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Aug 18, 2007

IHH Daily Motivation 8*18*07

What's right with your life

There are plenty of things that are right with your life. Have you thought about any of them lately?

The goodness in your life is so much a part of you that you can easily take it for granted and rarely give it a second thought. On a regular basis, though, it pays to think about that goodness.

Whatever else may be going on in your world, the fact is that you are extremely blessed in many ways. Think about those blessings that blend quietly into the background, supporting and sustaining you in every moment.

Think for a little while about what's right with your life. The more often you connect with the value that's already yours, the more new value you will create.
When you feel that the troubles and frustrations are dominating your thoughts, stop and turn your mind in a more positive direction. Remember that wherever your thoughts go, the rest of you will quickly follow.

Focus your awareness on the many good things that make up your life. For with your nurturing, those good and valuable things can indeed grow into greatness.
-- Ralph Marston

Aug 17, 2007

King October 07 Cover

I dont care what anybody say, She got some sister in her.

IHH Daily Update 8*17*07

Tupac Resurrected

Earlier this week another posthumous Tupac release hit stores called Evolution: Duets & Remixes via Koch Records. SOHH caught up with production duo Street Radio, who worked on 8 cuts for the project, to get the inside scoop on putting the new album together.

"My man Bob Perry at Koch knows I'm a big fan of Pac and put me on as a production coordinator for the album," J. Math of Street Radio told SOHH. "I wanted to keep it as real to Pac as I could. Bob pulled in Styles P for "Pain," which came out hot. Pac was spitting from the point of view of his character in Above The Rim and Styles picked it up with the same vibe. I had to get Buckshot and Smif N' Wesson on "Intiated" to bring back the One Nation feel, the project they were working on with Pac right before he was killed.

Evolution: Duets & Remixes also features guest appearances from the Outlawz, Dogg Pound, Snoop Dogg, R&B singer Dwele and M1 of dead prez. Additional production was provided by Sha Money XL, Jake One, D. Prosper and Black Jeruz.

"We handled half the album while Sha Money's team handled the other half," Street Radio's Jimi Kendrix explained. "It kept the project tight."

"They had some acapellas they gave to us and to Sha's team," Math added. "It was cool cause we approached the tracks completely differently, and Pac's estate liked both versions to a lot of the tracks."

While Evolution revisits familiar Pac hits like "Picture Me Rollin,'" "Hail Mary," "How Do You Want It" and "Gangsta Party," some songs have entirely new production while others feature the original beats with added touches.

"We had some tracks where we were playing music on top of the original beats," Kendrix told SOHH. "So we got a chance to be in that zone and at the same time, do our own thing, an '07 feel, and it worked," Jimi Kendrix said.

While Street Radio lamented the fact that Tupac wasn't alive to be a part of the project, the duo reported that Shakur's family was happy with the end result and they were most pleased to have been a part of something that stayed true to Pac.

"I know people hate on remix projects all day, but I got to say this is a different type of project," Math said. "A Pac fan can appreciate the music on this album."

2Pac's Evolution: Duets & Remixes is in stores now. Street Radio are currently working with Ghostface, Clipse, AZ, Big Noyd and Ice Cube, as well as working on Jimi's solo project. The duo are also scoring Rick Ross' film M.I.Yayo.

Kanye West:"Graduation Isn't Finished"

Will Kanye West’s highly anticipated LP, “Graduation”, end up getting pushed back after all?..That’s the question on everyone’s mind after the Chicago MC recently revealed that the album, which is scheduled for release on September 11th, 2007, isn’t finished.

“The thing is, I just never know when to stop.” Kanye tells Contact Music.

“The tracklisting isn’t finalized as I’ve changed my mind again today. I just heard some parts out there that I wasn’t happy with.” He quipped.

Kanye, who was warned by 50 Cent to reschedule his album release date will have to complete the album this week in order to have it in stores by the September.

“I’m always tweaking things here and there but I am being told I have to finish it today. “It was originally meant to be out in two weeks. I would never have finished it by then. The mastering company told me, ‘If it’s not finished by today then your s**t won’t be in the stores’.”

Method Man Reaches Plea Agreement In Marijuana Case

Method Man reached a plea agreement yesterday (Aug. 16) with Brooklyn prosecutors in respect to outstanding charges from a May 17 traffic stop.

As previously reported, Method Man was pulled over back in May for having expired inspection stickers. When the officer approached Method Man's vehicle he smelled marijuana and the officer proceeded to discover 28 grams of marijuana. Meth was taken into custody, and released on his own recognizance on May 18 after being arraigned.

Under terms of the plea agreement, Method Man will work with the Brooklyn district attorney’s office’s Choices and Consequences program as a part of his community service. The program mentors young kids about the dangers of drugs. “He’s never been in trouble with the law before,” Meth’s lawyer, Peter Frankel told the New York Daily News. “This is a guy who flies in the face of all stereotypes about rappers.”

R. Kelly Gives Bow Wow & Omarion Thumbs Up On Collabo Album

With their collaborative album Face Off due out this December, I caught up with rap heart throb Bow Wow and R&B sensation Omarion to address the inevitable comparisons to R. Kelly and Jay-Z's Best of Both Worlds project.

The partnership between hip-hop and R&B is nothing new, but when it comes to rapper/singer joint ventures there aren't any more storied than the one between Kells and Hov. Despite the Best of Both World's legacy, Omarion and Bow Wow are already doing their best to distance Face Off from the project that preceded it.

"We definitely respect Jay-Z and R. Kelly because I would say they have influenced not even just us, but the game," Omarion said. "But one thing that we want people to understand is that they [are] who they are and Bow and O is who [we] are. And what we're going to bring to the table is totally different than what they brought to the table."

"Totally different," Bow Wow added, "I can see the comparisons but musically... totally different."

Since they've both made successful transitions from child to adult superstars, made big chips for their roles in the Scream tours, and hit the studio together ("Let Me Hold You"), the young music stars say the major difference between them and the elder duo is that shared history.

"Our story is different than theirs," Omarion said. "Our story is that we really grew up together in the industry."

While the story may be different, some of the players may well be the same. In fact, Bow Wow says that when R. Kelly heard about the Face Off project, he jumped at the opportunity to get involved.

"Rob's like 'Yall doin the best of both worlds? What? That's me, that's what I do. Ya'll need to go ahead and let me bless that track. Ya'll know I got something for ya'll. Ya'll need to just come on ahead with it.'"

"We already got they blessings on it now the people gotta respect it and we gon' make them respect it with the music," Bow Weezy continued.

Anticipated for release sometime this December, the dual project follows solo releases for both Omarion (21) and Bow Wow (The Price of Fame) which were both released last year.

Aspiring Baltimore Politician Objects To Lil Wayne and Juelz Santana Concert

A candidate for Baltimore’s city council has raised concerns over an impending concert featuring Lil Wayne and Juelz Santana.

According to the Baltimore Sun, Democratic candidate Donald J. Dewar III sent a letter to Mayor Sheila Dixon and the city’s liquor board demanding that the show, which is scheduled for this Saturday (August 18) at the Clarence H. Du Burns Arena, is cancelled and its one-day liquor license is revoked. Dewar argued that the two rapper’s explicit lyrics and violent content were not appropriate for the venue, which he says is located in a residential area. In an effort to drive his point home, Dewar cited an alleged “mini riot” that he claims ensued during a June 15 Lil Kim concert at the same arena.

City police spokesman Sterling Clifford denied that there was any disturbance at the Kim show, saying that no police were called to the area that night. City Councilman James B. Kraft also stated that Dewar’s allegations about the Kim concert were unfounded. “I’m not, and the city is not, saying we support this particular group or these particular entertainers … but they have a legitimate contract with the city to use the Du Burns Arena,” Kraft said.

