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May 30, 2008

IHH Sports: Lakers vs Celtics And The NBA Playoffs

So after a tremulous NBA season The Lakers will meet the Celtics in the NBA finals. It Feels like its 1990 again. Now far be it from me to tell ya'll I told you so, But I told you so, lol. These teams seemed destined to play each other this year.

The Lakers led by season MVP Kobe Bryant, ran through the NBA playoffs like a house fire.

In each series they played they were favorites. They swept the Allen Iverson - Carmelo Anthony led Nuggets, Then defeated a very good Utah Jazz team in six games. Then the only match up where sports analyst thought the Lakers would struggle they managed to defeat the defending world champion San Antonio Spurs.

The Celtics took a very different path to the NBA finals.

After surviving a grueling seven game series with the upstart Atlanta Hawks, The Celtics Faced the Defending eastern conference Champions the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Lebron James, Cleveland Cavaliers.

It took another series deciding games seven, and what will surely go down as one of the greatest playoff performances in Celtic history, Oakland's own Paul Pierce, out dueled Lebron and cored 41 points and led HIS Celtics to the eastern Conference finals. Pierce, who has only played for the Celtics in his 10 year career, would say later "it was a game for the ages."

Next came the Detroit Pistons, who for the last couple of seasons have been the benchmark of excellence for the eastern conference. The Celtics up to this point have been undefeated at home during these playoffs. It was the Detroit Pistons who handed them their first taste of defeat. However, The Celtics as good as they were during the regular season, we unable to win any road games during the playoffs. Until game three in Detroit. The Celtics walked away with an 94 - 80 point victory and a series lead of 2 games to 1. after trading victories, the Celtics managed to close out the series back in Detroit, ending the series in six games.

So now we have an NBA finals match up of The Lakers vs The Celtics. The match up that many of us grew up watching as kids is revisited, But no Magic vs Bird, But Kobe vs Paul. The two winningest franchises in NBA history match up for the eleventh time for the championship. With in the week leading up to game one, I'm sure you will see the advertisements, evoking the memories of Celtic and Lakers Finals of the past.

The NBA will have a field day with all this nostalgia. who knows you may even see a throwback or two. Me being from California, I think I have a Magic Johnson throwback in my closet.

Game one starts Thursday June 5 at 8:30 on ABC

The Game Says Ne-Yo Is His Nate Dogg

In a recent interview with MTV, The Game talked about his new album "L.A.X." and how Ne-Yo is his Nate Dogg.

Ne-Yo appears twice on The Game's new album "L.A.X." on the songs "Camera Phone" and "Thug and a Gentleman".

"I came up with a couple of concepts," Game said. "Two times in a row, he outwrote on my hooks. They became Ne-Yo hooks. ... Ne-Yo is like my Nate Dogg right now."

The Game also touches on being briefly incarcerated earlier this year and said that correctional officers were purposely making him uncomfortable.

"They was doing all kinds of crazy stuff," the MC said recently in New York. "They were playing G-Unit songs through the intercom while I was asleep. They was playing 'Window Shopper' just to irritate me. First couple of days, I was getting irritated and pissed off. But then it started to set in that this is a big game to them and they just kids, and they don't really understand life yet. It was funny after a while. It wasn't funny the first couple of times, though."

The Game says "L.A.X." is the first record where he "was able to record a studio album in peace — without drama, without anything rendering me helpless, without having to fight with my label or 50."

The Game's new album "L.A.X." is in stores July 8.

Death Row Records Auctioned Off To Highest Bidder

According to court documents obtained by, the label once owned and operated by Suge Knight has been placed on the auction block and will go to the highest bidder on June 24.

The documents state that "all of the recorded music business assets of the estate, along with substantially all of the music publishing business assets of ... Marion 'Suge' Knight" are what are for sale.

Some of the music and rights that are included will be works of Tupac Shakur, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre and the Dogg Pound.

The minimum starting bid is $24 million.

Any parties who wish to put in a bid are required to do so before the deadline of June 10th.

Knight lost control of the label in July 2006 after long-winded legal battle over the estate after he a judge awarded a couple, claiming to have fronted the seed money to start the label, $107 million.

The sale of Death Row was to begin in late 2007, but was halted when Dr. Dre and Afeni Shakur filed suits over the rights of past recordings of Dre's solo debut, The Chronic, and several of Tupac's music. It is unclear how these suits have been handled since, but the auction has commenced.

