with his mother, Jonetta Patton, reports the New York Daily News.

Once word got out that Usher fired his mom as his manager – on Mother’s Day to boot – folks began speculating that Foster had masterminded the whole thing. Syndicated radio host Tom Joyner says Usher recently called him off-air and threatened to “whup my a**” for poking fun at the situation, says Daily News columnists Rush & Malloy.

Apparently, Usher was particularly upset when gossip writer Jawn Murray said to Joyner during a broadcast: "I wonder if he's going to put a pink slip in her Mother's Day card?"

The Tameka jokes also ran wild aboard Joyner’s recent Fantastic Voyage Cruise, where LL Cool J, the O'Jays and others performed to raise money for historically black colleges and universities.

"Who's afraid of Usher?" Joyner asked guests on the ship to explosive laughter. Joyner and his sidekick J. Anthony Brown even invited anyone in the audience who knew Usher "to tell him we're not afraid of him."

The recent star of Broadway’s “Chicago” is also said to have called WBLS host Wendy Williams and Hot-97's Angie Martinez to "ask them to lay off Tameka," a source tells the Daily News.

Usher’s rep Chris Chambers has responded to the allegations, stating: "I don't know of my client calling or threatening anyone. Radio personalities are going to talk about current news. We can't put a muzzle on anybody."

Kanye West to Graduate Early

In stark contrast to 50 Cent's Curtis, Kanye West's Graduation will be coming out sooner than expected.

According to Billboard, the album, which was due in September, has been pushed ahead for a late August release, according to Def Jam.

West recently released a 25-track mixtape over the Internet called Can't Tell Me Nothing, which has the Chi-town MC rapping over Daft Punk and Peter Bjorn & John samples, as well as others.

The first single, also titled "Can't Tell Me Nothing," debuted its video last Friday. The video was directed by Hype Williams, and the song was co-produced by West and DJ Toomp.

Graduation will also feature Chris Martin of Coldplay on the song "Graduation."

Boyz N Da Hood Return August 7th With New Album

Southern rap outfit Boyz N Da Hood will release its second album, "Back Up N Da Chevy," Aug. 7 via Bad Boy/Atlantic.

The group, which formerly featured Young Jeezy, is joined by several high-profile guests on the upcoming effort. Among them are Bad Boy labelmate Yung Joc, who appears on "We Ready" and "Nothing Is Promised."

Elsewhere, Ice Cube guests on "Choppas," while Rick Ross takes the mic for "Paper" and "Table Dance." The new album is the follow-up to Boyz N Da Hood's 2005 debut, which opened at No. 1 on Billboard's Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart and has sold 383,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

"Back Up N Da Chevy" Tracklisting:

"Block Boys"
"Everybody Know Me"
"We Ridin"
"Bite Down"
"Say What's on Your Mind"
"Choppas" featuring Ice Cube
"We Thuggin"
"Paper" featuring Rick Ross
"Table Dance" featuring Rick Ross
"Hood Laws"
"Back Up N Da Chevy"
"We Ready" featuring Yung Joc
"Nothing Is Promised" featuring Yung Joc

Run's House For Sale, $5.5 Mil Price Tag

The New Jersey home owned by Joseph "Rev Run" Simmons and featured on the MTV series "Run's House" is currently on the market.

The Saddle River, N.J. home, which has appeared on TV screens worldwide, thanks to two seasons of MTV's "Run's House," has been listed for sale at $5.5 million. The 6 bedroom, 5 and 2 half bath home owned by Joseph Simmons has been on the market for several months, sales agent Jeff Checkley of Weichert Realtors Ridgewood confirmed.

The Bergen County home also houses a movie theater, basketball court, recording studio and swimming pool, all prominently featured on the MTV reality series "Run's House," which stars the Run DMC rapper, his wife Justine and children Vanessa, Angela, Jo Jo, Daniel and Russell.

Simmons is also looking to purchase a new home, Checkley confirmed, however, he has not found a new residence yet.

"Run's House," which premiered in 2005 has been applauded by households worldwide for offering an intimate view of the spiritually centered entertainer and his family as they deal with everyday issues.


