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Jul 14, 2007

Remy Ma Wanted For Attempted Murder

Bronx, New York rapper Remy Ma is being sought in connection with a shooting in Manhattan this morning at 4:00 am.

While details of the shooting are emerging, sources told AHH that Remy Ma was in the area of W. 14th Street and Washington Street this morning when she argued with a woman in a blue Escalade.

Police received a 911 call of a person being shot and found an unidentified woman with a gunshot wound to her lower torso.

Sources stated that the woman shot was a part of Remy Ma's entourage and that the two may have argued earlier in the evening at a local bar.

Remy Ma, born Reminisce Smith, allegedly fled the scene after the shooting and crashed the Escalade a few blocks later, escaping on foot.


SoulFull Saturdays 7*14*07

"Full of smoke"

IHH Daily Motivation 7*14*07

Three steps

If you're headed in a negative direction, getting back on track may seem hopelessly out of reach. Yet by taking just three steps you can completely change your prospects for the better.

Take one positive step, and you'll stop moving backwards. Take a second positive step, and you'll begin moving forward.

Then take the third step in a positive direction, and suddenly you've established real momentum. From that point, each successive positive effort comes more naturally and easily.

No matter how low you may be, at any point you are just three steps away from a whole different outlook. Just three small, positive actions can get you headed solidly in a new, empowering direction.

In addition, taking three positive steps will give you a real sense of commitment. These actions will get you quickly and firmly invested in your own success.

Wherever you are now, you are just three steps away from being well on your way to whatever goal you choose. Now is indeed the best time to act.

-- Ralph Marston

Jul 13, 2007

IHH TV: 50 cent

"I Get Money"
50 Cent

IHH Daily Update 7*13*07

Jadakiss To Stand Trial On Gun Charge

Jadakiss and two associates will stand trial in Westchester County, NY on weapons possession charges resulting from an October 2006 incident in their hometown of Yonkers, NY.

Jadakiss and friends Darnell Frazier and Kristian Smith were charged with third degree criminal possession of a weapon after a police offer pulled over the car they were travelling in. The officer claimed to have smelt marijuana and proceeded to search the car finding the weapon. Prosecutors have decided to move forward with the case even though tests done on the gun reveal that several people had handled it prior to the officer finding the weapon.

“He had no knowledge of the gun in the car,” said Jada’s lawyer, Clement Patti. “They’re saying that there’s a presumption [of possession]…but with no fingerprints, [other people’s] DNA, in the interest of justice they should dismiss the charges.”

The case is currently awaiting trial assignment

50 Cent's "Curtis"Album Pushed Back Again

According to the Interscope Records website, 50 Cent's "Curtis" album has been pushed back yet again with a new release date of Sept 11. The release date for 50's new album has now been moved three times, with the original date being June 26 followed by a push back until Sept. 4.

Much speculation has surrounded the continued shifting of release dates for the "Curtis" album with reasons ranging from 50 Cent wanting retail all over the world to have the same album release date to the perceived poor response to the album's first two singles "Straight To The Bank" and "Amusement Park".

50 Cent's latest video for his new single "I Get Money" premiers today (July 13) at at 4pm EST.

Lawsuit Brought Against Jay-Z By Wrestler Close To A Settlement

The trademark infringement lawsuit brought against Jay-Z (and a number of Jay-Z's companies, including Roc-A-Wear clothing, Rocawear Licensing, Urban Menswear LLC, and Roc-A-Fella Records, among others) by former WCW wrestler Diamond Dallas Page is close to a settlement according to recent court documents filed in the United States District Court of California, Central District.

The two parties agreed to a settlement in "principle" June 15 following long-term mediation. The settlement will be presented to the court August 10. If the court accepts the settlement and signs off on it, the case will be dismissed.

The lawsuit alleges that Jay-Z stole Diamond Dallas Page's (DDP) "diamond cutter" hand symbol and used it for various business ventures including albums and clothing.


Usher has sent an open letter to People magazine addressing the rumors regarding his relationship with fiancé Tameka Foster – from their rumored wedding date being moved up from the fall to this month – to Tom Joyner’s claim that Usher threatened him.

On New York Post's Page Six story that the wedding will take place by the end of the month in the Hamptons in order to beat the arrival of their baby, Usher still refused to announce a date for the nuptials, saying: "Since my wedding day will be special to Tameka and I, this is information that we would like to keep private."

As for Tom Joyner’s claim that Usher threatened to "whup my a--" after he made fun of rumored tension between Foster and Usher's mother, the entertainer said: "I have never threatened or harassed anyone from any media format."

Here is Ursh’s letter in its entirety:

"It has already been announced that I plan to marry this year. However, since my wedding day will be special to Tameka and I, this is information that we would like to keep private. It's disturbing that the media and bloggers (under the guise as 'fans') continuously speculate on the personal aspects of my life, therefore making assumptions and wrong insinuations that my fans are subject to believe.

"I am happy, excited, completely clear and independent on my direction, feelings, decisions and I am NOT BEING LED. Some media and bloggers have been totally intrusive, they have misconstrued aspects of my personal life and, because of this, my 'true' fans are not sure about what is fact and what is fiction. There is a difference in stating an opinion versus drawing a conclusion that is incorrect.

"As previously reported, I have NEVER threatened or harassed anyone from any media format – print, radio, television or Internet media. At this point the best thing to say to my fans is just because it sounds enticing and it MAY sound 'true,' that does not make it truth. I understand the fact that I must sacrifice some anonymity for the career I love, however some things are personal like having a child or a marriage. These aspects are not for the public and, to me, are sacred. I would hope my privacy in these areas would be respected."

– Usher

Ja Rule Leaves Bitterness — And 50 Cent Beef — Behind On New Album

It's no secret that the past few years haven't exactly been easy for Ja Rule and the Inc., with federal indictments; feuds with 50 Cent, among other artists; not to mention the crew's luster waning a tad bit.

But rather than rushing out material in the wake of those media storms, after six albums in six years, the Queens rapper decided to take a much needed moment to get his thoughts together. He figured he'd have a lot to say on The Mirror, his upcoming album, due in stores September 25. It's his first album since 2004's R.U.L.E.

"You're kind of on the clock," Ja told MTV News on Wednesday night from the Harlem set of "Uh Oh," his first single from Mirror. "The label wants an album every year. So your creative process gets — I'm not going to say lost, but it gets watered down a bit. So with this album I had a chance to really sit back and relax, record records like I want to record them. I could take two, three days if I wanted to record a record, it didn't matter. Because I wanted to just take my time with this album and say the right things to the people, the public. Because there was a lot of things I wanted to say, and I didn't want there to be any bitter records on the album. Because I'm not bitter about anything that happened [in the past few years]. I'm moving forward. We push forward here. We don't look in the past. So we gonna push forward with this album. And when you hear the tracks and records on the album, you'll understand exactly where I'm going with it."

Ja may sound like he's getting into heavier fare on Mirror, but "Uh Oh" is more of a pulsating, midtempo track, which features Lil Wayne and finds the two trading lines back and forth.

On the set, both Ja and Wayne were popping up and down just as much as the beat as they took turns egging each other on when their verses cued up.

"I was sitting around the house wondering how Ja was gonna come back [out], and then I got a call," Wayne said. "With me? I was honored. I had to prepare, I was nervous, but I got it."

The clip is being directed by Rage and Irv Gotti and was shot guerilla-style across New York, despite rain downpours and traffic jams, moving from borough to borough.

"The look I really wanted to capture with the video was basically the essence of the track," Ja explained. "You hear the track is real crazy, I wanted video to capture that. So when you see it, it feels like what you're hearing. You're catching that. And with me and Weezy's energy, I think it's going to come out real hot."

Along with Wayne, who Ja said he's known for years but is just now getting the chance to work with, Rule also pegged some other old friends for Mirror. Erick Sermon and Ty Fyffe, who both produced tracks on Ja's debut, Venni Vetti Vecci, are on board, as well as producers 7 Aurelius and Chink Santana.

Though Ja's currently bent on pushing "Uh Oh," after he returns from a short promotional tour he'll start prepping a video soon for his first official single, "Body," which is a smoother track more in line with the tone of some of his bigger hits.

But Ja's not worried about any cracks about his style, which has earned him equal parts accolades and the ire of many, including 50 Cent, his onetime nemesis who's facing his own backlash at the moment.

"It happens," Ja said. "I seen it happen to a lot of artists. They go through it. One of my friends, one of my producers, 7, he said something real crazy [to me]. He said, 'Greatness is not sometimes what you achieve, it's what you overcome.' And I've overcome a lot, from Gotti and them going through the federal investigation, almost doing 20 years, through all of the beef and all of that. I came through it and I'm walking in another direction right now. And it's in a step that's going straight to the top, baby."

