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Nov 3, 2007

IHH SoulFul Saturdays 11*3*07

"Wild Is The Wind"
Amel Larrieux

Nov 2, 2007

Jay-Z to Take Over Sirius Satellite Radio

On November 5, Jay-Z will be taking over the Sirius Satellite Radio channel Hip-Hop Nation for a full week with a special radio program called Jay-Z Nation.

The show premiers at 5:00 p.m. ET, and will feature Jay playing cuts from his new album, American Gangster as well as some of his older material and music from other artists. The Def Jam president will personally introduce all of the music and discuss what it means to him.

Jay-Z Nation will also be airing his upcoming November 7 performance, at the Chicago House of Blues, live. Also on the schedule for the week are special editions of Street Certified, DJ Green Lantern: The Invasion, and The Nation’s Top 20 Hip Hop Countdown. American Gangster hits stores on November 6.


IHH TV: Joe Budden

"Star Inside Of Me"
Joe Budden

IHH Daily Update 11*2*07

Da Brat Released on $50,000 Bond

Da Brat, who was arrested Thursday morning (November 1) after an altercation at Jermain Dupri’s Atlanta nightclub, has been released on bond.

According to the Associated Press, the rapper was charged with aggravated assault and released after posting a $50,000 bond. The judge denied a request to reduce the bond. According to the police report detailing the incident, Da Brat got into an argument with a 24 year-old waitress at Dupri’s Studio 72 after the woman bumped into her.

Mekka Parish, a spokeswoman for the Dekalb County police, says that the waitress walked away and was hit in the face with a rum bottle shortly thereafter. The unidentified victim sustained a deep laceration to her cheek and some swelling on her forehead.

Duane "Dog" Chapman's Son Sold Tape To National Enquirer

According to an Associated Press report, the son of Duane "Dog" Chapman sold the tape of his father spewing racist remarks to the National Enquirer.

Chapman's lawyer says the son of "Dog", Tucker Chapman, sold the tape for "a lot of Money" to the National Enquirer.

"I guess because of whatever level of anger he had of his father, he felt the need to express it in that manner," attorney Brook Hart told The Associated Press."

As previously reported, Duane "Dog" Chapman, star of the popular A&E show "Dog The Bounty Hunter", was heard using the "N" word several times in a phone conversation with his son Tucker. The tape of the call was released by the National Enquirer earlier this week.

Through his lawyer, "Dog" said he was "disappointed in his (Tucker Chapman) choice of a friend, not due to her race, but her character. However, I should have never used that term."

A&E has suspended production on "Dog The Bounty Hunter" pending an investigation.


The drama surrounding Keyshia, Neffie and their mama continues on in the second season of BET's "Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is"... and so do the high ratings.

According to the network, the premiere on Tuesday is the top returning series premiere in BET history, and is the No. 1 original series premiere this season.

The episode, which saw the singer move her mother and sister Neffeteria (Neffie) from Oakland into her house in Atlanta, drew 1.49 million viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research.

In future episodes, Cole attempts to deal with all of her family drama while putting the finishing touches on her new CD, "Just Like You." The program airs on Tuesdays at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT.

Snoop Dogg Wants To Help Solve Britain's Gang Problems

Snoop Dogg is expressing his interest in helping Britain with their growing gang problems.

The rapper, who was banned from the UK in March due to drug convictions and an incident at Heathrow Airport, tells the that he feels he could be an asset when it comes to curbing the gang problems in Britain.

"I really wanted to be a voice to stop gang members, 'cause they respect me enough to get into a room with me. By not permitting me they're saying they just don't want me to solve this situation."

Snoop says it's "men in white wigs" and "laws from the 1800s" that are preventing him from entering the country and helping the problem.

"It's not the fans, it's just a few people in white wigs and members of parliament. They got a problem because the judicial law is from the 1800s."

Rick Ross Slings Turkeys This Thanksgiving

Rick Ross may rhyme about slinging cocaine, but this month he'll be supplying the community in a different way.

Through Rick Ross Charities Inc., the Miami rapper will distribute dozens of turkeys to Miami-area families in need this Thanksgiving. The event will take place in MiamiGardens on Saturday, November 17, at Ross' new global franchise, Hip Hop Grub Spot.

The Miami rapper said he wants to set an example for others in the hip-hop community to follow.

"The best way to stop the violence, crime, and broken homes in the community is through creating jobs and business opportunities, and we are doing that along with Hip Hop Grub Spot," Ross said via statement. "I am glad to be a part of this."

Hip Hop Grub Spot is Ross' new hip-hop themed healthy fast-food global franchise. In the venture, Ross has partnered with Pro Bowl running back Frank Gore of the San Francisco 49ers, and Miami native Ali Muhammad, founder of 21st Century Hustle Magazine, an executive for Rain Forest Films and a former advertising executive for Vibe magazine.

The Thanksgiving charity event is part of Ross' continuing effort to give back to the community. This August, Ross participated in the 1st Annual Be Out Day fund raiser at Miami's Carol CitySenior High School, where the theme was "Pushing Education to the Limit."

The Def Jam rapper is currently preparing for the release of his sophomore album, Trilla, due in stores on December 18.

IHH Throwback Friday

(Lnote: Somebody asked me "what happened to the Throwbacks???" Well i wasn't getting any feedback on it so i dropped it, but since ya'll did request it, for my girls April and Trudy here you go)

Oochie Coochie
M.C. Brains

IHH Radio: Foxy Brown

(L note: Even Tho, Foxy's upstate, she's still putting out some bangers. Here is a couple of cuts of her new album, Brooklyns Don Diva, and her album cover)

IHH Radio: The Def Jam Mixtape

"The Def Jam Mixtape"
Keyz , NY C.E.O.

Mixtape Tracks
1. Jay-z-dead presidents pt. 3
2. Jay-z-roc boys
3. Jadakiss-dont want it
4. Beanie sigel-go low
5. Ludacris and rick ross-down in the dirty
6. Freeway-champion
7. Nas-surviving the times
8. Young jeezy ludacris and rick ross-im so hood
9. Kanye west ft. beanie sigel and freeway-cant tell me nothing
10. Rick ross and young jeezy-hundred million dollars
11. Beanie sigel-what they gon say to me
12. Memphis bleek and young chris-blood sweat and tears
13. Young jeezy and rick ross-duffle bag boys
14. Jadakiss-money cant change me
15. Juelz santana-dolla bill
16. Jay-z-blue magic
17. Kanye west-cant say no
18. Ll cool j-ny gangstas
19. Beanie sigel-hot 97 freestyle
20. Freeway-flashing lights
21. Jay-z ludacris jadakiss and 50 cent-i get money
22. Kanye west-stronger pt. 2
23. Ludacris-get buck in here
24. Fabolous-pop bottles
25. Freeway-crimeside
26. Young jeezy and slick pulla-a bay bay
27. Fabolous-something bout you
28. Ludacris-rockstar
29. Beanie sigel-all the above
30. Juelz santana-prostitute
31. Young jeezy-money in the bank
32. Memphis bleek-you know what it is
33. Freestyle-freeway
34. Jay-z-hov 97
35. Playaz circle-no. 1 trap pick
36. Fabolous-nascar
37. Ludacris-do it well
38. Fabolous-bed
39. Tru life ft. bobby valentino-tears
40. The dream ft. fabolous-shawty is a ten
41. Razah-rain

T-Pain Arrested On Outstanding Warrants

T-Pain was arrested this morning (Nov. 2) by the Leon County Sheriff's office in Tallahassee, Florida for outstanding warrants.

