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Sep 7, 2007

IHH TV: 50 cent

50 minutes with 50

Breaking News: Foxy Gets a Year!!!!

According to Judge Melissa Jackson just sentenced Foxy (born Inga Marchand) to a year in rikers. TMZ also states Judge Jackson was unmoved by Foxy's pleas for mercy, calling her a "great actress," and saying that if this were the first time she'd apologized, she might be believable, but not now.

Jackson also reportedly rejected a deal offered by prosecutors that would’ve landed Fox Boogie in jail for nine months in return for a misdemeanor guilty plea, noting that the Brooklyn rapper knew she would face a full year in jail for any probation violations. Probation Department attorney Matilda Leo informed the judge of the Brooklyn indictment and read four probation violations that have been filed against Brown.

Sidenote:if Foxy serves the full term, Foxy will give birth in prison.

IHH TV: Clips of The Va Tech Tribute Show

(L note: I'm glad Esco didn't fold under the pressure and did his shit. I know it was a live performance)

NBC's 'To Catch a Predator' is sued for $105 mil.

In the ''Dateline NBC: To Catch a Predator'' show, men accused of having explicit online chats with people they think are underage children go to a house to meet them, where TV cameras, host Chris Hansen and police await.

Louis William Conradt Jr., of Terrell, Texas, a Dallas suburb, was suspected of being one of those men, except he didn't show up at the house. That didn't stop the TV producers and police from showing up at his, though, and as officers knocked on his door and a camera crew waited in the street, Conradt shot and killed himself.

His sister, Patricia Conradt, sued NBC Universal Inc. in U.S. District Court in Manhattan on Monday for $105 million, accusing it of taking over police duties and then failing to protect her brother.

In the lawsuit, Patricia Conradt accused NBC Universal of engaging in a pattern of racketeering activity by bribing police across the country to let it film encounters with suspects it lures to a home where it has set up cameras.

She said in the lawsuit NBC ''steam-rolled'' police to arrest her brother after telling police he failed to show up at the rigged house 35 miles away.

She said her brother was unable to defend himself when police, NBC employees and associates swarmed his yard, creating a relationship between NBC and her brother similar to the relationship a prison guard has with an inmate.

''The suicide was reasonably foreseeable,'' her lawsuit said. ''At this time, the defendant wore the robe of a state official and Bill wore the shackles of a detainee. Having trespassed and invaded upon Bill's property to broadcast a spectacle to millions, the defendant took no more steps toward protecting him than are received by a gladiator or bull.''

A spokeswoman for NBC Universal, Jenny Tartikoff, said: ''We have not yet received the lawsuit, but we plan to defend ourselves vigorously as we believe the claims in the suit to be completely without merit.''

(L note: Sorry i cant feel bad for duke, you like take advantage of little kids, you deserve everything you get. They probably throw this lawsuit out)

Jim Jones To Join 50 Cent On New York Tour

With rumors flying around about 50 Cent scooping up Jim Jones for G-Unit, Diplomat Records President, Freekey Zekey, recently spoke on the rumors via a radio interview to dismiss the notion.

According to Zekey, Jones is not signing to G-Unit, but he is joining 50 Cent on his tour of New York City's five boroughs, despite tension between the artists' cliques in the past.

"Jim is not signing to 50," Zekey explained to North Carolina DJ Waleed Coyote of Greensboro's 102 Jamz. "50 got a five borough tour that's poppin' in New York City and it's going to go though each borough -- Bronx, New York, Manhattan, Queens, maybe Staten Island."

"We're gonna show people that everybody can be [at peace in the music industry]. It's about making that cake. Jim is gonna come out and support the situation," he continued.

The tour comes in support of 50 Cent's upcoming album, Curtis, which drops on September 11, the same day as Kanye West's Graduation. The battle for which album will sell more is a huge controversy, helping both artists hype their album.

And in regular 50 fashion, he stirs things up again by aligning himself with Dipset's Jim Jones for his New York tour.

50 Cent has been entangled in a lyrical battle between Dipset commander-in-chief Cam'ron since the two had a rather intense call with each other on New York radio earlier this year.

Zeke explained via his radio interview, both camps are determined to rid themselves of any friction, and instead focus on getting money.

"What it is, is millionaires [are] talking to millionaires and we don't have no time to pull guns out on each other when we pass by each other. It's too much cake [money] out here," Zekey explained. "50 is about to put his album out. Jim [is] about to sign a couple extra million dollar deals on his next album."

As for Jones headed to G-Unit, Zekey responded with "no way, we Dipset 'til the day that we die."

(L Note: Can i call it or can i call it? told ya'll that the "Major annoucement" was a tour , it just dont make sense for jimmy to join the unit)

IHH Daily Update 9*7*07

Tony Yayo Says He Can Prove His Innocence In Assault

Tony Yayo’s lawyer told a judge Thursday he has a witness who swears Yayo is innocent of slapping and punching a rival’s 14-year-old son. Lawyer Scott Leemon said the witness, whose name he withheld, gave him a sworn statement saying he knows the teen and Yayo and saying the boy was hit by another man, as yet unidentified.

Yayo, whose real name is Marvin Bernard, was charged in March with assault, harassment and endangering the welfare of a child, all misdemeanours. He was accused of hitting James Rosemond, the son of Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond, recording executive and manager of a rival rapper, The Game. The boy accused Yayo of hitting him with his hand, “causing (his) face to strike the door of a building,” which caused him “to have a headache, an earache, and caused substantial pain to (his) face,” according to a misdemeanor court complaint.

Yayo, 29, has pleaded not guilty and is free on $5,000 bail. He has “adamantly rejected” prosecutors’ offer of nine months in jail for a guilty plea. “The witness clearly vindicates my client,” Leemon said outside court.

The judge, told that detectives had not interviewed Leemon’s witness, suggested that prosecutors speak to the person as soon as practicable. The judge estimated the case would go to trial in December.

Kanye West and 50 Cent To Appear on BET's "106 & Park" Sept. 11

Kanye West and 50 Cent will both appear on BET's "106 & Park" Tuesday September 11, the same day both their new albums hit stores.

BET has been promoting the Tuesday event like a big time boxing match and has even secured ESPN's Stuart Scott to deliver a statistical breakdown of the two rappers. Both artists are slated to perform.

"I don't think it's a battle, I think it's a lot of fun. I think Kanye will tell you he moved his date to 50's date to draw this type of attention, to create this marketing opportunity," BET Executive Vice President Stephen Hill said. "We're gonna have fun on Sept. 11, the only place they are going to be together."

Kanye West's "Graduation" and 50 Cent's "Curtis" hit stores September 11.

Nas Responds To Bill O’Reilly

In an interview with MTV News, Nas responds to Fox News political commentator, Bill O’Reilly, who blasted the Queens rapper for performing at “A Concert for Virginia Tech” yesterday (September 6). On his Fox News show, The O’Reilly Factor, the right-wing analyst called Virginia Tech’s decision to allow Nas to perform an “abomination” and “atrocity.” “Having a rapper who trades in violence perform at Virginia Tech insults the victims, the university and the entire commonwealth,” O’Reilly said. In an exclusive interview with MTV News, Nas finally responds to O’Reilly’s comments, stating, “He’s a racist. Everybody has a marketing plan; his marketing plan is racism.”

“He doesn’t understand the younger generation. He deals with the past,” Nas continued to say. “The people he represents are Republican, older, a generation that has nothing to do with the reality of what’s happening now with my generation. He’s not really on my radar. People like him are supposed to be taught and people like me are supposed to let niggas like him know. I don’t take him serious. His shit is all about getting ratings or whatever. I wouldn’t honor anything Bill O’Reilly has to say. It just shows you what bloodsuckers’ do. They abuse something like the Virginia Tech [tragedy] for show ratings. You can’t talk to a person like that.”