Viewers of Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade’s Web site were greeted Wednesday with the message “It’s A Boy!”

The NBA star and his wife, Siohvaughn, welcomed a son named Zion Malachi Airamis Wade, born at 9:45 p.m. ET Tuesday in Chicago. The newborn weighed in at 6 lb, 11 oz and measured 21 inches long.

“We are very excited and blessed to welcome our second child into the world,” said Wade, 25. “We are really happy and everyone is healthy.”

The couple, former high school sweethearts, also has a son, Zaire, who turned 5 in February.

While the Wades make their home in South Florida, Siohvaughn decided to induce labor in their home state of Illinois to be close to both of their families.

May 30, 2007

T.I. vs Tip cover

(props to Eskay as always)

IHH Daily Update 5*30*07

Police Seek To Question Fat Joe As Witness To Double Homicide In Miami

Police seek to question Bronx, NY rapper Fat Joe as a witness to the fatal shooting of two people over the Memorial Day holiday weekend in Miami, a holiday hot spot.

Miami Beach police arrested Jermaine "Wufgang" Chamberline who has confessed to the murders.

Police believe that Fat Joe may have seen what happened, according to the Miami Herald.

Jose ''Fat Joe'' Cartagena could have been hanging out with Lessli Paz and Joey Navarro, the men that were slain early Monday morning.

According to the report, Fat Joe was slated to perform at a party with DJ Khaled, a staple in Miami's DJ scene and member of Joe's Terror Squad crew.

Paz, Navarro, and other men were sitting in a parked black Cadillac Escalade at David's Café II, around 6 am.

Fat Joe could have been in the vehicle as well, according to the Herald.

A melee exploded and three men began to fight in front of the restaurant.

''As the two groups began punching and kicking each other, [ Jermaine ''Wufgang'' Chamberline ] reached into his right front pocket and pulled out a 9mm handgun,'' said an arrest report.

After pulling a weapon, Chamberline allegedly fired four times, slaying Paz and Navarro.

The Jamaican-born Chamberline was arrested by Detective Andrew Dohler of the Miami Beach police.

He eventually confessed to the crime after detectives were able to put him at the scene of the crime and present him with witness statements.

Men claiming to be friends of Paz and Navarro refused to work with the police, but Chamberline was seen and questioned near the murder scene.

''If it weren't for that stop, we probably would never have solved this crime. We weren't getting any cooperation from the victim's so-called friends,'' Miami Beach Sgt. Robert Hernandez said.

Chamberline was formally charged with two counts of second-degree murder and one count of carrying a concealed weapon by a convicted felon.

Representatives for Fat Joe had no comment.

Counterfeit Condoms Being Sold in Harlem

News has surfaced in Harlem, NY, that local delis have been selling counterfeit Trojan Magnum condoms, according to local reports.

Packages of the Trojan Magnums in New York were tested and deemed counterfeit, after Trojan’s parent company, Church & Dwight, could not confirm their legitimacy.

After the condoms had been tested, it was revealed that the counterfeit condoms were actually smaller in size than tradition Trojan Magnums, and carried a strong, sweet-smelling fragrance.

In a statement, the company said that it "evaluated the suspect condoms received and...can confirm they are not authentic...." Church & Dwight also said "we cannot vouch for the safety and efficacy of counterfeit products...."

Similar reports have surfaced in New Jersey and Detroit, Michigan as well.

Also, the gold plastic packaging is a sign of counterfeit Trojans, where the actual condom packaging is made of heavy foil and bends easily when tampered with.

For more information, Church & Dwight can be reached at 800-575-2925.
The company advised people who might have used them to "consult a physician or a family planning clinic..."

Master P Releasing New Album The Same Day As 50 Cent

According to Master P he will release his first father and son Hip Hop album (featuring his son Romeo), titled Hip Hop Story September 4, the same day as 50 Cent releases his new album "Curtis".

Master P stated that he did not pick the date to compete with 50 Cent but instead to create a market balance and giving the kids a freedom of choices.

