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Nov 8, 2008

Lil' Wayne, 50 Cent & Nas On Final "Rap City"

50 Cent, Lil' Wayne, Nas, Busta Rhymes and LL Cool J will join forces to help close out BET's longest-running program "Rap City" with the show's finale this weekend.

Beginning in 1989 as the ultimate source for hip-hop music videos and in-depth artist interviews along with freestyles, the program also featured guest DJs who were given the opportunity to co-host the show.

"I can't lie. It's sad to say good bye to 'Rap City,'" BET Interim President Stephen Hill said in a statement. "It's been the longest running hip-hop show ever and the classic moments are too many to name. The last Biggie interview, the numerous folks that got crazy in the legendary booth, the introduction to the world of so many of today's superstars."

Also helping bid farewell to the program will be its' previous hosts including Chris Thomas, Prince DaJour, Big Lez, Joe Clair, Mad Linx, J Nicks, Q45 and the show's iconic personality, Big Tigger.

The "Rap City" finale airs on Saturday, November 8 at 10 p.m. EST

Lil Wayne Makes Arizona Court Appearance For Gun & Drug Case

Lil' Wayne appeared in an Arizona Superior Court Thursday (November 6) for a status hearing in his felony drug and weapon possession case.

Wayne was arrested on felony drug and weapon possession charges in Yuma, Arizona last year after authorities found four ounces of marijuana, over an ounce of cocaine, 41 grams of ecstasy and miscellaneous drug paraphernalia in the rapper's tour bus.

A .40-caliber pistol registered to Lil Wayne was also found on the bus.

During Thursday’s hearing, Lil Wayne's attorney, James Tilson, asked for the case to be sent back to a grand jury in order to have a new finding in the case.

Tilson claims that the grand jury came up with some charges that the county attorney's office were unaware of.

Tilson also asked for the training record of the canine dog used to alert the presence of drugs on the rapper's tour bus.

Lil Wayne’s next hearing will be on November 21st.

Katt Williams Busted On Gun Charges, Again

Katt Williams was arrested on weapons charges in New York yesterday (November 7).

According to The Associated Press, authorities found a handgun in Williams' car after he was initially stopped for driving without license plates.

Williams would be released on bail in time to make it for his show at Carnegie Hall. He told the audience that he "just got out of jail."

This marks the second time Williams has been arrested on a gun charge. The comedian was found with a handgun in his suitcase during a security check at the Los Angeles International Airport in 2006.

Kanye West - Go Hard (Feat. T-Pain)

"Go Hard"
Kanye West Feat. T-Pain

“Thriller” the musical coming to U.S. and The U.K.

In two separate productions, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” will be used as the foundation of a musical both in The U.S. and The U.K. In the U.S. production, Broadway big shot Jimmy Nederlander will be producing a musical based entirely on the “Thriller” video. The musical is in its early stages of development and would not be ready for a couple more years.

On the other hand, The U.K. is set to launch Thriller - Live in early January which will feature Jackson’s hit songs set amongst the stage play backdrop. While Jackson is not involved, the music is officially licensed as Sony owns MJ’s back catalog and the label is a partner in the show. The production company is currently holding auditions for a young MJ role in the musical.

Official description as follows:

Looking for a young black, African-American or dual heritage boy aged 11 to 15 with an excellent unbroken pop/rock voice with a high range, who is exciting, confident and energetic.”

Open auditions take place on November 23 at the Lyric Theatre, where singers will be asked to sing either Ben, I Want You Back, or I’ll Be There.


Kurupt's Korner

Nov 7, 2008

Styles Speaks On Lox Hiatus, “Neither Of Us Wanted To Interrupt Kiss”

Hard to believe it’s already been eight years since The Lox’s last album, We Are The Streets. Since then, the trio has been busy releasing solo albums while keeping a unified front through their D-Block label and collective.

Jadakiss, who has released two solo LPs (Kiss The Game Goodbye, Kiss Of Death) to date, is gearing up for a third go-round, The Last Kiss December 9th. Sheek Louch (Walk With Me, After Taxes, Silverback Gorilla) and Styles P (A Gangster And A Gentleman, Time Is Money, Super Gangsta, Extraordinary Gentleman) also dropped three solo efforts apiece during the group’s eight-year hiatus. The trio even opted to drop a D-Block album before releasing another Lox project. Fear not. The Ghost promises the wait is almost over.

