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Apr 18, 2009

DJ Holiday, Trap-A-Holics And Nicki Minaj - Beam Me Up Scotty

Tracklist and download link after the jump

1. (00:01:04) Nicki Minaj - Intro
2. (00:03:41) Nicki Minaj - I Get Crazy ft. Lil Wayne
3. (00:04:07) Nicki Minaj - Itty Bitty Piggy
4. (00:03:01) Nicki Minaj - Slumber Party ft. Gucci Mane
5. (00:04:31) Nicki Minaj - Kill Da DJ
6. (00:00:19) Nicki Minaj - Mind On My Money ft. Brinx & Busta Rhymes
7. (00:03:30) Nicki Minaj - Shopaholic
8. (00:05:32) Nicki Minaj - Still I Rise
9. (00:05:56) Nicki Minaj - Go Hard ft. Lil Wayne
10. (00:01:10) Nicki Minaj - Nicki Minaj Speaks
11. (00:05:26) Nicki Minaj - Best I Ever Had ft. Drake
12. (00:03:08) Nicki Minaj - Handstand ft. Shannell
13. (00:02:51) Nicki Minaj - Keys Under Palm Trees
14. (00:01:30) Nicki Minaj - Get Silly
15. (00:04:05) Nicki Minaj - Easy ft. Gucci Mane & Rocko
16. (00:04:18) Nicki Minaj - Five-O ft. Jae Millz & Gudda Gudda
17. (00:00:53) Nicki Minaj - Nicki Minaj Speaks
18. (00:03:43) Nicki Minaj - I Feel Free ft. Ron Browz, Red Cafe, Ricki Blaze
19. (00:03:26) Nicki Minaj - Can Anybody Hear Me
20. (00:03:09) Nicki Minaj - Girls Kissing Girls ft. Gucci Mane
21. (00:04:32) Nicki Minaj - Envy
22. (00:01:39) Nicki Minaj - Outro
23. (00:03:59) Nicki Minaj - Beam Me Up Scotty

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Joe Budden - Exxxes

Apr 17, 2009

DJ Drama, Statik Selektah & Skyzoo - The Power Of Words

Tracklist and Download link after the jump

1. (00:00:59) Skyzoo - Intro
2. (00:01:57) Skyzoo - Clearer Hearing (Produced By Fatin "10" Horton)
3. (00:03:19) Skyzoo - Bells & Whistles (Produced By Algorythm)
4. (00:03:31) Skyzoo - Back On The Map Ft Maino (Produced By Jake One)
5. (00:02:59) Skyzoo - Appreciation (Produced By Analogic)
6. (00:02:22) Skyzoo - Freshfest Ft Wale (Produced By Illmind)
7. (00:03:03) Skyzoo - No Pretending (Produced By Khrysis)
8. (00:01:59) Skyzoo - Five Year Plan (Interlude)
9. (00:02:47) Skyzoo - The Don Cheadle Effect (Produced By Ceased Werds)
10. (00:02:31) Skyzoo - Do Remember Ft Young Chris (Produced By 9th Wonder)
11. (00:02:27) Skyzoo - Alphabet Soup (Produced By J Dilla)
12. (00:03:58) Skyzoo - We Are Jamla Ft Big Remo, GQ, & Rapsody (Produced By 9th Wonder)
13. (00:03:13) Skyzoo - Left 4 Dead Ft Epmd (Produced By 9th Wonder)
14. (00:03:41) Skyzoo - Say What You Say Ft. Rapper Big Booh & Naledge (Produced By Illmind)
15. (00:02:58) Skyzoo - When I Rhyme Ft Talib Kweli & Reks (Produced By Statik Selektah)
16. (00:02:44) Skyzoo - We Belong (Produced By 9th Wonder)
17. (00:04:32) Skyzoo - Outro

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Lil Kim Involved In Scott Storch's Grand Theft Auto Case

Lil Kim has once again found herself amidst legal troubles--at no fault of her own.

The "Queen Bee" has been unwillingly pulled into Scott Storch's felony grand theft auto case.