According to WCTV, 24-year-old Faheem Najm (T-Pain) was arrested on outstanding warrants for a non moving traffic violation and driving while license suspended.

T-Pain is scheduled to perform at the FAMU homecoming concert tomorrow (Nov. 3).

T-Pain released his sophomore album "Ephinany" earlier this year featuring the hit single "Buy You A Drank."
(source hhlive)

IHH Daily Motivation 11*2*07

The best day you have ever known

Instead of waiting and looking back on your life and realizing how great it was, realize how great it is while you're living it. These are the good old days.

This is the time to treasure right now. Don't put off your appreciation for today until some time when all you have of it is a faded memory and a photograph.

You are swimming in a thick sea of overwhelming richness that is this moment. Wake up to how truly blessed you are to be right where you happen to be.

Sure there are frustrations and annoyances, challenges, pains and disappointments. And you have the good fortune of being in a position to transcend every one of them.

Stop wondering what life is all about and start choosing what you are going to make it become. Stop waiting for someone else to make it all better and start taking your own steps to make it uniquely great.

This can be the best day you have ever known. All it takes is for you to decide to make it so.

-- Ralph Marston

Nov 1, 2007

IHH TV: G-Unit

"Feel Good"

IHH TV: Jay-z

Hov Talks About Nas's Album Title

"I know he's very intelligent and there a reason behind what he's doing," Jay-Z told MTV News. "He's not just doing it for the sake of being provocative. Of course we're going to support his art. ... I hope [the concept] is coming from a great place. I believe it's coming from a great place. I just think [the controversy is] misguided. People give strength to words, power to words. If your remove 'nigger,' then you have 'jiggaboo' and 'porch monkey,' the words will keep continuing. How many words you gonna take out? People give the words power. I think we need to direct that [energy] towards the community.”

(L note: Thats some profound ish there Hovito, what do ya'll think?)

Camron Speaks About His Absence & Dipset

MissInfo Sat down with the Pink Panther and Finally got down to the bottom of everything. For the Purposes of this interview all of Cam's responses will be in Pink. Enjoy.

Cam’s mom suffered a number of strokes that left her paralyzed on her left side. He moved her to Florida for a while, set up her rehabilitation and therapy, and kept an eye on her: “I told her, you not dying on my watch.”

Cam says that while he was dealing with the personal, there were business issues as well.

“Also, me and Asylum weren’t seeing eye to eye at the time. But we recently worked things out. We had a conversation with the lawyers and with Todd (Moscowitz), so now we’re straight. I wasn’t gonna drop the mixtape until that happened….”

But all the while, Cam said he was also watching how other people were reacting to his absence.

“Even when I had my mom situated, she had the help she needs, the physical therapy, everything was right–that was like a month ago—I still laid low, because when I come out it’s gonna be done it right. But I just sat back and bugged out at how everyone else was acting.

I heard all the rumors, mad felonious shit, fake shit.
And I would tell n—as, my moms just had a stroke, and they’d be like ‘Oh, ok, so are you still coming through?’ Fam, what is wrong with you?”

‘What about all those Cam’ron sightings? The last time we spoke was when you posted the youtube video, so I didn’t know if those rumors were real or not.

Exactly. I ain’t talked to nobody, but I kept hearing all these stories. Cam was in a car crash. Cam was begging for a deal. Some hood DVD dudes were up up on [140th st] to try to find me. Folks were asking for interviews.
Im like Bigfoot, its crazy!

My thing is, it felt like folks were tryin’ to strong arm me into showing up for shit.
Like, no disrespect to BET, but I was watching one day and they announced ‘Cam is gonna be on 106 and Park. He’s gonna talk about his new album…’

I just started laughing, like, what is you talking about? Nothing about that was true.
What’s so funny is that in the past, I always had to go through mad shit just to get them to play a new video or whatever. But now I’m seeing those two tell me what I’m doing.

But nobody can force me to do anything or be anywhere….I can afford to chill out. I mean, I get 1.5 million dollars just to hand my album in, but I’m still not rushing.

I could have come back a month ago….but instead I said, ‘Alright, Duke, block all my calls, shut down the interviews…’

So what about the rumor that you were seen shopping for a deal at some indie label

I went to meet with my man Jeff Kempler, I’ve known him for years, and now that he’s [executive vice president] over at Virgin, he called me over to catch up. So then we walked around the office, and Fat Joe’s label [Imperial Records] is in the same building.

I guess it was your silence that was making folks jump to conclusions

“Yo I’m killin’ n—as with my silence! Me not saying nothing is driving people crazy…”

Well since it’s clear you’ve been keeping up with the Cam’ron rumor mill, what did you think about what your peers were saying? 50 Cent joked about you being missing….

But here’s the funny thing about it. They all say Cam’s missing… You look at 50 Cent and Kanye West. They came out after, like two years since their last records. Meanwhile, I put out a movie, an album, executive-produced four albums this summer…Y’all n—as be missing. I be out every year, fam.
During an interview with MTV, Jim Jones said finding you was like “finding Nemo.” And in a youtube interview with Mikey Fresh, Jimmy said “Cam’ron is in his own world.”

He’s right, I live on Pluto, and I take a spaceship home every night. Hahaha…

Well, I guess you’re about to phone home. Next week, you’ll be back out with a double mixtape, Public Enemy #1. Are you working on a new album as well?

Yeah. Actually I was in the middle of recording the album when everything happened. I had maybe a full CD of music since May or June. Now I’m looking to drop the album in February or March, 2008. But with all this nonsense going on, I had to put out this double CD real quick. And you know how I am, I don’t like to sit on old tracks so I decided to throw like 40 songs on there and make the mixtape free.
The video we posted on [killacamspace] was just to make fun of the way ppl was acting. But in the hood, it was nothing like that. Everybody just been showing love like ‘Yo, please come back out. We need that.”

So, what is the state of Dipset right now? I’ve talked to Jim Jones about his new projects and new record deal. And last week he told me about his new mixtape, which is dropping one day before yours. But he made a point of shouting out “Dipset for life.” Which seemed encouraging to me…Have you and Jimmy talked yet?

I still haven’t spoken to Jim. But Jim ran with me for over 10 yrs, he worked hard, and I wish him the best of luck.
Everybody thinks I’m mad at Jim. Why am I mad? I told people for years that Jimmy was gonna be a star. So its better on my resume…I wish him the best.
The only thing is, him being with 50, I can’t really run with that. Hang out with who you want to hang out…but me, I can’t really do nothing like that.

What did you think when 50 brought Jimmy and Juelz onstage with him to perform “Ballin’?”

Actually, that was a great move for 50. First, he had Jim and Jeelz, then he brought out Remy Ma and J-Hood, then I even saw Whoo kid on TV with Gillie the Kid goin’ at Lil Wayne. I commend him for that. You’re really snatching a person from they own set. And then you also are seeing these n—as’ potential…

So do you address this on Public Enemy #1?

I make a comment but I keep it moving. On the first joint, I talk for like 6 minutes. I still get at 50. The Tru Life shit. I clear that shit up. And I also address the NYPD, the Intel squad…How they dragged me in during the whole Jay-Z and 50 Cent beef and tried to get me to talk about them….all that shit.

