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Jul 21, 2007

SoulFul Saturdays 7*21*07

"Harlem Blues"
Cynda Williams

This is my favorite R&B song of all time.
The Lena Horne version is a lot better, but this a great cover.
This is Originally from the Spike lee movie "Mo Better Blues"

Sorry so late with the update today, what can i say, i Have a life to.


IHH Daily Motovation 7*21*07

Room for improvement

There is always room for improvement. And the fact that there is, is truly a blessing.

There is always something new to be learned. There are always fresh ideas to be explored.

No matter how good life is, there are ways to make it even better. Love and joy and fulfillment do not ever get used up.

You can make today more beautiful, more productive, more meaningful than yesterday. And you can make tomorrow even better.

Each moment is another opportunity to create new value. Each day is yours to fill with positive experience.

Whether you've been up or you've been down, whether life is now good or not so good, this is the time to make it better. Make a little improvement, and then a little more, and keep reaching higher and higher.

-- Ralph Marston

IHH TV: Rich Boy

"Good Things"
Rich Boy Feat. Keri Hilson & Polow Da Don

Jul 20, 2007

Common Springs A Leak, New Album Hits The Net

Common's forthcoming album, Finding Forever, has recently leaked onto internet.

As previously reported, the album, which is due in stores on July 31st, features production by, Devo Springsteen, and the late J Dilla. There will also be gust features from Lily Allen, Kanye West, Bilal and D'Angelo.

This leak comes only weeks after T.I.'s album T.I. vs T.I.P. found its way to the net. In spite of the record hitting the internet, T.I. went on to sell more than 400,000 copies of his album in its first week.

In related news, the Chicago bred rapper will be starring alongside Denzel Washington and T.I. in the film "American Gangster." The flick is based on the true story of 1970's drug kingpin Frank Lucas (played by Washington) who brought heroin into Harlem by sneaking it into the coffins of American soldiers coming home from Vietnam.

"American Gangster" opens in theaters on November 2nd.

IHH Daily Update 7*20*07

50 Cent Talks Cam'ron, Nas, Dre, M.O.P.

In part 2 of XXL Mag’s 50 Cent feature, the G Unit Boss discusses the intelligence of certain MCs even going as far as claiming Nas lost his audience. Below are a few excerpts.

“He was almost weirder than me ’cause we would go to breakfast and he’d be there reading a book. Conceptually, I think that’s what made him drift away from what his initial audience enjoys from him and why he’s not hot right now.” Said Fif of Nas, “he’s feeding you too much information in the music and they don’t actually want it. He’s like a teacher.”

He then moved onto the never-ending Cam’ron beef which has toned down a bit since Cam’s altercation with rapper Tru Life. The beef, which ignited during a Hot 97 interview with 50 Cent, also caused turmoil within the Dipset Camp.

“My initial intention when we started that conversation wasn’t to cause an altercation. But after an altercation is caused, I have no intentions of resolving it. I don’t believe you can resolve a situation with someone you didn’t initiate. If they caused it, there’s nothing you can do on your end. You didn’t actually ask for it so it’s there. And you make it—you pound away at him with the consistency of releasing quality material ’til his ass is dust. He’s gone and everybody that surrounds him gets it in the end, too. This is why I tell him Jim Jones should be the boss of Dipset and now you see Jim Jones say he’s not fuckin’ with Cam.”

When asked about Cam’s career as it stands, 50 explained why no major label is willing to sign Cam Ron.

“Cam had Columbia [Records] spend marketing dollars on him when he was with Untertainment. He had Def Jam spend marketing dollars when he was on Roc-A-Fella. Now he’s in a graveyard. The majors have no interest in spending money on him because they know the marketing dollars that’s spent is going to be in vain. [But] Jimmy’s done something that’s significant—he came out of the graveyard. His career started on Koch, which means he can go do his deal with the majors [and] he can go do a publishing deal. The kinda money he gon’ receive in those positions based on the success of his last project is gonna make, when he says, “ballin’,” real.”

Moving on to M.O.P, 50 confirmed rumors that he once offered them $1,000 for every pound that they lost during their stay at his Connecticut Mansion.

“M.O.P., they just ain’t after the same thing. They are a great group. They got music I’d love to put out. I’m just not going to bet on a horse that got three legs in this climate. It won’t win a race.”

Fif also spoke of the weirdness between him and Dre after The Game was removed from G Unit.

“I’m not even sure he knows. He might read this and be surprised that I said it. But Dre didn’t voice his opinion knowing I gave Game everything that made him what he is. And that didn’t matter. It shouldn’t matter that [Dre] gave me “In Da Club.” He brought something creatively to the table that helped spawn my entire career and I respect him for it. On a higher level, Em for me is like next to my grandmother. He did things for me when I couldn’t do them myself. I needed him at that point and he actually came through for me.”

D’Angelo Nabbed, Faces More Charges in Virginia Court

It’s been seven years since R&B singer and Richmond native D’Angelo, aka Michael Eugene Archer, has released an album. The extended hiatus has left fans wondering what happened to the artist who won two Grammys, thrilled audiences worldwide with his rippled physique and led soul music back to its roots.

They aren’t the only ones who’ve been looking for D’Angelo.

Chesterfield County police arrested Archer at the county courthouse in February on charges stemming from a 2005 car accident in Powhatan County. The singer was in court for failing to appear for an earlier child-support petition, which was dismissed.

Archer now faces charges of driving with a suspended license, driving under the influence and reckless driving. He’s scheduled to appear in court Aug. 10.

The accident occurred on Route 711 near Route 288 two weeks after Archer was given a suspended sentence in Chesterfield Circuit Court for cocaine possession, driving under the influence and marijuana possession.

D’Angelo was ejected from his Hummer after it went off the road, struck a fence and overturned. He suffered contusions and bruised ribs, while the other person in the vehicle, Lynn Sellers, sustained minor injuries. A state police investigation concluded that D’Angelo, whose driver’s license was suspended at the time of the accident, was driving the vehicle.

“Mr. Archer was out of the state when the warrant was obtained, so the trooper notified the attorney,” says Corinne Geller, spokeswoman for the Virginia State Police. “The responsibility was on Mr. Archer to turn himself in.”

With his recording career on hold, the only notable appearances the singer has made in recent years have been in the courtroom. So where has D’Angelo been since his last known docket date of Sept. 12, 2005?

“He seems to be doing very well,” says his attorney, Ned Mikula. “I know that he’s working on his music.”

While he hasn’t completed an album of his own, D’Angelo did appear on Snoop Dogg’s “Blue Carpet Treatment” last year, singing the chorus to the Dr. Dre.-produced “Imagine.” A new song featuring D’Angelo’s vocals, “Really Love,” was leaked to an Australian radio station in April.

Mikula says the singer hopes to have new music ready for a fall release. Once tentatively titled “James River,” it would be his first album since the highly acclaimed recording “Voodoo” was released in 2000.

But the singer’s comeback could be cut short if he’s convicted of charges relating to the accident. He may also be forced to serve the three-year suspended jail sentence he received in 2005, stemming from a traffic stop in Chesterfield County.

Jim Jones addresses Cam'ron, would work with 50 and Nas

Dipset Capo Jim Jones has been quiet since putting label founder Cam’ron on punishment earlier this year while speaking to Hot 97’s radio personality Miss Info as Jones put it back then.

According to industry insiders, the two have been rumored to be at odds since those comments either over money or Jones’ over night success. Weeks since, Jones and Cam, along with the rest of the Diplomats have been quiet about the possible in-house feud, not speaking on what the problem stemmed from. Dipset members bypassed the incident in interviews as just a minor ruffle among the top ranks of the group.

Jimmy has recently opened up to and explained his rift with Cam’ron, claiming it might not be all good, but it’s all about loyalty.

“Shouts to Cameron,” Jones said Tuesday — using the MC’s full name — from the set of Yung Berg’s “Sexy Lady” remix video. “We going through our little differences and things like that. When you come up in this game, loyal to a flaw, you look to certain people to always take care of you above and beyond, because you’d do the same thing for them. And, of course, there’s a lot of money at stake here. And no matter what anyone tells you, when money comes into play, people do change in certain ways and things like that. Because we didn’t grow up with this type of money we playing with now, so it’s only [normal] that you’re gonna change in some aspect. But for us, loyalty is everything, and when you break that code of honor a little bit, it tends to make the water rough.