He also made a statement saying "This record isn’t about making money; it’s about providing a choice, changing, and hopefully saving lives."

Hip Hop Story will not content any explicit lyrics, and all the profits from the album will go towards foundations and scholarship for underprivileged children who like to gain college education. More shockingly, he admitted he was once the problem saying, "Before we condemn others for making a change, we should take a look in the mirror and ask ourselves, what we are doing? Are we a part of the problem or are we a part of the solution?"

Kanye, Lupe & Pharrell Form Supergroup???

"Chicago Runs Shit" is not just an opinion anymore.

Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco and Pharrell have joined up to form a new super-group named exactly that. Lupe and Kanye both call Chicago home while Pharrell is a Virginia Beach native himself. A more fitting group of Chicago artists might have been Common, Lupe and Kanye. Regardless, the group (which isn't about fashion) is quite possibly the top secret project Lupe Fiasco referred to in an interview with Billboard magazine earlier this month.

In that interview, Lupe was said to be working on a "top secret project" with "another superstar rapper and someone who is a rapper/producer." It was not revealed whether or not this would be for an entire album or just a few songs.
The 'CRS' group was revealed over the weekend when details surrounding the "Can't Tell Me Nothing" mixtape were released.

The first song the group released is the track "Us Placers" which uses a sample off of Thom Yorke's (of the group Radiohead) "The Erasers."

Remy Ma Calls Sexually Explicit Voice Mail 'Not Real'

Terror Squad's former first lady, Remy Ma, is calling a sexually explicit voice mail -- circulating the internet -- message a fake.

Leaked by Miami-based celebrity crank caller, Ralphige (known for prank calling stars such as Michael Jackson, Scott Storch and Method Man, among others), the call has Remy allegedly leaving a voice message for an unknown individual, where she asks if he'd like to receive oral sex.

According to the rapper's camp, "the voice message is not real" and was instead a skit intended for his next album.

"This is not a real voice message," Remy's publicist, Jennifer Turner, said in a statement. "Remy recorded this as a skit for her upcoming album, PunishHer, and the wrong person got a hold of it.

"[The person] is now trying to use it against her by fabricating this false story and then releasing it on the Internet. This is nothing more than a vicious attempt to slander Remy's character and image," added Turner.

There is no current release date for Remy's sophomore album, PunishHer, but the first single is set to be "Fresh," which has already leaked to the net.

Brandy Hit With 4th Lawsuit Stemming From Car Crash

Actress/singer Brandy Norwood was recently hit with a fourth lawsuit related to the fatal car accident she was involved in last December.

According to TMZ, motorist Mallory Ham filed a lawsuit on May 25 in Los Angeles County Superior Court claiming that Brandy "recklessly wantonly, unlawfully, and maliciously" operated the vehicle responsible for the accident, which occurred on L.A.'s 405 Freeway on December 30.

In the suit, Ham claims he was "severely injured" during the collision and demands that Brandy pay for unspecified medical bills and pain and suffering as well as for legal costs and punitive damages.

As previously reported, Ham was named along with Brandy for driving recklessly on the day of the accident, in a lawsuit filed by Marquane Hdidou -- widower of Awatef Aboudihaj, who was killed in the December pileup.

Since the accident, Brandy has been hit with wrongful death suits filed against her from the husband, parents and children of the victim.

In an additional development to the incident, TMZ is reporting that on May 23 Brandy filed a response to one wrongful death suit against her saying she "denies each and every allegation in the complaint and further denies that plaintiffs have been damaged in any sum or sums whatsoever." Additionally Brandy "alleges and asserts her Fifth Amendment privileges" requesting that the matter go to trial before a jury.

The former television star stepped down from her position on NBC's "America's Got Talent" this April, issuing a statement that she felt unable to give the new season the commitment and attention it deserved.


Pop/R&B star Rihanna has stepped out from under her “um-burelluh” long enough to announce her gig as the new face of CoverGirl cosmetics.

The singer, who is turning heads with her video for current hit “Umbrella” feat. Jay-Z, says the new post is a longtime dream come true.

