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Jan 4, 2008

ImHipHopRadio: Rick Ross Feat. T-pain

"The Boss" Rick Ross Ft. T-pain

(L note: My new ringtone. props to BlakMusic1st , and of course The N. we good homie? lol)

ImHipHop News Blitz 1*4*08

T.I. Hearing Postponed

U.S. Magistrate Alan Baverman has postponed a hearing for T.I. where the rapper's legal team was to argue that key government evidence against the rapper should be thrown out.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Baverman postponed the hearing originally scheduled for today (Jan. 3) until Feb. 19.

T.I.'s legal team filed motions in November claiming that the search of T.I.'s vehicle during his arrest Oct. 13 was illegal as it was done without "a warrant, consent or probable cause" and thus "all evidence obtained in the searches and all statements as well as fruits thereof must be suppressed" the motion said.

T.I. was arrested Oct. 13 in a Walgreen's parking lot for allegedly trying to buy machine guns and silencers.

"Poot" Guarantees Viewers Will "Be Caught Off Guard" By Show's Final Season of The Wire.

With season five of HBO's critically acclaimed show "The Wire" premiering this weekend, actor Tray "Poot" Chaney gives the inside scoop on the final season of one of television's hardest hitting programs.

Chaney first appeared during Season One of "The Wire" as Malik "Poot" Carr, one of the soldiers in Avon Barksdale's formidable drug organization. Over the last four seasons, loyal "Wire" fans have watched series regulars like D'Angelo Barksdale, Stringer Bell and Preston "Bodie" Broadus be killed off, making Chaney grateful just to see Poot survive.

"I am really excited this season because I made it five years," Chaney said of the upcoming season. "A lot of characters on that show didn't get a chance to make it. I think it's gonna be tight. As far as the characters are concerned, everybody has stepped up. It's nothing like every other season. I know what the people want, and that's what they are gonna get. They are gonna get the streets again. The people are gonna like it."

As with previous seasons of "The Wire," the focus of season five will shift to reveal another institution of Baltimore life. This time around, the show will take a closer look at the media's role in the city by bringing their cameras into a Baltimore newsroom. Despite the shift in focus, Chaney says avid "Wire" watchers won't be denied their regular dose of the Baltimore streets, as the plot will continue to include regular scenes with favorites like Marlo and Prop Joe.

"When it comes to the drugs and the streets and everything we went through with Marlo's crew and now with Bodie being dead, it's gonna be wild," Chaney said. "With the media situation, they go in a different direction like they normally do, but as far as everything with Marlo's crew, there's gonna be a lot of stuff people are gonna be caught off guard by. It's gonna be crazy."

Chaney also revealed that he has roles in two upcoming films; the Shurwil Langston-directed movie Soulful, due out February 5th which also stars former State Property rapper Omilio Sparks as well as a cameo from "The Wire's" Felicia "Snoop" Pearson and the film What We Do, based on the Freeway song by the same name, starring Chaney alongside S.P. crewmembers Free, Peedi Crakk and Chris and Neef of the Young Gunz. The latter project is due out in Spring 2008.

Aside from acting, Chaney also has his hands full with a number of other projects. He is the author of The Truth You Can't Betray, a non-fiction book directed toward inspiring kids to follow their dreams, and he is also pursuing his music career with help from the DC production team Jaze Ah Green.

Season 5 of "The Wire" premieres this Sunday, January 6 at 9 p.m. EST on HBO

LAPD Meets With Hackie and Frank Alexander About 2Pac DVD

As the new documentary film TUPAC: ASSASSINATION - Conspiracy or Revenge? continues its assault on the conventional wisdom and unanswered questions concerning the murder of the rap icon, the film has had other powerful and controversial consequences in the two months since its release. Apart from addressing the collective demand by Tupac's legions of fans that his murder be solved and the responsible parties be brought to justice, Tupac: Assassination - Conspiracy or Revenge? has prompted LAPD detectives to meet with ex Tupac bodyguards Kevin Hackie and Frank Alexander in Los Angeles last week.

In addition, Hackie who announced that he was an undercover FBI Agent after an LA screening of the film in October, has offered a $100,000 challenge to former Death Row head of security Reggie Wright that would see the money go to Wright if Wright passes a lie detector test concerning any role he may have had in the murder of Tupac Shakur. The challenge remains on the table with those conditions.

Local Fox TV affiliate Fox 11 in Los Angeles aired a piece on the controversy swirling around the film on December 19, 2007. Suge Knight was interviewed on camera, Reggie Wright was not (he was shown in file footage) both denied any involvement in Tupac's murder. Nevertheless, and despite one very short, single phone call from Las Vegas police to Hackie last month, the film has revived the murder investigation of Tupac Shakur and has gotten the attention of LAPD and the Las Vegas police. The film makers hope that the movement continues, eventually resulting in a Grand Jury investigation of the murder.

"The whole point of the DVD was to raise one theory based on information that the police had not collected. If that leads to Reggie, then we were right. If that leads elsewhere, then it leads elsewhere. The police have new avenues to explore, new witnesses to speak with - something to do. That brings us one step closer to closure in the case. And in my mind that is what every true Pac fan wants," says the film's director R. J. Bond.

TUPAC: ASSASSINATION lays out the entire murder conspiracy plot surrounding the murder of the best selling Hip Hop artist of all time. This eye-opening documentary points out all of the failures of law enforcement officials to fully investigate, follow up on leads and interview key parties involved in this tragic event. With the shocking allegations revealed in the film people are drawing their own conclusions as to where the blame lies.

Baby & Cash Money Records Sued for Copyright Infringement

Bryan “Baby” Williams, co-founder of Cash Money Records, is being sued by a number of music publishing firms for allegedly infringing on their copyrighted material.

