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Jan 17, 2009

Saigon Responds To Joe Budden Diss

Jadakiss Taps Lil Wayne & Young Jeezy For 'Last Kiss'

Jadakiss is currently gearing up for the release of his Rocafella/Def Jam debut titled The Last Kiss.

According to Billboard, the album will feature appearances from Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, Ne-Yo and Faith Evans.

Production on the set is supplied by Pharrell Williams, Mr. Porter, Pharrell Williams, Red Spider and Black Keys, among others.

Tracklist after the jump

In stores on March 10th.


1. Pain & Torture

2. Something Else ft Young Jeezy

3. Things I've Been Through

4. Can't Stop Me [Listen]

5. Money & Jewelry

6. Smoking Gun ft Jazmine Sullivan

7. Times Up ft Barrington Levy

8. I Tried ft Avery Storm

9. Searching ft Sheek Louch

10. Two Step ft Pharrell Williams

11. Come And Get Me ft Sheek Louch & S.I.

12. By My Side ft Ne-Yo

13. Death Wish ft Lil Wayne

14. Letter To B.I.G. ft Faith Evans

Jackie O On The Cover Of Smooth Magazine

(Ed note: Damn!)

Rick Ross Departs From Slip-N-Slide, Promises Diss Track On New Album

Rick Ross recently revealed that he has cut ties with his long-time label Slip-N-Slide Records and he will be releasing his next effort via his own imprint, Maybach Music Group.

Ross' upcoming third solo album is titled Deeper Than Rap and the rapper revealed he will be releasing two singles off the projects in the coming weeks, "Mafia Music" and "I'm The Magnificent" featuring R&B crooner John Legend.

Ross divulged to MTV that "Mafia Music” will cause a stir because he targets certain individuals on the song.

"[Mafia Music] is gonna cause a lot of problems," Ross explained. "It's a scathing four-and-half-minute nonstop flow, me being autobiographical about my life and my come-up and my triumph. Of course, I had to address a few things, I had to address a few people. I love it. The thing is, some people are gonna be - um - they're gonna be f---ed up. That's the best way I can put it."

Deeper Than Rap is slated to hit shelves in April.

All Access Jadakiss Interview

Rap Chart Movement: T.I.'s Reign Continues, Lil Wayne & Ludacris Slide

For the third week in a row, T.I. remains at the top of Billboard's 'Top Rap Albums Chart'.

Paper Trail shifted 22,300 discs this week, pushing its total to 1,576,600 copies.

Kanye West takes the top spot on Billboard's 'Top R&B Albums Chart' this week.

808's & Heartbreak shelved off 50,400 discs this week, pushing the album's total sales to 1,145,300 copies.

The latest instalment of the Total Club Hits series debuts at No. 2. The set, which features hits from Plies, Flo Rida and Shawty Lo, scanned 19,700 copies in its opening week.

Thanks to Total Club Hits, Ludacris and Lil Wayne both get bumped down a spot.

Theater Of Mind lands at No.3 moving 18,800 CDs this week. So far, the album has sold a total of 489,200.

Tha Carter III slipped to No. 4 . The album moved 17,700 units this week, pushing its total to 2,918,100.

Posted at No. 5 is Plies. Da Realist shelved off 14,100 discs this week. So far, the set has sold 206,200 copies.

Young Jeezy stays put at No. 6. The Recession ringed out 10,400 copies this week, pushing the album's total to 729,700.

Right behind the 'Snowman' is Common at No. 7. Universal Mind Control bagged up 9,500 units this week. The album's tally stands at 175,900.

Holding fort at No. 8 is Soulja Boy. ISouljaBoyTellEm continues to struggle as only 6,200 folks picked up the set this week. After 4 weeks, the album has only sold 98,300 copies.

Seated at No. 9 is The Game. L.A.X. cashed out 5,900 copies this week, pushing the album's total sales to 649,300.

M.I.A. wraps things up at No. 10. Kala bags up 4,500 copies this week. So far, the album has sold 429,200 units.