As previously reported, the once prime-time record producer was charged with grand theft auto after he allegedly leased a Bentley and failed to return it after the 2007 expiration date.

As it turns out, Storch gave the Bentley to Lil Kim as a gift at some point in time.

According to TMZ, the repo company went to Kim's place in New Jersey and took it back.

Kim and Storch started dating back in 2004. The pair eventually went their separate ways.

Scott, who's currently in rehab, is set to appear in Broward County Court on May 29. Kim is expected to be a witness in the case.

Eminem’s Younger Brother Arrested On DUI Charge

The younger brother of rap superstar Eminem was arrested and charged with drunken driving early Wednesday (April 15) in Macomb Township, Mich.

According to the Macomb Daily, 23-year-old Nathan Mathers was busted after he failed to pull over for an ambulance.

Cops pulled him over, and the officers reportedly said that "immediately smelled intoxicants." He was given a field sobriety test, failed, and was immediately arrested.

Mathers was charged with one count of operating a vehicle while intoxicated, his second alcohol-related offense this year.

His blood-alcohol level was 0.16, twice the legal limit to be considered intoxicated in Michigan, police said.

Despite the arrest, the officer says young Nathan was "very cooperative" and did "not cause any problems" during the arrest.

Mathers was booked, and later released on $10,000 bond.

The paper reports that in January, he was arrested in Clinton Township where he was charged with operating a vehicle while impaired. He was convicted in March, had 4 points assessed on his driver's license, and was granted a restricted license.

The restrictions, which were to begin April 18 and run through July 16, meant he was only allowed to drive to and from work and support group meetings.

Apr 16, 2009

Ali Vegas- "Going In'"

Ali Vegas- "Going In'"

Over Big Daddy Kane’s Young, Gifted & Black

from Freestyle Series (#31)

Kill The Record Labels Documetary

For decades hip hop has been controlled by the record companies. They invest millions and profit billions from global cassette, cd, and now ringtone sales. Music moguls afford a lifestyle comparable to what we see on mtv cribs.

Eventually hip hop artist would adapt the record company formula, and start to strategically promote and market there own music. This has created a conflict inside the industry.

The Record companies, in conjunction with the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), have declared war.

Offices have been raided, Mom and Pop stores have been closed, and many have been arrested. Hip Hop Artists, Djs, and producers have decided that the only way to survive in the music business is to “Kill The Record Labels”.

The Hot Boys Get Closer To Reunion Album

Six years after The Hot Boys released Let ‘Em Burn, their last project before they officially split, Juvenile, Lil Wayne, B.G., Turk, and producer Mannie Fresh are in talks for a reunion, according to Vibe.

“I already signed the deal,” Juvenile told Vibe late last month, “so for me I’m gonna definitely say it’s a go. I already received the check.”

The New Orleans group officially split back in 2003 amidst rumors of financial mismanagement and infighting, although group members Juvenile, B.G., and Turk left Cash Money Records earlier in 2002. Despite previous issues however, members believe that now is a good time to get back together.

“At one point in time, you couldn’t get me to talk about [the reunion],” Turk said last month. “I wasn’t open for it. But as I got older, I started understanding life in general. Things happen for a reason. People go through things, family go through things. You know they sit down talk it over, be real about it, acknowledge their mistakes, and just move on.”

And while a few members are optimistic about the future of The Hot Boys, others involved with the group are questioning if the reunion will be worth it.

“My thing is, I’m bent on it being a classic,” said Mannie Fresh, Cash Money’s former staple producer. “Like, what can I do to make this great? The Hot Boys got a sound [and] without that sound, what is it worth? I still think these dudes are great rappers and I still think they on their game, but it gotta be something like… I ain’t saying that we gotta take our time because that ain’t never been us, but it’s gotta be right.”

B.G., whose upcoming album, Too Hood To Be Hollywood is slated for release later this year said, “We finishing all the paper work now, and hopefully we will have that out this year. It’s going to be bigger than The Beatles!”

A Hot Boys reunion may prove to be a bit difficult as members are all signed to different record labels. Lil Wayne remains on Cash Money/Universal, Juvenile and B.G. are signed to Atlantic, Mannie Fresh is independent, and Turk is awaiting parole after pleading guilty to shooting a Tennessee SWAT Team deputy back in ’04. However, all group members are currently optimistic.

