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Jun 23, 2007

IHH Daily Motivation 6*23*07

Feeling it

How do you feel about life? How do you feel about the goals you have set for yourself and the path you are following?

The way you feel has a powerful influence on your direction and effectiveness. The energy of your feelings will spill over into every aspect of your life.

Accomplishment comes easily and naturally when you can maintain a positive and enthusiastic feeling toward whatever you wish to accomplish. The moment you develop a sustained, authentic positive feeling about something is the moment it begins to become real in your life.

If you feel that something will be forever out of reach, it will be. When you truly feel that you can reach it, that feeling can surely take you there.

Those things you feel good about are the things that grow more abundant in your life. And you can learn to feel positive about whatever you choose.

Find a way to feel positive about the life you wish to create. And let those feelings lead you there.

-- Ralph Marston

Jun 22, 2007

Mel B Says DNA Proves Eddie Murphy Fathered Her Baby

Eddie Murphy is the father of "Scary Spice" Melanie Brown's 2-month-old daughter, Brown's rep confirms.

The results of the DNA test, which Murphy took on June 11, were received by Brown on Thursday afternoon, says rep Liza Anderson.

"He's the baby's father, it's official," says a source close to Brown. "The baby is undoubtedly, 110 percent his."

Of Brown, the source said, "There was no doubt in people's minds anyways, least of all hers. It wasn't a surprise to her. She knew all along."

Murphy's rep declined to comment.

Brown, 32, gave birth to the baby, Angel Iris Murphy Brown, on April 3, and has long contended that Murphy is the child's father.

She and the comic dated last summer, but in December Murphy told a Dutch TV show of Brown's pregnancy: "I don't know whose child that is until it comes out and has a blood test."

In May, Brown told PEOPLE Murphy not only was refusing to take a paternity test but that he also had not contacted her since Angel was born: "He hasn't seen his daughter. My people have contacted his people and they just had no response to anything."

(pic courtesy of CL)

Where The Hell Have You Been?: Amil

my folks a HHDX was able to find and interview AMIL.
I thought it was an interesting read so i decided to print it for ya'll

Thousands of fans stood in the stance while chanting “Jigga what, Jigga who,” while hundreds tried to prepare for Jaz-O’s quick flow over the hypnotic beat provided by Timberland. Without a doubt the crowd loved Jay-Z’s 1999 smash hit, laced with the support of a distinct face with long jet-black hair and a voice that reminded us of a newborn baby. The crowd would sweat with excitement and adrenaline would keep the crowd moving, as the caramel colored femcee would keep the men watching and the girls wishing to ride the hook like she did. She is Amil.

Roc-A-Fella records had the game sowed with the support of other Def Jam artists and 2000’s The Dynasty: Roc La Familia, put the stamp of approval on Roc-A-Fella as being one of the most dangerous teams in the Hip Hop world.
Years pasted and many started to wonder where the baby voice that laced so many unforgettable hooks went off to. After working with Ja Rule, Beyonce and other major acts, the Native American, part African American and Caucasian mixture, was dropped from the label and the rest is history.

HHDX caught up with Amil, while at home in North Carolina and talked to her about her current pursuits and her unforgettable days at Roc-A-Fella.
This is for the fam-including Beans, Bleek and Jay.

HHDX: How do you feel about your first project and how much of your last album is a reflection of who you are today?

AMIL: I feel I have accomplished a dream and a goal. I feel good about the album regardless of the record sales and stuff like that. It reflected what was going on at that time and this album is reflecting what is going on now.

HHDX: What’s good with the other two women from Major Coins?

AMIL: I don’t know. They aren’t part of Major Coins and I don’t speak to them.

HHDX: All right, well I was listening to some of your music and it sounds as if you developed-lyrically. What’s changed over the last couple of years?

AMIL: I guess it’s writing and recording. I think people get better over time and I just naturally finessed it. I don’t consider myself to be wack or anything like that. I still write all my stuff-just like I did back then. When I do personal songs, the songs are things that I’ve experienced or go through. Those songs always seem to come off strong.

HHDX: Roc-A-Fella was a prestigious label and Jay-Z is now an icon. Most people think that the opportunity to work with that team is ideal. Where do you see yourself going, after already working with some of best and then having it taken away?

AMIL: That’s people’s opinion. That’s not my opinion. You know what I mean? As far as working with the best- whatever. I’m me. You know what I’m sayin’? I’m not trying to be number one. I’m not trying to do that other stuff. I do my music and that’s that. They do them and I do me. I’m in a whole notha’ league. I’m not trying to be on the top 10 billboard and do things like that.

HHDX: Right, that’s cool. Let us know something about the industry that we wouldn’t know if were looking at it from the outside in.

AMIL: People in the industry have to do whatever they have to do to stay on top and that’s not me. I’m completely different. I don’t strive to be in the industry (like that). I try to be low key and take care of my family. My family comes first. That’s all I care about. I’ll never put anything before my children. But then, there’s artist that don’t have children or don’t have family. Some people, who make music, make it their life and that’s their career.

HHDX: Do you think that’s something you learned after gaining experience from being in the industry or have you always felt like that?

AMIL: Nah, after I got in the industry I discovered nothing was more important than my son (at that time I only had one son). People couldn’t respect that my son comes first then it wasn’t goin’ down. Nothing comes before my sons and when you’re on the road that’s ya life 24/7 and that’ll never be my life. Never.

HHDX: Are you still “Down 4 the fam” and everything that Roc-A-Fella stood for? Take away the people and are you still down for the concept?

AMIL: I’m not down for nothin’ except for the Creator and my family. You know what I’m sayin'? Business is business and reality is reality.

HHDX: Word. It seems as if you’ve done a great deal of maturing; do you still think, “All Money is Legal?”

AMIL: I mean, hopefully. That’s the only way to get it.

HHDX: Your second single off your first album was a track done with Beyonce, called “I Got That.” How was it working with her and would you be willing to work with her again?

AMIL: I mean we were never in the same studio or anything like that. As far as working with her or doing a feature with her, I don’t know what the future holds. I’m not trying to get Beyonce or anything like that. Who knows what’s going to happen? I didn’t know that was going to happen. So, I don’t know.

HHDX: What made you want to stay in the game or to keep spittin’?

AMIL: I don’t want to stay in the game. I didn’t want to stay in game. I was doing songs before Roc-A-Fella and I’m doing songs after Roc-A-Fella. I put out songs for my fan base. Who ever wants to f*ck with it can fuck with it.

HHDX: How did you feel when you saw when you seen the Roc-A-Fella dynasty fall apart (a couple years back)? Did it come as a surprise?

AMIL: No. It wasn’t a surprise. Because, you know? It just wasn’t a surprise.

HHDX: If Jay called you right now would you talk to him? If so, what would you say?

AMIL: Of course I would talk. Me and Jay never had bad blood. There was never any beef between me and Jay.

HHDX: What would you say or you just gone leave it like that?

AMIL: Yeah, I’ll just leave it like that.

HHDX: So, how do you compare yourself to female emcees like Kim, Remi Ma or even Rah Digga?

AMIL: I’m not the one to talk about other female rappers. Truth be told, I think we’re all in the same boat. It’s hard for a female rapper to even blow like that. I’ve never gone around claiming I was the best emcee and “blah, blah blah.” I record how I feel at the time and whatever situation is going on at the time. I just record what’s going on in my life. There’s no comparison to another female when in regards to writing because I write my life. Nobody can compare ones life to another. Everybody has their own situation and whatever. I’m not a battle female emcee just talking about nuthin.’

HHDX: So do you think the streets are ready for Amil and what you got coming? Do you think they’re excited about it?