According to the New Orleans Times-Picayune, the suit was filed on October 29 in U.S. District Court in New Orleans on behalf of WB Music Corp., Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp., Cotillion Music Inc., Noontime Tunes and W.B.M. Music Corp.

The complaint claims that albums from Baby, Lil Wayne, the Big Tymers and other Cash Money artists contained copyrighted material that was used without licensing agreements; and that Cash Money failed to pay royalties to the companies named.

The suit does not list any of the actual song titles.

The suit states that Cash Money made a single payment of $400,000, but failed to perform “appropriate accounting” to the companies in order for them to determine how much more money they were owed.

Lawyers for the plaintiffs attempted to serve Baby with a copy of the lawsuit at the Cash Money offices in New Orleans on December 3, but the company no longer operates out of that location.

The suit seeks an unspecified amount of damages, plus interest and attorney fees.

Chris Brown Sued, Set Designer Wants $1 Mil

The designer who created the set for Chris Brown's latest tour has filed suit against the teenage entertainer, claiming he has yet to be paid for all of his work.

According to recent reports from TMZ, set designer John Troxtel filed a lawsuit against Brown and his touring company in federal court on Christmas Eve.

In the suit, Troxtel claims that while he was paid for some of his design work, "extra work was required and requested," and though an oral agreement was reached, the touring company refused to pay for his services when he tried to collect.

Troxtel is suing for breach of contract and unjust enrichment. He is seeking damages in excess of $1 Mil.

Troxtel has previously designed concert sets for Michael Jackson, Eminem and Snoop Dogg.

Flo-Rida Sets Digital Download Sales Record

Flo-Rida, a native of the same Carol City neighborhood that produced Rick Ross, has set a new record for digital sales with his smash single “Low” featuring T-Pain.

According to, “Low” sold 470,000 copies, smashing the previous single week record of 294,000 set by Black Eyed Peas front woman Fergie with her single “Fergalicious.”

Understandably, the track also managed to land atop the Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart for the second week in a row, once again beating out powerhouse Alicia Keys’ “No One.”

The Florida rapper’s achievement caps a week of staggering sales for digital music in which all but five songs on the Hot 100 chart posted triple digit increases. Notably, “Low” was also the No. 1 most downloaded song on the iTunes music store for a month straight.

Flo-Rida’s debut album, Mail On Sunday is due out this February through Poe Boy/Atlantic Records.


Over the New Year's weekend funny man Katt Williams debuted his new comedy material to a sold-out crowd at the Aire Crown Theater in Chicago. Unfortunately the audience didn't find the pint sized pimp to be all that funny.

Power 92 Radio host and Internet personality, Kendra G. was in attendance and says that the audience was very restless from the beginning because Williams showed up to the venue an hour and a half late.

And to make matters even worse it seemed like he may have been high! At least that was an observation from some in attendance. (The fact of him being high has not been confirmed.)

Towards the end of his performance a woman in the audience yelled out, "I want a refund!" What happened next was even more surprising as Williams decided to not only give the woman who yelled out a refund, but the entire audience, too!

After the show Kendra G interviewed Williams and he stated the reason he decided to give the crowd their money back was because it has never been done before and that some people claimed they couldn't hear the show and that was not tolerable as far he's concerned.

According to Kendra G, maybe the refund would have alleviated the crowd's disappointment but as of now, she says no ticket refunds have made.

"Personally, I will not say that Katt Williams was not funny because he was! But expectations for Katt are very high right now and with that being said he was not as funny as he was in Pimp Chronicles and the fact that the show started so late made it heard for the audience to accept anything less than what they were expecting," Kendra G. stated.

Method Man Announces New Album and New Film

In two weeks, Method Man's latest film, "The Wackness," will be shown at the Sundance Film Festival.

"It's cool as shit," said Method to MTV News. "This [guy] feels his life is wack. The lead character is played by Josh Peck, and it's the story of a high school student [who's] about to graduate — that's addicted to pot. His psychiatrist is also a drug addict — that's played by Ben Kingsley. Peck falls in love with Ben Kingsley's daughter, who's also a drug addict. Peck comes for advice from his supplier, who is me. I play a Rastafarian drug dealer. I really transformed. ... I hired my own coach. ... The dialogue they had was so Hollywood Jamaican, it was ridiculous. The person I worked with went in and wrote it over."

Method Man is certainly making himself a presence in the acting world, as the rapper will also have a role in the upcoming spoof "Meet the Spartans," while briefly joining "Law & Order" playing the part of what he describes as an "all-around bad dude."

"I don't like following behind other rap niggas, but I found out [the show's producers] hired a lot of muthafuckas from 'The Wire,' ...So they probably seen my 'Wire' reel and was like, 'Let's fuck with this dude.'"

In addition to the roles mentioned, Tical will continue to play the part of Melvin "Cheese" Wagstaff on HBO's "The Wire."

"The show gets real deep this season," said Meth of the long-awaited fifth season. "It's not to be missed...Cheese, he's that nigga. Cheese is making his move in season five. He's a survivor."

Finally, Method Man spoke briefly on his upcoming album Crystal Method, and disputed any rumors of him not being signed to Def Jam. "I'm tired of niggas sleeping on the kid," he said. "They must be on dope or dog food. I'm not putting no [release] date on it. I'm four songs deep, but I just started. That's good for me."

Christopher “Play” Martin of Duo Kid-N-Play Injured in Car Accident

Christopher “Play” Martin, one half of late ’80s/early ’90s duo Kid-N-Play, was injured in Durham, NC on Saturday (December 29) when his SUV was struck by a suspect fleeing the police.