IHH TV: Read a Book

Read A Book

(Props to eskay, and illseed)

IHH TV:Behind the scenes Ja Rule feat Lil Wayne

Ja Rule feat Lil Wayne

Remys going to Hell

This is the cover to Remy's new mixtape.
Can we say go directly to hell, do not pass go, do not collect $200?
To be real tho, its a good concept, but the title "Shesus Khrist"????
She should have named it "BX Savior" (since thats whats she claims to be) or something.
As always great artwork by MiamiKaos, but Remy doesn't look that good. Don't get me wrong she tight, but damn, if it wont for that blonde on her head you would think it was Esther Baxter on the cover.

IHH TV:Throwback Friday 7*13*07

This was my ish.

and this is a classic

and the R&B throwback for this week

IHH Daily Motivation 7*13*07

Good luck

Good luck comes to those who create it. Good luck comes to those who take a positive approach to every moment.

The universe is overflowing with abundance. Those people who are considered lucky are the people who choose to see that abundance, to accept it and to make the most of it.

Good fortune comes most often in the form of opportunity. When you are prepared to make use of the opportunity, you'll be lucky enough to enjoy the good fortune.

You are already extraordinarily lucky because you're alive, aware, and able to make a difference. Choose to fulfill the best of your possibilities, and your good fortune will surely increase.

See each day as an opportunity to create real and lasting value. Know that each encounter is your way to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Your luck is what you make it. Decide today to make it the best that it can be.

-- Ralph Marston

Jul 12, 2007

IHH Daily Update 7*12*07

Suspect In NY Police Shootings Accused Of Killing Stack Bundles

A man accused of driving the getaway vehicle in an early morning shooting in Brooklyn, NY that left two police officers seriously wounded, has also been accused of killing Dipset rapper Stack Bundles.

Lee Woods, 29, was arrested on Tuesday for his involvement in the high profile shooting of two police officers early Monday (July 9) morning.

According to the New York Daily News, informants told police that Woods shot and killed Stack Bundles during what was labeled "a botched robbery attempt" last month in Far Rockaway, Queens.

Stack Bundles, born Rayquon Elliott, was a rising rapper affiliated with Cam'ron and Jim Jones' Diplomat/Byrdgang rap groups.

Bundles was shot three times and killed in front of his home on June 11.

Woods, who has been charged with various felonies for his role in the shooting of the two police officers, was labeled as extremely dangerous.

The two uniformed NYPD police officers were patrolling an area of Brooklyn shortly after midnight on Monday in a marked cruiser, when they spotted a BMW SUV driving on Rogers Avenue.

When they ran the SUV's license plate, it was registered to another vehicle.

The officers stopped the SUV suspecting it was stolen and as they approached from opposite sides, one of the passengers open fire, striking Officer Russel Timoshenko, in the mouth and throat, leaving him in grave condition.

When his partner Officer Herman Yan assisted and returned fire, he was shot twice, once in the left forearm and once in the chest.

"They were met within seconds by a hail of bullets," Assistant District Attorney Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi said. "The defendant acted in concert with two individuals responsible for nothing less than the attempted execution of two uniformed police officers."

Police found the abandoned BMW SUV blocks later. An intense manhunt began for the suspects shortly after the shooting, which was captured on video.

Yesterday (July 11), police caught a "winded" Dexter Bostic, 34, on a remote section of Interstate 80 in rural Pennsylvania, while another suspect, Robert J. Ellis, 34 disappeared into a huge wooded area and currently remains at large.

Timoshenko, 23, is paralyzed, suffers from brain swelling and cannot breathe, while Officer Yan was saved by his bullet-proof vest and released from the hospital on Tuesday.

Woods is already in custody and is being held without bail. He has denied being in the car or firing any shots.

On Tuesday however at his arraignment, Wood's lawyer Patrick Megaro told a judge that Woods was in the car with a Tec-9 assault pistol, but denied that his client fired a single shot.

Woods has been charged with two counts of attempted first-degree murder, two counts of aggravated assault on a police officer and weapons possession.

Woods maintains his innocence in connection with the shooting of the officers, maintaining that police wrote out a false confession, beat him, pulled out his dreadlocks and stuck a gun in his mouth, chipping his tooth.

He is being held without bail and faces life in prison if convicted.

T.I. Assaults Fan

According to website, T.I. assaulted a fan Tuesday night (July 10) at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.

Reports say T.I. was on stage performing at an Espy Awards pre-party when a fan allegedly tossed a cup at the rapper. T.I. is then said to have gone into the crowd to confront the fan. Once face to face, reports that T.I. assaulted the concert goer with his microphone leaving the person bloodied. The alleged cup thrower was then escorted out of the hotel.

T.I.'s newest album, "T.I. Vs. T.I.P.", debuted at #1 on the charts selling over 460,000 copies.

"Crunk" Added To Webster's Dictionary

The term 'Crunk' has reportedly been added to the Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary.

According to The Associated Press, 'Crunk' was among 100 new words added to update the company's dictionary. Other words added included "DVR," "smackdown," "speed dating," "ginormous," "Bollywood," "telenovela" and "flex-cuff."

The word is listed as a noun and cites Lil' Jon and the Eastside Boyz as one of the many group's who have used the popular word in their lyrics.

Official Merriam-Webster's listing for the word "crunk":

Main Entry: crunk
Pronunciation: 'kr??k
Function: noun
Etymology: crunk, word of fluctuating meaning used during the 1990s in lyrics of the rap groups OutKast and Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz
Date: 2000
: a style of Southern rap music featuring repetitive chants and rapid dance rhythms

Diddy Searches For Personal Assistant On YouTube

Diddy is sending out a search, but not for any new members of his "Making The Band" reality series. No, he's looking for a new assist, but there are no interviews involved. He is looking online.

In a video launched Wednesday (July 11) on, Diddy confirmed rumors of his search for a new assistant. The way he wished to find one is through

"If you feel you can be my assistant, I wanna know why you should be my personal assistant," Diddy says in the recorded video. "What better job than that to have me scream at you, go crazy, keep you up late hours, have you sleep deprived... if this job interests you, upload your video interview why you should be my assistant."

To apply for the open position, applicants should upload their "video interview" to a group Diddy has set up on YouTube at with the tag, "Diddy assistant." He also instructs that each video be three minutes or less.

"You know I'm the best and I like working with the best, so if you're the best, holla at your boy. This is gonna be fun," says Diddy while ending his interview.

For more information, watch Diddy's call for assistants on

Kanye West, Evel Knievel Try To Settle Lawsuit Out Of Court

After being sued by daredevil Evel Knievel late last year, it looks like Kanye West might not have to face the suit after all.

According to the Associated Press, West and Knievel notified a federal judge on Tuesday (July 10) that they will use a mediator to try to settle the lawsuit out of court.

Knievel filed the suit in December of 2006, claiming that the rapper infringed on his trademarked name and likeness when he used a confusingly similar name -- Evel Kanyevel -- in his music video for "Touch The Sky."

In the video, West wears star-studded jumpsuit --very similar to that of the jumpsuit Knievel has worn during his many daredevil motorcycle stunts -- and jumps a canyon in a vehicle "visually indistinguishable" from the Skycyle in which Knievel attempted to jump the Snake River Canyon in Idaho in 1974, the suit said.

In addition to citing trademark infringement, he also claimed the "vulgar and offensive" images depicted in the video damage his reputation.

West's attorneys argued the video amounted to satire, which is covered under the First Amendment.

The AP reports that both Knievel and West will share mediation expenses.

Common Cooks Up Raw Raps On "Finding Forever"

With his stock in Hollywood growing, a children's book on the shelves, and a new album on the way, Common wears many hats (pun intended). SOHH recently chopped it up with the artist formerly known as Sense as he broke down the making of his new record, Finding Forever, his charitable efforts, and working alongside Denzel Washington.

"I think this album is the evolution of what Be was," the Chicago-bred MC said. "Growth is necessary as an artist and as a person and I've grown since Be. You'll feel the growth. We went to different places musically and added different layers to the sounds. That's what makes it new. It's raw hip-hop, the essence of hip-hop the way we loved it, music that's saying something."

Though Common worked with a handful of beatmakers on Forever, including, Devo Springsteen and the late J Dilla, fans can expect to hear a healthy dose of the same one-two sonic punch of Common and the man that he calls "the new Premo," Kanye West.

"Kanye helped to create a lot of the musical feelings on the project," Kanye said. "Actually, the music is beyond hip-hop. It's songs that just make you feel good, good food for the soul.

Outside of music, Common has joined forces with Converse to become the spokesperson for Product Red, an organization created to raise funds and awareness about AIDS in Africa. When asked to become a part of the campaign, Common said that accepting the responsibility was a no-brainer.

"That's a big problem across the world but especially in Africa," he explained. "I liked the direction they were going in and what they wanted to do. I've been given this opportunity to rap and I want to use this opportunity to provide for the people."

Fans of the rapper can also look forward to seeing him in more roles on the big screen. Aside from a rumored role in the next installment of the Fast and Furious franchise entitled Fast And Furious: California Sprint, Common will soon be coming to a theatre near you this November opposite Denzel Washington, Russell Crowe and T.I. in the film American Gangster.