AMIL: I don’t know. I know I have a fan base and with my fan base, yes. It’s a well-anticipated album. If there are some haters disliking then they’ll still be hating. (Laughs), So I don’t know. It is what it is.

HHDX: (Laughs) Yeah, so do you ever find yourself reminiscing or rockin’ out to The Dynasty album or Hard Knock Life Vol.2?


HHDX: I heard three of your tracks, one is called “Bitches” “Tears of a teenage mother” and some freestyle stuff. What can we expect this time around? What’s different?

AMIL: More or less that, its not so much “glam”. I’m not really talking about what I have. Last album, I was talking about what I was doin’ then. I mean, I was fresh off the streets and seen a little bit of money and at the time it was big money to somebody who ain’t ever had money. I was doin’ what everybody was doin’ at that time-especially Roc-A-Fella, bragging about this that and the third. This time I’m around I’m being real. I’ve been through shit in the last few of years. Now, I’m just doin’ my music.

HHDX: What’s your inspiration behind what you do?

AMIL: My children. They keep me going. That’s it.

HHDX: Well anything you want to say to the people or mention anything you think I left out? This is the opportunity.

AMIL: I want people to understand that everybody is just human. I don’t want say I’m coming back to the game because I’m not. I don’t choose to be in the game (like that). I’m an artist and music is a part of my life. I’m not a character that is made up. These are real issues and I hope that it sends out a positive message. I know that there are a million people going through what I’m going through. I want people to know that they’re not alone.

For more information on Amil go to:

IHH Daily Update 6*22*07


You’ve seen the promos of Mo’Nique in “Rocky” mode getting ready to host BET Awards ’07. The “Main Event,” as the June 26th ceremony is being dubbed, is set to take place at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles with a star-studded lineup of entertainment.

Newly-added celebs scheduled to appear or perform include: Beyonce, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Keyshia Cole, Kelly Rowland, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Gladys Knight, Chaka Khan, Robin Thicke, Mario, Erykah Badu, Nelly, Fabolous, Vivica A. Fox, Charlie Murphy, Al Sharpton, Chuck D, Jordin Sparks, Tyler Perry, Nick Cannon, Michael Clark Duncan and Henry Simmons, and NFL superstar Reggie Bush.

They join previously announced show talent T.I., 50 Cent, Ne-Yo, Ciara, Terrence Howard, Queen Latifah, Yolanda Adams, Tyra Banks, Katt Williams, Big Boi of Outkast and Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

BET will also honor Diana Ross with BET’s Lifetime Achievement Award and Academy Award nominee Don Cheadle with a Humanitarian Award.

The live three-hour live telecast begins at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CST (tape delayed in the Mountain and Pacific zones).

“We’ve built a brand by having the most dazzling opening performances in all Awards shows,” said Stephen Hill, BET AWARDS ’07 executive producer and BET EVP of Music Programming and Talent. “This year’s open will simply and sensationally stun. Sometimes we tell you what’ll stun, like last year’s grand opening with Beyonce. Others we sneak on ya, like 2005’s reunion performance from The Fugees. We’re choosing ‘sneak attack’ this year, but trust me: you don’t want to get to your TV at 8:02 p.m. ….. for real.”

• Encore telecasts of the BET AWARDS ‘07 are set for: Friday, June 29 from 8 – 11 p.m. ET/PT Sunday, July 1 from 8 – 11 p.m. ET/PT; Wednesday, July 4 from 8 – 11 p.m. ET/PT; Friday, July 6 from 8 – 11 p.m. ET/PT; Sunday, July 8 from 8 – 11 p.m. ET/PT; and Saturday, July 14 from 8 – 11 p.m. ET/PT.

Rapper Paperboy Pleads Not Guilty To Drug Charges; Released On Bail

Rapper Paperboy was reportedly released on $20,000 bail on Tuesday (June 19) in Merced, California, after being arrested on marijuana charges last week.

The 34-year-old rapper (real name: Mitchell Charles Johnson) was arrested after police found him in possession of nearly $1,200 worth of marijuana. He was charged with suspicion of possession and sale of marijuana, possession of more than one ounce of marijuana and transportation of marijuana for sale.

According to the Fresno Action News, Paperboy has pleaded not guilty to the charges and is scheduled back in court next month.

In the early 90s, Paperboy enjoyed success with his hit single "Ditty," which earned him a Grammy nomination. But after squandering away all his money he earned from his music career, he told police he is now broke.


Apparently, the family of murder victim Ronald Goldman was not behind the leak of their newly-acquired manuscript of “If I Did It, the cancelled book by O.J. Simpson that describes how he would have killed Goldman and Nicole Brown.

After announced they had obtained a copy of the manuscript and posted excerpts and a link to the full text, the Goldmans moved to have the gossip Web site held in contempt.

A Santa Monica judge ruled in March that the Goldmans are entitled to any future income Simpson collects from “If I Did It” as part of their attempt to collect $33.5 million on a wrongful death judgment.

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Jay Cristol ruled last week that Simpson set up a shell company to hide the money he received for the book from publisher HarperCollins. Rights to the manuscript were awarded to the Goldman family, who said they planned to rename the book “I Did It” or “Confessions of a Double Murderer” and sell it to help satisfy the court judgment. One of Goldmans' lawyers, Paul Battista, said Wednesday that, by posting the manuscript, TMZ may have irreparably harmed his clients' financial position.

"I can't tell you how distraught the Goldmans are to hear that this hit the Internet for free," he said.

Meanwhile, O.J. says he is not responsible for leaking the manuscript in an attempt to undermine the Goldman’s efforts to collect.

"The book was stopped and the only people who made this book come back are the Goldmans, and TMZ also profited," Simpson told the Associated Press. "If the book is out on the Internet, I wish they would tell me where it is."

At an emergency hearing, Judge Cristol said that he would schedule a hearing on the contempt allegation at a later date. Cristol suggested that TMZ parent companies America Online Inc. and Time Warner Co. could eventually be held financially liable if the Website is found to have violated a court order.

In a statement, TMZ denied any wrongdoing, saying, "We are not covered by, or in violation, of the court's turnover order." Attorney Scott Grossman said that the manuscript also ended up on other Websites and that TMZ only had it up in its entirety for about 10 minutes before taking it down. Any excerpts that remain are protected under the fair use doctrine, he added.

Representatives For Lauryn Hill Say She Is In The Studio Working On New Album

Given that the most positive thing Lauryn Hill's bandmates are saying about another potential Fugees reunion is "just keep praying," the chances seem slim that we'll see the trio of Wyclef Jean, Pras and Hill doing an album together again. With the 10-year anniversary of her solo debut, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, close to a year away, fans have questioned whether we would see her put out another album. But Sony Music, the label she is signed to, is still saying yes.

Hill has acquired new management, and earlier this month, she even put out a new song called "Lose Myself" that was inspired in part by a dude named Big Z. No, not some new rapper — Z is a penguin in the film "Surf's Up." And the song isn't the first single from her album; it's a featured track on the soundtrack to the film.

But, as her reps optimistically pointed out to MTV News, Hill has recently gone back into the studio with the goal of making a new LP. In all seriousness, they say. She theoretically has a library of unreleased material in the vault, since she has consistently recorded over the past decade (we just haven't heard anything yet). But the hip-hop star's camp says Hill has cooked up a batch of fresh new material and there will probably be some collaborations once the project is finally released.

Hill has also signed up for several dates, mostly at festivals, around the globe this summer. Stops in Dubai, Turkey and the Netherlands are all on her list, and in the U.S., she has four dates scheduled, including a free concert August 6 in Brooklyn, New York, as part of the Martin Luther King Jr. Concert Series.

There's still no release date scheduled for the next Lauryn Hill project.