Attorney Paul Gardner, who represents the show’s promoter, IKON Entertainment, said Dewar’s request to reject the liquor license and cancel the show was contrary to the First Amendment. “It’s unconstitutional to really erect a policy banning one kind of concert based on its content,” Gardner argued. “If Paris Hilton was coming down to the Du Burns Arena on Aug. 18, I do not think Mr. Dewar would be complaining—and she’s been convicted.”

Contractor Drops Lawsuit Against Ja Rule

A Saddle River, New Jersey contractor who accused rapper Ja Rule of stiffing him for $8,000 withdrew his criminal complaint Thursday (August 16), telling a judge he was concerned for his safety.

31-year-old Joel Tobia a told a reporter for The Record that he hadn't been intimidated in any way by the rapper. However, he told a Superior Court judge in Hackensack on Thursday that he is "extremely uncomfortable going forward with this case."

According to reports, Tobia nervously looked around the courtroom to see who was attending the proceeding. Ja Rule was not there though.

Tobia said Ja Rule (real name: Jeffrey Atkins) hired him to fix a bad leak in the basement of his $3.5 million mansion, and then refused to pay him a large portion of the fee after the work was done.

"People are asking me, 'Do you know what you are doing?'" Tobia told Judge Roy F. McGeady, during the proceeding. "I have two children. I am concerned. I hope you are reading between the lines."

In the lawsuit filed earlier this month, Tobia claimed he was only paid $5,000 although he had performed $13,000 job, but was stiffed.

"We put in 150 hours of manpower, which I gave to him for $13,000," the contractor said previously. "He paid me $5,000 and wouldn't pay me the rest. I don't know why."

The rapper's attorney, Brian Neary, said this was never a criminal case. "It was a simple dispute between a contractor and a homeowner," Neary said. "They happen all the time. Just because Jeffrey is a celebrity doesn't change the basic argument. We will deal with the dispute in the appropriate court."

Tobia said he has already obtained a default civil judgment for $8,000, but Neary said the amount remains in dispute. He contends it's about $4,000.

American Idol Winner Jordin Sparks Signs With JIVE Records

It was announced today that Jordin Sparks, the youngest American Idol winner ever in the popular TV franchise’s history, has signed to 19 Recordings/Jive Records.

“We’re thrilled to welcome the partnership with 19Recordings and Jordin Sparks as the first Idol winner to make her home at Jive,” stated Barry Weiss, CEO and President of Zomba Label Group (ZLG). “Her poise, her amazing vocal ability, her relentless optimism has been apparent to millions of fans all around the world. We’re honored to have this burgeoning worldwide superstar on Jive Records.”

Clive Davis, Chairman of BMG, U.S., also commented: “Jordin is a terrific young singer who has found a great home at Jive. Barry and his successful team know how to patiently nurture career artists, and Jordin Sparks hints of a legacy and longevity waiting to be fulfilled.”

“American Idol has truly been a life altering experience,” Jordin said. “Signing with 19Recordings/Jive and Barry Weiss and his great team is hopefully the beginning of another dream opportunity for me to deliver the kind of meaningful music I love. I can’t wait to share this next chapter of my story with all the fans that have supported me so far.”

Simon Fuller, the creator of American Idol and the guiding force behind American Idol’s unprecedented success and founder of 19 Entertainment concurred: “You couldn’t find a better match in or out of this business than Jive Records, 19 Recordings and Jordin Sparks.”

Winning the majority of the more than 74 million record-breaking votes cast. The 17-year old Glendale, AZ, native, was followed by millions of television viewers and was hailed by critics and fans as one of the most “musically evolved” contestants the Fox show has ever had.

Jive Records is gearing up to launch Jordin Sparks’ lead single, “Tattoo,” produced by the hit-making duo Stargate (Béyonce, Ne-Yo) and co-written with Amanda Ghost, whose impressive credits include James Blunt’s “Beautiful” and “Beautiful Liar” with Beyonce and Shakira. “Tattoo” will be arriving at radio stations across the country on August 27th, and Sparks’ eagerly awaited debut album will be in stores in November. Currently, Sparks is wowing live audiences in a trek across the U.S. with other Season Six finalists on the Pop-Tarts American Idols Live! Tour. In between tour dates, she’s scheduled to appear on The Teen Choice Awards which airs live on FOX on August 26th.

Yung Joc Searches For Ultimate Hustler To "Rock With Joc"

Bad Boy rapper Yung Joc has teamed up with Rockport's new Established 1971 Footwear to launch "Roc with Joc," a multi-city talent search for aspiring music moguls.

The search launched in Detroit today (August 16) and will make stops in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Atlanta, where contestants will battle it out for the chance to work closely with Yung Joc and his team.

Participants will have to call into partnering local radio stations to showcase their talents and explain to a panel of judges what makes them a true "hustler."

Joc will then meet with the chosen few at participating retail locations where he will select a finalist who best personifies what it means to work hard to have their dreams come to fruition.

The winner will then be given the opportunity to spend the remainder of the day with Yung Joc and his entourage.

Each winner from each city will then be flown to Atlanta for the grand finale where the winner will be chosen during the release party of Joc's forthcoming sophomore album Hustlenomics.

The winner will be awarded an opportunity to work along side Yung Joc, while on his "Hustleonmics" tour and appear in an advertisement of the Rockport Established 1971 Collection.

During their stay in Atlanta, the participants will be given a tour of Yung Joc's Block Entertainment studio and a preview of Rockport's new Established 1971 Footwear.

"I have worked hard to overcome many obstacles to be where I am today," Yung Joc said via a statement. "I am excited to be partnering with Rockport to provide an opportunity for hustlers like myself that are on their grind who otherwise may never have had a chance to make it."

Hustlenomics will hit shelves on August 28. The album features appearances from Sean "Diddy" Combs, The Game, Young Dro, Pharrell Williams and Trick Daddy, among others.


props to Eskay as always

IHH TV: Jay-Z exposed pt2

This is the second part to Jay-z Exposed: Right Hand Man Speaks Out...

he even has his own website

IHH Radio: 50 cent

50 Cent - Part Time Lover
(Lil Wayne & Baby dis)

"you make me wanna kiss you like Baby kiss Wayne/make you call me daddy like Baby do Wayne/damn that shit sounds gay it's insane/I guess that's the price the lil' n*gga pay for fame..."

Looks like Fif is in full battle mode
(ripped from Kay slay and Eskay)

IHH TV: Throwback Friday 8*17*07

Throwback of the week makes its return today.
I got all your emails for diffrent request, so i think I have enought throwback choices to last for a while.

you remember this??

another one of my all time favs

This was one of my favorite videos as a kid

if you have any old vids you wanna see shoot me an email at make sure you put throwback in the subject. The best ones I'll post.

IHH Daily Motivation 8*17*07

Choose to be inspired

Envy is worse than a waste of time. For when you hold on to thoughts of envy, you are actively holding yourself back.

Envy builds a wall between you and the abundance that could otherwise be yours. Envy can drain you of your best possibilities.

Do you ever resent it when someone else has acquired or achieved or experienced some particular thing and you have not? If so, then your envy actually makes your own situation worse.

Instead of being envious about the good fortune of others, be genuinely thankful for it. That instantly puts you in a much better position to create similar good fortune in your own life.

When you celebrate the achievements of others, you connect yourself in a positive and empowering way to life's abundance. When you choose to be inspired, your eyes will open to many more valuable and positive possibilities.

Be truly thankful for the success that you see around you. And that success will soon become your own.

-- Ralph Marston

Aug 16, 2007

Foxy Brown Facing Jail Time, Alleged Victim Speaks

New York City probation officials plan to ask a judge to violate Foxy Brown’s probation as a result of her latest run in with the law. Probation Department spokesman Jack Ryan confirmed the request to the New York Daily News yesterday. “We have filed a violation of probation with the court,” Ryan said. Foxy turned herself in to police on Tuesday (August 14) and was arrested and booked on charges of felony assault, menacing, harassment and criminal possession of a weapon.