"It's based on a true story and it gave me a great opportunity to be amongst so many masters at what they do," Com said. "I mean, working with Denzel was amazing. [Acting] really opens me up. It betters me as a writer. With me being a creative person and a hip-hop artist, it enhances everything I do. It makes me step outside of myself and into somebody else's shoes and gives me a new perspective."

Finding Forever hits stores on July 31 on G.O.O.D. Music/Geffen.

Diddy, Kim Porter Officially Call It Quits

Just months after celebrating the birth of twins with longtime girlfriend Kim Porter, Sean "Diddy" Combs officially announced Tuesday (July 10) that the couple have split.

The new was revealed via the 37-year-old mogul's publicist who confirmed the split after weeks of rumors, fueled by several public sightings of Diddy with actress Sienna Miller, despite the actress publicly denying that their relationship was anything more than just good friends.

A reason for the split was not revealed. Neither were statements from Diddy or Porter.

The couple has reportedly been together for more than 10 years. They have three children together -- D'Lila Star and Jessie James, twins from her recent pregnancy, and also a son named Christian.

In 1998, Diddy briefly split with Porter when he began dating Jennifer Lopez, but after splitting with Lopez, he and Porter got back together.

In a past interview with Essence, Diddy is quoted as saying he wasn't ready to marry, and asked "Do you really think that God meant for a man to have just one wife?"

In addition to the three children Diddy has with Porter, he also has a son named Justin with ex-girlfriend Misa Hylton-Brim.

T.I. Headed To Toronto, Canada Next Week

T.I. will be signing copies of his latest CD T.I. vs T.I.P. on Tuesday, July 17, 2007 at HMV’s Toronto flagship location- 333 Yonge St. from 3:00-5:00 pm. The in-store appearance will be presented by Toronto radio station FLOW 93.5.

T.I. vs T.I.P. was released on July 3, 2007, debuting on the Soundscan Charts at #1 in the US and #7 In Canada, and is the follow-up to 2006’s “King,” which was the top-selling hip-hop album in the US for that year. T.I. vs T.I.P. is a concept album broken into three parts. Songs by T.I.P. open up the opus, then records by T.I. take center stage. Towards the end, the listener has a front row seat to one of the great epic sparring matches ever as both T.I. and T.I.P. are featured together. Guests on the CD include Eminem, Jay-Z, Andre 3000, Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, Ciara and Wyclef as tag team partners.

Besides being an artist in the recording studio and on the silver screen (T.I. will be appearing alongside Denzel Washington in the film “American Gangster” slated for release in November), T.I. has several business ventures including the record label Grand Hustle and his clothing line created with his manager Jason Jeter, AKOO ( A King of Oneself).

KOCH Records Inks Ringtone Deal with Moderati Inc.

KOCH Records, home to artists such as Jim Jones, The Diplomats, DJ Khaled and DJ UNK, has inked a ringtone deal with Moderati Inc., the top provider of wireless content to U.S. carriers.

“KOCH Entertainment is a hip-hop powerhouse, recently earning platinum ringtone awards for UNK and Jim Jones, resulting in a cumulative 7.5 percent share of Nielsen Top 200 Mastertone sales since the chart debuted last December,” says Jonas Gerber, Moderati’s senior vice president of business development.

“Moderati is proud to have been chosen as the exclusive representative to the major carriers of this outstanding catalog.” Besides bringing their archived catalogue of ringtones to Moderati, this deal will also include new music coming from KOCH this year, including Keith Murray, Hell Rell, D-Block, dead prez and The Alchemist. “Over the past year, Moderati’s aggressive efforts on behalf of our artists has been crucial to KOCH’s breakaway success in mobile music,” says Bill Crowley, KOCH’s vice president of special markets.

“KOCH is pleased to broaden our close relationship with Moderati and we view this exclusive mobile deal as a key element in our drive to build the smartest and best 21st century music company.”

T.I. Tops The Charts, Kelly Rowland "Bumps Like...6," Amy Winehouse Continues Slow Burn
In this week's Hip-Hop & R&B Charts, T.I. regains the throne, Kelly Rowland comes in second and Amy Winehouse steps down.

Debuting at No. 1 on the charts this week is T.I with his fifth solo album T.I. vs. T.I.P. According to Nielsen's SoundScan, the album shifted 468,900 discs in its opening week making it the highest selling rap album of the year. The set features appearances from Jay-Z, Eminem, Busta Rhymes and Wyclef Jean, among others.

Entering the charts at No. 6 is Destiny's Child alum Kelly Rowland. Her sophomore album, Ms. Kelly, featuring the hit single "Bump Like This," reels in 82,700 units in its opening week. Rowland's CD boasts appearances from Snoop D-O- Dub, Eve and Tank.

Slipping two spots to No. 8 is British sensation Amy Winehouse. Back To Black scans 57,100 discs this week, pushing the album's total sales to 816,300.

Fergie continues her steady incline by taking a step up to No. 11. Thus far, Dutchess has sold a total of 2,178,900 copies with 52,300 units representing the week-in total.

Posted at No. 13 is the bartender's favorite, T-Pain. Epiphany continues to stay afloat as it guzzles down 44,000 discs in its fifth week on the charts. To date, the album has sold 401,500 copies.

Good Girl Gone Bad Rihanna refuses to budge from the No.14 spot, bagging up 42,700 units this week. In total RiRi's third studio album has sold 382,600 copies.

A step behind at No. 15 is the self-proclaimed "King Of R&B," R. Kelly. Double Up shells out 37,900 discs in its sixth week., moving the album's total sales to 706,400 copies.

Hanging on tight at No. 17 is Fabolous. From Nothing To Something pushed 36,000 units this week, pushing the Brooklyn emcee total numbers to 292,300.

Ne-Yo slides two spots to No. 23 this week selling 29,600 copies of his sophomore CD. After ten weeks on the charts Because Of You has sold 635,200 copies.

The Shop Boyz slip six slots to No. 29 this week lugging in 22,200 units. To date Rockstar Mentality has sold a total of 103,500 copies.

Puttering five spots to No. 34 is Akon. Konvicted netted 19,700 discs this week. The album's tally stands at 2,510,200.

Old School Legends, TheBeastie Boys, who debuted at No. 15 last week , trip twenty one slots down to No. 36 . Their instrumental set, Mix Up, managed to move 18,800 units this week , bringing the album's tally to 62,700.

Sinking two levels to No. 37 is teen hearthrob Justin Timberlake. FutureSex/Love Sounds scoops up 18,300 units this week. To date, the album has sold 3,393,600 copies.

Two slots below is fellow blue eyed crooner Robin Thicke at No. 39. The tally for Evolution Of Robin Thicke stands at 1,278,600 . The album scans 18, 000 discs this week.

Super producer Timbaland floats one spot up to No. 42 with his solo project Shock Value. The CD rakes in 17,600 units this week, pushing the album's total sales to 430,900.

Taking eleven steps down the ladder to No. 48 is DJ Khaled. This week, 14,900 fans picked up We The Best. After four weeks, the disc has sold a total of 143,100 copies.

Beyonce leaps eight spots to No. 51. B'Day reels in 14,000 units this week, bringing the album's total sales to 2,782,200.

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony comes in at No. 54 this week with Strength & Loyalty moving 13,600 discs. The album's tally stands at 328,600.

At No. 55, Corrine Bailey Rae continues to cash 'em out with her self titled disc which rings out 12,800 discs this week. To date, the album has sold 1,607,300 copies.

Tank rises four spots up to No. 54. Sex, Love & Pain garners 11,900 discs in sales this week. The album's tally stands at 249,800.

Joss Stone registers in at No. 63. Introducing Joss Stone scores 11,400 units this week , pushing the album's total sales to 449,900.

Hustlin' at No. 67 is Young Jeezy and his U.S.D.A crew. Cold Summer flips 10,800 pies this week. After 7 weeks , the compilation has sold 226,900 copies.

Further down, Def Jam songstress Chrisette Michelle slips twenty two spots to No. 75. I Am racks up 10,000 discs this week. The album's tally stands at 50,200. Musiq Soulchild slithers four spots to No. 86. Luvandmusiq shifts 8,400 CDs this week , pushing the album's total sales to 456,300. At No. 87, Lloyd's Street Love notches 8,300 copies in sales. To date, the album's tally stands at 459,600 . Huey plunges twenty seven spots to No. 89. Notebook Paper sells 8,300 units this week. After 3 weeks, the album has sold a total of 49,100 copies. Pastor Troy debuts at No. 91 with his latest project, Tool Muziq. The set moves 8,300 units in is first go-around. Bobby Valentino continues to struggle as he drops ten spots to No. 99. Special Occasion configures 7,400 units this week. Thus far , the album has sold 216,500 copies. Wrapping things up is DMX at No. 100. Pick Of The Litter shifts 7,400 copies in its fourth week on the charts. To date , the album has sold 65,800 copies.

Next week stay tuned to the Hip-Hop & R&B Charts to see if T.I. can hold on to his top slot.

