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Nov 14, 2008

Ghostface Puts Remixes And Rarities On New Album

Ghostface Killah combines remixes with unheard tracks on his upcoming album, GhostDeini the Great, due Dec. 16 via Def Jam.

According to, the album can be purchased as a single CD or bundled with a DVD of a live tour. The news is contrary to Ghostface's earlier announcement that he planned to put out an album of reworked R&B classics, including the recently released "Computer Love".

"It's still gonna be street, but it's R&B though," Ghost recently told Shade 45's Angela Yee. "You know how I did 'Summertime,' the Jodeci remix and all the other stuff like that? I'm doing like 13 cuts of that. I've got my 'Wildflowers' on it and all that."

The album includes a number of never-before-heard tracks, such as "Ghostface Christmas," a remix of "Be Easy" featuring Ice Cube and a remix of "Kilo" with Raekwon and Push T. A new song, "Slept on Tony," will also be on the album.

In addition, GhostDeini the Great will also feature remixes of "Run" and "Back Like That," the Ghostface version of Amy Winehouse's "You Know I'm No Good," and "All I Got Is You" featuring Mary J. Blige.

Here is the track list:

"Slept on Tony"
"Run" remix (feat. Jadakiss, Lil Wayne, Raekwon, Freeway)
"Kilo" remix (feat. Raekwon and Pusha T)
"Be Easy" remix (feat. Ice Cube)
"Tony Sigel (aka Barrel Bros.)" (feat. Styles P and Beanie Sigel)
"It's Over"
"Walk Around"
"9 Milli Bros." (feat. Wu-Tang Clan)
"Mighty Healthy"
"Apollo Kids"
"All I Got Is You" (feat. Mary J Blige)
"Cherchez LaGhost"
"Back Like That" remix (feat. Kanye West and Ne-Yo)
"Street Opera" (feat. Sun God)
"You Know I'm No Good" (feat. Amy Winehouse)
"The Champ" remix
"Ghostface Christmas"

Erick Sermon Freestyle On Radio 1

Damon Dash Broke?

Damon Dash has been issued an order from a Manhattan judge requesting the seizure of his vehicle.

According to New York's Daily News, the hip-hop mogul is being sought after for his Chevrolet Tahoe due to missed payments. Issued this week, the claim alleges Dash has not been making the $714.99 monthly payments on the leased truck.

"I've worked with musicians, artists and entertainers that in the eyes of the media are wealthy," attorney Jason Gabbard - a lawyer that repped a fashion firm that settled a suit against Dash for close to $150,000 - told the Daily News. "But to borrow a phrase from my Kentucky homeland, [Dash and his wife, Rachel Roy] haven't got a pot to p*** in, they're broke."

In addition to the car payments, Dash must address $2.1 million in claims from the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance, $4,500 from New York for unpaid workers' compensation and an alleged lawsuit claiming he did not fully pay a law firm that worked on his child-custody case.

He also recently found himself shelling out a settlement case with fashion designer Charlotte Ronson and a security company known for protecting big name celebrities.

"Quite simply, he got behind on his payments and it was necessary to go after him legally," Bronx security rep Mike Zimet told Daily News. "If you do the work, you want to get paid for it."

Jim Jones Takes Over Broadway

A Clip From Jim Jones's broadway play, yea you read that right

50 Cent Pushed Back To '09

50 Cent has decided to push his highly anticipated album Before I Self Destruct to next year.

The platinum-selling artist will leave fans waiting a bit longer as he moves his fourth and final Interscope solo project back from its' original release date in December.

However, the rapper-turned-actor will also be offering fans a bonus DVD to accompany the deluxe edition album called Two Turntables and a Microphone: The Life and Death of Jam Master Jay Documentary. In addition to the doc, 50 will also include a full-length, theatrical DVD, sharing the same name as the album title, written, directed and starring himself.

"Times are hard," 50 said in a statement. "Everyone is trying to make the most of what they have. I want to give my fans something extra for their hard earned dollars. They'll get a free bonus when the pick up the album."

Focusing on 50's late mentor and friend, Run DMC's Jam Master Jay, the 85-minute disc will include appearances from Reverend Run, Russell Simmons, Jay-Z and more.