Her alleged victim, 25 year-old Arleen Raymond, told police that she first got into it with Fox about the short tempered rapper blasting her car stereo loudly in their Brooklyn neighborhood. According to Raymond, Foxy then stormed into the drugstore where she works and proceeded to wave money in her face and hurl insults at her. “Foxy stated in sum and substance, ‘You are a lowlife b—h. B—h, you work at the pharmacy. You’ll never be nothing!,’” an unidentified law enforcement source told the News. The argument turned physical on July 30 when Raymond says the rapper approached her as she was walking home and hurled her Blackberry cell phone at her.

“She just ran into me and she just started screaming, ‘I hate you, bitch.’ And she hit me with her BlackBerry. She just threw it at me,” Raymond told the New York Post. “I have an abrasion in my eye. It was red and bleeding. She ran off to her mother’s home.” But Foxy’s mother, Judith Marchand, denies Raymond’s version of events and says that the drugstore cashier started with her daughter. “She said, ‘Let’s fight now that you’re alone, bitch.’ My daughter pushed her away and may have brushed her with the phone,” Marchand told the News. “She knows something like this could compromise my daughter’s probation so she thinks she’s going to get money out of her, but she’s not going to get a cent.”

Foxy is due back in court on September 26.

IHH Daily Update 8*16*07

Kanye West Gets Jay Z Emotional, Launches New Clothing Line

Less than a month away from the release of his highly anticipated 3rd major album—“Graduation,” Chicago rapper/producer Kanye West fears fans misinterpret his new track “Big Brother” as an attack on fellow rapper, Def Jam president Jay Z.

According to Contact Music, West says the rapper inspired his upcoming single and admits he accuses the star of “ripping him off” by collaborating with British band Coldplay.

However, Kanye says the song is more of an ode than anything else.

“Bad news travels fast so I expect some people to focus on certain lines.” Said Kanye.

“But I also sing, ‘If you admire someone you should tell ‘em/No one get the flowers when you can still smell them’. “When I played it to Jay he was emotional.” He continued.

In related news, the Louis Vuitton Don will be releasing his “Pastel” clothing line in November.

“Just getting the right designs. It’s a gift and a curse. You’ve got all eyes on you, so if you deliver something great, it’s gonna get held as, “Oh, it’s supposed to be great.” And even if it’s good or it’s OK or something, it’s gonna get bashed. There were phases where I could just do the bear on a Polo and it would’ve made $100 million.” Kanye tells Complex Magazine regarding the hold up of the release.

Kanye’s “Graduation” is set to hit stores on September 11th, while “Pastel” will hit shelves sometime in November.

Mos Def Gets Into Altercation With Photographer In Hollywood is reporting that Mos Def got into an altercation last night (Aug. 15) in Hollywood after a photographer took his photo outside of Hyde nightclub.

Reports suggest Mos Def was exiting the club when the photographer snapped the photo. Mos asked the photographer to delete the photo. When he wouldn't, he tried to explain to the photog that he wasn't from around there and that he was "violating" his space.

After seemingly giving up, one Mos' friends jumped in and tried to wrestle away the camera. Mos Def proceeded to jump in and try and snatch away the camera as well. That's when Mos Def realized cameras were running and said "I'm not trying to damage nuthin' ... I just want him to erase the photo. I'm not hurting him, I just want him to erase my photo and knock it off."

Lil Flip Cleared in Credit Card Case, Grand Jury Refuses to Indict

After turning himself in to authorities last month, Lil Flip has cleared his name in connection with an alleged credit card scam.

According to the Houston Chronicle, a Harris County grand jury declined to indict the rapper in the case, which concerned airline tickets purchased with a stolen credit card.

Flip and his camp maintained his innocence throughout the ordeal, saying that the $671 Southwestern Airlines ticket in question was purchased through what the rapper believed to be a legitimate travel agency.

Prosecutor Joe Vinas announced that the investigation is complete, and no further charges are expected to be filed. “He’s extremely happy,” said Stanley Schneider, Flip’s attorney. “He feels vindicated.”

Bill O'Reilly Criticizes Nas

Bill O'Reilly recently criticized Nas (whom he alleges the title of "gangsta rapper" to) and the governing body of Virginia Tech for allowing the rapper to perform at the Virginia Tech memorial concert.

O'Reilly, who in the past has criticized rappers such as Ludacris and Cam'Ron, expressed qualms with Nas' violent lyrics and a past gun charge. In light of those things, O'Reilly lambasted the decision to have the rapper at the concert, which serves as a memorial to victims of gunfire in the recent Virginia Tech massacre.

O'Reilly called the decision "insulting the murder victims of Virginia Tech." Calling Nas' recordings "as violent as they come," O'Reilly cited songs such as Ether and Got Yourself A Gun to back up his claims. He then went on to criticize Virginia Tech President Dr. Charles W. Steger, claiming that Steger "knows Nas is inappropriate, but is too cowardly to do anything about it."

The video, which can be viewed on youtube, shows O'Reilly citing some Virginia Tech's own students' protests against Nas performing, as well as further criticism of Steger's administration for past events such as allowing Marcus Vick (younger brother of NFL star Michael VIck) to play after numerous offenses. O'Reilly even claimed that Steger's administration was responsible for deaths in the massacre due to a slow response.

Guests on the segment were Robert Woodson, CTR for Neighborhood Enterprise, and Bakari Kitwana, author of The Hip Hop Generation. Woodson claimed that it was "outrageous" to allow Nas to perform, while Kitwana explained the Nas has songs of a positive nature such as I Can.

Kitwana turned the argument back onto O'Reilly, stating "I think there is a history of media personalities, such as yourself, attempting to paint this blanket condemnation of hip hop."

Lupe Fiasco Weighs In On 50 Cent Vs Kanye

Since taking the mix tape world by storm and dropping the critically acclaimed Lupe Fiasco’s Food and Liquor, Lupe has sounded off on everything from geo politics, the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Recently, the Chicago rhyme sayer took a break from speaking on the ills of the world, to touch on the lighter side of Hip Hop and his upcoming projects in an interview with Pitchfork.

Lupe remained neutral on the ongoing “competition” between fellow Chicagoan Kanye West and 50 Cent saying that the competing albums are good for Hip Hop.

"You know what, I think it's good for hip hop," he said before adding, "Like, I'm a fan of both of them so... you know people are always surprised to hear that I'm a fan of 50's 'cause I was promoted as this whiteboy, suburban friendly image and everything. But I love 50's music, and have ever since his mixtapes back before Get rich Or Die Trying came out. Also, he's an incredibly smart person, and you can tell that in his interviews."

In typical Fiasco fashion, he briefly exposed the media machine, saying that some folks in Ye’s camp encouraged him to heighten the drama by going at Fif head on.

“When I was around 'Ye, everybody, I mean his people, were trying to hype him up to go at 50, but he didn't want to entertain it. I remember Kanye said he feels like making an incredible album is the best "diss" so to speak, that any rapper can deliver. Not that he wants to diss him."

Lupe also noted that his next album, The Cool will drop in November and he parallels his upcoming offering to Nas’ It Was Written.

Ja Rule In Court Over Unpaid Leak Repair

While Ja Rule faces a serious weapons charge after being arrested last month in New York, the Murder Inc. rapper was in a court last week for a less minor offense – allegedly not paying his plumber.

Ja Rule, born Jeffrey Atkins, is disputing a criminal complaint brought by a local contractor who claims he was never paid $8,000 after fixing a bad leak at the rapper’s $3.5 million mansion in Saddle River, NJ.

“We put in 150 hours of manpower, which I gave to him for $13,000,” said Joel Tobia, insisting that he and six other men finished the work in three days.

“He paid me $5,000 and wouldn’t pay me the rest. I don’t know why.”
Brian Neary, Ja Rule’s lawyer, claimed that “some work was done,” but that the actual amount owed was $4,000 and disputed “whether the work was done properly and whether money is owed.”

The hearing on Thursday follows a previous ruling of $8,000 awarded to Tobia after Ja Rule failed to show up in civil court.