And knowing how Cam talks trash with the best of them, I’m pretty sure that will be an entertaining 6 minute rant. But before we hung up, I had to ask him about that cryptic message he sent my homies at MTV last week: “Killa Season again, you little yentas***,” “November 7th. Cam’ron is anonymous. Dipset!”

Uhh, Cam, do you know what a yenta is?

Hahaha, of course! You know my lawyers are Jewish, they be saying that all the time. So then I was watching Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Larry David—I fucks with Larry—he called Ted Danson a ‘yenta.’ Yo, I fell out laughing. That shit was crazy. I said, that’s exactly what all these folks are doin’, gossiping about me. Yentas. That’s where the ‘Cam’ron is anonymous’ came from too. Did you see that episode? That’s my shit. You have HBO On Demand? Its episode 52….

IHH Daily Update 11*1*07

Lil Wayne Arraigned on Drug Charges in Atlanta

Lil Wayne appeared in an Atlanta courtroom on Wednesday (October 31) for his arraignment on three counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance.

The charges stem from an August 2006 arrest at the Twelve Hotel in Atlanta during which police confiscated marijuana and the prescription drugs Xanax and hydrocodone. After failing to show up for a previous court date, Weezy was picked up in Idaho on October 5 on a warrant issued by authorities in Atlanta. The rapper’s attorney, William Head, says the whole thing is a misunderstanding.

According to the lawyer, a case notice from the Fulton County District Attorney’s office was mistakenly mailed to Weezy’s old address in New Orleans, which was wiped out in Hurricane Katrina. On Wednesday, Head filed motions with the court disputing the legality of the hotel room search that led to the initial arrest, and also requested that the defense be allowed to inspect fingerprint evidence taken from the bottles of pills found in the room.

“We asked to examine the evidence so we can prove it has no connection to him,” Head told E! News Online. “Let’s see what the fingerprints are.” Wayne is also facing a separate charge of being a fugitive in Idaho, a charge that will have to be handled in a Boise court.

Da Brat Arrestedfor Fighting in Atl Club

Da Brat has been arrested following an altercation at Atlanta's Studio 72 nightclub.

According to WSBTV.COM, Da Brat was arrested early this morning (Nov. 1) after she allegedly smashed a bottle into the face of a waitress at Atlanta's Studio 72 nightclub.

Reports say the incident followed a verbal argument between Da Brat and the waitress.

The victim was taken to a local area hospital with cuts on her face and above her eye.

Da Brat is currently being held at DeKalb County jail. She faces felony aggravated assault charges.

Studio 72 is owned by Jermaine Dupri, a long-time collaborator of Da Brat.

"Dog The Bounty Hunter" In Hot Water Over Use Of "N" Word On Audio Tape

Duane "Dog" Chapman, star of the popular A&E series "Dog The Bounty Hunter" is in hot water over an audio tape where he is heard using the "N" word several times to describe his son's girlfriend.

The tape, released by the National Enquirer, hears "Dog" spewing the "N" word in a conversation with his son Tucker about his son's girlfriend, Monique Shinnery who is black. "Dog" is heard expressing concern that Monique will set him up over some of the language he uses.

A portion of the audio tape can be heard here. "I'm not going to take a chance ever in life losing everything I've worked for, for 30 years cause some f*ckin' n*gger heard us say n*gger..." says "Dog" in one part of the conversation. In the full 8-minute audio tape, "Dog" reportedly tells his son to break up with his girlfriend or be fired from the family bail bond business.

A&E, the network behind "Dog The Bounty Hunter", released a statement to immediately following the National Enquirer's release of the tape.

"A&E has just learned of the story released by the National Enquirer concerning Duane Dog Chapman. We take this matter very seriously. Pending an investigation, we have suspended production on the series. When the inquiry is concluded we will take appropriate action."

Reports are suggesting that Duane "Dog" Chapman has already contacted the Rev. Al Sharpton to explain his comments on the tape.

Jacob The Jeweler Pleads Guilty In BMF Case, Faces 4 Years Behind Bars

After being arrested on charges that he conspired to launder money through his highly successful jewelry business, famed jewelry provider Jacob the Jeweler has pleaded guilty to lesser charges in his money laundering case.

As previously reported, the jewelry icon (born Jacob Arobov) was arrested on charges of conspiring to commit money laundering of reportedly up to $270 million for Atlanta-based Black Mafia Family through his Jacob & Co. business.

The infamous jeweler was among 16 people indicted by a Michigan District Attorney in May for violating federal drug laws and laundering more than $270 million. Jacob is accused of accepting "dirty" money generated by the Black Mafia Family (BMF) and giving them jewelry in return without reporting the transactions.

Now, according to the Associated Press, the jeweler has pleaded guilty Wednesday (October 31) to the lesser charge of falsifying records and giving false statements to investigators looking into a multi-state drug ring. In return, prosecutors have agreed to drop the money laundering charges against him, his lawyer said.

"I realize I have made a terrible mistake and I accept the consequences of my actions," said the jeweler via a statement.

No sentencing date was immediately set by U.S. District Judge Avern Cohn but the terms of the plea agreement call for Jacob to serve up to 46 months in prison and pay a $2 million penalty, U.S. Attorney Stephen J. Murphy said in a statement.

Birdman Talks Weezy in Miami Herald

In a new profile on Baby in the Miami Herald, the rapper/CEO makes some bold statements about his son Wayne’s potential legacy:

“Wayne never stopped,” he explains. “He take it like a professional; he never stop working and that’s why he where he is. And besides that, the li’l nigga supergifted, extra-smart, talented like a mothafucka. You know it’s possible that they can have another Wayne come out, but what he ’bout to do is a miracle for us to see. We was fortunate to grow up on Tupac, but he died young. This shit Wayne got bigger that. Bigger than Tupac, bigger than Biggie and Jay-Z. It’s crazy.”

CLICK HERE to read the full story.

(L note: I know im going to get some hate mail about posting this pic, but what other pic better fit this story?)

Hurricane Chris Disappoints, Kanye West Drops Out, Soulja Boy Still Cranking Dat

In this week's Hip-Hop and R&B Charts, Kanye West drops out of the Top 10, Keyshia Cole and Soulja Boy cling to the Top 20 and Hurricane Chris debuts at No 24.

Kanye West said goodbye to the Top 10 this week, sliding seven spots to No. 16 with 43,300 copies sold of Graduation according to Nielsen's SoundScan. After seven weeks on the Charts, the Chi-town rapper/producer has moved 1,577,500 units.

Two spots down at No. 18 is Soulja Boy, whose debut album cranked out 34,700 copies this week. The album's four-week sales total stands at 234,900.

Keyshia Cole fell 7 spots to No. 19 this week with her sophomore effort Just Like You. The album, which features guest appearances from Missy Elliott, Lil Kim, Diddy, T.I. and Too $hort, moved 32,200 copies for a five-week total of 504,700.

Philly songstress Jill Scott drops eight spots to No. 23 this week with her album Words and Sounds: Vol. 3, which scanned 26,800 discs. After five weeks, the album has sold 308,400 copies.

Louisiana native Hurricane Chris debuts at No. 24 this week with 51/50 Ratchet, which pushed 26,200 in its first go-around.