T.I. Launches Clothing Line

It looks like people will soon be able to swag like T.I. after all. The self-proclaimed “king of the south” held a launch for his Akoo clothing line at Taj Lounge in New York City last night (11/13).

Irv Gotti, Maino and executives John Monopoly and Michael Kyser among many others, were on hand to support Tip. Akoo (A King Of Oneself) actually launches in stores November 15th.

Tip recently described his line as a mix between casual and dressy, stating: “[Akoo is] fly upscale fashion for the young and sexy, for the old and rich. Either way, if you cannot provide swag for yourself, you just holler at me and I will appoint something to you.”

Check out the website here

Bump J Slapped With Bank Robbery Charges

Bump J has reportedly been arrested by federal authorities on bank robbery charges in Carbondate, Illinois.

According to CBS Chicago, the FBI claims that Bump J was one of two armed men who robbed a Chicago Chase Bank on January 4th 2007. They claim Bump J and his partner made out with more than $100,000.

The robbery was captured by surveillance cameras and no one was injured.

Bump J, who had been the subject of a nationwide manhunt, was arrested by federal agents during a routine traffic stop in downstate Carbondale.

Bump J is currently being held without bond and will be returned to Chicago. If convicted, he faces up to 20 years behind bars.

The other man who took part in the robbery has not been found.

Bump J had a major buzz in 2004 and was signed to Atlantic Records.

His debut album, which featured collaborations with Kanye West, Rick James and Twista, was never released.

Nov 13, 2008

Young Buck Dismisses G-Unit Beefs

When The Game split with G-Unit in 2005, he quickly found alliances with the rappers 50 Cent didn’t approve of. G-Unit’s latest departed, Young Buck [click to read], has found himself in the same position.

“I’m open to work with everybody,” Young Buck told MTV News. “At this point I’m seeing that a lot of people that I’ve had these so-called situations with…I’ve had a chance to bump shoulders, and it just ain’t that.”

Buck then went on to list a handful of rappers that he’s cool with now, “Jadakiss for one. The Dipset thing, Jim Jones, we all good. I got music with everybody, even from The Game situation. My whole thing is about collabing with those that’s looking to collab with me.”

On the topic of Fat Joe and Terror Squad, Buck was a little more skeptical, but he feel’s there’s no bad blood between them. “It is what it is. I haven’t had any conversations with Fat Joe. I’ve seen Khaled, we see each other, we ain’t had no conversations. But I’m right here, and they right there. It’s a respect thing.”

Extending an olive branch to anyone who felt wronged in his G-Unit years, Buck is ready to hit the reset button. “I don’t carry no situations that was there with G-Unit at this point. It’s dead weight I’ve been carrying, and I’m sure G-Unit ain’t carrying none of my situations. [Now] it’s a clean slate.”

Timbaland Executive Producing Film Titled Vinyl

Though Timbaland has dabbled in music production in years past for movies such as Feel The Noise (2007), XXX: State of the Union (2006), and Shark Tale (2004), he’s hoping his first production behind the scenes will be a success.

According to Billboard, the Virginian super-producer will be executive-producing a feature film called Vinyl. Partnering with director/writer Richard Zelniker, the two have been tapped to bring the story of five young women living in difficult situations while in relationships with members of a Rock band to a big screen.

This feature film venture will also include several Mosley Music Group members, including Marcus Spence and Timbaland's wife and publicist Monique Idlett-Mosley. The venture comes as a partnership with Duly Noted Inc., a production company created in 2001 by film producer Effie T. Brown.

Filming for Vinyl begins in Spring of 2009.

Kanye West - 808s & Heartbreak (Cover &Track List)

Tracklist after the jump

01. Say You Will
02. Welcome To Heartbreak (feat. KiD CuDi)
03. Heartless
04. Amazin (feat. Young Jeezy)
05. Love Lockdown
06. Paranoid (feat. KiD CuDi)
07. Robocop
08. Street Lights
09. Bad News
10. See You In My Nightmares (feat. Lil Wayne)
11. Coldest Winter
12. Pinocchio Story

Like i said on UNCUT Radio Last night, Im not gonna post or play any more tracks from this album, go out and support the homie 'Ye.

