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Apr 19, 2008

IHH Radio: Clipse Re-Up Gang The Saga Continues

"The Saga Continues"
Clipse/ Re-Up Gang Tracklist
01. Re-Up (Intro)
02. Coast 2 Coast
03. What’s Up
04. Play Ur Part
05. Ultimate Flow
06. Stay From Around Me
07. Roll With Da Winners
08. Pussy
09. Zen
10. Stuntin’ Ya’ll
11. Niggas Know
12. Cross The Border
13. Re-Up Anthem

Download here

props to Rainman

Apr 18, 2008

50 Cent Claims Young Buck Has A Drug Problem, Changes Title Of New G-Unit Album

50 Cent recently revealed that he has changed the title of the upcoming sophomore album from G-Unit.

The set was initially titled Lock & Load and was changed to Shoot To Kill. According to 50, the album will now be titled Terminate On Sight (T.O.S).

“Terminate on Sight; It’s like a spin-off to Beg for Mercy. It was a statement towards the competition, towards other artists. T.O.S. is the version where you get more aggressive,” 50 explained.“This record embodies that. I kinda know where I need to go, because I tested the waters with the material I put out [on our mixtapes]. I get to tell with the response to certain records where I need to be and chill out from other stuff.”

Last week , 50 Cent ousted Young Buck from the G-Unit group but claimed Buck will still release his solo albums via the G-Unit imprint.

Buck, who had recorded some material for Terminate On Sight, will still appear on the album but will not appear in videos.

“[Buck will] still be on those records,”50 said. “I wouldn't pull him off of the records. I like the records the way they are. He's on the [album] three or four times. He's not gonna be in the videos, but he can shoot [videos for] his solo project when he's done — when he gets himself together.”

50 revealed his major reasons for kicking Buck out the group was because Buck distanced himself from G-Unit and aligned himself with people 50 considered his foes. (Buck shared a stage with Lil Wayne a few months ago)

“[Buck] can be compared to Game because he did some of the same things,” 50 explained. “He went on and said he was cool with some of the people that it isn't public I'm cool with. The public's impression is [that] I and these people have issues. So how are you cool and we down with each other? When a person has that much inconsistencies in their character, how can you value them or call them a friend when you don't know what you gonna say or do tomorrow?”

50 would also drop a bombshell claiming that Young Buck has a drug problem. 50 claims Buck uses cocaine and sips syrup (a mixture of promethazine and codeine) which played a role in Pimp C's death last year.

“[Buck's] probably high right now,” 50 said. “He doesn't even get high anymore — he just maintains his [high]. You have to get sober to be high, When they say, 'Party like a rock star,' he goes beyond what they are talking about. Multiple, different sh--.”

50 revealed he is expecting Buck to make diss records aimed at G-Unit. J.A., an up and coming producer, revealed to MTV that he is working with Buck on a mixtape called Honorable Discharge: Cashville Chronicles.

Jermaine Dupri & MC Lyte Take On New BET Shows

Jermaine Dupri and MC Lyte will be featured in two of four new shows that BET will debut this year.

According to Daily Variety, Dupri will appear in a docu-reality series titled Brutha which will focus on five brothers in a singing group trying to make it in the music industry.

MC Lyte will be narrating a half hour dating show called The Boot where six young singles and narrowed to a couple.

BET unveiled its line up of new shows for the upcoming season in New York today(April 18).

Other new shows which were announced included an animated series for Marvel Comics' Black Panther and a court show called Judge Karen.

R. Kelly's Relationship W/ Aaliyah To Be Used Against Him In Child Porn Trial?

R. Kelly's past can't escape him. Prosecutors in the singer's upcoming child pornography trail want to introduce evidence of other crimes that Kells allegedly committed.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, court documents show that earlier this month prosecutors filed a motion to allow evidence of other crimes to be used in the trial, including, Kells' 1995 marriage to the late singer Aaliyah, when she was 15.

Initially both camps denied the union, but Vibe magazine later published a copy of their marriage license, which showed Aaliyah's age had been falsely listed at 18. The marriage was annulled a few months after the report.

The 41 year-old Grammy award-winning singer (born Robert Sylvester Kelly) is accused of videotaping himself having sex with an underage female. In February 2002 a sex-tape was sent to the Chicago paper by an unknown source. The video allegedly features Kells having intercourse with a then 14-year-old niece of his former protégé, Sparkle.