IHH TV: Keyshia Cole

"Let It Go"
Keyshia Cole Feat. Missy Elliott & Lil' Kim

IHH Daily Motivation 7*12*07

The important things

When you only take care of the urgent matters, many new urgent matters will appear to take their place. When you take care of the important matters, then you're making real progress.

Many of life's most important concerns do not jump up and demand your attention, at least not right now. It can be easy to ignore them in favor of more urgent matters.

Yet most of the urgent concerns turn out, in the long run, to be fairly trivial. If you focus only on what demands your immediate attention, there will surely come a time when you regret it.

The quality of your life depends upon where you put your priorities. The most important and meaningful aspects of your life deserve your consideration and support on a daily basis.

The more attention you give to the important things, the less you'll feel the need to be controlled by the urgent, but relatively meaningless, matters. The more you focus on what's truly important, the more firmly you'll be in control of your life.

When investing your precious time and energy in something, take into consideration how important it really is. Find time to work on the important things, and the rewards will still be with you long after the work is done.

-- Ralph Marston

Jul 11, 2007


"Corporate Thuggin'"

IHH TV:Boyz N Da Hood

"Everybody Know Me"
Boyz N Da Hood

Esther on the cover of Smooth Magazine

Damn, to me its a tie between her and Melyssa Ford for the sexiest female out.
What ya'll think?

IHH Daily Update 7*11*07

T.I. Tops The Charts, Moves 468,000 CDs In First Week

T.I. can confidently claim the bragging rights for having rap's biggest first-week sales so far this year.

T.I. vs. TIP grabbed the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 this week by scanning 468,000 discs, according to Nielsen's SoundScan. The album boasts appearances from Jay-Z, Eminem, Wyclef Jean and Busta Rhymes.

Also making her debut on the charts this week is Kelly Rowland. Her sophomore album, Ms. Kelly, landed at No. 6 with 82,000 copies sold. The album features appearances from Snoop Dogg, Tank and Eve.

For a complete look at other Rap and R&B albums making moves on the Billboard 200, check out the charts column tomorrow (July 12).

Hot 97 Personality Ms.Jones Set To Release A Tell All Book

Busta Rhymes once proposed to Hot-97 FM radio host Tarsha Jones in the sack.

"With Busta, it was only sex," Jones writes in her tell-all "Have You Met Miss Jones? The Life and Loves of Radio's Most Controversial Diva" (Ballantine). "I learned not to trust a proposal of marriage made in bed."

The rapper gets one great big compliment in the motor-mouthed memoir. "Busta was as gentle as he could be, because he was packing," Jones writes. "Busta's lovemaking was not for the timid or faint of heart."

But, Jones adds, "The fact that our lovemaking never lasted too long didn't bother me, because I didn't enjoy his drops of sweat raining down on me."

Afterward, "Busta would stroll around the apartment butt-naked, then shower and go into the kitchen and fry an egg sandwich - for himself. I guess I should be grateful. It's not like he didn't offer me a bite." Of the sandwich.

Jones goes on to call Beyoncé "barrel-a-d" and says her "acting leaves something to be desired." She then claims that when she first met Beyoncé's fiancé, Jay-Z, "he turns and stares at my ass" and made a sexual remark.

There's plenty of drama, too. When Jones lived in the same apartment building as the Notorious B.I.G., his lover Lil' Kim begged Jones to let her in to confront the rapper's wife, Faith Evans, she claims.

When Russell Simmons comes on her radio show, she writes, "he launches into a blistering 10-minute promotion of 26 products he's created in the last two days."

Rival deejay Wendy Williams is, of course, not spared. "After all of her years in radio, [she] has not elevated above curb level in terms of paving the way for other women in radio. Disappointing."

And when Mary J. Blige fell onstage during Hot-97's Summer Jam last year, Jones was glad, because Blige forgot to thank her at the mike. "Karma is a bitch," Jones writes in the book, which she'll sign at Borders on Columbus Circle next Wednesday night.

Billy Danze of M.O.P. Talks G-Unit Business

In an up-coming exclusive in-depth interview, Billy Danze of M.O.P. opens up about working with 50 Cent/G-Unit, when their fans might finally see a new M.O.P. album released and responds to comments made by Sha Money XL.

Billy Danze on why they signed to G-Unit:

"It was business. I mean being as though G Unit had already built they own empire or whatever. They had their thing going and we’ve been on our own grind for years. I look at it like a ni##a (50 Cent) extended his hand and the ni##a… there was a whole gang of other muthaphu@#$ that we came out with in the game that are in better positions (than us) that could have said “why don’t yall come over here…”. So I look at it like everything is a blessing whether it’s right or wrong. If it’s wrong we’ll learn from it, if not, then we’ll come up on it."

Billy Danze reveals the release date and marketing plan for the G-Unit/M.O.P. album:

"Oh the M.O.P. album…we’re gonna do that just before October but what we’re gonna do is…like in the middle of this month, we’re gonna start launching joints. So before you even get the M.O.P. album we would’ve done sent like 10-15 joints at you…and then you’ll get the M.O.P. album."

When asked about comments made by Sha Money XL in respect to M.O.P.'s G-Unit project being shelved, Danze had this to say:

"I really don’t have any idea of what was said by Sha Money or whatever so I’ll tell you like I’ll tell anybody that asks me, I’ll wait ‘till I speak to Sha Money and we’ll handle it like that..."

Wu-Tang Clan Prepare To Unleash "8 Diagrams"

Ol' Dirty Bastard is gone, but his spirit looms large over "The 8 Diagrams," the Wu-Tang Clan's first album since 2001. The set is due in October via SRC. "He left a piece of himself in each and every one of us," group member RZA tells Billboard. "Even in the performance of some of the lyrics, you'll hear a style or attitude that he injected."

Although the hip-hop collective has been active on the road since last year, its members didn't hit the studio until April. "Me personally, I wasn't ready until then," RZA admits. "I reached out when I knew I was 100% ready to do it, and everybody came to the table."

Beyond the ODB tribute "Life Changes," look for "The 8 Diagrams" to feature tracks like "You Can't Stop Me Now," "We Got This," "Campfire" and "Thug World," which features System Of A Down bassist Shavo Odadjian. Rapper Q-Tip appears on an as-yet-unnamed track that may wind up being the first single.

For a change, RZA yielded some of the production duties to a handful of major names he isn't quite ready to reveal. "You will hear some unique sounding stuff and a vintage hip-hop spirit," he promises.

RZA says he is also working with an ODB outtake that was originally recorded for the group's seminal album "Enter the 36 Chambers." "I lost it, because the DJ who handled my equipment back then, we just got disconnected," he says. "He actually found the tape about eight months ago and flew out to California with it. The problem is, it doesn't sound all that great, because this was 1992 or 1993 when it was recorded. But ODB's performance is f*ckin' immaculate. So maybe I can find some software to restore it and put it on as a bonus track."

Wu-Tang will be on the road this summer with the Rock the Bells tour, and despite its members' busy schedules, RZA is hopeful the group is now back together for good. "We're rekindling flames," he says. "There's a strong potential this could be a long campaign, so this will keep us on the road together, on TV together and keep us working together."

Gnarls Barkley Preparing Sophomore Effort For Holiday Release
Cee-lo and Danger Mouse are busy working on the follow-up to their 2006 collaboration album St. Elswhere. In a recent interview with Billboard Magazine, Danger Mouse said the album will be ready for the holiday season and is anywhere from "two weeks to two months" away from being completed.

The eclectic pair, who will grace the cover of Billboard's latest weekly issue, scored a sleeper hit with "Crazy," which peaked at number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts and pushed St. Elsewhere past the certified platinum sales mark with 1.3 million copies sold. With the exception of being named "Best Group" at June's BET Awards, and a handful of tour dates with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the duo has kept a relatively low profile lately. Nevertheless, as Atlantic Records gears up for its ever-important fourth quarter, Gnarls Barkley is rumored to be the label's priority during the holiday season.

While no official single has been released, the group posted a message on their website saying an exclusive track will be available on the social networking website, once the site's Uber Music Player application is launched. "No song is ever done until we have all the material together," said Danger Mouse. "When we have enough songs to the point where we have an album's worth, then we'll go in and start finishing them."

Advertisers Pull Out Of BET's New Program "Hot Ghetto Mess"

At least two advertisers have pulled out of the premiere episode of BET's "Hot Ghetto Mess" in response to critics who say the show perpetuates racial stereotypes.

Home Depot and State Farm Insurance Cos. have released statements stating their intent to remove advertising from the television broadcast and a website promoting the program.

"We have reviewed the content of this program, which we just heard about, and we will not be airing any State Farm advertising during this program on BET," a State Farm spokesman wrote.

BET, while not confirming which advertisers pulled out, released the following statement:

"A few of our clients have asked to move to other programming dayparts, and we simply accommodated their request."

“Hot Ghetto Mess” is adapted from the popular Web site which features photos and video footage of random African Americans engaged in behavior or dressed in attire considered embarrassing and socially unacceptable.