According to The News Observer, the accident happened as suspect Raul Riva Aldamo drove his Ford Taurus down Holloway St. in Durham. Aldamo and two accomplices had reportedly broken into a nearby home and were holding the family inside at bay when police arrived.

As he tried to flee the scene, Aldamo nearly ran over an officer, and was subsequently shot. He drove about half a mile down Holloway St. before slamming into Play’s SUV at the intersection of Morgan and Mangum streets. The rapper’s SUV reportedly flipped over before striking a Honda Accord. Play and his passenger, Michelle Gonzales, were ejected from the vehicle. Aldamo died at the scene. His two accomplices were later apprehended and have been charged with burglary, robbery with a dangerous weapon and kidnapping. Martin and Gonzales were treated at a local hospital and had been released as of Wednesday (January 2).

Kid-N-Play were a hugely popular act beginning in the late ’80s, culminating with a trio of successful House Party films. Play now lives in Durham and recently completed a documentary on gang life in the area.


Jan 3, 2008

Jay-Z To Head Up Apple's Record Label

Although it's strictly in the rumor stages, technology website BoyGeniusReport has reported that it's believed that Jay-Z may be heading up a groundbreaking digital record label by Apple.

With Apple's iTunes becoming one of the music industry's best sources of revenue, it's little surprise that the California-based company would bring its own music. If confirmed, the union would come roughly a year after Jay-Z's blockbuster advertising campaign with other technology company HP.

A shock to some, Jay-Z refused to license his recent American Gangster album to iTunes, as a test to challenge the digital trend. Since his leaving Def Jam last month, the album remains unavailable through the online music store.

If the agreement does occur, expect some legal action. Since the inception of iTunes, Apple has seen legal action from The Beatles' estate in regards to 20-plus year-old agreement. Since Apple took its name from The Fab Four's record label, non-competition agreements have cost the technology company millions in the past.

Here is a short clip of CNBC debating the proposed announcement

(L note: This rumor 1st popped up a couple of months ago, Saying that Hov and B would start a label with apple, but now it looks like it just SC. Honestly i can see the pros and cons of such a deal, but i dont think it would pay immediate dividends, but say 5-10 years down the line all music will be digital anyway. So it would make sense to get in on the ground floor. What do ya'll think)

ImHipHop News Blitz 1*3*08

Raz-B And Chris Stokes Reunite, "We Love Each Other, Man"

Since going missing after recanting accusations that former manager Chris Stokes molested him, former B2K singer Raz-B dined with Stokes last night at the Mr. Chow restaurant in Los Angeles. captured video footage of Raz-B, his brother Ricky Romance (real name Ricardo Thornton) and Stokes as they left the trendy eatery.

"We love each other man," Raz-B said, encouraging Stokes to pose with him for waiting paparazzi. During the public reconciliation, Raz-B coaxed Chris Stokes outside for the cameras where he thanked him for dinner before the three exchanged hugs and handshakes before parting ways.

The incident follows the recent confusing chain of events beginning with Raz-B's videotaped allegations that he was abused by Stokes during his B2K days. Chris Stokes immediately responded saying Raz-B's claims "held no merit." Former B2K frontman and current R&B sensation Omarion stepped up to defend Stokes, who is his uncle by marriage as well as a business partner, saying that the Thornton brothers were lying.

Raz, whose real name is De'Mario Monte Thornton, later apologized for the video and recanted his accusations.

Despite Raz-B's apology, his brother Ricky Romance continued to stick with their original claims. As of last night's dinner outting with Stokes and Thornton, Ricky Romance has seemingly backed off, boldly proclaiming the reunion was a moment of "family unity for all you haters."

DMX Planning Gospel Album & Dual CD Release

According to a report from MTV, DMX is planning to release two albums on the same day, one of which will be a gospel rap album. The two albums, jointly called Walk With Me Now and You’ll Fly With Me Later, will consist of one straight-forward rap album (the Walk With Me Now portion) and one spiritual-themed album (the You’ll Fly With Me Now portion). The full title will appear on both albums, with the appropriate portion of the title highlighted on each.

When MTV spoke to X, he revealed that the lyrics on You’ll Fly With Me will be “without cursing — how ’bout that one? No songs about b—-es, no songs about robbing, just straight ‘Give God the glory.’ ” The project will feature production from frequent collaborators like Swizz Beatz, PK and Dame Grease.

This will be the Yonkers MC’s first album since signing with independent Bodog Music and his first since leaving Columbia Records, where he released 2006’s The Year of The Dog…Again. “I had five #1-debuting records in a row,” X told MTV of his brief stint with Columbia. “[Year of the Dog, Again] was supposed to be number six. [Sony] released another record the same day they released mine, the Now [That’s What I Call Music!] CD. They let the sh– beat me by 1,000. And they didn’t tell me until after the week was up.”

The Game To Release New Album This June

At Nas's New Year's Eve concert, The Game made a surprise appearance and revealed some details about his next album.

The Game announced that his new (and rumored to be final) album will be released this June. It will be called "LAX".

Rumors have Dr. Dre contributing tracks to The Game's new album however these reports are unconfirmed at press time.

The Game's last album, "The Doctor's Advocate", was released in 2006 and was one of the best albums in 2006


Rumors are bubbling that a sex tape has surfaced featuring film and TV actress Vivica A. Fox.

According to Atlanta blogger Sandra Rose, Fox is allegedly caught on camera performing oral sex on an Atlanta man, who secretly recorded the act and promptly e-mailed the footage to his friends.

Rose wrote at her Web site:

It was a tough decision for her to make, but V-103’s Porsche Foxx confirmed that her close friend Vivica Fox appears in a controversial sex tape that is currently making the rounds.