The motion was a subject of a two-hour, closed-door hearing on Friday, April 11 before Judge Vincent Gaughan.

The star is facing 14 counts of child pornography charges, to which he has pled not guilty. Jury selection for the trial begins on May 9.

(L note: I don't know if you all have noticed, but I've slowly made the transitions to an all hip-hop site, but even with that being said i had to post this. I think kellz going to do some years.)

Breaking News: Foxy Brown Released From Rikers

After serving eight months of a one year sentence in a New York prison, Foxy Brown was officially released today (April 18) at approximately 12:45 p.m.

Foxy's manager and Black Hand Entertainment CEO, Chazz Williams explained the rapper's release from prison, "[She's] is not getting out early. Foxy served her entire sentence [under] good time, that is, days deducted by the law that every prisoner gets unless it's procedurally taken [away] for breaking prison rules."

Early conflicts while in prison such as physical altercations with fellow inmates, verbally abusing a corrections officer and refusing to provide a urine sample, landed Foxy in the hole for misconduct. While she was initially supposed to serve 76 days in solitary confinement, she was released in 40 days for good behavior.

With her release from prison, Foxy's focus is now her fourth studio album Brooklyn's Don Diva. The album, her first with Black Rose Entertainment/Koch Records, was supposed to drop on February 5th, but was pushed back to await the Diva's release.

As for her rumored VH1 reality series, Willaims said, "We are in talks with a number of networks and film studios regarding new opportunities."

Brooklyn's Don Diva will be released on May 13.

Scarface Set To Drop Greatest Hits Disc

After two decades in the industry, one of hip-hop's most influential MCs is gearing up to release his "Best Of" disc which will remind fans of his long history in the game.

Scheduled for release later this month, the album will feature a hefty 37-song track list from the Houston O.G. and will highlight some of Face's most popular hits including "Money And The Power," "Mary Jane," "Smile," and "Guess Who's Back," among others.

The disc will also feature a slew of artists that the H-Town rapper has collaborated with over the course of his career including Jay-Z, Tupac, Devin The Dude and Too Short.

The release comes on the heels of Scarface's latest solo album, Made, which featured the hit song "Girlfriend" featuring Trey Songz.

The Best Of Scarface will hit shelves on April 22 on Rap-A-Lot Records. Peep the full tracklist below.


IHH Radio: The Game - Diary Of A Gangsta

"Diary Of A Gangsta"
The Game, DJ 31 Degreez
Mixtape Tracks
1. Big dreams
2. Going worldwide
3. The game ft. sheek louch & bun b-think we got a problem
4. The game & jim jones-luv me no more
5. The game & marsha-whats going on
6. The game ft. jadakiss,trick daddy and dre-im from ghetto
7. The game ft. stacks & nu jersey devil-they saying
8. 4 n morning
9. The game & lil wayne-187
10. Its murda
11. Feels good to be a gangsta
12. The game ft. nas,marsha and just blaze-why you hate the game(extended unreleased version)
13. The game ft. dj clue & mario winans-a week ago
14. High
15. Surive or die
16. The game ft. gucci mane & shawnna-i might be
17. Black wall street republican
18. My bitch(classic)
19. In my lifetime
20. Big dreams(instrumental)

Big Boi Promises Outkast Album In 2009

In a recent interview with MTV, Big Boi says that "Outkast are stronger than ever."

He talks about the last few collaborations that he and Dre have done and challenges the hater’s who claim they’ve broken up. They did UGK's "Int'l Players Anthem," their own "Da Art Of Storytellin', Pt. 4" and Big's recent "Royal Flush" so Big Boi asks, "where is all that talk now?"

"We got a few songs we already picked out," Big Boi explained. "We pick the beats first. I drop my [solo album] in July, Dre puts his out later this year, and we drop that Outkast record at the top of the year."

Andre echoed similar plans when he spoke to MTV News in February, while promoting, "Semi-Pro." "My solo album should be out this fall. Big Boi's album should be out this summer. So look forward to a new Outkast album after that," Andre said. "We don't even have a date. We just know we have commitments and we just try and get in there and do it."