(L note: wouldn't it be crazy if Dre bought The Row, or maybe even Snoop. My bet is some business man will swoop in and buy it. The we can forward to hearing out favorite artist songs being used to sell. Picture this a family sitting down at a table, trying to decide what to do for dinner, when the daughter suggest they "Toss it up" and 'Pac's song starts playing. SMH, Dre just buy the damn company)

IHH Movies: Trailer For Cube's New Movie"The Longshots"

Another heartwarming Cube movie.

Home Owned By 50 Cent Burned Down

A Dix Hills, New York home owned by 50 Cent was gutted by a raging fire this morning (May 30).

According to Newsday, the fire sent six people to hospital including 50's ex-girlfriend Shaniqua Tompkins and their 10-year-old son Marquise. All six people were suffering from smoke inhalation.

An official on the scene called the fire "definitely suspicious".

Eyewitness Frank Hoyte tells Newsday that Tompkins was standing out front of the house in her bathrobe as the home burned along with Marquise, another young child, two teenage girls and an older women.

"I would say there is a strong -- a strong, strong -- possibility that it is suspicious," Dix Hills Fire Department Chief Larry Feld said. "The rapid movement of the fire. The volume of the fire . . . It was engulfed. The home was totally gutted."

The fire was reported at 5 a.m., according to Suffolk County Police and fire officials.

Officials from Suffolk County Arson Squad and the Suffolk Fire Marshal's office are on the scene investigating.

The home was purchased by 50 Cent in January 2007 for a reported $1.4 million. The home is located on one acre and has six bedrooms, five baths, a heated four-car garage and a pool.

Busta Rhymes Former Bodyguard Found Dead

After having been reported missing over 24 hours ago by family, Jermaine "Black" Williams was found dead in Queens' Ozone Park this morning in New York. Williams had spent over eight years employed as security for rapper Busta Rhymes.

The man had been shot multiple times, and was discovered wrapped in sheet, when police noticed blood stains in his parked SUV in the park. No suspects have been apprehended. Busta Rhymes, who is presently working in Europe, has yet to release a statement.

Williams leaves behind two children.

In early February 2006, Israel Ramirez was a Busta Rhymes bodyguard of over a decade that was murdered on the set of the the video-shoot for the "Touch It" remix in New York.

New Nas Cover art

Supposedly, this is supposed to be the new cover to Nasir's untitled masterpiece. Jordan was invited to the screening of "Be a Nigger to" and had this to say:

"That art up there may or may not be the cover. It was on display at the screening and I suppose it would fit with a description Nas gave when asked about the album’s title. He said that it’s going to be untitled, but the cover art will convey the word “Nigger” without the presence of the actual text."
Dont know if that says Nigger to me, as much as it says slave. In any event its a powerful statement, i just hope the albums content can live up to all this hype.

Forensic Expert Testifies In R. Kelly Trial

Defense attorneys in the R. Kelly trial took a blow yesterday as a forensic expert pointed out a mark on the back of the man in the sex tape, which may account for Kelly's mole.

It was Kelly's defense team that originally introduced the mole in their opening statements last week; arguing that the man on the tape did not have one and therefore it was not their client.

According to the AP, today in court, video forensics expert Grant Fredericks analyzed several frozen frames of the sex tape which revealed a dark mark on the man's back. Fredericks compared the still frames to a photo taken of Kelly's back after his arrest in 2002, where a dark fingernail sized mole is evident.

"There is a mark on the man's back in the exact same position," he said.

The defense countered Fredericks' testimony by suggesting that the back mark in the video is not in the same place as Kelly's mole. Defense attorney, Ed Genson also argued that at one point in the tape, a spot faded in and out of view thus suggesting the tape itself has a technical problem.

Earlier in today's testimony, an FBI forensic expert testified that the male and female participants in the tape were neither computer-generated nor altered.

Instead George Skaluba said the video appears to show "real people in a real environment" and if someone sought to create digital images, it could be costly and timely-taking up to years to do.

Skaluba also testified he could not state with certainty whether it is Kelly or a look-a-like on the tape and that the tape in question is a copy several times removed from the original.