Dipset on the Cover XXL

50 Cent's Vitamin Water Sued For Deceiving Consumers

Coca Cola's Vitamin Water line which is endorsed by 50 Cent has reportedly been sued for deceiving consumers by claiming to be a healthy alternative to sodas.

According to The Associated Press, The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) filed the lawsuit against Coca Cola this week claiming that the beverage company misleads consumers into thinking that the drink boosts health and reduces risk of illness but does the opposite.

CSPI claims Coke labelled Vitamin Water with words such as "energy, "revive" and "endurance" to deceive its consumers.

"The 33 grams of sugar in each bottle of Vitamin Water do more to promote obesity, diabetes and other health problems than the vitamins in the drinks do to perform the advertised benefits listed on the bottles," the CSPI said in a statement.

"Vitamin Water is Coke's attempt to dress up soda in a physician's white coat. Underneath, it's still sugar water, although sugar water that costs about 10 bucks a gallon," CSPI's Steve Gardner told The Associated Press.

A 20 ounce of Coke sells for about $1.40 while a 20 ounce of Vitamin Water sells for $1.50

The lawsuit was brought about by James Koh of S an Francisco who claims he used Vitamin Water during his occasional workouts. CSPI are serving as his co-counsel in the case against Coca Cola.

"I was attracted to [Vitamin Water] by the prospect of getting extra vitamins, but I had no idea that I was actually getting almost a Coke's worth of sugar and calories," Koh said in a statement. "There’s no way I would have spent money on that, had I known"

Coca-Cola bought the Vitamin Water line from Glacéau (Energy Brands) in 2007 for 4.1 billion. Prior to its acquisition by Coke, 50 Cent had a share in Glacéau and reportedly profited lucratively after its purchase by the soda giant.

The rapper has endorsed the drink in his videos and in television and print advertisements.

A marketing director for Coke dismissed the lawsuit when contacted Friday (January 16).

"It's crazy to suggest Coke is being misleading," said Coca-Cola marketing director Lucie Austin. "This case has nothing to do with public interest and everything to do with a typical publicity stunt".

Slim Thug feat. Yelawolf - I Run

DMX Speaks From Jail, Takes On Preaching And Vows Never To Return To Arizona

DMX recently revealed that he will finally be taking on preaching and also vowed to never return to Arizona where he currently faces more jail time for various crimes.

As reported earlier, DMX is currently in an Arizona jail awaiting sentencing on charges of animal cruelty, identity theft and drug possession. The rapper plead guilty to the charges earlier this month and is expected to serve at least 90 days behind bars.

DMX, who hails from New York, has lived in Arizona for the past few years but a chunk of his time in the state has been dogged with numerous run-ins with the law.

In an interview with My FOX Phoenix tuesday (January 13), the rapper described what drew him to state before his troubles began.

"When I first came to Arizona, I remember one day coming from the studio at six in the morning and pulled over on the highway just to watch the sunrise. It was at that point I fell in love with Arizona,” DMX explained “I said 'You know what, this has to be God's country'. I had never seen anything beautiful as that sunrise. I loved the scenery and the freedom it initially gave a person. We had four wheelers, we rolled the trails...then I met the devil in God's country."

DMX then vowed he would not be returning to Arizona after he is released from jail. The house that the rapper bought in the state in 2003 was foreclosed and put up for the sale earlier this month.

"I'm not looking back. I'm not coming back for a show, I'm not coming back for a visit, I'm not even driving through the states. If I’m in a plane and they have to fly over, I'm gonna go around it," the rapper said with laugh.

When asked if there were certain things in Arizona that drove him to trouble, DMX implied that the state's law enforcements have had it in for him.

"I was never arrested at the scene of any crime, they always came and arrested me for something. It was always 'let’s get an arrest warrant for this guy".

DMX, who has repeatedly shown his spiritual side on his albums, revealed that his time in jail has drawn him closer to his calling of being a pastor and he will be releasing a gospel album and a TV show focusing on him reaching out to people.

"I'm gonna start a TV show while I’m in here [titled] Pain and Perseverance," explained DMX. "It's about how I can reach people that the average person can't reach because I’m grounded. I'm gonna give my first sermon in church. It's gonna be incredible for me and I hope it’s gonna be incredible for the congregation of that church . I hope I'm able to reach somebody or touch somebody and bring them closer to the Lord."