"I said I wanted to bring that hip-hop back," Big said. "My album is about lyricism and about the craft. Big Boi’s album is almost finished but he will be recording until the very last minute.

Apr 17, 2008

Rolling Stone Names Lil Wayne 2008’s Best MC

Rolling Stone named Wayne Best MC in their new Best of Rock 2008 Issue.

Wayne's rhymes are as varied as his moods, ranging from quick-tongued braggadocio about girls, cash and guns to gut-wrenching expressions of personal pain.

He's a compulsively listenable dude who will sometimes sing (badly) and rhyme in French; a five-foot-six-inch bundle of energy spitting left-field references — Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Bill Laimbeer, tooth fairies — and consistently great punch lines:

"My spot remain, like a bleach stain, or cranberry/It's murder she wrote, like Angela Lansbury."

He's been getting stranger lately, too, turning out stream-of-consciousness flows and trippy flights of fancy like the amazing mixtape cut "I Feel Like Dying," on which he sounds seriously zonked:

"I can mingle with the stars and throw a party on Mars/I am a prisoner locked up behind Xanax bars."

He may be all over the place, but this is certain: Lil Wayne — a.k.a. Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., a.k.a. the Pussy Monster, a.k.a. Weezy F. Baby — is one of the most unusual rappers of all time. And right now, he's the best around. Just ask him. Wayne began calling himself "the greatest rapper alive" in 2005. Since then, he's been repeating and backing up that claim on cameos and countless mixtapes. Two of those mixes — Da Drought 3 and The Drought Is Over 2: The Carter III Sessions — were among the best albums of 2007.

How many tracks has Wayne cut in recent years? "Somewhere in the thousands," he says. (He's been smoking.) The real number is probably closer to 500, but what's clear is that Wayne is an irrepressible studio rat. "Recording is an addiction," he says. "I can't stop." Wayne works quickly — he writes nothing down, records rhymes as soon as they pop into his head, and completes up to five songs a day. He can also knock out a verse for someone else within a half-hour of hearing the beat. That has served him well financially: Wayne charges $100,000 for the average cameo — or $75,000 if he likes the beat or the song. "But nothing less!" Wayne says. "I wouldn't do a song for my sister for less than $75,000."

After more than six months of delays, Wayne's sixth official solo album is finally slated for June. This is partly because Wayne wants to keep tweaking songs; and partly because of difficulty in getting clearance from featured artists' record labels (he's recorded with Lil Mama and Busta Rhymes, among others). Another possible reason: All the prospective Carter III material that's leaked online has prompted Wayne to record new album tracks, which only extends the delay; Wayne has said that no leaked material will end up on Carter III. Though Carter III will probably be one of 2008's best-selling hip-hop albums, it's hard to imagine it being better than Wayne's best mixtapes. Wayne doesn't seem concerned — in fact, he won't even help select the track list. "I just come up with good songs," he says. "It's up to [Universal Records] to figure out what goes on. I don't want that headache."

Continue reading the rest of this blasphemy here

(L note: instead of writing an essay why this is so wrong and such an obvious display of the ADD society we live in, I'm just going to refer you all here )


Reebok and Zune have teamed up for the first time to release a limited edition Allen Iverson sneaker - the Answer XI Zune.

Reebok has produced 60 pairs of a special version of Iverson's latest Reebok signature shoe - the Answer XI.

For this limited-edition collection, the Answer XI has been designed featuring the Zune logo. The sneakers will be sold with a customized Zune 8g black digital media player, featuring etched AI graphics on the back that is loaded with special AI content including his Reebok commercials, playlists and interview footage of other Reebok athletes talking about the first time they played against AI in the league. The sneakers and Zune media player will also come in special packaging.

The Answer XI Zune collection will retail for $300 and be sold only at select boutique shops in five key markets. Each store will receive only 12 collectible packages, so be sure to be the first one in line at your local store.

Available only at the following 5 stores:

Complex/Training Day Store (NYC)

Major Commonwealth (DC)

Commonwealth (VA)

Wish (ATL)

The 400 (Denver)

IHH TV: Jay-Z & Mary J. Blige on Tavis Smiley

Jay-Z tells Tavis the funny story about how he started the Rocawear clothing line.