Meanwhile Ja Rule is currently free on $150,000 bail stemming from an incident in July, when the rapper was arrested after police pulled over his vehicle and found a semi-automatic handgun in the car.

Raekwon Talks New Wu-Tang CD, Searches For Home For "Cuban Linx II"

As Wu-Tang prepares to plant the iron flag back into solid hip-hop ground, Raekwon sheds a little light on the hold-up of his latest solo CD, his Clan's reunion album and his proteges, Ice Water.

Being hands on with multiple projects lately, Raekwon has stayed quite busy as of late. Now poised to see the fruits of his labors, the Staten Island MC says that he's still not letting up with his hustle.

"One thing about the Chef, I'm constantly working, man," Raekwon told Billboard. "If I'm not doing one thing, I'm doing another thing. I'm trying to wear all these hats right now as far as being an artist, a writer, a businessman, a producer. I constantly stay on my job."

Though he says that he's "99 percent finished" with the long-awaited Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II, he may be looking for a new label to distribute the sequel. Rae says he and Interscope "didn't come to a complete understanding about the project." Cuban Linx II features production from sample wizards RZA, Dr. Dre, and the late J Dilla.

Yet the Chef says that he has put the project on hold in order to concentrate his energy on the new Wu album, 8 Diagrams, slated to drop on November 13, which is the third anniversary of the death of fallen Wu member ODB.

"I guess RZA stressed to the people about how much that date meant to us," he admitted. "It's like just thinking about our brother, just wanting to keep him around us mentally, y'know?"

As far as the album's sound, Rae said its strictly for real Wu heads.

"We're still debating about certain tracks as far as, will the people understand or will they be able to ride with it," he explained. "If you're a real Wu fan then you know what to expect from Wu-Tang. But if you're trying to expect anything close to anybody else, you don't really know us."

The Chef's also been cooking up the right recipe to help launch the careers of his group, Ice Water, who are prepping their debut on August 28. With an solid line-up of MC's dropping verses on the disc, including Method Man, Busta Rhymes, Rick Ross, Three Six Mafia, Remy Ma, Jagged Edge and Raekwon himself, the crew is looking to make a real splash when the album drops.

"I always knew they had potential but had to grow to that level of coming into the business on my strength," said Rae. ""The guys had to figure out what they wanted to do before I could actually give them the opportunity to be heard, and it just finally arrived. The dudes got their heads together and the music is flawless.

DJ Envy Dials Up Fans With New Mixtapes

Hot 97's DJ Envy and mobile content provider Cellfish Media have joined forces to create "The Monthly Mixtape," a monthly service which sends exclusive music and mobile content to a subscriber's cell phone.

As part of their agreement, Cellfish Media will distribute a seven-track mixtape compilation mixed by DJ Envy to subscribers which will also come with ringtones, daily hip-hop insider tips and exclusive interviews.

Subscribers will also be able to interact with Envy via his community page on Cellfish's website which also offer prize giveaways.

"Yesterday, kids would have to wait for a mixtape to be pressed up and distributed; today, they have to run home to their computers and search for it; tomorrow, the instant something is blowing up, it shows up in your pocket," said Cell Fish Vice President Jonathan Dworkin via a statement. "Yesterday is over."

In related news, Envy and New York mixtape standout Red Café are currently gearing for the release of their collaborative compilation titled The Co-Op.

The set, which will hit stores September 25, features appearances from Fabolous, Fat Joe, Styles P and Sheek Louch, Paul Wall and Nina Sky, among others.


Adam “Pacman” Jones has added another hobby to pass the time during his season-long suspension from the NFL.

Following his debut with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling last weekend, the Tennessee Titans cornerback is part of a rap duo called Posterboyz and will drop their first single, “Let it Shine,” on Aug. 27 via his own National Street League Records.

According to the Associated Press, the song covers the usual hip hop topics of big money, cars and jewelry.

Officials are reportedly looking into whether or not the record label's name, National Street League Records, infringes on the NFL’s trademark, league spokesman Greg Aiello said.

As previously reported, Jones has also signed a contract with TNA Wrestling and debuted in a pay-per-view event Sunday night.

Snoop Dogg Sells Claremont, California Home

Snoop Dogg has sold his Claremont, California home for a reported $1.830 million. The house was originally listed at $1.995 million but was sold at the lower price after 3 and a half months on the market and 3 offers on the home.

According to the Claremont-Courier, Snoop hasn't resided at the residence since 2000. Snoop Dogg originally bought the home in 1994 for $660,000 from a bank repossession venture.

“There were regular parties, and they were loud,” police captain Gary Jenkins said. “So we would receive a lot of noise complaints. There were a lot of cars in the neighborhood and people loitering around in the streets, but no major problems.”

The home was then extensively remodeled, doubling square footage and adding a second floor. Completed in 2006, the newly renovated 6500-square-foot home boasted 8 bedrooms, 5.5 baths, a home theater room, a recording studio and a 4-car garage. The luxurious compound also features lush park-like grounds, a swimming pool and spa, a pool house, a basketball court and a tennis court.

“He is married and has 3 kids,” realtor Goeff Hamill said. “He lived in Los Angeles before but once he had his first child, he felt that Claremont was a better place to raise a family.”

UGK Top The Charts, Plies Testifies At No. 6, Common Keeps It Movin'
In this week's Hip-Hop & R&B Charts, UGK debut on top, Plies follows behind and Common descends.

Debuting at No.1 this week for the first time in their lengthy career is Houston duo UGK, with their seventh album Underground Kingz. According to Nielsen's SoundScan, the album flipped 160,600 units in its opening week. The double disc features appearances from Rick Ross, Too Short, OutKast, Three 6 Mafia, Slim Thug and Dizzie Rascal, among others.

Entering the charts at No. 6 is Florida bred rapper Plies with his debut album The Real Testament. The set, which features appearances from T-Pain, Akon and Tank, reeled in 96,700 discs in its first go-around.

Common, who debuted at No. 1 last week, slips six seats to No. 7. Finding Forever is still going strong as it scoops up 57,500 units in its second week out. The album's tally stands at 213,400.

Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas floats a level up to No. 8. The Dutchess continues to spank the competition scanning 51,500 discs in its 47th week on the charts. To date, the set has sold 2,435,700 copies.

Slipping a step down to No. 9 is T.I. The latest effort from the self-proclaimed King Of The South, T.I. vs. T.I.P., shifted 45,300 CDs this week, pushing the album's total sales to 902,800.

Four spots below is British crooner Amy Winehouse at No.11. Back To Black has sold a total of 1,026,900 copies with 37,900 units representing the week-in total.

Jamaican sensation Sean Kingston, who debuted at No. 6 last week, staggers eight spots to No. 14. His self-titled album nets 37,000 units in its second week. So far, the disc has sold 111,900 copies.

Three seats behind him is Def Jam princess Rihanna at No 17. Good Girl Gone Bad ropes in 26,700 discs this week. The album's tally stands at 544,500.

A 33% drop in sales pushes Prince down nine spots to No. 20. The legendary musician's latest effort, Planet Earth, dials in 26,000 units this week. After 3 weeks, the album has sold 161,000 copies.

Florida crooner T-Pain slips two spots to No. 21. His sophomore Epiphany hauled in 24,800 units this week, bringing the album's total sales to 553,300.

Timbaland, who has been on a steady incline these past weeks, falters and slides three spots to No. 29. Shock Value shelled out a strong 21,100 copies this week. The album's tally stands at 535,500.

Justin Timberlake continues to knock 'em out of the box at No. 34. FutureSex/LoveSounds has moved 3,486,700 units thus far, with 19,600 representing the week-in total.

Fabolous hoists himself up two spots to No. 37. From Nothing To Something bags up 18,100 units this week. So far, the album has sold 397,500 copies.

Fab's label mate Ne-Yo refuses to budge from the No. 40 spot. Because Of You sells 15,500 copies this week, pushing the album's total sales to 735,200.