Super producer Timbaland made a slight surge this week with his solo effort Shock Value, climbing two spots to No. 25. The album sold 25,000 copies this week for a 30-week sales total of 785,700.

After 58 weeks on the chart, former Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie hangs tough at No. 29 with The Dutchess. The album sold 24,100 copies this week for a total of 2,851,000 discs sold.

G-Unit boss 50 Cent fell nine spots this week, landing at No. 30 with his third album, Curtis. After moving 23,800 copies, the rap general's seven-week total stands just above platinum at 1,049,300.

Checking in at No. 34 is J. Holiday, whose debut Back of My Lac' fell 18 spots this week. The album rolled out 21,900 copies for a four-week total of 199,100.

Angie Stone plummeted 35 spots to No. 46 this week with her fourth album, The Art of Love & War. The album sold 16,300 copies for a two-week total of 61,000.

Underground favorites Little Brother debuted at No. 89 this week, selling 9,500 of their album Get Back. While Houston rapper Trae's Life Goes On debuted at No. 104 with 7500 copies sold.

Next week look for Jay-Z's American Gangster and Nas' greatest hits collection to make an appearance on the Hip-Hop and R&B Charts.

IHH TV:Talib Kweli on Rap City

Rap City Freestyle 10/31
Talib Kweli

(L Note: Real Talk Kweli one of my top 5 alive M.C.'s)

IHH TV: Big Kuntry

"That’s Right"
Big Kuntry ft. T.I.

IHH Daily Motivation 11*1*07

Filling life with value

Even though there is much work yet to be done, and numerous obstacles still to be overcome, there is no reason to be dismayed. Because as each moment comes, you can fill it with effort and value, and your life will continue to grow richer as a result.

It's a mistake to assume that effort is something to be diligently avoided. To wish for a life free of challenges is to wish for a life in which it would be impossible to find any kind of real fulfillment.

Look back at where you've come from and you will understand. The times that have brought the most value and richness to your life were the times that demanded the most of you.

Find your joy in the challenges, in the efforts, in the living and in the giving. The moments when much is asked of you are the moments when great richness is added to your experience of life.

Think of what a valuable and magnificent opportunity it is to be able to work, to learn, to grow, to accomplish and to find sweet fulfillment in making a difference. Realize how blessed you are in having access to the challenges that will pull you forward.

There is always work to be done. And that is something for which you can truly be thankful.

-- Ralph Marston

Oct 31, 2007

IHH Daily Update 10*31*07

Trial Date Set For Tony Yayo's Assault Case

After being accused of attacking the 14 year-old son of Czar Entertainment CEO Jimmy "Henchmen" Rosemond, G-Unit soldier Tony Yayo now has a date set to stand trial on the charges.

As previously reported, Yayo (born Marvin Bernard) was arrested in March after allegedly smacking the 14 year-old who was walking down the street on his way to the Czar Entertainment offices where he interns after school.

The rapper was offered a plea deal in Manhattan Criminal Court earlier this year that would have sent him back to jail for nine months, a deal which he rejected. Both the rapper and his lawyer agreed that the deal would not be in Yayo's best interest and decided to take the case to trial. Now, a judge has set a January 10, 2008 trial date in the case, in which the Queens-bred rapper will be facing charges of endangering the welfare of a child, assault in the 3rd degree, and harassment in the 2nd degree.

"I am looking forward to a trial and it is important that justice be done," said Cynthia Reed, the mother of the victim via a statement. "Trials bring out facts, and I know the facts will expose the cowardly act of G Unit's member Yayo of assaulting my 14 year old son."

The defense believes that they have a good chance of winning the case, as they have revealed they have uncovered a witness that will testify at trial to Yayo's innocence. The witness, whose name is being withheld, has reportedly given a sworn statement saying he knows both the teen, James Rosemond, and Yayo, and that the boy was hit by a yet unidentified man. Yayo's attorney Scott Leemon also said that he has given that information to prosecutors.

Jim Jones tells Jay-Z,"That's My Money Right There, Ol' Head"

In a radio interview yesterday (Oct. 30), Dipset capo, Jim Jones spoke on his controversial alliances with 50 Cent and Dame Dash, and he aired out Jay-Z for hogging record sales.

Jones, notorious for kicking up controversy, admitted to Hot 97's Angie Martinez that he finds himself in the middle of hip-hop squabbles so often because he does it on purpose.

He injected himself into the 50 Cent vs. Kanye West face-off when he appeared on stage at a 50 show for a surprise performance with the mogul. Fif had earlier invited him to share in the shine.

"He gave me the opportunity to start some controversy, which I love to do," Jimmy said of 50."

As far as Jones is concerned, his ploy worked.

"Every interview they did with Kanye, they asked about Jim Jones ... I gotta shine," Jimmy said.

Around the same time, fellow Dipsetter Cam'ron had a televised beef with 50 Cent. The two had also traded insults on tracks. But Jimmy said his performance with 50 wasn't about slighting Cam, and that the mogul's beef with Jim's label-mate wasn't even a big deal.

"Him and Cam had a comedic battle more than anything. It wasn't no death threats. They both was making mockeries off each other and that's something I couldn't get into."

But when Hov is the subject to be mocked, Jones sings a different tune.

As previously reported, Jimmy tapped former Jay business partner Dame Dash to host his new mixtape, Harlem American Gangsta. The album is a direct shot at Jay, who's concept disc, American Gangster -- the unofficial soundtrack to the Denzel Washington flick of the same name -- hits the street the same day.

"I figure some people make soundtracks to the movies about Harlem and we do soundtracks to the streets about Harlem," Jones said.

For the movies or otherwise, Jones said he wishes Jay would just stop putting out albums altogether.
"He's pretty much on top and he been in the game [too long], he messin' up my grind right now," Jones said. "He keep comin' out and takin' this money, like that's my money right there, old head. I need that paper, man. Every time you come out, you mess it up for brothers like me. We need in. That's why I do things like put out albums in one week."


Beenie Man appeared in a Jamaican court Monday after an arrest warrant was issued in connection with charges of tax evasion.

The artist, born Anthony Moses Davis, was released on $21,000 bail and is due back in court Dec. 3. Authorities say he owes about $661,000 in overdue taxes.

An arrest warrant was issued for the 35-year-old reggae last Tuesday after he failed to show up in court to explain how he planned to pay $415,000 in unpaid taxes plus $246,000 in penalties dating back to more than a decade.

Beenie Man has said that he was unaware of his unpaid taxes and blamed the oversight on the company that formerly managed his business affairs.

Ludacris to Perform at Nelson Mandela’s 46664 AIDS Benefit Concert in South Africa

Ludacris has signed on to perform at former South African president Nelson Mandela’s 46664 AIDS benefit concert on December 1 in Johannesburg.

The concert is the fifth to be held since Mandela founded the 46664 organization in 2002, taking the name from the prison number he was assigned during his 27 year incarceration on Robben Island. This year marks the first time the show will be held on World AIDS day.

Luda will join other international artists such as Corinna Bailey Rae, Peter Gabriel, and The Goo-Goo Dolls, as well as local South African performers. “The 46664 message is one that needs to be heard in every corner of our country, and indeed, the world,” a 46664 spokesman said in a press release.

“These artists between them reach into every one of our communities—upholding Mr. Mandela’s message that HIV AIDS is not a local issue, but a universal one.”