“I didn’t wanna interrupt Sheek, Sheek didn’t wanna interrupt me, neither one of us wanted to interrupt Kiss,” Styles told XXL regarding the absence of a new Lox album. “We figure we’d knock out all the solos, move them out the way, throw the D-Block compilation out the way and voila, L-O-X time, man.”

“It’s been a long time since the last Lox album,” Styles added. “But what people don’t know is during that long time it’s been since the Lox album, we formed our own company and built an empire, which we are all CEOs under. You know you wanna get the right things that you’re supposed to get out of it. Lox album is still coming. We wanna make sure it’s something special, something incredible.”

Scarface - High Powered

"High Powered"

Gnarls Barkley - Mystery Man

"Mystery Man"
Gnarls Barkley

Beyonce Offers To Sing At Obama's Inauguration

Still excited over President-elect Barack Obama's win this week, Beyonce has stepped forward offering her vocals for his Inauguration ceremony.

According to the Associated Press, the R&B superstar wants to be in Washington, DC on January 20th and is ready, willing and able to help the Illinois Senator in any way she can.

"I'm there," she told the AP. "I can't wait. I feel like all of us, we're ready to do whatever we have to do. Whatever they want - if they need me to volunteer, they need me to sing, I'm there, and I'm ready."

Originally scheduled to promote her upcoming album I Am...Sasha Fierce in Japan on Election Day, the singer revealed her inability to be away on such a important night.

"I said, 'What am I doing?' I'm completely making a bad decision," she said. "I have to go home, I'm gonna kill myself if I'm not home in America. I knew I needed to be here."

As of press time there has been no word on who will be performing at the historic date when Obama will be officially sworn in as the 44th President of the U.S.

Mickey Factz Freestyle & Interview

Interviews after the jump

Part 1

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Ludacris Breaks Silence About Obama Song

In a recent interview, Ludacris spoke about his controversial song that showcased his support for president-elect Barack Obama, as well as his opinions on Obama's competition, John McCain. The track, entitled "Politics As Usual" was taken from DJ Drama’s Gangsta Grillz: The Preview.

After blasting Hillary Clinton as a "b*tch" and John McCain as being close to diability, Luda also took shots at current US President, George Bush. Luda explains, " The song was my artistic expression and was meant to get people who weren’t involved in the political process involved...Being as though it was the first mixtape to reach the United States government was a bit overwhelming."

Upon hearing these lyrics, Obama's camp publicly denounced them by stating, "Rap lyrics today too often perpetuate misogyny, materialism, and degrading images that he (Obama) doesn’t want his daughters or any children exposed to...This song is not only outrageously offensive to Senator Clinton, Reverend Jackson, Senator McCain, and President Bush, it is offensive to all of us who are trying to raise our children with values we hold dear. While Ludacris is a talented individual he should be ashamed of these lyrics.”

Since then though, the Georgia rapper has met with our future president but will not reveal what was spoken about. "What myself and the president spoke about is confidential, but I took it upon myself to not speak on the song because I did not want to further distract either candidate in dealing with the ancillary issues they had to face in order to become the next president of this country,” Ludacris explained. “Now that Barack has won, I can honestly say that we are all fortunate to witness a period in America’s history when we rose to our best.”

In closing, the multi-awarded rapper/actor said, “We stood up and acknowledged that America’s true power is when people come together and focus on our possibilities rather than our differences...Obama’s focus is to bring this country together and move it forward as one united nation. I believe in him and what he stands for and wish him success!”

50 Cent - Get Up

"Get Up"
50 Cent

Jamie Foxx Gets Ready To Give You His 'Intuition’

Jamie Foxx is currently gearing up for the release of his third solo album titled Intuition

According to Billboard, the album will hit shelves on December 16 and the first single, “Just Like Me”, features an appearance from T.I.

Production on the set is supplied by The-Dream, Christopher "Tricky” Stewart, Timbaland, Ne-Yo, Sean Garrett, Salaam Remi and Carlos McKinney.

In related news, Foxx will be appearing alongside Robert Downey Jr. in the movie The Soloist, which opens in U.S. theaters on March 13th.


(full version)

Cassidy Inks To NBA Superstar's Label

Cassidy has reportedly signed to Krossover Entertainment, a record label founded by NBA superstar Carmelo Anthony.

According to Allhiphop, Cassidy will release an album via the label titled Language Arts which will features appearances from Rick Ross, Cool & Dre, Jadakiss, Gorilla Zoe and Raheem Devaughn.