"I always wanted to be a CoverGirl,” gushed the native of Barbados. “Every little girl wants to become one. CoverGirl has worked with other music artists and the brand itself is about make-up. What's not to like? It's a natural fit for me."

Some of those “other music artists” that have received a check from CoverGirl are Queen Latifah, Brandy and Faith Hill.

Rihanna’s CoverGirl run is scheduled to launch in June. Meanwhile, the artist was just added to the performance roster of Live Earth, a 24-hour concert event scheduled for 07/07/07 on all seven continents. The effort is designed to raise awareness of global warming.

Dipset, Bad Boy & Ruff Ryders Take Their Game To The Blacktop in Harlem Tournament

Harlem's legendary basketball tournament the "Kingdome Classic," boasting basketball teams comprised of street hoop stars and NBA athletes, will kick off next month.

The event, which was founded in 1985 and rejuvenated in 2004 by Harlem native Damon Dash, attracts up to 5000 people and is free of charge.

"Kingdome is one of the things that shaped me and molded me as a man because of its swagger," Dash told New York's Daily News. "I thought it would be something good, being that I'm from Harlem, that I can come back to Harlem and help the people out. That could be my little gift."

According to the Daily News, Sacramento Kings forward Ron Artest, Houston Rockets' guard Rafer Alston and New York Knicks forward David Lee are among the NBA stars expected to play. The tournament is sponsored by Dash's sneaker line Pro-Keds and will feature teams supported by Diddy's Bad Boy label, Jim Jones' Diplomats and DMX's Ruff Ryders.

"The atmosphere at the games is nuts," Lee explained. "You really get the feel that it's the coming together of the community in Harlem and the coming together of people who love basketball."

The "Kingdome Classic Tournament" will kick off on June 23rd and will last for ten weeks. The games will take place at courts on 115th St. and Lenox Ave.

New Line Targets Urban Viewers With 'The Crib'; 'Set It Off' Sequel

New Line Cinema is developing a new DVD movie called The Crib, which is being co-produced by Ice Cube's production company, Cube Vision.

While details of the The Crib were not revealed, the partnership with Ice Cube's company is part of a flurry of activity from New Line in the urban DVD world.

New Line is in the process of rewriting a script for a sequel to the 1996 movie Set It Off, which starred rapper Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, Vivica A. Fox and Kimberly Elise as female bank robbers.

The original script was written by Takashi Bufford and Kate Lanier.

While most of the movies will be straight-to-DVD releases, representatives for New Line said that theatrical premieres were not out of the question.

Each one of the movies will be shot with a budget of $5 million or less.

New Line Cinema has produced a number of influential movies, including House Party, Friday, Menace II Society, Boogie Nights, The Wedding Singer, The Lord of the Rings film trilogy and numerous others.

Mariah Carey Plays Herself In Spike Lee Short

Mariah Carey aims to spoof herself and her life in the upcoming film short, Lovers & Haters.

The Spike Lee directed flick, to be produced by 40 Acres & A Mule Filmworks, is a spoof of the life of Carey, with the 'lovers and haters' that she encounters along the way, and how she overcomes those obstacles to still be one of the most talented and loved musical sensations in history.

Lee also directed similar vignettes that became video features during Carey's 2006 tour The Adventures of Mimi.

Carey worked alongside Benny Medina as executive producer on the 15 minute, $5 million film short.

According to (Internet Movie Database), Lovers & Haters is slated for release on September 16 of this year.

As previously reported, in additional to filming the feature length film Tennessee due out later this year, Carey is also in the studio collaborating with super producer Jermaine Dupri on the follow-up to her hit CD The Emancipation of Mimi.

May 28, 2007

Daily Update 5*28*07

Associate Of Tony Yayo Charged With Assaulting Jimmy Henchmen's Son

An associate of G-Unit rapper Tony Yayo has been hit with criminal charges, stemming from an altercation with the 14-year-old son of music executive Jimmy "Henchmen" Rosemond.