Ja Rule Admits Real Reason For Album Pushback

Ja Rule's album, Mirror, has been pushed back again. This time, with no stated release date.

As previously reported, Mirror was first pushed back from its original September release, to November.

MurderInc-Online said the reason for this second delay is "sample clearance Issues," but Ja said, he'd rather wait until the competition weans to release his disc.

"I was going to put the album out November 13 but I decided to wait," Ja stated. "The new year is fresh. It's only a couple of months away. So, since everything is fresh and new, what I'm doing, I felt, I'ma let it linger. Plus, [there's] a lot of traffic right now. It's that fourth quarter traffic, you know what I mean? It's gonna be real heavy out there so I'ma let all the heavy heavys do their thing and @#!* and I'ma kick it off real fresh in the new year and splash. That's how I'm feeling right now with the project."

50 Cent Rides W/ General Motors, Shows Off Custom Pontiac

As part of an alternative marketing strategy, General Motors recently teamed with 50 Cent to spotlight several of their new Pontiac models.
The Pontiac G8 GT and G6 GXP both made appearances in 50's "Amusement Park" video, and more recently 50 unveiled his own custom G8 at the SEMA Auto Show.

According to, 50's G8 was made one-of-a-kind with help from Unique Autosports. The car was treated to custom paint and exterior appointments as well as a revised interior and powertrain. The vehicle is powered by an LSX 427 engine dyno-tested to more than 500hp and assembled only with components available from the GM Performance Parts.

The engine assembly was filled out with a variety of production-based components used on the Corvette Z06's 7.0L LS7 engine, including a forged steel crankshaft, lightweight titanium connecting rods, racing-derived aluminum cylinder heads and a complete LS7 intake/throttle body/fuel injection system.

For the interior, standard leather seats were re-trimmed with perforated red leather inserts and matching trim was used for the door inserts and armrests. The car was also outfitted with an 800-watt JBL audio system with amps and a subwoofer.

50's not the only one helping GM market their cars; the company had extensive product placements in the Transformers film, and the Chevrolet Camaro Concept recently appeared in a T.I. video.

The Game Wants To Be 50 Cent For H'ween, "He's Scary"

West Coast rapper The Game attended a pretrial hearing earlier today (October 31) on weapons charges in association with an incident that happened during a pick-up game of b-ball in February.

As previously reported, Game is being accused of making criminal threats, possessing a firearm in a school zone, and exhibiting a firearm in the presence of an officer; all the result of of an incident that took place at South L.A.'s Rita Walters Educational Learning Complex on February 24. The Game pled guilty to all charges last month.

Despite the serious charges, the rapper was in good spirits after yesterday's five minute hearing, and spent about a half an hour talking to TMZ cameras about all things pop culture.

Game's fantasies of the actress Lindsay Lohan - known most recently for her back-and-forth stints in rehab - involve her knocking on his door, "with a long trench coat on and Fredericks under the coat," he told cameras.

He also announced a proposition for fallen pop princess, Britney Spears.

"I'll shampoo your hair, rub your feet, watch your kids [and] be your body guard for some ..."

Lohan and Spears, aside, the rapper claims to prefer big women.

"I love big women," he said. "I don't like big women I love big women. All you gotta do is ... lift the love handle up, put four fingers in and just tickle it."

For Halloween, Game said he was considering dressing up as his former boss.

"I was thinking of being a gangster rapper," he said. "50 Cent. He's scary. Muahahahaha!"

In between rambling, Game even did the Kid-N-Play dance move for the cameras.

Game's trial is set for mid November.

J-Hood Preps Debut Album

According to a statement released by the former D-Block affiliate, J-Hood is prepping his debut album The Hood Is Back for release on November 6th.

The project will reportedly feature 20 rare and exclusive tracks, although it’s unclear whether any of the material will be the music he recorded while under contract with D-Block. “This is my first indie release for my fans all over,” says Hood. “While this is in the stores, I’ma have The Rebirth mixtape warming up the streets…So whether your in stores or in the streets, your gonna see me!”

Hood recently made news after leaving D-Block, when he appeared on stage with former rival 50 Cent and released a video dragging his former crew’s chain down the sidewalk.

Pitbull Takes Fans On A Boat Ride 'Scarface' Style For Third Album

Rapper Pitbull is prepping the release of his third studio album, The Boatlift, for a November release.

The new album sees the Cuban rapper alongside a star-studded crew of guests and producers including Grammy Award winning duo Play-N-Skillz (Chamillionaire's "Ridin," Kia Shine's" So Krispy") on his first single, "Secret Admirer," featuring R&B singer Lloyd.

A video was shot and directed by David Russeau and features cameos by Fat Joe and Steven Bauer who starred as Manolo Ribera in the cult classic, "Scarface."

The Boatlift showcases Pitbull's lyrical prowess as he crusades through 18 tracks penning clever and captivating visuals on each song. He fuses a diverse array of music genres together ranging from R&B influenced sounds with his first single to techno/dance inspired tracks like "The Anthem," as well as songs like "Midnight" that are heavily mainstream/pop influenced and down South inspired tracks like "Dookie."

Guest appearances include Trina, Jim Jones, Don Omar, Twista, Lloyd, Frankie J, Yung Berg, Trick Daddy, and Fabo of D4L, among others. Producers include Lil Jon, and Mr. Collipark.

The album's title, however, has a deeper meaning, explains Pitbull, who says it relates to his heritage and their journey to American.

"Most immigrants that came to this country came through some type of boat lift," explained the rapper. "This is my way of taking everybody on a ride through my eyes; this is my boatlift -- my way of bringing them to freedom through the universal language of music. Now let's ride."

Pitbull's last album, El Mariel, produced numerous radio hit singles such as the club anthem "Bojangles," and the hit rap single, "Ay Chico."

In 2004, he surpassed gold status for more than 600,000 copies sold of his debut album, M.I.A.M.I.: Money Is A Major Issue, in the U.S. It gave Pitbull the biggest-selling bilingual hip-hop debut since Cypress Hill's 1991 self-titled debut, and put him in the rare category of Latino rappers who have achieved major success at English-language radio.

The Boatlift is slated for release November 27.

Chingy to Release "Hate It or Love It" in December

After his highly publicized departure from Disturbing Tha Peace, Chingy surprised fans everywhere by returning to Ludacris' label in August.

"I don't think Capitol really knew how to work urban artists," told Chingy to in August. "They're really stuck on pop and they didn't know how to market me. I ain't knocking them because that's where I started, but I think that's why they fired a lot of people in the L.A. offices recently. I'm glad I'm off the label."

Now, the rapper who has spawned such hits as Right Thurr and Holidae Inn is getting down to work immediately. He plans to release his next album on DTP titled Hate It or Love It.

The album, which is slated to drop December 11, features appearances from Amerie, Ludacris, Bobby Valentino, Anthony Hamilton, Rick Ross and Huey, among others.

The first single for the album will be Fly Like Me, which features Amerie. The song will begin radio rotation in early November, and a music video will accompany it.

Hurricane Chris Debuts Poorly In Slow Hip-Hop Sales Week

It was a slow week for Hip-Hop on the album charts as Hurricane Chris' debut album "51/50 Ratchet" managed to move only 26,000 copies entering the Billboard Top 200 at #24.