“I opted to go back to the dock and start building my own boat,” Jones continued. “So I could go out and fish for myself, you know what I mean? There’s still a fleet of Diplomat boats and when the time comes we’ll all get on it and we’ll go out and fish again. But right now, I’m my own fisherman.”

It looked as if Jim was trying to put all rumors to end that him and Cam’ron were not having problems, by him appearing in the, “We Fly High” video. Jones told MTV News at the time the concept of the video was to squash any rumors that he and Cam had a problem with each other. But on the accompanying album by Jones, last year’s Hustler’s P.O.M.E. (Product of My Environment), Cam only appears on one song; same for the Diplomats’ recent compilation, More Than Music, Vol. 2.

“There was a little disruption going on in there, but it’s still Diplomats by all means,” Jones said.

“That’s what that’s all about, it ain’t got to do with nothing else,” he continued. “It’s about two brothers feuding, and brothers do feud, you can’t take that [away]. I know brothers that go through it tremendously, even scrap. You know the media always look for something to pick on. The Diplomats been running for a hell of a long time. We going on 11 years right now, and yes, I know if you seen me and Cam, wherever you seen Cam, you seen Jim Jones and things like that. But like I said, everybody gets older and sometimes best friends do grow apart as the time goes on, but you never know what could happen. We might just pop up together and slap fire out of one of you. So don’t ever forget that. What I can do, what me and Cam could do, toward each other, you punks can’t do. So if one of you punks get out of line, I’m still gonna handle you. You understand me? Don’t get the family business twisted. You will get handled, hardbody.”

On what has been one of the most difficult years for Jimmy, with his beef with Cam, and losing a friend and artist Stack Bundles, he flirts with the idea that he would work with 50 Cent and one time rival Nas. The same can not be said about rapper Jay Z, has he states the bridge has been burned between the two.

“I would love to do a song with Fif,” Jones revealed. “I told people I’m a businessman. At the end of the day, you never say never because you don’t make your decisions, God does. I know there’s a lot of grudges, I know there’s a lot of gripes out there.

“There’s probably one person I wouldn’t do a song with, and that’s probably Jay[-Z]. I really ain’t got no taste for that right there. That’s not my side of the fence and that’s not my speed. ... [However, if other MCs] you want to lock it, holler at me. We could lock in together, we could do a song dissing each other, we could do a song that’s getting money, we could do whatever. I’m with it. You can bring your crew, I can bring my crew, we’ll lock in the studio. That goes for 50, that goes for Nas, that goes for anybody.”


Sources are telling the New York Daily News that Usher is trying to shut down his top fan site because of its editor’s attacks on his fiancé, Tameka Foster.

He's had his lawyer send her papers," a source tells the newspaper.

The site’s editor, Erika Jackson, has been open about her negative feelings about Foster, whom many Usher fans blame for the singer’s decision to fire his own mother as his manager.

In May, Usher parted ways with longtime publicist Simone Smalls, and recently his other longtime rep, Chris Chambers, left the team. Chambers is said to have disapproved of the "open letter" Usher wrote to fans last week.

"It's disturbing that the media and bloggers (under the guise as
'fans') continuously speculate on the personal aspects of my life," he wrote. posted a scathing response to that letter, originally from Rolling Stone, which called the move "petty."

Laugh Factory owner says Dave Chappelle forgot to hydrate during stand up performance.

A failure to drink enough water during a stand up routine in San Francisco is the cause of Dave Chappelle’s recent trip to the emergency room, where he was treated for exhaustion and dehydration, a reports E! Online.

"He stayed up and did a show [at the Punch Line Comedy Club]…and at the time he did it, he did not get enough water to drink and had a little bit of dehydration," Laugh Factory owner Jamie Masada told the network. "I spoke to him and he's okay."

Chappelle spent 12 hours in the ER receiving food and fluids as rumors began circulating that he was actually in rehab. Both his publicist and Masada have denied those reports, or that drugs were the cause of his trauma.

"He's so thin, and he gets so creative he forgets to eat and drink," Masada said. "I love Dave. I've known him since he was 15 years old. His biggest problem is he gets in a creative mode and forgets to eat. He's on the stage for six or seven hours. Everybody would have a bottle of water and he'll have nothing."

Eve Goes To Court Early, Meets Probation Requirements In DUI Case

Eve has reportedly completed the conditions of her probation after making an early court appearance in connection with a DUI charge.

Eve was arrested for driving under the influence after crashing her Maserati on Hollywood Boulevard back in April. She plead no contest to the charge.

According to KNBC, the rapper/actress, who was originally scheduled to appear in court today (July 20) made an early Monday (July 16) appearance and successfully met all of the conditions of her probation.

As previously reported, Eve (born Eve Jihan Jeffers) was ordered by a judge to wear an alcohol monitoring device attached to her ankle for 45 days, and pay $1,400 in fines and penalties after her lawyer entered a plea of no contest at a June 28 court appearance.

During the hearing, the judge once again reminded Jeffers of the conditions of her probation, as she will be required to show proof that she has completed her alcohol education program by December 28 of this year.

The Philly-bred MC was also sentenced to 36 months probation by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Richard Kemalyam at the same hearing. Eve was also required to enroll in a first-offender alcohol education program for three months and attend 10 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings as well.

Humane Society Blames DMX, Jay-Z and Hip-Hop For Promoting Dog Fighting

Earlier this week on Bill O’Reilly’s daily Fox News show, the O’Reilly Factor, the Humane Society blamed DMX, Jay-Z and hip-hop for promoting dog-fighting culture in America.

Recently, NFL player Michael Vick, quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons, was indicted by a federal grand jury for allegedly participating in a dog-fighting ring. Surprisingly, John Goodwin, manager of animal fighting issues for the Humane Society, drew a connection between Vick’s case and hip-hop.

“The growth in dog fighting has been largely fueled by some elements in the popular culture, specifically some rap videos,” Goodwin told O’Reilly. “For example, there is a rapper named DMX. He has a CD named Grand Champ. There is a big pit-bull on the cover and the booklet that comes with the CD describes a champion as a three time winner of dogfights. There is Jay-Z, who had a music video called “99 Problems.” The unedited version had scenes of him handling a dog in a dog fighting pit.”

Polow Takes Control Of Janet Jackson's Sound

Producer Polow Da Don, who recently launched his own label Zone 4, spoke exclusively with SOHH about music he is producing for Janet Jackson's forthcoming CD on Island Def Jam.

"Music is different from the last time she was 'it,'" Polow said. "I want to put her in the clubs because that's where the kids register what's a hit. We can have the radio hits all day with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and Jermaine [Dupri]... a lot of people can do that for her. But my particular focus is going to be like... the club." [Watch Polow Interview Here]

Polow has produced recent pop hits, including Ciara's "Promise," Fergie's "Glamorous," and Nicole Scherzinger's new single "Whatever You Like" featuring T.I.

As previously reported, Jackson recently left Virgin and signed with Island Def Jam where her boyfriend, Dupri is now president of Island Urban.

Despite speculation that Jackson's new project will hit shelves by year's end, an official release date has yet to be confirmed.

Red Café Teams With DJ Envy For New Album

Brooklyn rapper Red Café is teaming with Hot 97/Serius Radio personality DJ Envy for a new album on KOCH Records this fall entitled The Co-Op.

The LP will be released on September 25 and features guest appearances by Fabolous, Fat Joe, Styles P, Sheek Louch, Paul Wall and Nina Sky. In order to promote the LP, Envy and Café will release two singles off the album — “Dolla Bill,” which features Fabolous and Jermaine Dupri, and “Things You Do,” which features Nina Sky.

Red Café, who recently signed with Akon’s Konvict Music imprint, will release The Co-Op as a warm up for his major label debut. The tracklisting for The Co-Op is as follows.

1. “Intro”
2. “Dolla Bill” featuring JD & Fabolous
3. “Things You Do” featuring Nina Sky
4. “Buck Buck” featuring Sheek Louch
5. “G Move” featuring Uncle Murda and Styles P
6. “What It Do” featuring Remy Ma
7. “Ghetto Children” featuring Mr. Easy
8. “Jeep Shit” featuring Fabolous and Paul Wall
9. “We Really Do This” featuring MIMS and Currency
10. “I Know” featuring Fabolous
11. “Murderer”


Kanye West is scheduled to host a benefit concert for his charitable foundation on Aug. 24 at Chicago's House of Blues.