BET’s version – due to premiere July 25 at 10:30 p.m is hosted by Chappelle's Show alum Charlie Murphy and will feature a mix of viewer-submitted home videos and BET-produced street interviews that show blacks in unflattering situations that typically illustrate the excesses of so-called hip-hop culture.

BET President of Entertainment Reginald Hudlin responded to the critiques of the show by highlighting its ability to discuss topics in a more inviting setting. "Is my goal to discuss these issues in a format and context that makes people who don't watch the channel comfortable or do it in a way that engages the 18- to 34-year-old viewer and makes them really think about these things?" said Hudlin.

Mya Assures Fans Album Will Drop In '07

After significant delays in her forthcoming project on Universal/Motown, R&B singer Mya spoke with SOHH about shifting gears, while offering no concrete release date for Liberation.

"The album is dropping in '07, that's all I can say," Mya reluctantly admitted when asked to pinpoint when the long-awaited set will hit shelves.

Although the lead single "Lock U Down," featuring Lil' Wayne, has received a burn on the Internet and on mixtapes, the single has built little momentum on radio or popular music video shows, causing Universal/Motown to push back the project indefinitely.

In the meantime, Mya has kept busy with side projects until there are more official plans for the pending release of Liberation.

"I just wrapped a movie called Covers," the singer said. "I [also] start teaching [soon] with my summer program for kids. It's called the Mya Arts & Technology Foundation."

The Mya Arts & Technology Foundation was established in 2005 to provide education in the arts for inner city and suburban youth in Mya's hometown, Washington, D.C. The Foundation also provides much-needed leadership and mentoring for the local youth community.

Talib Kweli To Release "Eardrum" August 21st

Talib Kweli returns with his eagerly awaited sixth album EARDRUM, in stores on August 21st, 2007 on Kweli’s own label, Blacksmith Music and Warner Bros. Records.

From start to finish EARDRUM delivers career-defining work from Kweli that showcases his advanced lyricism and knack for picking beats that resonate long after the song ends. EARDRUM shows Kweli’s versatility ranging from his new single, “Hot Thing” produced by to the alluring strings of “Soon the New Day” featuring the sultry vocals of Grammy Award winning jazz artist, Norah Jones to the brassy horns of “Country Cousins” which feature the underground kings of the south, UGK. Other guests on the album include: Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, KRS-ONE, Blacksmith artist Jean Grae and Musiq Soulchild.

EARDRUM boasts innovative production work by such vanguard artists as Kanye West, who worked on Kweli's 2002's gold-certified Quality and 2004's The Beautiful Struggle; Black-Eyed Peas founder; and Black Star producer Hi-Tek, who also collaborated with Kweli on the gold-certified 2000 album Reflection Eternal. Additional production highlights include New York rapper Kwame and multi-instrumentalist/producer Madlib, whose previous collaboration delivered the free digital –only EP, Liberation (2007).

Talib is preparing to hit the road for the Rock the Bells Festival and his own summer tour. As one of the most toured Hip-Hop artists (at least 250 dates a year) fans can expect to hear Kweli perform new tracks from EARDRUM including “Listen” and “More or Less” as well as classics from past albums.


7/28 NEW YORK, NY RANDALL’S ISLAND (Rock the Bells )
7/29 NEW YORK, NY RANDALL’S ISLAND (Rock the Bells)

Amy Winehouse Goes Platinum

Amy Winehouse's acclaimed Back To Black album, a mainstay of the Billboard Top 10 Albums Chart since its release a little more than 4 months ago, and hailed by many critics as one of the best albums of 2007, has been certified platinum by the RIAA. It's yet another accolade in a year of unprecedented achievement for the British singer/songwriter, who locked down the coveted #1 position two weeks ago on Billboard's Top R&B Albums Chart.

The current single, "Rehab," has also been blazing up the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, rocketing its way up the Top Ten, and continues to reign as one of the biggest sales-gainers and mobile/digital hits of the year. Back To Black is steadily nearing the incredible milestone of 3 million albums sold worldwide, making it one of the most critically and commercially successful new artist debuts of the decade.

Amy will be bringing her raved about live show to the U.S. in a pair of popular music festivals this August, with the V Festival in Washington, DC on August 4, and the Lollapalooza Festival in Chicago, IL on August 5. The charismatic star's much anticipated end-of-summer jaunt kicks off at NYC's Summer Stage on September 12, with a show the following day - September 13 - at the Tower Theatre in Upper Darby, PA. She will be appearing at the Austin City Limits Festival in Austin, TX on September 15, with stops in Los Angeles on September 18 & 19, San Francisco on September 21 & 22, Seattle on September 25, Minnesota on September 28, and pulling into Chicago, IL on September 29 - with more dates to be announced.

Ludacris Readies New DTP Compilation Album, Strength in Numbers

Ludacris will release his third Disturbing Tha Peace Records compilation album, Strength in Numbers, on August 28.

The LP features two singles: “Duffle Bag Boy” by Playaz Circle featuring Lil Wayne and “Celebrity Chick” by Ludacris, Chingy, Steph Jones and Small World.

A video for “Celebrity Chick” was shot in Los Angeles this week and will premier later this month. A video for “Duffle Bag Boy” will make its debut on BET’s Access Granted on July 18.

The complete tracklisting for Strength in Numbers is as follows.

1. “Celebrity Chick” – by Chingy, Steph Jones, and Small World
2. “Hot Tamales” by Small World, Chingy, and Serius Jones
3. “Jealous Of Me” by Small World, Shawn Jay, and Tity Boi
4. “Don’t Check Me” by Ludacris, Playaz Circle, and I-20
5. “Windy City” by Block Xchange, Shawnna, and Ludacris
6. “The Game” by Shareefa, Serius Jones, Chingy, and Small World
7. “DTP” by Willy Northpole and I-20
9. “Speakers In the Trunk” by Brolic D and Tity Boi
10. “Let’s Go”(Remix) by Bobby Valentino featuring Lil’ Fate
11. “Duffle Bag Boy” by Playaz Circle featuring Lil’ Wayne
12. “Live On Stage” by DTP Family (including Small World, Brolic D, Playaz Circle, Smoke, Willy Northpole, and Ludacris)
13. “Act Like Us” by Playaz Circle, Serius Jones, and Willy Northpole
14. “We Ain’t Worried ‘Bout U” by Ludacris

Ghostwriters Exposed pt2

Another list has surfaced and is going around of other big name hip hop stars and musical acts that are ghost writing for people you knew in the back of your mind and now have proof.


Will Smith’s “Just Cruisin” – ghost-written by Nas
Will Smith’s “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It” – ghost-written by Nas
Will Smith’s “Yes Yes Ya’ll” – co-written by Nas & Skillz
Will Smith’s “Chasin’ Forever” – co-written by Nas & Skillz
AZ’s "Mo Money, Mo Murder" – (AZ’s verse) co-written by Nas & AZ
Olu Dara’s "The Jungle" – ghost-written by Nas
Foxy’s Verse on "Affirmative Action" – ghost-written by Nas
Foxy’s Verse on "Hardcore" – ghost-written by Nas
Foxy’s Verse on "Encore" – ghost-written by Nas
Foxy’s Verse on "Firm Fiasco" – ghost-written by Nas
Foxy’s Verse on "Untouchable" – co-written by Nas & Mel Man
Foxy’s Verse on "Firm Biz" – co-written by Nas & AZ
Foxy’s Verse on "Executive Decision" co-written by Nas & Nature
Jermaine Dupri’s "Turn It Out" – co-written by Nas & ROC
Jermaine Dupri’s "I Gotta Have It" – co-written by Nas & Bryan M. Cox
Jermaine Dupri’s "Still Gotta Have It" – co-written by Nas, Monica, & B. M. Cox
Cha Cha’s "Momma" – ghost-written by Nas
Fat Joe’s "Jon Blaze" – (Fat Joe’s verse) ghost-written by Nas
Timbaland’s "To My…" – ghost-written by Nas
Diddy’s “Journey Through The Life” – (Diddy’s verse) ghost-written by Nas
RUN DMC’s "Queen’s Day" – (Run’s & DMC’s verses) co-written by Nas, Prodigy, & Havoc
Capone-N-Noreaga’s "B EZ" – (Nore’s verse) co-written by Nas & Capone
Kay Slay’s "Too Much 4 Me" – (Foxy’s verse) co-written by Nas
The Neptunes’ "Popular Thug" – (Pharell’s verse) ghost-written by Nas
Diddy’s “Everything I Love” – co-written by Common & Nas