Also debuting this week were Little Brother with their new album "Getback" featuring Lil' Wayne on the song "Breakin' My Heart." The album debuted at #89 with 9,600 copies sold. The album is the duos first without 9th Wonder.

Houston's Trae enters the Top 200 at #104 with his new album "Life Goes On" selling 7,500 copies.

The week's #1 album was from Country artist Carrie Underwood who sold 527,000 copies of her new album "Carnival Ride."

According to, album sales are up 5.2% from last week at 8.34 million units and down 16.8% from the same week in 2006 (10.03 million).

IHH TV: Beanie Sigel

"All The Above"
Beanie Sigel ft. R. Kelly

IHH TV: Jadakiss on Street Knowledge TV

'Kiss Talks on Def Jam, young Hood and his gun case.

IHH TV: LL Speaks on Jay-Z

Part 1

"Artist like Redman , Method Man, Ludacris, Fabolous, The Roots & now Nas, these groups need to have the proper attention. And they need to be promoted properly. And in order to get that attention there can’t be any conflicts of interest. You know the president of the label putting a record out while all the other artist are waiting, that’s a conflict of interest. It has nothing to do with if he is talented or has the right to put music out because he should. But in my opinion, and this is just my opinion, I think with Def Jam and Universal should of did was pay him the money that he deserved as an artist, instead of using him as a glorified president to attract talent, and sacrifice the careers of the rest of the people on the label by accident, by default."

(L note: Cool J has a point, what do ya'll think?)

Props to The N and AllThatsFab

IHH TV: Beanie Sigel Mini Series Trailer

"Best Of Both Offices"
Beanie Sigel

IHH Radio: Cam'ron

IHH Daily Motivation 10*31*07

Know your desires

If you could snap your fingers and make the life of your dreams instantly appear, exactly what would that life look like? While you're working so diligently to move forward, do you have a clear and detailed definition of where you intend to go?

An essential part of achieving what you desire is to know exactly what it is.

Unfortunately, the people and events in your world often discourage and dissuade you from seriously considering your own ideas for what life at its best can be.

If you're not diligent about exploring and clarifying your own authentic desires, the world will impose its pre-packaged, shallow and empty desires upon your life. This can leave you frustrated, discouraged and unfulfilled as you strive to work toward goals that have no real meaning for you.

On a regular basis, allow your desires to come bubbling to the surface, so you can more fully understand them and connect with them. Enjoy the fact that there are things for which you truly long, and know that there is a path to every one of them.

Let your vision of what life can be pull you consistently toward its fulfillment. When you are clear about what you seek and why, you'll gain access to the resources and the strategies that will enable you to achieve it.

Instead of suppressing your desires or placing judgments on them, make yourself more and more familiar with their substance. Put real meaning in your life by giving life and energy to the things that mean most to you.

-- Ralph Marston

Oct 30, 2007

IHH TV: John Legend

(Lnote: now normally i save this type of stuff for 4 SoulFul Saturdays , but I couldnt hold this for that long)

Another Again
John Legend

IHH TV: Confessions

Confessions of a Internet Thug

(L note: I thought i would post this for all you Internet thugs out there, Props to my girl, Anonymous)

Crime Mob Song Incites Fights at Harvard University

A series of brawls broke out during a party on the Harvard University campus on Saturday night (October 27) after a DJ threw on the controversial Crime Mob song “Knuck If You Buck.”

According to the Harvard Crimson, the altercations occurred at an after party for the annual Harvard Society of Black Scientists and Engineers step show. The event, which took place in the University’s Lowell House dining hall, attracted over 400 students from Harvard as well as Boston University, Boston College, MIT and other schools. At around 1:00 a.m., when the DJ played “Knuck If You Buck,” Crime Mob’s crunk anthem that has been blamed for inciting violence in the past, a fight broke out on the dance floor.

“That’s a song where everybody goes wild,” said Jarred Watson, a Northeastern University student and party attendee. “The crowd started touching each other and bumping into each other. Then I saw a whole bunch of people screaming, and I saw people fighting.”

The fighting soon spiller out into the Lowell House courtyard while Harvard University Police Department officers tried to quell the situation. Eventually, the HUPD was joined by six state trooper cruisers and several Cambridge police vehicles. Two men were taken into custody in connection with the brawl, but were later released without charges.

“Knuck if you Buck” caused controversy in January of 2006 when 16 year-old Baron “Deuce” Braswell II was stabbed to death while the song was playing during a party in Fredericksburg, VA.

IHH Daily Update 10*30*07

2Pac #8 On Forbes ‘Top-Earning Dead Celebrities’ List

2Pac has come in at the #8 spot on Forbes ‘Top-Earning Dead Celebrities’ List.

Forbes reports that Shakur hasn't made it into the top 10 since 2002 and that the sale of the writer's share of his catalogue to EverGreen Copyrights brought his estate $5 million this May.

Shakur's total ended up being $9 million in the past year. The late rapper outranked such high profile artists as Bob Marley and James Brown.

A new 2Pac double album, "The Best of 2Pac", will hit stores December 4.

Jay-Z's "American Gangster" Tour Sells Out In Less Than One Minute

Jay-Z's 5-date "American Gangster" tour has sold out in less than one minute. Tickets went on sale Oct. 29th. reports that the Philadelphia show sold out in 30 seconds while Los Angeles and Chicago were sold out in less than 15 seconds.

Tour dates are as follows:

11/6 Los Angeles - The House of Blues
11/7 Chicago - The House of Blues
11/9 Baltimore - Ramshead Live
11/11 New York - The Hammerstein Ballroom
11/12 Philadelphia - The Fillmore

Jay-Z's new album, "American Gangster", is in stores November 6.

Notorious B.I.G. Estate Claims Inmate Who Changed His Testimony Is Lying

The estate of slain rapper Notorious B.I.G. filed a federal court motion on Monday (October 29) claiming that a prison inmate who previously implicated a former police officer in the killing was lying when he recanted his testimony.

According to the Associated Press, the motion seeks access to phone and prison visitation records for Waymond Anderson, a former R&B artist now serving a life sentence for murder in a separate case.

Anderson said, according to a previous report from the Los Angeles Times, that he lied about LAPD involvement in the Notorious B.I.G. murder as part of a "scam" to benefit from large monetary settlement out of the city.

B.I.G.'s estate argues that records will reveal holes in Anderson's recanted testimony.

The informant -- in his August 20th deposition -- accused the family of Notorious B.I.G. (real name: Christopher Wallace) and their lawyer of offering a percentage of any settlement received from the city of Los Angeles if he testified that former Los Angeles Officer, Rafael Perez, had told him that another ex-officer, David Mack, was involved in the murder, despite the two ex-officers long denying any involvement in the killing.

Monday's filing claims Anderson took back his previous testimony as part of an orchestrated attempt to "negatively affect public sentiment and the jury pool," reports the AP.

In April, the rapper's family filed a second wrongful death lawsuit against the city of Los Angeles, alleging that rogue police officers killed the rapper and the city covered it up.

The previous suit ended in a mistrial in 2005.

Dr. Dre Possibly Headed to Court Over Privacy Invasion

Hip hop producer, Dr. Dre (Andre Romell Young), may head back to court for previous privacy invasion case for an incident that occurred over 7 years ago.

Three former City of Detroit employees plan on suing Dre, who they claim illegally videotaped a conversation without their knowledge, according to the Detroit Free Press.