Language Arts will be the first album launched by Krossover Entertainment. A release date was not revealed.

Akon - Right Now (Na Na Na)

"Right Now (Na Na Na)"

Warrant Issued For Mos Def In Las Vegas

Las Vegas police are seeking rapper Mos Def for allegedly attacking a photographer during a fashion event in August reports TMZ.

The celebrity site reports that the rapper (real name: Dante Terrell) could face felony robbery and malicious destruction of private property charges for the incident.

A warrant has been issued for his arrest.

Photographer Volker Corell, who was snapping photos for the MAGIC fashion convention -- that takes place twice a year in Sin City -- claims Mos Def became angry while he was snapping photos of him and other attendees, ripping his camera off his neck, smashing it on the ground, and fled with the damaged camera equipment.

During the attack, the photog claims he suffered a cut on his left hand, and also says he didn't even know who Mos Def was until after the incident.

Kanye West - Heartless [Animated Version]

"Heartless" [Animated Version]
Kanye West

Nov 6, 2008

Busta Rhymes - Conglomerate

Busta Rhymes - Conglomerate

Suge Knight Pinned For Stolen Masters

Global Music Group (GMG) has now informed their Trustee on claims of ex-Death Row Records owner Marion “Suge” Knight and Carl “Butch” Small holding stolen master recordings and videos in their possession.

Michael J. Collesano Esq., General Counsel of GMG, filed a Declaration with the LA Bankruptcy Court on the claim last week.

Over the past weekend, Collesano received a phone call from an unidentified woman who claimed to be romantically involved with Carl “Butch” Small and a colleague of the Death Row Records mogul himself.

The women, whose identity was later revealed in court, stated that Small told her – between the periods of 2001 and 2005, Knight had removed various master recordings, videos and other material from the Death Row Records catalog to “get it gone.”

The case was led into further investigation on October 2, 2008 where Deputy Christopher Schmidt of the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department found black boxes containing master recordings and video footage.

“It would stand to reason that Suge and Carl would have taken the cream of the crop if they intended to hide these recordings,” the Deputy stated.

“Global Music Group of Delaware has arranged financing to acquire the assets and stands ready to acquire the record label once the Trustee identifies the inventory to a certainty. In fact, on September 19, 2008 we [GMG] submitted a bid that we hope the trustee will consider at the time, but our purchase will require proper due diligence.”

During the telephone conversation, the alleged ex-girlfriend also stated that she may have more master recordings in her possession and would like to return it to the proper authorities.

All of the recordings and video footage have been confiscated and are currently in the hands of the Livingston Country Sheriff’s Department.

Wiz Khalifa - Addicted

Wiz Khalifa

Jim Jones - Pop Champagne (Feat. Ron Browz & Juelz Santana)

"Pop Champagne"
Jim Jones Feat. Ron Browz & Juelz Santana

Does Kelis Sex Tape Floating Around?

Rumors have been circulating the internet over the past few days that claim that singer Kelis is the newest celebrity in the mist of a sex tape scandal.

According to a report by, a man who allegedly filmed Kelis naked has confirmed that he previously slept with the singer.

New York based radio shock jock, Wendy Williams, first sparked the rumors when she claimed, on her show, that she had obtained a copy of the alleged tape. However, Williams did not offer any names of who the star of the tape was. She said it stars a female R&B singer with a man other than her husband.

LiveSteez reports that the tape shows a man filming a naked Kelis as she sleeps following their sexual encounter. The man is rumored to be rapper Infared.

In an interview with Hip Hop Weekly, the rapper confirmed a one-nighter with Kelis, but did not reveal anything about a tape.

"I knew Kelis in the hip hop world, and from clubbin', hanging out," Infared told the mag. "I heard that [sex tape] rumor. I don't know [if she was married'. She wasn't wearing a wedding ring."

So far, no tape has leaked.


Nov 5, 2008

Jay-Z - History

Jay-Z - History (radio rip)

T.I. Goes Platinum, Joe Budden Flies Low

After only 6 weeks, T.I.'s Paper Trail hits the platinum target this week while sitting at the top spot of Billboard's 'Top Rap Albums Chart'.

Paper Trail passed the 1,000,000 sales mark by pushing 76,500 discs this week. The album's tally stands at 1,047,600.