May 29, 2008

Busta Rhymes On "'Night Fights"

Busta Rhymes will be kicking off CBS' Elitexc Saturday Night Fights this weekend with a performance of his current hit single “Don’t Touch Me Now”.

Night Fights will be the first primetime television event for Mixed Martial Arts and will air on Saturday (May 31st) at 9pm ET.

Various fighters who will take the ring include James "Colossus" Thompson, Phil Baroni and YouTube sensation Kimbo Slice.

Busta Rhymes' performance will set the tone for the fight between Brett Rogers and John Murphy.

“I’m a huge fan of the excitement and intensity of Mixed Martial Arts, and it’s a thrill for me to be a part of the most important event in this sport’s young history,” Busta said via a statement. “My high-energy performances are a perfect match to get the fighters in the perfect mindset for total domination inside the EliteXC cage on May 31st.”

Wayne Gets Sued

Lil Wayne is reportedly being sued by pop singer Karma-Ann Swanepoel for sampling her song without permission.

According to TMZ, Lil Wayne sampled Swanepoel’s song called “Once” and used it on his song “I Feel like Dying”

Swanepoel claims in a lawsuit which was filed in Louisiana recently that Wayne and his record label initially tried to work out a deal to use her song but despite the fact that she refused, Wayne continues to perform the song on tour and it an currently be found on MySpace and YouTube.

Swanepoel is seeking an undisclosed amount for damages.

Lil Wayne's representative refused to not comment on the suit

Ja Rule Blasted By Judge For Missing Court Date

A Manhattan judge yesterday (May 28) scolded Ja Rule for failing to appear in court last month because he was on tour in Germany.

As reported earlier, Ja Rule is facing gun possession charges stemming from a traffic stop last year in which police found a loaded 40-caliber semiautomatic in the rapper's Maybach.

According to The New York Daily News, Ja’s lawyer, Stacey Richman, blamed the organizers of the German tour for the mix-up.

“There was no excuse in my view for your absence [last month],” Supreme Court Justice Micki Scherer told Ja Rule.

Despite scolding the rapper for missing the court date, Scherer granted Ja Rule permission to perform in Russia.

Scherer stressed that Ja Rule must give a five day notice or any trips that would take him out of New York City's metropolitan area. She also told the rapper that he must check in with the court upon his return from Russia.

Ja Rule has pleaded not guilty to the gun charges. He faces up to three and a half years in prison due to New York’s strict gun laws.

IHH TV: Kanye West - Flashing Lights (Version #1)

"Flashing Lights" (Version #1)
Kanye West

As I said Before Kanye Shot 3 different versions of Flashing Lights. This is the 1st version.

Version 2 and Version 3

50 Cent Gets A Reality Series

According to, the 50 Cent series, currently untitled, is an elimination show featuring 16 contestants who must compete to learn and master the business and promotional skills 50 Cent has acquired throughout his career. Contestants will be eliminated each week with the winner receiving a full scholarship to an undergraduate or graduate business program.

In Related News, Diddy will put a new twist on his "Making The Band" series with a new show called "Making The Rock Band". The general premise will be the same as before as Diddy looks for the next big band in music this time focusing on the Rock end of things.

These shows are expected to premier in the summer/fall.

Lil Wayne Says 'F*** Mixtapes And Mixtape DJs'

Lil Wayne seems to having finally gotten fed up with the community that helped create the enormous buzz he has right now -- the mixtape community.

In an upcoming interview with mixtape magazine, Foundation, the New Orleans rapper expressed his utter distaste for the mixtape game, after the interviewer asked about a particular mixtape DJ who had leaked tracks from his upcoming Tha Carter III album.

He wasn't happy to say the least.

"I ain't into all that, I don't remember no mixtape DJs," said Wayne when asked about the first mixtape DJs he remembers. "I'm not into all that sh**. I don't know no mixtape DJs...

"I created the mixtape game, but I'm not into that no more. I'm doing Lil Wayne. I'm against it, anti-mixtape dude. I don't know no mixtape DJs. F*** you if you're a mixtape DJ. I'm not into ... ya'll salting me out. I'm not with that," he continued.

Weezy continued his angry rant, noticably agitated at the very mention of mixtape DJs or mixtapes in general, which the rapper has argubly been the uncrowned king of for quite some time now.