The artist will play tracks from his forthcoming Def Jam album “Graduation” and preview staging for his fall Glow in the Dark tour, reports Billboard. The bill will also include surprise celebrity guests.

Before the event, West is scheduled to meet with 200 local students during soundcheck.

Partial proceeds are to benefit the Loops Dreams Teacher Training Institute in Chicago, which supports the incorporation of hip-hop into Chicago Public Schools curriculum.

Sean Kingston Keeps It Positive

This summer, newcomer Sean Kingston is dominating radio airwaves with his single "Beautiful Girls." In this exclusive the Jamaican boy wonder chops it up about overcoming his personal struggles, writing his own music, and bringing a positive vibe to his new album.

Born in Miami and raised in Jamaica, Kingston is the grandson of Bob Marley-producer Jack Ruby and nephew of Buju Banton.

"He told me, 'you gotta be humble at all times, stay focused, you have to believe in your craft,'" Kingston said about Banton. "He told me a lot of stuff that really makes sense and at the end of the day I learned a lot from him and he inspired me a lot."

Musical lineage aside, Sean says ihe's traveled a rocky road to reach his current level of success.

"I went off to boot camp when I was young, my mom got locked up when I was 14 -- she's still locked up now,' Kingston shared. "I was homeless at one point. I've been through a lot of stuff, I think it's only right to talk about it to my fans and let them know what my struggle was like."

Executive produced by J.R. Rotem, who signed Sean to his BelugaHeights label after discovering the talented teen on MySpace, Kingston's album is entirely self-penned-- and positive.

"Overall I would say it's a feel good album. I make feel good music. But I'm not talking about my rims on my car or typical things," Sean said "It's an international crossover, universal type album. I think it's a classic, it's got everything on there, from reggae to pop, to R&B. All of my stuff comes from me, comes from the heart. It's authentic, I make great music and I write all my own stuff."

While the album finds Kingston rapping and singing across multiple genres of music, Sean made sure to keep the project free of profanity.

"I feel like with what's going on in hip-hop, people don't need to be cursing -- especially coming from a 17-year-old. I don't need to curse in my music to make it any better," he explained. "I'm trying to touch every fan base, and make everyone connect with me as an artist, I want people to know this artist is real, he writes all his own stuff, he does really good music, he doesn't have no negative stuff about him."

In addition to his upcoming album and new single, "Me Love," which drops this week, Sean is also releasing a new mixtape Good Talk Volume 2, which he co-hosts with DJ Khaled.

"I wanted to do the mixtape to get the streets involved, get everybody knowing my name and people to start talking," Sean said. "I don't see myself as a mixtape artist, but I think mixtapes help people's buzz get bigger. If you got a hot mixtape, you have people saying I can't wait for the album. I'm just trying to get that going. It's hosted by DJ Khaled, he's a good friend of mine from Miami, it came out crazy."

Sean Kingston's self-titled debut hits stores July 31 via Beluga Heights/Epic Recordings.

Babyface Returns With New Album This September

Kenny ‘Babyface’ Edmonds has completed his 11th album, PLAYLIST, which will arrive in stores September 18th as the first album on the newly re-launched Mercury Records.

PLAYLIST will be Babyface’s first album devoted (mostly) to cover versions of some of his favorite songs, among them James Taylor’s “Fire & Rain,” Bob Dylan’s “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door,” Dan Fogelberg’s “Longer,” Jim Croce's "Time In A Bottle," Eric Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight," and many others. The album will also include original material.

Babyface’s albums and singles include: Lovers By Babyface (1987); Tender Lover (1989, double-platinum), a #1 R&B album in Billboard for 11 weeks, including the #1 R&B singles “It’s No Crime” and “Tender Love,” “Whip Appeal” (#2), and “My Kinda Girl” (#3); For the Cool In You (1993, triple-platinum), on the R&B album chart for 87 weeks, with the top 10 R&B singles “For the Cool In You,” “Never Keeping Secrets,” “And Our Feelings,” and “When Can I See You”; The Day (1996, double-platinum), with the top 5 R&B/pop crossover hits “This Is For the Lover In You” (platinum) and “Every Time I Close My Eyes” (gold); MTV Unplugged NYC 1997 (gold); Christmas With Babyface (1998); Face2Face (2001); and Grown & Sexy (2005).

In July 1999, Babyface became the largest single personal donor to VH1’s “Save the Music” campaign when he donated $60,000 to the campaign in his home state of Indiana, to help improve the quality of music education in public schools by restoring and supporting music programs and raising public awareness. That same month in Indianapolis, the Governor of Indiana renamed a 23-mile stretch of Interstate 65 “Kenneth ‘Babyface’ Edmonds Highway,” the first time that a living African-American has been bestowed an honor of such magnitude

Curtis is in Full Battle Mode

With His 3rd Full length release on the horizon, 50 stopped by hot 97 yesterday to start whats now referred to as 50 promotions.

Now understand every artist does promotions for their upcoming releases, but no one does quite like Fif. Check his track record: before get rich or die trying came out, the beef between him and Ja was at it's peak.

Before The Massacre dropped 50 need beef again to sell records, but he could beef with Ja anymore his career was dead. So he took aim at Fat Joe, JadaKiss, and Nas. Its one of Makaveli's Laws of War. "The Friend of my enemy is my enemy" (see Makaveli-Toss it up). Joe and Kiss Dropped "New York" with Ja. So they were fair game according to Curtis.

With that being said 50's next target is Lil Wayne. Why Weezy you ask? "The Friend of My Enemy is My Enemy." Weezy just dropped a track with Ja Called "
"Uh-Oh" ". He should have seen it coming.

But wait there's more.

50 also takes aim at Kanye for dropping his album the same day as his. Telling Flex " September 11th is the date, and I’m not pushing it back. I’m not moving under any circumstances." Whenever 50 goes on Hot 97 he always has something crazy to say.

Props to Eskay for the Audio

50 On Flex Pt. 1 (Tells Flex He Ain’t Moving)
50 On Flex Pt. 2
50 On Flex Pt. 3
50 On Flex Pt. 4 (Calls Wayne A Whore)
50 On Flex Pt. 5 (Speaks On Hov)
50 On Flex Pt. 6

IHH TV:Throwback Friday 7*20*07

I got a request to post this. so Aja here you go.

I forget where i saw this this week but i wanted to post it for myself


"Celebrity Chick"

IHH TV: Diddy

"Through The Pain (Dear Kim)"
Diddy feat. Mario Winans - Through The Pain (Dear Kim)

IHH Daily Motivation 7*20*07

Deep inside

There are things you can see, things you can hear, things you can touch, taste and smell. And beyond all those, there are things you can know.

There is wisdom within you that requires no outside validation. There are things your heart knows that nothing can dispute.

Don't become so caught up in material, worldly matters that you ignore the miraculous living presence always glowing inside you. Pay attention to the incomprehensible essence that is your life.

In your hands you hold things that, sooner or later, will rust and decay. In your heart you can keep things that are timeless.

Food, clothing and shelter sustain and protect your body. Be sure to sustain and nourish your spirit just as diligently.

Deep inside the person the world sees, is the real and indivisible person you are. Let your inner self play an active and positive role in all you do.

-- Ralph Marston

Jul 19, 2007

IHH Daily Update 7*19*07

Kanye West and 50 Cent To Battle It Out On 9/11

Def Jam has confirmed that Kanye West's new album, "Graduation", will now hit record stores September 11th, the same day as 50 Cent's new album "Curtis".

Kanye's "Graduation" was originally slated to hit stores on August 21st. The album features the lead singles "Can't Tell Me Nothing" and "Stronger".

50 Cent's "Curtis" album was originally scheduled for release on June 26th but was pushed back until September 4th. Then last week Interscope announced that the album had been bumped back yet again to September 11th. 50's album features the lead singles "Amusement Park", "Straight To The Bank" and "I Get Money".