Airs Tonight on PBS Check your Local Listings

Aries Spears Escapes Jail Time In Groping Case

After being accused of inappropriate touching, Aries Spears will get a slap on the wrist for his wandering hands.

The "MADtv" comic was charged with "forcible touching" and admitted to "high-fiving" a woman's breast during his stand-up routine at the Comix comedy club in Manhattan's Meatpacking District in February.

He pleaded guilty yesterday (April 16) for hitting the woman in the front row, but won't do jail time as long as he stays out of trouble for the next year, according to New York's Daily News. If he molests another woman within the next 12 months, he'll have to do 15 days in the slammer.

T.I. Helps Russell Simmons 'Turn Up The Vote’ In Philadelphia

T.I. will be hitting Philadelphia this weekend to support Russell Simmons' ‘Turn Up The Vote’ campaign.
The campaign, which Simmons launched earlier this year, educates young adults about the issues in the upcoming Presidential election and encourages them to vote.

The Philadelphia summit will take place at Temple University on Sunday (April 20).

“I am pleased to have the opportunity to travel to Philadelphia to participate in the Hip-Hop Summit,” T.I. said via a statement. “We are going to encourage young people to go out to vote. I personally know the value of having the right to vote and it taken away from you, but I will add my voice to help inspire others to take seriously this right and responsibility.”

Other artists expected to appear at the event include Ciara, Jim Jones, Flo-Rida, Webbie, Lil Boosie, Rosci and Terrence J (hosts of BET’s 106 & Park), Chrisette Michelle, Rich Boy, Styles P, Lyfe Jennings, Lil X, Green Lantern and Gorilla Zoe, among others.

Doors open at 12:30 Pm and free tickets for the event are available for download at

Akon Lied About His Entire Criminal Past

Akon, who named his label and company Konvict, has long told a story of a criminal past riddled with arrests, years in prison and high speed car chases. In past interviews, the singer has made it clear that he headed "a notorious car theft operation" that specialized in boosting Porsches, Lamborghinis, and Mercedes, owned four chop shops catering to "celebrities and drug dealers," and had frequent run-ins with the police.

His criminal career was going good until his crew ratted him out, resulting in Akon doing a three year stint in prison, where, according to Akon, he "fought almost every day for two years," before becoming a "champion" over other inmates because, "I knew where to hit you to knock you out, so I didn't fear you."

Well, in a quite revealing report from (TSG), it looks like Akon, too, fabricated his past quite a bit, helping him create his "Konvict" image, which was launched with his first hit single, "Locked Up," about his imaginary stint in the prison system.

TSG uncovered -- via police, court, and corrections records -- that Akon's rap sheet does, in fact, include a half-dozen arrests, but none of which mirrors the stories he's maintained while describing his past. His record only boasts one felony convict, from gun possession, in which he pleaded guilty and received just three years probation.

The one arrest in 1998, which has been wildly exaggerated and turned into a big criminal case by Akon was for possession of one stolen BMW, resulted in the megastar being held for months before prosecutors dropped the charges, and not years, as he's said in numerous interviews.

As reported by TSG, the singer told VH1 in February 2008, that he carjacked people, and "used to literally snatch cars from people. And they would be traumatized for months," and these crimes "landed him three years in prison for carjacking."

TSG, however, reports the real story behind his allegedly crimes and prison story. In September 1998, Akon was charged with handgun possession and receiving stolen property. He posted $3,500 bond and was free.

While free, he was arrested just two months, when an officer on a stakeout caught Akon by accident in the aforementioned stolen white BMW. According to a TSG interview with Detective R.L. Brewer, he followed Akon until two uniformed backup officers arrived and pulled over the BMW 740, and then he was taken into custody "without incident." The singer was booked into the DeKalb County Jail, where bond was set at $20,000, which he could not raise.

Akon spent five months in jail before the charges were dropped and he was released. That's the actual story, according to police, about the arrest and time in jail.

Here's how Akon has told the story. As he explained in a DVD interview, he was "going up 78 headed toward DeKalb" when he was surrounded by police cars. When he was finally stopped after a high-speed chase, officers -- with their weapons drawn -- ordered him out of the car, and "locked me up."