Diddy Makes Guest Appearance On CSI

Diddy has teamed up with hit television series "CSI: Miami" and will be starring in a couple of upcoming episodes.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the mogul is set to make two guest appearances on the popular CBS program.

Playing the role of a federal prosecutor, the storyline revolves around Diddy's dislike with the show's main character "Lt. Horatio Caine,"played by David Caruso, and his team.

Diddy now joins the ranks of other guest celebrities who have been featured on the "CSI" shows. Mega rapper Nelly was also involved in portraying a character in "CSI: New York" earlier this year.

The upcoming episodes featuring Diddy are slated to air early 2009.

Plies - Put It On Ya

Lil Wayne Performs At Country Music Awards

Lil Wayne took a step closer to becoming a true rock star by performing alongside Kid Rock during the Country Music Awards in Nashville last night (11/12).

Birdman Jr. assisted Rock in performing his song “All Summer Long.” But rather than rap as he did with Rock at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, Wayne, sporting a Tennessee Titans football jersey, played the background as he strummed his guitar. Reports say Weezy wasn’t actually playing, but mimicking as Rock’s actual guitarist played the tune.

Weezy became the first rap artist to perform on country music’s biggest stage. Self-proclaimed “Hick-Hop” artist Cowboy Troy appeared in the event back in 2004.

Ol' Dirty Bastard's Life Examined In New Book

A book chronicling the life and death of Wu-Tang Clan rapper Ol' Dirty Bastard will be hitting shelves next month.

The book, titled Digging For Dirt, focuses on ODB's rise to fame and includes personal accounts on the rapper's life from his Wu-Tang brethren, friends, family and associates.

The book also tries to understand ODB's eccentric behavior. In the book, ODB's lawyer, Robert Shapiro, says he believes that ODB could have had mental issues.

"It's possible his behavior was a result of mental illness," said Shapiro."One time he had his hat on backward, had on two different shoes, and he stood with his back to the judge with his hat facing the judge as if he was looking at the judge."

ODB (born Russell Tyrone Jones) died in 2004 from an accidental drug overdose while recording his third solo album.

Digging For Dirt is slated to hit shelves on December 2nd.

Nov 12, 2008

808’s And Heartbreak Commercial

Suge Knight Sues Kanye West Over Miami Club Shooting

Suge Knight apparently has his eyes on Kanye West. The former Death Row mogul reportedly blames Kanye West for being shot at his Pre-MTV party at Miami’s Shore Club back in 2005.

Knight recently (09/12) filed a lawsuit in Bankruptcy Court suing West and The Shore Club for negligence, personal injury and premises liability. The court document states that in addition to being wounded, Knight also lost a 15-carat diamond studded earring worth $135, 000 inside the Shore Club. Suge claims an employee found the earring and assured it would be returned to him. The earring has yet to be returned. Knight also claims he was so embarrassed he had to flea Miami in a private jet.

Suge is seeking for all his medical expenses to be covered and “for damages for the loss of use and enjoyment of the earring.” Though he’s bankrupt, Knight secured a deal that will allow him to keep a percentage of the money should he win the suit

T.I. Stays On Top, Q-Tip & Unk Make Their Debuts

For the seventh week in a row, T.I. holds the No. 1 spot on Billboard's 'Top Rap Albums Chart'.

Paper Trail shelved off 68,700 discs this week, pushing the album's total sales to 1,116,400.

Q-Tip debuts at No. 2 with his sophomore solo set titled The Renaissance.

The album, which features apperances from D'Angelo and Rapheal Saddiq, scans 34,200 copies in its opening week.

Posted at No. 3 is Lil Wayne. Tha Carter III bags up 23,900 units this week. To date, the album has sold 2,648,600 copies.

Young Jeezy holds it down at the No. 4 spot. The Recession shifted 19,500 units this week. So far, the album has a total of 2,601,600 copies.

Sitting at No.5, The Game continues to keep registers ringing as L.A.X. scans 13,100 discs this week. The album's tally stands at 559,000.

M.I.A. refuses to budge from the No. 6 spot. Kala reels in 5,400 units this week. To date, the album has sold 379,900 copies.