ROC aka Rocky

Jermaine Dupri’s "Money Ain’t A Thang" – co-written by JayZ & ROC
Jermaine Dupri’s "Turn It Out" – co-written by Nas & ROC
Diddy’s verses on "Victory" – co-written by Jadakiss, Biggie, & ROC
Jermaine Dupri’s "Hate Blood" – co-written by ROC & Jadakiss
Jermaine Dupri’s "Get Some" – ghost-written by ROC
Jermaine Dupri’s "Get Your shit Right" – ghost-written by ROC & D-Dot
Jermaine Dupri’s "Lay It Down" – co-written by ROC & Lil Mo
Jermaine Dupri’s "Ballin Outta Control" – co-written by ROC & Nate Dogg
Mariah Carey’s “Loverboy REMIX” – song/hook co-written by L.Blackmon, T.Jenkins, M.Carey, & Cardan; (Da Brat’s verse) co-written by ROC & Cardan
Nick Cannon’s "Whenever U Need Me" – ghost-written by ROC
Bow Wow’s "Stick Up" – ghost-written by ROC
Bow Wow’s "To My Mama" – ghost-written by ROC
Bow Wow’s verse on "Hardball" – ghost-written by ROC
Bow Wow’s "I Can’t Lose" – ghost-written by ROC
Bow Wow’s "The Future" – ghost-written by ROC & TI
Bow Wow’s "The Don, The Dutch" – ghost-written by ROC & TI
Bow Wow’s "Hey Little Momma" – ghost-written by ROC & TI

Ne Yo

TQ’s “Westside” – ghost-written by Ne-Yo
Youngstown’s “Let’s Roll” – ghost-written by Ne-Yo
Youngstown’s “Don’t Worry” – ghost-written by Ne-Yo
Youngstown’s “Lose My Cool” – ghost-written by Ne-Yo
Youngstown’s “Pedal to the Steel” – ghost-written by Ne-Yo
Youngstown’s “Away With the Summer Days” – ghost-written by Ne-Yo
Youngstown’s “Dance Floor Pt. 2” – ghost-written by Ne-Yo
Youngstown’s “Down For The Get Down” – ghost-written by Ne-Yo
Youngstown’s “Float Away” – ghost-written by Ne-Yo
Youngstown’s “So Tight” – ghost-written by Ne-Yo
Marques Houston’s “That Girl” – ghost-written by Ne-Yo
Christina Milan’s “I’m Sorry” – ghost-written by Ne-Yo
Christina Milan’s “Y’all Ain’t Nothin” – ghost-written by Ne-Yo
Nivea’s “Still In Love” – ghost-written by Ne-Yo
Mis-teeq’s “Scandalous” – ghost-written by Ne-Yo
Samantha Mumba’s “Always Come Back To Your Love” – ghost-written by Ne-Yo
Rhianna’s “Just Be Happy” – ghost-written by Ne-Yo
Rhianna’s “The Hotness” – ghost-written by Ne-Yo
Cassidy’s “Kick It With Me” – vocals written by Ne-Yo
Jaiden’s “Escape” – ghost-written by Ne-Yo
Jalen’s “All I Need” – ghost-written by Ne-Yo
Boxie’s “Bridging The Gap” – ghost-written by Ne-Yo
Candace Jones’ “You And Me” – ghost-written by Ne-Yo
Heather Headley’s “The Letter” – ghost-written by Ne-Yo
Ruben Studdard’s “Feel Beautiful” – ghost-written by Ne-Yo
Cassie’s “Kiss Me” – ghost-written by Ne-Yo
Joe’s “It’s On You” – ghost-written by Ne-Yo
Mario’s “Let Me Love You” – ghost-written by Ne-Yo
Paula DeAnda’s “Walk Away” – ghost-written by Ne-Yo
Paula DeAnda’s “So Cold” – ghost-written by Ne-Yo
Paula DeAnda’s “When It Was Me” – ghost-written by Ne-Yo
Chris Brown’s “Like That” – ghost-written by Ne-Yo
Snoop Dogg’s “Let Me” – vocals written by Ne-Yo
Mary J Blige’s “Be Without You” – ghost-written by Ne-Yo
Mario Vazquez’s “Gallery” – ghost-written by Ne-Yo
The Blay’s “My Story” – ghost-written by Ne-Yo
Rhianna’s “Let Me” – ghost-written by Ne-Yo
Rhianna’s “Unfaithful” – ghost-written by Ne-Yo
Rhianna’s “We Ride” – ghost-written by Ne-Yo
Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable” – ghost-written by Ne-Yo
Beyonce’s “Hollywood” – ghost-written by Ne-Yo
Marques Houston’s “Wonderful” – ghost-written by Ne-Yo
Elliot Yamin’s “Wait For You” – ghost-written by Ne-Yo
Joe’s “If I Was Your Man” – ghost-written by Ne-Yo
Musiq’s “Ms. Philadelphia” – ghost-written by Ne-Yo
Mario’s “If” – ghost-written by Ne-Yo
Mario’s “What’s It Gonna Be” – ghost-written by Ne-Yo
Rhianna’s “Don’t Stop The Music” – ghost-written by Ne-Yo

Cardan (Pierre Jones)

Lil Kim’s “Queen bitch” – co-written by Biggie, Cardan, & Kurt Gowdy
Mariah Carey’s “Loverboy REMIX” – song/hook co-written by L.Blackmon, T.Jenkins, M.Carey, & Cardan; (Da Brat’s verse) co-written by ROC & Cardan
Camron’s “We Got It” – (both Mase/Cam’s verses) co-written by Mase & Cardan
Camron’s “Confessions” – co-written by Camron & Cardan
Murphy Lee’s “Hold Up” – (Murphy Lee’s & Nelly’s verses) ghost-written by Cardan
Nelly’s “This Goes Out” – (Nelly’s verse) co-written by Cardan & Lil Jon
Nelly’s “Never Let ‘Em C U Sweat” – ghost-written by Cardan
Mase’s “Love U So” – ghost-written by Cardan
Mase’s “Will They Die 4 You” – (Diddy’s verse) co-written by Cardan & Mase
Mase’s “I Need 2 Me” – co-written by Cardan & Mase
Brian McKnight’s "All Night Long" – (Nelly’s verse) ghost-written by Cardan
Jevon Hawkins’ (NFL football player) “Ve Clique” – ghost-written by Cardan
Jevon Hawkins’ (NFL football player) “My Dubbs” – ghost-written by Cardan

(L note: The surprise of this list is not what songs were ghostwritten, but by who. I didnt know Esco was getting that ghostwritter money,and the fact that Neyo wrote TQ's westside shows how long he's been in the game. Now if you combine this list with what i posted yesterday it shows a couple of facts. Like the fact that Foxy had Nas and Jay writing her stuff. No wonder she was crazy wit it. Also the fact that Ma$e ghostwrote for biggie and diddy, but Cardan ghostwrote for Ma$e, crazy huh? The shock of all this is that as much as he claim he wrote for people Skillz is only credited for co ghostwriting 2 Will Smith songs, Unless there is a part 3 looming...)

IHH TV: Common

"106 & Park Freestyle"

IHH Daily Motivation 7*11*07

Lift the fog

Negative thoughts fog your thinking and your perception. With each doubt, with each frustration, with each fear the fog grows heavier.

After a while, it becomes difficult to see how to move forward. And that just makes the fog even thicker.

The fog of negative thinking prevents you from seeing and acting on your best possibilities. Instead of focusing on moving forward, you're able only to give your attention to the petty distractions of the moment.

There is something, though, that will burn off that fog. It is determined, passionate, meaningful intention.

Give your energy to positive purpose, and the fog will begin to lift. Then step confidently through what's left of the fog, and you'll quickly leave it behind.

At times it may seem that there's no escaping the fog of your negative thoughts, yet at any time you can choose to be free. Fill your spirit with true purpose, and your best possibilities will come clearly into view.

-- Ralph Marston

Jul 10, 2007

IHH TV: Twista

"Give It Up"
Twista (Feat. Pharrell)

IHH Daily Update 7*10*07

Busta Rhymes Faces Four Separate Trials

Busta Rhymes rejected a plea deal in court on Tuesday (July 10) and will now face four separate trials, stemming from several different charges.

According to the Associated Press, Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Larry Stephen denied the prosecution's motion to merge the two assault charges against the rapper -- one for allegedly assaulting a fan, the other for assaulting an employee around Christmas time of last year.

Last August, Busta (real name: Trevor Smith) was charged with assault when he allegedly assaulted a fan for spitting on his car,following a performance at the Heineken AmsterJam Festival.

In December 2006, he was accused of attacking one of his employees in New York, a day after Christmas, when he confronted the rapper to collect money he was owed.

The AP reports that Assistant District Attorney Harrison Schweiloch did not move to have Busta's drunken driving and suspended license cases consolidated, so the judge also allowed them to remain separate.

The rapper again turned down Schweiloch's offer of a year in jail to cover all the cases, the same deal he was offered in his last outing in court."It's the same offer" that the prosecutor made at the last court appearance, Busta's attorney Scott Leemon said, "and it's one which Busta adamantly rejects."

Busta was arrested in May for the fourth time in less than a year. This time it was for a drunken driving charge, in which he had allegedly admitted -- during the time of the arrest -- that he had drunken a single shot of cognac an hour earlier.

Before the DWI arrest, the rapper was arrested in February 2007 for driving with a suspended license after police stopped him for running a red light.

He will now face each charge separately. Judge Stephen adjourned the cases until September 5, where he is likely to set a hearing and trial schedule.