In a different account of the arrest, via a November 2006 Rolling Stone interview, he said he was "driving a BMW 325, on my way to the chop shop" when he was arrested. "That's the slowest car in the whole fleet... I'd been in high-speed pursuits before and always got away, but this time I didn't because the car was too slow. I didn't even want that car, it was a favor to someone else. And I wound up getting locked up for three years."

The alleged stolen car, however, may not have even been stolen by Akon at all, recounts authorities. Police told TSG that three months prior to the arrest, the car was stolen.

FBI Agent Peter McFarlane, who was involved in the case due to forged documents found in the BMW, laughed when TSG asked about Akon's claims of running a "notorious" auto theft ring and being involved in other high-end criminal activity.

"Ah, this is bullsh**," he told TSG. "This guy is so phony. He's an arrogant SOB... I don't think he had any role besides [wanting] to drive a high-dollar vehicle. And I say this because we didn't link him to any other cars."

The full story, complete with documents and video clips, as well as more about his past can be viewed at

Apr 16, 2008

IHH Sports: NBA Plays of The Year

With the NBA season ending soon and My Lakers prepared to dominate, I thought we should take a look back on some of the top plays this season

Freekey Zekey Involved In Near Fatal Car Crash

The Dip-set rapper's 2007 white S550 Benz was totaled in a three car pile-up at 115th Street and 1st Ave in Manhattan, according to a press release from his publicist, as Zeke (born Ezekial Jiles) was struck from behind while sitting at a red light.

The impact sent Zeke and a passenger hurling into the air and falling into a parked Hummer.

He spent the night at St. Luke's Hospital but was released with only minimal bruising.

Rock Artist Says Jay-Z Is 'Wrong' For UK Festival

The organizers of the Glastonbury Festival have defended their decision to have Jay-Z headline the event after Noel Gallagher of the rock group Oasis blamed the rapper for low ticket sales.

The Glastonbury Festival is one of Britain's most popular outdoor music events and is well known for showcasing a majority of rock acts.

In February, when the festival’s organizers announced that Jay-Z would headline the summer event, they revealed that they chose him to draw in a younger crowd and move away from their traditional format.

In past years, the event's tickets have sold out quickly but this year sales for the summer festival have been slow.

In an interview with BBC on Monday (April 14), Gallagher blamed Jay-Z for the festival’s low ticket sales.

“If it ain't broke, don't fix it,” Gallagher said. “If you break it, people ain't gonna go. I'm sorry, but Jay-Z? No chance.”

“Glastonbury has a tradition of guitar music and even when they throw the odd curve ball in on a Sunday night you go 'Kylie Minogue?” he continued. “I don’t know about it. I'm not having hip-hop at Glastonbury. No way. No. It's wrong.”

Emily Eav is, a co-organizer for the Glastonbury Festival, responded yesterday (April 15) to Gallagher’s comments saying that the festival has showcased various rap acts in the past including The Roots and Cypress Hill. She also said they would not be changing their line up over “innate conservatism”.

“[Jay-Z] has not only become one of the world's greatest hip-hop stars, he is also an artist who has an amazing live act,” Eavis said. “In truth, we felt honored to have him on board, and believe that he is absolutely the right act for our festival.”

“There is also an interesting undercurrent in the suggestion that a black, U.S. hip-hop artist shouldn't be playing in front of what many perceive to be a white, middle-class audience,” she continued. “I'm not sure what to call it, at least not in public, but this is something that causes me some disquiet.”

Rap Chart Movement: Rick Ross Takes The Crown Back, Flo Rida Rises

After losing the No. 1 spot to Trina last week, Rick Ross snatches his throne back this week on Billboard's 'Top Rap Albums Chart'.

Trilla shelved off 34,200 discs this week, pushing the album's total sales to 416,300 copies.

Flo Rida rises a seat up to No. 2. Mail On Sunday shifts 20,900 units this week. After 4 weeks on the chart, the album has sold 168,700 copies.

Trina drops from the No. 1 spot to No. 3. Still Da Baddest scans 18,200 discs this week, bringing the album's total sales to 65,000.

Snoop Dogg refuses to budge from the No. 4 spot. Ego Trippin' bags up 18,000 units this week. So far, the album has sold 263,900 copies.

Posted at No. 5 is Lupe Fiasco. The Cool reels in 9,200 units in its 17th week on the charts. To date, the album has sold 450,300 copies.