“…For me and Wayne, it’s a go,” shared Juve. “I don’t know if the business been straightened out, but I know B.G.’s on board and he’s willing to do it. I don’t know where Turk stand on the business side.”

There’s no word yet on exactly when the group pans to reunite.

True Hip Hop Stories: Special Ed

Nate Dogg Has Felony Stalking Charges Dropped

West Coast legend, Nate Dogg, has caught a break in a recent criminal case. The Grammy nominated Hip Hop hook man was slapped with felony stalking charges stemming from an arrest last year after threatening his estranged wife.

According to reports, Nate Dogg, real name Nathaniel Dwayne Hale, was arrested on June 23, 2008 after California Highway Patrol received a 911 call from his wife, claiming he threatened her life and was chasing her on Interstate 405.

He was charged with two felony counts of making criminal threats, one felony count of stalking and one misdemeanor charge of driving with a suspended license from a previous DUI.

Nate Dogg pleaded not guilty on all accounts.

On Wednesday April 15th (09), prosecutors dropped the felony stalking and criminal threats charges against Nate Dogg citing the alleged victim, Nate Dogg's estranged wife, never contacted them.

Nate Dogg is currently recovering from a series of strokes he suffered late last year. He will be appearing on 50 Cent's forthcoming LP, Before I Self Destruct, on a track titled "Here For A Reason."

New Death Row Records Owners Offer Free Sampler For Record Store Day

The new owners of Death Row Records are gearing up for Record Store Day, and plans to give out some free music to celebrate.

The label has issued a free Death Row "Record Store Day" CD sampler to be given away exclusively at over 750 participating retailers in the U.S. on Record Store Day, April 18, 2009.

This special free CD offer is redeemable exclusively on Record Store Day 2009, only at Record Store Day retailers only.

The sampler will include three songs, never before heard Death Row music from the Death Row Vault, according to a press release -- including Petey Pablo's "Pay for the Pu***," Crooked I's "Hoodstar," and Danny Boy's "Do What You Do."

Its artwork will include a special link for fans to download an additional free exclusive bonus ringtone, as well as info on how to sign up for more info on the "new highly artist and fan friendly" Death Row Records.

For more info, logon to TrySomethingNew.TV, where you can to download a free ringtone of another unreleased, new song.

Death Row Record is owned by WIDEawake Entertainment Group, who acquired the label in early 2009. With only 10% of the label's vaults released to the public, the label says they have free reign to release the rest, and plan to do in the near future.

According to their press release, forthcoming titles will be officially announced soon.

Scott Storch Arrested For Grand Theft Auto

Scott Storch has re-surfaced. After months of falling under the radar, he has been reportedly charged with grand theft auto.

According to TMZ, Storch had leased a Bentley last year, but failed to return it after the expiration date.

It took the company seven months to find the vehicle.

Last Friday (April 10), the producer -- who earned millions of dollars over his career, churning out hit records for the likes of Dr. Dre and 50 Cent -- pled not guilty in a Broward County Court in Florida.

His lawyer released this statement to TMZ: "We are disappointed in the decision to take a civil dispute and file it as a criminal charge. There are many facts, that when revealed, will clearly demonstrate that there was no criminal wrong doing on behalf of my client."

Storch has been M.I.A. for months. Last summer, the producer reportedly owed more than $500,000 in real estate taxes for his $10.5 Miami waterfront mansion, among other past due bills.

In April 2008, a Bentley he had previously purchased for rapper Lil Kim was repossessed when payments fell months behind.

Storch, according to Rolling Stone, had earned $70 million in 2004 and dubbed him "hip-hop's Liberace." He dated movie and music celebs such as Lil Kim and Paris Hilton. His excess spending, however, has put him in financial distress.

In early 2008, his yacht was placed on eBay. In the item's description, it said "owner bought her and got short on money."