Pras Says Fugees Reunion Is "Dead"

In an interview with, Pras expressed frustration about the status of the long-awaited Fugees reunion, which seemed on track as of last fall. "We went in the studio and recorded a couple records that were incredible. But, to put it nicely, it's dead," says Pras. "Me and Clef, we on the same page, but Lauryn [Hill] is in her zone, and I'm fed up with that sh*t. Here she is, blessed with a gift, with the opportunity to rock and give and she's running on some b*llshit? I'm a fan of Lauryn's but I can't respect that."

In other news, "Skid Row," a Screen Media documentary, finds the Fugees principal living as a homeless man for nine days on the infamous Los Angeles strip of the same name. The film opens Aug. 24 in New York, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.

"A couple of years ago, a few friends of mine and I were playing Scrabble, and one of them came up with the idea to shoot a documentary about skid row," Pras tells "I thought he was trying to distract me 'cause I was about to make like 100 points, but he wasn't."

Last year, after two weeks of filming, a month of pre-production and another two weeks of editing, "Skid Row" was ready to be seen. "I went in with the notion that it'd be easy, but then you get there and you realize it's a whole other world and that ignorance is bliss. Most people think homeless people are on drugs or lazy, but that is far from the truth," says Pras. "I left with a completely different mindset on the situation."

While on the streets, Pras endured rats crawling over his belongings and a stream of dope fiends doing drugs. But he also made a few friends, some of whom have passed away since filming. "I just got a call last week. One of the guys that used to be a heroin addict and helped us, he died of an overdose," he says with a tinge of sadness.

Kanye Adresses Beanie Sigel, Homophobia in Hip Hop, and More On Hot 97

G.O.O.D. Music’s Kanye and Common stopped by Hot 97 yesterday to have a sit down with Angie Martinez.

Kanye and Common discuss their favorite artists naming Andre 3000, Lil Wayne, and Dr. Dre amongst others. Kan also took the time to address the comments made by Beanie Siegel regarding his style. If you don’t remember, Beans attacked Kanye’s style claiming he could not respect him because it wasn’t “gangsta.”

Kanye told Angie Martinez, “It really threw my day off. If that’s your [Bean's] opinion, why wouldn’t you come to me? He’s definitely helped me in other situations. I’ve never said anything to bring anybody else down. It’s so disrespectful, it has to be approached. I’m not beefing with Beanie – I don’t do that.”

Click here for the audio.

State of New York To Recognize 1520 Sedgwick Avenue As Birthplace Of Hip-Hop

The State of New York is set to recognize 1520 Sedgwick Avenue as the birthplace of Hip-Hop and will be considered a landmark.

Organizers will hold a press conference Monday July 23rd announcing New York State.Office of Parks Recreation and Historic Preservation have approved a July 2nd application to make the site eligible to be considered a historic landmark. The office says the site "meets the eligibility criteria being that it is associated with events that have made a significant contribution to the broad patterns of our history."

1520 Sedgwick Avenue will be eligible to be recognized as a national historic landmark by the State and National Register of Historic Places.

The press conference takes place 9:30 a.m. at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in the South Bronx.

G-Unit Records to Appoint New Virtual CEO

In anticipation of 50 Cent’s upcoming album Curtis, G-Unit Records, with the help of virtual online community, are searching for a new “virtual CEO.”

From now until August 28, the Weblo member with the most referrals into the virtual G-Unit Community will be named the new “virtual CEO” of G-Unit Records.

Depending on the number of referrals a user generates, they can also achieve VP status, A&R status or Intern status. In addition to their title, the new CEO will receive a custom banner for their MySpace page denoting their position, a customized G-unit Records employee badge and a G-Unit prize pack.

The virtual exec will also work with G-Unit’s official crew to promote Curtis, which is due in stores on September 11.


Sister 2 Sister magazine editor Jamie Foster Brown caught up with Queen Latifah on the red carpet premiere of “Hairspray” and asked for comments regarding the recent attempted murder charges of her hip hop cohort, Remy Ma.

"It's an unfortunate situation, because there's so much gun violence that's already taken out so many of our kids, so it's tough when it's someone who's famous," Latifah told Brown. "I mean, I've gotten in trouble for having a weapon in the past for my protection. It wasn't the right way to go about it, and I learned from that."

Meanwhile, Latifah was accompanied to the “Hairspray” premiere by her longtime personal trainer Jeanette Jenkins, who has been rumored to be, well, more than just her personal trainer.

Asked by Brown if she has a boyfriend, Jenkins would only say, "I'm in a relationship. I have been for a long time," before rushing off down the red carpet, reports the New York Post.

DTP Drops Celebrity Chick

DTP will be hosting an exclusive video premiere of its new video, Celebrity Chick featured on the forthcoming compilation “Strength in Numbers”, exclusively on tonight at 8:30pm EST.

The video features new artists Steph Jones, Smallworld and the veteran duo of Ludacris and Chingy. Along with the online premiere of Celebrity Chick, will be launching their new video section, including exclusive behind the scene footage from the video shoot. This includes interviews with all Celebrity Chick artists and director Chaka Zulu. Fans and users of will be able to participate, for the first time interactively in this launch event.

Through a partnership with Revver, fans will be given a code to embed and host the video and an exclusive DTP designed widget on their own web pages and social networking sites. The widget will not only allow them to see the video, but automatically feed updated content as it is posted to the

The compilation album Strength in Numbers will drop August 28th. It will feature all of DTP’s new artists- Smallworld, Willy NorthPole, Serius Jones, Brolic D, Steph Jones, Playaz Circle and Block X-change. Fans will also hear new music from DTP veterans Ludacris, Shareefa, Bobby V, Lil Fate, Shawnna, I-20, Field Mob and the return of Chingy.

Mobb Deep's Havoc Readies Solo Debut

After 14 years in the game with Mobb Deep, producer/rapper Havoc is finally dropping his early-anticipated solo debut, The Kush, on indie label, Nature Sounds.

Due to a hectic work schedule as one half of Mobb Deep, Havoc never has released a solo record, but he always wanted to, says the rapper. His work as a producer and half of a platinum plus group kept that dream on the backburner for quite some time.

"I was always ready [to drop a solo album], but the reason why it took me so long is because the timing wasn't right," explains Havoc. "I was always working on Mobb Deep material and working with other artists and I used a lot of the material I was going to use for a solo LP for Mobb Deep records."

That all changes in September, the month The Kush drops.

Havoc's debut has been talked about for years by the group's fan base. Over the years, Havoc's eerily chilling production has influenced countless producers, set the bar for NYC producers and become the identity for the "Queensbridge sound." That trend continues with new record, as Havoc handles the album's production in its entirety, and he keeps it grimey. "Basically, The Kush is dark and gutter, I really wanted to go that direction," he says.

Instead of littering his solo debut with numerous guest appearances, Havoc choose to keep things entirely in-house and make it an all-family endeavor by design. "Besides Prodigy, I did not want a bunch of big stars on it, as it would have taken away from the real objective of the LP, which is grimy and down to earth," said Havoc.

The Kush is slated for release September 18.

The final tracklist is as follows:

"NY For Life"
"I'm The Boss"
"By My Side" ft. 40 Glocc
"One Less Nigga"
"Ride Out" ft. Nyce
"Balling Out" ft. Un Pachino
"What's Poppin' Tonite"
"Class By Myself" ft. Nitti
"Set Me Free" ft. Prodigy & Nyce
"Be There"
"Hit Me Up" ft. Un Pachino
"Get Off My Dick"

IFC Partners With R. Kelly For 10 New "Trapped In The Closet" Episodes

IFC is making a push into originals, acquiring R. Kelly's music-world sensation "Trapped in the Closet" and collaborating with the artist on 10 new episodes.

The net is expected to announce at its TCA session this weekend that it will air the original 12 episodes of the series, which became a viral hit on the Internet after radio stations began playing the audio version in 2005. The entire 22-episode run will also stream on

Series, which Kelly wrote and toplines, centers on the romantic and other trials of a character named Sylvester. "Trapped" is an early entry in a genre known as hip-hopera -- a rock opera with hip-hop themes.

Kelly said IFC made sense as a platform for the property, which may in fact be more of a classic serial than a movie, because he's "always thought of 'Trapped' as an independent film."