When asked whether he will be turning his back on his earlier material and keeping it away from his children due to his new take on life, DMX responded: "No I [wont]. I encourage [my kids] to listen but they know what not to say. You can’t hide something from a child because that only gets them more curious about it.”

“What you do is say 'this is what is and this aint for you'. You can't hide things because when they find out they say 'It must be good because my father hid it from me all this time, he must wanted it for himself'. I tell them what it is,” he added. "I tell them, 'You touch it I’ll break your arm'. If you get curious come talk to me about it because I've already been through it."

CurT@!n$ - The Dope Supremacy

Jan 13, 2009

B.o.B - I'll Be In The Sky

Bishop Lamont Calls Out Snoop Dogg & Ice Cube

Bishop Lamont is so angered by the lack of support he has received from West Coast veterans Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg that he has decided to attack both rappers on an upcoming collaborative album titled No Country For Old Men.

Lamont claims that every notable rapper from his coast has acknowledged or supported him expect Snoop and Ice Cube.

Lamont isn’t the only who feels the same way, so the Aftermath rapper joined forces with fellow West Coast emcees Crooked I and Glasses Malone to form a super group to release No Country For Old Men independently.

"It's about setting the record straight on all the politics and hating that goes on over here and in the industry, period," Lamont explained about the project. " It's gonna set the new level of where music is supposed to go across the board."

"Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg be hating on us," he continued. "Phony sh-- that goes on with these n---as that's supposed to be legends. We're gonna put all this sh-- out there. They got egos. I grew up with [Snoop] — I love dude, but music and money changes everything. We're going in. We love you n---as and look up to you n---as, but you n---as ain't got the same love for us. What we supposed to do? We helped you n---as go gold, go platinum, go worldwide. We were the ones buying them records. We were the ones going to them shows, believing in you."

"It ain't an 'old versus young' thing, because Battlecat, Warren G, Kurupt, Daz, all these n---as support us," Lamont stressed." Why doesn't Snoop support us? Why doesn't Ice Cube support us? Cypress Hill supports us. Why does Dre stay relevant and he's been here for 22 years? He stays involved with new n---as. He extends the legacy. You got Xzibit, all these n---as riding with us and you wanna hate?"

"We're coming for that money," he added. "That old mentality of doing business and having n---as ghost-write for you and paying them crumbs and giving n---as bogus deals, all that is getting smashed out."

Lamont, who signed to Aftermath in 2005, has seen the release of his debut album The Reformation repeatedly delayed. The rapper revealed to MTV that he expects his album to hit shelves after Dr. Dre releases Detox this year.

A release date for No Country For Old Men was not revealed.

Ca$his & Young De - In God's Hands

Lil Wayne Saves Hometown Basketball Court

Lil Wayne returned to his hometown of New Orleans this weekend to celebrate the re-opening of a basketball court that he played in during his childhood.

According to WWLTV, Hollygrove's Harrell Playground had been damaged by Hurricane Katrina and Lil Wayne donated $200,000 to help rebuild its basketball court and other sections of the park.

The rapper was joined by New Orleans Hornets superstar Chris Paul at the basketball court's re-opening on Saturday (January 10).

"I played for this park and I'm gonna do whatever it takes to make sure y'all play for this park,” Lil Wayne told children in attendance.

DJ Drama Brawls With Members Of Young Jeezy's CTE Crew

DJ Drama reportedly got into an altercation yesterday (January 12) with a group of people affiliated with Young Jeezy's Corporate Thugz Entertainment imprint (CTE).

According to Allhiphop, the incident occurred Monday at the screening of the Notorious B.I.G. biopic in Atlanta.

La The Darkman, president of Aphilliates Music Group, revealed that Drama walked away from the altercation unharmed.

"There was a little scuffle. At a movie screening," La explained. "A little thing that got handled. Fake thugs with low self esteem want to pick on the DJ’s. We definitely didn't initiate this though. DJs don't go looking for beef with fake gangstas."

