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Feb 5, 2009

Forbes Name 50 and Oprah Top Black Earners

50 cent made the Forbes "Top 3 Earning Black American Stars" list in quite an impressive fashion. He was succeded only by Oprah Winfrey, who earned an estimate $275million between June of 2007 to June 2008.

The entrepeneur has an XM radio satellite show, a self-titled magazine, and an active production company. Later this year, she'll roll out the Oprah Winfrey Network.

50 was not far behind though as he cashed in a $100 million cut from the sale of Vitamin Water to Coca Cola. Forbes says he earned an impressive $151 million during the same period.

The Southside, Jamaica, Queens rep, holds on to the G-Unit clothing line, a record label, films, video games, and platinum albums in his empire.

Coming in 3rd was Tyler Perry. The writer, actor, director and producer earned a cool $125 million.

Capone-N-Noreaga Freestyle

Lupe Fiasco Shelves LupE.N.D Indefinitely, New LP Coming In June

Fans of Lupe Fiasco awaiting his long anticipated triple-lp, LupE.N.D., are going to need a little more patience with the rapper. According to the "Superstar" hitmaker, LupE.N.D. has been shelved indefinitely.

"Due to circumstances beyond my control, the album roll out has changed radically.

LUPE.N.D. has been postponed indefinitely!!! As a matter of fact consider it canceled until further notice"
Lupe writes on his blog.

" what now??? Actually an album is still coming in June...Thats Right!!!...Drum Roll Please...

"THE GREAT AMERICAN RAP ALBUM" Yeah that's the new title..."
he continues.

Of course this isn't all bad news however as Lupe is still billing LupE.N.D. to be his final piece of work before he retires. In other words, no LupE.N.D., no retirement.

Lil Cease & Cardan OnDaSpot Freestyle

Snoop & Lil Wayne Co-Sign Crips And Bloods Documentary

QDIII, the man behind the Beef DVD series and Tupac Shakur: Thug Angel, recently released his latest project, Crips and Bloods: Made In America, an award- winning documentary about two of South Los Angeles’ most notorious gangs.

Along with QDIII, who is credited as an executive producer, the film has several other big name producers connected to the project including NBA player Baron Davis and Jessica Alba’s husband Cash Warren, among others. Directed by Stacy Peralta (Dogtown & Z-Boys) and narrated by Forrest Whitaker, the film is currently opening up across the nation in select theaters.

Snoop Dogg and Lil Wayne recently went on the record to endorse the flick. “This movie is showing us that we need to stop doing what we doing and become one and start doing for each other because they’re taking everything away from us slowly but surely,” Snoop said.

“If you watch this and if you don’t watch this just know that it is serious and it is important,” Wayne added.

For more information and showtimes peep

Eve Says New Album Coming This Year

In an interview with the New York Post’s PopWatch blog, the Female MC blamed her disc’s repeated setbacks on her “whole music label situation” with Interscope, but said it should finally surface this spring or summer.

Initially set to hit stores in 2007 under the title Here I Am, the rapper/actress said the LP has undergone many changes. “It won’t be called ‘Here I Am’ anymore,’ she said. “Now it’s called ‘Flirt.’” In addition Eve says the music will be a lot more positive then her original effort. “I had to get in there and put in some upbeat music that I wasn’t depressed about,” she said of the new tracks. “It’s fun, it’s sexy, it’s totally me. Imagine if ‘Tambourine’ had kids — that’s what the CD sounds like.”

Despite the constant rescheduling and the new musical direction of the album, the former Ruff Ryder is confident that she won’t disappoint. “I am truly, truly sitting on some amazing music.”

Source xxl

Jim Jones Pleads Not Guilty In Assault Case

Jim Jones entered a plea of not guilty to misdemeanor assault charges yesterday (Feb. 4) in Manhattan Criminal Court.

Jones was charged on Jan. 5 for his alleged involvement in a brawl with members of Ne-Yo's entourage at the Louis Vuitton store on 5th Avenue in Manhattan.

Jones entered the plea through attorney Scott Leemon, who also represents Busta Rhymes, 50 Cent, Young Jeezy, and many others.