Lil Wayne stays put at No. 2. Tha Carter III shifted 23,000 units this week, pushing the album's total sales to 2,624,700.

Posted at No. 3 is Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy. The Recession scanned 17,400 copies in its tenth week on the charts. So far, the album has sold a total of 578,900 discs.

The Game stays put at No. 4. L.A.X. reels in 14,100 units this week, bringing the album's total sales to 545,900.

Debuting at No. 5 is California rap group Kottonmouth Kings with their latest effort titled Green Album. The set moves 12,800 in its opening week.

Right behind them is M.I.A. at No. 6. Kala scanned 5,600 units this week. To date, the album has sold 374,500.

Seated at No. 7 is Nelly. Brass Knuckles shelves off 4,700 CDs in its 7th week on the charts. So far, the album h as sold 157,000 copies.

Holding fort at No. 8 is Hector El Father. Juicio Final ropes in 3,500 units this week, pushing the album's total to 8,200.

DJ Khaled moves a spot up to No. 9. We Global rakes in 3,500 discs this week. The album’s tally stands at 101,000.

Wrapping things up at No. 10 is Calle 13. Los De Atras Vienen Conmingo moves 3,300 units this week. So far, the album has sold 8,800 copies.

A notable debut under the Top 10 this week is Joe Budden with his latest effort titled Halfway House. The set debuts at No. 12 selling 3,100 copies.

Sheek Louch-Cant Stop

50 Cent Opens Community Garden With Help From Bette Milder

In an effort to give back to the community, 50 Cent helped kick-off the opening of his Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson Community Garden in his hometown of Queens, New York on Monday (November 3).

According to People, the G-Unit leader teamed up with actress Bette Midler who convinced the mega rap star to invest in her New York Restoration Project.

"I called and nagged him," Midler told People. "His G-Unity Foundation gives a million dollars away every year in grants to non profits all over the city. They're just brilliant."

Centered in Jamaica, Queens, the garden will offer local residents the chance to become enlightened about the food process and learn about nature.

"I wish I had this to come to when I was growing up around here," 50 told People. "The opportunity to create this garden for the youth and the community is a great one."

Along with the garden, Fif will also be debuting his new reality show, The Money and the Power, on MTV this week. The show finds 14 hopefuls competing in a variety of skilled challenges in pursuit of winning a $100,000 business investment from the rapper.

The Money and the Power airs this Thursday, November 6 at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.

Ludacris ft. T-Pain - One More Drink

"One More Drink"
Ludacris ft. T-Pain

Nov 4, 2008

CNN projects Barack Obama wins election and will become first African American president.

Barack Obama was elected the nation's first black president Tuesday night in a historic triumph that overcame racial barriers as old as America itself.

The Democratic senator from Illinois sealed his victory by defeating Republican Sen. John McCain in a string of wins in hard-fought battleground states — Ohio, Florida, Virginia and Iowa.

A huge crowd thronged Grant Park in Chicago to cheer Obama's improbable triumph and await his first public speech as president-elect.

Obama and his running mate, Sen. Joseph Biden of Delaware, will take their oaths of office as president and vice president on Jan. 20, 2009.

As the 44th president, Obama will move into the Oval Office as leader of a country that is almost certainly in recession, and fighting two long wars, one in Iraq, the other in Afghanistan.

The popular vote was close, but not the count in the Electoral College, where it counted.

There, Obama's audacious decision to contest McCain in states that hadn't gone Democratic in years paid rich dividends.

Fellow Democrats rode his coattails to gains in both houses of Congress, toppling Republican incumbents and winning open seats alike.

Obama has said his first order of presidential business will be to tackle the economy. He has also pledged to withdraw most U.S. combat troops from Iraq within 16 months.

source: yahoo news

Just To Let You Know

And if you havent, what are you waiting for?

Jadakiss - By My Side (Feat. Ne-Yo)

"By My Side"
Jadakiss Feat. Ne-Yo

Akon's 'Freedom' Gets New Release Date, Singer Set To Launch Clothing Lines

Akon has announced a new release date for his third solo album Freedom.

The superstar crooner revealed to Billboard Tuesday (November 4) that Freedom will now be hitting shelves on December 2nd. The album was initially slated for release on November 25th.

Akon has already released two singles from the project which include “Right Now (Na Na Na)” and “I'm So Paid”. Freedom will feature appearances from Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, T-Pain and Kardinal Offishall.