The tension between the Aphilliates camp and the CTE crew was sparked after footage of Jeezy screaming "Fuck DJ Drama" leaked on the net.

Jeezy has yet to reveal why he attacked Drama while Drama has publicly revealed that there was a misunderstanding between the two but he has refused to reveal the root of their spat.

This marks the second time that members of both camps have had an altercation.

La the Darkman and members of CTE got into an altercation at the Dirty Awards in Atlanta last year.

Charlie Baltimore Says Lil Kim Is 'Delusional'

The upcoming release of Notorious B.I.G.'s movie continues to rehash the rivalry between the women who were a part of the late rapper's life.

Earlier this month, Lil Kim threatened to expose Biggie's mother (Voletta Wallace) and his widow Faith Evans for failing to involve her in the production of the rapper's forthcoming biopic Notorious and allowing the debasing of her character in the film.

Kim also revealed disappointment in Faith for implying in her memoir (Keep The Faith) that she was not Biggie's girlfriend but rather a girl on the side.

Charlie Baltimore, who dated Biggie for two years, seems to back Faith's claims that Kim may have not had a special part in Biggie's heart.

In a recent interview with Yo! Raps, Baltimore recalled her relationship with Biggie and claims that the rapper did not view Kim as his girlfriend and rarely mentioned her.

Baltimore would go in to detail revealing that Biggie spent more time with her and showered her with pricey gifts in comparison to what he gave Lil Kim.

"Kim goes out of her way to say she was B.I.G.'s girl. No, Kim wasn't his girl! Straight up! She wasn't! She benefited from the situation because she became Lil Kim. She has a career and she's grateful to a nigga for helping her in that aspect, but she was never his girl!," Baltimore stressed.

“If you're running around constantly saying it, you would think a person with half a brain would say... that don't sound right! That's like Faith constantly walking around saying Oh! I was B.I.G.'s wife! Like... we know you were his wife. You don't have to say it 100,000 times." Baltimore continued.

"Everybody that was around during that era knows I wasn't some jawn [B.I.G.] was dealing with. B.I.G. and I were together. He bought me a car. I mean niggas wasn't doing stuff for no reason. It was no game!," Baltimore added. "Kim on the other hand, I don't know what the hell she thought or maybe she's delusional as to what B.I.G. and her had going on. I don't know."

"A lot of people profited off of B.I.G.'s death but that was never ever my intention. And that's why I don't talk about it because I feel like there's no need to. I don't want to profit off of somebody's death." Baltimore continued. "My first [record] deal, that's basically what they wanted me to do," Baltimore revealed. "They wanted me to constantly discuss B.I.G. I was like, I'm not doing it! That's not what he would want and I know him. We were together for 2 years. I think that people who should discuss it should be his mother, his wife or maybe his best friends. So other than that, I don't feel as though nobody should be running around here claiming all this shit on B.I.G. because B.I.G. didn't really like none of them like that!"

Baltimore would also reveal that Lil Kim caused a spectacle at Biggie's funeral.

"I remember being at the funeral and Lil Kim fell out on the floor and I was just like "Yo! What the fuck!" Like, Faith was up there singing and she was very composed and very respectful. And here goes Lil Kim on the floor and she starts rolling around on the floor!," Baltimore recalled. "I was like "What the fuck is going on?" I was in the back, in the cut. I remember this girl Lil Kim walked up and damn near jumped in the casket! I was like "Yo! This shit is crazy!" It was like a circus!"

"I've been through a lot of deaths and I've seen a lot of people get killed. I've been to a lot of funerals and I've never seen anybody actually get into the aisle and roll!," she continued. " If anybody should've been doing that it should've been Faith! Faith was up there singing, you know, it ain't like she was crying. She was singing like this was her way of respecting her husband. Meanwhile, Kim was rolling on the floor".

During the interview, Baltimore shot down rumours that she dated Jay-Z but admitted to have dated Maino. She also revealed she is still signed to Murder Inc. and plans on releasing a project via the label in the near future.