R. Kelly staggers two slots to No. 44. Double Up moves 14,400 units in its seventh week. Thus far, the album has sold a total of 807,300 copies.

Posted at No. 46 is Robin Thicke. Evolution Of Robin Thicke cashes out 13,500 discs this week, pushing the album's total sales to 1,359,600.

Akon continues to hang tough in the marathon at No. 54. Konvicted reels in an additional 11,700 units this week. The total for the album reads off at 2,581,800.

Further down the totem pole, Shop Boyz sit at No. 71. Rockstar Mentality notches 9,200 in sales this week, bringing the album's total to 165,500. Chrisette Michelle sinks five spots to No. 72. I Am rings in 9,100 units this week. To date, the album has sold 101,700 copies.

At No. 74, Beyonce's B'Day hustles 8,900 units this week, bringing the album's total sales to 2,836,700. Leaning at No. 76 is Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. Strength & Loyalty rakes in 8,800 in sales this week. So far, the album has sold 380,900 copies. Corrine Bailey Rae wraps the Top 100 at No. 77. 8,800 folks picked up the crooner's self-titled album this week, pushing the set's total sales to 1,658,800.

Next week see if Ali & Gipp and WC are able to make an appearance on the Hip-Hop & R&B Charts.

Richest in Hip hop List

Forbes Hip-Hop Cash Kings List, no real surprise about whos number 1 but check out the rest of the list.

1. Jay-z- 34 million

2.50 cent- 32 million

3.Diddy- 28 million

4.Timbaland 21 million

5.Dr.Dre- 20 million

6.Eminem -18 million

7.Snoop Dogg- 17 million

8.Kanye West 17 million

9.Pharrell Williams 17 million

10.Scott Storch 17 million

11.Ludacris 16 million

12.T.I. 16 million

13.Outcast 14 million

14.Lil jon 14 million

15.Ice cube 13 million

16.Jermaine Dupri 12 million

17.Swizz Beatz 12 million

18.Chamillionaire 11 million

19.The Game 11 million

20.Yung Joc 10 million

Forbes and E! Entertainment teamed up for a one-hour special about the list, which will premiere on Saturday, Aug. 18, at 6 p.m. ET. The E! special features exclusive interviews with Big Boi, Lil Jon, T.I., Swizz Beats and Scott Storch.

IHH Daily Motivation 8*16*07

Expect a great day

If you look for rudeness, incompetence, disrespect and arrogance, you will see plenty of those things. If, on the other hand, you look for kindness, love, support and positive purpose you can just as readily uncover them.

Much of what you experience is what you expect to experience. Your senses, as rich and perceptive as they are, cannot possibly take it all in.

So your experience of each day is heavily filtered through your expectations. Your senses tune in to the kind of world you already know you will see.

The real power in this arrangement is that you can choose to adjust and advance your expectations. Those expectations can be whatever you intentionally decide they will be.
And your experience of life will follow right along. By expecting the very best, you find your way toward it.

Base your real, sincere expectations not on what has already happened, but on what you would like to see happen. Sure enough, as if by magic, those things will come to be.

-- Ralph Marston

Aug 15, 2007

IHH Radio: G-Unit

(Irv Gotti, Jimmy Iovine dis)

50 cent ft. Tony Yayo & Lloyd Banks - We On Some Shit
(Dissing Cam, Fat Joe, the dudes who shot up Yayo’s moms house)

The Cassidy Rap Battle Contest

Cassidy fans, call and leave your best 16 bars to receive a call from Cassidy, acknowledgement as a sold rap battler and potential inclusion in a Cassidy video or appearance!

Here's what you have to do -

The Cassidy Rap Battle Contest has three rounds, each round consists of two weeks. The first week call Cassidy's SayNow number, 215-701-0998 to leave your best 16 bars. Week two, Cassidy will leave a message announcing the top three rappers. Fans call Cassidy's SayNow number to vote on their favorite of the top three rappers.

Cassidy will leave a SayNow broadcast announcing the winner of the round, which will advance them to the finals. Three finalists will then rap battle over a conference call with Cassidy, where he will decide the winner.

I'm goingto need fro ya'll to show up and rep hard for this, ya heard!

IHH Daily Update 8*15*07

Remy Ma Trial Delayed, Lack Of Progress In Investigation

Remy Ma appeared in Manhattan Criminal Court yesterday (August 14) expecting to be indicted on charges stemming from her attempted-murder arrest last month but a grand jury has reportedly not heard the case because of slow progress in the investigation.

As previously reported, authorities believe Remy (born Remy Smith) shot Makeda Barnes-Joseph twice in the torso while she was inside her car after they both left Manhattan's Pizza Bar on July 14.

Barnes-Joseph, who claims to be one of Remy's closest friends, alleges that the rapper accused her of stealing about $3,000 from her purse before shooting her. Barnes-Joseph reportedly held Remy's purse briefly while they partied at the Pizza Bar.

According to New York's Daily News, Remy's lawyer, Ivan Fisher, claimed that the events which have surfaced publicly are inaccurate and contradictory stories from witness are to blame for the slow pace of the investigation.

"I suspect that the district attorney's getting conflicting views of the events from various witnesses and doesn't want to go before a grand jury until he's sure of what happened," Fisher said.

Assistant Manhattan District Attorney Michael McIntosh declined to reveal why the investigation is sluggish but said his office would agree to let Fisher's reps examine and photograph Barnes-Joseph's car before returning it next week.

Lauren Raysor, Barnes-Joseph's lawyer, said her client was disappointed there was no grand jury action and is still in pain and unable to work.

Remy is facing charges of attempted murder, first-degree assault and weapons possession. She plead not guilty to the charges and is free on $250,000 bail until her next court date on November 29.

Foxy Brown Leaves Def Jam; Inks Label Deal Through Koch

Foxy Brown is moving on after being signed with Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam since 2004 without releasing her highly anticipated Black Roses album.

The rapper's management, Black Hand, revealed Tuesday (August 14) that she has inked a deal with Koch Records, where she will release projects through her own Black Rose Entertainment.

Although the exact terms of the deal were not disclosed, label sources revealed it was a multi-million dollar negotiation that was signed after office hours. The first artist to drop through the new deal will be Foxy Brown herself.

Foxy will first release her highly anticipated street album, Brooklyn's Don Diva, later this year, which will be her first release since regaining her hearing.

"I have always been a symbol of independence as a female in music," explained the rapper. "My brand is already established, millions of my records have already been sold, and I have a fan base already loyal. After 13 years at Def Jam, I felt it was time as a matured business women to move on and continue my brand under the roof of something I own."

The first move as a label exec may be to sign some new talent. Foxy also hinted that she will be looking for new artists with a worldwide appeal because of her strong ties in the Caribbean music genre.

"Foxy is not only an incredible talent, but an entrepreneur with a vision," said Chaz Williams, of Black Hand Management. "She decided to move on to literally greener pastures, like money green. We are faced with a climate in music and new media where the independent is far more profitable. Ownership and partnerships are the new millennium record deals."

The first single from Brooklyn's Don Diva will hit radio within the next few weeks, and the album is scheduled for a December release, according to a rep from Black Hand.

"I have two albums of music recorded, and my fans have waited long enough, I'm back bitches," Foxy exclaimed.

Lupe Gets Pushed Back, Done With Mixtapes, Loses Love For Hip Hop

Looks like Lupe won’t get Cool until November. According to, the Chicago rapper’s sophomore LP has been pushed back from its original release date of October 30th to a newly announced November 20th release.

As if waiting an extra month for the rappers highly anticipated second album wasn’t enough, fans of the MC aren’t going to be happy with his future plans.

It seems like the industry has taken its toll on Lupe, who recently told Bill Board that he’s done with making mixtapes and might exit the Hip Hop game altogether.

“I’m just wearing down,” he admits. “I’m never doing mixtapes again, not even Internet ones. My whole energy for making hip-hop music is slowing down. I’ve been doing it for seven years. I still don’t think I’m famous.