"I ain't put out 25 mixtapes. F*** ya'll, f*** DatPiff, f*** these mixtape DJs, f*** all that," he said. (Click Here to hear the audio)

Wayne is used as the cover artist for a countless number of tapes on the mixtape circuit, most of which feature recycled, blended and mixed verse of the young rapper. It looks as though the mixtape DJs' unauthorized use of his music has finally gotten to Wayne and he's not having it any longer.

At press time, popular mixtape site,, has over 200 mixtapes featuring the rapper.

"I'm pissed off at the mixtapes right now. I don't f*** with the mixtape game. They sucking my d*** and they ain't letting me cum," Wayne concluded. "Carter III coming June 10th. That's the real sh**. Get it or don't go get it, suck my d***. I'm smelling myself. I'm too good," Wayne concluded.

The full Foundation interview will hit newsstands June 17.

(L note: While its no secret i am not a Weezy fan, I can see his point. Go to any mixtape website, and your lible to see his picture on 90% of the mixtapes they have, some of those mixtapes dont even have a song from him. They're just using his image to sell. On top of all that, A lot of Mixtape Dj's will put out like 17 differnet versions of a wayne song and say its exclusive, when its just something they threw together. So Wayne for once, I feel ya.)

IHH TV: G-Unit - Rider Part 2

"Rider Part 2"

May 28, 2008

Kelly's Surprise Witness Shuts Down Trial

Testimony came to an quick close today in the R. Kelly trial as the defense was sought out by a man that could possibly discredit the prosecution's key witness.

According to The Chicago Tribune, the unidentified man will fly into Chicago tonight and meet with Kelly's defense team. Cook County Judge Vincent Gaughan said, ""I have no idea what's going on. It might be the impeachment of the [prosecution's] witness."

Defense attorneys denied allegations that this was an attempt to delay the testimony of the prosecution's key witness, a woman who will likely testify she engaged in an under-aged three-way sex act years ago with Kelly and the alleged female on the tape.

Kelly's team said they were called by the mystery witness and they'd need time to meet with him in order to prepare.

Earlier today, Joel Rhea, a former teacher and basketball coach in Oak Park testified he met the alleged victim on the tape in 1997 since she played against his team.

He said the girl was best friends with one of his players and he'd see her at social events. Rhea said he identified the girl by her forehead, "Everyone gave her a hard time because she had a big forehead. We would joke about her forehead, that she had a big forehead."

Kelly faces 14 counts of videotaping, producing or soliciting child pornography. He pled innocent to all charges and if convicted could face up to 15 years in prison.

The trial will continue tomorrow.

Missy's New Album Is “FANomenal”

Missy Elliott is finally ready to release her upcoming LP titled “FANomenal” which is schedules to hit stores late summer.

Revealing the reason why she picked "FANomenal", Missy said to A Malaysian newspaper, Malay Mail, that her fans' huge support was behind it.

"I had a contest and we had so many people taking part. There were so many fans and I decided I wanted to dedicate it to my fans and spell it with F-A-N, 'FANomenal'. I have had so many people sticking with Missy from day one. So this album is for them," she said.

“FANomenal” is the rapper´s seventh album and will feature production from Timbaland, Danjahandz, T-Pain, Swizz Beatz and Ciara.

Although the lead single wasn´t announced yet, the rapper already released “Ching-A-Ling” which serves as lead single for soundtrack of “Step Up 2 The Streets”.

Bun B Debuts At No. 1

Debuting at No. 1 on Billboard's 'Top Rap Albums Chart' this week is Bun B's sophomore solo album titled II Trill.

The album, which features appearances from Rick Ross, Lupe Fiasco and Sean Kingston, scanned 98,300 discs in its opening week.

Denver rap group The Flobots make a jump from No. 15 to No. 2. Fight With Tools cashed out 29,700 copies this week, bringing the album's total sales to 55,200.

Slipping two spots to No. 3 is Rick Ross. Trilla continues to keep registers ringing as it cashes out 17,800 copies this week. After 12 weeks, the album has sold a total of 535,000 units.

Posted at No. 4 is The Roots. Rising Down scans 9,300 units in its fourth week on the chart. So far, the album has sold 97,400 copies.

Flo Rida slips one spot to No. 5. Mail On Sunday ringed out 8,200 copies this week, pushing the album's total to 241,900.