Jim Jones - Byrdgang Swagger

Jan 12, 2009

Kanye West to Pose Nude??

After pushing the boundaries of what is considered “Hip Hop” with his latest album, "808s & Heartbreak", Kanye West wants to push the boundaries of what’s considered acceptable. The rapper/producer now wants to bare it all in a nude photo shoot.

Before Kanye takes it off for the camera, however, he wants to make sure he’s pleasing to the eye.

"I definitely feel, like, in the next however many years, if I work out for two months, that I'll pose naked,” West told Vibe.

West adds that he’s not necessarily looking for attention, but wants to challenge American and black culture norms.

“I break every rule and mentality of hip-hop, of black culture, of American culture.”
Though a potential nude spread from West would challenge norms, the star also knows it would dominate the headlines—more so than other celebrities who have done the same thing.

"If [Bjork] wanted to pose naked, you'd (public and media) be like, 'Oh, that's Bjork.' But if I wanted to pose naked, people would draw all type of things into it.”

If Kanye goes through with the photos, the Chicago representer will be following in the footsteps of several rappers. Big Daddy Kane jumped off the trend, posing with Madonna and Naomi Campbell.

Ice-T followed suit several years ago, posing nude with his wife Coco for an album cover.


Maino - Letter To Pac

Maino - Letter To Pac
(Ed note: Oh Yea, 'Pac is the Greatest M.C. of All time.)

Busta Rhymes -Back on My B.S. Cover

in stores February 10th

Kid Cudi Lands A Role In HBO Series

Kid Cudi has landed a role in an upcoming HBO series titled How To Make It America.

The show, which will be executive produced by Mark Wahlberg, focuses on a group of New York based twenty-somethings trying to achieve the American dream.

Cudi made the revelation of landing a role on the show via his blog and divulged that his character on the show is partly based on him.

"My character's name is Domingo Dean and he's good friends with the main characters, Ben (played by Bryan Greenberg) and Cam (played by Victor Rasuk)," Cudi wrote. " My role is def comic relief and then some, I’m so excited.”

"[They] let me name my character since it’s roughly based on me, so I decided to name him after my two older brothers, Domingo Mescudi and Dean Mescudi," he added.

Cudi is signed to Kanye West's G.O.O.D Music label. He gained a major buzz in 2008 thanks to his single "Day 'N' Nite" and also appeared on West’s 808’s & Heartbreak.

Cudi plans to release his debut album titled Man on the Moon: The Guardians later this year.

UNCUT Knockout Of The Week *Dymond*

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Judge Assigned To C- Murder's Trial, Delay Expected

After being turned down by three judges, C- Murder's re-trial has been assigned to a new judge.

As reported earlier, three judges refused to preside over the rapper's trial because of their prior involvement in the case.

C Murder, born Corey Miller, is accused of killing sixteen year old Steve Thomas in 2002 during a brawl at the defunct Platinum Club in Louisiana.

He has been under house arrest awaiting re-trail since his initial murder conviction was overturned in 2006.

The judge who was initially presiding over C-Murder's case, Martha Sassone, lost the re-election bid for her seat to Judge Ellen Kovach in November 2008.

During the election run, Kovach harshly criticized Sassone for letting C-Murder out of jail and accused her of giving the rapper preferential treatment.

Kovach refused to hear C-Murder's case earlier this week saying that her campaign and judicial ethics would be scrutinized if she presided over it.

The case was then allotted to two other judges, Conn Regan and Lee Faulkner, who both also refused to hear the case because of their ties to C-Murder's case.

Before becoming a judge, Faulkner was appointed by Sassone in 2002 to represent C- Murder while Regan had "direct supervision" over the rapper's case when he was chief of trials at the district attorney's office.

According to The Times Picayune, C-Murder's trial was assigned to Judge Hans Liljeberg on Friday (January 10). Liljeberg held a meeting with C- Murder's lawyer and the lead prosecutor hours after he was assigned the case.

Both attorneys declined to comment when they left Liljeberg's office.

Prior to leaving office, Sassone had set C-Murder's trial to begin on Monday (January 12) but court insiders project that it will be delayed.