Despite all the controversy surrounding his performance, Nas, before taking the stage yesterday, assured MTV News he wouldn’t back down to the critics. “I’m still coming,” he said. “Unfortunately, man, a lot of places in America have to deal with unnecessary violence. Somebody like me who knows it firsthand and could relate…I had a best friend killed, plenty of other friends killed. I been through it. I seen it. My music reflects reality. I think that’s what makes it important that I come through and show love to these people. They deserve it.”

Jay-Z Announces Plans for New 40/40 Club in Las Vegas

During a press conference in Las Vegas yesterday (September 6), Jay-Z announced his plans for a third 40/40 Club in Sin City.

MTV News reports that the new branch of the mogul’s upscale sports bars will reside in the luxurious Palazzo Hotel and will feature 24-karat gold and platinum floors, 85 plasma TVs and five V.I.P. suites.

The $20 million, 24,000 sq. ft. venue is set to open on December 20. Jay also hinted at plans to purchase real estate in Vegas and possibly even tie the knot with longtime girlfriend Beyonce Knowles.

Jay already co-owns 40/40 franchises in New York and Atlantic City.

?uestlove Says New Roots & D'Angelo Albums Coming!

The Roots' ?uestlove is a busy man. He's always working and his current itinerary is most likely hectic. The man is working on a variety of projects including The Roots' Rising Down, and an untitled Al Green LP.

So, who will appear on the Green album?

"I know Justin (Timberlake) wants to be a part of this project...Anthony Hamilton did some honorary background vocals. Corinne Bailey Rae wrote two songs. She's a monster songwriter. We also have been talking to Justin's people now. Both he and Al are from Memphis. D'Angelo will be a part of this record as well," ?uest told MTV.

According to reports, ?uest has had the album on his plate for years, but hasn't been able to give it his full concentration until now.

"It's been putting gray hair in my afro...I'm not producing, I'm reducing it. I'm trying to take him back to 1974 — very dry, very dirty, very grassroots sound. One of the biggest mistakes of modern technology, it doesn't sound gritty, doesn't sound raw. A lot of the favorite records we sample from today, those were recorded in studios that were very lackluster. Those weren't the best studios in the world. Pretty much, I want this album to sound very cheap, very dirty ... the vibe the Amy Winehouse album gave you. More than just the song, the creative aspect. I wanted the engineering to feel like it was made 30 years ago."

?uest also spoke on the new Roots album.

"We are 55 percent finished...I will say this is an electric record, more synthy. The darks are darker and the lights are lighter. But all I know is making quality hip-hop stylistically. We tried to do something we never did before. Kamal had to be the sacrificial lamb this time. The one instrument that has defined the Roots has been the Fender Rhodes [electric piano]. This is the first year he's had to change his instrumentation and try other sounds out. We have a bunch of keyboards and synthesizers we're using on this record. It feels like the musical equivalent of 'Blade Runner' sometimes. We've also added a horn section."

He's not done. He's got an album by Common and Q-Tip in the works. He's going on the Hip-Hop Honors tour and he's going to work on D'Angelo's next project.

Dipset Member JR Writer Signs 7 Figure Deal With Indie

Babygrande Records recently announced it has signed Dipset member JR Writer to a million dollar multi-album deal.

Without disclosing the particulars of the deal or how the money would be distributed, Babygrande posted a statement on their official webite.

"J.R. is an incredible artist. At 23, he has already accomplished so much and we will work closely with him to continue his success," the statement read. "His last album sold over 100,000 copies and if Koch distribution can deliver again, we know we can."

The Harlem bed rapper began his career appearing on various albums from Diplomat members and released his debut album, History in the Making, via Koch Records last year

Writer is currently working on his first release on Babygrande titled Writer's Block 5 which is slated to hit stores on November 20.

Other rappers signed to Babygrande include Norega, Raekwon's click Ice Water, fellow Dipset and Fight Klub champ 40 Cal, Canibus, Gillie Da Kid, Hi-Tek, Brand Nubian's Lord Jamar, Kanye West affiliates Sa-Ra and Diplomat affiliate Un Kasa, to name a few.

Jagged Edge On Leaving Columbia Records

Jagged Edge recently sat down to talk about their departure from Columbia Records and how ending their long-standing relationship with the label made them reconsider ever recording again as a group.

"We were already kind of disgruntled," Brandon "Case Dinero" Casey said about the group's former label. "We're grateful to Columbia for what they've done for us over the last 10 years. The success we did accomplish, it's appreciated. [But] We were just worlds apart in terms of what we do by nature. Jagged Edge is an R&B, urban group and what they do by nature is [run] a pop/rock record label."

"There comes a time in any lengthy relationship when you kinda evaluate where you are... where we are, in terms of Jagged Edge and where we felt Columbia viewed us, in terms of the work they were putting in to the last couple projects," he added. "It was kinda evident how they felt. We just didn't see eye to eye, and that's [been] for some years now."

As previously reported, the Atlanta based quartet - consisting of members Brandon, Brian "Brasco" Casey, Kyle Norman and Richard Wingo - was the first act signed by Jermaine Dupri after he became president of urban music at Island Def Jam earlier this year.

Jagged Edge is set to release, Baby Making Project, a collection of ballads and mid tempo compositions led by the single, "Put A Lil' Umph In It" featuring Ashanti. The album features production by Dupri as well as the fellas themselves.

Baby Making Project is set to hit stores on September 25 via So So Def/Island Def Jam.

Apple Offers Early Adopters $100 Credit

In an open letter posted on Apple's website, Steve Jobs has announced the company will offer early iPhone adopters a store credit to offset yesterday's drop in price.

Buyers who paid full price and are not eligible for price protection will receive $100 in credit at Apple's online store.

Details will be announced next week.

Although carriers, often drop the price of high-end phones after a few months of sales, the suddenness and steep drop of yesterday's price cut took many owners by surprise, creating a wide-spread negative reaction.

IHH TV: Ja Rule

Ja Rule Speaks on 50 Cent and Dmx

IHH Daily Motivation 9*7*07

Earning confidence

Even the smallest accomplishment will boost your confidence level. And with increased confidence, you can set your sights on a larger accomplishment.

Confidence is not something that comes to just a lucky few. Confidence is not something that anyone else can simply hand over to you.

You can't buy confidence, you can't inherit it, and you cannot gain it by taking it away from others. Everyone who has real confidence has earned it, one accomplishment at a time.

Start with what you have, with what you know you can do, and then add a little challenge to it. Soon you'll know without a doubt that you can do even more.

As your confidence grows, so will your achievements, because the biggest achievements come to those who have the confidence to take on the most difficult challenges.

Confidence requires work, and it is well worth the effort. Use every opportunity to earn yourself more confidence, and many valuable doors will continue opening for you.

Sep 6, 2007

SuperHead is at it again.

Shaquille O'Neal wants his wife's finances investigated, he said in divorce papers filed Tuesday. But one of the "other women" in his life remembers him as being very generous.

"On the first date, he gave me $10,000," Karinne Steffans told us yesterday. The infamous "Video Vixen" said she had a relationship with O'Neal after he became engaged to his soon-to-be-ex-wife, Shaunie.

"Over four months, [he spent] more than $40,000 on me, as far as I can remember."

In "Confessions of a Video Vixen," the video dancer dished on her romances with Shaq and other celebs, including Jay-Z, Ja Rule, Ice-T, Bobby Brown and Usher.

Which makes it awkward when she runs into the wives — like she did with Mrs. O'Neal in July.

"Just recently at the ESPY awards," she chuckled, "we both had the same hairstyle and everything."