Series is part of what IFC general manager Evan Shapiro said is the net's transition away from showing only independent film. "What we want to do is go from an independent film channel to one that is the voice of independent culture," he said.

Upcoming Season Of 'Pimp My Ride' To Be Last

MTV has announced that the upcoming season of Pimp My Ride will be the last for the network.

The final eight episodes of Pimp My Ride will air this Sunday (July 22) at 10:30 pm on MTV.

The hit show will be replaced with a new auto-makeover themed competition titled Trick It Out.

Trick It Out will premiere at 10:00 PM on Sunday as well, before the final eight episodes of Pimp My Ride air.

The episodes were previously aired during a June 9 marathon of Pimp My Ride.

The Pimp My Ride brand is still strong around the world, as it is aired on a number of MTV channels worldwide, including Germany, Poland, Austria, Italy, France and others.

Both Fat Joe and Lil' Jon have hosted international versions and rap star Nelly is currently in negotiations to host a South African version of the Pimp My Ride.

Pimp My Ride's replacement, Trick It Out, is a reality style series hosted by former American Idol contestant Becky O'Donohue.

Each week, two crews of four makeover specialists from some of the top shops in the Los Angeles area go head to head in an attempt to create the most unique vehicle.

Both teams are given similar cars, a theme, 10 days and $15,000 to customize a vehicle into a respectable ride.

The winning team keeps their customized vehicle, as well as the losers tricked out ride.

Trick It Out airs at 10:00 PM Sunday and the final season of Pimp My Ride follows, at 10:30 PM.

Gwen Stefani Files Lawsuit Against Forever 21 Retail Outlet

Gwen Stefani has filed a lawsuit against Forever 21, claiming the retail chain stole a design from her Harajuku Lovers line.

The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, claims that Forever 21 is marketing, promoting and selling products featuring a design that is "virtually indistinguishable" from the heart logo used by Stefani's L.A.M.B. offshoot — with "Harajuku" simply changed to "Forever" and "Lovers" to "Love." Since the small text change is "inconspicuous," the lawsuit claims, it's "unlikely to go unnoticed by a consumer" and is "confusingly similar."

Harajuku Lovers alleges false destination of origin, trademark infringement, dilution and unfair competition against the chain, and seeks not only monetary damages but also Forever 21's profits and gains, since the company claims the co-opting of design caused the originals to lessen in value.


It’s official, LeBron James will welcome viewers of “Saturday Night Live” to a new season of the long-running series in September, reports Daily Variety.

The 22-year-old NBA star, announced Wednesday as host of the season premiere, follows Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning and his childhood idol Michael Jordan as prominent athletes who have hosted the sketch comedy show.

Last week, the Cleveland Cavaliers forward received positive reviews for his work co-hosting ESPN’s ESPY Awards with talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. James appeared in several skits and performed a spoof of Bobby Brown's "My Prerogative" with rewritten lyrics about his own fame.

In the meantime, James is headed to minicamp with the U.S. national team as it begins preparations for next month's FIBA Americas tournament, the regional qualifier for the 2008 Olympics.

Big Boi Talks "Who's Your Caddy"

Outkast member Big Boi recently chopped it up with SOHH about his role in the upcoming comedy Who's Your Caddy?

In the flick, Big Boi (born Antwon Andre Patton) plays a rap mogul from Atlanta who tries to join a conservative country club in the Carolinas but runs into fierce opposition from the board President.

"[It's] one of the funniest movies you ever seen," Big Boi said. "They called me and offered the role and when I read about 5-6 pages of the script, it was hilarious. It's funny, it's gonna live up to the hype. People are gonna love it."

The flick, which opens in theaters on July 27 also stars Faizon Love, who played alongside Big Boi in Idlewild, Lil' Wayne, and Tamala Jones.

T.I. Reigns Supreme, Amy Winehouse & Fergie Play Musical Chairs

In this week's Hip-Hop & R&B Charts, T.I. retains the title, Fergie creeps into the Top 10 and Amy Winehouse is on track to go plat.

In his second week on the charts, T.I. holds on to the No. 1 spot. T.I. vs. T.I.P. shelves off a very impressive 175,000 discs this week, pushing the album's total sales to 643,000 copies. So far, the set is rap's highest selling album of 2007.

Fergie floats three spots up to No. 8. According to Nielsen Soundscan, The Dutchess shifts 50,000 CDs in its 43rd week. Thus far, the album has sold a total of 2,228,590 copies.

Amy Winehouse takes a step down to No. 9. Back To Black scans 49,000 discs this week, bringing the album's total sales to 865,010 copies.

Kelly Rowland, who debuted at No. 6 last week, trips to No. 13. Ms. Kelly reels in 40,450 units in its second week. To date, the album has sold 123,200.

Posted at No. 17 is T-Pain. Epiphany hauled in 37,940 units this week, bringing the album's total sales to 439,500.

A step behind is Rihanna at No. 18. Good Girl Gone Bad shells out 37,490 discs this week. The album's tally stands at 420,150.

R. Kelly slides nine spots to No. 24. Double Up moves 27,718 units in its seventh week. Thus far, the album has sold a total of 734,210 copies.

A sharp decline in sales pushes Fabolous further down the ladder. Hanging at No. 25, From Nothing To Something reels in 27,120 units this week, bringing the album's tally to 319,430.

At No. 28, Ne-Yo continues to keep cash registers ringing. Because Of You rings out 25,010 discs this week. The album's tally stands at 660,290.

Timbaland raises five seats up to No. 37. Shock Value sees a slight increase in sales as it lugs in 19,350 copies this week. After 15 weeks, the album has sold a total of 450,260.

Justin Timberlake moves two slots down to No. 39. FutureSex/LoveSounds has moved 3,411,520 units thus far, with 17,890 representing the week-in total.

Akon continues to stay alive in the marathon at No. 41. Konvicted picks up an additional 17,420 units this week. The total for the album reads off at 2,527,670.

Tumbling thirteen spots to No. 42 are The Shop Boyz. Rockstar Mentality scans 17,050 copies this week. The album's tally stands at 120,610.

Also dropping drastically is Robin Thicke from No. 39 to No. 50. Evolution Of Robin Thicke reins in 14,050 discs this week, bringing the album's total sales to 1,292,680.

Beyonce holds down the fort at No. 54. B' Day moves a strong 12,810 units this week. To date, the album has sold 2,795,030.

Refusing to budge from the No. 55 spot is Corrine Bailey Rae. Her self titled album nets 12,780 copies this week, pushing the album's total to 1,620,140.

Chrisette Michelle leaps seventeen spots to No. 58. I Am racks up 12,240 discs in its fourth week on the charts. So far, the album's tally stands at 62,540.

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony sinks seven levels to No. 60. Strength & Loyalty pulls in 12,020 copies this week, bringing its total to 340,650.

Toppling fifteen spots to No. 63 is DJ Khaled. We The Best cashes out 11,520 discs this week. So far, the set has sold a total of 154,640 copies.

Further down the totem pole, Joss Stone sits at No. 76. Introducing Joss Stone notches 9,280 in sales this week, bringing the albums total to 459,240. Young Jeezy and the U.S.D.A crew plunges sixteen slots to No. 85. Cold Summer rings in 8,130 units this week. To date, the album has sold 235,100 copies. Tank's slide down the charts continues, he slips twenty six spots to No. 87. Sex , Love And Pain moves 8,070 discs this week, bringing the albums total sales to 257,920. Musiq Soulchild wraps the Top 100 at No. 99. Luvandmusiq scoops up 7,270 units this week. So far, the album has sold 463,650 copies.

Next week see if Guru and Big Shug are able to make an appearance on the Hip-Hop & R&B Charts.

IHH Daily Motivation 7*19*07

Know why

Rather than thinking of reasons why you can't, think of the reasons why you must. Instead of focusing on your problems, focus on your purpose.

There will always be challenges in any endeavor. Yet for every challenge, there is a way to get through it.

The secret comes in knowing why. With a strong enough sense of why, anything can be done.

What specifically do you wish to do, and why do you wish to do it? Dig down deeply into the reasons why, for that is where you'll find the energy, the persistence, and the commitment to carry you forward.

Don't be afraid to desire it, and to explore your own personal, meaningful reasons. By understanding why, you'll have what you need to figure out how, and to make it happen.