In the tape, an apparently inebriated Vivica can be seen on her knees servicing a male friend who surreptitiously taped the encounter on his cell phone. Allegedly the man, who lives in Atlanta, emailed the tape to friends who emailed it to Vivica. She quickly forwarded the tape to a friend at the Atlanta police department.

It isn’t known if Vivica filed an official complaint with the police or if she asked her police friend to handle the situation privately. At any rate, men tattle worse than females - especially here in the ATL - so the tape got out.

Starz InBlack Channel Kicks Off Hip-Hop Concert Series

Premium movie channel Starz InBlack will kick off its "Hip-Hop: Raw & Uncut" concert series Jan. 4.

According to, "Hip-Hop: Raw & Uncut" will be a one hour monthly live concert series and will kick off Jan. 4 at 10 p.m.

The first show will feature performances by Juvenile, Slim Thug, Scarface, Baby Boy, Gucci Mane and Urban Mystic.

The series is recorded at Sobe Live Nightclub in South Beach, Fla.

MC Lyte Returns with Almost September Team

Lauded lyricist MC Lyte finds herself back in the limelight with the trio Almost September, but an unlikely source deserves the credit for positioning the Grammy winner. Eccentric singer Macy Gray one night missed a studio session with producer/ writer/ vocalist Whitey and producer/ writer Jared Lee, MC Lyte showed up…and the rest is history.

A beat inspired multiple bars and by night’s end Lyte, Whitey and Jared Lee were a group with the new single, “Beautiful.” Whitey and Lee may be unknown to the public compared to Lyte but they’re quite familiar with success; Macy Gray, India.Arie, Tyrese, Usher, Floetry, Toni Braxton, JoJo, Nichole Scherzinger, Paula Deanda, Jon B, Steph Jones, and Chingy are just a few who’ve benefited from the lyrics and beats of this tandem. Lee has been up for multiple Grammies and Whitey actually won one.

Almost September, based on the Virgo’s relentless pursuit of perfection in love, peace and respect, wants to uplift the universal human condition. The crew is bent on perpetuating a movement that dispels the philosophy of making ring-tone rap to get heard. Almost September joins Family Tree, a collective of artists, including Nas, Kelis, Nick Cannon, Case, and Keith Murray, managed by long time Outkast manager Michael “Blue” Williams.

Almost September plans to release a self titled debut album in the first quarter of 2008.

Talib Kweli, Jean Grae to Appear on MTV’s Made

Talib Kweli and his Blacksmith Records artist Jean Grae are set to appear on an upcoming episode of MTV’s popular series Made.

The show, now in its eight season, chronicles the journeys of young people as they undergo complete “life makeovers” by achieving a far-fetched goal or overcoming fears. The subject of each episode is usually paired up with an expert coach from whatever field they aspire to succeed in.

On Made: Rapper, Kweli and Grae will help turn Colin, a history loving trombone player, into a rapper in time for his Junior/Senior dance. The episode will kick off a marathon of six new installments of Made beginning on January 12 at 11:00 a.m.

Lil Wayne’s The Leak EP Sells 2,401 Copies In First Week

With virtually no promotion and MP3-only digital distribution, Lil Wayne’s The Leak EP quietly sold 2,401 copies in its first week since being released on Christmas Day (December 25).

While The Leak was originally intended to collect many of the outtakes from Tha Carter III’s studio sessions, along with four new songs, Wayne’s label, Universal, confirmed that the project would no longer be coming out in December.

Still, on the final release date of 2007, a 5 song EP appeared on digital music retailers like Rhapsody and Amazon with no warning or explanation from Universal or Cash Money.

The EP’s first week sales were not high enough to appear on the Billboard chart.

Mary J. Blige Just Fine At No. 1, Alicia Keys A Strong Second, While Lupe Fiasco's Still Cool Like That

In this week's Hip-Hop and R&B charts, Mary J. Blige, Alicia Keys and Chris Brown rule the Top 5, while Lupe Fiasco, Keyshia Cole and Jahiem stake claim to Top 20 spots.

Queen of Hip-Hop/Soul Mary J. Blige continues to reign with her eighth studio album, Growing Pains, which landed at No. 1 and sold 204,258 copies this week. Blige's two-week total stands at 835,430, according to Neilsen SoundScan.

Alicia Keys continues to hold it down with her third album, As I Am, which stayed strong at No. 2 and sold 193,200 copies this week. After seven weeks, the songstress has easily surpassed double platinum status, pushing a total of 254,220 albums.

Chris Brown checks in at No. 5 this week with his sophomore album Exclusive, which sold 86,700 copies. After seven weeks, the teen phenom has scanned a total of 105,270 discs with help from his hit single "Kiss Kiss" featuring R&B everywhere-man T-Pain.

Jaheim's Makings of A Man slips six spots this week, landing at No. 17 with 54,000 copies sold. After two weeks, the "Still Ghetto" Crooner, who is much more Teddy Pendergrass than T-Pain, has sold 230,325 copies.

In addition to sounding redundant, Lupe Fiasco's Lupe Fiasco's The Cool has cooled off a bit this week, but still climbs a spots to No. 14 with 54,390 copies sold. After two weeks on the charts, the Chi-town native and Kanye West understudy has sold 198,470 copies of his sophomore album.

Soulja Boy cranks up five spots this week to No. 21 with 49,625 sold of his debut album After 13 weeks on the charts, the choreographer/marketing whiz has sold 658,480 copies.

After 67 weeks, Fergie continues her unprecedented success, checking in at No. 24 and selling 48,275 copies of The Dutchess. The Black Eyed Peasinger's first solo effort has now sold 3,270,230 albums.

After three weeks, new BFFs and musical partners Bow Wow and Omarion slide to No. 27 with their collabo album, Face Off, which sold 44,875 copies this week. The album's three-week total stands at 235,490.

