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Dec 12, 2008

Eminem Talks Relapse, Denies 'Stan' Sequel

After months of being tightlipped about his highly anticipated Relapse album, Eminem recently revealed some details about his long awaited opus.

Last month, Swizz Beatz claimed that he had produced 5 songs on the Relapse album. One of the songs that Swizz said he had produced was a sequel to Eminem's 2000 hit "Stan".

"Stan", which was featured on Eminem’s second album The Marshall Mathers LP, told the story of a fan obsessed with the rapper who commits suicide.

In a recent interview with Billboard, Eminem shot down Swizz's claims and stressed that he hasn't collaborated with the famed producer.

"There isn't a 'Stan 2,' and there won't be," Eminem said. "Stan drove his car off a bridge and I'm not writing a song as Stan's ghost. That would just be really corny."

One producer that Eminem is definitely working with is Dr. Dre. Em divulged that Dre's platinum touch will be all over his eagerly awaited album.

"Me and Dre are back in the lab like the old days, man," Eminem explained. "Just him banging away on tracks and me getting that little spark that makes me write to it. I don't have chemistry like that with anyone else as far as producers go -- not even close. Dre will end up producing the majority of the tracks on Relapse.' We are up to our old mischievous ways ... let's just leave it at that."

Eminem also spoke on a song from Relapse that was leaked last week. The song, which was titled "Number One" by various mixtape DJ's, featured Eminem rapping as Dr. Dre.

According to Eminem, the leaked song was far from complete and it's real title is "Crack a Bottle".

The Detroit rapper revealed that he was doing guide vocals for Dre and the song fell into the wrong hands. Despite the leak, the song will still be appearing on Relapse.

"It wasn't close to finished. [It was] me doing guide vocals for Dre as a suggestion of how he could lay his verses down," Eminem said. "It's like someone catches you peeping in your window before you got the Spider Man costume all zipped up! Nobody is supposed to see that. We are gonna finish it up though and get it out there how it's supposed to be."

Eminem expects to have Relapse in stores next spring. He also revealed 50 Cent will be releasing Before I Self Destruct in February.

Dec 11, 2008

T.I. Already Plotting His Comeback

T.I.has had a successful year but one also filled with a variety of obstacles. 2008, which saw the Atlanta emcee drop one of the most notable albums of the year, will be followed by a trying 2009. T.I. may have to serve time in jail in March.

Regardless of the impending time to be served, T.I. is optimistic about his plans.

"Presumably, while I'm there, I'll be able to strategize my comeback," he said in a recent MTV interview. "All those days will be spent speaking to people who are interested in being in the T.I. business. Preparing myself for the days those doors open, when I put my feet back on the ground of the free world. It's just months of planning. It's just a long time to roll the project out. I ain't gonna just be sitting still doing nothing. The wheels will be turning, just the car ain't going nowhere."

This has not stopped him from working on a new album and a new movie.

"The film I'm producing over at New Line, For Sale, we're trying to put that together, and hopefully we'll be able to do that before March. We're getting offers every day, checking on our availability, on whether or not we'll be able to take advantage of certain opportunities, film-wise."

For Sale isn't the only movie set to be released with T.I. on the screen. Bone Deep will also be hitting theaters soon. Expect that film to be released in 2010, featuring Matt Dillon, Chris Brown and others.

Ron Browz Speaks With Jenny Boom Boom

Part 2 after the jump

Part 2

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Sued For $280K

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony have been handed a $280,000 lawsuit for reportedly not performing at a pre-booked venue in Washington last year.

According to TMZ, the Grammy-winning crew have been sued by the Jazz of Tacoma basketball team who claim the crew breached their contract after the money was handed over for an April 2007 performance.

"The defendants breached the agreement by failing to show up and perform -- [they] neither cancelled the engagement or returned any monies paid under the contract," the lawsuit reads. "The plaintiff has since that time done everything in its power to settle this matter without any good faith response by the defendants."

In addition to the $280K compensatory damages being requested, the team is also asking for attorney fees, declaratory and injunctive relief along with other compensation deemed by the court.

A rep for Bone Thugs N Harmony was unavailable at press time.

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I played the new Common feat Kanye, The New Foxy Brown feat. Mavado. also played the new Nas Somethings Foul and a gang of other new tracks. Went over Some news Like T.I. Signing Killer Mike, and Luda and Big Boi's Inaugural Ball. And as Always We had the "Makaveli Moment of the week"

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Dec 10, 2008

DJ Don Cannon Leaves Aphilliates

After working with the Aphilliates on an official album and countless mixtapes, DJ Don Cannon confirmed he left Aphilliates Music Group via press release yesterday. Cannon will now be managed by Disturbing Tha Peace co-founders Chaka Zulu and Jeff Dixon.

