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Jul 4, 2008

Eminem Slapped With Assault Lawsuit

A Detroit man who claimed he was assaulted by Eminem at a local strip club two years ago has reportedly filed an assault and battery lawsuit against the rapper.

In 2006, Miad Jarbou told Detroit police that Eminem sucker-punched him in the bathroom of a strip club called Cheetah's.

Jarbou claimed that him and a friend approached Eminem who was standing at a urinal to greet him but were turned away by the rapper's bodyguard.

Jarbou claimed that as he was trying to explain to the bodyguard that they wanted to meet Eminem, the rapper stepped back from urinal and punched him.

Jarbou would drop the charges a few days after filing the complaint but according to The Detroit News, Jarbou filed a lawsuit against Eminem on Thursday (July 3) at the Oakland County Circuit Court.

Jarbou claims the incident has made him “undergo physical pain and suffering, emotional distress, ongoing serious injuries requiring medical treatment” and “embarrassment, humiliation, medical expenses, wage loss and other economic and non-economic” damages.

Jarbou is seeking $25,000 in damages.

Black Bill Gates - King Sh*t 24 (Young Kobe)

"King Sh*t 24 (Young Kobe)"
Black Bill Gates

1. Playaz Circle - Young Kobe Intro 2:29
2. Yung L.A. - Ain't I (Remix) (Feat. T.I. And Young 3:52
3. Tracy T - Make It Talk 3:35
4. Montana Da Mac - Really Write Checks 1:36
5. Montana Da Mac - Tell It Like It Is 3:04
6. Lil Wayne - Lollipop (Remix) (Feat. Kanye West And 4:46
Young Jeezy)
7. Young Jeezy - I Put On (Feat. Kanye West) 4:42
8. Shawty Lo - Foolish (Remix) (Feat. DJ Khaled, 3:48
Birdman, Rick Ross And Jim Jones)
9. Playaz Circle - Pocket Fulla Rubberbands (Feat. J. 3:54
10. Lil Wayne - Got Money (Feat. T-Pain) 3:57
11. DJ Khaled - Out Here Grindin' 4:16
12. Black Bill Gates - King Shit Weekend 0:24
13. Yo Gotti - Miami (Feat. DJ Khaled And Rick Ross) 3:37
14. Bun B - King Shit 0:09
15. Bun B - You're Everything (Feat. Rick Ross, David 4:36
Banner, Eightball And MJG)
16. I-20 - Flickin' Ashes 1:36
17. Jap - Nonstop (Feat. Tweezy) 3:34
18. Juney Boomdata And Marc DeCoca - What's Up Wit' Da 3:15
19. Tight - Whip It 3:01
20. 9th Ward - Chopper 2:47
21. Bohagon - Do It For The Hood 3:14
22. Gucci Mane - How Deez Hoez Be 2:44
23. Young Fresh - Street Blessing 1:59
24. Hustle - Where You At? 2:04
25. Lil Wayne - Me And My Drank (Feat. Short Dawg) 2:45
26. J. Hard - Dope 2:39

Download here

As a Laker fan I just had to post this, shouts out to Mfizzel

Jul 3, 2008

IHH TV:Killer Mike Feat. Ice Cube - Pressure

Killer Mike Feat. Ice Cube

IHH TV:Trae Feat. Slim Thug and Jayton & Boss- - Nuthin' 2 A Boss / Million Bucks

"Nuthin' 2 A Boss / Million Bucks"
Trae Feat. Slim Thug and Jayton & Boss

Travis McCoy's Publicist Makes Statement About Recent Arrest

Gym Class Heroes front man Travis McCoy was released from police custody Wednesday (July 2nd) in St. Louis after being charged with one charge of third-degree assault.

According to eye-witnesses, McCoy had just finished the first song of their Warped Tour set when an audience member near the front row called the lead singer a "fucking ignorant nigger."

After a brief scuffle and commotion, McCoy reportedly reached down and hit the heckler on the head repeatedly with his microphone.

McCoy apologized for his violent reaction claiming it wasn't representative of him as a person. "I'm sorry. But when someone calls you something that ignorant and that offensive, you have to bash their head in with a microphone," said McCoy.