IHH Daily Update 9*6*07

Congress To Hold Hearing On Hip-Hop

The lyrical content and imagery surrounding hip-hop will once again be under scrutiny as the United States Congress has set its first hearing to investigate media "stereotypes and degradation" of women, particularly African-American women, later this month.

According to Variety, the hearing entitled "From Imus to Industry: The Business of Stereotypes and Degradation," has yet to be officially announced but is tentatively scheduled for September 25. Though hip-hop will be a big target, with lyrical content and videos set to be the primary focus, other media is also set to come under fire as well.

"I want to engage not just the music industry but the entertainment industry at large to be part of a solution," said Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Ill.), chairman of the House Subcommittee on Commerce, Trade and Consumer Protection, which will hold the hearing.

Rush hopes to summon record label and entertainment company executives that control the distribution and content of rap music in an effort to examine industry practices as it relates to explicit and controversial content.

"I want to talk to executives at these conglomerates who've never taken a public position on what they produce," contends Rush. "But it's been surprisingly very difficult to get them to commit to appearing."

He also says that he has had to reschedule the hearing twice before to accommodate executives' schedules, as top industry heads Philippe Dauman of Viacom, Doug Morris of Universal Music Group and Edgar Bronfman Jr. of Warner Music Group are set to appear as witnesses.

Music mogul Master P is the lone artist to be included in the hearing so far. Though the list of witnesses is said to still be in the process of being finalized, Rush hopes to also have representatives from various African American women's groups appear before the hearing as well.

But an industry executive rebutted, saying that the difficulty assembling top execs had more to do with gathering the right people than anything else.

"Not everyone agrees that the top people are the same as the right people," the exec said, commenting that decisions to sign particular artists or distribute their CDs are often made at lower levels.

Recognizing that the hearing may appear to be an attack on hip- hop, Rush contends that the effort is "not an anti-artist hearing, or anti-music or anti-youth hearing."

"I respect the First Amendment, but rights without responsibility is anarchy, and that's much of what we have now. It's time for responsible people to stand up and accept responsibility."

A formal confirmation concerning the hearing is expected to be announced one week prior to the tentative date.

Luda Gets At TI

Grammy Award winning rapper Ludacris admitted throwing some bars at long time rival, TI, in his freestyle over 50 Cent’s “I Get Money.”

The rapper, who TI says is undeserving of his Grammy Award for Best Album of the year, cleared up his statements on BET’s 106 & Park.

“There was an individual that said I didn’t deserve my Grammy.” Said Luda.

I’ve been in this game for seven years—I just started winning awards, so for someone to tell me I didn’t deserve an award when I put my heart and soul into it, of course I’m gonna respond.”

You can check out the freestyle

Diddy's Ex Tells All In New Essence

Essence may be one of the top-selling magazines, but don't expect Sean Combs to have a copy of the October issue. Next month's installment features a detailed interview with Diddy's ex-girlfriend Kim Porter, in which she alleges that infidelity played a big part in their break-up.

When Essence reporter Jeannine Amber asked Porter to confirm the rumors of Combs bribing another mother of his children in Atlanta to stay quiet, Porter admitted, "That definitely was part of it."

Porter and Combs ended their 12-year relationship months ago, and during the interview Porter recounts a breakup story similar to something found in a Terry McMillan novel.

"I did have my little party-packing crew," said Porter. "I wanted to be dramatic. I wanted him to know I wasn't breaking up with him for two weeks or maybe leaving for two days. If I pack up everything--twins and all--it means I'm out!"

Porter continues to live in LA with the four children she shares with Combs. Although both maintain that the split was amicable for the sake of their children, Porter says marriage is a commitment that Combs is not ready for.

Hennessy Goes Hip-Hop For New Ad Campaign

Hennessy has long been adopted by rappers as one of their favorite drinks with shout-outs and even entire songs dedicated to the expensive after-dinner cognac. The campaign, which includes seven Internet spots and three conventional TV commercials that will begin airing in the next few weeks, continues the drink's association with the rap scene by having the music created by producer and rapper Pharrell.

In "Lost Weekend," a 90-second spot that is set to debut on shortly, a matriarch invites a group of young musicians to spend the weekend at her luxury mansion. What follows is a montage of parties, sailing and poolside shenanigans followed by more parties.

The other online spots will expand on the back-story of some of the characters from "Lost Weekend." For example, one will show the rivalry between two of the women.

Print ads will appear in magazines such as GQ, Vanity Fair and Vibe.

For Ewen Cameron, CEO and ecd at Berlin Cameron United in New York, getting people to accent what good taste they have is similar to the previous craze of wearing as much diamond jewelry as possible. "Taste is the new bling," he said.

Moet Hennessy USA, a division of LMVH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy), has never shied away from such associations for the brand, sponsoring awards shows where rappers were prominently showcased and having stars such as Rakim and Eric B. in earlier ads.

"Hennessy, volume wise, has a very urban skew to it," said Cameron. "But what was happening in the urban market and the mainstream market was a move to brands like Belvedere and Grey Goose."

In an effort to reverse that shift, Berlin decided to emphasize the powerful taste of the cognac while tying it to a refined lifestyle that enjoys flaunting its sophistication.

"The urban metro market was evolving and the insight we had was the new ultimate consumption was taste," said Cameron. "Instead of showing off your rims or clothes, it was about showing off the symbols that articulate your taste."

The seeming contradiction of showing off a refined sense of taste is not lost on Cameron. "You could argue that taste is subtle, but we see having taste as flaunting it. Our audience wants to go out and be noticed, but for their good taste as opposed to objects," he said.

Ali Vegas To Release New Album In February 2008

Hip Hop artist Ali Vegas is set to release his new album February 2008. Ali began is career in the late 90's. The self proclaimed "Prince of New York" hails from Jamaica, Queens. In 2006 Ali Vegas signed to Lamar Odom's label, Rich Soil Entertainment where he has worked with producers ranging from J Nice to Midi Mafia.

Ali's new album will include collaborations with Nas, Omarion, Troubleman and new R & B artist Deemi. This album will present a more mature Vegas and bring hip-hop back to its lyrical days. "I am really proud of this project, through the course of this album I have grown personally and professionally my music reflects my life" says Ali.

Vegas has experienced his share of setbacks, having two unsuccessful deals with Trackmasters Entertainment under Columbia and Casablanca Records with Tommy Mottola before signing to Rich Soil Entertainment.

Yung Joc Hustles Hard, Fergie Is "The Dutchess" Of The Charts, T.I. Keeps It Pimpin'

In this week's Hip-Hop & R&B Charts, Yung Joc debuts at No. 3, Fergie keeps rising and T.I. continues to grind it out.

Leading the pack this week is Yung Joc with his sophomore effort Hustlenomics. According to Nielsen's SoundScan, the album flipped 69,000 units in its opening week. The album features appearances from Jim Jones, The Game, Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross and Trick Daddy.

Fergie of The Black Eyed Peas continues to steamroll the competition after 50 weeks on the charts, as she jumps one spot to No. 5. The Dutchess reeled in 50,700 copies this week, pushing the album's total to 2,589,900.

Posted at No. 12 is T.I. The latest effort from the self-proclaimed "King Of The South," T.I. vs. T.I.P., attains platinum status in its 9th week by shifting 28,400 discs. The album's tally stands at 1,002,200.

H-Town legends UGK slip six slots to No. 16. Underground Kingz netted 26,500 CDs this week, bringing the album's total sales to 282,500.

Talib Kweli, who debuted at No. 2 last week, plummets eighteen spots to No. 20. Eardrum shelves off 23,700 copies in its second go-around. So far , the album has sold 84,300 copies.

Right behind him is Chicago rhymer Common at No. 21. Finding Forever has sold a total of 305,900 copies after 3 weeks. 23,500 units represent the week-in total.