"The split is merely a business and creative difference, musically, nothing to do with the personal relationship. We are on good terms, and speak often," Cannon stated.

The press release also states Cannon and AMG officially parted ways back in January "due to business and creative differences for the vision of Cannon Music, LLC." In addition to the trademark "Cannon" drop found on many of his tracks, Cannon's production work includes "Everybody Hates Chris" by Ludacris, "Go Crazy" by Young Jeezy and 50 Cent's "Man Down." Together, Cannon and DJ Drama created critically acclaimed mixtapes such as Lil Wayne's Dedication series, T.I. and P$C Meet in the Streets and Young Jeezy's Trap or Die.

Cannon did the majority of his work behind the scenes as a co-CEO of Aphilliates Music Group. His name made headlines in 2007 when he and DJ Drama were arrested on charges of bootlegging and racketeering for making industry sanctioned mixtapes.

Since then, Cannon has done production and engineering work on dozens of albums. He was also named Mixtape Producer of the Year at the 11th Annual Mixtape Awards in May

T.I-Message To The Government

T.I-Message To The Government

leftover track from "Paper trail"

Rap Chart Movement: Ludacris Stays On Top, Scarface Makes His Last Debut

Ludacris' Theatre Of The Mind remains at the top of Billboard's 'Top Rap Albums Chart' this week by pushing 65,200 units.

After 3 weeks on the charts, Theatre Of The Mind has sold a total of 279,400 copies.

Legendary rapper Scarface debuts at No. 2 with his last solo effort Emeritus. The set, which features appearances from Lil Wayne and Bun B, pushes 42,200 discs in its opening week.

T.I. continues to keep registers ringing at No. 3. Paper Trail scanned 38,900 copies this week. So far, the album has sold a total of 1,342,700 discs.

Seated at No. 4 is Lil Wayne. The Carter III shifted 23,300 copies this week, bringing the album's total sales to 2,749,900.

Young Jeezy stays put at No. 5. The Recession reeled 12,800 units this week, pushing the album's total sales to 657,800.

Right behind him is E-40 at No. 6. Ball Street Journal scanned 5,600 units this week. To date, the album has sold 42,000 copies.

Posted at No. 7 is The Game. L.A.X. shelves off 8,200 CDs in its 16th week on the charts. So far, the album has sold 599,600 copies.

Holding fort at No. 8 is Q-Tip. The Renaissance ropes in 6,400 units this week, pushing the album's total to 73,600.

Ace Hood moves a spot up to No. 9. Gutta rakes in 6,200 discs this week. The album’s tally stands at 41,700.

Wrapping things up at No. 10 is South Park Mexican. Last Chair Violinist moves 4,800 units this week. So far, the album has sold 27,300 copies.

Soulja Boy, Charles Hamilton Exchange Words Via Video

In a recent interview with Shade 45 radio, rapper Charles Hamilton had Soulja Boy on his mind.

“Yeah, alright. [Soulja Boy's] a smart kid, he used the online marketing thing, whatever whatever. He had like a billion views on YouTube. Had a bunch of MySpace friends. He’s smart for using the business." Hamilton continued, "What the fuck does that have to do with him ruining the opportunity of people such as Corey Gunz, Mickey Factz, Kid Cudi to be accepted in the mainstream? I really don’t wanna hear it, honestly. And I’m not trying play Soulja Boy, but chill. It’s because of Soulja Boy that my day-to-day–the way I live, the Sonic the Hedgehog shit that’s dead real to me is considered a joke.”

Soulja Boy, upon seeing the video, responded with one of his own, addressing his Interscope label mate. “I don’t even know why I’m addressing this, nah this is why I’m addressing this, this doesn’t just goes out to Charles Hamilton the Sonic man, not just him, this goes out to all the rappers out there,” he said. “You’ve been grinding so hard, blahzay blahzay, you’re getting into your record label meetings and all you hear is Soulja Boy, Soulja Boy, Soulja Boy. Goddamn. Soulja Boy got 4 million views on YouTube. Soulja Boy just did this, Soulja Boy just did that, and in the back of your head you like 'fuck Soulja Boy.'”