The Kottonmouth Kings slide one spot down to No. 7. 5,300 folks picked up Green Album this week, bringing the album's total sales to 18,100.

Entering the charts at No. 8 is Atlanta rapper Unk with his sophomore album 2econd Season. The set sold 5,200 copies in its opening week.

Nelly slips two spots to No. 9. Brass Knuckles shelved out 5,200 copies this week, pushing it's total sales to 161,200.

Wrapping up the Top 10 is Daddy Yankee. Talento De Barrios cashed out 3,400 copies this week, bringing the album's total sales to 106,100.

Naturi Naughton Covers Jan King

Naturi Naughton From of 3LW and who can be seen playing Lil Kim in Biggie's movie "Notorious" this January pays homage to Queen B in King.

Kanye Says "Blueprint 3" Coming in February '09

Kanye West has confirmed Jay-Z's upcoming album, The Blueprint 3, is near completion and will drop early next year.

In a teleconference, Ye explained that him and Jay almost finished the album before his own 808s and Heartbreak disc.

"I'm constantly making music," Ye said. "We almost finished with Jay album. We was almost finished before I even dropped my album."

Despite Def Jam being unwilling to offer a definite release date or rough projection for his final required project on the label, Ye wasted no timing in revealing the album's due date in addition to other projects he's been working on.

"Jay album is coming in February," he explained. "It's a new [Lil'] Wayne special packaging coming before this Christmas and we got a new record on there together so we still go a bunch of sh*t coming."

Originally set to exclusively feature production by Timbaland, Ye was later chosen by Jay and most recently teamed with the hip-hop mogul for their post-election Barack Obama ode "History."

No official release date has been announced for the upcoming album.

Raekwon Promises Cuban Linx 2 In March

Raekwon hasn't released a studio album in five years, but the prospect of a follow up to his 1995 classic, Only Built for Cuban Linx, still generates a buzz in most Hip Hop circles. That anticipation was raised when Rae signed with Aftermath Entertainment in 2006, but the union has still failed to produce any new material from "The Chef."

Last week, Raekwon told HipHopOfficial that despite the well-documented delays of his labelmates, he does still intend to release Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2.

"Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2 is coming out in March of '09," Raekwon said. "I'm taking my time, and I'm doing this for the people, not for me."

Busta Rhymes was originally slated as an unofficial executive producer of the album. But after leaving Aftermath for Universal/Motown, it has not been announced who will fill his vacated role. Despite making headlines with his outspoken criticism of Rza's production on the last Wu-Tang Clan album, 8 Diagrams, Rae says his Wu-Tang brethren will definitely be involved in his upcoming effort.

"It's gonna be kinda ill coming back in the game and making people recognize what I do," Raekwon said. "I would never front on my crew with something we collectively made together. So, we definitely had to go and touch that up again."

Outkast's Big Boi On 'Law & Order'

Big Boi will be making a guest appearance on NBC’s Law & Order: SVU next week.

According to KBS Radio, Big Boi will play an aspiring rap artist named 'Gots Money' who becomes the focus of an investigation into an exotic animal smuggling ring.

The episode will air on Tuesday (November 18) at 20:00 p.m.

In related news, Big Boi will be releasing his solo album titled Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty next year.

The album will feature appearances from Andre 3000, Jadakiss, Raekwon, Ciara, T.I., George Clinton, Too Short, Big Rube, Chris Brown, and Backbone, among others.

Angie Martinez Interviews Swizz Beatz

Nov 11, 2008

Royce Da 5'9" Preps "Street Hop," For First Of 2009

Royce 5’9'' and his M.I.C. imprint are teaming up with One Records for the release of Royce’s highly-anticipated forthcoming solo-LP Street Hop, due out in the first quarter of 2009. The long awaited LP will be executive produced by none other than DJ Premier.

Street Hop will feature production from DJ Premier, Nottz, Green Lantern, Carlos Broady, Ski, Kay Gee and Emile, and guest appearances from Bun B, Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz and Crooked I amongst many others.

“This album will definitely show the world why I'm the one to watch right now. I'm happy about my new partnership between M.I.C and One Records, because it’s time to ignite the streets” says Royce.