I’ll do what I have to do to promote my next album, but I’m not enthused about doing seven albums. I’ll do my three, and then I am going to keep moving to the next phase of life and maybe grow trees.”

UGK Score First #1 Album

After years in the game, UGK have finally secured their first #1 album. Their new album, "Underground Kingz", secures the #1 Billboard spot this week on sales of 156K units. The album features the lead single "International Player's Anthem" feat. Outkast.

Also debuting big was Atlantic Records artist Plies who comes in at #2 on the charts with his first major label album "The Real Testament". The album sold 91K units on the strength of the lead single "Shawty" Feat. T-Pain and a rabid hometown fanbase.

Common slips to #7 during his second week in stores while Fergie and T.I. hang strong in the top 10. Justin Timberlake saw a surge in sales this week as his "Futuresex/Lovesounds" album had a 6% increase in sales.

Wu-Tang Covers Beatles Song and Get New Release Date

The RZA has revealed that the Wu-Tang Clan will be covering the Beatles song "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" for their forthcoming album, The 8 Diagrams.

Who have they recruited to help them with this tremendous task? None other than the son of legendary Beatle George Harrison - Dhani Harrison!

"He's the biggest Wu-Tang fan in the world," said RZA, in an interview with Rolling Stone. "He knew all the kung fu shit! That's deep! I told him I would be honored if he played his father’s song."

The Wu also snagged Chili Pepper John Frusciante for the song, which will be called "Gently Weeps." The song will feature the Clan rapping over the cover done by Dhani and John, while acting out what has been described as a "heroin dealer/heroin user saga." Method Man will be the victim, while Ghostface will be the dealer.

In other Wu news, 8 Diagrams now has a release date of November 13. This and the Beatles song have been confirmed by the Wu publicist.

Beyonce To Release Spanish Language EP

Beyoncé Knowles' total entertainment domination continues this month with the release of her Spanish language EP Irreemplazable.

Since capturing this year's Grammy for Best Contemporary R&B album with B'Day, Beyoncé has set her sights on new challenges, overcoming language barriers with her newest project Irreemplazable. Scheduled for release on August 21, the eight track EP features original material as well as Spanish versions of songs from her multi-platinum sophomore release B'Day and platinum soundtrack Dreamgirls.

In addition to the title track "Irreemplazable" (Irreplaceable), which is included both in its original form and as a Nortena remix, Beyoncé's set includes a Timbaland remix of "Get Me Bodied" featuring Reggaeton artist Voltio as well as "Oye," the Spanish version of Dreamgirls' Oscar nominated song "Listen."

Other standout features on Irreemplazable include Beyoncé's duet, "Amor Gitano," with Alejandro Fernandez, which hit the top of the Spanish single charts and serves as the theme song for Telemundo telenovela "Zorro." Irreemplazable also serves up three versions of Beyoncé's collaboration with Shakira, "Beautiful Liar" - one in Spanish, one in Spanglish (featuring B's alter ego Sasha) as well as the English version.

Wal-Mart is also offering an exclusive CD/DVD version of Irreemplazable featuring special content including a behind the scenes documentary La Evolucion Latina de Beyonce (The Latin Evolution of Beyonce) and the music video for the "Get Me Bodied" Timbaland remix featuring Voltio.

Irreemplazable hits stores August 21. Beyoncé is currently performing on her North American tour, which started this July.

Kanye West & Common Tell Notorious Chicago Gangster's Story In Upcoming DVD

Common and Kanye West have teamed up to narrate the story of Chicago gangster-turned-businessman Harold "Noonie" Ward.

Captured by directorial duo Coodie & Chike, who previously directed "Through the Wire" and "Jesus Walks" videos for Kanye, Gangster With a Heart of Gold: The Noonie G. Story tells the life of Ward, a former top-ranking member of one of America's largest criminal organizations - the Gangster Disciples.

Set against the backdrop of the last 20 years of black Chicago gang culture, Windy City natives Common and Kanye narrate Ward's evolution from gangbanger to one of Chicago's entrepreneurial and philanthropic elite.

The film was executive produced by John. D. Curran and Harold Ward.

Gangster With A Heart of Gold: The Noonie G. Story lands on DVD August 21.

Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, Pharrell Hope To Find Time For CRS Project

After announcing they'd create a supergroup a while back, Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West and Pharrell Williams -- who will go by the name of CRS (Child Rebel Soldiers) -- are hoping to find time to craft an entire album.

They've already leaked a track via an online mixtape titled "Us Placers," which samples Thom Yorke's "The Eraser," but according to what Lupe told Billboard recently, that's the only track they've recorded thus far.

"Now [our labels are] working it out," the rapper told "Whoever is going to pay is going to pay a whole hell of a lot. Everybody is excited, [but] 'Us Placers' is the only record we have."

Wikipedia reports that another CRS track is to be featured on Kanye West's forthcoming third album, Graduation, and is expected on Fiasco's sophomore release, The Cool, but that is the only other track known of to date.

In related news, Lupe revealed to Billboard that The Cool has been pushed back from its October 30th release date to November 20.

He says that he is working with producers from his 1st & 15th camp, including Pro and Soundtrack. And previously, the rapper said that he would avoid big name producers, but Fiasco had avoided big-name producers because "It's too expensive," but "now we're doing CRS, [so] I can get all the music for free."

Despite the praise he received from the media for his debut, Food & Liquor, the Lupe says he's is getting wore down, will never do any more mixtapes and that he may not have very many studio albums left in him.

"I'm just wearing down," the rapper told Billboard. "I'm never doing mixtapes again, not even Internet ones. My whole energy for making hip-hop music is slowing down.

"I'll do what I have to do to promote my next album, but I'm not enthused about doing seven albums. I'll do my three, and then I am going to keep moving to the next phase of life and maybe grow trees," he continued.

IHH Breaking News: Foxy Brown Turns Herself In On Assault Charges

Foxy Brown turned herself in to authorities on Tuesday (August 14) and was charged with felony assault for allegedly smacking her longtime neighbor with her Blackberry in Brooklyn last month.

According to reports, the 27-year-old rapper (real name: Inga Marchand) is accused of assaulting her 25-year-old neighbor on July 31 at around 6:50 p.m. at the corner of Carleton Avenue and Prospect Place.

She was taken to Brooklyn Hospital, where doctors treated him for a swollen right eye and lip, and is said to have some loose teeth thanks to the incident.

The unnamed victim filed a complaint with police and Foxy agreed to turn herself in on Tuesday.

Foxy is scheduled to be arraigned later Wednesday (August 15).

(L note: I think i hear Nas's "Black Girl Lost" in the background..............)


Narrated by CHARLIE MURPHY, the latest installment of the BEEF series -
BEEF IV- hits stores Tuesday September 18th...
Paul Wall VS. Chamillionaire -
The Game VS. Ras Kass -
LL Cool J VS. Jamie Foxx -
Terry "TK" Kennedy VS. Lupe Fiasco (SKATEBOARD BEEF) -
Young Jeezy VS. Gucci Mane
and much more

IHH Daily Motivation 8*15*07

Authentically you

Causing others to lose is not the way to win. The way to win is to create value where there was none before.

What you truly desire you cannot take from anyone else. Your effort and your commitment are what will fulfill your dreams.

The mere tokens of success are feeble substitutes for success itself. Real success always comes from the inside and spreads outward.

Don't waste your time chasing a fleeting, superficial image of fulfillment. Put your energy into creating and living the magnificent substance of your dreams.

The moments you'll always treasure are the moments when you allow yourself to be authentically you. Choose to fill your life with those golden moments.

Let go of the self-defeating desire to take what anyone else may have. What you have and what you can do with it are so very much better.

-- Ralph Marston

Aug 14, 2007

Vick Co-D's Cop a Plea

The two remaining co-defendants in Michael Vick's federal dogfighting case on Monday scheduled hearings to enter plea agreements.

Will Vick be next to cut a deal?