Lawell Fletcher, 29, was charged with various misdemeanor offenses, for allegedly flashing a gun a Rosemond's son, during an altercation in which Yayo allegedly backhanded the teen for wearing a Czar Entertainment shirt...

Rosemond manages a number of top-selling rappers including former G-Unit member-turned-rival The Game.

According to the police report, on Mar. 20, Yayo and Lawell Fletcher were riding as passengers when they approached the boy as he walked to his internship at his father's label, Czar Entertainment.

Yayo and several associates surrounded the teen and Yayo allegedly smacked him, causing his head to strike the door of a building.

During the altercation Fletcher allegedly flashed "what appeared to be a "silver semi-automatic handgun in his waistband, with his hand on the handle."

The teen, who feared he would be "shot and killed" if he fled, said the action has since caused headaches, earaches and "substantial" pain to his face.

On May 21, Fletcher was charged with menacing in the second degree, endangering the welfare of a child and assault in the third degree.

Yayo was charged with one count of misdemeanor assault and one count of endangering the welfare of a minor on Mar. 25.

Yayo has denied assaulting the teen and pleaded not guilty to the charges in April.

The rapper's next court appearance is July 24, but decisions on a series of motions made by Yayo's attorney Scott Leemon are expected later this month.

Mims Sued Over Concert No-Show

A talent agent is alleging that chart-topping rapper Mims failed to show for a scheduled performance in New York because she's a woman.

According to the New York Post, Marquitta Blair has filed a civil suit against the rapper (real name: Shawn Mims) for a reported $7.5 million, using some of his "misogynistic lyrics" as proof in her case.

In the suit, Blair says Mims was a no-show "because of his discriminatory attitude" toward women.

She says he had previously agreed to perform for a total of 10 minutes for $10,000 on April 5 at Eugene, a Chelsea club. She says she had paid the rapper prior to the performance a $2,500 down payment via his agent.

Blair's suit, filed in Rockland County, says that Mims "has promoted and traded upon a pattern of conduct involving the belittlement and degradation of females as 'bitches' and 'hoes.' "

Mims' debut, Music Is My Savior, is currently at no. 74 on the Billboard Top 200 albums chart. It's been on the charts for eight weeks and peaked at no. 4 with 207,200 total sales to date.

The second single from the album is "Like This."

Mike Jones' Manager Claims Houston Police Assaulted Him

Mike Jones' manager, Terrance "T" Flowers, accused Houston area police of assault after being recently injured by officers when they responded to a 911 call regarding a dispute between him and his girlfriend.

Flowers said Jersey Village police officers injured him, but not because he was a black man, instead because he works for a popular rapper, citing hip-hop profiling as the cause for his injuries.

According to local news channel KPRC Local 2, it started when he and his ex-girlfriend got into a verbal argument, which led to someone calling 911.

When police arrived, he claims they overreacted. "They jumped out their car, pulled their pistols out, told me to get down, yelling and screaming, so I automatically did what they told me to do," Flowers said.

He said, after following their orders, police became more violent even though he was unarmed and cooperative. "I get down to my knees. They shove me down. A black cop put a foot on my head. They still had their pistols on me, telling me to get down, get down, but I'm already down, though," he said.

Flowers told the new stations that police handcuffed him (with his hands behind his back) and lifted his hands so high -- while bring him to the police cruiser -- that one of his arms was nearly broken.

He was then placed in the back of the car, where he sat for 30 minutes before they let him go.

The hip-hop manager filed an official complaint with the Jersey Village Police Department on Friday (May 25), according to the new channel.

The complaint is under investigation, according to local police.

Additionally, during the incident, Flowers learned that he has two outstanding traffic warrants for his arrest, but was still not taken into custody, which he says is a sign that the officers knew they were out of line.

He claims that the officers involved were saying things like, "You think you can get away with certain types of behavior because of who you are," after his ex-girlfriend told officers who he works for.

Did R.Kelly and Usher steal "Same Girl"?

According to, R.Kelly and Usher have been caught red handed in thievery from a group called “Nephu”, and their song, “Same Girl”. This kind of track-jacking isn’t a new thing in music, as many artists have been tried in court for the same offenses, most recently Beyonce.