Duck Down Prepares Onslaught

Duck Down Records is preparing to capitalize off of the buzz from 2006’s releases of The Boot Camp Click’s Last Stand LP and Sean Price’s Jesus Price: Superstar album. The independent collective will release a series of mixtapes during the next few months, which will include: Sean Price’s “Master P” mixtape, Steele’s (of Smif N Wesson) “Hotstyle Takeover” mixtape and Boot Camp Clik’s Casualties Of War, a compilation of unreleased group and solo projects, which will be released on August 14, 2007.

Duck Down, which has been home to Boot Camp Click and a majority of their artists since Black Moon’s debut in 1993, will switch distributors, moving from Navarre back to indie powerhouse Koch.

Other Duck Down releases for 2007 include a Heltah Skeltah reunion album, a follow-up to Buckshot and 9th Wonder’s 2005 Chemistry album entitled The Formula, the third Sean Price solo album, tentatively titled Mic Tyson, and a collaborative LP from Sean Price, Black Milk and Guilty Simpson. More information on these and other Duck Down releases is available at

Diddy Says Cassie Isn't Dropped From Bad Boy

Contrary to reports, Diddy told MTV News that Cassie isn't dropped from Bad Boy and she is currently working on her new album from the label.

"Cassie's definitely not dropped from Bad Boy," Sean Combs said on the L.A. set of a video for his next Press Play single, "Through the Pain". "She's in the studio [working on her next album]. So many people are excited to be working with her. ... She was just in the studio with Kanye West. She's going to be doing some stuff with Pharrell. People really understand that she does have some talent and it takes some time to mold it. Everybody's not perfect. I think she had some rough shows, just being nervous. Sometimes people have to break out of that."

Diddy stood up for the Bad Boy princess last summer when she had some less-than-stellar performances, and it sounds like he's still sticking by her side.

"When you're a label, you have to be with people through good times and bad times," Diddy said. "But she's out of that now. She went over to Europe with me and killed the MTV Europe Music Awards. She has her swagger on."

In addition to recording her next LP on Diddy's label, Cassie is also one of the new spokesmodels for the Sean John women's collection, along with "ATL" actress Lauren London. "It'll be out in the next four weeks," Diddy said of the line.


It all started with an item on an Internet gossip site that claimed R&B stars-turned-actors Tyrese Gibson and Brandy Norwood were engaged.

The Web site claimed they had been seeing each other secretly on-and-off for years, and that “Tyrese popped the question at a party held at Brandy's house two weekends ago. Brandy was hosting a baby shower for a friend at her house when Tyrese made a surprise appearance only to ask Brandy for her hand in marriage.”

Publicists for both artists have been busy denying the story ever since it was posted on Tuesday (Jun 19).

Brandy, meanwhile, is still waiting to hear if prosecutors in Los Angeles plan to charge her in a December freeway accident that left one motorist dead. Gibson will appear on the big screen beginning July 3 in DreamWorks/Paramount's, “Transformers.”

Snoop Dogg Shows "California Love," Heads Out On Mini Golden State Tour

Snoop Dogg will be performing in three California locations next week, right before heading out on Europe for a string of shows.

The Long Beach native has scheduled performances in Anaheim on June 25, Los Angeles on June 26, and San Diego on June 27.

Still promoting his latest album Tha Blue Carpet Treatment, Snoop also has big show plans for Europe. The rapper is jetting off to Norway for shows on July 1 and 2. He will also serve as a headliner in Hamburg, Germany as part of the Live Earth concert, which will involve shows in several continents over a 24-hour period to raise awareness about global warming.

For more information about Snoop's overseas shows, please visit:

Information about Snoop Dogg's California performance is listed below:

June 25 - Anaheim, CA - House of Blues

June 26 - Los Angeles, CA - Henry Fonda Theatre

June 27 - San Diego, CA - 4th and B

IHH Radio: T.I.

T.I. ft. Jay-Z - Watch What You Say

Word on the net Jay is supposedly going at wayne on this one.
Jay spits:

Rap music is something ain't it
The way these pictures is painted
You swear these n***as was dangerous
The gangsta sh*t they be saying
Lock em up in the booth with a half an ounce of that cannabis
Sit back, and watch the outlandish sh*t they portraying
But, soon as you see 'em they freeze up like in museums
Them statues, you like "Is that the dude that said he was gonna—"(sound effect)
N***as be running before you finish the sentence
And then they back to reefin' when they off to the safe distance
You like, "you was just here, but you disappear like magicians in thin air"
I'm like, "Damn n***a please keep it consistent"
I hear you baiting me lately
I've been doing my best just to stay hater-free
Still, watch what you say to me
Sooner or later, I'll take you up on your offer
And put you all in your place
Like I'm replacing your father
You talking to the author, the architect of The Blueprint
My DNA in your music
M****f***a you stupid

what do ya'll think?

(props to Eskay,RTNY,HHDX)

IHH TV: Common

"The People"
Common Feat. Dwele

IHH TV: Throwback Friday 6*22*07

aight folk. i got some bangers for ya'll this week

remember this????

and here is another banger

and here is a bonus Throwback for ya'll

IHH Daily Motivation 6*22*07


Where does courage come from? What brings courage to life?

Courage is the commitment to do what you know is right. Courage arises when your integrity will not allow any other choice.

Courage comes from following a purpose that goes beyond your own petty concerns. Because of that, courage gives far-reaching power and consequence to your actions.

In the short term, courage can often appear foolish. In the long run, courage has the power to move the whole world in a positive direction.

Courage asks much of you, yet it is not complicated and is always within your reach. Courage is truth put into action.

In every moment, courage is there for you to choose. In every moment, courage is the choice that will fulfill the best of who you are.

-- Ralph Marston

Jun 21, 2007

IHH TV: lil kim dancing For Young Buck

I know back in the day I had a huge crush on Lil kim. I mean "crush on you" Kim,
"get Money" Kim, but this chick here?? lets just say i dont envy Buck.


IHH Daily Update 6*21*07

Jim Jones Speaks on Cam'ron Feud & Jay-Z

The Dipset capo, Jim Jones, was recently interviewed by MTV Raw. Jones speaks on the rumored fued between himself and Cam’ron as well as the future of Dipset.

As reported earlier, Jim Jones recently spoke on Cam, revealing to Miss Info that there was in fact some drama within the camp.

When asked about the “beef” Jones responded with “Let’s just say, brothers fight, mothers and sons fight, husband and wife fight, there’s some family things goin on, ya dig … It’s still Dipset by all means, don’t nobody get that twisted. We entitled to fued.”

Is the beef over?

“Everything is fine, everything is straight. As far as what me and Cam go going on, that’s a little bit more personal than anything. That doesn’t reflect on our movement, doesn’t reflect on our business. Business is always business, at the end of the day. If we want to keep this boat floatin, want to keep it like that, one of us gonna have to jump off ship, cause it’s gonna float, baby.”

Moving onto Jay-Z, he put out a little track and had a little bit to say about you, what do you think?

"It's a beautiful thing.
I'm on Jay-Z's mind. I'm on everybody's mind ... why is this boy concerned with Jim Jones?"

Are you gonna come back with Jay with a track?

"I don't know. I think I'm just gonna do some strong music. You know music reflects on everything. Just listen real hard you might hear something slick. As far as me dedicated my time and my energy to something like that. It's really a waste of my time, you know what I mean? I'd rather keep hearing him keep talking about me."

Young Buck Disses DJ Khaled

Last week on BET's Rap City, DJ Khaled snubbed 50 Cent by intentionally not labeling only Get Rich or Die Tryin' a classic out of eight albums. Khaled's explanation? "I'm all about unity, but if you're not down with unity, I can't help you with that."

After this, fans eagerly awaited a response from anyone in the G-Unit camp. Well, it looks like the Unit's very own "Clean-Up Man" Young Buck has obliged, with an unname diss.