The young rapper went on - first extending the olive branch then taking it back. "But in the back of my head, it's like 'fuck you!' But, you know what I'm saying, it ain't 'fuck you,' man. I'd rather share some advice [with] you than get on here and say, 'pussy, you don't want no beef'...You gonna have to go to the drawing board right. You know get out the magic marker, X out the Sonic and you might just wanna fuck with Mario."

DMX Nabbed By The Feds In Miami

Barley a day after an Arizona sheriff offered a $5000 reward for his arrest, troubled rapper DMX has reportedly been captured by federal agents in Miami.

As reported earlier, DMX missed a scheduled court appearance in Arizona on Friday (December 5) and a local judge issued a warrant for the rapper's arrest.

It was the second time that DMX had failed to appear in court and the judge also raised the rapper's bond to $120,000.

Yesterday (December 9), Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County offered a $5,000 reward to anyone with information that could lead to DMX's arrest.

According to MTV, DMX was arrested by FBI agents at a private residence in Miami yesterday afternoon (December 9). The rapper's lawyer, Charles Kolzelka, told reporters last week that his client had missed his court date because he was in rehab.

DMX will appear before a judge today (December 10) and will be sent to Arizona. He is facing a slew of charges in Arizona including drug possession, identity theft and animal cruelty.

Dec 9, 2008

T.I. On Shade45 Morning Show with Angela Yee

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Gun Shots Follow Mistah F.A.B. Concert

Two people were shot and rushed to a hospital following a "Merry Thizzmas II" hip-hop concert over the weekend in California.

According to the Press Democrat, the gun-related incident occurred late Saturday night shortly after rap performances at Petaluma's Phoenix Theater by Mistah F.A.B., J Diggs, Rydah J Klyde and Glasses Malone.

Initially beginning as a physical confrontation at the music venue, police official Jim Stephenson reportedly overheard gunshots before seeing nearly 50 fans flee the event's parking garage as two wounded men were discovered.

Both individuals were then taken to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital and treated for bullet wounds. No one has officially been charged or arrested as of today. Promoted as a hyphy and rap fused event, the venue is known for being an all-ages music hall and teen center.

Pharrell Pushes 'Bionic Yarn'

Pharrell Williams has reportedly joined forces with a New York based textile firm called Bionic Yarn to develop environmentally sustainable clothing.

According to Women's Wear Daily, Bionic Yarn has been making clothing from recyclable bottles in the past two years.

Williams is both an owner and investor in Bionic Yarn. He has already begun using it in his clothing lines which include Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream.

"I'm so interested with the technology behind this,” said Pharrell. "I am also very concerned with the environment and want to make a conscious effort to make it better.”

According to research by Bionic Yarn, 60 million plastic bottles go from the consumer to landfills to incinerators daily. It takes eighteen 1 liter recycled water bottles to make an average piece of luggage and it takes seven recycled plastic bottles to make a pair of average jeans.

"Our goal is to be the go-to fabric supplier," explained Pharrell "We want to provide quality fabrics that also happen to be sustainable. We want to do everything from high end luggage, to high end denim, to university caps and gowns to Parks Department uniforms. It’s a plus that the fabric brings environmen talism to a whole new level"

Sheriff Offers $5000 Reward For DMX's Capture

Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona is reportedly offering a $5,000 reward to anyone with information that could lead to the capture and arrest of rapper DMX.

As reported earlier, DMX missed a scheduled court appearance in Maricopa County on Friday (December 5) and a local judge issued a warrant for the rapper's arrest.

It was the second time that DMX had failed to appear in court and the judge also raised the rapper's bond to $ 120,000.

"This guy is a major annoyance to the criminal justice system," Arpaio said. "But we will track him down, and he will face a different kind of music in a court of law."

Arpaio promotes himself as 'America's Toughest Sheriff' and is controversial for the way he runs Maricopa County jails. Arapio makes inmates wear pink underwear and pink handcuffs.

DMX is facing a slew of charges in Arizona including drug possession, identity theft and animal cruelty.

Charles Kolzelka, DMX's lawyer, revealed Friday that the rapper missed his court appearance last week because he is currently in drug rehabilitation at an undisclosed location.

Grafh - You're Welcome

Dec 8, 2008

'8 Mile' Actor Commits Suicide

De'Angelo Wilson, the Dayton bred actor who portrayed the role of 'DJ Iz' in Eminem's debut film 8 Mile, reportedly committed suicide in Los Angeles late last month.

According to the Dayton Daily News, Wilson hung himself in the back room of a Los Angeles business on November 26th. He was 29.

Wilson's mother revealed to The Dayton Daily News that her son had become depressed because he couldn't score other movie roles after appearing in two major films, 8 Mile and Antwone Fisher.