The conversation, which was videotaped in July 2000 prior to a Dr. Dre performance at the Joe Louis Arena , showed Greg Bowens, Paula Bridges and Gary Brown asking the concert’s producers not to show a video containing nudity to an audience attending Dre’s, “Up In Smoke” show in the area. Later, a DVD that included that conversation was released.

Dr. Dre’s attorney, Herschel Fink, told the judge that the conversation took place in a room with people entering and exiting and with cameras obviously present, nullifying any expectation of privacy’, but Glenn Oliver, an attorney for the former city officials, says the cameras were hidden during the conversation

But the former city officials’ attorney, Glenn Oliver, said the cameras were hidden during the conversations on the DVD.

Though Dre’s attorneys have filed a motion for the case to be dismissed, Murphy said he’s inclined to let the case proceed. The judge did not rule on the motion, however, in court on Friday (October 26).

Dre won a case against the former city officials in 2003. 2 years later Flint, Michigan’s U.S. District Judge Paul Gadola dismissed the officials’ first federal lawsuit bid, where the trio claimed a violation of federal wiretapping laws. Gadola cited Dre’s previous win in court as means to dismiss the case.

Jim Jones To Release Free Mixtape Style Album November 6

According to hip-hop personality Miss Info, the mixtape is a direct response to Jay-Z's new concept album, American Gangster, the unofficial soundtrack to the Denzel Washington flick of the same name. Both discs will hit shelves on the same day.

Adding insult, to what might be seen as an already brazen move, Jones tapped Hov's former business partner and fellow Harlomite Dame Dash to host his disc.

In an interview with Info, Jones said that the mixtape is his way of "getting a piece of the current Mr. Untouchable vs American Gangster attention."

Though Jimmy's not really a fan of either of the street hustler legends..

"Nicky Barnes (Mr. Untouchable) and Frank Lucas (of American Gangster) was both snitches so neither one of them were real American Gangsters to me," the capo said.

"Harlem's American Gangsta" will hit the street a day before fellow Dipset rapper Cam'ron's mixtape is scheduled to be released. Though Jimmy admitted to having a little "family" beef with Cam this past summer - that may or may not have been squashed since then - the Jones said his mixtape release date isn't about Cam.

About that whole beef, Jones said, he was "in a good space." He even shouted out "Killa," and added, "Dipset for life."

Jimmy's set was completed in 6 days and also features new Juelz Santana material.

Coolio Set To Star In New Reality Show Series

Rapper Coolio is set to star in his own reality TV show for women's cable network Oxygen.

According to Reuters, the show, titled "Coolio & the Gang," is expected to air in the second-quarter of 2008. It will follow the rapper as he raises six teenagers by himself, all while maintaining his rap career and launching a clothing line.

"Coolio is a single dad raising kids, and it's got a lot of unconventional parenting aspects to it," Debby Beece, president of programming and marketing at Oxygen, told Reuters. "He wants his kids to do as he says, not as he does."

So far, six half-hour episodes are set to be shot.

44-year-old Coolio rose to fame in the mid-90s with hit songs like "Fantastic Voyage" and "Gangsta's Paradise," but has been unable to reach the same mainstream success of his first two albums.

IHH Daily Motivation 10*30*07

Full responsibility

In most cases, responsibility cannot be successfully shared. When it's not clear who is responsible, then in effect no one is responsible, and disaster often results.

When everyone assumes that it is someone else's responsibility to get the job done, then the job never gets done. The alternative, in which everyone involved assumes full responsibility, creates the most successful outcomes.

When you have chosen to shoulder the responsibility for something, it can feel burdensome. Just imagine, though, what an even greater burden would result if there was no one responsible.

Responsibility creates and maintains the conditions that make advancement and achievement possible. And the most powerful, useful, effective kind of responsibility is full responsibility.

Though others may also be responsible, that's no reason to reduce your own level of responsibility. When everyone makes the commitment to be fully responsible, truly great things can happen.

In responsibility there is enormous opportunity, for working through challenges, for achievement, for fulfillment and for much more. Whatever the situation, choose to take full responsibility, and there will be much value that you can create.

-- Ralph Marston

Oct 29, 2007

IHH Radio: Rick Ross

"Steal This Cd 5 -Accept No Imitations"
DJ Victorious, Rick Ross

Mixtape Tracks
1. Certified hood ft brisco
2. Shot to the heart rmx lil wayne
3. Certified hood ft. brisco
4. Shot to the heart rmx - lil wayne
5. Cry
6. Trilla
7. Cross that line ft akon
8. So hood ft. dj khaled, trick daddy, plies
9. Uncle johnny
10. Kick in the door feat.dela & dirty red
11. Tic toc ft j.c
12. Cocaine - w-bunb & pimp c ( ugk)
13. Career criminal
14. Fuck you with your shoes on w- trina
15. Whip it hard -w-pop-n-bulletz
16. Track 14
17. On my grind w- ty cobb & bun b
18. Birthday remix - florida w-rick ross & brisco
19. Sunglasses - w-shake severs
20. Streets on lock w- hot dollar & gucci mane
21. Feel so good -w-urban mystic

IHH TV: 50 cent

On The Set Of, “I’ll Still Will”
50 cent

Kim Kardashian in Playboy Dec. 2007

Of Course you knew your boy L was going to have this spread. But you know its Not Safe For Work. so just click the link and enjoy one of the baddest chicks out right now in all of her Beauty

Click the link here

Pimpin' of Dem Franchize Boyz Arrested For DUI

Reports say that Pimpin' of Dem Franchize Boyz was arrested last night (Oct. 29) on a DUI charge in Atlanta.

According to WXIZ-TV (Atlanta), Pimpin' was reportedly stopped for speeding on I-285 and failed a field sobriety test. He was charged with speeding, littering and DUI. Pimpin' was released from jail on bond.

Dem Franchize Boyz have released the hit singles "Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It", "White Tee" and "Oh, I Think They Like Me."

IHH Daily Update 10*29*07


Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan believes rappers such as T.I. and Lil Wayne are lodged in the crosshairs of the U.S. government and says as much in his latest speech, "Justifiable Homicide: The Attack On Black Youth."

"T.I. was set up and they are trying with Lil' Wayne," Minister Farrakhan told regarding both rappers' current legal troubles.

Farrakhan's speech was to be broadcast live on the Internet Sunday from the Mosque Maryam in Chicago. Other topics were to include the Jena 6, Michael Vick in Virginia the overwhelming gang violence which plagues many American cities.

Nas Talks To RS About New Album Controversy

Rolling Stone’s Evan Serpick recently spoke to Nas regarding the controversy surrounding the new album. While the MC was reluctant to discuss the album’s specifics (”It’s not ready for me to talk about. The album is done, basically, but … it’s a piece of art”), Nas spoke openly about his, and the record label’s, decision to stick with the name. His last album, Hip Hop Is Dead, was supposed to don the title, but “the climate wasn’t right, and Hip Hop Is Dead is also what I was feeling. That went first, and now I’ve got to get this one off my chest,” he explains, turning to speak about the rash of hate crimes involving nooses around the country. “It’s the new act of hate, and probably because of Barack Obama, people’s ignorance and fear and jealousy is creating an outrage throughout the country, and people are reacting by putting nooses up. It’s been a really serious year,” the rapper explained.