KRS-One's Stepson Commits Suicide

The son of Simone G. Parker and stepson of Kris Parker AKA KRS-One committed suicide last week after a long bout with "severe depression".

Randy Hubbard Parker was found dead in his Atlanta area apartment this past weekend. He was 23 years old. Randy was born in Queens and was a graphic designer who also had a deep interest in the fashion industry. Reports suggest he was actively looking for employment in the Atlanta area at the time of his death.

“Kris and Simone Parker send their sincere appreciation to everyone who has already responded to the tragic news,” the couple said in a statement. A private memorial service will be held July 18th which would have been Randy's 24th birthday.

To send condolences, contact Shane Lynch at

NAACP Hold Mock Funeral For The "N" Word

Demonstrators marched in a mock funeral procession through downtown Detroit on Monday in a symbolic burial of the "N-word" and an effort to persuade black Americans to stop using a variant of the racial slur in hip-hop music, comedy and casual conversation.

Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm joined the event, which was attended by hundreds of demonstrators from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and others from nearby office buildings.

Victoria Lanier, a NAACP activist from New York, gave a mock obituary arguing that the racist slur with its roots in American slavery and all its modern variations as used by some blacks and in hip-hop could not be separated.

"We will bury this offensive usage among all people, including African Americans," Lanier said. "We promise that we will be more creative in our rap lyrics, more respectful to our ancestors."

The mock funeral, which included a plywood casket bedecked with a wreath of black roses and pulled by a pair of horses, was staged by the NAACP, which is holding its annual convention in Detroit.

"This is the first funeral I've been to where people were happy to be here," said NAACP Chairman Julian Bond. "The entity in this casket deserves to be dead."

Most demonstrators and speakers avoided direct mention of the epithet, which came into focus again last year after former "Seinfeld" actor Michael Richards used it repeatedly in a videotaped tirade at a Los Angeles comedy club.

A similar controversy erupted in April when talk show host Don Imus made a derogatory remark about the Rutgers University women's basketball team, a remark that prompted his firing by CBS.

Activists carried signs and wore T-shirts saying "Bury the "N" Word," while a Christian fellowship collected pledges from attendees who promised to stop using a range of slurs.

Under a banner saying, "Don't Dis', Uplift," members of Detroit's Fellowship Chapel collected pledges showing various offensive terms with a ban mark through each. The signed pledges were collected in a nearby garbage can.

"It's about self-respect. We need to throw all of this language in the garbage can -- all of this racist, sexist and misogynistic language," said Derek Blackman, who organized the pledge drive.

Several marchers doubted that the event would mark the demise of a centuries-old slur but some said it might start to harden attitudes among black entertainers and parents.

"In our circles, people tend to use this word without thinking about it," said Jimmie Garland from Clarksville, Tennessee. "But the word is negative regardless of who uses it."

Some demonstrators noted that the NAACP staged a similar mock funeral for America's "Jim Crow" laws, which enforced segregation, in Detroit in 1944 but that those laws remained in force until the mid-1960s.

"If the N-word is being buried today, it's being buried alive," said Detroit political consultant Sam Riddle, who attended Monday's event.


While Foxy Brown was being reported as missing in action by her publicist, close friends and even her lawyer, the rapper was busy performing at the Urban Music Awards in Manhattan. quoted witnesses and provided pictures of the Brooklyn artist working the stage at Saturday’s event. According to the Urban Music Awards web site, Brown was set to be a co-host alongside Spragga Benz.

Also, Boyz II Men were to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award and perform a 15-minute set of their greatest hits.

The New York Post had reported that Foxy was last spotted by her inner circle on June 29 boarding a plane to London. Witnesses on the flight also complained that she and her entourage were the cause of a nearly hour-long delay in take off.


Beyonce took time out of her busy schedule to visit two people who were injured by pyrotechnics that went astray during her concert Sunday at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis.

According to the AP, pyrotechnics meant for the stage accidentally shot out into the front row, sending two concertgoers straight to Barnes-Jewish Hospital with minor injuries. Spokeswoman Kathy Holleman wouldn't release their names, but both were expected to make a full recovery.

Soon after the concert ended, Beyonce arrived at the hospital and spent about 45 minutes chatting with the two fans at their bedside in the emergency room, said head nurse Darryl Williams.

"She was just very concerned about the people injured in the audience," Williams said. "It was unannounced and we kept it very low-key so that she could spend time with them. …I just thought it was a great thing for someone of her stature to do."

Ne-Yo Responds to Rumors about Superhead

Unlike those that came before him, Ne-Yo doesn't seem the slighted bit nervous about Karrine "Superhead" Steffans' new tell-all sequel book.

At the Essence Music Festival on Saturday, the singer/songwriter dismissed all romantic affiliation with the infamous video model-turned-author, who is planning a second book, "The Vixen Diaries" as a follow up to her much talked about memoir "Confessions of a Video Vixen".

Two years ago, the release of the salacious "Confessions" threw many of the hip-hop community's biggest stars under the bus when she told tales of long-lasting love affairs and one-night stands with the likes of Dr. Dre, Jay-Z, DMX, Diddy and Shaquille O'Neal that still have people talking to this day.

Last week it was reported that Steffans told King magazine about a night in which Ne-Yo rubbed and bit her feet before telling her, "I don't care what happened before, but your life didn't start until the day you met me, and no matter what happens if we just stay friends, we end up together, it doesn't matter"

Ne-Yo told the media backstage at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans that there was no validity to her claims.

"You know what, when the whole gay rumor [surfaced,] people were telling me, 'You're nobody till they think you're gay…I'm adding this [claim by Steffans] to that. Now that Karrine Steffans has claimed me, I guess I've officially arrived. I've made the second book, cool." He stated with a shrug.

Ne-Yo also informed the media that he is busy penning lyrics for a long list of music favorites including: Mary J. Blige, Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls, Janet Jackson, Celine Dion, Michael Jackson, Usher, Whitney Houston, and Lionel Richie.

50 CENT, CIARA AND THEIR ENTOURAGES GO ON A DATE is reporting that 50 Cent and his rumored girlfriend Ciara were spotted last week on a romantic dinner date at the Brentwood Restaurant and Lounge in West Los Angeles – with their respective camps in tow acting as one big third wheel.

Sources say the two artists and their “posse of ten” arrived at the restaurant “in a fleet of cars, including a Lamborghini that 50 was driving,” reports TMZ.

According to witnesses, 50 and Ciara were snuggled up in one booth, while the hangers-on “stood guard at one large table across from them.”

Rumors of a romance between the two were sparked by their semi-naked scenes in Ciara’s video for "Can't Leave 'Em Alone."

Alicia Keys Eyeing October For Third J Album

Alicia Keys has penciled in an Oct. 23 release date for her third J Records album, "As I Am." Songwriter Linda Perry chipped in with three songs, including "The Thing About Love," which Keys premiered on Saturday at the Live Earth concert in East Rutherford, N.J.

Sporting a more rock- and funk-edged vibe to her usual grooves, "As I Am" also finds Keys working with Mark Batson, Kerry "Krucial" Brothers and Harold Lilly Jr. Guests include John Mayer and Floetry singer Marsha Ambrosius.

Keys characterizes her brainstorming with Perry as "not quite the same old thing. My roots are soul, hip-hop and jazz. She's rock but soulful as well." Adding that their pairing transcends any perceived barriers, she says with a laugh, "Together we're talking worldwide domination."

Overall, six new songs previewed by Billboard exhibit the creative freedom that Keys says fuels the rest of the album. "Being able to be so free with no expectations ... the results surpass whatever I could imagine," she enthuses. "I am thankful and blessed at how this music is coming out."

The only upcoming date on Keys' schedule is a Sept. 6 appearance at the annual Fashion Rocks Concert at New York's Radio City Music Hall.

Big Tigger To Return To "Rap City?"

Though he presently isn't on BET's talent roster, Tigger is still under contract with the network. Earlier this year, he explained that BET executives are developing new shows for him to helm. Tigger recently provided SOHH with an update.

"Still having great conversations about it," Tigger said in regards to potentially hosting a new show. "There were two shows that came up, I turned down. And I'm still having some conversations."

Though he wouldn't confirm, Tigger hinted that he may reprise his "RapCity" hosting gig.

"There's a strong conversation about me going back to one of the shows that I used to be on and y'all figure out which one it was," Tigger said. "We'll see what happens

Documentary Film In The Works Starring Dr. Dre's Daughter

A new documentary film entitled "Daddy's Shadow" is in the works starring Dr. Dre's daughter Manaj.

Daddy's Shadow is a feature-length documentary centered on Manaj's quest to break into the music industry despite her legendary multi-millionaire father's objections and lack of support. The film is currently under production through TM Media Group.

"Working with TM Media Group and Matt Harmon on my project is a dream come true. They respect my creativity and direction and I can feel the success already. I hope to make my fans proud and look forward to reaching a new global audience through my relationship with Matt and his team," said Manaj.