The singer also revealed that he will be releasing two exclusive watches and launching his two clothing lines, Konvict and Aliaune, in the coming months.

One of the watches will be a phone/watch combo. Konvict Clothing will be an urban oriented line while Aliaune will be an upscale line

Akon is also working on other artists’ projects including Lionel Richie, Lil Wayne, Ludacris, 50 Cent, Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson.

Tony Yayo - Swagga Like Us

"Swagga Like Us"
Tony Yayo

The Game To Work With Entourage Star

The Game recently tapped Entourage star Kevin Connolly to direct his next video off LAX.

According to People Magazine, Connolly, who incarnates Vincent’s Chase’s best friend and manager Eric Murphy on the show, will be directing “Camera Phone” featuring Ne-Yo.

“I got hired on Wednesday (October 29) and we’re shooting on Tuesday,” Connolly told People. “I’ve been scrambling around all weekend.

“It’s fun because the turnaround is quick,” he continued. “You shoot it, you edit that week, and a week later Game will have his video. It’s amazing.”

Connolly plans on borrowing from Martin Scorcese’s Goodfellas for the video’s theme.

“He’s gonna be dressed up in suits and that kind of thing,” Connolly explained. “I just want to make this different than anything he’s ever done.”

Jadakiss Complex Magazine Photoshoot

Nov 3, 2008

Ace Hood - Ride (Remix) / Get 'Em Up (Feat. Trey Songz, Rick Ross & Juelz Santana)

"Ride (Remix) / Get 'Em Up"
Ace Hood Feat. Trey Songz, Rick Ross & Juelz Santana

Suge Knight's Assets Being Sold Off

The courts continue to take from Death Row Records founder, Suge Knight. After taking his once powerful record label, now his assets are being sold off.

According to a report from, the trustee -- who's in charge of liquidating Death Row Records -- has compiled a list of Knight's assets.

Some of the items up for grabs include:

1993-1994 MTV VMA for Best Rap Video
2 Source Awards

Album cover artwork
Snoop Dogg's Dogg Father
Tha Dogg Pound's Dogg Food
Lady of Rage's Necessary Roughness

Also being sold off are boxes of CDs from various Death Row Records recording artists, including Snoop Dogg, Tupac, and the Christmas on Death Row album; platinum and gold plaques; paintings, portraits, and photos from Death Row photo shoots; several weights and various workout equipment; and lots of suits, jeans, shirts, and shoes.

At press time, how much the items are being sold for was unknown.

Jadakiss "Al Quaida Jada" #2

Vanessa on the Cover of Smooth Magazine #39

See The alternate cover after the jump

Lupe Fiasco's 'LupEnd’ To Be Triple Album

According to a post on Lupe Fiasco's blog, the rapper's upcoming album LupEND will be a three disc set.

The three discs are individually called Everywhere, Nowhere and Down Here.

After releasing his second solo album last year, Lupe announced that LupEND will be his final solo album.

No release date for LupEND was revealed.

Nicki Minaj - Beam Me Up Scotty

Nicki Minaj-Beam Me Up Scotty
The object of my desire, drops a new banger
Shouts to Jabari

Rick Ross Talks Swagger Like Us

When the T.I. enlisted the help of Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, and Kanye West for “Swagger Like Us,” it was considered one of the biggest collaborations of 2008. What many fans don’t know is that the track excluded one of the biggest stars in Hip Hop today—Rick Ross.

Despite not making the final cut, Ross told MTV that there are no hard feelings between T.I. and himself.

"I feel like everything happens in time," the bearded rapper says. “He had to make it as big as he could. It's Paper Trail, he had to make it explosive. ... The way I make music, I'm hater-free. So I don't have egos. I'm a fan."

As a fan, Ross went on to compare the collaboration to another classic Hip Hop track. "That's a statement record, 'Swagger Like Us.' I applaud Tip for making those moves [on the original]. That's a boss move. A lot of dudes wouldn't pull that together. It just don't happen that way. When you do see it pulled together and unfold the way it did, it's great for the game. It's great for the kids. It's great for the newer generation to see all the top dogs. Like when I was young, when I would come home and put the TV on. Before I watched cartoons, I put the TV on to see Fab Five Freddy [on 'Yo! MTV Raps'. You might see 'Self Destruction.' That made you love hip-hop."

The Boss would neither confirm or deny his participation on another version of “Swagger Like Us” that may feature Jay-Z, Nas, Andre 3000, Young Jeezy and himself.

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