In the song, it's clear who Buck is referring to, as he refers to many of the people on Khaled's latest album We the Best:

"Young Jeezy and T.I. be in the street with Buck/
Me and Akon sip Don and Wayne know wassup/
Maybe Fat Joe tellin' you don't fuck with the Unit/
Terror Squad is your clique, you gotta stay loyal to it."

Has the beef between G-Unit and Terror Squad escalated?

We're bound to find out soon enough.

Young Buck - DJ Khaled Dis


New York radio host Wendy Williams lit into Usher’s fiancée Tameka Foster on the radio over comments she made in
an article on

Foster told Essence writer Kenya N. Byrd: "Wendy Williams is obsessed with me. I think that is so sexy to have someone talk about me every day, especially when I don't have a CD, demo or TV pilot. I'm just a stylist and designer and if I can be mentioned in the same breath as Diddy, then I must be doing something right. I think she loves me more than she lets on. I need to make her a part of my marketing team."

Williams promptly responded to the comments on her syndicated radio show “The Wendy Williams Experience.” She mocked Foster’s voice while reading the offending quote, all the while interjecting with her own comments. [Listen to excerpt below.]

She repeatedly refers to Foster as Usher’s “beard,” or a girlfriend or spouse used to throw off suspicion that a man is gay. She also calls Foster a “drunken heifer” and makes a point to clarify the events that preceded Foster’s last visit to the radio show.

Foster tells Essence: “I appeared on her show a couple of years ago after meeting her at a fashion party for Rocawear at the Hotel Gansevoort in Manhattan. She invited me to come on her show and talk about my clients. I knew she'd ask me some personal things. When I showed up she jumped right into asking me questions about Usher and his mom and whether or not he is rude to her and if they get along. I didn't go there for that... So her version is that I was drunk and I came to her show to air dirty laundry on Usher. But the truth is she was mad because I wouldn't dish on anybody.”

Listen to Wendy’s response and the rest of her comments

50 Cent To Play Drug Dealer In "Righteous Kill"

50 Cent will play a drug dealer in a new film called "Righteous Kill" starring Robert De Niro and Al Pacino.

The movie centers around the two police officers who attempt to catch a serial killer, while resolving personal issues between each other.

"I'm not even sure they know yet," 50 Cent told The New York Daily News. "Me and Robert were supposed to shoot a film where I played a police officer, but now Al and Robert play the cops."

Righteous Kill, which is written by Russell Gewirtz and shot by Emmy-nominated director Jon Avnet, is due in theaters in 2008.

J.Lo Is Back?

Jennifer Lopez sang in Spanish for her last album. However, her next album will be a return to the english language. With her past albums, she joined Hip-Hop acts such as Diddy, Big Pun and Fat Joe. Now, she's going back to Hip-Hop acts for the next LP.

According to reports, Swizz Beatz has been helping J.Lo with her new album.

"I think I got her at a good time, she's focused," Swizz said of working with the singer. "She got Marc [Anthony] by her side, he's serious with the singing as well. And the energy is good, so I'm here to help make history," he told MTV.

Lopez went on to echo his words. She's also upbeat about the album.
"I'm really excited about it...The first single will be out this summer. And, you know, it's very different from my Spanish album. My Spanish album was kind of an opportunity to get away from what I do on my English [albums], to kind of express a different side of myself. This [next] album is more of what people and my fans are used to — you know, just kind of a dance, funk, R&B, hip-hop, all that stuff, all mixed up together to make some great pop music...Basically it's just danceable music," she added.
Her Spanish album Como ama una mujer is in stores now. Designs New Uniforms for Hard Rock Hotel Staff

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino chain has tapped Black Eyed Peas front-man to design a new collection of uniforms for their staff at various locations. Working with Lor-E Phillips, his partner in the clothing line, Will created a series of 27 different uniforms designed specifically to accommodate the workers’ different job functions.

“Designing clothes for Hard Rock Hotels was an exciting and challenging proposition that, given my background and own line, I was eager to accept,” said “My goal was to create a look that exudes upscale rock ‘n’ roll, leveraging the essence of the brand while contemporizing the staff’s wardrobe to provide a more stylistic and fashion-forward appearance.”

The new uniforms will debut at Hard Rock’s two newest locations, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Biloxi, which opens July 7, and Hard Rock Hotel San Diego, which is slated to open in 2008. The uniforms will also be incorporated at eight other Hard Rock locations by next year. attended the Los Angeles Institute of Design and Merchandising and in May he announced the launch of his new premium denim line,

Def Jam Songstress Chrisette Michele Joins Musiq Soulchild On Tour

Soulful newcomer Chrisette Michele, who recently released her solo debut I Am via Def Jam, has been tapped as the opening act for Musiq Soulchild's summer tour.

The 14 city North American junket kicks off July 6 in Baltimore and wraps in San Francisco on August 6.

As previously reported by SOHH, before releasing the jazz influenced set, I Am, Michele was featured on popular tracks by both Nas' ("Can't Forget About You") and Jay-Z ("Lost Ones"). The 24-year-old Long Islander was signed to a recording contract by Island Def Jam Music Group Chairman, L.A. Reid.

I Am, led by the debut single "If I Had My Way" features production and arrangement by Babyface, , John Legend and Saleem Remi

Musiq Soulchild & Chrisette Michele Tour Dates:


6 Baltimore, MD Afram

11 Chicago, IL House of Blues

12 Toronto, Ont. Phoenix theater

13 Detroit, MI Chene Park

15 Nashville, TN Ryman theater

19 Newark, NJ NJ PAC

20 Philadelphia, PA Penn's Landing

21 Atlantic City, NJ Tropicana

24-25 New Orleans, LA House Of Blues

27 Omaha, NE Holland PAC

29 Kansas City, MO Beaumont


3 San Diego, CA Humphrey's

4 Los Angeles, CA The Wilshire

6 San Francisco, CA Fillmore

Fabolous "Makes It Better," T-Pain Stumbles, Rihanna Slips

In this week's Hip-Hop and R&B charts, Fabolous snatches the top spot, and T-Pain and Rihanna descend.

Debuting at No. 2 on the charts this week is Fabolous with his fourth album From Nothin' To Somethin'. The set, which features appearances from Ne-Yo, Rihanna, T-Pain and Jay-Z, comes in at No. 2 reeling in 159,000 copies, according to Nielsen's SoundScan.

T-Pain, who debuted at No. 1 last week slips four spots to No. 5. Epiphany shifts 81,900 units in its second week on the charts. To date, the album has sold 253,500 copies.

Tripping five spots to No. 7 is Rihanna. Good Girl Gone Bad pushes 81,200 discs in its second go-around, So far, the album's tally stands at 244,000.

Entering the charts at No. 8 is DJ Khaled with his sophomore album, We The Best, which features appearances from Lil' Wayne, Young Jeezy, T.I., Akon and Juelz Santana, among others. The set moves 79,000 copies in its opening week.

Amy Winehouse refuses to budge from the No. 10 spot. Back To Black shelves off 73,700 discs this week, bringing the album's total sales to 633,800.

R. Kelly dips four spots to No. 11. Double Up continues to keep cash registers ringing as it scans 69,500 CDs this week. After 3 weeks, the album has sold 578,500 copies.

Eddie Levert of The O'Jays and his son, the late Gerald Levert, debut at No. 19 with their collaborative effort Something To Talk About. The album shells out 42,000 units in its first spin on the charts.

The Black Eyed Peas' Fergie stalls three slots to No. 23 this week. Dutchess cashes out 40,700 units this week. Thus far, the album has sold 2,038,800.

Debuting at No. 26 is DMX with The Definition Of X: Pick Of The Litter. The set, which features all of his biggest hits including "Ruff Ryders Anthem," "Who We Be" and "Party Up," hustles 35,000 discs in its first week.