In response to his arrest, a publicist for McCoy sent the following statement:

"Somebody in the crowd was taunting Travis with racial slurs. Travis invited him onstage with the intent of calling him out in front of the crowd, with absolutely no intention of a physical altercation. When he tried to help him onstage, the guy hit Travis in the knee area (which has been in a brace because of a recent sprain), forcing Travis to defend himself. At this point, a scuffle broke out.

This whole incident is unfortunate. Travis McCoy and Gym Class Heroes are anything but violent. Their message is about racial unity and having a good time. It's amazing that in 2008 there are still people out there that would say such ignorant things.

Travis is deeply upset that this happened, and has expressed his apologies to the band's fans that were at the show, Kevin Lyman, and the Vans Warped Tour. GCH is putting this behind them and looks forward to seeing everyone on the rest of the tour."

McCoy was released early Wednesday morning on $500 bond.

Xzibit Signs On For 'Bad Lieutenant'

Xzibit has reportedly joined the cast of the upcoming cop drama Bad Lieutenant which includes Nicholas Cage and Val Kilmer.

According to Daily Variety, the film will be ia remake of the 1992 Bad Lieutenant film that starred Harvey Keitel.

Cage will play the lead character, a cop who lives on the edge and Kilmer will play his partner. Xzibit will play a villain named 'Big Fade'.

The film's production is slated to begin this summer.

Nas' song "Hero" set to clips from "Hancock"

it kinda fits

Skee.TV Presents Bishop Lamont "Grow Up"

How can I Not Post this?

IHH TV: Donny Goines "BARS" Special Edition

"BARS" Special Edition
Donny Goines Feat. Sha Stimuli, Torae & A.Pinks

Katt Williams Teams With Comedy Central

Katt Williams is on the verge of sealing a deal with Comedy Central for his own sketch comedy show as well as a special.

According to Variety, Williams is close to inking a deal with Comedy Central for a pilot that he will star in and executive produce.

The special, which was shot during the Washington, D.C. stop of the tour, is the part-three continuation of Williams' highly successful Pimp Chronicles franchise. To date, the tour ranks as one of Pollstar's top live comedy acts of 2008, generating $17 million in ticket sales and half a million ticket-buyers since it launched in January.

In 2006, Kat Williams: Pimp Chronicles Part 1 garnered 3.6 million viewers when it aired on HBO, making it cable's top-rated comedy special that year. Part 1 and his American Hustle series have sold a combined 1.2 million DVD's.

American Hustle, premiered on Comedy Central in January and included combined scripted sequences of the funnyman's 2007 tour footage. Snoop Dogg, Ludacris and Jeremy Piven made appearances in the special.

Jul 2, 2008

IHH TV: Lil wayne Official Amillie video

"A millie"
Lil wayne

Jay-Z's 40/40 Club Slapped With Lawsuit Over Wages

A New York City judge has paved the way for a class-action lawsuit against Jay-Z and his nightclub 40/40.

According to The New York Post, the suit was filed under the name Celeste Williams, a former employee who claims the club didn't pay overtime or minimum wage.

A judge recently ordered the club's management to turn over the names of all employees over the past three years.

Maimon Kirschenbaum, Williams' lawyer, told The Post that “this is a good day for restaurant workers all over the city,” and now plans to reach out to other club workers to see if they want to be a part of the suit.

Kirschenbaum said he did not know how much money each worker might be entitled to as he hadn't been able to access 40/40's complete records, but between 10 and 20 past and present bartenders, waiters and other workers are already on board.

Representatives for 40/40 and Jay-Z could not be reached for comment.

Lil Wayne Is Still King, Three 6 Mafia Grab Second Place

For the third week in a row, Lil Wayne still holds the No. 1 spot on Billboard's 'Top Rap Albums Chart'.

Tha Carter III shelved off 209,300 discs this week, pushing the album's total sales to 1,525,500 copies.

Debuting at No. 2 is Three 6 Mafia with their latest effort titled Last 2 Walk. The Memphis duo shifts 76,900 units in their first week out.

Plies drops a spot to No. 3. Definition Of Real bags up 42,800 units this week. After 3 weeks on the chart, the album has sold 325,400 copies.

Posted at No. 4 are The Flobots. Fight With Tools scans 12,800 discs this week, bringing the album's total sales to 134,900 copies.

Bun B takes two steps up to No. 5. II Trill reels in 10,700 units in its sixth week. To date, the album has sold 206,500 copies.