“I’m ready to show all these other rappers just how wack they really are” he continues.

Fans of the Detroit MC can catch him on a nationwide tour he will be embarking on with D-12 and Joe Budden on November 12th thru the top of 2009.

A video for Street Hop’s lead-single, the DJ Premier-produced “Shake This,” will be released later this month.

Directed by Rik Cordero (responsible for Nas’ “The N Word”, Snoop Dogg’s “Neva Have 2 Worry” & The Roots “75 Bars”), this video will be the first of two collaborations between Royce and Cordero. “Shake This” will also be accompanied by the Carlos Broady produced B-Side single and video “Part Of Me."


Beyonce Wants To Play Wonder Woman

Beyonce has begun early talks of hitting the big screen as iconic heroine beauty, Wonder Woman.

"I want to do a superhero movie and what would be better than Wonder Woman," she told Times. "And it would be a very bold choice. A black Wonder Woman would be a powerful thing. It's time for that, right?"

According to the Los Angeles Times, the singer has already spoken with DC Comics and Warner Bros. studios to reveal her desire to portray the cherished character in her first superhero role dominated by male figures like Iron Man, Superman and The Incredible Hulk.

If chosen to portray and replace the Wonder Woman made popular on television in the 1970's by Lynda Carter, Beyonce would join the likes of other African American women modernizing past heroines like Eartha Kitt (Catwoman - Batman 1960's series) and Halle Berry (Storm - X-Men, Catwoman)

"After doing these roles that were so emotional I was thinking to myself, 'Ok, I need to be a superhero," she added. "Although, when you think about the psychology of the heroes in the films these days, they are still a lot of work, of course, and emotional. But there's also an action element that I would enjoy."

There is no official word on whether a live-action Wonder Woman film will be developed, though an animated film is slated for 2009.

50 Cent Stole A Dr. Dre Beat From Eminem?

Recently, 50 Cent explained that he had spent some time over in Detroit at Eminem's home to work on a few songs together - one of which yielded the highly anticipated "Norman Bates Motel".

Now, 50 is revealing more details of the visit, saying he literally stole a beat from Eminem's computer. "I did a song produced by Dr. Dre," 50 said to MTV News. "I got the production from Detroit, because Dre was working with Em right before I got out there. I just missed him. I went through Em's computer and found what I needed. Yes, I did. I got me the record I needed. I was like, 'Wait till they hear this.' I wrote it; Em heard it. He was like, 'You gotta keep that for yourself. This is too crazy.' First, I think he was gonna take it from me, then he was like, 'He gotta use that for himself.' "

50 added, "I think [Eminem's manager] Paul [Rosenberg] wanted him to take it."

The unnamed track should appear on 50's upcoming album Before I Self Destruct, which is tentatively scheduled for a December release.

Plies ‘Da REAList’ Official Cover and Tracklisting

in stores and online December 16th

Tracklist after the Jump

1. “Me & My Goons”
2. “Fuck U Gon’ Do ‘Bout It”
3. “Gotta Be”
4. “Want It, Need It” featuring Ashanti
5. “Plenty Money”
6. “Family Straight”
7. “Make a Move”
8. “2nd Chance”
9. “Spend the Night”
10. “Heard of Me”
11. “All Black”
12. “Street Light” featuring Sean Garrett
13. “I Chase Paper”
14. “Pants Hang Low”
15. “Co-Defendant”
16. “Put It On Ya” featuring Chris J

Wayne Hits The Road With T-Pain & Keyshia Cole, And Preps Dedication

MTV reports that Lil Wayne is set to headline an eigh-week nationwide tour featuring T-Pain, Keyshia Cole and Gym Class Heroes starting December 18th.

Wayne is also scheduled to release his highly anticipated Dedication 3 mixtape with DJ Drama Today(11/11). Similar to the two previous installments, the tape features Wayne rippinng known instrumentals like DJ Drama’s “The Art Of Storytelling Pt.4,” Soulja Boy’s “Shootouts” and Lil Jon and Too $hort’s “Dick Pleaser.”