Keyshia Cole continues to inch back up the charts, landing at No. 16 and moving 54,050 copies of her sophomore album Just Like You. Cole's 14-week sales total stands at 940,680.

Jay-Z just misses the Top 25, coming in at No. 26 with American Gangster, the concept album that hustled 45,275 copies this week but has yet to go platinum. The God MC's eight-week total stands at 887,330 copies.

Nas Rumored Nigger Album Cover and Tracklist

1. Intro
2. Black Legends
3. Rest In Peace
4. You A Nigger Too
5. The Fear Of A Black Man’s Dick
6. I’m Blessed
7. The Truth
8. Realise
9. Just Memories
10. This Way (featuring Jay-Z)
11. Kisses & Hugs (featuring Kelis)
12. Based On A True Story (featuring The Game)
13. Take A While
14. Nigger
15. Publicity (bonus track)

(L note: This is the "Rumored" Cover For Esco's next album. I'm not really buying it, I cant see big chains like Walmart Displaying this album. If ya'll remember back in November, on Va's 103 jamz, I reported that he was changing the title to "The N". But we'll see what happens in February.)

Jan 2, 2008

ImHipHop News Blitz 1*2*08

Ne-Yo Sues R. Kelly After Being Booted From Tour

Ne-Yo is suing the promoter of R. Kelly tours for firing him after two shows as the opening act for Kelly because the audience and the critics liked him better, court papers obtained show.

Ne-Yo, whose real name is Shaffer Smith, and Compound Touring Inc. filed the suit Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court against Georgia-based Rowe Entertainment Inc., alleging breach of contract and violation of the right of publicity.

Compound Touring and Smith are seeking unspecified damages, but the suit maintains he was to be paid $785,000 for 25 shows opening for Kelly’s “Double-Up Tour” that began Nov. 14 and is still owed $735,000.

Representatives for Kelly and Rowe Entertainment were not immediately available for comment.

Prodigy says "He’s Always Gonna Be 'Gay-Z' No Matter What."

For some, like Nas, putting past rap beefs aside to do business is a no-brainer. But for Mobb Deep’s Prodigy, things aren’t always so simple. Years after Jay-Z put those pictures of him on the Summer Jam screen, he still doesn’t feel right about the way things went down. Still, he had to put all that aside this year to begin work on Infamous MC Sam Scarfo’s Def Jam debut. When asked about his thoughts on Jay today, P had this to say:

“He’s always gonna be Gay-Z no matter what. We could do business or even if he wants a beat from Havoc, that nigg*’s still Gay-Z to me. We seen each other in Justin’s [right after the infamous 2001 Summer Jam, where the Jay/Mobb Deep/Nas beef took off]. I was with a whole bunch of my nigg*s. It was just him and like one or two security guards. Soon as he seen me, he just walked straight up to me with his hand out like, “Yo, it’s all love. It ain’t beef. It’s just rap.” I’m like, “Yeah, aright whatever.” He seen how I could of did him. We Mobb Deep. It’s not a game. It’s for real, son. It’s a whole gang of us. We not playing. We from the ‘hood. He thought we were gonna pounce on him. My n*gg*s wanted to jump on him. The Summer Jam thing didn’t really upset me. That’s just reality. When I was younger I thought I was Michael Jackson and my grandmother had a dance school. That’s nothing to be ashamed of. Everybody my age wanted a Michael Jackson jacket back then. But Jay-Z was lying talking about ballerina pictures. People who weren’t at the concert think P had a tutu on or a ballerina suit ‘cause that’s what Jay said in his rhymes. That was some slick sh*t he did to f*ck people’s perceptions up. I was more mad about how this b*tch-*ss n*gg* gonna say something years after all the East Coast and West Coast sh*t go down [on “Money, Cash, Hoes.”]. Shut the f*ck up. Mind your business. That sh*t ain’t got nothing to do with you. ‘Cause when it did have something to do with you, you didn’t have anything to say. You was more quiet than a church mouse. We was the only ones still going to LA and doing shows in Cali, risking our life. It was just us and Biggie going hard. That’s why I feel like I do about the situation, because that n*gg* talking about some sh*t that he ain’t even know, talking about he’s trying to restore the feeling. You ain’t restoring no feeling. I’m glad you successful with your records and you’re getting a lot of airplay and video play, but you ain’t restoring no feeling. We the ‘hood. We the heartbeat of the street. We the ones holding this sh*t down. I just put [our beef] aside for Sam Scarfo, so [Jay and I could work together on] his album [when he was on Def Jam]. But we ain’t [addressed the past beef or our differences].”

Nate Dogg Released from Hospital

Earlier this month, Nate Dogg was admitted into Pomona Valley Medical Center in California. While a hospital representative did confirm that the 38 year old was admitted on Dec. 19 and discharged on Dec. 26, they would not release any information concerning the reason for his treatment.

Rumors have been surfacing on the web suggesting that his stay at the hospital was due to a heart attack.

Nate Dogg (born Nathaniel Hale) made his mark on hip -hop by crooning on hooks. He made his debut with his cousin Snoop Dogg, on Dr. Dre's 1992 classic, The Chronic. He went on to be featured on over 60 singles, including "Area Codes" with Ludacris, "The Next Episode" with Snoop and Dre, and "Regulate" with Warren G.

He has also released 3 solo albums.


The estate of Ol' Dirty Bastard has signed a deal with Long Island, New York based company MerchDirect to produce a new line of merchandise that will bear the late rapper's image, reports Newsday.

ODB's widow, Icelene Jones, entered into the agreement with MerchDirect for the new lines, which are expected to arrive in stores around February.

