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Feb 20, 2009

Video Vixens Get Thier Own Reality Show On E!

Since the creation of music videos there has always been a fascination with the women featured in these videos and next month E! will give its viewers a chance to get an inside look at the world of video modeling with their new reality show Candy Girls.

As part of the show, E! Entertainment will take a look at the extremely competitive and sometimes misunderstood field of video modeling. Candy Girls will focus on the lives of about five women and the ups and downs they face as video models.

"This series introduces E!'s entertainment-obsessed viewers to an aspect of the industry that has not previously been revealed," Lisa Berger, Executive Vice President, Original Programming and Series Development of E! Entertainment Television said in a statement. "While these women may be recognized for their sexy personas, viewers will find there is much more to them than meets the eye. With cut-throat attitudes, strong opinions and an unapologetic passion for luxury goods, these music industry divas are sure to create an exciting and dramatic series."

Danielle, one of the women the show will focus on, is actually the owner of Bella, one of the more exclusive music video casting agencies. Candy Girls will revolve around the women of Bella including a handful of their video models Olivia, Bianca, Brooke, and Terricka.

Consisting of several seasoned video models, some of Bella's models have been featured in videos by Keyshia Cole, Jay-Z, Will Smith, Nick Cannon, 50 Cent and more.

Candy Girls will premiere on Sunday, March 8th at 10:30pm ET/PT and is executive produced by Jason Carbone, Leah Landon and Troy Carte.

DJ Khaled Named President Of Def Jam South

DJ Khaled has been appointed president of Def Jam South, according to MTV.

Khaled, known as of late for bringing slews of artists together on his popular posse cuts will officially be taking over Def Jam's southern division, once led by legendary rapper Scarface.

“This is what I’ve always wanted to do, is be an executive and take it to another level,” said Khaled of the move. “L.A. [Reid] just hit me one day. He was like, ‘We should bring Khaled on board. He makes hits, he has relationships.’ I got a team of producers and we go in hard. My job is to bring hits to the table and work with new artists and work with established artists. I’m bringing new energy to the game and to the building."

Khaled will oversee such artists' releases as Ludacris, Young Jeezy and Ace Hood. Rick Ross, who has worked with Khaled on numerous projects, will have the fist album released during Khaled's tenure - the upcoming Deeper Than Rap.

As for the beef between 50 Cent and Rick Ross, Khaled maintains that he will remain out it - even though 50 brought his mother into the fray. “I don’t deal with negative energy, it’s a waste of my time and my time is valuable,” he said. “I keep negative away and stay positive.”

“At Def Jam, we promote music,” he continued. “We promote hit records. That’s what I respect. I’m always going to represent the music; Rick Ross is gonna represent the music. If controversy comes with it, it comes with it. And boy, ‘Magnificent’ — Rick Ross featuring John Legend, that’s Ricky Ross’ first single — it’s a monster. It’s gonna be on and poppin’.”

Arlis Michaels - The Inside Man


50 is killin me with that wig

Hammer Lands Reality Show On A&E

MC Hammer has reportedly inked a deal with the A&E channel to star in his own reality series, alongside his family.

According to Reuters, the former rapper, his wife and five children will appear in the half-hour, 11 episode show titled "Hammertime," slated to appear this year sometime.

The show's producer J.D. Roth said "Hammertime" will have the feel of an unscripted version "The Cosby Show."

"Here's a dad with five kids, married to the same woman for more than 23 years, living in the same place where he grew up and going to church every Sunday," he said. "He's had his ups and downs, and it's what makes him such a character you root for."

The former rap superstar has been offered several chances at his own reality show in the past. However, Hammer wasn't keen on focusing on his past, and would rather showcase his future, which was the key to getting him to sign with A&E.

At press time, an exact date of when "Hammertime" would premiere was unknown.

KiD CuDi - Day 'N' Nite

Feb 19, 2009

Drake - Friends With Money

Def Jam Celebrates 25th Anniversary With Double Album

Last week, Def Jam Records released two iTunes-exclusive compilations called Def Jam 25: DJ Bring That Back Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, in honor of their 25th anniversary. Now, with the second annual Record Store Day approaching, Def Jam has decided to release a physical double-disc set in support for the day.

L.A. Reid, chairman of Island Def Jam Music Group, explained the significance of Def Jam’s success throughout the late 20th century, saying, “25 years as a thriving, successful Hip Hop and R&B label—a company that has always put its artists first and maintained deep roots in the urban community—is a giant accomplishment in anyone's book.”

Continuing, Reid adamantly described his perspective of the urban powerhouse label. “From a personal standpoint, I can say that Def Jam had tremendous meaning and significance in my own career as a musician, producer and independent label head, long before I actually arrived at these offices five years ago.”