Know why, and watch the challenges melt away. Know why, and it will be.

-- Ralph Marston

Jul 18, 2007

IHH TV: Foxy Brown

Foxy Brown Sub0 Interview

IHH Daily Update 7*18*07

Remy Says She Didn't Shoot Friend

“I didn’t shoot my friend!” Remy Ma hollered at reporters from the second-floor window of her modest Cliffside Park, N.J., home. “I didn’t shoot nobody!”

The rapper, who is free on $250,000 bond, was arrested last weekend for allegedly shooting long time friend, Makeda Barnes-Joseph, twice in the midsection after a dispute over missing money.

“All I heard was the gun go off,” said Barnes-Joseph from her bed at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Manhattan. “I couldn’t believe she shot me!”

“What hurts me is that when she shot me she went over and dumped the bag,” Barnes-Joseph continued. ” She didn’t even say, ‘Oh, my God, I just shot her.’

She pleaded not guilty to charges of attempted murder, assault in the first degree, and criminal possession of a weapon.

Second Arrest Warrant Issued For Cash Money's Chopper

A Baltimore judge has issued an arrest warrant for former Bad Boy artist, Kevin Barnes, also known as Chopper. The rapper, who recently signed to Cash Money Records, is currently wanted by Baltimore police for failing to complete 100 hours of community service he was sentenced to in March as a result of a 2001 robbery charge.

According to WBAL Channel 11 News, Prosecutors claim Barnes was riding a mountain bike when he pulled a gun (which was later found to be a pellet rifle) out on a couple and threatened, “Stop or I’ll bust your brains.” He robbed one person of $90 while the other fled.

Barnes was subsequently arrested for the robbery after detectives found him on his bike with the pellet rifle. He was later released and given a court date which he missed, resulting in a warrant being issued for his arrest.

In March of 2006 he was sentenced to 100 hours of community service and two years of probation after cops arrested him for the outstanding warrant during a routine traffic stop.

Paul Gardner, Barnes’ lawyer, told WBAL that his client believed he would be fulfilling his probation requirements in Atlanta, where he had been staying since Hurricane Katrina.

“Chopper failed to appear before his probation officer because Chopper expected to report to a Georgia probation officer not a Maryland one,” Gardner said.

Dave Chappelle Hospitalized

Comedian Dave Chappelle was reportedly hospitalized over the weekend for exhaustion.

Chappelle's publicist, Carla Sims, revealed to the Associated Press that the 33-year-old comedian checked into an emergency room on Saturday (July 14) and was released a few hours later.

"It was exhaustion; he had been traveling," she explained. "He's fine."
Sims declined to say which hospital Chappelle visited or release any other details.

Superb Claims He Wrote Ghostface's Supreme Clientele

To bring you up to date, in an interview with Spin Magazine released last week, Tony Yayo of G Unit claimed GhostFace didn’t write the album that many consider to be a definitive classic.

Yayo stated that the now incarcerated Wu Tang Clan associate, Lord Superb (formerly of American Cream Team which was started by Raekwon) wrote the entire album and discredited Ghostface.

In a recent telephone interview, Superb verified the claims made by Yayo stating:

“Ya niggas know he took my shit, But I ain’t mad at that cause I ain’t a hater, but that was mines. I ain’t telling ya’ll to not buy his album but thats me, the whole Supreme Clientèle album that was me I wrote that. I had to pay my dues and do what I had to do to get in the game.”

“The First time is on me, but the second time is on you, you gotta ask permission to be me, that nigga took flows, words, that nigga took everything. And now I’m up in here dead, I don’t even get a package from him man”


Sean “Diddy” Combs has received over 10,000 video applications posted to his YouTube spot seeking a new personal assistant.

"Oh my God, what have I started?” he stated on his MySpace page. “Earlier I put it out there to you the viewers, you the people that made me. A lot of people dream about getting into this industry and being somebody. Everybody needs a chance. Someone gave me a chance, that is what this whole thing is about, it's about empowerment.

"This is not a joke, I'm trying to give a chance to somebody who is out there to be my personal assistant to help me to be the best and maybe I can help them to be the best. That's what this thing is about, helping each other out."

As previously reported, Diddy posted a video of himself seeking applicants for a position as his 24/7 personal assistant. Interested parties were encouraged to post three-minute videos of themselves on YouTube.

T.I. Holds On To The #1 Position For Second Week In A Row

T.I.'s "T.I. vs. T.I.P." maintains its lead on The Billboard 200 for a second week after moving 175,000 copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan. That's a 63% drop from the album's debut week total of 468,000.

Alternative rock veterans Smashing Pumpkins return after a seven-year absence with "Zeitgeist" (Martha's Music/Reprise), the chart's top debut at No. 2. The effort sold 145,000 units and ties 1998's "Adore" as the second best charting album of the group's career. The double-disc "Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness" bowed at No. 1 on the chart in 1995.

Linkin Park's "Minutes to Midnight" (Machine Shop/Warner Bros.) climbs two rungs 9-7 despite a 4% decrease in sales to 54,000. Meanwhile, Fergie's solo debut re-enters the top tier with the aid of her new single "Big Girls Don't Cry," ascending 11-8 in its 43rd week on the chart with 50,000 (-5%). Amy Winehouse's "Back to Black" (Universal) falls 8-9 with 49,000 (-15%).

Sales this week are down 4.9% compared to last week's sum at 8.3 million units and down 10.8% compared to the same week last year.

Chamillionaire "Keeps Fans Cool," Leaks Free Mixtape/DVD

With the release date for his sophomore album Ultimate Victory still two months away, Houston rapper Chamillionaire is treating fans to his latest mixtape to tide them over.

Chamillionaire's Mixtape Messiah 3 hits the net today (July 18). The mixtape, which also includes an hour-long DVD, are both available to be downloaded for free on Cham's website.

"Because I was nowhere near done with the album, I had to do something," Cham said in a prior interview. "But the mixtape isn't about radio or anything, it's just to keep my fans cool until the album drops. September 18 is a little ways away so I decided on July 18 just to drop the DVD and the mixtape for free everywhere and just let my fans have it.

"It helps with people feeling like they know me," Cham continued. "The DVD is a lot of behind-the-scenes footage. A lot of stuff on there is just entertaining, to let people see a side of my personality they might not normally see -- me cracking jokes and whatever. I think a fan will like it."

As previously reported, Cham's sophomore release, Ultimate Victory will be released on September 18. The album features appearances by Lil' Wayne, Krayzie Bone, Pimp C, Lloyd and Devin the Dude. The video for his first single, "Hip Hop Police" featuring Slick Rick (which was produced by JR Rotem) is set to debut next week.

With his release date drawing near, Chamillionaire is preparing the public to expect something different from his upcoming project.

"Nowadays you got so many people trying to change their style to fit the mold," Chamillionaire said. "My album is definitely not that. I don't think nobody's gonna tell me that it's not creative."

Mixtape Messiah 3 is available now at

Jagged Edge Eye Sept. 25th As Release Date For New Album

Jagged Edge is eyeing a Sept. 25 release date for its new album, "Baby Making Project."

The album is bedroom music; It's freakier, risque, but not raunchy or expletive," group member Brandon Casey tells "There were so many records like that growing up with Keith Sweat and R. Kelly. Today, everything is fast, so we wanted to reintroduce ourselves and still represent."

The first single, the Dupri-produced "Put a Little Umph in It," featuring Ashanti, is proof of just how suggestive "Project" is. "The song is seductive and Ashanti is sexy to death, so it made perfect sense," says group member Richard Wingo of the collaboration. Battling for second single status are "Me That's Who" and "Whole Town Laughing," both produced by the group.

Other tracks included are "Get This," ("We ain't known for the suggestive, freaky ballads, but this one is one of the few of that nature," says Brandon), and "The Way To Say I Love You." Jagged Edge had so much material from the "Project" sessions that group members say they are already eight songs into another album, a release date for which has not been announced.

The group will support "Project" with a 30-city tour of House of Blues venues in the fall as well as an arena run with other, as-yet-unnamed Def Jam artists. A Jagged Edge clothing line is also in the works.

In addition, Jagged Edge recently launched its own label, 581 Records, under So So Def/Island Urban, to which they signed the girl group Bad Girl and Atlanta rapper Jimmy Two Time.