The 23-track disc features guest verses on nearly every cut. But rather than collaborate with established artists, Weezy is mostly sharing mic time with Young Money and signees and affiliates, including Nicki Minaj, Drake, Gudda Gudda, Mack Maine and especially Jae Millz, who appears on nearly half of the records. Drama affiliates Willie Da Kid and LA The Darkman also appear numerous times on the tape.

Chamillionaire Returns To Spit ‘Venom’

Chamillionaire is taking aim at the charts once again with Venom, his third major label album to be released via his new Chamillitary/Universal Republic home. No official date has been announced.

The Houston rapper will celebrate the album’s pending release by dropping a new mixtape called Mixtape Messiah 5. The latest offering comes less than three months after the fourth installment of his popular Mixtape Messiah series. Fans can download it on November 23rd through his website. Cham’s “Swagga Like Us” freestyle can also be heard here.

Chamillionaire’s sophomore album, Ultimate Victory, debuted at No. 8 in September 2007 with 79,000 copies sold its first week.

Slim Thug - I Run

Release Dates For Kanye & Luda Pushed Up

Def Jam Records has reportedly pushed up the release date for the latest albums from Kanye West and Ludacris.

Kanye's 808s & Heartbreak and Luda's Theater of the Mind were initially set to hit shelves on November 25th (Tuesday) but will now be available on November 24th.

According to Billboard, Def Jam claims they want to capitalize on the Thanksgiving shopping weekend.

808s & Heartbreak will feature appearances from Lil Wayne and Kid Cudi while Theater of the Mind will feature appearances from T-Pain, Nas and Jay-Z , among others.

DJ Skee Presents Charles Hamilton - Sonic The Hamilton

"Sonic The Hamilton"
DJ Skee, Charles Hamilton
Tracklist and download after the jump

1.Enter The Hedgehog
2.Where's My Fcking Genesis
3.10 Minutes
4.Put Cash Up (w/ Snow "tails" Tufli
5.Ringtone Rap
6.Two Left Feet (Swaggerless Radio)
7.Fustration & Failed Suicide Attemps
8.Stir of Echoes or Sleeping Beauty
9.Baby Sonic
10.Lemme Know
12.Happy Ending
13.Fans Are Cool

Download here

Nov 10, 2008

Jadakiss - "Who Run This"

"Who Run This"

Big Daddy Kane Plans "Long Live The Kane" Celebration

Twenty years ago, Big Daddy Kane released his seminal Long Live The Kane debut on Prism Records, under the tutelage and production of Marley Marl. The Brooklyn emcee and icon gave fans an album that spawned classics such as "Set It Off" and "Ain't No Half Steppin.'"

In honor of the anniversary, Kane is planning a reportedly historic event this Friday to pay homage to his classic.

"Some legendary old school collaborations that have never been assembled live on stage [will be performing]," said J. Period, who will be joined by Biz Markie and Mister Cee behind the turntables at the event. J. Period made the acclaimed Best of Big Daddy Kane mixtape almost five years ago with the Juice Crew alum.

The event will be held at B.B. Kings in New York on Friday November 14th, with doors opening at 8pm.

Murda Mook & Oun P Freestyle

Ginuwine Back with Timbaland on New Album

Ginuwine reunites with Timbaland for his sixth studio album, slated for release in the first quarter of 2009. The R&B sensation reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart in 1996 with his Timbaland-produced hit “Pony.”

Now signed to Notifi Records with distribution through Warner Music Group, Ginuwine is ready to get back in the music game with his first album since 2005’s Back II Da Basics.

A lead single is expected next month.

Keyshia Cole Preps New Album, Developing Movie Based On Her Life

Keyshia Cole is currently gearing up to release her third solo album titled A Different Me.

According to Billboard, the set will be hitting shelves on December 16th and will feature production from Polow Da Don, the Runners, Neffu, Kwame, Orthodox & Ransom and the Trackmasters.

Cole recently released a video for the first single off the album called “Playa Cardz Right” which features Tupac Shakur.

“The first two albums were more ... painful,” Cole told Billboard . “It's a different me this time: a young woman who's still growing and finding myself, exploring life through different routes musically and in other areas. I wrote more about other people's situations than my own. I'm moving forward.”

Cole also revealed she is developing a movie based on her life. The singer will be working on a script with a screenwriter during 2009 .

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