Slip-N-Slide standout Plies sits tight at No. 22. His debut, Real Testament, ropes in 22,500 units in its fourth week. So far, the disc has sold 184,500 copies.

The re-release of Akon's Konvicted, which includes a DVD and three new songs, helps the Senegalese born singer make an impressive leap from No. 64 to No. 23. The deluxe edition disc shells out 22,100 CDs in its first week, pushing Konvicted's tally to 2,625,500.

Def Jam princess Rihanna stands tall at No. 24. Good Girl Gone Bad cashes out 21,800 discs in its thirteenth week, pushing the album's total to 615,200.

Jamaican sensation Sean Kingston refuses to budge from the No. 26 spot. The singer's self titled debut dials in 21,800 units this week. After 5 weeks, the album has sold 186,400 copies

Justin Timberlake floats eight spots to No. 32. FutureSex/LoveSounds has moved 3,545,000 units thus far, with 19,600 representing the week-in total.

A spot below at No. 33 is T-Pain. Epiphany hauled in 19,400 units this week, bringing the album's total sales to 616,600.

Timberlake producer Timbaland hoists himself up two spots to No. 35. Shock Value bagged up 19,200 copies this week. So far, the album has sold 595,400 copies.

Swizz Beatz, who debuted at No. 7 last week, plunges thirty five spots to No. 42. One Man Band Man scooped up 15,200 units in its second week, pushing the album's total to 60,400.

Debuting at No. 50 is underground rapper Aesop Rock with his latest effort None Shall Pass. The album, which features Def Jux label mates El-P , Cage and Rob Sonic, hustles 13,200 copies in its opening week.

Brooklyn spitter Fabolous slips five spots to No. 58. From Nothin' To Somethin' sells 11,500 copies this week, pushing the album's total sales to 436,200.

Four seats away is Def Jam crooner Ne-Yo at No. 62. Because Of You, moved 10,800 units in its eighteenth week. Thus far, the album has sold a total of 774,100copies

Leanin' at No. 68 is Robin Thicke. Evolution Of Robin Thicke cashes out 9,700 discs this week, pushing the album's total sales to 1,391,100. The legendary Prince continues to struggle to find a spot on the charts as he slumps twenty two spots to No. 73. Planet Earth reels in an additional 9,200 units this week. The total for the album reads off at 200,300. Also showing signs of struggle is R. Kelly at No. 75. Double Up only moves 9,000 copies this week, bringing the album's total sales to 840,100. Chrisette Michele floats up one level to No. 79. I Am scored 8,700 copies this week. The album's tally stands at 127,400.

Further down the totem pole, Corrine Bailey Rae sits at No. 89. Her self titled album notches 7,600 in sales this week, bringing the album's total to 1,682,500. A 67% increase in sales pushes DJ Khaled back in the Top 100. His sophomore effort We The Best , which holds fort at No. 90, hustled 7,400 copies this week. So far , the album has sold 198,900 copies. Wrapping up the Top 100 is Beyonce. B'Day rings out 7,300 copies this week. To date, the album's tally stands at 2,860,200.

Next week look for Joc and Fergie to battle it out for the top spot on the Hip-Hop and R&B Charts.

G-Unit Ballin????

aight folks according to Jordan , The N and My folk at Highbird Nation (sorry haven't thought of a good name for ya'll yet)

Jimmy Jones was interviewed by 50 cent for ‘Rap City’ (I wonder how Killa's feeling this. better question does it even matter??). Once the interview was done the folks at BET say they will be making a major announcement.

Now speculation has been crazy on the Internet streets that Jimmy will be announcing moving to G-Unit.

I kinda doubt it since he's kinda the Head of Dipset now. kinda. My guess is the probably doing music together or maybe even a tour. But what do you think?

IHH TV: Ludacris

Here is a clip of Luda on 106&park where he states hes going at Tip.

big up to "The N" for uploding it.

IHH Daily Motivation 9*6*07

Be willing

What are you willing to create in your life? How are you willing to spend the precious resource of your time, and what are you willing to accomplish?
There are countless things that you are able to do. What matters is what you are willing to do.

Life is filled with things that you wish for, that you see yourself as needing, that you feel you must do, and that you think you can't live without. The attainment and fulfillment of each of these things depends on whether you are willing or whether you are not.

You can make magnificent promises, you can make understandable excuses, you can set goals, and you can make impressive plans. Yet it all comes down to what you are willing to do, where you are willing to take yourself, and how you are willing to live.

Skills, training, resources, connections and experience are all very helpful. In the end, though, what will make it happen is your willingness.

What are you willing to do with the spectacular opportunity that is your life? Be willing, and it will surely happen.

-- Ralph Marston

Sep 5, 2007

IHH Daily Update 9*5*07

R. Kelly Trial Delayed Until Spring '08

The Chicago Sun Times is reporting that R. Kelly's trial on charges of child pornography will now be delayed until Spring '08.

"We are not going to be going to trial the 17th of September," said Judge Vincent Gaughan Tuesday (Sept. 4).

Kelly, 40, had been scheduled to go on trial Sept. 17 on child pornography charges.

Prosecutors charged Kelly in 2002 with making a 26-minute videotape in which he appears to be having sex with an underage girl. Kelly pleaded not guilty. The girl, allegedly 14 on the tape, is now 22 and has denied she is the one who appears.

A law enforcement force tells the Times the reason for the delay is the trial of accused Brown's Chicken killer James Degorski. Gaughan previously presided over the trial of now-convicted Brown's Chicken killer accomplice Juan Luna.

Gaughan is expected to announce a new trial date for Kelly on Sept. 10.

"A Bay Bay" DJ May Return To Jail

Prosecutors in the rape case against DJ Hollyhood Bay Bay are threatening to revoke his bail out of concern for the victim's safety.

As previously reported, DJ Bay Bay (whose real name is Terrance Stewart) was arrested last month on charges of rape and intimidation of a witness.

According to The Shreveport Times, Caddo Assistant District Attorney Hugo Holland has said overwhelming evidence against Stewart and concern for the safety of the victim compelled prosecutors to request that Stewart be kept in prison until the case is tried.

"We've had to hide the victim because of threats," Holland said in court Tuesday. "And he already has one charge of witness intimidation pending against him. If some unfortunate incident happens to the victim or members of her family, we will arrest Mr. Stewart again."

Stewart appeared before Caddo District Judge John Mosely yesterday (September 4) for reduction of his $155,000 bail. He did not react to the prosecutors' claims.Stewart's attorney Shanta' Wells has asked that the case be continued. A judge will determine whether Stewart's bail will be revoked at his bond reduction hearing, scheduled for September 18.

The case involves a 24-year-old mother of three, who on August 2 was discovered unconscious on the third floor of Kokopelli's - the nightclub where Stewart is employed. After being examined at a hospital it was determined she'd had sex.

The victim says she doesn't know what occurred, only that she recalls drinking wine and water with Stewart before waking up ten hours later in the hospital.

Police believe the woman was either drugged or intoxicated, possibly both.

Stewart and another DJ, 36-year-old Ron Johnson (known as DJ Ron) were arrested and booked into Caddo Correctional Center after police viewed surveillance video from Kokopelli's and conducted an investigation.

Stewart is currently out on bond. His defense is seeking to have the bail reduced because of the amount of collateral his family was required to put up for his release. Johnson remains at Caddo Correctional Center on $250,000 bond. He was on parole for drug charges at the time of his arrest. Stewart is the subject of rapper Hurricane Chris' hit song "A Bay Bay".

Busta Rhymes Trial Posponed Until November

On Wednesday (September 5) a New York City judge postponed Busta Rhymes trial on two assault charges and two driving infractions until November 7.