An insider who is close to the guys alerted Mediatakeout about the song, which was never released, due to Nephu going through complications with their label. [Nephu]” has been working so hard to make it … and their song stolen from vets in the game.” “That’s the lowest thing that can be done to a group of young black males that on the come up.”

Justin Timberlake Launches Tennman Records

Justin Timberlake has launched Tennman Records, a joint venture with Interscope Records, it was announced today (May 28).

Timberlake, who has worked closely with artists like Timbaland, T.I., The Black Eyed Peas and others, will serve as Chairman and CEO of Tennman, which is based in Los Angeles and is distributed worldwide by Interscope Geffen A&M.

"We are all excited about the talent we have to offer already on our roster and I cannot wait to introduce the world to my new discoveries," Timberlake said in a statement.

The label's president is Ken Komisar, an industry veteran who has served as vp of A&R at Sony BMG Music Entertainment since 2000.

While Timberlake didn't reveal the label's roster, the first signings are scheduled to be announced sometime next month.

"We are already underway with several artists in development, and look forward to sharing their work with music fans everywhere," Komisar said.

Interscope is already home to Eminem's Shady Records, Dr. Dre's Aftermath Entertainment, 50 Cent's G-Unit Records and Timbaland's Mosely Music Group.

Timberlake has won four Grammy Awards, including Best Rap/Sung Collaboration for 2004's "My Love" featuring T.I. and Best Dance Recording for "SexyBack" featuring Timbaland.

Nick Cannon Honored At Cannes Film Fest

Nick Cannon made history at The Cannes Film Festival today (May 25) becoming the first African-American to be honored by Studio magazine/Chopard Revelation with the "Breakthrough Actor of the Year Award" for his work in the critically acclaimed film Bobby.

The award was presented to Cannon at the Carlton Hotel in Cannes, France by the award show's co-president and actor, Jude Law. Cannon will share the award with actor James McAvoy for his performance in the Last King of Scotland. Also honored was actress, Evan Rachel Wood with the "Breakthrough Actress of the Year Award."
"I am humbled and grateful to have received such a coveted award by Studio magazine and Chopard at this prestigious event at the Cannes Film Festival," Cannon said via a statement. "It was a great privilege to have been a part of the amazing ensemble cast of Bobby and now, to be recognized amongst such tremendous talents as Evan Rachel and James is truly an honor."

Cannon, who signed a "first-look" television production deal with MTV last year, is currently wrapping up the fourth season of his popular series "Wild 'N Out."

50 Cent Reveals Eminem Is Back In The Lab

50 Cent has delighted fans after confirming reports his pal Eminem is secretly recording a new album.

Eminem has been spending recent years producing other artists and hasn't released an album since Encore in 2004. During an interview with Blender magazine, 50 Cent admits he has been listening to some of Eminem's new tracks and is very impressed with his forthcoming fifth studio album.

50 Cent, real name Curtis Jackson, says, "He's got a new album coming. He's not gonna tell people that, but he's making new music.

"I've heard a few songs, and it's hot. He won't tell nobody he's working on a new album, but I'll tell you: he's working on new music. And once he locks into it, like, 'This is my favourite s**t,' it's gonna come out."

When asked if the new material is angry or wacky, Jackson replies, "Both. The whole range. You know, Michael Jordan was supposed to play basketball. Floyd Mayweather was meant to box. And Eminem was meant to rap."

Ne-Yo Set To Open New Studio In Atlanta

Ne-Yo is gearing up to deliver another enterprise. Come Wednesday evening (May 30), he'll unlock the doors to his new studio, Carrington House.

Ensconced in a gated residential area of Atlanta, the complex boasts three state-of-the art studios, two fully equipped kitchens and a chic lounge for chilling between recording stints. Chief on Ne-Yo's Carrington schedule is developing the artists and producers who comprise his Compound Entertainment roster.

Artists include female rapper Chi Chi Glacierz, R&B singer Paula Campbell, R&B singer/producer Sixx John and R&B artist/choreographer Shanell. Producers include the Heavyweights, Shay Taylor, Chuck Harmony and engineer Jaymz Skylar.