Right behind him is Atmosphere at No. 6. When Life Gives You Lemons... pushed 7,000 discs this week, bringing the album's total to 81,100.

Chilling at No. 7 is Snoop Dogg. Ego Trippin' which has sold 324,500 copies since its March debut, gets scooped up by 6,500 folks this week.

Trina slips a spot to No. 8. Still Da Baddest scoops 5,700 units this week. So far, the set has sold 115,900.

Seated at No. 9 is Lupe Fiasco. The Cool scans 5,600 units in its 23rd week on the chart. To date, the album has sold 493,400 copies.

Wrapping things up at No. 10 is Kanye West. Graduation bags up 5,300 copies this week. So far, the album has sold 2,108,800 units.

A notable debut under the Top 10 this week is The Cool Kids with their debut The Bake Sale. The set debuts at No. 12 selling 4,200 copies.

IHH TV: Bobby Digital - Can’t Stop Me Now

"Can’t Stop Me Now"
Bobby Digital

Busta Rhymes’ Blessed Cover

Jacked from Jordan

(L note: July 1st is shaping up to be a busy day, Busta, G-Unit, and Esco all dropping. Lets see what does the push back 1st.)

IHH 1st Look: The Fixxers “Street Masterpiece”

01. Quik Talk
02. Masterpiece Intro
03. Do I Love Her
04. Born N Raised
05. Get Down Ft. Chingy
06. Black P*ssy
07. Get Nakkid Ft. Mausberg
08. Down Down Down
09. Pitch N On A Party
10. Tonight
11. U’Z A Gansta
12. Let’s Get Down
13. Me Wanna Rip U’R Girl
14. Bombudd
15. Bombudd 2
16. Intro From Roger
17. Trouble
18. Trouble (Remix)
19. Trust No Bitch
20. Murda 1 Case
21. Just Lyke Compton
22. Hand N Hand
23. Black Mercedes
24. Well Ft. Raphael Saadiq & Mausberg
25. Fandango ft. B Real
26. Dollars N Sense
27. Quik’s Groove
28. Change The Game
29. U Ain’t Fresh
30. Don’t Eat The P*ssy
31. I Use To Know Her
32. Can U Werk Witdat (Remix) ft. Jim Jones
33. So Good Ft. Rich Boy
34. Flip It Ft. Kay L
35. Go To Work Ft. Kay L

In Stores June 17th 2008

Dogg Pound Ready To Drop A Gangsta Grillz Mixtape

After revealing he'd be creating a G-Unit edition of his Gangsta Grillz series, Snoop and the Dogg Pound recently told MTV they are up to bat next.

"It's Dogg Pound Gangsta Grizz-ills that we're doing with my boy Drama," Kurupt told MTV, while sitting in Snoop's L.A. offices. "We put it together real proper. Me and Daz just got in the studio and started smashing out on some of the records that we liked. Really a lot from the new records that came out [and] records from a couple years ago. Me and Daz were just talking about it. We went and got Drama. So, you know, we're just really trying to touch on a certain circuit here to show 'em that Tha Dogg Pound, we're still fire, ya heard?"

Drama was just as excited when he got the call as well, revealing he's been a fan of the Dogg Pound since he was a kid and before he was even known as DJ Drama.

"Working with DPG was the truth," said Drama. "[They're] pure veterans in the game! I grew up watching Kurupt, Daz and Snoop destroy the game, so it was an honor to have them part of the legendary Gangsta Grillz brand. It's about time the series came to the West."

"Feds can't stop this!" Daz offered, talking about Drama's legal problems in the past with the RIAA. "I learned a lot from Jermaine Dupri. He does a lot of the mixtapes. Me, I'm an observer. I take the formula, switch it up, crumble it, make it my way, ship it to the next person."

The upcoming mixtape serves as a prcurser to a lot of new projects coming from the DPG camp. Their next is called 100 Wayz and will feature Swizz Beatz, Krayzie Bone, Hi-Tek and Daz's 10-year-old daughter, Dazmine.

After that, Daz says there's an album coming called West Coast Aftershock, then Kurupt is working on a solo project called N----race Presents: Kurupt The Kingpin, which will be executive-produced by Snoop Dogg, Teddy Riley and DJ Quik.