Purnell Peace, 35, of Virginia Beach, is set to appear in federal court in Richmond on Thursday and Quanis Phillips, 28, of Atlanta, on Friday.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported early Tuesday that Vick's lawyers have been given a Friday deadline to plead guilty or the U.S. attorney's office will file additonal charges in a superseding indictment.

"We're surprised about the plea-agreement hearings. This won't affect the forward movement of the case," said Collins R. Spencer III, who heads a PR firm working with Vick's defense team.

Also in the report, Spencer said the defense currently will not plead guilty to any charges. Vick has denied any involvement in dogfighting since the investigation began.

Last month, another original co-defendant, Tony Taylor, pleaded guilty to his role in a dogfighting conspiracy he says was financed almost entirely by the Atlanta Falcons quarterback.

Taylor, 34, of Hampton, agreed to fully cooperate with the government in its prosecution of Vick, Peace and Phillips, who are accused of running an interstate dogfighting enterprise known as "Bad Newz Kennels" on Vick's property in rural Surry County.

Attorneys for Peace and Phillips did not immediately return phone messages seeking comment.

Collins R. Spencer III, a spokesman for Vick's defense team, said the lawyers were surprised by the plea deals. He said although they assumed the two agreed to cooperate with prosecutors, it would not affect the way Vick's lawyers proceed.

"We're moving forward with taking the case to trial on Nov. 26," he said.

Vick has pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to travel in interstate commerce in aid of unlawful activities and conspiring to sponsor a dog in an animal fighting venture.

Vick, 27, attended several dogfights in Virginia and other states with his partners, according to the statement. Prosecutors claim the fights offered purses as high as $26,000.

The details outlined in the July 17 indictment have fueled public protests against Vick and prompted the suspension of some of his lucrative endorsement deals. Also, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has barred Vick from the Falcons' training camp.

Falcons general manager Rich McKay declined comment when asked about Vick's future with the team.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said Monday the league had yet to complete its investigation of Vick and that Goodell had not made a decision on whether to use the NFL's personal conduct policy to suspend him for the 2007 season.

Havoc Fires Off At The South, Says F-ck TI

New York rapper Havoc, who is half of legendary rap duo Mobb Deep, had some choice words for the South in a recent interview with Shade45.

“F-ck TI, I’m not trying to hate on him cause he’s a good artist, but he can’t f-ck with MOB…none of them can” He fired off.

“I love what the South is doing, but don’t get on your own d-ck. I don’t got no problems with the South but they need to get off their own d-ck. This is where it started, and this is where gonna end when the bomb goes off” Havoc continued.

The Queens MC who has yet to release a solo album in his 14 years career, will be releasing The Kush on September 18th. The LP, which is entirely self-produced by Havoc will stay true to the Mobb Deep sound fans have come to expect over the years.

“Basically, The Kush is dark and gutter, I really wanted to go that direction. The thing that keeps me motivated is just my love of music, I just love to create. The Kush represents me as an individual and my growth as a producer and lyricist.” Said Havoc.

Listen to the the interview here.

IHH Radio: Tupac

This is the 1st single off of Pac's "New" album available today on Deathrow/Koch

Bonus Pac

Pac comes back from Cuba to ride 50's monster smash

IHH TV: Jay-z Exposed

De-Haven, Jay-Z's former right hand man, recently released from prison, speaks out on the betrayal of a twenty year friendship.

IHH Daily Update 8*14*07

Beanie Sigel Wants To Work With Kanye

Philadelphia rapper Beanie Sigel, who recently sparked criticism for his comments regarding Kanye West and others, has told MTV news that there is no bad blood between the two Rocafella artists—and he is in fact trying to work with Kanye for his upcoming LP,“The Solution.”

“I don’t really dwell on that shit, man,” Beanie said. “He called me for songs, so I guess [there are no problems].”

According to MTV, Beans was recently asked by the Rocafella to get on a remix of Kanye’s “Can’t Tell Me Nothing.” Beanie said he would be willing to do the remix but wasn’t sure of the status because a remix of “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” featuring Young Jeezy is already out.

When asked if he’d like to work with Kanye, Beans said he’s been waiting for the Chicago MC with no luck.

“I been trying to get beats from that nigga since before I went to jail,” he explained.

Nas Preps "Greatest Hits," Records New Material

Nas is currently gearing up for the release of his Greatest Hits album which will be issued via his former label, Columbia Records.

The compilation will include twelve songs from the Queens rapper's eight solo albums, as well as two new songs; one of which being "Less Than An Hour," Nas' collaboration with Gnarls Barkley's Cee-Lo Green.

"Less Than An Hour" also appears in Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan's third installment of the Rush Hour series.

"Nobody brings it like Brett Ratner," Nas said via a statement. "He's the street smart director and he knows his audience."

But Nas' appreciation for the Rush Hour series doesn't stop at Ratner's abilities as a director.

"I'm just happy Chris Tucker is back," Nas said. "It's not every year that we get to see him on the screen. Chris and Jackie Chan together again is what we've all needed! It's an honor for me to play my part musically in the film."

Nas' Greatest Hits album will hit shelves in November.

Lil' Wayne Delivers "Tha Carter III" In Time For Christmas

It looks like Lil' Wayne's sixth studio album, Tha Carter III, will be dropping by the end of the year.

A Universal Records spokesperson confirmed that Weezy's much anticipated project has been given a December 18 release date.

The New Orleans rapper recently topped MTV's list of "Hottest MC's," beating out 50 Cent, T.I. and Kanye West for the number one spot.

Weezy's coveted position, picked by industry insiders, follows a slew of hot guest appearances and mixtape verses over the past year, all which have increased public interest in Tha Carter III.

Swizz Drops Heat For Curtis

According to MTV, Swizz took a moment out of his busy tour schedule to speak on former rival 50 Cent.

50 Cent, and the G-Unit camp has had a simmering beef with Swizz and Cassidy for about 2 years now. Cassidy had a not-so-flattering representation of 50 Cent in his B-Boy video, and Curtis shot back with a 3D-animated version of Cassidy in the Piggy Bank video. Things reached their peak however, when Tony Yayo had words with Swizz Beatz on the set of Busta’s “Touch It” video. It’s speculated this argument led to the as-of-yet unsolved murder of Busta’s bodyguard Israel Ramirez.

The situation has apparently been worked out however, as Swizz confirms he not only got into a studio with both Fif and Yayo, but also banged out 5 tracks for 50’s new album, one of which is sure to appear on it.

Swizz recalled: “First, it was a little tension, It was the first time I seen Yayo [since the “Touch It” video shoot]. I didn’t know what to expect. I went in there with two people with me. ... But it ended up being a positive vibe. The first beat I put on, immediately it was a smasher. We wound up doing, like, five joints.”

Swizz has also confirmed that any beef between G-Unit and Cassidy has also been squashed.

“I told 50 what Cassidy said, 50 was like, ‘Yo, he’s being competitive. It ain’t no problem.’ I let Cassidy know the conversation we had — you ain’t gonna hear Cassidy saying nothing about 50 no more. Just like you ain’t never gonna hear Yayo probably ever say nothing about me. It is what it is. I stepped to 50 by myself the first time I seen him like, ‘Is it a problem?’ It was no problem; he played me his whole album.”

No word as to what track Swizz produced for 50, or what this means for the future of relations between the camp (or even what prompted 50 to actually squash a beef), but we’ll be sure to keep you informed.

Dentists Say Grillz May Not Be Safe

Grillz have become a mainstream fad over the past couple years, thanks to the rise of several Southern rappers such as Paul Wall, Nelly, and Mike Jones, among others.

Before the South brought them to the mainstream, Slick Rick and Flava Flav made them popular within the hip-hop industry. But, as the fad grows, several sites have emerged online, selling cheap $10 grillz made of lesser-quality metals and feature snap in options.

Unlike more expensive grillz made to custom fit your teeth and made of more higher-quality metals and precious stones that range anywhere $5,000 and up, these cheap grillz can be unhealthy to your teeth, says several dentists.