As a theme, the double-disc compilation features 25 different records, with a different artist for each track. Each record is also represented by a different year, from T La Rock’s 1984 single “It’s Yours,” to Rihanna’s 2008 smash hit “Disturbia.” Also included on the compilation will be Hip Hop legends LL Cool J, Jay-Z, and Public Enemy, just to name a few.

Def Jam 25: DJ Bring That Back Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 are tentatively scheduled for release during the week of Record Store Day, which occurs on Saturday, April 18.

GQ Selects Kanye and Ti To Their “Ten Most Stylish Men in America” List

The March issue of GQ selected Yeezy and Tip to help make-up their list of “Ten Most Stylish Men in America” for 2009. Musicians were well represented on the list as British DJ Mark Ronson was included, and Justin Timberlake topped the GQ ranking.

Kanye West, who has been the subject of much fashion praise and critique recently, sounded off to GQ about how people try to set his style in stone.

“At photo shoots, people are always trying to put that fucking Day-Glo suit on me: ‘Kanye West is gonna wear this Day-Glo suit.’ No, Kanye West is not! I might wear a Day-Glo pocket square. Or socks,” Ye said. “I’m a normal human being! Kanye West is not your hanger.”

T.I. said his style starts from the kicks up.

“Every morning, I start with my shoes. Usually, I have a pair that I just know I wanna wear, and from there I put my shirt with my shoes, my pants with my shirt, my belt with my shoes and my shirt.”

T.I. and Kanye shared the stage at the Grammy’s to perform “Swagga Like Us” and both donned tuxedos. T.I. says he helped make the formal style trendy.

“So I guess the fact that more formal stuff like blazers is acceptable in hip-hop these days…I could take a little credit for that.”

The list also includes Jason Schwartzman, hotelier Andre Balazs and photographer Alexi Lubomirski.

Joell Ortiz - Block Royal

Cam' Ron Says "I Did Not Do Juelz Wrong"

The war of words between former Dipset label Cam'ron and Juelz Santana carries on.

Santana, who recently accused Cam of being addicted to Percocet, has been claiming the original deal he signed with Dipset was unfair for some time now.

"It was a bad deal. He owned so much of my shit and everything, he just, practically, owned more than what I owned, and it got to a point where I just wanted to get the situation right. I didn't want nothing back. And it's like he wasn't trying to get it right. He wasn't trying to give me what I felt like I was owed."

Santana recently told MTV Cam always "dances" around the question when asked if he feels he did the rapper wrong.

It appears Sanatana might finally get his answer as Cam'ron tells Sohh he feels he did nothing wrong.

"As far as I'm concerned I never did Juelz wrong. I made sure he seen any contract we signed. He didn't do a deal 'til he was over 18. I can't do you wrong if you're an adult.I don't know exactly what he's talking about." Cam says.

"I wish he'd be more specific but, No in my opinion I didn't do him wrong. I didn't jerk him around. If he'd give me a topic or an idea of what he's talking about maybe I could answer the question a little more clearly but he's just saying I did him wrong. I don't know what he's talking about." Cam continued.

Fabolous's "Loso's Way" Hitting Stores This March

When news broke out of Fabolous following in the footsteps of Jay-Z and working on his very own concept album, fans were skeptical of the and some doubted the LP would ever see the light of day.

Now however, "Losos's Way" is considered to be one of this years most anticipated album and Fab says, it's definitely coming.

"It's coming out, I think March," Fab said in an interview with Joe Budden. "I wanna say March. They trying to rush it to February."

The LP, which will be Fab's follow up to 2007's gold-selling 'From Nothin' To Somethin', will feature appearances by The Dream, Floetry's Marsha Ambrosius, and production from StreetRunner to name a few.

The Album will be loosely based on the 1993 film, Carlito's Way, starring Al Pacino as an ex-con who vows to go straight and to live life as a law-abiding citizen after being released from prison. However, his past will not let him, and he unwittingly ends up being dragged into the same criminal activities that got him imprisoned in the first place.

Production Company Sues 2Pac's Estate Over Movie

The production company Morgan Creek has sued Amaru Entertainment, alleging that the company ran by Afeni Shakur has reneged on an agreement to sell 2Pac's life rights for an upcoming film adaptation.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Amaru and Morgan Creek started negotiations in November of 2008 for a currently untitled Tupac Shakur biopic. The complaint states a written contract was in place for the late Shakur's life rights, but representatives from Morgan Creek were unhappy with Amaru Entertainment's "refusal to honor and perform a contract of a production of the film based on the life of Tupac Shakur." Morgan Creek is reportedly seeking financial damages and other relief.

Amaru Entertainment lawyer, Skip Miller, says no written contract was in place, and he indicates that Amaru will take defensive measures.

"They have scared away Paramount, Fox and others, and we are going to sue them and recover millions (in damages)," Miller told The Reporter.