IHH TV: Tip Speaks On His Case

MTV Partners With T.I. For Reality Series

MTV has partnered with T.I. for a reality series that will follow the rapper as he performs more than 1,000 hours of community service leading up to his prison sentence in 2009.

According to Variety, 8 episodes of the series have been ordered via its producer Ish Entertainment.

Producers have already shot footage of T.I. being released from house arrest with additional filming scheduled to begin this summer all the way up until T.I.'s one year prison sentence in 2009. MTV is expected to begin airing the series sometime in 2009.

"We began the conversations in the middle of deliberations over what would happen to him," said Ish's Michael Hirschorn, who's exec producing with partner Stella Stolper. "The original idea for the show had him staging a series of interventions in each episode with people in danger. But when we visited him under house arrest, it felt much bigger and more powerful than we anticipated."

"Hopefully the mistakes I've made will be a lesson to today's youth and they won't go down that same path," T.I. said.

Producers did not have to clear filming with the courts however T.I. must adhere to his strict probation of 1 a.m. when working on a project and 11 p.m. at any other time.

T.I. was given community service and a one year prison sentence as a result of a plea deal on federals weapons charges.

(L note: So basically its going to be another series, where they follow the rapper, until he gets locked up. sheesh this reality tv ish is the worse.)

IHH TV: Cocaine Cowboys II

In stores July 29th

R. Kelly's Lawyers Say Victim's Dental Record Will Clear Singer,

Testimony resumed in the R. Kelly child porn trial today as a former employee of the R&B singer identified him as the man on the tape.

According to the Associated Press, Lindsey Perryman, said she worked as a record producer and personal assistant to Kelly on and off from 2000-2007 and testified she was "110 percent sure" he was the male on the tape. After being approached by prosecutors in December 2007, Perryman said it was at this time she first viewed the tape.

Perryman told jurors she looked at an album cover before viewing the tape and did not want to believe it was her former boss on the video because he was "very, very good to me."

"I was in shock and I wanted to be 110 percent sure," she said. Perryman along with two other witnesses also identified the female participant as the same woman denying partaking in the video.

The defense is hoping that braces will help prove the identity of the girl on the tape.

According to Kelly's lawyers, the alleged victim had braces at the time the tape was made but the girl on the tape did not.

Tjada Burnett, a family friend of the alleged victim, testified she could identify the female participant on the tape by her "cheeks, her nose, her facial structure."

The defense accused Burnett of lying to aid the prosecution because when asked whether her friend wore braces she said the braces could have been put on after 1999.

(L note: So Now they re saying that because the girl on they tape didnt have braces she wasnt 13????? Get the f outta here, I hate to see another brother go to jail, but wrong is wrong. Forget locking him up, Kellz needs to be committed.)

May 27, 2008

IHH TV: Joe Budden Interview with DJ Enuff

Spoted at jordan's spot

Nas And DJ Green Lantern To Release The Nigger Tape

Barely a week after changing the title to his 9th solo album, Nas is scheduled to team up with DJ Green Lantern to drop The Nigger Tape.

“I guess it shows you the power of Wal-Mart and Target,” Green told regarding Nas’ title switch. “If that was the case, it’s definitely scary because it kind of fucks with your artistic vision. But Nas and DJ Green Lantern are coming out with a mixtape called The Nigger Tape. Can’t nobody hold that back.”

The tape will feature exclusive tracks, remixes and outtakes, including an unreleased verse from Nas’s recently released “Be A Nigger Too,” Black President,” a cut initially slated to appear on Green’s Barak Obama mixtape and “Legendary,” the theme song to a forthcoming Mike Tyson documentary. A new version of “The Last Real Nigga Alive,” which originally appeared on God’s Son, is also expected to make the final cut.

(L note: I was waiting for this to happen. If Esco was serious about trying to deliver a message with titling the album "Nigger" this was the logical move. Now he can go head and call his album "The N". like I told ya'll back in November)

(L Note2: By the way thats not the cover, thats an old mixtape from Kochece, I just needed a reason to post the pic)

LL Cool J Links Up With Sears To Launch Clothing Line

LL Cool J and Sears have reportedly joined forces to launch a new hip hop clothing line.

According to The Chicago Suntimes, the clothing line is called LL Cool J For Sears and will cater to girls, boys, juniors and young men. It will become available in 450 of Sears’ 900 stores in September.