In tandem with R&B/hip-hop station WVEE-Atlanta, Ne-Yo is also staging a talent search for the next solo or R&B group star. Auditions are set for June 2-4 at La Bam Studio in downtown Atlanta, and judges include producer Jazze Pha and "Idlewild" director Bryan Barber.

A final five will vie for a three-year contract with Compound Entertainment and a three-year management deal with the J White Agency. The winner will be chosen June 5.

Yung Juc Talks Falling Out With Nitti

Yung Joc recently caught up with SOHH to respond to reports that he and producer Nitti will no longer be working together.

As previously reported, producer Nitti is working on a solo project, but has no intentions to include Joc on the album. Nitti produced several songs off Joc's debut, New Joc City, including smash singles like "It's Going Down" and "I Know You See It." The Atlanta rapper recently gave his side of the story.

"I decided not to do the deal then, with him [Nitti]. I felt the other route going with Bad Boy South, Block Entertainment was a better route for me. And that's what I did. And I think it was a blow to the system over there," Joc said. "What ended up happening is the shit took off so crazy, so fast and so big, that, it was trying to hold on to me, but it couldn't be done. And I think that when everybody was like to his face, 'damn you let that slip.' I think that in itself kinda fueled the fire for this dude.

"Dude is a nice ass producer. It ain't many ni**as that can touch this dude. Honestly, I think to myself like, we could have killed the game. My concepts, his beats, oh ni**a please," Joc added. "We just don't see the future the same way. I see tomorrow as a bright future, you see tomorrow as doomsday. But I wish him much success. He's a hot producer and I have nothing bad to say. I ain't the ni**a for beefing."

Yung Joc's Hustlenomics is scheduled to hit stores July 31.

Trina prepares for "The Baddest Bitch II"

On August 14th, Miami’s Trina will unleash “The Baddest Bitch II” on Slip N Slide Records. She feels confident about the album, telling “I put 150 percent into this album. I’m stepping my game up like 10 notches,” “I have a thousand different emotions and feelings and I show it all in this project. I didn’t want to be sad, just happy and high spirited, so people can see Trina really grew up.”

With an “uptempo” album set up, and superstar production by Cool and Dre and The Runners, Trina is putting the work into this LP. She also adds that Trick Daddy, Rick Ross, and upcoming rapper Plies will be featured. “I’ve got a few female features that I can’t talk about,” she adds, “but it’s going to be great.”

Her first single “I’m Single Again” is planned to be introduced to major U.S Radio immediately, as well as the likely follow-up, “I Wish I Never Met You”. Trina was originally on Atlantic Records, but after the “Glamorest Life” debuted, she realized that they were no longer a good fit.

She insists that there were no complications or problems with her departure, saying: “We didn’t share the same vision anymore and I just wanted to go out there and do it on my own,” she says. “But I love everyone at Atlantic and have no bad blood between me and the label.”

Lady Sovereign Says 'Sorry' For Show Meltdown

After having a reported meltdown on stage in Brooklyn recently, Lady Sovereign has responded regarding her behavior during a performance where she played two songs before storming off stage.

Showing up two hours late for a set at Studio B in Brooklyn, due to her tour bus breaking down, the rapper made several negative comments and complained about being broke, then cut her set short and stormed off stage.

Lady Sov said things like "I'm just about paying my rent, I'm gonna be homeless in two weeks" and "F--- America" while puffing on a cigarette and sipping on a beer

In a statement released Thursday (May 24), the self-proclaimed "rap midget" apologized for her behavior, explaining that it was a "bad day" for her.

"I know how stupid I must have looked on Friday," Lady Sov said. "I was tired and not in the mood, having a bad day. But that's no excuse for letting fans down, I'm sorry to those that were at Studio B to see me."

The show followed her support slot with Gwen Stefani at PNC Bank Arts Centre, New Jersey.

She is expected to return to New York for a performance on July 7, at the opening night of the Spiegeltent festival.

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