According to the Associated Press, the postponement came after both the prosecutor and defense attorney said they were not ready to proceed.

The trial had been adjourned until today after Busta turned down a plea deal offered by prosecutors in July that would have landed him in jail for one year on all four charges. The rapper stands accused of attacking a former employee during an argument and assaulting a fan following a concert.

Last month, that same fan filed a lawsuit against the Busta for the alleged assault. Busta Bust also faces charges of driving while intoxicated and driving with a suspended license.

Kanye West Named International Man of the Year at GQ Awards

Following in the footsteps of his “big brother,” Kanye West was named International Man of the Year by GQ magazine at their annual awards ceremony in London on Tuesday (September 4).

According to the U.K.’s Press Association, actress Rosario Dawson presented ‘Ye with his award during the ceremony at London’s Royal Opera House. Other honorees included actor Michael Caine who received the Lifetime Achievement award, and singer James Blunt, who picked up Solo Artist of the Year.

The 2007 blowout marks the tenth year that the world renowned style magazine has named the biggest and most influential stars of fashion and popular culture. In 2005, Kanye’s mentor and the president of his record label, Jay-Z, was also honored with the International Man of the Year accolade.

The Game Heads To Trial

The Game has been ordered to stand trial for threatening to shoot an opponent during a basketball game this past June in Los Angeles.

Game, who is free on 50,000 dollars bail, must face three felony charges following the incident. He is charged with making criminal threats, possession of a firearm in a school zone and exhibiting a firearm on the grounds of a facility for minors.

He was ordered to reappear at Los Angeles Superior Court for arraignment on September 25 following a preliminary hearing yesterday, September 4th, 2007.

If convicted, he could face more than five years in prison.

Eve To Host Revamped Vibe Awards

Eve is set to host Vibe Magazine's kindler, gentler celebration of all things urban on November 14, when VH1 Soul airs the first annual VH1 Soul Presents: Vibe Awards Special. The show is formatted much like its UPN-aired predecessor with categories such as R&B Voice of the Year and the Next Award being replaced by the more traditional R&B Artist of the Year and Breakthrough Artist of the Year awards.

While last year's edition aired without any problems, Vibe has had a tough time living down the infamous incident from 2004 when Young Buck stabbed Jimmy James Johnson for punching Dr. Dre during the acceptance of his Legend Award.

Although this year's more streamlined edition will no longer feature the Video Goddess category and clocks in at an hour as opposed to two hours, it remains to be seen if VH1 Soul can deliver the same ratings and advertisers as the UPN edition. R. Kelly, T.I. and Beyonce lead all artists with 3 nominations each, in various categories. T.I. is up for Hip-Hop Artist of the year while R. Kelly and Beyonce are vying for the title of R&B Artist of the Year.

Online viewer voting begins today at and the show airs at 10 p.m. Eastern and Pacific.

Lawsuit Brought Against Makaveli Branded Clothing

A lawsuit has been filed by Marco Bellini Clothing against Makaveli Branded, the clothing line started by Afeni Shakur, the mother of Tupac Shakur.

The suit claims that Makaveli Branded used the "MB" logo and that it infringes on the Marco Bellini clothing labels trademark.

It is claimed that on June 26, 1998, Isaiah Israel filed U.S. Trademark Serial No. 75/509,410. The mark was published for opposition on November 19, 2002, and registered on November 4, 2003. Israel has been actively engaged in marketing and selling clothing bearing the mark MB for nearly nine years. Israel further contends that Amaru Entertainment, Inc. has been marketing clothing under the mark MB since approximately 2004.

Israel believes he is entitled to a permanent injunction against the defendant along with monetary damages.

Israel filed complaint his complaint June 6, 2007 in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois Eastern Division.

Noreaga and Mad Linx Partner For New Reality Series

DJ Mad Linx, syndicated radio show host and former host of BET Rap City partners with Noreaga, also known as NORE, in a highly anticipated television reality series. “NOREeality: Independence Day, Season 1,” will begin taping on September 10th in Nore’s new home, Miami Florida. Mad Linx will take part as the show’s Executive Producer, giving viewers an inside look at NORE’s transition from a major label signee to an independent artist.

Mad Linx goes beyond your everyday “reality series” with a fresh, positive perspective and emphasis on changing the way people view hip-hop and the artists behind the music. The series will showcase NORE’s professional and daily life as he moves into the independent arena, allowing viewers and fans to become acquainted with the rapper as they never have before. If fans are worried that this will be all work and no play, rest assured that Mad Linx will make certain this ride will be one that’s fully entertaining. With new projects underway for NORE as a fully independent artist, including the recent release of the CD/DVD “NOREality”, paired with the help of Mad Linx’s reality series “Independence Day,” NORE emerges not only as an artist but as a business mogul as well.

Linx, having wide-ranging experience in various facets of the entertainment industry, assists NORE through his career transition. While NORE has been a major label artist with a huge staff supporting him, Mad Linx has worked extensively in television and radio, as owner and CEO of a marketing and promotions firm, and as a world famous DJ, offers insight from a different business perspective.

Everyday life for Linx has risen to an all time high. The DJ that performs at every party as if in concert, is currently named the official host and DJ for the 2007 “Hip-Hop Lives Tour” from October 6 through November 6. The tour features NORE, Three 6 Mafia, Wu Tang Clan, Redman, Keith Murray, 8-Ball and MJG. Linx is also the host of the internationally syndicated program, “Outta Control Radio,” all the while maintaining a career as one of the country’s most sought after celebrity DJs and host.

While most of “NOREality” will be based in Miami, tours and spot dates will also provide the setting for much of the show’s scenery. Throughout the duration of the "NOREality" project, Linx has invited NORE to join him as he DJs around the country and around the world. "I'm bringing NORE with me to go about the business of what an independent artist does," says Mad Linx.

Black Thought Shares Screen Time W/ Rosario Dawson In Upcoming Indie Flick

Rosario Dawson and The Roots emcee Black Thought will spend the next month filming a movie in Philadelphia.

According to the Philadelphia Daily News, both Dawson (Men In Black, Grindhouse) and Black Thought (whose real name is Tariq Trotter) have been cast in Explicit Ills, an independent film about the effects of drugs and poverty and the choices that people make.

Dawson stars as a woman with an asthmatic son and no health insurance. While the premise seems dark, casting director Mike Lemon says the film is "uplifting."

Actor Mark Webber (Bomb the System, Whiteboyz) makes his directorial debut with the project, while Naomie Harris (28 Days Later, Pirates of the Caribbean), Paul Franklin Dano (Little Miss Sunshine) and Lou Taylor Pucci (Thumbsucker) round out the cast.

This is not the Philly rapper's first acting gig. He has also appeared in Brooklyn Babylon and Spike Lee's Bamboozled.

In related news, Trotter and the rest of The Roots crew will join MC Lyte and Big Daddy Kane as part of the first ever "Vh1 Hip Hop Honors Tour." The tour kicks off September 13 in San Francisco. The band has already announced that they will not revisit any Roots material on the tour, instead they will cover classic hip-hop hits from Special Ed, Wu-Tang Clan, Biz Markie, Public Enemy and others.

The Roots' next album, Rising Down is scheduled for release April 29, 2008.

The Outlawz' Young Noble, Hussein Fatal Reunite For First Project In 10 Years

Tupac protégés, Young Noble and Hussein Fatal, are gearing up for their first collaboration in over 10 years since the untimely murders of fellow Outlawz members, Tupac Shakur and Kadafi.

The collabo project, titled Thug In Thug Out, will be released on West Coast indie, High Powered Entertainment, with distribution through Koch Records.