The clothing line will then expand into accessories in the near future.

In related news, LL Cool J is currently gearing up for the release of his thirteenth album titled Exit 13. Exit 13 is slated to hit stores on July 8.

LL will also be releasing his first ever mixtape with DJ Kay Slay titled The Return Of The G.O.A.T in the coming weeks.

IHH Radio: Tha Tzar & Kream - Summertime Chaos 2

"Summertime Chaos 2"

Tha Tzar & Kream
01. Kream - Intro
02. Maino - Hi Hater
03. DJ Khaled - Out Here Grindin
04. Tzar & Kino Skit
05. Grind City Mob Ft. D-Bonez, Tha Tzar & Money Man - I'm A Star
06. Rick Ross & Yo Gotti - Miami
07. Nem-S-Iss Ft. Baby Grhyme, G-Dot, H, & Stimps - Can We
08. Juelz Santana Ft. Jim Jones - Bustin Shots
09. Famous Ft. Trinity Chris - Big Man Tings
10. Kream Speaks
11. Red Cafe - Millionaire
12. Shawty Lo Ft Birdman, Rick Ross, Jim Jones & Dj Khaled - Foolish RMX
13. Roccett - Respect My Gangsta
14. Medina - Sodapop
15. Tzar & Kino Skit 2
16. Gorilla Zoe - Doeboy
17. Neno Rocwell Ft. Fabolous - Top Down
18. Cause - Satisfied
19. JD Era - Paper Chase
20. Kream Speaks 2
21. Dolla Ft. Gutta,checkmate & Tay - Example 12
22. Kia Shine - Co-Pilot
23. Ray J Ft. Omega Red - Turn It Around
24. Quan Ft. Lyfe - Baby I'm A Star
25. Ease - What They Yap About
26. Dax Flow - Blow Your Mind
27. Kream Shoutouts
28. Hones-T, Widget & Nabob - Got What I Got
29. Dame Grease Ft. Max B - Connecticut Kush
30. Ray Cash - It'z Me!
31. JR Writer - Do Dat
32. Flo Rida - 4 Minutes RMX
33. Neno Rocwell - Not Hot
34. Jadakiss - From Now Till Then
35. Kream - Outro

Donda West Bill Introduced In California Legislature

A bill has been introduced in the California legislature by Kanye West's cousin Yolanda Anderson that would see patients required to have a physical exam prior to having plastic surgery.

According to, Anderson proposed the bill in response to the death of her aunt and mother to Kanye, Donda West.

Donda West died in November 2007 following cosmetic surgery. It was determined that multiple factors contributed to the death of West including suffering a massive heart attack shortly after surgery.

Anderson maintains that Dr. Jan Adams who performed the surgery on West did not give her aunt a physical exam. A representative for Adams says he "thoroughly questioned" West before surgery.

Additional bills spurred by the death of West are currently in state legislatures in Florida and Canada, amongst others.

Trina Introduces Pink Diamond Clothing

Trina, recently introduced her Pink Diamond Couture clothing collection, along with its website

The line will consist of jeans, tops, t-shirts, velour sets and jackets, all of which will feature her signature logo. Her high quality jeans are emblazoned with the logo on the back pockets, and available with details such as leather, python and crystals.

To add a personal touch to her line, the collection comes with a Tattoo that is uniquely Trina's. She's also paid close attention to the fit as well.

"I have always imagined a clothing line that was high quality that I could offer to my fans," said the rapper in a statement. "I love the way the jeans fit and feel. I spent a lot of time creating special details that are fresh and unique. The best part they look really expensive but are priced right."

The Pink Diamond Couture clothing collection is set to debut nationwide in the spring.

For more info, visit


T.I. Laughs Off Shawty Lo Disses In MTV Interview

In a recent interview with MTV, T.I. laughed off notions that Shawty Lo was competition and that he was in a battle with the D4L rapper.

"I never looked to gain acknowledgement or recognition by mentioning another person's name," he said, explaining that he sees his and Lo's career paths as being totally different. "If it was an issue between me and another person, it was an issue between me and another person. It wasn't a publicity stunt or marketing tool."

T.I. says that going back and forth with Shawty Lo on record is nowhere near his top priority right now. "Back when that was my train of thought, we didn't have those problems." says T.I. "Since it's well known that that's not what I'm on right now, then it's easy to make those comments or take that approach."