Macy Gray will launch a month-long North American tour in Florida on August 14 to promote her new album “Big,” which features contributions from Will.I.Am, Justin Timberlake, Natalie Cole and Fergie, among others.

The singer begins with a three night stand in Florida at the Hard Rock Hotels in Hollywood and Orlando on the 14th and 15th; and Tampa’s Tampa Bay PAC on the 16th. Here is Macy Gray’s full tour schedule:

August 2007
14 - Hollywood, FL - Hard Rock Live
15 - Orlando, FL - Hard Rock Live
16 - Tampa, FL - Tampa Bay PAC
18 - Atlanta, GA - Chastain Park Amphitheatre
19 - Louisville, KY - Kentucky Center for the Arts
23 - San Diego, CA - 4th and B
24 - Henderson, NV - Green Valley Ranch
25 - San Francisco, CA - The Fillmore
26 - Hollywood, CA - Hollywood Bowl
29 - Fort Worth, TX - Bass Hall
30 - Charenton, LA - Rox Nightclub at Cyprus Bayou Casino
31 - Biloxi, MS - Hard Rock

September 2007
2 - Rochester Hills, MI - Meadow Brook Music Festival
3 - Cleveland, OH - Tower City Amphitheater/Taste of Cleveland
6 - Chicago, IL - House of Blues
8 - Rama, Ontario - Casino Rama
12 - New York, NY - Webster Hall
13 - Baltimore, MD - Lyric Opera House
14 - Washington, DC - Constitution Hall
15 - Atlantic City, NJ - The Music Box

Too Short Enlists Help From Bay Area New Comers, Veterans For New Compilation

West Coast rap legend Too Short is back on his grizzy. The rapper is slated to release the first compilation from his Up All Nite label, titled I Love The Bay.

The new album, which is in stores now, features a long list of Bay Area alumni, with over 25 artists on the 21 track offering. Keak Da Sneak, Big Rich, Messy Marv, Turf Talk, Yukmouth, Mistah FAB, Zion I and E-40 are among some of the album's roster.

The first singles include "Lose it" featuring Mistah FAB and "Video Vixen" featuring Dem Hoodstarz, which are both gaining steam on radio in several areas. Mistah FAB and Dem Hoodstarz are two of the Bay Area's newest break out stars.

Dem Hoodstarz gained popularity with their single, "Getz Ya Grown Man On," and is featured on commercials for the CW's "King of Queens" and the new season MTV's "Rob & Big." Mistah FAB is one to watch as well. He recently released the indie album, Da Baydestrian and gained national attention with his single "Ghost Ride It."
"I wanted to represent the entire Bay Area," said Too Short. "There is a lot of new talent coming from the Bay."

The album features production from the Bay's finest as well including EA SKI & CMT, Traxxamillion, DJ L-Roc,Young L from The Pack, Droop E, Big Zeke and AMP Live.

The album's final tracklisting is as follows:

"Going Dumb" - Young Bay, G Stack, Keak Da Sneak & Too Short
"That Thang" - Mistah FAB
"Blame It on the Drugs" - The Neighborhood
"Video Vixen" - Dem Hoodstarz
"This What It Is" - Big Rich
"I Don't Dance" - Messy Marv
"Park The Scrapers" - Bavgate
"In the Street" - Turf Talk
"Shine Like Me" - Yukmouth
"You Don't Wanna See Me Rich" - San Quinn
"You See It" - The Team
"Yes Sir" - The Pack ft. Mistah FAB
"Scrape" - Traxmillion
"Doors Open" - Dolla Will
"Town Business" - Beeda Weeda, Dolla Will, J-Stalin, Lil Al tha Gamer, Eddi Projex & Zo The Roasta
"We'll Roll You" - Mac Dre & Zion I
"Don't Lose Your Head - Too Short & Zion I
"Richmond" - Frontline
"Lose It" - Mistah FAB & Too Short
"I Love The Bay" - Madam Alizay, Kreme & Pryceless
"This My One" - E-40 & Too Short ft. Mike Marshall

IHH Daily Motivation 7*18*07

Do you know?

Have you noticed how beautiful life is today? Look around with thankful, loving eyes and you'll see.

Can you comprehend how many wonderful possibilities are available to you right now? Follow one or two of them, and you'll understand.

Do you realize how creative and effective you can be? Allow your thoughts, words and actions to express what's in your heart, and you'll discover.

Are you aware how much of a difference you can make in the world? Move forward with sincerity and positive purpose, and you'll be astonished at what you can accomplish.

Do you know all the good things you're capable of achieving? Make use of this moment to begin to find out.

The possibilities for joy and fulfillment are all around you. Jump in right now and explore them fully.

-- Ralph Marston

Jul 17, 2007

IHH Daily Update 7*17*07

Manager Puts Up House For Remy Ma's Bond , Victim Speaks

Remy Ma was released from Rikers Island on a $250,000 bond after surrendering to authorities in connection with a shooting outside trendy nightspot, The Pizza Bar.

Yesterday her manager, Big Joe of New Era Management, reportedly used his home as collateral for the bond.

“I don’t see [Remy] as the kind of person who would shoot someone. Remy doesn’t carry a gun,” he said. ” We have a criminal investigation that will soon turn into a lawsuit for millions of dollars.”

Martin reportedly shot child-hood friend Makeda Barnes-Joseph (seen here with Remy) twice in the midsection minutes after celebrating a mutual friends birthday party in the meatpacking district of New York City.

According to the New York Daily News, Barnes-Joseph who briefly held Remy’s purse during the celebration, claimed that the rapper accused her of stealing about $3,000 from the purse before allegedly shooting her.

“All I heard was the gun go off,” she said from her bed at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Manhattan. “I couldn’t believe she shot me!”

“What hurts me is that when she shot me she went over and dumped the bag,” Barnes-Joseph continued. ” She didn’t even say, ‘Oh, my God, I just shot her.’

Remy Ma has been charged with attempted murder, assault in the first degree, and criminal possession of a weapon. She plead not guilty.

Gucci Mane Apologizes To T.I. For Diss Record

After dropping an unexpected diss record towards rapper T.I. Gucci Mane recently made an attempt to clear the air on Atlanta’s Hot 107.9.
In the record, “What Kinda King”, Gucci rides the hook taking shots at T.I. and his wife Tiny saying:

What kinda king do the birthday dance in the middle of the summer with song fcking leader pants
What kind of nigga skeet in a slut bitch that every ruffa hit, saws everybodies d_ck
What kind of king try to spark off beef than apologizes for it in national tv
The best homeboy tryna be so hard, I’m a grown ass man you a lil bitty boy
What Street nigga wear three piece suit with cuff links tied and double back shoes

Later on in the song he states, “I had to tell TI to step up up a little cause the boy too little and his bones too brittle.”

It now looks like Gucci has had a change of heart citing a “misunderstanding” as the reason for the diss record. “I made that song out of a misunderstanding, I thought I was being dissed by T.I.’s new album…as soon as I made the song it just leaked out the studio” Gucci told Hot 107.9.

“I got alotta regret about this song because I said some things about his wife that I shouldn’t of said, so I regret that. He never said anything about my family, I didn’t know if he had dissed me or not but a part of my head did so I retaliated. I got a call from them saying that he didn’t diss me so I gotta clear it with Carolina.” He added.

Plies Hit With Slander Lawsuit

Atlantic Records artist Plies has been hit with a slander lawsuit following a cancelled show in Montgomery, Alabama.

Reports say that Plies was scheduled for a concert July 8 in Montgomery but failed to appear after being wired an initial payment of $5,000 by local concert promoter Patrick Monfiston of P Entertainment Promotions.

Monfiston says Plies was in Florida the day of the show and was informed by Plies manager David Gay that the rapper would not be appearing. As expected, Plies no-showed the concert and there was some damage done to the venue by disappointed fans.

The next day Plies went on radio station Hot 105 saying that he wasn't paid. "Too many artists feel they can come in and do us (in Mont­gomery) however they want," Monfiston said. "I'm going to show them they're wrong."

In addition to Plies, his manager David Gay, management company ISA Bomb Entertainment, WZHT Hot-105 and the station's operations manager Michael Long are all named in the lawsuit.