Ron Browz - Victory Freestyle

Apr 14, 2009

The Empire And Lil Wayne - The Drought Is Over (Collectors Edition)

Tracklist and Download link after the jump

1.Whats To Come
3.Reppin Time
4.March It Out
6.Something You Forgot
7.What He Does
8.Pray To The Lord
9.Dear Lord
10.Killing Me
11.One Night Only
12.Need Some Quiet
15.Done It
16.Walk It Off
17.Im A Monster
18.Red Magic
19.Best Thing Yet
20.Maybach Music
21.In The Morning
22.She Wants Me
23.Thinking To Myself
25.I Am

1.Prom Queen
2. Swagger Like Us (Live)
3. Mrs. Officer
4. Got Money
5. I Run This
6. Lollipop
7. My Life
8. Let It Rock
9. Sweetest Girl
10. In Da Hood
11. I’m So Paid
12. All My Life
13. Make It Rain
14. Holla At Me
15. Fireman
16. Duffle Bag Boys
17. Haters
18. Hustler Musik
19. A Milli
20. Girls Around The World
21. Brooklyn (Live)
22. Shawty Said
23. Cant’ Believe It
24. I’m So Hood (Remix)
25. Leather So Soft
26. Shooter
27. Official Girl

download here

Eminem To Perform At MTV Movie Awards

Eminem has agreed to perform at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, California on Sunday, May 31.

The performance will come 12 days after the release of his highly-anticipated album, Relapse.

According to MTV, viewers will be able to vote starting yesterday (April 13) online and on mobile phones to select nominees for the show. On May 4, the the nomineees will officially be announced, and viewers will the vote for their favorites (once again via phone and online).

The second round of voting closes May 18, except the Best Movie category, which remains open during the show.

It's not yet certain whether or not Em will be performing the album's lead single, "We Made You." In most of his MTV performances in the past, he has performed two songs.

Eminem's last performance for MTV was during the 2005 MTV Movie Awards, where he performed "Ass LIke That" and "Mockingbird," two singles from his 2004 album, Encore

Redman Freestyle

Lupe Fiasco To Climb Mount Kilimanjaro For Charity

Lupe Fiasco, along with Justin Timberlake and Ethiopian-born Pop singer Kenna will climb Africa’s Mount Kilimanjaro to raise awareness about the global water crisis.

"My dad almost died as a child from waterborne diseases in Ethiopia, and he had talked to me about digging a well there, and I thought, ‘I have too many friends who would be concerned with the subject of clean water. Maybe I can help out," Kenna told Elle magazine.

If the three artists make it to the summit they will have climbed Africa’s highest peak. The mountain, which is located in Tanzania, is nearly 20,000 feet high.

"I’m an adventure junkie,” explained Lupe Fiasco. “Part of the motivation is beating Kenna to the top. Sabotaging his tent, taking the lining out of his coat, lacing it with ants or something like that."

The lengthy climb is expected to take place some time during fall later this year.

Eninem On The Cover of XXL

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T.I. Prepares New Album

Awaiting the beginning of his year long bid in federal prison, Atlanta MC T.I. is grinding out as much music as he can.

As previously reported, T.I. is readying the re-release of his critically acclaimed LP, Paper Trail.

But that's not all he has in store for his fans, according the Tip, he's also planning on releasing another LP while behind bars.

The untitled album is tentatively scheduled to hit stores some time in 2010, and as T.I. tells MTV News, he has already finished 20 tracks.

While he picked up the pen for Paper Trail, Tip says he’s recording some tracks straight from his memory.

“I’m doing it half and half,” he told MTV of his writing process.

“It depends on the type of record I’m doing. I have records now I did and I just went and did it like I used to, and I got some where I wrote it down. I’m not committing myself to one way or another. It’d have to be an infusion, just depending on what sort of album I want to make.”

“Recording is never a problem for me,” he added. “I’m able to record any time.

Through the best of times and through the worst of times, I’m still able to record.

It may change the sort of song you do, but you never can tell. You never know until that moment gets there.”

T.I. is set to begin his one year and one day prison sentence on May 19th, 2009.

UNCUT Knockout Of The Week*Tra'sheik*

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Ladies if you think you have what it takes to be UNCUT Knockout Of The Week,
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