Chilling at No. 6 is Rick Ross. 10,400 folks picked up Trilla this week, bringing the album's total sales to 599,100.

Total Club Hits drops two slots to No. 7. The set shelved off 10,300 discs this week. So far, the set has sold 44,200 copies.

Rap/reggaton duo Wisin Y Yandel hold it down at No. 8. Los Extraterr shells out 8,700 copies this week. So far, the album has sold 299,300 units.

Entering the charts at No. 9 is Immortal Technique with his latest effort titled The 3rd World. The album bags up 7,400 units in its first week spin.

Wrapping up the Top 10 is Florida rapper 2 Pistols. Death Before Dishonor cashed out 6,500 copies this week, bringing the album's total sales to 22,300.

A notable debut under the Top 10 this week is RZA with his latest album titled Digi Snacks. The set sells 6,700 copies in its opening week.

Pharrell Gets Revolutionary Tattoo Surgery

The N.E.R.D frontman and fashion trend setter revealed this week to Brittish Vogue that his tattoos no longer fit his lifestyle and so he is trying a revolutionary new tattoo removal procedure, which involves applying replicated skin over old body art.

"It's basically like getting a skin graft, but you're not taking skin from your ass or your legs. These guys actually grow the skin for you," he explained. "First you have to give them a sample of your skin, which they then replicate. Once that's been done, they sew it on - and it's seamless."

The current--and most common-- form of tattoo removal is laser treatment which is not only a lengthy process, but excruciatingly painful. The new grafting procedure should be a faster, less painful alternative.

Sound pricey? That's because it is. While Pharrell wouldn't give exact numbers, he did say that regardless of the price he plans to go ahead with the procedure:

"It's going to be pricey, but worth it," he says. "I got fire on my arms! I'm a grown man!"

(L note: When you get a tattoo for no reason other than to get it, you are naturally gonna regret it.That's why all my tattoo's mean something to me,they all have some great significance that i will never get rid of. you don't wanna be 76 years old with Ren and Stimpy tattoo'd on your forearm.)

IHH TV: Ice Cube - Do Your Thang

"Do Your Thang" rough cut
Ice Cube

IHH TV:Nicki Minaj From Truth DVD

My Future PYT sat down and talked about a few things. Come on ya'll you knew I was gonna post this.

IHH Radio: Nas - America

Nas - America

(L note: ok this is the last Nas track I'm posting. I think if you look hard enough you can find the whole album has leaked. Support the artist go buy the album)

IHH TV:Ali Vegas - Life In The City

"Life In The City"
Ali Vegas

50 Talks About "You So Tough"

MTV tried to pin 50 in a corner about his Tip diss, but he somehow escapes unharmed

Kidz In The Hall To Design Shoe For K-Swiss

Kidz In The Hall announced that they may be getting an endorsement from shoemaker K-Swiss.

The veteran shoe company reportedly approached Naledge and Double O to design the "Go Ill" sneaker, a song title coming from their 2006 debut School Was My Hustle.

While Naledge did not confirm the association to be official, the group is also fielding collaborative offers from New Era hat company, who has worked with other independent Hip Hop artists.

Kanye's Absolut Vodka Commercial

Absolut has given Kanye his own TV ad, and Hilarity ensues.

(L note: why do I know a certain stan who would love this?)

Jul 1, 2008

IHH 1st Look: Sept.Cover Of King

Lil Wayne Starts Halo Champagne

According to, Weezy is launching a new champagne called Halo. The new top shelf bubbly will feature four different variations.

There's Halo Brut, which offers a golden blush with a lemon cream and roasted hazelnut flavor with a citrusy finish; Halo Brut Vintage presents a sparkling amalgamation of almonds and lemon blossoms with a creamy consistency; Halo Rose is blended with the delightful aromas of crushed raspberries, mint and pomegranate that will remind wine aficionados of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes; and Halo Pinnacle is a Chardonnay laden with the texture of pure fruit, and the taste of lime-tree flowers and roasted hazelnuts is very noticeable.

"Champagne is for celebrating," Lil Wayne said in a statement. "I'm ready to put my foot in a new door. There are so many different business opportunities; I want to take advantage of it all."