Fatal had been distant with The Outlawz every since the aforementioned deaths of his group members (Tupac and Kadafi). He was said to have quit the group shortly after, as well as member Napoleon.

Although Fatal went on to release a solo project in 1998, titled In The Line Of Fire, and 2002's Fatal, his music career has been rather quiet. The new project will mark a reunion with the group and a comeback of sorts to music.

According to, Fatal was reinducted into the group in 2006.

"We were all affected by the loss of our brothers... their impact on our lives is greater than any beef," said Fatal of the reunion.

"Pac, Kadafi, Fatal, all of us are Outlawz for life," added Young Noble, who along with original Outlawz member EDI recently signed with Young Buck's Cashville Records. "Thug In Thug Out speaks to the streets and shows our evolution as artists and men."

The album features Daz Dillinger, Yukmouth, C-Bo and Tha Outlawz' EDI and Kastro. It is slated to drop on September 11.

David Banner and Swizz Beatz Head Out On Black College Tour

David Banner, Swizz Beatz, Mya and more are heading out on BET's Black College Tour beginning September 7. The tour is going into its sixth consecutive year.

The 2007 tour features performances by:

David Banner
Swizz Beatz
Kia Shine and more.

The tour is the largest of its kind and will hit the campuses of 14 historically black colleges and universities over the course of the current fall semester. Targeted exclusively to college students, the tour will feature games, entertainment and information specifically geared towards co-eds.

The tour will be hosted by several BET personalities including Rocsi, Terrence J, Lamorne, Alesha Renee, and Q-45.


September 7 -Bethune-Cookman University Daytona, FL

September 14 - Jackson State University Jackson, MS

September 19 - Kentucky State University Richmond, KY

September 21 - Central State University Wilberforce, OH

September 26 - Alabama A & M UniversityNormal, AL

September 28 - Alabama State University Montgomery, AL

October 3 - Southern University Baton Rouge, LA

October 5 - Grambling State University Grambling, LA

October 18 - Bowie State University Bowie, MD

October 19 - Virginia State University Petersburg, VA

October 26 - Winston-Salem State University Winston-Salem, NC

October 31 - Florida A & M University Tallahassee, FL

November 7 - Texas Southern University Houston, TX

November 9 - PrairieView A & M University Prairie View, TX

IHH TV: Fat Joe

Fat joe talks about Remy and G-unit

IHH TV: The Dream

"Shawty Is A Ten Remix"
The Dream feat. Fabolous

Kanye and 50 rolling stone cover

So here is the cover everyone has been clamering about for the last couple of weeks

Kanye vs 50

For some reason I was expecting more

IHH Radio: Grand Theft Auto (New York City)

Aight folks the mixtape of the week post got kinda tedious, and considering if i saw a hot mixtape out i waited until Tuesday to post it, while everybody else posted it as soon as. So with that being said i killed that post.

So now when ever I see a hot mixtape I will simply post it under IHH Radio.

Grand Theft Auto (New York City) Vol 2

Mixtape Tracks
1. Jim jones-rockstar
2. Jim jones-feds taking pictures
3. Juelz santana jim jones chubbie baby-screen fall
4. 50 cent-come and go
5. Uncle murder ft. wyclef-informer
6. Beanie sigel ft. r. kelly-all of the above
7. 50 cent-man down
8. Jadakiss ft. mysonne-try your luck
9. Jim jones-summertime
10. Fabolous ft freck billionaire-pop bottles
11. Juelz santana-secret
12. Cassidy-niggas telling
13. Team arliss-hit em up
14. Jim jones-we good here
15. 50 cent ft. tony yayo-touch the sky
16. Kanye west-big brother
17. Red cafe-b bonds
18. Chubbie baby ft. jim jones-mall fresh
19. S-one ft hocus-got props
20. Doe boy-dont get it twisted
21. Rain-gotta go
22. Dramills-cant tell me nothing
23. Un kasa-sun come out
24. Nicki minaj-grindin 2k7

IHH Daily Motivation 9*5*07

Gloriously difficult

Life is gloriously difficult. The universe is wonderfully complex.

Every new discovery opens the door for even more discoveries. Every challenge you work through enables you to move on to even greater and more fulfilling challenges.

Instead of fighting against the difficulty, celebrate it. Embrace the challenges and you'll find profound value in them.

Instead of being frustrated and confused by the complexity, dive in and experience its richness. Though you'll never understand it all, you can always understand more.

Circumstances change from moment to moment, and life is continually renewed. Though changes can often be painful, a life with no change at all would be unbearably empty.

With its many ups and downs and twists and turns, life is happening all around you. Remember how truly fortunate you are, take it all in, and make your own special greatness.

-- Ralph Marston

Sep 4, 2007

IHH TV: Ras Kass

"Freestyle 101"
Ras Kass

IHH Daily Update 9*4*07

R. Kelly's Child Porn Trial Delayed...Again

R. Kelly's pending child pornography case has been delayed and, as of press time, has not been rescheduled.

According to The Chicago Daily Herald Kells' trial has been postponed due to "personal" reasons.

"Under doctor's orders, the lead prosecutor, who has recently given birth, is not able to proceed at this time," a statement from the court revealed earlier today (September 4).

Kelly appeared in Judge Vincent Michael Gaughan's courtroom today (September 4), expecting pre-trial motions, but instead was hit with deja vu.

As previously reported the controversial trial, which Kells was indicted for in 2002, has a long history of setbacks, including Kelly's appendix surgery last February, and last summer when Judge Gaughan broke his back.

Jury selection was to begin on September 17.

Kelly faces 14 counts of child pornography involving a videotape documenting sexual relations with a teenage girl. Prosecutors have said the victim could be as young as 13. If convicted, he faces up to 15 years in prison.

Kells has pleaded not guilty.

Lil Kim Lies To Police In Lambo Incident

More details have surfaced in Lil Kim's traffic violation and run-in with the law from last week.

As previously reported, Kim (born Kimberly Jones) was stopped by New York police officers for driving her Lamborghini without license plates. The Queen Bee was pulled over by police at around 6 p.m. on Thursday (August 30) as she was entering a gas station. When asked by cops why she did not have her driver's license with her, the rapper said she mistakenly left it at home.

TMZ recently revealed that Kim was lying, stating that the rapper does not possess a driver's license at all. In addition, Kim also told police the car, which was a gift from her boyfriend, recently arrived from California, and according to Kim, cars do not need to display plates in Cali.

TMZ also said that after cameras showed up on the scene on Thursday (August 30) the bite-sized rapper became "belligerent, loud and obnoxious," saying that if she was the average person, this wouldn't have been a problem."

It was not revealed whether Kim was issued a ticket for not having plates or a driver's license with her.

British Model Sues Over Claims of Sex With 50 Cent

British model Danielle Lloyd has filed a defamation lawsuit against The Daily Mirror for claiming that she had sex with 50 Cent.

The Press Gazette reports that Lloyd claims that The Daily Mirror published a story on their newspaper and website on July 11th headed “Fiddy’s No Diddy” which reported that she sexually propositioned herself to 50 Cent thus leading to end of the relationship with her boyfriend Marcus Bent.

Lloyd also claims that despite her publicity agent Ray Levine stressing to a writer for

The Mirror that she had no sexual involvement with 50 Cent; the newspaper still published the story and didn’t add Levine’s response.

Lloyd also alleges that The Mirror’s report spawned two stories on two unnamed websites with titles that read: “Danielle Lloyd's steamy sex session with 50 Cent” and “Marcus Bent No Longer Bangs This Chick.”

Lloyd claims that the stories have damaged her professional and personal reputations, and that she has suffered distress and embarrassment. She is also seeking an injunction to ban The Mirror from repeatedly publishing the claims.