Ne-Yo slumps ten spots to No. 28. In its fourth week on the charts, Because Of You bags up 32,800 units, pushing the album's total sales to 545,900.

Also dropping ten spots is Robin Thicke at No. 34. The tally for Evolution Of Robin Thicke stands at 1,221,800. The album scans 24,400 discs this week.

Right behind him is Akon at No. 35. Konvicted hauls in 23,000 units this week. The album has brought in a total of 2,449,000 after four weeks on the charts.

Two slots below is Justin Timberlake at No. 37. FutureSex/Love Sounds rings out 21,700 discs this week. So far, the album has sold 3,336,600.

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony slither ten spots down to No. 39. Strength & Loyalty sells 20,400 copies this week. The album has brought in a total of 282,800 after six weeks on the charts.

Posted at No. 40 is Tank. Sex, Love & Pain continues to grind out in its fifth week as it nets 19,500 discs this week. To date, the album has sold a total of 212,800 copies.

Young Jeezy and his U.S.D.A. crew plummet sixteen spots to No. 42. 18,500 folks picked up Cold Summer this week, pushing the album's tally to 190,800.

Leanin' at No. 53 is Corrine Bailey Rae. Her self titled album scores 14,800 copies this week. The album's total sales stands at 1,568,400.

Holding on tight at No. 60 is Timbaland. Shock Value has sold 382,200 copies thus far, with 12,500 representing the week-in total.

A sharp decrease in sales pushes Beyonce nine spots to No. 62. B'Day, which is on its 41st week on the charts, reins in 12,200 discs this week. The album's total sales read off at 2,745,100.

Carl Thomas, who debuted at No. 25 last week, tumbles forty slots to No. 65. So Much Better only moves 12,000 units this week, bringing the album's total sales to 40,500.

Bobby Valentino continues to struggle to find a solid spot on the charts as he tumbles sixteen paces to No. 66. Special Occasion seized 12,000 copies this week. So far, the album has sold 190,700 copies. Musiq Soulchild trips nine spots to No. 68. Luvandmusiq rings out 11,700 discs this week, pushing the album's total sales to 428,600. Joss Stone slips eight slots to No. 73. Introducing Joss Stone shifts 11,300 units this week, bringing her album's total to 418,200. Six spots away at No. 79 is Lloyd. Street Love shells out 10,500 copies this week, pushing the album's total to 431,900. Trailing the top 100 is Lil Wyte, who drops fiftysix spots to No.102 .after debuting at No. 46 last week. One & Only pushes only 8,500 discs in this second week. The album's tally stands at 24,150.

Next week look for Chrisette Michele, the Shop Boyz and Huey to make an impact on the Hip-Hop and R&B charts.

Mixtape Of The Week *Gangsta Grillz 16*

I know i'm late with the Mixtape Of The Week, but its been a crazy week for me.
So here is the Latest Gangsta Grillz from your boy Dj Drama.
As always you can listen to the whole tape here.


IHH TV: Young Joc

"Coffee Shop"
Yung Joc Feat. Gorilla Zoe

IHH Daily Motivation 6*21*07

Taking a Que from my folk over at HighBird nation. (I see you Evorgleb)
I thought i would hit ya'll with some Daily motivation
(shouts out to B.Mack for sending these to me.)

Decide today

Decide today that you will have no regrets. And you'll free up much time to actually get things done.

Decide today that you'll have no complaints. And your thoughts can be focused on creative, productive pursuits.

Decide today that you'll carry no anger or resentment. And you'll bring out the best in those around you.

Decide today to be accepting of whatever comes your way. And you'll discover much value that would otherwise be hidden.

Decide today to be sincerely thankful for every moment. And you'll be delighted at how beautiful and filled with opportunity the world becomes.

Decide today to be truly alive. And joy will pour forth from your soul.

-- Ralph Marston

Jun 20, 2007

Salt-N-Pepa Reunite For VH1 Reality Series

Salt-N-Pepa will be the focus of an upcoming VH1 reality series.

The duo, who gained popularity in the early 90's with hits like "Lets Talk About Sex," "Whatta Man" and "Shoop," haven't recorded an album since 1997 and officially disbanded in 2001. Since then, Salt has become a devout Christian and Pepa, who pursued an acting career, has recently appeared twice on VH1's "Surreal Life" series.

"The Salt 'N' Pepa Show" will follow the duo as they attempt to reunite personally and professionally, which isn't as easy as it may seem due to their unresolved issues and different lifestyles.

Salt, who has found God and enjoys the quiet life, is still angry about being unappreciated when they were together. Meanwhile, Pepa, who still loves to party, blames Salt for breaking up the group.

The show is expected to premiere in late 2007/early 2008.

IHH TV: Common

"Rap City Freestyle"

T.I. vs T.I.P. Official Tracklisting

Act I (T.I.P.)
· “Big Sh– Poppin’ (Do It)”
· “Raw”
· “You Know What It Is” (featuring Wyclef Jean)
· “Da Dopeman”
· “Watch What You Say to Me” (featuring Jay-Z)
· “Hurt” (featuring Alfamega and Busta Rhymes)

Act II (T.I.)
· “Help Is Coming”
· “My Swag” (featuring Wyclef Jean)
· “We Do This”
· “Show It to Me” (featuring Nelly)
· “Don’t Wanna Be High”
· “Touchdown” (featuring Eminem)

Act III (T.I. vs. T.I.P.)
· “Tell ‘Em I Said That”
· “Respect This Hustle”
· “My Type”

IHH Daily update 6*20*07

Hip-Hop Well Represented In USA Today Top 25 Music Moments

USA Today has published its list of the Top 25 Music Moments of the last 25 years and Hip-Hop has made an impressive showing.

At #4 is NWA and their debut album "Straight Out Of Compton"

USA Today:

"Gangsta rap exploded in violent, explicit street stories, including widely banned F--- Tha Police, fueling hip-hop’s mainstream popularity and intensifying censorship debates and a culture war,” Edna Gunderson wrote.

Coming in at #15 is Eminem with his "Slim Shady LP".

“WithThe Slim Shady LP, rap’s most successful, skillful and controversial player burst forth, thrilling young fans while horrifying conservative sensibilities with outrageous and violent rapid-fire rhymes,” wrote the paper’s Edna Gunderson. “Denounced for misogyny and homophobia, he was also hailed as hip-hop’s clown prince and poet laureate.”

And at #12 was "The Message" by Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five.

“Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five’s landmark anthem, the first significant rap tune to focus on inner-city turmoil, established the budding hip-hop genre as a vital vehicle for both musical creativity and social commentary,” said Gunderson.

You can see the entire list here


You knew this day was coming. has gotten its hands on a manuscript of O.J. Simpson’s cancelled book “If I Did It,” where he discusses in “hypothetical terms” how he would have killed his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ronald Goldman.

TMZ did not disclose how it obtained the manuscript. A judge recently ordered rights to the book to the Goldman family as part of their overall effort to collect on a $38 million wrongful death judgment against Simpson..

Without any further ado, the book begins with O.J. stating:

I'm going to tell you a story you've never heard before, because no one knows this story the way I know it. It takes place on the night June 12, 1994, and it concerns the murder of my ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her young friend, Ronald Goldman. I want you to forget everything you think you know about that night because I know the facts better than anyone. I know the players. I've seen the evidence. I've heard the theories. And, of course, I've read all the stories: That I did it. That I did it but I don't know I did it. That I can no longer tell fact from fiction. That I wake up in the middle of the night, consumed by guilt, screaming.