IHH TV: Young Jeezy "The Recession" EPK

Crooks & Castles Founders Talk to KarmaloopTV

Any body that knows me knows that I'm a huuuge Crooks and Castles fan, I think i got Crooks and Castles bed sheets.

IHH TV: Ne-Yo- Amillie video

So I geuss I need to get in the booth, huh?

IHH TV: Alfamega - OG TV Part 2

view part one here.

Young Jeezy Claims Keyshia Cole Proposed,Gets Role In New Cube Movie

Young Jeezy recently confirmed rumors that he was involved with R&B crooner Keyshia Cole.

In an interview in the latest issue of Vibe Magazine, Jeezy admits that he was in a relationship with Cole and claims the singer proposed to him.

“Keyshia asked me to marry her, bought me a ring and everything. She not gonna tell you different,” said Young Jeezy. “I was grown enough to tell her, Look baby, that isn’t what it is right now. I’m trying to get my shit together. I’m trying to get my money, take care of me and mine.”

In related news, Young Jeezy has landed a role in the upcoming Ice Cube comedy titled Janky Promoters. The flick centers on two inexperienced music promoters (Ice Cube and Mike Epps) who book a big name rapper (Jeezy) in a mid sized California venue and things go awry.

Janky Promoters is slated to hit theatres in 2009 while Jeezy will be releasing his latest album titled The Recession in August.

LL Cool J Talks "Exit 13" And Staying With Def Jam?

LL Cool J has not had a platinum-selling album in nearly ten years, and he says he has himself to blame.

"With all my television and film projects, the quality level of my recent albums has suffered," LL said, while speaking with Rolling Stone. "This is a record that I actually, honestly believe from the deepest part of my soul, I would buy — every record you make is not like that."

LL credits his lyrical improvement to the Hollywood writer's strike, which gave him more time to focus on music. He estimates that he threw away two full albums worth of material from his original version of the forthcoming Exit 13.

Fellow Queens native 50 Cent will likely lend his support, and LL says the album showcases "a whole other level of dedication, commitment, creativity." Wyclef Jean, Lil Kim, Jim Jones, KRS-One, Method Man and Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora are all slated to be featured.

In past years Def Jam's longest tenured emcee has not been shy about voicing his displeasure with the label's former president Jay-Z. With Shakir Stewart taking Jay-Z's vacated spot, "The G.O.A.T." even hinted that the August 5 release of Exit 13 may not be his final Def Jam effort saying, "It’s my last record on the contract, but that doesn’t mean that our relationship is over."

IHH TV: Ice Cube on The Raw Report

Cube talks about old school vs New school

IHH TV: Ludacris Says He's Top 5 Dead or Alive

I've been saying this for like the last 5 years. Luda is the Best M.C. out of the south period, and one of the top in the game at all, but his name is never mentioned with the greats.

HH TV: Snoop Dogg - Snooperman

Snoop Dogg

is it just me or does the villian look like Big Simon?

IHH TV: Jadakiss talk to Hip-Hop Official

Jun 30, 2008

IHH TV: Alfamega - OG TV Part 1

Alfa takes to the streets of Bankhead to conduct an investigation of his own.

Obie Trice Off Of Shady Records?

Last week, a rumor surfaced that Shady/Interscope artist Obie Trice had been dropped from his label.

Allegedly, a friend of Aftermath artist Bishop Lamont discovered that Trice had been "dropped off of the label for unknown reasons."

Trice, who was scheduled to release his third solo album Bottoms Up this year, released a track addressing the situation. The song, titled "The Giant," addresses the situation:

"Well, no more Shady. Guess it was meant/For me to branch off from my Caucasian friend/Nope, no more 2nd place to Eminem/Question if i was 2nd is the question to many men/No disrespect to Em, he's first/Anything after, research the verses."

Though Obie's debut Cheers went platinum, his following album Second Round's On Me was hampered by controversy surrounding the "stop snitching music," preventing the emcee's lead single to receive air play.

Nas Signs on to Endorse Fila

Nas has broken his tradition of sidestepping brand partnerships and inked a one-year partnership with athletic apparel company Fila, Billboard can reveal.

Fila will offer reciprocal financial support for Nas’ print and TV ad campaign as well as his upcoming tour in support of his untitled album, due July 15 via Def Jam. In return, the MC will wear Fila products and co-create an apparel line that draws from fashions of the late ’80s.