So what of all the controversy? “It’s like talking to your child about sex. It’s hard, but it’s important,” he says. “It’s probably going to make people uncomfortable. I don’t expect a lot of people to sell a record called Nigger. Hopefully, people can open their minds up and lose some of their fear and deal with it. It’s just an album. It’s one piece of the many things I do, and this will be one of my favorite pieces.” And his label is firmly behind him, “It will be certain record stores that will be scared to deal with it. The record label is gung ho, and it’s ready to go.”

Lil' Wayne Says "Gossip" Isn't About 50 Cent

Lil' Wayne has denied allegations that his new single "Gossip" is a subliminal diss track to 50 cent.

Lil' Wayne told MTV News that the song wasn't about 50 Cent and that he has no beef.

"I recorded that song in 2006," he explained about "Gossip." "I don't make records or say anything about people. I don't beef with people. Everybody knows that. ... My words are more important than you. I got kids listening to me. I got grown folk listening to me. I got intelligent people listening to me. I want the words I say to come across [as] important. I want you to relate those words to me, not some guy or some girl. If you hear about me beefing with somebody, you gonna hear about it when I'm in jail."

Lil' Wayne went on to say that the Hot Boys reunion is a go for 2008 and that all of the original members are involved.

"You are gonna get it. It ain't no new members," Wayne explained. "We done matured and grown into our own situations...2008! We started working on some things right now. We got something coming on Juvie's album..."

Lil' Wayne will release "Tha Carter III: The Leak" on December 18. The album is meant to tide fans over until Weezy releases the official "The Carter III" album in February 2008. That album is expected to feature appearances by Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, Eminem and more.

Jacob the Jeweler to Plead Guilty

Jacob Arabov, New York based jeweler, well known in the hip hop community as Jacob The Jeweler, will reportedly plead guilty next week to charges of lying to federal agents.

The jeweler was indicted in Detroit last year for allegedly helping the Black Mafia Family (BMF), an Atlanta based gang, launder over $270 million in drug money. He plead not guilty to the charges.

According to The Detroit Free Press, the U.S. Attorney’s Office ‘filed a so-called criminal information’ against Jacob today (October 26) charging him with ‘falsifying federal records and making false statements to agents’.

Benjamin Brafman, Jacob’s lawyer, said his client is an ‘honest citizen who used bad judgment in an attempt to conceal dealings with a small group of individuals’.

“I have always been blessed with good fortune and loving friends and family”, Jacob said in a statement. “I realize I have made a terrible mistake and I am ready to accept the consequences of my actions… My desire is to do whatever I can to atone for my wrongdoings and move ahead with the great business I have built and the wonderful family that I love.”

Brafman also added that Jacob has accepted responsibility for his actions and hopes the judge will take his charitable efforts and business success into account during sentencing.

If a U.S. district judge agrees to the ‘criminal information filing’, Jacob would be sentenced next year and could face up to three years behind bars and a $2 million penalty.

Black Mafia Family, infamous in the Atlanta area, was formed by Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory and his brother Terry “Southwest T” Flenory”, who both hail from Detroit. The Flenory’s were indicted and arrested on drug trafficking charges in 2005.

Known for their lavish lifestyle, BMF was well known in the hip-hop community for their alignment with rappers like Young Jeezy and Fabolous.

Earlier this month, Black Mafia Family affiliate and rapper Blue DaVinci was indicted for participating in the distribution of multiple kilos of cocaine worldwide’

Bleu Davinci was the only artist on BMF’s record label, BMF Entertainment, and took over the label’s reigns after Big Meech was sent to jail. Feds believe that the record label was a front for BMF’s cocaine trafficking.

DJ Khaled Fires Back At Young Buck

In a recent interview with MTV News, DJ Khaled fired back at Young Buck in response to accusations that Khaled is blackballing his music in Miami.

"He's a liar," Khaled countered. "Tell him to make a hit record. Tell him to do me the biggest favor — tell him I said this, tell him I said it in big letters — stop making excuses and make a hit record. Tell him he's garbage. I don't have time for the negative stuff. That's not even my style. I hate when somebody makes an excuse when their music doesn't get played. You think I'm not playing it? The whole country isn't playing it. Put that in the interview. Tell me: Is he on 'TRL'? Is he on the MTV countdown? OK, so that's one other [outlet] that's not playing him. Radio stations aren't playing him right now because he doesn't have a hit record. You can't stop a hit record. If I don't make a hit record, I'm not gonna get played. 50 Cent don't make a hit record, he's not gonna get played. Same for Nas; it's just the game. I'll pray for [Young Buck], but tell him to stop worrying about me. And tell him this: You can't stop a brother that's loved, and I'm loved."

Young Buck had accused DJ Khaled of blackballing his music following G-Unit's battle with Fat Joe.

DJ Khaled recently shot a video for the remix to "I'm So Hood" featuring Ludacris, Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne, Fat Joe, T-Pain, Rick Ross, Big Boi, Birdman and Busta Rhymes.

Jadakiss Not Yet Signed To Def Jam Says Jay-Z

Although reports have said that Jadakiss had signed a new deal with Def Jam, according to the label's President Jay-Z the deal has yet to be completed.

Jay-Z told MTV News that he is very interested in bringing The Lox member to Def Jam and that a deal is being worked on.

"Well, I've been actually trying to get Jadakiss to come to Roc-A-Fella/ Ruff Ryders for a minute," he said. "It's not done. It's in the final stages, though. I spoke to [co-CEO] Dee [Dean] and all of them about doing something really special with a Roc-A-Fella/ Ruff Ryders collaboration."

Jadakiss' last album "Kiss Of Death" featured the singles "Why?" and "You Make Me Wanna" featuring Mariah Carey.

Kanye West To Release Book In January

Kanye West will release a book January 2nd entitled "Thank You and You're Welcome."

The book is written with co-author J. Sakiya Sandifer and is Kanye's first foray into the literary field.

Featuring what West calls "Kanye-isms", the book is said to be the creative, humorous and insightful philosophies and anecdotes used in creating Kanye's path to success.

"It captures the same wit, playful irony, and piercing insight found abundant in my lyrics. In Thank You And You’re Welcome! I deliver my personal message uncensored, without any five-second delay or media distortion…" says West.

The first 500 pre-orders of the book at will come autographed.

Xzibit Cuts Off Braids After Over 10 Years

West Coast rapper Xzibit has come a long way since he began in the early 90s running around with the Alkaholiks. But as his career took off, one thing was constant, his long braided hair.

The rapper was recently spotted at Sacramento Kings owner Gavin Maloof's housewarming party in Las Vegas and he was looking very different -- completely shaven and a buzzed head.

It's the first time in over 10 years that he has been seen without his trademark braids (see photo).

The 33-year-old Xzibit (real name: Alvin Nathaniel Joiner) began his career as a member of Tha Alkaholiks' Likwit Crew. In 1995, he inked a deal with Loud Records in which he released his debut album, At the Speed of Life, the next year in 1996.

He went on to release five more albums -- 1998's 40 Dayz & 40 Nightz, 2000's platinum certified Restless, 2002's Man Vs. Machine, 2004's Weapons of Mass Destruction and 2006's Full Circle.

Along the way, Xzibit also became household name as a host of the wildly popular MTV show "Pimp My Ride."

After all the years, X has a new look.