Jones is due back in court on March 24. His new album, Pray IV Reign is scheduled for release on the same day.

Rick Ross - Mafia Music

Feb 4, 2009

Havoc Of Mobb Deep Drops New Album

One half of legendary New York rap duo, Mobb Deep, will be releasing a solo effort this coming February.

Rapper/producer Havoc is gearing up for the release of his second solo offering entitled, "Hidden Files."

Featuring appearances from his Prodigy, Philly-bred rapper Cassidy, and Infamous affiliate Big Noyd, Hidden Files‘ first single will be “Watch Me” with newcomer Ricky Blaze.

The LP is set to hit stores on February 24th via Koch Records, which is now known as E1 Music.

Q-Tip Cast As Dope Boy In Upcoming Movie

Q-Tip will star in the new independent film "Holly Rollers" as an Ethiopian drug dealer.

Q-Tip will be starring opposite Jesse Eisenberg and Danny A. Abeckaser in the film, inspired by true events, which tells the story of a man in a Hasidic community who was caught trafficking ecstasy into the United States.

The film is directed by Kevin Tyler Asch and written by Antonio Macia.

Cam'ron On The Cover Of XXL

Feb 3, 2009

Pittsburgh Slim - My Bitch Is Crazy

T.I. Counts Down His Last 45 Days

MTV will be premiering "T.I.’s Road to Redemption: 45 Days to Go" next week on February 10th. The show will be focused on T.I.'s last 45 days before his sentencing on March 29th for gun related charges. The Atlanta, Georgia self-proclaimed "King Of The South", is in the process of getting his 1,000 hours of community service completed. “I’m up to 900 and change,” he said proudly. “By the time of the court date, I will have easily surpassed the requirement.”

The judge had ordered that T.I., real name Clifford Harris, do the community service, in exchange for a shortened sentence of one year on felony gun charges. The alternative to that would be as much time as 15 years, but T.I. hopes that the judge will be satisfied with his work. “You never can predict what courts of law are going to do,” he says. “I hope the good that I’ve done outweighs the evil, but a negative outcome is always a possibility.”

The MTV show will be eight episodes and will follow T.I. as he speaks to several at-risk teenagers around the country — including L.A. gangbangers and Atlanta dealers — encouraging them to learn from his mistakes. “Every child had a situation that I had once dealt with,” says T.I., who took the young people to prisons and the grave of his best friend Philant Johnson, who was shot to death in 2006, and introduced them to people who had turned their lives around. “You have to show them what they’re doing wrong, show them the dangers, and show them that there are alternatives.”

Rick Ross calls Miss Info

Ricky felt the need to call Missinfo to explain why hs BM was in NY with 50.

Nas Talks Detox, Grammys, Future Projects

Before his possible appearance at next week's Grammy Awards, Nas took a moment to speak with Billboard magazine about his future plans.

"I did a joint. I think it's crazy," Nas says of his potential contribution to Detox. "[Dr. Dre's] someone I'd love to do a whole album with one day. He's incredible. I think he's the best producer of all time."

The emcee who proclaimed himself as "the realest nigga on [Def Jam]" during his brief tenure, is also nominated for Grammy Awards in the categories of Best Rap Album, and Best Rap Solo Performance for Untitled and "N.i.*.*.e.r. (The Slave and the Master)" respectively.

"In all honestly, the fact that Hip Hop is even at that stage now, for a guy like Lil Wayne to even be nominated for the best album Grammy and me to be nominated, it's just a blessing," he says. "Whether I win or lose, I'm happy Hip Hop made it that far."

In the meantime, Nas says he's already putting together concepts for his next work, calling it "a couple of special things up my sleeve that should be unveiled in the next few weeks."

Cam'ron - I Hate My Job

Feb 2, 2009

Drinking the Kool-Aid pt2

Drinking the Kool-aid definition-

Going along with what a crowd desires. Often used when a person changes positions on a topic.

Yes, it appears that I'm back to my Koolaid drinking ways. I recently joined twitter this weekend after Fighting the urge for months.