Detailing how he would have murdered Brown and Goldman, O.J. writes:

I looked over at Goldman, and I was fuming. I guess he thought I was going to hit him, because he got into his little karate stance. "What the f**k is that?" I said. "You think you can take me with your karate sh**?" He started circling me, bobbing and weaving, and if I hadn't been so f**king angry I would have laughed in his face. "O.J., come on!" It was Charlie again, pleading. Nicole moaned, regaining consciousness. She stirred on the ground and opened her eyes and looked at me, but it didn't seem like anything was registering. Charlie walked over and planted himself in front of me blocking my view. "We are f**king done here, man-let's go!"

I noticed the knife in Charlie's hand, and in one deft move I removed my right glove and snatched it up. "We're not going anywhere," I said, turning to face Goldman. Goldman was still circling me, bobbing and weaving, but I didn't feel like laughing anymore. "You think you're tough, motherf**ker?" I said. I could hear Charlie just behind me, saying something, urging me to get the f**k out of there, and at one point he even reached for me and tried to drag me away, but I shook him off, hard, and moved toward Goldman. "Okay, motherf**ker!" I said. "Show me how tough you are!"

Then something went horribly wrong, and I know what happened, but I can't tell you exactly how. I was still standing in Nicole's courtyard, of course, but for a few moments I couldn't remember how I'd gotten there, when I'd arrived, or even why I was there. Then it came back to me, very slowly: The recital-with little Sydney up on stage, dancing her little heart out; me, chipping balls into my neighbor's yard; Paula, angry, not answering her phone; Charlie, stopping by the house to tell me some more ugly s**t about Nicole's behavior. Then what? The short, quick drive from Rockingham to the Bundy condo. And now?

Now I was standing in Nicole's courtyard, in the dark, listening to the loud, rhythmic, accelerated beating of my own heart. I put my left hand to my heart and my shirt felt strangely wet. I looked down at myself. For several moments, I couldn't get my mind around what I was seeing. The whole front of me was covered in blood, but it didn't compute. Is this really blood? I wondered. And whose blood is it? Is it mine? Am I hurt?

Simpson writes of contemplating suicide during the infamous slow speed chase.

A.C. drove another half-mile or so and pulled into an orange grove, where no one could spot us, not even from the sky. He got out to take a leak, and the moment he left the Bronco I reached for my grip. I unzipped it and pulled out the Magnum. I was in tremendous pain, and I saw nothing but more pain ahead of me, and I decided to end it. “I realized, I can make this stop. One shot to the flicking [sic] head and it's over.”

*In other O.J. news, the man trying to auction the suit he wore on verdict day has renewed his efforts to sell the clothing and is hoping to get at least six figures, reports TMZ.

The Goldman family sued to try and stop the sale, but according to the seller, Alfred Beardsley, the judge “didn’t buy it.” Beardsley says he is hoping to sell the suit privately, rather than leave it at open auction. Interested parties can call 818-259-7705 and make an offer.

Fabolous Makes Strong Chart Debut

Hip-Hop made an impressive showing on this week's Billboard 200 chart. The fourth studio album from Fabolous entitled "From Nothin' To Somethin'" debuted at #6 selling 159,000 copies. Also charting this week was DJ Khaled's "We The Best" selling 79,000 and DMX' best of album "The Definition of X: Pick of The Litter" entering the charts at #26 with 35,000 copies sold.

After bowing at No. 1 last week, T-Pain's "Epiphany" (Konvict/Nappy Boy/Jive) slips to No. 5 on a 52% sales hit, selling 82,000. Linkin Park's "Minutes to Midnight" (Machine Shop/Warner Bros.) ascends 7-6, also with 82,000 (-15%), while Rihanna's "Good Girl Gone Bad" (SRP/Def Jam) falls 2-7 with 81,000 (-50%).

British soul singer Amy Winehouse's "Back to Black" (Universal Republic) keeps the No. 10 spot warm for a second week, selling 74,000 with an 11% sales increase.

This week's #1 album is from Country artist Toby Keith. His new album "Big Dog Daddy" sold 204,000 copies.

Twista Mixes Passion With Adrenaline On New CD, Says Most Rappers "In It For The $"

Having paid more than his share of dues in the industry, WindyCity veteran Twista is back with both a new intensity and a new album. The staccato-flow MC recently hollered at SOHH about working with former rivals Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, lessons learned in the industry and the concept behind his new CD, Adrenaline Rush 2007.

"It's a concept I came up with because it's time. When I came out in '97 with the first Adrenaline Rush, it was new and with this one, it's just expressing that longevity and showing all of my fans that Twista ain't changed," the Chi-Town rhymer said

"I'm more educated with the music. I got into the same mind state as the Adrenaline Rush in '97. It's just that same fierceness and energy," Twista continued.

The album, which is the follow up to 2005's The Day After, will feature guest spots from Lil' Wayne, R. Kelly, Cee-Lo and T-Pain with beats from Pharrell, Kanye West and Jazze Pha among others. The disc will also see a collaboration with former rivals Bone Thugs.

In true hip-hop spirit, Twista explains that it was maturity that ended the feud between the two Midwest powerhouses.

"I think it was just men who make music growing up. Like Jay and Nas, it was a bunch of he say, she say and when you get a little older, pockets get a little more straight, you can put those things behind you like men. We're at points in our careers where we understand personally what we were doing to hip-hop and to the Midwest."

Having put in well over a decade in the game, Twista has seen the industry change over the years and has learned plenty of lessons that he hopes to share with the next crop of new jacks.

"It used to be the way the industry was, trying to be better than all the competition, that made you want to do it. But it seems now that it's really my own passion for the music and for my fans. There used to be so much feeling in it, now dudes will tell you quick, 'I'm just in it for the money,'" he laments.

"[The industry] grew me up fast. I basically grew up in the industry. I got my first deal at 18 and it seems that now, people don't understand the difference between the industry and the streets," Twista said. "I done seen people from the street get into the industry and have it run them right back to the streets. Growing up around all of these fake people, it taught me to be a man. If you can survive in the jungle that is this industry long enough, you'll come out a stronger person.

Twista's Adrenaline Rush 2007 is set to hit stores on August 14 on Atlantic Records.

Huey Leads "The New Lou," Takes On Nelly - "His Head Is As Big As This F***ing Table"

Riding the wave of his break out hit "Pop, Lock And Drop It," St. Louis newcomer Huey is ready to show and prove with his debut album Notebook Paper. With his CD hitting stores yesterday, SOHH caught up with the young rhyme-spitter as he waxed poetic about his new album, the "new St. Louis," and his beef with Nelly.

"I never figured it would be a movement like it is. I figured if I go for the females, I'd get a lot more support. I wanted to talk about something other than busting heads," said Huey of the success of his hit "Pop, Lock And Drop It" and the subsequent dance, The G5, that followed. "My manager's daughter was already doing it to the song and we happened to turn on YouTube and saw people doing the same dance to it. So it was kinda like it was meant to be."

Though the 19 year-old rapper is excited about the way the song has been received, he's quik to note that his album is not just one big party.

"The album is very versatile. 'Pop, lock' is the only dance record on there. I got swag records, gangsta songs, conscious songs that'll make you sit down and think...just wait and see. I got everybody back home calling it the New St. Louis."

Though the album features guest appearances from Yo Gotti, Bow Wow, Lloyd and Diamond of Crime Mob, fellow St. Louis rapper Nelly will not be making any cameos alongside the young artist any time soon.

"I'm only cool with Chingy and Jibbs, everybody else can kiss my a$$. Nelly is disrespectful and arrogant. His head is as big as this f#@$ing table I'm sitting at. He's on some arrogant, unsupportive bullsh!t," he said.