"His career kind of failed, and I think he was beating himself up. Things were real down and he just didn't know how to pick himself up," said Wilson's mother, Debra. "I talked to him about a month and a half ago, he wasn't good ... I was real worried about him."

During the filming of Antwone Fisher, Wilson established a relationship with the real-life Antwone Fisher who described Wilson as a friendly person.

"He was a good guy, a fun guy, a great guy to be around." Fisher said. "It's just really hard to understand."

Freeway - Hustlaz Prayer

Big Boi, Ludacris, Others Unite For Urban Ball Inaugural Celebration

Ludacris and Big Boi are teaming up. The Atlanta duo is reportedly putting together a show for President-elect Barack Obama. According to a variety of reports, Ludacris and Big Boi have joined forces to host the Urban Ball, part of the American Music Inaugural Balls, an event set to take place in Washington, D.C. on January 20.

T-Pain, David Banner, Cedric the Entertainer, Bobby Valentino, Lil Jon, The Cheetah Girls, Monica and Fantasia Barrino are confirmed to perform, according to various news outlets. Former NBA players Alonzo Mourning, Kenny "The Jet" Smith and Jalen Rose are also said to be confirmed to attend.

It will be connected to a Legends Ball which will also take place. Artists confirmed for that event include iconic artists like Chaka Khan, George Clinton, The Temptations, Kirk Franklin, and Harold Melvin & Blue Notes. It's to be hosted by Dionne Warwick and Yolanda Adams.

Tickets for the Urban Ball are said to cost about $350 while tickets for the Legends Ball will be more around $450. But, a combo pack can be purchased for tickets to both Balls for $650.

Dionne Warwick released a statement on the event.

"Music is a universal language that brings people of all colors, of all faiths, of all ethnicities from all over the globe together in unity, like Barack's campaign proved can be done in America and worldwide. So why not a ball that represents this, or rather two balls that collectively show how American Music can unify us?"

"I want to give the public a 'people's ball'...that is to say I want the tickets 'affordable' so that a family can come together, that a son can bring his 'grandmother, or a mother can bring her children, or the grandparent can bring the grandchild...I don't want a $1000 ticket at these balls."

In a press release, Luda also spoke on the event.

"I was extremely honored to learn that President-elect Obama was a fan of mine. I am certainly a big fan of his. That's why it is such a great privilege to chair the 'Urban Ball'. We have done our part to elect a great leader; now we are coming together to celebrate his accomplishment and to ring in the new era and share the hope he has inspired in us. It is a beautiful thing to be a part of a history. Look at what happens when people come together and focus on our possibilities rather than our differences."

Andre 3000 Sued For $2 Mil, Suit Alleges "Class Of 3000" Was Stolen

Andre 3000, along with Cartoon Network and Turner Broadcasting, is facing a $2 million lawsuit for copyright infringement and breach of contract claims stemming from Andre's "Class of 3000" cartoon series.

According to the Boston Herald, local postal worker Timothy McGee alleges the "characters, artwork, storylines [and] concepts" from Dre's Emmy-winning Cartoon Network series were all based on his ideas for an earlier project called "The Music Factory."

"The artist known as Andre '3000' Benjamin was credited with the creation, executive production and starring role in 'Class of 3000,'" the lawsuit reads. "The similarities between the expression of Mr. McGee's work in 'The Music Factory' and that of 'Class of 3000' are sufficiently detailed and pervasive."

While Dre's cartoon debuted November 2006, McGee claims he offered his series pitch to Cartoon Network executive Michael Lazzo in 1997 before being rejected. With both projects set in Atlanta's music scene and sharing similar characters including a "tough full-of-attitude female" character, his attorney Jerrold Neeff expects compensation.

"We've requested $2 million in damages thus far," Neeff told the Boston Herald. "The rest remains to be seen."

In addition, McGee has claimed misappropriation of trade secrets and is requesting damages to including all the profits from the show's two seasons. Cartoon Network and Turner Broadcasting have also been included in the lawsuit. A rep for Dre and Cartoon Network/Turner Broadcasting was unavailable for comment at press time.

Common Creates 'Softwear' For Microsoft

Common has linked up with computer giant Microsoft to create a line of T-shirts called 'Softwear'.

According to Advertising Age, the T-shirt line features typefaces and fonts that were used by Microsoft in its early years and also includes mug shot tees of the company's founder Bill Gates.

The shirts will be hitting select stores on December 15th.