Refusing to budge at No. 6 is Webbie. 7,500 folks picked up Savage Life 2 this week, bringing the album's total sales to 159,800.

Moving a spot up to No. 7 is Soulja Boy. shells out 6,800 discs this week. In total, the album has sold 873,600 copie s.

Right behind him is Rocko at No. 8. Self- Made moves 6,400 discs this week. So far, the album has sold a total of 52,300 copies.

Shawty Lo continues his grind at No. 9. Units In The City rang out 5,900 copies this week, bringing the album's total to 84,700.

Wrapping things up is Kanye West at No. 10. Graduation moves 5,700 units this week. The album's tally stands at 2,075,700

Apr 15, 2008

Faith Evan's Writing Her Life Story

Faith Evan is writing her memoirs and it’s set to hit shelves August of this year. Here’s the synopsis:

KEEP THE FAITH is Faith Evan’s first person account of life at ground zero of hip-hop’s greatest generation.

She’ll share the truth about the love affair that changed her life, and the innuendo that rocked the hip-hop world to its core. From her passionate and tragically short-lived life with Biggie, Faith will finally lay the true story on the line.

We’ll get to see the good, the bad and the ugly side of P Diddy; nobody knew either quite as well as Faith.

(L Note: The book probably will get pushed back to co-inside with the movie, Notorious, release. I wonder is she going to finally admit to letting 'Pac dig her out?)

IHH TV: Wu-Tang Clan - The Heart Gently Weeps

"The Heart Gently Weeps"
Wu-Tang Clan

Alicia Backtracks

Alicia Keys has released the following statement regarding her recent interview with Blender Magazine:

“I feel it is necessary to clarify the comments that were made during my recent Blender magazine interview since they have been misrepresented.

Anyone who knows me and my character, knows that I am not a conspiracy theorist or, by implication, a racist. My comments about ‘gangsta rap’ were in no way trying to suggest that the government is responsible for creating this genre of rap music. The point that I was trying to make was that the term was over-sloganized by some of the media causing reactions that were not always positive. Many of the ‘gangsta rap’ lyrics articulate the problems of the artists’ experiences and I think all of us, including our leaders, could be doing more to address these problems including drugs, gang violence, crime, and other related social issues.”

“Additionally, regarding the AK-47 reference, AK-47 is a nickname given to me by some of my friends in jest, as an acronym for Alicia Keys and a metaphor for wowing people with my music and performances, “killing ‘em dead” on stage. The reference was in no way meant to have a literal, political or negative connotation.

The recent implications about me are too radical and too dramatic a departure from whom I have continually demonstrated myself to be. I work so hard and give so much of myself to bring about positive change to this world, and I only wish those efforts received as much press and attention as the misinterpretations of the Blender article.”

(L note: sounds like her publicist wrote this in hopes of saving her credibility, funny thing tho. as i said yesterday, she may not be right, but she's far from crazy. Her creditability didn't need to be saved. You werent to far off AK)

Props to My Arch Nemesis The N
Let me stop for you Internet thugs pop some more buffoonery. Great Job Nigel

The Game Breaks Down During XXL Interview

In an interview for the cover of XXL's June issue, the Compton rapper revealed that he's not very happy right now, and isn't sure if he can continue making music, which would explain why he's said this upcoming album, Los Angeles Times (LAX), may be his last.

"My life is f***ed up right now," he told the magazine. "I'm in a f***ed up place. My fans love me, and I know what they want but in a minute, I'm not gonna be physically capable of pleasing the world with music. Because my mind isn't right. People are driving me under God's good earth."

According to AOL's The Boombox, the XXL ends with Game breaking down into tears. The tears aren't just for his present struggles, but also for hip-hop, he says.

"The tears coming from my left eye are from my sh** that I'm dealing with in my life, and the tears down my right cheek are tears for hip-hop," the rapper told the mag.

The entire interview came be read in the June issue of XXL.

Los Angeles Times (LAX) has been officially set for release for June 24.

Beyonce Retiring?????

Just two weeks after tying the knot, sources claim Beyonce is already planning her retirement from the music industry.

According to NY Daily News, Beyonce's cousin, Angelica Knowles claims that the current album B is working on will be her last, as she plans to instead work as a talent scout for Jay's new label, The Carter Music Group.