According to the Illinois' Kankakee Daily Journal, local dentists say that customers who wear gears may be more prone to problems like cavities, gum recession, and could be easily swallowed.

In fact, a 7-year-old boy in Florida recently swallowed a pair of grillz that costs $10 after they slipped off his teeth. He is lucky to be alive, said doctors.

Dentist Dr. Stephen Burgner told the paper that he is concerned that some grillz are being sold and worn without the assistance of a professional, and that cheaper grillz made from base metals such as nickel or iron could cause irritation or allergic reactions.

Burger said that he only uses precious metals such as high-quality gold for crowns or filling cavities, to avoid allergic reactions.

"Anytime that you have an external oral device that is not prescribed and made by a dentist, it can't be a good thing," he told the Kankakee Daily Journal.

Today, young people have a fascination for grillz. The grillz can be inscribed with their names, while others can have fangs, be in several colors, and can be embedded with a vareity of colored stones, some quality and some imitation.

Paul Wall launched his own website selling grillz at Brooke Hogan, singer and daughter of wrestler Hulk Hogan, rocked a grill in the video for her single, "About Us," while Nelly made the shiny mouthpieces a household name with his hit single, "Grillz."


Sean “Diddy” Combs, the man who discovered Brooklyn rapper Notorious B.I.G. and signed him to a record deal in 1992, has come aboard as an executive producer on Fox Searchlight’s biopic about the late hip hop star.

George Tillman Jr. has been hired to direct the project, based on a script by hip-hop journalist Cheo Hodari Coker and filmmaker Reggie Rock Bythewood.

Coker penned the biography "Unbelievable: The Life, Death and Afterlife of the Notorious B.I.G." Tillman’s directing credits include "Men of Honor" and "Soul Food."

"We know he will make a brilliant movie and show the true humanity of Christopher Wallace's character," said Fox Searchlight President of Production Claudia Lewis, mentioning B.I.G.’s real name.

As previously reported, the studio picked up film rights in 1996. A nationwide casting call was launched Sunday encouraging anyone who resembles the late rapper to send in an audition tape, whether or not they have professional acting experience. The film will focus more on Wallace’s private life than his public persona.

Flavor of Love Season 3?

This weekend, Public Enemy performed at Rock The Bells, and Flavor Flav took time out to speak to the audience. After taking a trip through the crowd, he took the moment to announce that his Comedy Central Roast would be on the following evening. That's not all. Flavor also used this opportunity to announce that Flavor of Love would return for season 3.

"I am going to do Flavor of Love's season 3," he announced to sold out crowd.

Production on Flavor of Love 3 hasn't begun yet, but the third season will be a bit different. This time around, Flavor of Love hopefuls may have to log on to the Internet in order to obtain a spot on the series.

Contestants can log on for now, but the contest ends September 4. In the end, the top 5 will appear on the show. The contestants on past shows have moved on to other shows, such as Charm School and others have appeared in various magazines.

Flavor of Love is the highest rated series in VH1 history.

To submit a video or to watch hopefuls, log on to

Ice Cube Draws From The Comic World For New Flick

Ice Cube's film company, Cube Vision, is currently in negotiations to produce a big screen adaptation of the graphic novel 10.

According to Daily Variety, Cube (born O'Shea Jackson) will star in the flick as a man who receives junk mail informing him that he's in a competition with nine others and that whoever gets out alive wins. Cube's character throws away the letter but then a man toting an ax shows up at his door.

Cube Vision reportedly wants to produce the flick with production company Circle of Confusion.

As previously reported, Cube is currently filming the comedy First Sunday in which he plays one of two men who attempt to rob a church. The flick is expected to open in theaters in January 2008.


Viewers of the “Today Show” Monday morning saw Leroy Greer and his lawyer Kennitra Foote attempt to explain the logic behind their $1 million lawsuit against 1-800-Flowers for inadvertently exposing him as a cheater.

In his lawsuit, filed Aug 6 in Texas Southern District Court, Greer says he bought a dozen long-stemmed roses for his girlfriend through 1-800-Flowers, but requested that his purchase be kept private.

Greer began dating the woman after filing for divorce from his wife in January 2006. But a few months after the flowers were sent, Greer reconciled with his wife, and she moved back in to his Missouri City, Texas home, according to Foote.

Soon, a thank-you note from 1-800-Flowers arrived in the mailbox and was picked up by Greer’s wife, Bernice. Confused, she phoned the company, and they faxed her the receipt for clarification.

"Just wanted to say that I love you and you mean the world to me!" read the greeting from Greer to his girlfriend, whose name and address were included in the receipt for more than $100 in roses and a stuffed animal.

Needless to say, Bernice Greer moved out again, continued with the divorce and is now requesting more money from the court because of her husband's now-documented infidelity, according to Foote.
Along the bottom of the fax, Greer's wife apparently added her own comment, according to a copy included in the suit. "Be a man!" it began. "If you got caught red handed then don't still lie. Your T-Mobile has her number so why still lie."

Greer’s is suing the company for breach of contract. He claims a sales representative promised him before his purchase that the company would not send notice of the transaction to his home or business.

As a result of the infidelity claims, Greer's wife is now asking for an additional $300,000, as well as $4,000 to $5,000 a month in child support for the boy the couple had together.

"Infidelity is one of the things that would qualify as a pendulum-swinger in a divorce case," Foote said. "And now the wife has cold, hard evidence, and it is solely because of 1-800-Flowers."

Meanwhile, the flower service has released the following statement regarding the case:

"At 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, we take pride in creating relationships with our customers by recognizing and thanking them for their business," the statement said. "We take all matters relating to our customers seriously; however, we are not responsible for an individual's personal conduct. Beyond this, it is the company's policy not to comment on pending litigation and legal matters."

Keyshia Cole Heads Out On 20 City Tour

Bay Area songstress Keyshia Cole has headed out on a 20 city House Of Blues tour, as she gears up for the release of her second album, Just Like You, on Geffen Records.

The singer kicked off the tour on Friday (August 10) in Minneapolis, Minnesota and will hit 19 more cities before wrapping things up in Seattle, Washington.

The first single from her forthcoming sophomore release is "Let It Go," produced by Missy Elliot and featuring Missy and Lil' Kim, which has already vaulted into the top five on the Billboard and Radio & Records R&B/Hip-Hop charts.

The album features several A-list producers including Geffen Chairman Ron Fair, Rodney Jerkins, Baby Face, Scott Storch and Bryan Michael Cox, while features include Too Short and R&B soul singer Anthony Hamilton.

The Benny Boom-directed video for the first single premiered one month ago and is in heavy rotation on BET, MTV and VH1.

As Keyshia puts the finishing touches on her sophomore release, she's also very busy working on season two of her BET reality show, "The Way It Is 2," which she is executive producing with her manager Manny Halley. She will also make her movie debut in the upcoming MTV film, "How She Moves," due in January 2008.

Just Like You is slated for release September 25.

Remaining dates for her tour, which will include openers Ray Lavender (Akon's artist) and J. Holiday, is as follows:

08/14 - Cleveland, OH @ House Of Blues
08/17 - Washington, DC @ Love
08/18 - Atlantic City, NJ @ House Of Blues
08/19 - New York, NY @ Nokia Theatre Times Square
08/21 - Norfolk, VA @ The NorVa
08/24 - North Myrtle Beach, SC @ House Of Blues
08/25 - Atlanta, GA @ Center Stage
08/26 - Lake Buena Vista, FL @ House Of Blues
08/29 - New Orleans, LA @ House Of Blues
08/30 - Dallas, TX @ House Of Blues
09/01 - Las Vegas, NV @ House Of Blues
09/02 - West Hollywood, CA @ House Of Blues
09/03 - West Hollywood, CA @ House Of Blues
09/05 - San Diego, CA @ 4th & B Concert Theater
09/06 - Anaheim, CA @ House Of Blues
09/07 - San Francisco, CA @ Mezzanine
09/09 - Seattle, WA @ The Showbox