The trailer can be viewed at

Juvenile Works on Next Album with Mannie Fresh

Juvenile, only a year removed from 2006's Reality Check, is back iin the studio with longtime collaborator Mannie Fresh. The as-of-yet untitled album is tentatively set to be released on UTP/Atlantic Records, sometime in the Fall.

“I done matured a lot, ‘cause you know my kids is getting older,” said Juve according to XXL. “It’s not all about Juve no more. Me and Mannie been back in the studio [and] I had to humble myself down…pimp down a level. I just want people to listen to this album and realize the time behind it. Realize the amount of years that I been around to still be doing what I’m doing and at the caliber I’m doing it.”
As for the status of the album?

“I don’t know nothing,” said Juve. “I’m just doing songs. I’m a background player on this one. I’ma let Mannie and Atlantic call the shots.”

IHH Mixtape of the week

"Money Talks 2"
DJ WhiteOwl

Mixtape Tracks
1. 50 cent ft justin timberlake and timbaland-she wants it (exclusive)
2. 50 cent ft two five-i get money (remix)
3. Lil wayne ft baby and jadakiss-poppin bottles
4. P.diddy ft akon ludacris lil jon and dj feli fel-i get buck in here (hot)
5. Kardinal offishall ft akon and pharrell williams-6 in the morning
6. Styles p-the transporter
7. Jadakiss-freestyle
8. Lil wayne-lets get high (exclusive)
9. 40 cal ft lil wayne-where my niggas at
10. Jim jones -ride wit a g
11. J.r. writer-what a thug about
12. 40 cal-bringin new york back
13. 40 cal-excuse you
14. Cassidy ft peedi crack larceny and m.o.r-the family
15. Grafh ft foxy brown-we dont surrender
16. Freeway-philly gansta
17. Lil wayne ft currency-get it on the floor
18. Mims ft sean kingston red cafe and n.o.r.e-like this (remix)
19. Two five-put ya hands up
20. Freeway-party like a rockstar freestyle
21. Lil wayne-pray 2 the lord
22. Kanye west-back in the day
23. Cardi-annomosity
24. Lil eazy e ft jay-z-123 roc

Ghostwriters Exposed

I guess someone decided to expose all the rappers who use Ghost Writers, don’t worry, you probably won’t see something you didn’t already suspect. Funny I dont see Shaq on this list anywhere.


Diddy’s "Senorita" – ghost-written by Jadakiss
Diddy’s verses on "Victory" – co-written by Jadakiss, Biggie, & ROC
Biggie’s "Mo Money Mo Problems" – (biggie’s & diddy’s verse) – co-written by Mase, Jadakiss, & Ed Bernard
Biggie’s verse on “Last Days” – ghost-written by Jadakiss
Charli Baltimore’s “Money” – ghost-written by Jadakiss
Cam’Ron’s “Horse & Carriage” – hook by Jadakiss, both verses co-written by Jadakiss
J-Lo’s "Jenny From The Block" – (Style’s verse) ghost-written by Jadakiss


112’s “Only You” (biggie’s verse) – ghost-written by Mase
112’s “Anywhere” (Lil Zane’s verse) – co-written by Mase & Lil Zane
Biggie’s "Mo Money Mo Problems" – (biggie’s & diddy’s verse) – co-written by Mase, Jadakiss, & Ed Bernard
Camron’s “We Got It” – (both Mase/Cam’s verses) co-written by Mase & Cardan
Diddy’s "Friend" – ghost-written by Mase
Philly’s Most Wanted’s "Cross The Border" – ghost-written by Mase
JayZ’s “I Just Wanna Love You” – co-written by Mase & Pharell Williams
Diddy’s "Come 2 Me" – ghost-written by Jody Breeze
Diddy’s "After Love" – ghost-written by Jody Breeze
Diddy’s "Through The Pain" – ghost-written by Jody Breeze


M. Bleek on "Coming of Age" – ghost-written by JayZ
M. Bleek’s "All Types of " – ghost-written by JayZ
"Coming of Age (Da Sequel)" – (Memphis Bleek’s verse) ghost-written by JayZ
Foxy’s "If I" – ghost-written by JayZ
Foxy’s "Foxy’s Bells" – ghost-written by JayZ
Foxy’s "Get Me Home" – ghost-written by JayZ
Foxy’s "Ill Na Na" – (Foxy’s verse) ghost-written by JayZ
Foxy’s "I’ll Be" – ghost-written by JayZ
Foxy’s "Big Bad Mama” – ghost-written by JayZ
Foxy’s "Hot Spot" – ghost-written by JayZ
Foxy’s "I Can’t" – ghost-written by JayZ
Foxy’s "JOB" – ghost-written by JayZ
Lil Kim’s "Big Momma Thang" – ghost-written by JayZ
Bugs Bunny – "Buggin" (from Spacejam sdtrk) – ghost-written by JayZ
Jermaine Dupri’s "Money Ain’t A Thang" – co-written by JayZ & ROC
Biggie’s "Hypnotize" – co-written by D-Dot
Diddy’s "Fake Thug Dedication" – ghost-written by JayZ
Timbaland’s "Indian Carpet" – ghost-written by JayZ
Dr. Dre’s "Still DRE" – ghost-written by JayZ
Dr. Dre’s "The Watcher" – ghost-written by JayZ & Rakim
Dr. Dre’s "The Message" – co-written by JayZ, Rell, & Royce Da 5’9"
Snoop Dogg’s "Intrology" – ghost-written by JayZ
Pro The Spectacula’s "Call Ya Boy" – ghost-written by JayZ
Pro The Spectacula’s "Handle Barz" – ghost-written by JayZ
Slim Thug’s “I Ain’t Heard of That” – ghost-written by JayZ
Slim Thug’s “I Ain’t Heard of That RMX” – co-written by JayZ
Fort Minor’s “Where’d You Go” – co-written by JayZ & Mike Shinoda


Will Smith’s “Miami” – ghost-written by Smitty
Diddy’s "Bad Boys 4 Life" – Diddy’s verse co-written by Smitty & Black Rob
Diddy’s “And We” – Hook, Diddy’s, & Foxy’s verse ghost-written by Smitty
Loon’s “How You Want That” – ghost-written by Smitty
Diddy’s “Show Me Your Soul” – Hook & Diddy’s verse ghost-written by Smitty
Diddy’s "Shake Ya Tailfeather" – Hook & Diddy’s verse ghost-written by Smitty
Diddy’s “Girl I’m A Bad Boy” – Hook & Diddy’s verse ghost-written by Smitty
Baby & Diddy’s “Do That” – ghost-written by Smitty
Truth Hurt’s “Cop” – Dr. Dre’s verse ghost-written by Smitty
Truth Hurt’s “Benefit of the Doubt” – ghost-written by Smitty
Truth Hurt’s “Hollywood” – ghost-written by Smitty
Dr. Dre’s “The Wash”– ghost-written by Smitty
Dr. Dre’s “On The Boulevard” – co-written by Smitty & Knoc-Turnal
Beyonce’s “Summertime” – co-written by Smitty


Bow Wow’s "Let’s Get Down" – ghost-written by TI
Bow Wow’s "I’ll Move On" – ghost-written by TI
Bow Wow’s "The Future" – ghost-written by TI & ROC
Bow Wow’s "The Don, The Dutch" – ghost-written by TI & ROC
Bow Wow’s "Hey Little Momma" – ghost-written by TI & ROC


Dr. Dre’s “Keepin’ It Dope” – ghostwritten by D.O.C.
Dr. Dre’s “A * Witta Gun” – ghostwritten by D.O.C.
Dr. Dre’s "Little Ghetto Boy" – co-written by D.O.C. & Snoop
Dr. Dre’s “Big Egos” – co-written by D.O.C., Mel Man, & Brian A. Bailey
Dr. Dre’s “Housewife” – co-written by D.O.C. & Mel Man
Snoop Dogg’s “Snoop’s Upside Ya Head” – ghostwritten by D.O.C.
Trina’s “Ain’t ” – song/hook co-written by D.O.C. &; Trina;
(Snoop’s verse) co-written by D.O.C. & Kurupt
Twista/Mobstability’s “Mobstability” – co-written by D.O.C. & Twista
Ice Cube’s “Once Upon A Time In…2” – co-written by Ice Cube & D.O.C.
Ice Cube’s “Roll All Day” – ghostwritten by D.O.C.
Ice Cube’s “Until We Rich” – (Ice cube’s verse) ghostwritten by D.O.C.
Bone Thugs’ “This Ain’t a Game” song/hook co-written by Trey Songz D.O.C.; verses co-written by Bone Thugs & D.O.C.
Snoop Dogg’s “Boss Life” – co-written by D.O.C., Stanley Benton, & Akon
Snoop Dogg’s “Round Here” – (Snoop’s verses) co-written by D.O.C. & S. Benton
Snoop Dogg’s “Imagine” – co-written by D.O.C., Snoop, D’Angelo, & Dr. Dre
Snoop Dogg’s “That’s That” – (Snoop’s verses) ghostwritten by D.O.C.