Merch Direct currently produces official merchandise for such artists as R&B singer Sean Kingston, legendary rock group Blue Oyster Cult and pop singer Joss Stone.

"We feel that ODB appeals to Taking Back Sunday's fans but also appeals to a Joss Stone fan or the white suburban kids who totally love it and get it, and it's authentic Hip-Hop that real Hip-Hop guys are going to go for," said MerchDirect co-founder Lee Tepper. "He is definitely an artist that crosses boundaries of genres, and he not only appeals to all genres, but he's respected, and everyone can relate to his wackiness in a way."

Suge Knight Calls $130 Million Judgement Fraudulent

In a legal motion filed on Wednesday (January 2) in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Marion "Suge" Knight and his legal team allege that a $130 million ruling against him is fraudulent.

According to a report from the Los Angeles Times, Knight's attorney, Dermot Givens, said they want the judgment set aside because of new evidence of fraud perpetrated by the plaintiff, singer Lydia Harris, and her imprisoned husband, Michael Harris.

In Harris' suit, filed in 2002, she claimed that she co-founded Death Row Records with Suge and that he had cheated her out of millions of dollars over the years. While the suit did not make it to trial, a judge ordered Suge to pay $130 million because his attorneys violated various court rules and failed to make certain information -- such as financial records -- available to the prosecution.

In the motion filed Wednesday, it alleges that Harris concealed, from the court, the fact that she had filed for bankruptcy five years before suing Knight -- and during that time a had not claimed any stake in the Death Row Records empire.

The motion also alleges that in sworn testimony by Lydia and Michael Harris during their recent divorce proceedings, it was revealed that her husband, an incarcerated crack kingpin, was the true party of interest in her lawsuit against Knight.

According to the paper, Michael "Harry-O" Harris notified Death Row Records and its distributor, Interscope Records, in 1996 that he planned to sue -- claiming he funded the launch of Death Row from behind bars. He ended up signing a $300,000, out-of-court settlement releasing both companies from any future claims.

Then, six years later, Lydia Harris filed her lawsuit, asserting that she was Knight's original partner and had claims against Death Row that were separate and distinct from those covered in Michael Harris' settlement.

Obie Trice: "Bottoms Up Coming This Summer, Eminem Album Complete"

Last week, Obie Trice did an interview with NYE in which he mentioned some of the upcommming plans for the new year.

Before mentioning his own album "Bottom's Up" which will hopefully be released this summer, he stated that Eminem has completed his new album which will be released soon. While he did not release any information about possible tracks or features, he was excited to say the album is incredible.

"I'm in the studio gettig the third album done." Said Obie.

"Marshall's tryna put out his album, his album's done--it's incredible. I'm looking to drop after he drops, hopefully by the beginning of the summer." He continued.

11th Annual Mixtape Awards Hit NYC February 21st

On February 21, 2008 in New York City the 11th Annual Mixtape awards will bestow honors upon the best DJs and artists the genre has to offer.

"Last year MTV introduced Mixtape Mondays. This year the Vibe Awards introduced a Mixtape Award category [winner: Kanye West]. These acknowledgements confirm the increased recognition of the mixtape in the mainstream," Stacy Lynch, President, The Mixtape Awards.

Orpheous "Justo" Faison identified a category of artists that were not being recognized by the major award shows which led him to create the Mixtape Awards in 1995. The Mixtape Awards staff maintains his legacy and furthers his vision through the mantra, "Justo Lives On."

Referred to as the, "Grammy awards of the streets", the Mixtape Awards accomplishes its mission through programs and activities that engage the music industry and cultural community as well as the general public.

Keith Sweat Links W/ Keyshia Cole For Comeback Disc, Reunites With Teddy Riley

Atlanta R&B legend Keith Sweat is planning to release his first studio album in five years this Spring on ATCO Records.

Newly signed to the label, an imprint of Rhino Entertainment, Just Me will be Sweat's first new album since 2002's Rebirth.

Along with a duet with Keyshia Cole, the album has Sweat reuniting with Harlem producer Teddy Riley, as well as former Kut Klose member Athena Cage.

Sweat, who executive produced the project, said he named the project Just Me, "because I'm giving the people what they expect from me. You hear other artists out here who make the mistake of trying to be trendy. They really try to keep up. I know people want to hear Keith Sweat. I'm conscious of the people who have followed me the whole time, since day one. I remember that I have a fan base and I'm very careful to give the people what they expect from me."

Sweat first emerged in 1988 and has sold over 15 million albums internationally as a solo artist; he was also a member of the trio L.S.G. alongside Johnny Gill and the late Gerald Levert. He is currently the host of The Keith Sweat Hotel radio show which is broadcast in 21 markets.

Just Me is scheduled to hit stores on March 18. View a complete tracklisting of the album below.

Somebody featuring Chris "F.L.L" Conner

The Floor

Girl Of My Dreams

Sexiest Girl

Butterscotch featuring Athena Cage

Me And My Girl

Suga Suga Suga featuring Paisley Bettis

Never Had A Lover

Love You Better featuring Keyshia Cole

Just Wanna Sex You

What's A Man To Do

Teach Me

ImHipHop Radio: Neyo- Make Me Better without Fabolous

(L note: a new verse and a couple of new lyrics. it could have been a hot single for Ne-yo)

ImHipHop Tv: New Ice Cube-"Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It"

"Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It"
Ice Cube

From Cube's new album "Raw Footage". Due to be released sometime this year.

(L note: Quite as Kept, Cube is one of my top 5 M.C.'s of All Time.)

Jan 1, 2008

ImHipHop Radio: New Years Revolution

(L note: Ok this is not the New Years Revolution, i promised ya'll, but its still a great mixtape. As far as My mixtape, the Politically Correct answer would be "I didnt receive enough submissions to complie a decent mixtape."