Sean “Diddy” Combs wasn’t playing when he set the dress code for his annual White Party, which took place over the weekend at his East Hampton waterfront crib.

According to the New York Post’s Page Six, guests who didn’t take the request for pure-white attire seriously were turned away or told to change clothes on the spot.

Billy Joel’s wife Katie Lee, the original host of Bravo’s “Top Chef,” thought she could get away with dressing in a shade of cream. After she was denied entry to the party, Lee decided to go home, reports AP. The New York Post adds: “One unfortunate man was made to strip off his cream-colored pants in the street, in exchange for a pure-white pair provided by Diddy.”

Those who made it into the function include Mariah Carey, Busta Rhymes, Donna Karan, Ashley Olsen, Star Jones and Tommy Lee. Guests milling about the property were entertained by painted geishas, Polynesian dancers, a jazz band and a circus performer twirling six spinning rings.

Diddy – dressed in white sneakers with silver detailing, a white shirt, white pants and a gold medallion – said of his shindig: "This party is up there with the top three that I've thrown. It's a party that has legendary status. It's hard to throw a party that lives up to its legend."

Others guests included Lil' Kim, Lorraine Bracco, Brooke Shields and Russell Simmons.

Will Smith: Drunk & Homeless... Superhero?

Will Smith has played many successful roles in his acting career. Now, he'll play a drunk, homeless super hero. Smith is set to appear alongside Charlize Theron in the story of John Hancock, a new super hero.

Director Peter Berg explained a little more about the plot of the film.

"Will Smith plays an alcoholic, suicidal superhero [whose actions are] destroying the city of Los Angeles, and he's trying to rehabilitate his image." he told MTV.

Daeg Faerch, the actor who also starred in Halloween, also appears in this film.
"It was called 'Tonight, He Comes,' but now it's called 'John Hancock' because he's a drunk and [when a fan] asks him for his John Hancock, he signs it 'John Hancock,' " he added.

Jason Bateman, who also appears in the film, went a little further into the plot.

"Will plays a down-and-out superhero — a drunk, homeless superhero that the [public] doesn't like because he's so drunk that when he solves crime, he creates a lot of collateral damage...Early in the film he saves my life, and I say to pay him back I'll revamp his image for him because I'm in corporate PR. We're well into that, and I'm buying him a cape and telling him how to do news conferences and all that crap — and then he falls for my wife, Charlize Theron."

Theron appreciated the complexity of the film.

"There's a real intelligence to it...[The script] was fun yet smart, complicated [and] had a lot of conflict. I don't see a lot of that coming from Fourth of July movies. I like that."

"We're introducing a new superhero; it's just that he's got some problems. But at its core, this is an attempt to create a brand-new superhero." the director noted.

The film, which has gone through a few name changes and a few directorial changes is finally set to be released July 2nd 2008.

Akon Loves 50 Cent

50 Cent and R&B crooner Akon were so pleased with the result of their first collaboration,“I’ll Still Kill,” that they’ve decided to do a few more together.

“It’s one of them records where it’s almost like you get so successful, people assume you lost your street feel. You lost your edge,” Akon, on the Miami set of Wyclef’s “Sweetest Girl” video, told MTV.

“I’m at my highest point on the pop side, but I started with street records and still can go there. It’s not a problem. 50 is the same way. It’s just 50 is thinking more business now. He’s thinking radio, crossover, but at any moment, he can switch up and go there. Don’t get it twisted, we still will kill. SSK [SoundScan Killers] all day.”

“Shortly after the song was completed, we met face to face, gave each other a pound, gave each other a hug, like, ‘Nigga, we got a hit.’ Now we’re gonna do more records for both our upcoming albums. We’ll swap out. Whoever’s album it feel right on, that’s where we gonna put it.” Akon continued.

The Game A No-Show For New Zealand Concert

The Game was scheduled to perform in New Zealand on Saturday night (September 1), but he was a no show, and as of press time, there was no explanation as to why he didn't show and even where the Compton, California native is at the moment.

The rapper was due to perform alongside other big name acts such as Akon, Naughty By Nature, Pitbull and Sisqo at Vector Arena in Auckland, New Zealand on Saturday as part of Roc Tha Block, a concert dubbbed "the ultimate urban experience." But fans were left disappointed and with no explanation, even at the show.

According to, The Game was one of the headlining acts, but didn't perform, even after fans had to wait for two weeks, after the concert was delayed because Akon had problems getting a Visa into Australia.

That delay resulted in performers Mims and Juelz Santana being replaced by Pitbull and Sisqo.

Fans contacted to vent about not being able to see Game. "I flew up from Wellington especially to see The Game (and had to pay to have my tickets changed when they changed the date), so was gutted when he didn't play," said one fan.

"I think it's appauling on the organizers behalf not to have given more info and I'm disappointed in The Game for letting his fans down like this," said another.

According to the site, Saturday night's show was not sold out; in fact, fans who did attend only filled Vector Arena to about one-third capacity. To make up for The Game's non-appearance, the four acts who performed, played longer sets to make up the show's advertised three-hour time.

Concert promoters were not available for comment. Calls to Geffen and The Game's camp were not returned at press time.

Master P To Develop Hip-Hop Video Game

In what may be the most unlikely collaboration ever, Master P is enlisting the help of actor Seth Green to develop a Hip-Hop themed, role-playing video game. Play the Industry will be a joint venture between Master P, Seth Green and Matthew Senreich of Stoopid Monkey Productions. While P, whose government name is Percy Millier, is obviously known for the founding of No Limit Records, Senreich and Green are more recently known for their work together on the Cartoon Network show Robot Chicken.

The trio has yet to decide if the game will be disc-based or in a strictly online format, but Senreich hinted that it will most likely be similar to Electronic Arts' The Sims franchise. The partners are currently working on a script and hope to have financing lined up for a 2009 release.

"You can play agent, you can play mogul, you can play all sorts of different characters," Senreich told The Hollywood Reporter. "We really want to take the time and make sure we do this right."

In the meantime Miller and his son Romeo, who record as Miller Boyz, release their album Hip Hop History today. Seth Green continues to supply the voice for Chris Griffin on Fox's Family Guy and Senreich's Robot Chicken and Morel Orel continue to air on Cartoon Network.


boycott has been launched against music channel VH1 to protest network executives who actively and purposely perpetuate negative stereotypes of black women through its reality programming.

An employee of the network leaked information about a production meeting regarding a potential new show titled “Interracial Love.” According to the employee, network execs passed on the idea because it would feature professional black women who choose to look beyond race to find true love. The images would be in direct contrast to those shown on such shows as “Flavor of Love” and its spawns “I Love New York” and “Flavor of Love: Charm School.”

In a letter written to Black Press Radio, the employee shared what she was told went down behind closed doors in a meeting about the show. According to the employee, the exec said: “It is our thoughts that the viewers are more interested in seeing black people in a ghetto role. This show will not sell.”

Black Press Radio ( followed up on the story and reported on an Aug. 14 statement sent to Black Press Magazine by Maura Wozniak, the Senior Publicist for VH1 Communications. In the statement, Wozniak confirms that “Interracial Love” was rejected after it was determined it just wasn't a good fit for the network.

"VH1 receives hundreds of unsolicited ideas for shows a week and has dozens of original programs in development," said Wozniak. "As is often the case, we immediately passed on this pitch because it does not make sense for the network at this time. But we are always open to ideas that fit in with our music and pop culture focus."