I remember when Twitter was hot back in the summer of 08 One of My blogger friends was telling me I should join, and I declined saying My life isnt that interesting. Well My life still aint that interesting but, i can see the point of the service already.

So feel free to follow your boy

Follow me on twitter

Diddy Sued For Allegedly Stealing Design For Cologne Bottle

Diddy has been sued for allegedly stealing the design for his successful fragrance line Unforgivable.

The Bad Boy CEO is being accused of copying the bottles' style from a renowned artist.

Tom Patti filed a suit against the rapper/producer in Springfield, Mass claiming that the sleek, plastic crate that Diddy used to house his cologne, is a rip off of the glass sculptures he made in the 1980's.

“A couple of years ago, my phone started ringing,” the 65-year-old artist told a Boston newspaper. “Everywhere I went, people started congratulating me on the success of my fragrance container. I didn’t know what they were talking about. Eventually, I realized that Combs had replicated my work.”

Patti is hopeful that since this lawsuit has been filed, it will stop the production of the cologne and he “wants all profits to be traceable to the alleged copyright infringement.”

Kanye West To Release Tour Book

Kanye West is reportedly putting together a book documenting his experiences during his highly successful Glow In The Dark tour.

According to Fashion Week Daily, the book of images shot by photographer Nabil Elderkin, captures Ye’s world travels, including candid backstage shots in Europe, shopping in Asia and attending exclusive fashion parties. As a bonus, the book, titled Kanye West: Glow in the Dark, will also include a USB drive full of unreleased music from the super producer/rapper.

Set for release in October on Rizzoli Books, Kanye West: Glow in the Dark will cost fans $50.

This is not West’s first book, in 2007 he linked up with author J. Sakiya Sandifer for Thank You and You’re Welcome. The quirky book, which was handed out for free during his GITD tour, compiled a list of “Kanye-isms” - creative, humorous and insightful philosophies and anecdotes that Ye used in creating his path to success

DMX Sentenced To Three Months In Jail, Denied Credit For Time Served

DMX was formally sentenced friday (jan. 30th) in an Arizona court room to 90 days behind bars and and 18 months of supervised probation for drug, theft and animal cruelty charges, according to Phoenix’s KNXV-TV.

X (born Earl Simmons) has been in custody since early December, after getting picked up in producer Scott Storch’s house dodging a court appearance. As previously reported the troubled rapper pleaded guilty to one count of animal cruelty, one count of theft and two counts of possession of marijuana and a narcotic drug, in order to have additional charges dropped.

Commissioner Phemonia Miller handed the Yonkers MC the stiff sentence earlier this morning with out any credit for the time he has already served.

“This guy has been in our custody for several weeks and has had problems with other inmates” Sheriff Joe Arpaio said in a written statement. “Despite that, he’s going to do his time in Tent City and be treated like every other inmate. He’ll wear pink underwear, a black and white striped uniform, eat the 20 cent meals, won’t be able to smoke or drink coffee, watch movies or much TV and if he violates policy, he may end up on a chain gang.”

X will be transferred to the Tent City prison facility in Arizona later this afternoon.

Rakim Says NY Responsible For Hip Hop's Decline

Legendary MC Rakim, who has inspired almost every rapper in the game today, had some words to say about the current state of hip hop and why he thinks NY is somewhat responsible for it.

In an interview with a Connecticut radio station, the rap icon said, "There is a certain realm of Hip-Hop [that is missing] and you might have to blame that on New York,” Rakim said. “New York is responsible for bringing that raw, that real gritty Hip-Hop, because we originated it."

He believes that if hip hop got back to the sound it hit at its peak in the 80's-90's, that there still is hope. “New York and the East Coast, we gotta represent and do our part. And it’s OK for everybody else to do what they do. Then it will be a balance and everybody’ll be happy.....I’m feeling good [and] optimistic and I’m hoping people understand that power that Hip-Hop got. I hope everybody understands the time we in right now, and I hope everybody wanna make some good music and keep Hip-Hop alive.”

The rap icon also said that he feels the "Golden Era" of hip-hop can come back again if there was a unified movement.