"When he found out I got my deal, he didn't congratulate or anything. I met him at Club Toxic and the label wanted me to reach out to get features from other established artists from St. Louis. So I asked him and he basically said, 'Look here dirty, it's not gonna happen. Especially with this being your first album, it's not gonna happen.' It's crazy because I can go out of town and get love but when I go home I can't get the same respect? But he's small talk."

With his next single, "When I Hustle" featuring Lloyd, starting to gain momentum, Huey also has plans to hit the road this summer as well. Huey also stressed that he will do his best to show his fans the same love that they've shown him.

"I just want people to know me as a real a$$ dude. It's a job, but at the same time I don't want people to think I'm not gonna show love. I'll sign every autograph that I can. I love my fans."

Huey's Notebook Paper is in stores now.

Michael Jackson Settles $48 Mill Lawsuit With Damon Dash's Cuz

King of Pop Michael Jackson recently settled a multi-million dollar lawsuit levied against him by a New Jersey finance company headed by Dame Dash's cousin Darien Dash.

According to Billboard, lawyers for MJ confirmed reports that the singer settled a case filed against him by the Hackensack, N.J. finance company Prescient Acquisition as jury selection was scheduled to begin in Manhattan's US District Court on Monday (June 18).

The settlement terms were not released.

In his suit against the 48-year-old pop singer, Prescient owner Darien Dash -- cousin to former CEO of Roc-A-Fella Records Damon Dash and brother to actress Stacey Dash -- claimed Jackson cheated the company out of $48 million. His lawyer, Steven Altman said Dash was owed the money after helping Jackson refinance a $272 million bank loan and secure $573 million in financing to buy Sony's half of the Beatles' song catalog that Sony co-owned with Jackson.

"We're very pleased with the settlement, although the terms of it we've agreed to keep confidential at Mr. Jackson's request.

Jackson settled the case despite claims that he'd never heard of Dash.

"The most important thing is that Michael Jackson's publishing catalog remains safe and sound," Jackson's lawyer, L. Londell McMillan said. He added, the settlement "presents a win-win for everybody."

Chicago Church Billboards Target Ten "Trash" Rappers; Snoop, Lil Wayne, Nelly, Others Named
A variety of popular rappers have come under attack in Chicago, where a Southside church has erected twenty billboards throughout the city, denouncing rappers they claim "demean women and perpetuate violence."

The billboards were placed by the Faith Community of Saint Sabina church and urges community members to "stop listening to trash."

Snoop Dogg, Fat Joe, Lil Wayne, Nelly, 50 Cent & G-Unit, Ludacris, Chicago native Twista and "all negative rappers" are among the ten rappers targeted on the billboards, a spokesman for Saint Sabina told today (June 19).

"If we are going to end the violence and the disrespect of women, we must fight every form of negativity, including the music industry," Rev. Michael Pfleger said of the campaign in a statement.

Rev. Pfleger and Saint Sabina have spoken out against a number of issues in the past, including racism, the retail sale of drug paraphernalia and grain alcohol and the rise of alcohol and tobacco billboards in the African-American community.

There are currently 10 billboards placed around Chicago:

87th & Vincennes 79th & Normal

79th & Ada 74th & Racine

79th & Ashland Halsted & Garfield

103rd & Wallace 79th & Western

119th &; Wallace 107th & Michigan

115th & Forest 63rd & Wood

14th & Kedzie Keeler & Roosevelt

Kedvale & Ogden Fillmore & California

Jun 19, 2007

IHH TV: R. Kelly

"Same Girl"
R. Kelly Feat. Usher

IHH Daily Update 6*19*07

Stack Bundles Murder Suspect Found Dead

A man police believe may be connected with the slaying of rapper Stack Bundles was found dead in vacant house in Queens, New York on Monday (June 18).

According to the New York Daily News, 20-year-old aspiring rapper Charles White was killed execution-style. Cops says they found him dead on a sofa at around 12:20 a.m. with a pillow over his head, a gunshot wound to the leg and two bullet wounds behind his ear.

Police suspect the murder was in retaliation for the Stack Bundles killing, who was found dead in the lobby of his Far Rockaway residence on June 11.

Police also said the 20-year-old murder suspect may have gone to Virginia, where he lived, right after Bundles murder, but returned to New York last Saturday (June 16) with his friend Kelvin Brown, 27.

Brown had reportedly just left the home when White was shot. But after hearing the shots, he ran back to the house and called police. The house White was shot in has been on sale for months and was vacant.

A man, who lived in the neighborhood and wished to remain anonymous, said he saw three men on the stoop of the home Sunday night, describing them as being very polite. "One of them said Happy Father's Day to me," the man said.

No arrests have been made in the shooting, but cops are continuing to investigate.


He didn’t agree that they were “hoes,” but comedian D.L. Hughley said to Jay Leno during a recent “Tonight Show” visit “there were some nappy headed women on that [Rutgers women’s basketball] team.”

The comment prompted black leaders in Texas to protest his recent stand-up gig in Fort Worth.

"It's not only that comment, he has a history of demeaning our community in such a way that it's not funny anymore," said Pastor Kyev Tatum of Servant House Baptist Church, according to Fort Worth’s CBS 11 News.

Tatum joined a number or local black ministers, community leaders and local citizens to protest Hughley’s appearance Saturday at a Juneteenth show at Bass Hall.

Not only did Hughley say the team members were “nappy headed,” but he also referred to them as “some of the ugliest women I’ve ever seen in my whole life.”

Hughley, whose NBC series “Studio 60 on Sunset Strip” was cancelled, has responded to community outrage in a statement released to the media.

He said:

"I believe that freedom of speech is a zero-sum proposition. Too many times I have watched clowns like these pretend to speak for the masses. I can only speak for me. Isn't there a child you can help teach to read, a war to help stop, an unjustly accused man you can help out of jail? I will not apologize for telling a joke about the world as I see it."

50's baby mama tries to get hers

Much has been spoken of superstar rapper 50 Cent’s $100 million dollar earnings with Glaceau, the creator of the popular beverage Vitamin Water. Glaceau, which was recently acquired by Coca Cola for $4.1 Billion, let 50 see his investments pay off, and now his child’s mother, Shaniqua Tompkins is hoping it pays off for her as well.

Reports claim that Tompkins is looking for a piece of 50’s profits for their 10 year old son, Marquise, in their child support case. Her lawyer Raoul Felder spoke briefly on the case, saying: “This will be a subject of the trial.”

50’s lawyers on the other hand, seem primed to fight this one out, explaining: “The extent of his worth is irrelevant. He always has and always will support his son.”

The case will resume proceedings on June 22nd, in Suffolk County Family court.

Lil Scrappy, The Game Beef Backstage at Birthday Bash

Onstage name-calling is tradition at summer concerts, and Atlanta's twelfth annual Hot 107.9 Birthday Bash show on Saturday was no exception.

At 2004's Birthday Bash, T.I. led the audience into a chant of "Fuck Flip," a direct diss aimed at Houston rapper Lil Flip, who T.I. felt was throwing shots at him while he was locked up for parole violation. This year, T.I., who headlined alongside Ciara, reportedly took subliminal shots at long-time nemesis Ludacris...

"I'm from Atlanta - I didn't move here when I was 13," the rapper reportedly said.

Then, during the set of G-Unit's Young Buck, the rapper reportedly said that he was, " . . . trying to make Cashville Records the next G-Unit cause 50 didn't share [those millions]" which his manager later stated was a "joke" and not a diss directed towards 50 Cent.

But sources revealed to VIBE the real drama was backstage - this time between rappers The Game and Lil Scrappy.

According to a source who was backstage at Saturday's show, The Game's 15-minute set included a round of verbal shots thrown at G-Unit - including Mobb Deep and Olivia (who was reportedly dropped from G-Unit Records in 2006) - as well as video vixens Vida Guerra, Melyssa Ford, and Gloria Velez. "They can suck my dick," The Game reportedly said, before jumping into the Kanye West-produced "Wouldn't Get Far," off his album, Doctor's Advocate.