However, what really happened is I got a lot of "sub-par" submissions. I also go a lot of cats sending me notes on myspace asking me to go to their page and check out their music. Instead of sending it to me like i asked. I do wanna give a shout out to all those that would have made the mixtape.
Donnie Goines , Jimmie Reign, Ransom , Willie hustle, Luca and The Whole Underworld Entertainment. And a couple of other people i wanna save in my backpocket.

Maybe i'll try the mixtape thing again one day, but until then enjoy this one)

New Years Revolution
DJ Noodles

Mixtape Tracks
1. Happy new year - trazz
2. Dope boy (noodles mix) - jim jones, lil wayne, t.i.
3. Now or never - stat quo (produced by dj noodles)
4. Roc boys (noodles mix) - jay-z (produced by dj noodles)
5. Talk bout it - lil wayne
6. Paper touchin - red cafe
7. Blow my mind (remix) - the lox
8. I cry - freeway (produced by dj noodles)
9. Freestyle - az
10. We roll - jim jones
11. Get money - mims
12. Gettin it (noodles mix) - jay-z
13. Gossip - young chris
14. Kill em - jae millz
15. Throw ya sets up - dj drama ft. yung joc, willie the kid, jadakiss
16. Certified - glasses malone ft. akon
17. Be me - maino
18. Think we got a problem - sheek louch
19. They know - trazz
20. Philly gangster (noodles mix) - freeway
21. Gettin mine - rick ross ft. freeway, fabolous
22. I'm me - lil wayne
23. My life - joe budden
24. 2007 wrap up - skillz

ImHipHop TV: Skillz "2007 Wrap up-The Video"

"2007 Wrap up"-The Video

(taken from

ImHipHop Daily Motivation 1*1*08


Today is the day to begin. This new year is a blank canvas upon which you have the delightful opportunity to paint.

As you do, be authentic. Your greatest accomplishments are the ones that contain the greatest quantity of you.

Be innovative and creative. The challenges you face will melt away when you apply fresh, original thinking to them.

Remember not to take yourself too seriously. You'll climb much higher when you're thoroughly enjoying the effort.

As you move forward, do so with genuine and persistent integrity. That way, the results you create will be results that are actually worth attaining.

Today you stand at the beginning of a grand adventure, with the very real and present opportunity to shape this year into the best one ever. Begin now, take the initiative, and never stop living life according to who you know you are.

-- Ralph Marston

Dec 31, 2007

ImHipHop End of The Year Address

As We are about to move on to 2008, I look back at this past year with Bittersweet memories.

The Bitter: Not winning any Black Blogger awards (yea I'm still salty about that) The whole Brickhouse situation (holla at me Sean), just alot of things didn't go the way I planned this year, the sweet, Being recognized, regardless of how the offers ended up, They all complemented my site, and my work ethic and really isnt that all anybody wants? For somebody to recognize how hard you work?

I think I deserve some credit, considering that I do this all myself, I'm not in New York, I dont work for a hip hop magazine, I dont have a team of cats posting, and I dont have a sexy co-host who can interview these rap cats(no dis, just facts).

Its just me L.

Ya'll have no idea how i break my neck for this site, but I love hip hop so I do it for my culture.

When I changed the site back in October, It was meet with mixed response, alot of you loved it, some of you didnt see the need for change. In hindsight, i did it to compete with the other sites, and to really expand on my HTML knowledge. Im still working on a new banner, and some more things.

One thing that came up, is alot of you commented on my "Lack of Exclusive Content".
I take that as meaning interviews, music and such.

Well, I dont do interviews, just point blank, unless they wanna do email interviews, I'm not the interviewing type. Take it as you want.

I created a section called "1st look" to addresss that very issue. Everything in the 1st look post, I believe I'm posting first. Whether its an album cover, magazine or whatever, thats why its in that section.

Now I get 7000 daily hits, so anybody can copy one of my 1st look things and post it on their site and call it their 1st look. It really began to urk me, because most of the time if I take something from another site I try to give credit(hence the source sites) but nobody gives me credit. That's one reason why I have the time listed under each post, so you my readers can say "Hey L posted it 1st", but that's not happening.

Alot of times i'll post a song weeks before some sites. So if you wanna call that exclusive you can.

So I went out an copped some software that lets me tag my photos. Now for those of you that dont know what tagging is, its where a word or logo can appear across a photo. So people can know where the pic came from. I'm going to start tagging every and anything I post 1st.

Something else I've started is the ImHiphop Store. You can now purchase ImHipHop Shirts, wife beaters and the Official Eye Candy Tee Shirt. See here

Well I wanna Show love to those of you who cop these items, So Im starting a new post where if you send me pics of you rocking your IHH gear, I'll post it. I also am going to start holding Photoshots for the Eye Candy models, and to further show that I'm not just taking peoples pictures of the internet and i actually have spoken to all the females I post, watch out for the women to start rocking the "Official Eye Candy" shirts.

In 2008 I wanna make this site one of the premier Hip Hop sites out. So if ya'll have any suggestions, anything ya'll would like to me add or change on this site. Please leave a comment. Blogger now has it so u dont have to have a google membership to comment.

So let me know what ya'll think.


P.S. Oh yea, Happy New year.

ImHipHop Sports: Raider Report 4-12

Its been a while since I've done a Raider report, to be honest its because we've sucked this year. Now I am a die hard raider fan so we can go 1-15 and I'm still going to pop my ish about the Silver and Black, But I kinda thought we were going to have a better season this year.

While we doubled our win total from last year (we were 2-14). I was still expecting more. At least 8-8.

Now with rumors of Warren Sapp's retirement, Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan being fired, Nnamdi Asomugha's and Jerry Porters Pending Free agency, next year aint looking to promising.