It is alleged that Beyonce's first protégé for Jay's new label is an R&B artist named Chelsea Thomas.

As of press time, Beyonce's reps could not be reached for comment.

IHH TV: Ya Boy

"100 Bars Of Death"
Ya Boy

Slim Thug Leaves Interscope/Star Trak

Slim Thug recently revealed that he is cutting ties with Interscope/Star Trak Records.

Slim divulged to MTV News yesterday (April 14) that he approached the bosses at Interscope/Star Trak to express his issues with the labels and asked for his release.

Among his complaints was mismanagement of his debut album (Already Platinum) and the company's constant turnover of its employees.

According to Slim, the bosses heard his pleas and he will be a free agent by the end of this week.

“We all came up with something we could all agree with,” explained Slim Thug. “It ain't no hard feelings.”

Slim is now preparing to release a second project with his group The Boss Hogg Outlwaz via Koch Records. He will then follow it up with his second solo album titled Boss Of All Bosses in the late summer.

Apr 14, 2008

Dr. Dre’s Book Signing Party Ends Violently

According to NewsNet14 a celebration party for the release of Rollin With Dre, a book about Dr. Dre’s life, ended abruptly after shots were fired ouside a crowded golf course restaurant.

Two men were hit from shots fired, one fatally wounded and the other is currently in critical condition. The cops were called when the shots were heard around 2 a.m., and they arrived to a scene of 200 to 300 people who had been leaving a party at Gordon’s on the Green at Foster Golf Links in Tukwila. The party was held by the authors of the biography.

As the victims were being transported to the hospital over 100 people followed the ambulance to the hospital and created a chaotic scene. Its said some tried to climb in the ambulances as the victims were being taken out onto stretchers.

Dr. Dre was not present at all during the book signing or the after party. Rollin With Dre hit stores last month via One World/Ballantine, a division of The Random House Publishing Group.

Alicia Keys Says Gangsta Rap Was A Conspiracy Against Black People

Alicia Keys has definitely grown as an artist over the years, and the people have noticed. Her latest album, As I Am, has sold over 3 million copies and was one of the best-selling of last year.

However, she's become a little more political as of late. In a recent interview with Blender magazine, which hits newsstands on Tuesday (April 15), she's gone conspiracy theorist.

During the interesting interview, the singer went outside her regular genre of R&B to talk about gangsta rap, saying the subgenre "was a ploy to convince black people to kill each other. 'Gangsta rap' didn't exist."

As of late, Keys has been catching up on her reading, revealing she's read several Black Panther autobiographies recently, and now wears a gold AK-47 pendant around her neck "to symbolize strength, power and killing 'em dead."

In addition to her theory that the government created "gangsta rap," she also explained how the deaths of Tupac and Notorious B.I.G. were contributed to by the government as well.

She claims that the East-West feud was fueled "by the government and the media, to stop another great black leader from existing."

Alicia's new outlook will also be present in her future music as well. She says that she now plans to write more political songs, saying that if black leaders "had the outlets our musicians have today, it'd be global. I have to figure out a way to do it myself."

The entire interview will be published in Blender's May issue.

(L Note: Now my 1st reaction after hearing about this was, somebody tell this B*tch to shut up. However after letting it sit in for a while she does have some points. I don't believe the whole "The government created Gangsta rap" but i do believe they capitalize on it. I do believe they killed 'Pac. You not telling me with all that CSI ish they got that they cant find anybody. You telling me if I leave half of a shoe print, 10 blocks away from a crime scene, they can find me, but they cant find someone shooting on a crowded Las Vegas strip????

I cant even walk thru Vegas now with out being seen by some one, and you telling me nobody saw who shot 'Pac??

So to Alicia I say this, I'm all for your "awakening" but you may wanna watch what you say. The government didn't create gangsta rap, but they did create the conditions that allowed gangsta rap to exist.

They did create the lower class living, they did create the crack that invaded our neighborhoods, and took so many of us away, they did create the Rockefeller laws and other "restrictions" that took some of us, who were just trying to make the best of what we got, off they streets. They did all this and more.......

Forgive me for jumping on the soapbox, but i got a little Black panther in my family.)

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