One person The Game didn't call out onstage was G-Unit affiliate Lil Scrappy, who's a part of an alliance between G-Unit and Lil Jon's BME clique, and who was reportedly backstage during the time of The Game's tirade. VIBE's sources say Lil Scrappy yelled out, "I see you, nigga," to The Game and his entourage when he was spotted backstage, and headed towards them. The Game, who had his own posse in tow, got into a shouting match with Scrappy, but no physical altercation has been reported.

"The Game was onstage saying 'G-Unot' and the crowd was saying it with him," said the source. "That is basically disrespecting Lil Scrappy in his own hometown."

Both Lil Scrappy and The Game declined to comment.

Pastor Troy Talks Beef With Lil' Jon; Says He'll Keep It Crunk Instead Of Snappin'

In an up-coming interview, Pastor Troy addresses his beef with Lil' Jon and lets his feelings be known on the Snap music Vs. Crunk debate.

In the interview, Troy mentions that he is trying to set-up a collaboration with Lil' Jon but some things needs to be addressed first.
"Yea, yea, yea, he (Lil' Jon) must be havin’ some difficulty figurin’ out some mo’ shit. They damn sho’ callin’ back tryin’ to got damn patch thangs up. I wasn’t trippin’ man, I was just disappointed with him cause he was just makin’ a whole bunch of damn pop shit know what I mean? But it’s all cool man..."

Pastor Troy then goes on to address Snap music along with the notion that Crunk is dead.

"Man, that shit there man (Snap music), everybody’s tryin’ to eat. It sounds cool playin’ in the club, but a far as gettin’ in my car and ridin’ around listenin’ to damn “snap ya fingas, do ya step,” man I don’t wanna hear that shit."

Crunk music dead?

"Man they can call that joint whatever they want to man, shit. I know I ain’t gon’ last forever. It might leave wit’ me. Shit you know, I don’t got no feelings about it either way, but for now, we gon’ do this shit, we gon’ get paid, and that’s what’s up."

DVD Documents Life After Notorious B.I.G.'s Death, Downfall Of Junior M.A.F.I.A.

A new film due out this July will tell the story of the aftermath of Notorious B.I.G.'s tragic death from the viewpoint of his friends and group mates.

Life After Death: The Movie reveals the triumphs and trials of Biggie's close friend D-Roc (real name Damion Butler), and his associates, Lil' Kim and Junior M.A.F.I.A., after Biggie's passing. Narrated by Jamie Hector ("The Wire") and directed by April Maiya, the film follows those who were forced to move on after the 1997 shooting, via their own video footage. The film shows friends and group members as they traveled the world enjoying the fruits of their musical success and later documents the crew's unraveling, thanks primarily to the HOT 97 shootout that put Lil' Kim and D-Roc behind bars.

Life After Death: The Movie includes actual footage from the 2001 HOT 97 shootout as well as an exclusive interview with the currently imprisoned D-Roc, who previously refused to testify in Lil Kim's perjury trial and has, until now, never granted an interview on the subject.

The film also features vintage footage of Biggie, C-Gutta, Lil Cease, Diddy, The Lox, Mase and Jay-Z, as well as appearances by Charli Baltimore, Missy, Mary J. Blige, Queen Latifah, Tommy Lee, Pamela Anderson, Big Pun, Sisqo, Snoop Dogg, Redman, Mario Winans, Karrine "Superhead" Steffans, Mr. Marcus and Anthony "Wolf" Jones.

Life After Death: The Movie hits stores on July 3. For more information visit or

Remy Ma To Release New Album "The BX Files" This Summer

Remy Martin will make her independent debut this summer on Sure Shot Recordings. The label whose previous releases include Mad Skillz, Talib Kweli, Saigon and Ol' Dirty Bastard, is excited about the union and anticipates this to be a huge release. "Remy is an incredibly talented MC who can battle anybody, male or female. She continues to carry the legacy of her protégé Big Pun and we are excited about releasing one of the best female MCs in the game”, states Chris Landry, CEO of Sure Shot Recordings.

The album, titled The BX Files, includes 13 brand new tracks and hot guest appearances by Murda Mook, T-Rex, Papoose, Jae Millz, and Maino. Remy also enlisted the help of acclaimed producers The Heat Makerz and Ron Browz.

Remy started out writing poetry which she would later turn into rap lyrics. Growing up in the Castle Hill section of the Bronx, she held her own as a prominent freestyle battler. As word spread about her impressive talent, she gained the attention of another Bronx native, rap legend Big Pun. After her mentor's untimely death, close friend Fat Joe signed Remy to his record label and made her an official member of The Terror Squad. Remy's appearance on the platinum selling single, “Lean Back” cemented her place in history as one of three female rappers ever to have a number one single on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. In early 2006, Remy released her first solo album, There's Something about Remy: Based on a True Story featuring the single “Conceited”.

The BX Files has already begun gaining attention with mixtape DJ's and music industry tastemakers. With an August 28th release, the summer is sure to be hot with Remy Ma.

Yung Joc's Sophmore Album Pushed Back

It looks like those anticipating Yung Joc's sophmore set, Hustlenomics, will have to wait a bit longer.

The album, originally slated to hit stores on July 31st, will now be released Auguest 28th. Other Bad Boy acts such as Boyz N da Hood and Elephant Man will be dropping ionn August as well.

Hustlenomics will feature appearences from Diddy, The Game, Pharrell, Young Dro and Trick Daddy, as well as a few other artists. The album's first single, Coffee Shop, is currently making its rounds on the radio.

Currently, Yung Joc is on a promo tour, and will soon join Ciara and T.I. for the 2007 Scream Tour.

G-Unit Books Signs Former Video Vixen Turned Author

50 Cent’s G-Unit Books has inked a deal with Meta Smith, former video vixen turned author. Smith, who’s appeared in over a dozen hip-hop videos, made the transition to author, penning two street novels, The Rolexxx Club (2006) and Queen of Miami (2007).

Hailed as the “Queen of bling fiction,” Smith will now publish her new book, Heaven’s Fury, this November through G-Unit Books. c — which is set in Chicago and Gary, Indiana — revolves around a girl who gets caught up in a brutal drug war.

Mariah Carey Teams With Elizabeth Arden For "M" Fragrance

Mariah Carey has signed a deal with cosmetics giant Elizabeth Arden for her own perfume called "M".

According to Women's Wear Daily, Carey unveiled the "M" fragrance to fashion and beauty editors yesterday (June 18) in New York City.

The scent is due in stores this Fall.

Mariah Carey is currently in the studio working on her new album with Jermaine Dupri. Mariah's new album is expected sometime in 2008.

Q-Tip Set To Visit Virginia's Hampton University For Summit On Jazz, Hip-Hop

A Tribe Called Quest frontman, Q-Tip, will be on hand at Hampton, Virginia's Hampton University over the weekend to participate in a seminar exploring intersections between jazz and hip-hop music.

The event, hosted by Hampton University's WHOV-FM (88.1), the second annual "Jazz In The Hip-Hop Generation" Symposium aims to probe the evolving relationship between hip-hop and jazz.

In addition to exploring topics such as the tools and techniques of the sampling trade and the legal ramifications of sampling, the seminar will honor the memory of Weldon Irvine Jr., an accomplished musician and Hampton native.

The event is slated to take place between 2-4 p.m. on Saturday (June 23) at the University's Ogden Hall.

In addition to Q-Tip, other panelists include producer Easy Mo Bee and jazz musicians Lenny White and Jeff Lorber.

Students will be admitted for free, while there is a $10 admission free for the general public. For further information, visit LessonsInJazz.