Black Media News fired off a letter to EUR voicing full support of a boycott against VH1. The organization wrote:

To whom it may concern,

There is a boycott that has taken a life of its own against the VH1 Network. We here at Black Media News have been watching the support around this boycott. VH1 had made racist comments about black women and why they only cast shows that stereotype black women as ghetto. The story was leaked on the Tom Joyner morning show and was also reported on Black Press Radio. The following comments were made by an employee of VH1. We feel these statements are worse than Don Imus due to the fact that they are not talking about just 12 black women they are talking about an entire race of black women. VH1 shows their views in their shows of black women. They have been type casting with black women only in ghetto roles. This is a very racist view and we ask for the continued support of this boycott.

Styles P Talks New Album & DVD

New York rapper Styles P is gearing up for the release of his third major LP entitled, “Supergangster.” Fans of the D Block front man will be in for a double feature this November when he will also be releasing his own street DVD called “Gangster Chronicles.”

“Third album will definitely be out in November,” he told MTV. “I’m taking it there. I’m trying to make my mark as I usually do. Just trying to step it up, being that I’m solo on the independent tip. I’m just trying to work. I had my ups and downs, been through a lot. I’m just continuing to work.

I’m glad the people noticed it. I’m just trying to load back up so they could get a feel that the kid is coming. It will definitely be something epic, I’ll say that. ... I strategically made this one. I wanted to make some shis. I’m gonna keep working and put pressure on these boys. I got fyyyy-errrrrr!” He continued.

Along with the album, Styles is also set to branch out into the street dvds market with his own brand called, “Gangster Chronicles.”

“It ain’t gonna be just me,” said Styles. “I’ll have Jim Jones, Busta, Cassidy, Swizz Beatz. I’m giving you the angle. ... We see ‘Smack’ and all these DVDs, but it will be nice for artists to speak to artists on the real street level. It will take us a month and a half to complete.”

No official release dates have been given for either projects, Styles will be shooting a “straigt-to-youtube” video for Supergangster next week.

B.G. Talks New Album And Weezy's Release Date

Lil’ Wayne and B.G are both set to release new records in time for Christmas. However, B.G. says he isn’t worried about any sort of rivalry between his “Too Hood To Be Hollywood,” due Dec. 4, and Lil’ Wayne’s “Tha Carter III,” out Dec. 18.

“My style has changed and I’ve grown as a person,” B.G. explains. “I was real open-minded when I made this record. I’ve got one of the best A&R [reps] in the business, Jean Nelson, and we’ve come up with a vision to make a classic album that’s going to go down in the hall of fame.”

“I came in making the record that everybody said I wouldn’t be able to make,” says B.G., who won his long battle with drugs and has been clean for four years. “Now we got a hard but good problem of choosing which records to keep.”

Mannie Fresh, Polow Da Don, Khao, Lil C, Scott Storch, Don Vito, Mr. Rogers, Bass Heavy and Nitti are among the producers that may make the “Too Hood To Be Hollywood” cut, and “I Hustle” featuring Young Jeezy and produced by the Justice League is an early standout.

“I was still hot running records through Koch / now I’m on Atlantic looking for that No. 1 spot,” B.G. rhymes on “I Hustle,” referring to his 2006 split from Koch Records. Though he’s also affiliated with T.I.’s Grand Hustle Records, B.G. subsequently signed an Atlantic distribution deal for his own independent label, Chopper City.

“T.I. is executive producing my album, but I ain’t signed to Grand Hustle,” B.G. says. His manager, Anel Pla, confirms that “Too Hood” will be released via Atlantic. “I expect Atlantic Records to go hard as I go,” B.G. insists. “I’m gonna give 150 percent.”

Yung Joc Collected $3,000 For Losing Weight

Who gets paid $3,000 to lose weight? Yung Joc does.

As most can tell, since the College Park, Georgia rapper first burst onto the scene with his debut hit single, "It's Goin Down," he has transformed himself physically. In fact, from his debut until now, he's dropped 35 pounds.

It wasn't just the affection from the ladies that motivated him to lose that much weight in just three months, it was also a bet he took from his record label's CEO and manager.

In a recent interview with King magazine, the rapper revealed the bet. "Block Entertainment, we all just made a bet," Joc told the magazine. "We started dieting, eating like five times a day, exercising three to four times a week."

Since the bet, the rapper collected $1,000 each from his CEO, manager and manager's assistant. Obviously, he won the bet. Since winning, he's feeling the effects of having a chiseled bod.

"A lot of women notice it," the rapper says, "and a lot of 'em wanna get closer."

Yung Joc made a drastic lifestyle, which he says helped him tremendously. He cut out the carbs, stopped the late night Rocky Road binges and became a gym rat. It was a slow process and now he sees results physically.

"Weights and curling. I [started out] with 20 pounds; now I'm gonna curl up a 90-pound weight. And crunches -- you have to do crunches," the rapper tells the magazine. "Do cardio every time you work out. Just stay on the treadmill and work your way up. I would run for 20 minutes."

Along with the new physique comes a new album. The rapper recently dropped his sophomore release, Hustlenomics. It's in stores now.

CNN's Capone Readies First New Album In Two Years

Veteran East Coast rapper Capone is gearing up for his first album since 2005's Pain, Time & Glory, released through Fast Life Music. The album, tentatively titled What The Hood Made Me, is scheduled to hit stores this fall, and will be his first album on Bay Area based label, SMC Recordings.

The first single from What The Hood Made Me will be "Talk My Sh--" and it is already gaining steam via DJs and tastemakers throughout the music biz. The album boasts production from acclaimed producers The Heatmakers, Drawzilla and Twinz, as well as Capone's in-house producer Frizzy a.k.a. Franchise Beats.

As far as guests for the new release, the rapper is still confirming though, but he has announced that both he and N.O.R.E. will serve as executive producers.

"I like making records, I like making music for people, for my fans," said the rapper of his new album.

One notable track off the album is titled "Message to my Brother," which serves as a letter to Noreaga (N.O.R.E.). It answers a song that N.O.R.E. did on their first album -- War Report.

Capone rose to fame as one half of the dynamic duo, Capone-N-Noreaga. The Queens based group met in the early 90s at a Correctional Facility in upstate New York. Since then, they recorded their first album, War Report, which was released in 1997 on Penalty. In 2001, the group released The Reunion on Tommy Boy, which went on to be certified gold.

SMC very optimistic about the addition of Capone to their roster. "As fans, we've been looking for some real gritty New York sh--," said Will Bronson, CEO of SMC Recordings. "With the South running things right now, the hardcore fans are thirsting for that. CNN have always represented that aspect of hip-hop and nothing's changed with Capone. No dances, no snappin', just that CNN sh-- you've been waiting for."

"SMC are dope and it's a great opportunity to be able to work with them with the right chemistry, we can make magic," said Capone. "I am going to make moves over there. This album will show that the SMC and Capone marriage works. I like their indie moves and I just wanted to go over there and make my mark."

In addition to the new album coming, Capone is hosting a weekly podcast that features a different guest mixtape DJ every week. The show will feature independent hip-hop/rap and R&B artists from around the world and will run 60 minutes. For further info, visit

IHH TV: Chris Brown

Wall To Wall Remix
Chris Brown feat. Jadakiss

IHH Daily Motivation 9*4*07

Thoughts into joy

Your thoughts are what frighten you. Choose to change them, and the fear is gone.

Your thoughts are what cause you to be frustrated, angry, disappointed, impatient and uncomfortable. And your thoughts can also take you far away from all those things.

For your thoughts can transform anger into forgiveness, disappointment into determination, discomfort into inspiration, and fear into love. The choice is always yours.

The world is what it is. Yet your thoughts determine how you situate yourself into the world.
By controlling your thoughts you control the kind of world in which you live. At the times when you realize it, and at the times when you don't, you are always controlling your thoughts.

Deep inside you is a beautiful, unique person who seeks true joy and fulfillment. Let your thoughts resonate with the genuine person you are, and that joy does surely come.

-- Ralph Marston