Lil Wayne Speaks on the I Can’t Feel My Face Album, Says it Could Become a Series

Lil Wayne recently spoke to XXL about his much anticipated collaborative album with Dipset’s Juelz Santana, I Can’t Feel My Face. The project, which was originally conceived as a mixtape showcasing the talents of the two MC’s, has evolved into an actual retail album over the past few months.

Now, according to Wayne, him and his Harlem bred partner have plans to extend the LP into an annual series featuring other rappers. “How we gone do it is, the first album we gon’ drop is gone be me and him [Juelz],” Weezy told XXL. “Then, we gon’ do it and figure out where we gonna put it. Then, we gon’ get two hip-hop artists to do the I Can’t Feel My Face every year.”

But Weezy and Juelz won’t be abandoning the franchise altogether. “Then, like three artist’s albums down the line, we come back with our reunion album,” Wayne told XXL. “They need to know that. Get ready artists, make that cut!”


Reporters at the Television Critics Association Press Tour in Beverly Hills bum-rushed BET entertainment head Reginald Hudlin Sunday about the network's upcoming series "Hot Ghetto Mess," which has already seen two advertisers flee over its controversial content.

"It's unfortunate that people are making an erroneous presumption based on absolutely zero information," Hudlin told reporters of the six-episode show, due to premiere on July 25.

The series is based on a Web site of the same name, where photos and homemade video clips of black folks (although there is a section for "Caucasian mess") in outrageous and extreme situations deemed low class.

The show builds on the Web site's effort to take "a hard look at some dysfunctional elements of our community," Hudlin said. "The intent of the show is no different than what Bill Cosby is doing as he's going across the country and lecturing as he talks about the problems of the (black) community that we need to address. 'Hot Ghetto Mess' approaches its goal in a lively way that will engage BET's young audience."

Jam Donaldson, a 34-year-old black lawyer from Washington, D.C. who created, is an executive producer on the BET program and was also on hand Sunday to speak to critics after BET's presentation.

"Everyone that sees the show will be pleasantly surprised. ... I think they will learn something. There's black history. We go to the community and ask what their opinion of some of these images are," she said. "The show is so much more than the name."

Freeway Preps Sophomore Set, Leaks New Mixtape

In celebration of his upcoming sophomore album, Free At Last, Freeway has made his latest mixtape available for download on his new website, free of charge.

Besides offering his new Don Canon mixtape, "Live Free, Die Hard," features exclusive, behind the scenes video clips of the Philly bred rapper, news, and a long list of unreleased tracks.

Free At Last, which will be executive produced by 50 Cent and Jay-Z, is expected to hit stores via Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam Recordings this fall. The set's first single, "Big Spender," features Jay-Z and is currently gaining momentum on various radio outlets.

"The album is like 95% done. We just gotta wrap a couple of lil' things," Freeway explains in his "Big Spender" video. "I'm really excited about it, the album is really good and I worked real hard on it."

Diddy Liable To Pay $1.2 Million In Child Support

Looks like Diddy’s recent split from his off-again on-again girlfriend, Kim Porter, could cost him a lot more than he thought.

The couple, who split up months after Porter gave birth to twin girls, had separated years ago but reunited even after she took him to court seeking increased child-support payments. They even went as far as declaring their love for each other on a recent cover story for Essence Magazine.

According to the New York Post, Diddy, who is currently paying Misa Hylton-Brim, $30,000 a month in child support for their son, is liable to pay up to $1.2 million a year to Porter for their three kids, Christian, 10, and 7-month-old twins D’Lila Star and Jesse James.

“With Misa Hylton-Brim receiving approximately $30,000 a month, there is no reason that Ms. Porter shouldn’t be able to get close to $100,000 or more per month in child support,” celebrity divorce lawyer Raoul Felder told Page Six.

“That amount accounts for Porter having three children with Combs and inflation in the years since Misa received the ruling in her case.”

Boyz N Da Hood Re-group After Young Jeezy

After breaking onto the scene in 2005 with their hit "Dem Boyz", Atlanta's Boyz N da Hood fell back for a minute. Now back with a new member and a new album, SOHH caught up with the ATLiens as they spoke about their new project, life after Jeezy and why the streets love them.

Though the group's original four-man line up included Young Jeezy on their debut album, the Snowman has since departed from the ranks, leaving the group to fill the void left by his absence. And though rumored fourth members have included the likes of Lil' Wayne and Rick Ross, the guys decided on fellow ATL rapper Gorilla Zoe to round out the quartet.

"I kind of just got in where I fit in. We all just came together," said Gorilla Zoe, the group's newest addition.

"Honestly, we didn't even want another member, but like he said, he just got in where he fit in," added Duke. "Jeezy had a one album deal with us. He had already had a solo situation with Def Jam and he used it to launch his career and that's what it did. We all have different elements that we bring to the group and Jeezy had his own element too. But we just doing it with us four now."

With the final roster in tact, the group's new video, "Everybody Knows Me" off of their sophomore effort Back Up N Da Chevy, serves as a guide to let fans know just who's who in the crew these days.

"We're just reintroducing the group. Everybody has their own lanes and that's what we're showing," Zoe spoke about the group's new video.

"Dr. Teeth came up with the concept and just made it beautiful. It's showing the different little parts of the hood [in Atlanta] and just brought it together as one," added Big Gee.

With a DJ Drama endorsed Gangsta Grillz mixtape entitled "American Gangster" currently in the streets and the full length album, Back Up N Da Chevy boasting guest appearances from Rick Ross, T-Pain and an Ice Cube reminiscent of his N.W.A. days, the Boyz are sticking to their usual formula on this set.

"Basically it's nothing different. We're still keeping it grit and grimy, doing the same thing and it's that same Boyz N Da Hood sound, " explained Duke. "We did touch on a few more subjects this time, other issues than selling dope and shooting people that's still hood related and people can relate to. We real dudes who just can rap. That's why we touch people the way we do. We catch hell from critics and magazines and people who don't know us but if you come to the A, we're certified. We don't talk about blocks we can't walk down. We got a fan base as opposed to a fad base. If you like Boyz N da Hood, street music, hood music, then you're going to love this album."

Boyz N Da Hood's Back Up N Da Chevy hits stores on October 2.

Nigeria Welcomes John Legend, Ne-Yo And Others At THISDAY Fesitval

As the world celebrated the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade – Nigeria truly had cause for celebration as high profile acts joined local artists for the second annual THISDAY Festival. The concert series took place in Lagos, Nigeria at the new THISDAY Events Center, on July 15. Performers included Shakira, John Legend and UB-40, Rihanna, Diddy, Kelly Rowland, and Ne-Yo, as well as Nigerian acts D’Banj, Sasha and Mode – 9.

The inaugural THISDAY festival in 2006, featured sets by iconic artists such as Beyonce, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Missy Elliot, Ciara, En Vogue and Busta Rhymes.

A highlight of THISDAY, John Legend invited a fan onstage to dance with him during his performance. The evening was punctuated by P. Diddy interacting with the audience, bringing the entire arena to their feet.

Ola Joshua, Head of Entertainment at THISDAY Newspapers said “This was one of the most explosive line-up of artists on the same stage in Africa and the world. We were very honored at THISDAY and in Nigeria to host all of these talented artists.”

Ne-Yo stated. “It was an honor and a pleasure to even get the opportunity to visit, let alone perform.” Ne-Yo is currently headlining a tour throughout the US with a final stop July 5th in San Antonio, TX.


Queen Latifah will drop her new album, "Trav'lin' Light," on Sept. 25 with material made famous by the likes of Peggy Lee, Nina Simone, Sarah Vaughn, Mary Wells and Roberta Flack.

Guests on the set include Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Joe Sample, George Duke and Christian McBride. Also, Stevie Wonder plays his harmonica on the track, "Georgia Rose." Latifah will hit the road for a U.S. tour in the fall to support the project.

Meanwhile, the actress announced last week that she will open a FatBurger fast-food restaurant in Miami by the end of 2007.

The artist is a big fan of the spot's turkey burger, and said it has been a dream of hers to open a franchise of the popular Los Angeles-based restaurant in Florida.

"That was part of my L.A. education - on Sundays in California...
everybody would come out... in all these low-riders (cars)... 'FatBurger'
was, like, the centrepiece for it all," she told David Letterman recently.