Well the good thing is Jamarcus Russell finally made his 1st start yesterday, and he looked good. His stats( 23/31 pass completions, 224 yards passing, 1 touchdown and 1 int) while not mind blowing, they were decent, and enough to give Raider nation some type of hope for next year. I figure with some time, a full training camp and preseason, if JR works hard in the offseason, and the raiders try to surround him with some good young talent, he can be a Pro-bowler.

I would advise Coach Lane Kiffen to look at how the Cowboys of the '90's were constructed. Remember Troy Aikman's rookie year they were 1-15. It wasnt until they added a young Halfback to carry the load (Emmitt Smith) and an exciting deep threat at receiver(Michael Irvin), that Troy showed his Hall of Fame talent.

Now hopefully, we can find a way to keep Nnamdi (Franchise Tag) bring back Rob Ryan, and just replace who we lose with the draft. We could compete with the Patriots, Colts, Steelers and Jags next season.

I have a trade idea that I hope happens. Trade Lamont Jordan to the Bears for WR Bernard Berrian. That would cushion the lost of Jerry Porter, and dump Lamont Jordan's massive contract. I'm sure we would have to throw some draft picks in or something to compensate for Jordan's contract, but i think it would be worth it. it would clear up the logjam at RB and we can start Dominic Rhodes. It would Also give us a deep threat that we deeply need since we got rid of the guy who plays in New England now.

Now on the Bears side it would give the a Feature back, cause Cedric benson aint doing it. Also Lamont Jordan would thrive in the black and blue division since he is such a punishing back. hell a we'll even throw in a QB, we got like 8 of them.

So here's to next season. Can we see 8-8 in '08?

if not I may have to quit football.

Nah, win lose or tie, Radiers til I die.........

ImHipHop Tv: U-God Almost killed Raekwon as kids

Raekwon explains how he almost got killed by U-god at cappadonna's house when they was kids

"Life as a shorty shouldn't be so rough.........."

ImHipHop Radio: Fabolous-"Say Hello Freestyle"

(L note: Loso Goes in on the "Say Hello" Instrumental From Hov's American Gangster)

ImHipHop Radio: Young Dro

(L note: I personally co-sign this dude. He's one of the few cats from the south that can really flow)

Purp By The Pound
Young Dro, DJ Rack$

Mixtape Tracks
1. I'm a g feat bun b, young joc
2. I'm sick of it
3. I live like a movie
4. Welcome 2 the stripclub feat hell rell
5. How u do dat feat fabo
6. What i do feat mike jones
7. Blame it on the dro feat fabo
8. Hatin' feat murphy lee
9. Dreamin'
10. Porshe it out feat slick pulla, jim jones, big kuntry
11. Let it go remix feat keyshia cole
12. Ak w/ me
13. Come to me remix feat nicole sherzinger, young joc, diddy
14. Blow it up feat r kelly, young jeezy
15. Tell em'
16. Rock yo hips remix feat crime mob
17. Fat albert
18. Blowfish sushi
19. I'm rollin'
20. Top back remix feat young jeezy, ti, bg
21. My girl got a girlfriend feat ti
22. One day your here
23. Fishscale boys
24. 1,2,3
25. Man in the trunk

Eye Candy of The Week *Kalia*

Ladies if you think you have what it takes to be Eye Candy Of the week, Email your Photos to L at mail to:

Please make sure you put EyeCandy in the subject. All Submissions must be dressed in a swimsuit or provocatively dressed. All pics become property of ImHipHop. Thanks and good luck.

Dec 30, 2007

Jay-Z Preempts 40/40 Opening With Star Studded Concert

As Jay-Z prepares to open his latest 40/40 venture in Las Vegas, he treated the city of sin to a concert unlike any other.

Before the concert, however, there had been rumors that 40/40's doors would be closed before they ever opened. A claim that a 40/40 publicist confirmed as "not true."

"Everything is going on as scheduled," said a source who stated that any issues with certificates and licenses has been resolved. "We're excited for this club to finally open."

But before Jay-Z can open 24,000 square foot sports bar laced with 24k gold and platinum floors, he decided to treat Las Vegas to a concert like none other.

What was billed "An Evening With Jay-Z" turned out to be much more than that at The Pearl located in the Palms Hotel & Casino on December 29th. With celebrities such as Suge Knight, Too Short and Kevin Hart scattered in the crowd, Hov crept onto the stage in front of a sold out crowd with an 11-piece band in tow. With the Roots' ?uestlove on the drums, Just Blaze serving as DJ and backup vocals courtesy of Bilal, it was evident that this would be a pre-New Year's bash that nobody would soon forget.

As Jay raced through joints like "Hovi Baby," "Public Service Announcement," "You Don't Know," and "Party Life" (complete with Bilal serving up a smooth Curtis Mayfield rendition afterwards), he pulled some hefty tricks from out of his black button down's sleeves.

As he mumbled through the lyrics of Fabolous' "You Make Me Better," Jay-Z called for someone who could do it better than he can as Ne-Yo appeared on stage and performed that and "Because Of You." As Jay opened up to the ladies with "Excuse Me Miss," Beanie Sigel and Memphis Bleek joined him for the remix and "Change The Game." Not to be outdone, Kanye West rushed the stage to perform "Can't Tell Me Nothin" and "Good Life" as Mary J Blige followed behind to join Hov on "Song Cry" and "Can't Knock The Hustle" before rocking her new single "I'm Fine" and old favorite "Not Gonna Cry."

As if that wasn't enough, Jay closed out the show by bringing back all of his Roc-A-Fella family for an amazing closer of "Roc Boys" and "Encore" as the crowd chanted "Hova" until the artists and band left the stage.