While life rights and permission from Afeni Shakur aren't necessarily needed to make the film, since 2Pac was a public figure, some agreement would need to be reached to include any works from 2Pac's musical catalogue.

The Reporter adds that those close to the situation point to "Notorious" as a culprit. The biopic based on the late Notorious B.I.G. did not bring in as much as Fox Searchlight hoped to, despite a $21.5 million opening weekend. A rift between Morgan Creek and Amaru Entertainment reportedly developed shortly after the release of "Notorious," with either one or both parties disagreeing on changes to the movie to avoid a similar fate at the box office.

Morgan Creek has declined to comment on the situation.

Feb 18, 2009

Kanye On Details

B.o.B - Generation Lost

Jay-z Talks Blueprint 3

Diddy's Next Album to be Called "Last Train to Paris"

Diddy has revealed his new album title as 'Last Train To Paris', but the record is not expected for release until September.

Combs confirmed the name of the follow-up to 2006's last album 'Press Play', during an episode of his MTV show Making The Band 4.

Diddy has worked with T-Pain on the LP and he's described the pair's time in the studio. "T-Pain gave me permission to use the vocoder, the Auto-Tune, and he showed me various tricks that nobody knows but him and myself."

Dawn Richard (formerly of Combs' old band Danity Kane) is also said to be starring on 'Last Train To Paris'.

The hip-hop mogul is also rumored to be working on two other projects - acting as producer for actor Joaquin Phoenix as he attempts to launch a rap career - and working on the debut album by X Factor winner Alexandra Burke.

Jadakiss-Magic City

Shyne's Attorney Has Eye On April Release Date

As the release date for Jamal "Shyne" Barrow approaches, his attorney Oscar Michelen has addressed the rapper's upcoming parole hearing date and says Shyne is looking forward to returning to the studio.

The lawyer believes his client may be able to return home as early as this spring.

"We're hoping for April," Michelen said in an interview. "[But] they don't normally let you know [the exact release date] until right before it happens...A parole hearing is scheduled for June. And if they don't release him prior to that date, then he gets his parole hearing. But they can advance that depending on the situation at the jail at that particular time. And we're under the belief that it might very well be advanced [to April]... I know he's anxious to get back into the recording industry. He's got a lot to say. And people are anxious to hear it."

The Brooklyn rapper (born Jamal Barrow), who has been incarcerated since 2001, is currently serving a 10-year jail sentence at Woodbourne Correctional Facility stemming from a 1999 New York club shooting.

Shyne was part of a crew accompanying Sean "Diddy" Combs, his then girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez, and bodyguard Anthony "Wolf" Jones when Diddy got into a beef with another club goer, Mathew "Scar" Allen. Three people were struck when shots rang out and while Diddy, Shyne and J-Lo were all arrested after leading police on a short chase, the charges only stuck to Shyne. Combs and Lopez were free and clear.

The Puffy protege was convicted after witness Cerise Myers testified that she saw him pull his gun and begin firing. The rapper spoke out to media outlets shortly after his conviction alleging that Diddy had convinced Myers to lie on the stand.

Shyne inked a $3 million dollar deal with Def Jam from behind bars in 2004 and released the album Godfather Buried Alive under the label but album sales were disappointing.


bonus track from The "SO FAR GONE" mixtape.

Young Jeezy - Welcome Back

Uncle Luke Arrested For Past Due Child Support

Uncle Luke, former member of the 2 Live Crew was arrested yesterday (Feb. 17).

The executive/rapper was arrested for contempt of court because he did not pay $10,233.36 owed to the court, according to

It is unclear at this point why Luke, real name Luther Campbell, owed the court money.

Luke made headlines last year as the famously promiscuous performer married at age 47 to his then-girlfriend Kristin Thompson, 27.

Feb 17, 2009

Smooth Girl Issue 17

Jacki-O Talks Beef

Quite as kept your boy has a thing for Ms Jacki

Krayzie Bone Drops Just One Mo Hit

It's been quite a while since Krayzie Bone dropped a solo record, but fans no longer need to worry, one's on the way. The Bone Thugs-N-Harmony member is gearing up for his fifth solo record, Just One Mo Hit, slated to hit stores in late March.

Riding off the heels of his group's last effort together, Strength & Loyalty, which went on to sell over 500,000 copies, Krayzie has been hard at work in the studio cooking up another project.

The one track leaked thus far is called "Life A Lesson To Learn," which can be streamed via RBC Records.

Just One Mo Hit is slated to hit stores March 24.

Rick Ross To Release 'Before I Self Destruct' Mixtape

Rick Ross is stepping up the stakes this month when he will be releasing a mixtape with the same name as 50 Cent's upcoming LP, 'Before I Self Destruct'.

The results of doing this could mess up the promotional plans for 50's team, as they would both bear the same title and cause confusion for some unfamiliar with the ongoing beef between the two.