Lil Wayne Documentary To Premiere At Sundance Festival

Lil Wayne's highly anticipated documentary The Carter will be debuting at the prestigious Sundance film festival next year.

Various films and documentaries that have premiered at the annual festival in the past years have gone on to be blockbuster successes.

The 2009 Sundance Festival will take place in Utah's Park City from January 15th -January 25th 2009.

The Carter, which was directed by acclaimed director Adam Bhala Lough, will give fans an in-depth look into the life and career of Lil Wayne. (to see the trailer click here)

Young Buck To Sign With Grand Hustle?

Rumors have been circulating the net over the past weeks that T.I. is interested in signing Young Buck to his Grand Hustle label.

Earlier this year, 50 Cent booted Young Buck from G-Unit after the Memphis bred rapper began distancing himself from the crew and claiming in various interviews that he hadn’t been paid by for his work.

T.I. addressed the rumor of signing Young Buck to MTV recently.......

T.I. addressed the rumor of signing Young Buck to MTV recently saying that he would be interested to sign the former G-Unit rapper to his label but they haven't had any negotiations.

"Buck is a personal partner of mine," T.I. said. "We've spoken, about a month or two ago, but we didn't iron out no particulars. I would definitely be willing to speak to Buck about that, but I haven't."

Despite Buck not being with the G-Unit crew as a performer, he is still under contract to release albums under the G-Unit imprint. For Buck to join Grand Hustle, T.I. would have to buy out Buck’s contract from 50 Cent.

"That's why I would have to speak to Buck first,” explained T.I. "I haven't even begun to deliberate. I haven't even started the conversation with, 'What would it take to get you over here.' That's just the conversation that's been floating around the rumor mill. When I spoke to him, it was more, 'Hey, how you doing?' speaking as partners. We didn't speak professionally. Just him making sure I was all right. Him asking me how I'm feeling, me asking the same of him.

T.I. also has his eyes set on signing fellow Atlanta rapper Killer Mike.

"I have been speaking to [Killer Mike] about connecting and moving forward professionally together," T.I. said. "Mike is an outstanding lyricist and phenomenal talent and very intelligent individual. We get along very well. Always have. It's a real organic fit."

If Young Buck and Killer Mike sign to Grand Hustle they will be joining a roster that includes 8Ball & MJG, Young Dro and B.O.B., among others.

Jay-Z feat M.C. Lyte-BK Anthem

Jay-Z feat M.C. Lyte-BK Anthem

Off The "NOTORIOUS" soundtrack

50 Cent Named 2008's Top Music Earner

Despite lacking record sales and even more lack luster movie performances 50 Cent has been named 2008's top music earner by Forbes Magazine.

According to reports, 50 has topped international superstars Jay-Z, Madonna and Beyonce and emerged as this year's biggest earning musical performer.

The rapper and entrepreneur brought in an estimated $151 million from June 2007 to June 2008. British Rock band The Police came in second earning an estimate $115 million, while Jay-Z placed third with an estimated $82.6 million. Beyonce fell shy of third place with $80 million and The Beatles rounded up the top five earning $51.6 million.

According to Forbes, over the past 12 months, 50 has added $150 million to his substantial coffers. He hawks clothing, sneakers, videogames, movies, ringtones and flavored water. Fif has even met with billionaire mining baron Patrice Motsepe in South Africa in hopes of forging a joint venture that could soon bring him an equity stake in the mine--and 50 Cent-branded platinum to the world.

"I've got a diverse portfolio--things that people wouldn't actually expect me to be involved in," Fif is quoted as saying.

Fif's last solo album, Curtis, sold approximately 691,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release, making it the lowest first week sales of his career with Get Rich or Die Tryin' selling 872,000 and The Massacre moving 1.4 million copies. As of October 2008, Curtis has sold 1.34 million copies in the United States.


UNCUT Knockout Of The Week *Nicole Marie*

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Dec 7, 2008

J.Khrist "Time's Up"

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Judge Tosses Drug & Battery Charges Against Suge Knight

A Las Vegas judge has dismissed drug and battery charges against hip-hop mogul Marion "Suge" Knight.

A court spokesman says Justice of the Peace Abbi Silver dismissed the charges without prejudice Friday (December 5). Knight's attorney David Chesnoff says the prosecution had "witness problems."

Knight had been charged with two counts of felony drug possession and one count of misdemeanor battery.

Police say they had seen the founder of Death Row Records beating a woman while brandishing a knife near the Las Vegas Strip in August.

The district attorney's office has filed a notice with the court indicating they were likely to seek a grand jury indictment.