“My best friend Will and I loved Fila,” Nas says. “It represented prestige and everything that was cool to us. When Will passed, we buried him in a black Fila sweat suit, so doing a deal with them has a lot of significance for me.”

According to Fila president John Epstein, it was a natural match. “One of my executives spotted Nas shopping in our Manhattan store and struck up a conversation with him,” Epstein says. “Nas isn’t interested in selling out. He’s interested in being true, and that fits with our brand.”

Amy Winehouse Disses Kanye West At UK Glastonbury Festival

Amy Winehouse, took the stage at the UK Glastonbury Festival on Saturday (June 28), during which she took an unexpected swipe at Kanye West.

The event had been of the topic of mixed reaction after the event's founder, Michael Eavis, attemplted to move away from what it has been known for -- white rock bands -- by enlisting Jay-Z as the headliner.

During tabloid fave Amy Winehouse's set on Saturday, she performed a track called "Some Unholy War," in which she took the opportunity to call out Kanye. In a YouTube clip posted over the weekend,(see here) Winehouse is heard ending the song with "At least, I’m not opening for a cunt like Kanye."

West has already responded to Winehouse's line, via his official blog. He posted a title-only post, in all caps, that read "This just in... Amy Winehouse Hates Me!! Now I've really made it!!! LOL!!!!"

ImHipHop Eye Candy Of The Week *Jessica*

Ladies if you think you have what it takes to be Eye Candy Of the week,
Email your Photos to L at

Please make sure you put EyeCandy in the subject.
All Submissions must be dressed in a swimsuit or provocatively dressed.
All pics become property of ImHipHop.

Jun 29, 2008

Kanye West - Fast Forward

"Fast Forward"
Kanye West, Dub Floyd And Hevehitta

1. Mixtape Kings - Intro 0:04
2. Kanye West - Fast Forward (Intro) 2:05
3. Kanye West - Flashing Lights (Dub Floyd Screamixx) (Feat 3:31
Talib Kweli)
4. Kanye West - Put On (Feat Young Jeezy) 4:35
5. Kanye West - Cant Tell Me Nothin (Feat Young Jeezy) 3:17
6. Kanye West - Lollipop (Feat Lil Wayne) 3:01
7. Kanye West - Barry Bonds (Dub Floyd Screamixx) (Feat Lil 2:29
8. Kanye West - American Boy (Remix) (Feat Estelle And Busta 3:21
9. Kanye West - Stronger (DJ A-Trax Remix) 3:01
10. Kanye West - Sky High Graduates (Dub Floyd Screamixx) (Feat 3:04
Lupe And Pharrell)
11. Kanye West - Say My Name (Interlude) 0:19
12. Kanye West - Line For Line (Feat Grav) (96' Rewind) 4:06
13. Kanye West - Livin A Movie 2:07
14. Kanye West - 03' Electric Relaxation (Feat Consequence) 3:14
15. Kanye West - Paid The Price (Feat Do Or Die) 3:40
16. Kanye West - Throw Some D's 2:35
17. Kanye West - Fight With The Best (Feat Rhymefest And Mikkey) 2:45
18. Kanye West - Weak Azz Producer 1:39
19. Kanye West - So Soulful (Dub Floyd Screamixx) (Feat Jay-Z 2:51
Consequence And John Legend)
20. Kanye West - World Record Holders (Feat GLC And Really Doe) 2:30
21. Kanye West - Plastic (Feat Really Doe) 2:33
22. Kanye West - Everyone Nose (Remix) (Feat Kanye West Lupe 3:36
Fiasco And Pharrell)
23. Kanye West - Us Placers (Feat Kanye West Lupe Fiasco And 3:48
24. Kanye West - Ya Heard (Interlude) 0:13
25. Kanye West - Good Life (Feat T-Pain) 2:38
26. Kanye West - Everything I Am (Live Freestyle) 1:58
27. Kanye West - Summer Jam 08 1:16
28. Kanye West - Hey Mama (Grammy Version) 2:35
29. Kanye West - Homecoming (Feat Chris Martin) 3:21
30. Kanye West - Fast Forward (Outro) 0:33
31. Kanye West - I Want Those Flashing Lights (Dub Floyd 2:56
Screamixx) (Feat Colin Monroe And Little Brother)

Download here

props to Mfizzel