And when asked by Sway if he thought Shawty Lo was competition, T.I. didn't hide his emotions.

"I'm sorry," he said. "Compa-who? Man, that was funny! Nah, man. [Lo going at me], it's a cry for attention, dog. At the end of the day, Units in the City in stores right now! Go get it! That's what's that's for. I never felt I was in a position where if this person don't mention my name, I will just die. I went for mine and made people say my name. That's the separation [between me and him]."

In other T.I. news, the rapper has reportedly turned his sights to producing after giving Rick Ross five tracks for his up-coming album "Deeper Than Rap".

(L note: Yea, I feel the same way, nobody really cares who's from where, and that seems to be the whole basis for lo's issue's. Its a petty beef to garner more attention, but to Lo's credit, its working.)

May 26, 2008

Xzibit's Newborn Son Dies Days After Birth

In a post on his MySpace page today (May 26), Los Angeles bred rapper Xzibit revealed that his new born son has passed away.

According to Xzibit, his newborn son, Xavier Kingston Joiner, was born prematurely on May 15th and had been having trouble breathing because his lungs weren’t strong enough to handle regular oxygen.

Xavier would pass away early Monday morning at 3:30am.

“It is unnatural for a parent to bury a child,” Xzibit said in a blog entry on his MySpace page. “I am telling you this because of the same reason I tell you when I’m having great times, life is too short to be fake. Hold on to your kids if you have them, protect them and show them you love them everyday you wake up and see them, don’t take a second you get to hug them teach them and care for them for granted.”

“You can have all the material wealth in the universe but it is NOTHING compared to having your family,” he added.” I am thankful for all of my blessings and im not one to question God's perfect plan, so I leave you with great love and thanks for the love that was sent earlier on my pervious blog to my son. Of course I need to take some time and handle my loss, STAY FOCUSED PEOPLE. Its not promised to any of us.”

(L note: As a father I can't even Imagine burying my child. Stay up X)

IHH TV: Mr Probz - Wise Old Man

"Wise Old Man"
Mr Probz Feat. Sonny Diablo

DMX Goes Court Hopping In July

DMX will be making two Arizona court appearances on the same day in July to face various charges including animal cruelty and reckless driving.

As reported earlier, DMX's house was raided in August 2007 after authorities were tipped that dogs were being abused on his property. 12 malnourished pit bulls and the remains of three dead dogs would be found on the rapper's property.

DMX, who wasn't at the house during the August raid, was arrested and charged on seven misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty earlier this month after authorities raided his house again. In their second raid, police found five pit bull puppies and marijuana.

Two days before the second raid, DMX was arrested and charged with reckless driving, speeding and driving on a suspended license after he was captured on stationary cameras driving his 1966 Chevy Nova II at triple-digit speeds.

According to The Arizona Republic, DMX will face the animal cruelty and marijuana possession charges in a pre-trial conference in Maricopa County Superior Court on July 2nd followed by an appearance in Scottsdale City Court to face the speeding charges.

Adding on to DMX's legal woes, he is also currently under investigation for allegedly using a false name at an Arizona hospital to avoid being billed.

Gnarls Barkley Set For 150th MySpace Secret Show

Myspace announced last week the 150th installment of their popular Secret Show series, which will feature the duo of Gnarls Barkley.

The concert will take place in New York City on June 8th. However, its location is still a "secret," but fans can visit for more about the upcoming show.

"Music has always been a cornerstone of the MySpace culture and our users are incredibly passionate and involved in the music community online," said Josh Brooks, Vice President of Marketing and Content for MySpace. "With Secret Shows they can truly experience the music they love so much, live, in person and for free just for being a MySpace member. We've had 150 amazing shows and I can't think of a better way to celebrate than Gnarls Barkley in New York City."

Since the series' launch in February 2006, it's featured some of today's biggest artists in cities all over the world -- including The Cure in Sydney, Australia to Ice Cube in Virginia Beach to Justice in Hamburg to Slayer and Mastodon in Salt Lake City.

The shows are exclusive to the MySpace community and once notified that a Secret Show is happening in their area, users can print out their personal MySpace profiles displaying Secret Shows in their top friends, and that serves as their ticket to the show.

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