Ross has just finished up production on the mixtape so it should be available soon.

C-Murder Affiliate Charged With Witness Tampering

New Orleans' Times-Picayune, reports that 35-year-old Dwayne "Wango" Cobbins pleaded guilty to tampering with evidence by threatening to use force to influence one or more persons in the 2002 second-degree murder case against Corey "C-Murder" Miller.

Miller rose to fame as an integral part of Master P's No Limit Records roster during the mid-to-late '90's. Miller was accused in the 2002 killing of Steve Thomas, but was granted a new trial after it was determined prosecutors improperly withheld criminal background information on three witnesses. His case will be retried again in April.

Details of exactly what Cobbins did to tamper with the case have not been released. Public records show Cobbins pleaded guilty to a narcotics charge in 2006. Cobbins had also previously been booked in Jefferson Parish in 2002, with an official police report stating he wore a chain attached to a TRU Records diamond-studded medallion.

Additionally, an artist named "Wango" is credited with a feature on Miller's 2001 album, C-P-3.Com. Prosecutors also accused Miller of trying to intimidate witnesses, but he was never formally charged with tampering.

Assistant District Attorney David Wolff, who also represents Miller, declined to discuss any of the particulars around Cobbins' tampering case.

Kid Cudi Says He Wasn't Arrested, Clarifies Incident

Contrary to earlier reports that Kid Cudi was tasered and arrested over the weekend during an NBA All-Star Game party in Phoenix, Arizona, Cudi himself stated through his blog that he was never arrested. The Cleveland native explained that although he was tasered he was never arrested and left the premises under his own accord.

Cudi also explained that he never “put his hands on anyone,” because he was to far away.

Initial reports stated that the scuffle resulted over a disagreement between Cudi and party organizers due to Cudi’s demand to wear Nike shoes instead of Reeboks at the Reebok-sponsored party. Cudi explained this was not true at all and said he was wearing Reeboks to the party.

“It wasn't over me wearin' Jordans; I arrived at the event in the most fugliest Reeboks ever, forcefully,” the G.O.O.D. Music artist said on his blog,

Although Cudi did say the argument was over something small, he did not elaborate on the issue itself. The rapper said, “I just have a lot of shit on my mind at this time in my life, I let suttin petty get to me.”

Cudi said there will no further updates with the issue threw his camp but rather looked forward to his and Kanye West’s video for “Day N Nite” debut on 106 and Park this Thursday.

All Access Presents The Bang'em Smurf Story Part 2

Part 1 after the Jump

Lil Wayne Sued 1.3 Million Over Canceled NY Shows

The saying goes, “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” For Rochester, New York’s RMF Productions, the third time Lil Wayne canceled on them called for more than embarrassment.

According to TMZ, RMF’s General Manager Edward Strickland has filed a lawsuit against Wayne, amounting to $1.3 million.

Strickland, who was the promoter for all three shows, alleges that he wired Wayne an advanced payment of $100,000 last October, but has yet to see any returns after Wayne canceled his performance at the Blue Cross Arena due to a weak sound system. After rescheduling for a December 6 performance, Weezy went missing in action again.

The final straw came on January 21, when Wayne once again stood up Rochester and Strickland, explaining that it was due to “logistics of the band,” via email. Allegedly, Wayne and his band could not all make the Rochester gig as they had to travel to Calgary the next day for their “I Am Music” tour. Because the Rochester show was separate from the tour, Wayne and his management decided to skip New York in favor for Canada, with plans to reschedule an extra leg of the tour for spring 2009.

Lil Wayne’s road manager, Cortez Bryant, was also listed in the lawsuit.

Kanye West Claims To Make Best Beat Ever

Kanye West has always been one to make big claims, but he may have made one of his biggest claims ever over the weekend.

Recently, Kanye discussed his production on the highly anticipated album The Blueprint 3 with Sway and King Tech of the "Wake Up Show," stating that the album is close to completion and he's only three or four tracks away from wrapping up the album.

"I finished [Jay-Z's] album and he released four songs that were potentially gonna be on the album...So I gotta go back and do four," Kanye told Sway and King Tech.

He then went on to explain that one of the beats he created for The Blueprint 3 is "one of the best hip-hop beats of all time."

"I just did one beat the other day in Hawaii—probably one of the best hip-hop beats of all time, if I do say so myself. I just gotta do three more beats and we're done, 'cause he's got classics," Kanye explained. "He's got songs that are better than any of the things you've heard leaked."

As of now there is still no set released date for The Blueprint 3. About a month ago it was reported that Jay-Z would be taking his time with the album.

Confirmed tracks for The Blueprint 3 include "Brooklyn (We Go Hard)"and, according to Kanye "Everyday a Star is Born" and "Forever Young" will more than likely also be added to the album.

Aubrey O'Day's Full Playboy Spread

Do I even have to say this is NSFW?

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